Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 4, 1977 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1977
Page 23
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Sit., June 4,1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 23 JC Garage *0 sales ud Ad tftbiM. otantt ttt, Ojmp. twk tireutr «nd ) nigh} uaotft. ) tfloli drtuw, iwta bockciw teKtoJdiM* 1 t»1n bed, covbie wide harvKt W !d CE frMur-rtfngtruM 1 with IctmsKer. excdlert lawn mower wtih Draw c*i- chw, MI of eoll clubs, i foot pool table compurtt. GlfiMik HOK«l»tr*lnirt,3 train* on 4xl loot board wtiti M Hawed r*v*** *id Hwwrt. C*ce«ent wtupfcr bmmtnt or garage. M»tw ml«e!lweov* ittnu. til offwj con- ildered. Terms: Cam only. Saturday andSunday.ttoS.IOMJJraAvenue 354 7HO, THR66 pany osraw sale ~ Some children'* li«m, small furniture. In- OARAGE SALE - «» lilt, Avtnue. miscellaneous, OiJlrj, cloihti, recordi. picture, large carpet fifld pad and so terth.Fr]dai''S«njrday, 10a.m. on. FOUR party yard sale at vnia Wtn Mobile Ct., No. 34. Friday and Saturday. MOVING - Miscellaneous end tables. Quality pool tabfe, mUcellaneouj tools, pipe, threader, eic., washer and gas GARAGE SALE --'Saturday 7 lo S nil din Avenue. GARAGE Sale -- go cart, iurnlturt and clothes. 310 i*in Avenue. fryer, small propane tank. IMS llth Avenue, KB, Evans. 9 a.m., Saturday. bedroom furniture, cloln«, llneni! miscellaneous Items. Saturday and Sunday. 105. 304 West Union, La Salle. GARAGE SALE 417 37th Ave. Ct. Long sofa, Duncan Phyfe drop- leaf table. 4 chairs, child clothes, toys, much more. Saturday · 9 to 5 SATURDAY 9 A.M, to 6 P.M. 1115 23rd AVENUE COURT Girls and women's clothing, toys, curtains, furniture, plants, miscellaneous. OLDIES GOODIES . Saturday Sunday 9 - 5 5545 W. 20th St. GARAGE/MOVING SALE- 211039th Avenue Satuiday, June 4th - 9-4 Tires, tools, dinette set, baby things, paint, cleaning supplies and much more. MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE SATURDAY 9 a.m. -3 p.m. 2008 21st Avenue MOVING SALES 8-5 June 4 1121, 1122 1127 32nd Avenue Student desks, clothing, refrigerator, 1971 Suzuki, transmission, dresser, and lots of miscellaneous. « Garage i£ Garage 1*1 Household ICO TV-- Stereo Sales 4b sales 47 cSS 5Z Radios V i!I£-.£!i!'? SIX *, aiWf *"**' YARD SALE -itfwday,! 10 i. 60S IJffl HOTPOINT Tr«h CanpKtor - Never A M , SMsXwSiw ^£"1 **£' "% KrfW - ftuci ' ^^ cte!MI ** *** trtW - MMMH c**^* *w ** Hotiorlna SrT Sw«ay. 4710 ratxtttaniwi. cok*r.CeJliS2-7SiSt«w«n5»ndl. FIVE Family Carftst Sale - Advlt and C children datum* toy*, cawing Un r*»roM llt», u*n mowers, toll o) mhceiiMtoM. Friday arm Swofdiy 9-4. 2KHWeslSh$tre«. June *h and ftti. Cmptog equtpmert iUt, su rack. 4 J«p 10 fncr. unetlt an tlr ei. 1H5 Siab. folding doon, m be accordion, tape feck 15mm Pent ax an en$#i, cftrpirt. Some furnhur* an v 5 fc m " 3m WeB 1Jth Strwl RoBd - GARAGE SALE -- Clothing, men's ToiniKa Super 1, H Zoom movie ipe«t bike, household Items. June * camera. Bell *nd Howell Prelector, « h , Sih. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ISM » tcretti, combination worm door, 2 Avenue tttreoi. trailer hlirfi, plffltl Qitort, L X INCH Electric rang*. «*· * nxxulti old. Refrtgeralor. 1200. 4 years old. Gai d GASStov«-HJ. d IM Wit. JJ CUBIC Foot chest frefier -- 1 year old. 3 Uttenew. 3S6S007. t h COLONIAL mipte hutch -- Good condition. 