Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 5, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1976
Page 5
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TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 4:30 5 5:30 6 6:30 7:30 H 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 11 11:30 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Gillian's Island Family Aliair C B S Evi'niruTNew, Ni'wscrnlor 7 Nc *s The Brady Bunch Doc i-ridav Nighl Movie .. ., Ncwscertter ? n ; io] NBA Basketball [\ .. ,, Morning Headlines Ch.4 K AID (PBS) Mr. Rogers Sesame Slrepi Electric Company Legislature '76 Executive Reporl Aviation Wtalner Viewers Preview Washington Week Wall Street Week Masterpiece Theatre Best ot Four Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Star Trek Mickey Mouse ABC Eveninq News Bit) Valley Donny and Marie Friday Night Movie Perry Mason News Scene 6 Kirschner's Rnck Concert ,, ,, Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) Gunsmoke NBC N.ghlly News Newbeal 1 To Tell the Truth Hollywood Squares Sanfordi Son Tenaco Presents Bob Hope Police Story Newsbeat ? Tonight Shov. Midnight Special Ann Landers The Idaho Free Press 4 The News-Tribuno, Friday, March 5.1976- 5 Public pays tor killed time Rl ACHED'C SERVICE-ALLTV-STERIO ...·*· ^* ^11^ ··! 9 GE--APPLIANCES--All REFRIGERATION 459-08041 TV £!!__. Tilm i i i f i i fare 1 Program Highlights mjjjjljjm m «* «* ·* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f 6:30 12) DOC - Doc Joe Bogerl entertains an old colleague from his hospital-staff days and learns that success isn't always measured in dollars or the lack of them. ^^^^^^_^^^^^^^J o : j u H i t A l i U L T l V l i ~^^^^^*^^^^^^ REPORT - This KAID-TV 7:00 (2) CBS FRIDAY NIGHT production f e a t u r e s con- MOV1E -- "M + A-t-S-rll" - versalions with Governor Starring Donalr 1 Sutherland. ^ccil Andrus ' ma - vors fnm tnfr Treasure Valley area Elliot Gould and Sally Dr . j onn Barnes, presideni Kellerman. A film comedy of lloise State University, about a pair of medics out to and other guests. dissect A r m y morale. Military life comes under : ( 0 ·" AVIATION sharper attack from the WEATHER - "Aviation ^^ 8:001-1] WASHINGTON WEEK _/^\ IN REVIEW - The series y£-v \A presents the stimulating jfc ^*v=K\ atmosphere of conversation, f\ y" interprelation, and debate /|\\ -V among journalists; an at- /] rV\ r^ mosphcre which brings /}', rlT^ 1 -viewers into (he inner circles jJMy of (he capital press corps. fVV/ 8:30 ( 4 1 WALL STREET t/W W E E K -- "Electric [\/ Utilities: A Shocker?" - W Charles A. Benore, Vice \ fe,^ President of Mitchell, V-^*WK Hutchins, Inc. joins hosl \ ^^|S, , , -* , i ^JQcn x Louis Rukeyser and a panel \ ^KK) ( of economic experts to W^s^^ I examine market activity. \ ^ Dear Ann Landers: We hear a lol abom Ihe kaffeektalcher these das Everyone thinks she's loafing at home, indulging herself alter Ihe kicts are off lo school and hubby goes to work. Maybe she is, bul she has thousands of kindred souls who work in offices. 1 sec- them from 'J to 5 -drinking coffee three or four limes a day. Uamug nn desks, gossiping a! the water cooler, spending limirs on trie phone with friends and relatives. The morning is short and then ihcy go lo lunch. When (hey return, Ihcy start goofif.-i off again, killing time. The sud parl is they draw good salaries. Three or four people have to be employed to do Ihe job one person could do. if she worked. The cost is passed on (o (he consumer. Thai's you and me, sucker. Until Ihe public registers a serious complaint against Hie goof-offs, we're going lo continue lo pay inflated prices. Sick of 'Em Dear F r i e n d : The public 5 By Hi] K c a n c " doctors at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean tt'or than from the enemy. 