353-5132. FOR 5 -- Clusifttd llntr K*I pUctd on Sltwdty rooming wilt rectJvt 1 frtt ri«y (commtrctat edl txdud«d} vtn ordtrtd to run S caaiKvrtlvt diyi whh no ctnciliittont. Ho *i* tiXin afttr 11 A3 *-n. 3i»lll. IG S inoi on all TV't stereos, t CM titck*. end radios In our stowroom. Everything 1i redvctd 20H during our ann.virt.try sale. All uij havi Telavltion Mam* exclusive 90 day warranty. Service DMUon featurlm XrH off the prlct of parti on ill repaln. ulet, ttrvlct, rentals. Ttltvltlon Mart Inc.. AU 35th StrMt. 35r7200. rlHtM 01 J I £ K V S ' »««'»·"' woman 1 * FOUR Family Gar«e Sale - »u 17th FOR SALE - Speed Queen automatic PIONEER 1WOL - Ret! to reel. Marly ooihing (all HIM), picnic lable, hedge A vt., 10-4. Saturday. Sto«, exhaust (an, washer. Call JS3-16M, between I and s. new. 3 .» mtnutt tepeL 151-9417, j£ l I 8 * 1 } »*·** mr « ««« bicycle, bonk beds, etothing «* mvch more. muthmlKellMeoui.PrUeUo.ell. -- GOOD ,,,«, earprt ^ Illt O nf W GA R AG 6Sa . e FrtdarstoiSawrtM " ^ISS"**'"''* Jw " *"' '' '»«-**TM- CO , Musical ioi«i4»ii, arm. ,,,,-.,,«,« H-»« *wpr *uv. 3J Instruments GARAGE SALE - Salurdiy, 9 a.m. to S p.m. Plants, bicycle, wwlng machine. Black end white T.V., toil of "stirtf," mower. Shell unlt/chalrs" b£*« S WITH anilqgzt, clothei, lots ol only.9to4. FOUR Family Garage Sale -- Saturday, June 4. From 9 to S. !7W Mtn Strew Roid (wen ot Bonanza ReMeuranl). Varkjui baby items, [toys, tots' of clothes, woes, etc.), 2 beds, record player, lawn chain, tablet, carpet squares, cassettes, ditto machine, »la Items. YARD SALE -- Furniture and miscellaneous. Saturday and Sunday, II weather parmlts. 1949 Dodge Charger, good condition, clean. I wo tth street. YARD SALE -- Kitchen accessories, toys, SUNDAY -- Yard sale (moving). U to 5. 76)7 lith Street, YARD - ART SALE Stained glass, plants, pots, and misc. Saturday and Sunday 10-5 7 PARTY MOVING SALE ALL DAY SAT., JUNE 4 AH/FU rcceiw, tipe plljtfl, flute, Yiolzhi luitlr, plinti, Mtdienvire, relrlientots, clothing, IKW, bvAs, pin- pbernilii, nllKlibles. EVERYTHING MUST GO 1201 8th Street GARAGE SALE 2 piece sectional sofa, 2 un · que hang lamps, nice chair. 7 foot. circular bed and bedding, 1?5 Yamaha cycle. Some really nice clothes and lots of miscellaneous. Also, children's yard sale. 1705 30th Street S.E. of Greeley Mall Ui*d pisnoi, all kind*. J year guarantee AVOCADO Hotpoint refrlaerator-frwier cuitom moving, rellnlihlng and - 13 cubic foot, 185. JW 5»/. rebuilding. Johnjon'i Piano Strvlct, 7M Including: KIna site bed. bookcase, CASH for uuti p | anol _ Sultabla for SMU ilmaii.? st"^?* "*' tW " n ****' r ' bul!clln8 ' rt'ln 1 *"TM w P arts - 3S1-OW MUST SELL -- Stainless steel cookwsre e and bakeware. Fine China service for 12.New.»45m DOUBLE Box Springs and mattress -- Saturday morning will receive 1 fre* day (commercial ads excluded) wnen ordered to run 5 coniecutlve days with no cancellatloni. No eds taken after 11:00 a.m. 3U-0311. cn Pets DU SSuppKei * c Horses Q(| Equipment £Q Farm DO Equipment WELD CWIUY - f« AUMIK. Few NEW and Usrt - Eog4M, m) Wwem * K* 5^ ^Sfi'TrSlS'.'frS fielM. Now iacnasriiM tew nat. iwy. t»i,*nCcfflp!t;ereyi!/)*rv!tt.«Ha SetwftJey m^nlnj win receive 1 tre. yS^SSSn!^ r * in ** * *- EiHft - WHft S3^^ t £,SS!S l !SSi AKC REGISTERED Fema!« Colllt Champion blood linn. 7 w*tki old. Only 1 Itft. Sill 4»3l3r PUREBRED AKC Dob«rm«n Plntchtf Saturday rr*xnbg *l;i receive 1 tre day (commercial ail excluded) whe ordered to run S consecutive dayl wit no cancellations. No eda taken aft !l:CCa.m.li3-ttM, a to catenations. No a« tak.en after h JUST Received -- 1)59 Jahn Detn ^ combine. Ii foot header, motor lull overhauled. 1 owner, field ready, prlct ESJjjn. q 0 «...y for vhow or pet. CA» i --^^ %* ^^^ 0 NE 6 row John D«re beet thlnne. Late U3 "* 10 ' miles east ol EaJon. Come look at him, nxrfAllktnew. 13.650, 1-303 3U 704S. LUCY'S Long hilrtd idortblt kmtni for FREE [XjppUi -- Femali, Vt Lebrador. Real cute. 35(-41H, W-ltU. you'H like him. Call 454-3337. TAN DING -- Rocket Ban Appakxt) stud. Three Ban and High Han breeding. 175 stud tee. Live to guarem«d. 353 3i64, after i p-m. ONE 6 or S row willlston Cultivator. Like a new. 11.150. 1-303-3U 7065. U ONE Evefsmsn b«t thinner -- 1974 model, i raw, like K.5M. 1-303 344- 7W5. 43n - yearl 0 td. H Wjl^MTttTred''.)^ both ONE John Deere IS ft. ISO cultl packer, QUALITY -- AKC Toy Poodles, 1 Mack Parents are. J37S. 4M 28R plaln^Tke ntw°IJ !5?n onrModel 231? 3 female, 1 cream colored male. tlQQ ' each. 1MS6337. h FOR SALE -- Pure bred poodle pupplei. Thi father I) 4 Inches tall, mother Ii l] OR5ES Boarded - Stall and run. SM. row JohnD*ereb«td!goer;1949Mijdel, Stall run and feed. «5. Other **·»'' w* JW" D*" 1 * * fow b * rt arr angtmenti available. Call 153 7JPI. thinner. Ilk. new, field ready, 13.950. M3- RADE Mare -- 5 years old, Sorrel, call N ?MS AN ch.mS U bLd~lln.i K l LAKE Arrowhead Stables - Boardin al"S.l2anSi A^ ,','THer 1 '«'"''«- ;»}·«'«*· ·*"» *·" $iw. Phone 4W-3UJ. hay rides. 3« 7080. FREE kltleni -- 7 week! old. ( 3J48S5J. r o o c » i e ,- , .,, ».,. 3W Hammond organ - Excellent con- end black and white. 4M-J7M a.m.; 4U FOR SALE - Gas range, 3 gas heaters, d]tk ^ 333 M)J m \ p.m. lars, prooane Incubator, baby furniture. new encyclopedias, books, clothes, and LUDWIG B | ick p Mr ( 3 pi^, trflp Ml FOR SALE Sofa, loveseat, chair, ol(er - "" Jean ' »»·«"· ^"''IS^U 8 " 0 , 6 - PtWne M3 '" M " DRUMS - For sale. see at M» una wreei. aM-7843. P 2£i T iMl L M V J. ]eW " fa Phone BM LUDWIG 4 ptKe «t with 1 pairs o 27fi7.iD3Abtreei. drumsticks. 351-9041. GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrlflerator -- " Good working condition. 353 ·««. 353-1413. Setter mix, 1 years old, neutered. 1W- V5M. FIVE month old German Shepherd and AKC BASSETS -- 2 femalai, 1 male, 1100 each. H32-4UO. condition, WOO. 3SH3J1, after t p.m. BABY Boas -- vectra olelln coverlets, brown gold. JIM D "=. 5I "If,,; 1 r M £. * * « iwniM or near offer. Like new. 353-4349, after 5 oitkm, «». call otter 6 p.m.. aiJOira METAL Patio chairs with table -- wooden picnic table. 534-1116. LARGE Dining room set -- China closet, buffet, table and six chairs. Like new. $1,200. Phone Pt. Morgan, 1-847-2230, after S. 3615 llth AVG. · MOVING East -- Houuhold furniture lor idle. Sunday, 1 p.m. 3019 Lakeside Dr. V A IT r* C A I T? A7 Household \ AttU d/U..n *!/ -Goods J0 fiarHpninci of Elementary School 35341 Rd. 37, Eaton GARAGE SALE 2925 18th St. June4,8a.m.to5p.m. Lawn mower, clothes, swing set, new bicycles, Iricycles, toys, dishes and misc. GARAGE SALE JUNE 4, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3338 W. 20th St. WO PARTY GARAGE SALE 513 27th AVENUE Fri and Sat 9 to 5 Some antiques, household goods, and lots of misc. , WASHERS, dryers, refrl aerators, tree en, ranges. All guaranteed. Koen g Used Appliances. 