9:00 U ) MASTERPIECE THEATRE - UPSTAIRS. p()W\STAIRS - "Another Year" -- Episode .Nine -Daisy receives news that Edward will be home on leave on New Year's Eve, his first leave since leaving England for France. Weather Viewer Survey" -- ·Following the official FAA visual and aural aviation weather briefing with local forecasts inserted, the program offers a survey for the viewers to participate in determining (ulure topics covered in the series. Dr. Lamb 9:CO (7) POLICE STORY David Birney stars as an earnest young cop who docs the right thing in Ihe wrong way. 9:« 12) NBA BASKETBALL- Golden State at Los Angeles. ® 'm not even using a flashbulb this lime!" Bad breath causes explained Bermce Bede Osol For Saturday, Mirch 6, 1976 ARIES (March 21-Apdi 19) Do your good deeds secretly today. Others will tool your horn for you later on. when the facts a r e revealed. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Somelh-ng thai might be helpful lo you in business or career cou'rt ce brought up al o social gather ng today K may be lold in confidence GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Persons sn cosilicns to aid you are likely lo look upon your requests favorably today. Don't be -ol' about you' needs. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Conditions in general snould be oui!e favorable for you today. Something beneficial may be developing lha'. you're cn- a«vare of LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You have a very strong inlluence over your peers today, perhaps more tnan you'll realize. Your example will be lolloped. V I R G O ( A u g 2 3 - S e p t 2 2 ) Partnership stations should prove lucky today. Things you may not have been able lo accomplish alone can be done in landem. L I B R A (Sepl 23-Oct 23) Something could pop up lhal might lurn out to be profitable. Chance has a stake m today's affairs SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) Ma*e any tasks loday labors of love. Set aside your other mundane chores for Ihe momenl SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) You should gel more of a kick loday o u t of doing something for olhers than you will by just serving your own interests. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-J.n 19) Put your fine managemenl talenis to work loday where family interests are concerned. Somelhmg rewarding could resull. AQUARIUS (Jin 20-F«b 19) You may receive some good news today you've been hoping lor regarding a mailer affect-no, your material security. PISCES (F«b 20-Mnrch 20) You have more control over today's events than you're apl lo give yourself credit (or. T h i n k o p t i m i s t i c a l l y , a c t positively DiAR DR. LAMB-Would you do us, and many other p e o p l e w i t h t h e s a m e problem, a service by writing about bad breath. I know there are many causes for it other than teeth, but so many people are affected and too embarrassed to ask. With people who wear dentures as we do. I do nol feel that jusl brushing the dentures or soaking them as some products call for does Ihe whole job. 1 feei the mouth should be cleansed also, but how? We use a mouthwash and gargle it to help, hul wonder if that is enough. When away from home are candy type breath pleasers any help? DEAR READER - You're a s k i n g a b o u t a common problem and one that is most noticeable only to those who do not have bad breath. Breath odors are a part of life. The teeth can be the cause and of course the point here is as much cleanliness as possible. For those who still have all their leeth that means cleaning all of the bases of the teeth and between the teeth. Mosl soakings and cleanings of dentures by recommended commercial procedures are quite adequate. The odor thai remains is usually nol from the dentures but from the mouth c a v i t y . A grossly neglected area is the tongue. Brush the surface of it at the same time you are brushing your teeth. Ordinary den- trificc is quite satisfactory for this purpose. Infected tonsils and infections around Ihe threat all