912 Bth Avenue. EW1NG machine repairs on all mode fast service with reasonable rate Bernlna Sewing Center, B12 lltn Av 3S3-SS49. FOR 5 Classified liner ads placed c Saturday morning will receive 1 fr day (commercial adi excluded) wh ordered to run 5 consecutive dayswi no cancellations. No ads taken aft ll:00a.m.35]-u3li. CHESTS, desks, chairs, and tables. Nut Furniture, ma Bth Ave. 353-6290. appliances, and other Items. 1 will p cash and move It. Phone 3S6-4535. i- HO Needs POTS, soil - We sharpen rotary mower blades, hedge clippers, hoes, spades, S( garden tools. Atklres nil 9th Street. I' \m JOHN DEERE --Uh.p. lawn tractor. Mower, tioier, sweeper. Excellent . NEW Jacobson 31 Inch reel lawnmower. ^ 1250.352-134J,after5. r WOULD Like lo trade 7 hp." rldlno mower for larger riding tractor and pay difference. 352-5315 (keep trying). Inch rotary mower and 48 Inch dorer. g Good condition. 11,475. 785- EM. y WOVEN Woods' -- Draperies, levelors, dO Antiques 25% off. Free estimates. 2 to 4 week ~ J delivery. Diane's Draperies. 3S3-9S4S. Unbelievable prices. Call onytlm Rural Space Woodworks, 284-426?. appliances, misc., clothing. Buy, s and trade. Larry's Used Furniture, 8 101hSt.354-76?6. SWAP SHOP -- Buy, sell, trade us. furniture and miscellanBous. 3DVi 13 Avenue In alley. Phone 353-W55. POTS -- Greelev's laroest select k 6 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free day (commercial ads excluded] when c ' ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after '] DFCORATIVE Iron bed -- Queen size, claw feet. Ethan Allen antique pine cannonball bed, queen siie. 153-9553. Ed cn Office n 3U Supplies Buo^.Macrame.imithSt.,*TM. ADD|HG MKh|n(B Calcolalors , Rent A Piano Try before you buy. Rent a new Story Clark piano tor pennies a day. NATURAL MUSIC CENTER Greeley Mall 353-8976 rr Building DD Materials SAW sharpening, all kinds. One da service. Alklre'l, 1211 9th St. 3521*501 SHOP worn lumbar, IDc pir boird foo King Lumber Company. 715 7th Str« 353-313.. FOR SALE -- Doberman pupplei. on* rid male. M4-79 M. Well broke and gentle. 354-78M. r WELD COUNTY^ SADDLERY CO. Now open for business. Complete line of English and Western tack and accessories. Custom saddles and repair. Bill Hill rodeo products, horse and stock trailers. Everything for the discriminating horse. 80423rd Avenue Greeley, CO ^ 356-0802 ^ LOVELY -- Female short-haired, full bred St. Bernard, your children will love £ ~J Hay/ Gram, htr, obedient. Free. Looking for good Q/ Feed Straw MALE Great Dane tor sale -- «S. Call anytime, 153-603!. Call 351 SW4. FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed o Saturday morning will receive 1 fre day (commercial ads excluded) whe ordered to run 5 consecutive days wl no cancellations. No ads taken afte 11:00 a.m. 352-0111. ·-quality, excellent blood tlnei, sables. Feed and Grain. 3M-US3. Evenings 353-7524. engine. Approximately 83 hours, 3 point, g cab, cooler, duals. Al Mckerson, New CONCRETE Pit sltos-- G4L GunlteCo., FOR SALE -- Hesnon 600 Swather, 11 ft. FARMALL H tractor with mower - Both In excellent condition. S970. Call 3M- AUTOMATIC side board closers for side dump trucks. Two systems, seven models to cnoose from. 1189 to 1534. Mel FOR SALE -- 1971 Ma Key Ferguson tractor with cab. Excellent condition. 1- a57-2«5. CONVERSE Irrigation boots, Levl'S and Red Wing shoes, western wear. Johnstown Clothing, 587-4502. " WANT TO RENT - Big T water, Ed Relchen, 5«7-»69. n hay conditioner, air conditioned, 11 foot « head. Excellent. Arden Dear, 134-2168. n h r CO Irrigation 0*7 Systems s FOR SALE -- Side roll sprinkler. Vi mile long, 5 Inch pipe. 11,800. 15 horse power electric motor, 3 phase and 210 with Berkley pump, Vh Inch dlcliarpe, MOO. 1 Berkley PPO pump, discharge hose nnd check valve, Sl.OOO. Call 454 107?. FREE Kittens -- To oood homes. dust, wood chips. Pick up or delivered. 777771.17.^ t 3S3-93W. 313 AStreet.Ault.KH 9919. a roxlmately ? TOO feet 4^'ch 4W f eet - CO Poultry 0 J Rabbits ~ 6 FOR s -- Classified liner adi placed on VE Have niw alfalfa baled. Also, wtie hay for delivery. Call 352-7333, evening Saturday morning will receive 1 free . day (commercial ads excluded) when 3i TON Excellent 3nd cutting hay. W ordered to run i consecutive days with deliver. 4H-J019. 11:00 a.m. ttl-0111. 1 BABY CHICKS -- Tuesday and Wed- - offices available. Free delivery. We wll C - H - ^'"fl Cross. Also started chicks, lease, sell or finance. Morgan Portable [, ran * * "TM. and Hfllctier V- 'W 'ton Building company. Ft. Collins. Call street, 352-ims. collect, 493-7517. STEEL SALE Sat., June 4 Rutledge Steel Co. will sell all remnant angles, beams, bars, plates, tubing and pipes at lOc per pound. All pieces Time: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. . Qq Livestock 'MILTON WATER ' 2 Shares For Sale 967 RIVERIA- 57.000 actual miles, new T C*5^ AQLL rudlal tires, 1395. Phone 353-3395. 1 OOO-4000 muu - TO Real Estate Jim Smith, 354-456?. HAY For Salt-- LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 20 years exp. FOR SALE -- Ground ear corn. Mayna Brantner. Phone 352-8325. Carsey, 352-1633. Saturday morning will receive 1 free Maynard Carsey, 351-1633. day (commercial ads excluded) when lt:Wa n m! ! 352^2l'l. N ° *"** ****" ***" FOR SALE -- Feeder pigs, A to 11 weeks Old. 1-BV/-2433. CHAROLAIS Bulls -- 1 year old. Fully guaranteed. Call Joel, 1-B49-5259. *Q Farm JO Equipment has 1 bedrooms, carpet, drapes, up- a polntment. No agenti. 356-5J11. HOME for sale -- Walk to Shawsheen or Space. 515 34th Ave. Call evenings, 353- 7B5I or 356-5704. Wtlcker/Allled. 352-4636. IXrowlHCcomhead763,qulck,detach, TRADE your mobile home equity on a like new. $4,850. Wall Kleweno, 346-7065. house. Call Action Real Estate, 353-0346. PEEDY 6 or 4 row defoliator, like ne H i jrinr/vFC/mpr GARAGE SALE Friday and Saturday Bargains and Barter Bikes, mower, clothing, furniture, etc. 9to5 380 Birch, Eaton MULTI FAMILY GARAGE SALE Furniture, collectibles, infant to adult clothing, much more. 300219fii Street Fri. 8:30-5 Sat. 8:30-2 NO CHECKS GARAGE SALE Fri., Sal., Sun, - 9-6 1841 Birch Avenue Lots of misc., bike, men's and boy's clothing, toys. MOVING SALE SATURDAY--9-5 293617th Street Antiques, tools, furniture, baby Hems, clothing, railroad ties, and much more. ANTIQUE SALE Postcards, pictures, rocker, table and chairs, copper boilers, Shirley Temple scrapbook, depression glass, brass, quilts, baskets, Avon, dishes and lots ot old goodies. Saturday -- S t i l l ? 2435 10th Ave. Ct. ESTATE SALE Beginning this Saturday and Sunday (9a.m.-7p.m.) Sales will run every weekend until everything is cleared out. Literally thousands of items -everything from antiques to porcupine skins. 153013th Avenue GARAGE SALE 334419th Street Road 9:00-5:00 Used refrigerator, range hood, maple bunk beds, pedestal lable, antique bed and springs, exercise-jogger, 100 sq. yds. carpet pad, miscellaneous and clothes. SHAKLEE PRODUCTS · OPEN HOUSE · Downtown Johnstown, CO June 3, 4, and 5 9a.m.