contribute to mouth odors. Chronically infected sinuses with air being drawn Rare pink alligator discovered by guide Tha coming year snouti) he an active and interesting one. Il's likely you II be'much on the go. You may ba able lo lake some ol lh« short trips you've been putting all. ANDYTOWN. Kla. ( U P I l When airboal tour guide Danny Decker spotted a pink lump in Ihe murky waters of an Everglades canal, he thought il was a piece of junk thrown out by o passing boater. Then it moved. When Decker eased the airboat closer, he discovered a swamp rarity -- a S-foot pink alligator. Decker's boss at Everglades Holiday Park, Dielc Eggleston. was skeptical when he heard aboul Ihe pink galor Tuesday. But on a second trip down the canal thai day, Decker look five tourists as passengers, including commercial photographer Alfred llarkins. Decker spotted the pink gator again and drifted within eight feet of i(. "It was a hard ining lo believe, bill there was no mistaking il."said lourisl Elsie vii THE .^CASTLE I 3719Clt»lindB!vd. Bicakfj5is-'6an Luncn 4 D'nnflr Served Osil/11 a.m · II pm. BUD THE LCOUNTRY THREE S:00 p.m. -1:00«.m. Mondly · Stlurdiy Bcswick. She and her husband Joe run Ihe J t S Fishing Camp on Lake Okeechobee. Beswick poked il with a slick. "Oh, it was alive all righl," Beswick said, recalling Ihe furious splashing that resulted from his action. "1 was seared (o death of the creature," Mrs. Beswick said, "but it was kind of attractive -for a gator." Decker theorizes that il might be an albino "although I have never heard of one." Koss Allen, who runs a reptile (arm in Silver Springs and who is presidenl of the International Crocodilian Society, said pink alligators don't exist. "But white ones do," he added. "A combination of sun and blood could give them a rosy glow. in through the nasal passages and breathed back out imparts an unpleasant odor to the breath. Beyond the mouth and nose, the lungs may cause bad breath. As air is exchanged in the lungs, bad odors from the blood stream itself are imparted to Ihe breath. The alcoholic breath that you smell on a person isn't, because of retained alcohol around the teeth surfaces or tongue, but rather the escaping alcohol vapors from the blood stream into the exhaled air. This is the basis for the breath test for whether a person is drunk or not. Any chemistry imbalance of the body may impart an odor to the breath. A liver disease may give a particular fruity odor to the breath. A diabetic in acidosis will have an acetone odor. Spices impart odors to tiie breath by being absorbed into the circulation and then perfuming the air as it is ventilated in the lungs. Emotional upsets that affect digestion and body chemistry can sometimes i n f l u e n c e the breath. Those fad diets result in acidosis (ketosis) and impart an unpleasant odor to the breath exactly the same as that noted in impending diabetic coma. Any breath odor then can come from basic disturbances in the body far removed from the lungs, mouth or teeth area. This is why a simple mouthwash of any type isn't going lo solve the problem. The same can be said for those breath pleasing mints that you speak of. You can'i" clean the blood stream and alter the body chemistry by swishing around a flavorful mouthwash or chewing a mint. People who have bad breath should have a good dental checkup. If Ibat's not the problem they should have an evaluation of the sinuses anJ an examination for basic body disturbances. For information on how your lungs work send 50 cents for T h e H e a l t h L e t t e r , number 2-5, Keeping Your Lungs Fit. Enclose a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper, P. 0. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10013. THOROUGHBRED FRIDAY IS LOBSTER THERMIDOR NIGHT (drdKrlUI 4M-S311 Featuring Diillit tl Uif Piano MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People fft* ot/min o/ Ifit tilln 01 it ft ,nteim mori. I,, ,, tUAdCSAWIITFD Auditntlt f~* A L I A Q E S A O IJJ. C.n«il »uJ PG R . . MIJTMICTEO if ml M xd«n OiMd^n' NOW SHOWING OBKltX ' ZHIATHIES CITES Oftl (:4S, SHOW H 7:15 iltEULlGTIKK-CmUTHS IAMESCMN , ROBERT DUVALL THE KILLER EL -p; u % ._ U ' M l e d l r l i l CITES Of HH5,SIM AT MS FIFJlLECTIKM-CtRHUTIiiS MANBINGO A MHAHOU!«T UUASI "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH" GHOST Ttdmicolor* *»rHMM/ kr Mi* T11M 9*'t IH: M CO. Tlm«. I 00-3 Oi-S 10-' i S i 9 20 CINEMA No. 2 "THE WINDS OF AUTUMN" t 30 J 35-S «-DS-» 50 doesn't sec these chiselers -but you do. Are you sick enough to complain to the proper authorities? If enough people become outraged at Ihe rip-olf, things could be changed. ·)--»· + Dear Ann Landers: Congratulations oti being a gulsy tarty. ! was very pleased wilh your reply lo "In A Huge." She wrote, 'When a man and a woman make a promise before tiod ;md man (o stay together till death separates them, they should keep Iheir vows regardless of what went wrong -- (.·specially if they bring children into the world." I lived in one of those hellish situations for 1C years. Three times 1 went to an attorney. His reply was, "Stay together fur thf sake ot the children." So my kids grew up with a mother who weighed well over 200 pounds and chewed her fingernails lo the elbow, and a father who ilrank like a fish and chased every chick in sight. Finally ! realized what that promise to God really meant. 11 mean!. "Stay together until dignity, respect ami luve dit's ii"l the body." Tmlay I wear a size 10 dress ,ni(l my ex-husband has s(dp[icd dunking. He is going with a «i!Hl(.'rful woman and we both have something very important lhal we didn't have before -- the respect of our children. You can't hide a living hell from kids. They are righl in the middle of it. 1 say it's better lo be FROM a broken home than lo live in one. -- Our Divorce Made Six People Happy. Dear Happy: Tha.iks for Ihe testimonial. Nol a day goes by lhal I don'l gel at least a dozen. t- + 4- Dear Ann Landers: Thank you for referring your young readers to school counselors. I'm a counselor in a high school ar.d while il's true, as you said, lhal some counselors arc more hip llwn others, a kid in trouble can often gel more help from one of us lhan he might think. I was hooked on booze and pills so I know the scene inside ami out I joined A A. and liavc k-en off the sauce and pills for seven years. Having been there myself I'm able lo sympathize with kids who fall into these Ir.-ips. I've liceii able !o help several fto straight, whioh has given me a lot of satisfaction. Please Ann, keep encouraging young people lo lake their problems lo a school counselor. We are - Here And Waiting Dear Waiting: I shall, Let's jusl hope they go. Many teenage addicts have written to thank me for Ihe suggeslion. 1 hope more will do so in [he future. Th? voidest temperature ever recorded in Texas was minus 23 degrees at Tulia on Feb. 12,1899, and a! Scminole on Feb 8, 1933. IF YOU LIKED WXJNG FRANKENSTEIN YOU'LL LOVE'OLD DRACULft' 'OLD"7:15 10:35 RETURN" a:50onlv! Karcher Kids' Klub Presents 'THIEF of BAGDAD" - Plus "DON DAREDEVIL' CHAPTER 10 SHOW AT 10:00 A.M. Super Truck Drivei! "HEAVY LOAD" DELUXE SHORTS" Free wheeling... fun bring... HE? OUTASKHT1 "DEEP THROAT" "The Devil in Miss Jones" DATED XXX Under IS KoMrfmit/ed CLOSED MONDAYS DOO8S OPEN AT 5:30 ::\-. If you would be tended by o li'm of a iexucf io your polror-age i\rot w'ioled. The :., e.i» ..1119 m.e.-.» :3.Q Will Diir.M PrWucllcni SHOW TIMES: 1:00-3:05-5:10.7:15-9:20 t^^* PANCAKE FEED HOTCAKES-SAUSAGES-EGGS-COFFEE-MILK TOMORROW-SATURDAY-MARCH 6 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. · AMERICAN LEGION POST · 1112MAINST.-CALDWELL ADULTS CHILDREN S125 PLUS CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT BY IDAHO'S PIANO STYLIST HONKY TQM FRANKIE

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