-9p.m. Foodnipsltmenti-tgiHii Skin Cin- Fin ficiili Clunin-BWeindllilB. Refreshments -- free drawings-- samples GARAGE SALE 2 Party Baby Hems, clothes, and miscellaneous. 9-6, Saturday and Sun da; . 1027 Cottonwood Drive Windsor NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE Sat. and Sun. 8a.m.-5p.m. 3103 12th ST. RD. Bikes, beds, . appliances, dishes, new and used carpet, misc. All clean and working. YARD SALE 2124 5fh Avenue Saturday and Sunday All Day --June 4 and 5 House plants, books, clothes, and misc. - OARAGESALE 1008 Cottonwood Drive, Windsor 8a.m. -4p.m. Saturday and Sunday" Nice children's, and adult's clothing; size 9 wedding dress; 1974 Honda CB 360; new Tupperware; dishes, small appliances, misc. GARAGE SALE Sat., Sun. and Mnn. 10:00-8:30 Clothes, dishes, knick-knacks, linens, jewelry and much more. 2524 W. 5th Street MOVING SALE Everything goes -- toys, games, furniture, athletic equipment and miscellaneous. 211314th Street 5-8 Friday Evening 9-3 Saturday MOVING AWAY GARAGE SALE Clothing, furniture, antiques, knick-knacks, dishes;etc. 50210th Street Greeley, Colo. Sunday, June 5 to Saturday, June 11 Daily--10:30 to 5:30 NO CHECKS WANTED OLD or NEW 'SALEABLE ITEMS . The Optimist Club of Greeley will be conducting a "Tent Sale" Sat., June 11. The proceeds will be used to help the young people of the Greeley area. We'll be glad to pick-up your clothing, dishes, anything of Value. Remember us at Spring Cleaning time! To have anything picked up, call: Keith Kohr «2-OZ53 Pete Thompson 352-1212 Gordon Smith .352-5726 Maurice Udenbufger... 353-9332 anddellvered.l5079inst. KING Slie waterbed -- Witt) liner, heater and temperdt ure control. 354-49M. PERRY'S Vacuum Center. Rebuilt Kirbys, 1501 Mh. St. 353-OOW. MOVING SALE - Swivel rockers, kitchen table and chairs, Maytag wringer washer, grass sweeper for riding tractor, misc. furniture. 357-5325 [keep trying). PARTS for vacuums, holes, belt], brushes, etc. Perry 1 ! Vacuum Center, 353-WK 1501 tth St. AVOCADO Green Ufa -- 8 ft. long bar with shelf and sliding doors, B nil wood bar stools; 50 SQ. yards brown/beige used carpet; refrigerator. 353-4105. PARTS end service for ell makes' of sewing machines. Bernlna, 822 llth Ave., 353-5549. MOVING SALE - One king size bed, one dinette, one disnwasner, one couch and chair, i twin beds. 9313tih Ave. 354-Biw. FILTER QUEEN, factory authorized sales and service. Perry's Vacuum Center, 1501 9th Street. FORSALE-- Used Klrby vacuum cleaner with all attachments and shsmpooer, DAVENPORT used less than year, S75. Stereo and radio combination, sewing machine. All good condition. Call after 5 pm.,35!-6345. 'SEWING Machine repair -Free delivery, ! day service. Call 352-B955. WASHER and Dryer for sale -- Call after 5, 353-51B9. KIRBY Vacuum cliancr -- All techments. 354-7JM, after 5 p.m. 13,950. Waller Kleweno, 1-303-3^-7065. New 3 bedroom home with 1 car garage. Ready for Immediate Occupancy! $27,500. WH SALES COMMISSION Combine model 203. Heads for grain, and SUITOimdmg towns. beans, and com. Excellent condition. 353-44U. Call builder collect at 1-6464042 after 9 p.m. for informa- Real Estate tion. 72 For Sale Pets Supplies HORSE Pasture for rent - (20 month. 2 miles north of Kersey. Call 3S6-M70. TROPICAL fish, gold flsfi, aquariums, (Uteri, air pumps, aeralore. Frank's Sted Hitcfitry, 709 10th St. PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Reasonable prices. Satisfaction assured. Pet Emporium. 353-J777. 66 Horses Equipment COMPLETE line of tack, new and UMd saddles. Woods Western Wear. Ill Urn Ave. Phone 353-7730. FISH, Blrdi, small animals, and complete line of p«t SL-pplIas. Pet Land, 2001 Tth St., 3J3-4W6. 7l 1 L Real Estate For Sale HOUR GLASS LAKE This parcel of land Is located in a beautifol Alpine Valley, lust across the road from a beautiful high country lake. Localed just north of Rocky Mountain National Park, the area is also surrounded by Roosevelt National Forest . Land. If you've been looking for a camp sile with privacy and seclusion, this is it! To al price 52,900. Pre-arranged financing at 9Vz% Annua Percentage Rate. Evenings, call Dave, 1484 6575. $7,950 Delightful mountain cabin site near Red Feather. Numerous lodge pole pine provide seclusion, yet allow scenic view of distant snow capped peaks. Nearly two acres in size with driveway and domestic water already in. Ready to build with REA nearby. Total price 57,950, wilh good pre-arranged owner financing. Evenings, call Roger, 1-493 8242. WEST MOUNTAIN PHOPEHIV. OUR SPECIALTY FOR IS YEARS V ~V"V 3200 East Mulberry CALLCOLLECT-- 482-1845 WE AT BALDWIN COMPANY ARE CELEBRATING OUR 4lh YEAR IN GREELEY (ORIGINALLY COLORADO AUCTION CO. AND STILL THE SAME OWNERSHIP). AS A SPECIAL OFFERING WE'RE SELLING FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, ANTIQUES FOR 10% COMMISSION!!! 6 FOR 5-- Claulflid liner adi placed on Saturday morning will r*celvB 1 (re* day (commercial sdt excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive dayi with no cancellation*. No adi taken after 11:00 a.m. 351-0111. THE Poodle Stoop*-- Pro. grooming with loving care. Thelma Hagtr, 454-2M1. AT STUD -- OFA certified. BOB winner, German Shepherd. J»-«75. *10% for furniture, working major appliances, antique furniture and large consignment pieces. 20% on all miscellaneous, knick-knacks, small items. DOC Obedlanci -- Clauel thru Gretley Recreation. Start. June 13ih. 353-elu. Truly a bargain, since Baldwin Company has maintained the No. 1 auction market in the area since 1973 with top-dollar results. OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. AND ALL DAY SATURDAY FROM 9A.M. TO RECEIVE MERCHANDISE CoivipANy AUCliONEERS-bROkERS 556-4554 , CO 80651 105 II AVFNUE (Originally Colorado Auction Co.) LABRADOR RETRIEVERS -- Theu lovable pupi ore good with children, make excellent companion), and an oood hunters. AKC ytllow Labi with papen. Pupptci ihctt and guaranteed. Come quick and get your pick. 11DO-S1U. 1-4U-39B1, Fort Colllni. AKCSTANDARD WlremirM Dichitiundi -- Whilpvd, April f, 1*77. Quality, homi falstd pupi. 3W-15W. BEAUTIFUL Dog ntadi good home -Well trained. Lovei kldt. Shtpherd mix. You'll fove thli intmal. 3S1-UI4. ! SITES IN BELAIR f I WE WILL CUSTOM BUILD | t YOUR PLANS OR OURS ! I LARGE LOT : CALL 356-1331 FOR INFORMATION « OUR Mailer and mlitrtu wrloutly III and w« need a home. Wt arc a 5 year old imall female dog and a 15 monttii old lareimalecfog. BOTH mixed brttd. Good diipoiitlon and deiperatily netd new matter or mlstreii. Fr« and thoti paid. Call 353-0111. AKC DOBERMAH -- 3 'A morrthi, ears docked end tall cut. Reasonable. 587- AKC TRI Colored Col Hit -- 6 wtfki. 35M175. * $ * 4 GERMAN Shepherd pupptn. Alter i, UH951. 1331 Bth AVE. 356-1331

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