Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 28, 1955 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 28, 1955
Page 7
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Kd$ SHARON,,Pa'. Ill ^ More than 100 Weitjnihou'ie" Electric^ Corp. employe* fought their wiy'tkrpugh a pidratline to go to »fork-Tuesday, then "were kept inside', the plant for several hours- at the 'end of their shift. The "company said H feared another outbreak of violence.'- - . - . " ' · ' . .. . . v However,- the employes- be fan trickling from 'the plant after."* ' few hours and there wai no further · tone'.throwing or fist swingin'g. Police stood by as the men left the'plant, one of M WeiUngbouse plants struck Oct. IT by the' AFL-" CIO International Union of Eieclri- tal Workers, r" · - - / · - - - ^ f . - --Negotiators resumed peacf .talks hi Pittsburgh' Tuesday 'after'. *' holiday recess. There yras no report of progress but another session was icheduled Wednesday.' : . ' ' r ijeveral persons : received black eyes and'other"minor'injurie's in Tuesdiiy'.s mtl«e,-P61ice'.Chief..Wil- liam'Stuart" reported. 'There were n o arrests'. '-. ' ' · : ' - · The Sharon plant emplo'ys about li^OO Arsons.;--There has .been"a back"- to' Work ^movement' there : for t h e past' few weeks'. - ' - ' ' The union "had;no cbmrnenl on Tuesday's- fla'reup of violence. - fcarjy Tuesday' nlgni.~r ; liieif-Stu- art "reported that "rnqft··· of 'the employes", h a d j l e f t the plant : in arrtall groups. . A 'Westinghous.e ipokesrriah said the. "jnajqrity." oj thfe ! employes .wtre in-'the plant th»n but" indicated : fhey wpulc leave in small groups throughout the night,'Me added that'all were paid^overUme for' the time -they spent inside trie plant past their normal shift, sch.ed,ule. Judge Herman RpdE^rJLlt M?"- eer County 'Court telephoned Gov; George H. Leader at Harrisburg, requesting - sta.te police protection at the plant. The governor's office aaid the request bad., bien "lurried over to State Police Commissioner .. Earl J. Henry. : ' . - . . ' ' . ' "" · ' Chief Stuart said'hV had "half ef my force,, about 15;rnfn. oc du}y at the plant Tiieiday,'-' add in*: ' '·: '·- : , -\ --.' "i think we should have i, , police .'on duty immediately. It 'is ·i'explosive situation:'!.; ; In Bridgeport'Conn., four men were'arrested after"'a'group'; of 12 workers .'altempled to enter .the W«stinjhouie, plant there. Picjiet of the Independent Uniied Electric al Workers pressed.the 12 agains a wall-and eggs splattered abov Iheir heads. ;·. . ' '' : -.: Falal Shooling in. Durarigo Area Probed .... . . - IiOTiANGG UR^A coroner's'jur wfes.iworn Tuesday to.ihvestigal the fatal shooting · of John Bartol, Ji. . :He was found dead at-the ranc home of his parents, Mr. and Mr Jm; Harlot, Saturday night. A 21 caliber rifle he had used as a bo lay nearby and a suicide note wa found' in the kitchen, Dist. Attj · Irvin' L. Mason said. -, ;. Members 1 of the coroner's jur Viewed.the body but no h*arin will b« held, for several day Mason said. Harlot's.funeral vn b« at 10 a.m. WMnesday. oldup Flops = robber ai- pt 1 didn't'backfire--it just col- sfd.O' ; ,"' : '^ : Vv';. : -; ' ; "' Ipos Johnson tpld police he'was anding.; by" his t«.xic »b' when "a an pulled'» gun on him and said: Lpok.wh»tl got here. 1 ' ; ' ' Johnson ''said while he looked i*-guri feli '---1 ·-·-'·' il.o the'sti The : wouW-lw' h'oMup man rrested moments la,le'r, aiill down his knees' hunting 'for the'bill- i t s . ' - . : . . . : · ' , '·: - ·" ·li apart, spilling bullets :ce*t;'··'!.': .! :'-;'-"t in and Dec. ·Suspended Swience i ii Bad ; Check; Cliarge '.'J LOS 'ANGELES I*).'^ 'Actress' Barbara Paytcn was given a M- day' suspended-jail sentence on a bad check charge'Tuesday,'. , ' . S.uperjor Judge David 'Cpleman *Uo fined $100 'and placed her on proballon' for," "one' year. '-········ ,The 28-year-old 'ex-wile of actor Frtnchot Tone had pleaded guilty tq one - o f ' three . counts -.of ; issuing worthless checks totaling $1Z9,,The other counts ' were' dropped. ·. ·;She ' Explained. that r the.-;oyer- drjifts'occurred when an expected tSQO/,advance for movie york |did not arrive. . i - ·" ,.../.; ' . ' - . - / . - , . ".Her prgljalion report said she received $30,000 last year, from undisclosed sources; but her automobile was r repossessed and .her furniture and attachment. clothing arc under UAL Will Raise : .NEW, YORK tin - United Air Lines' .said-T.uesday.'. it' : ;h»s" ; ;ar- raiged to raise 150 million dollars ; - lew' capital over the-next '"·- rs "to meet the financial n yean of the jet «ge.' five needs" Heeings Scheduled^ ; WASHINGTON BI.1-. The Comerce Dept. said Tuesday the husi- ess, boom resumed' fits ' upward li.mbriii November- and 'early De- ember,.after .a pause in October. .H o'w e v e r ',. the department's monthly summary, of business 'fon- itions' said; that production .has' eeh'oulrurimnE consumption somewhat in recent weeks and thjit this as resulted in some growth of fin- old stocks.- " ; , "' . V Additionally, the review of busi- .ess conditions noted that in No- ·e'mber home cohstructiori contin- :ed to decline, and;vras. about 3 ler cent lower than the 'peak rate rf construction of'homes reached n the third quarter of the' year.. However, 'construction 'of 'other hings--highways, churches, school nd other public buijdingE t - and tores--rpse : e little above the third quarter'rate, on a'seasonally ad listed basis.'This meant thiti-fdial cbnslrnelion outlays cofitipued UR, dimlnlsiied V'tfii ««r)y part irf thf ourth quarter. ' - , , · 'The iuifjijary e"f business condi- ipns include these c^tai^sf ' NoQ-firrri employment increased ,n November, even after .allowanc- :s for seasonal influences,' apd^the number".of hours'in Uie average work ~w«eVi|i6 increaied. The^e hing's, together with increases in wage rates, rApY$d personal income upward to · point "**U. above 1 ! the'record third quarter rate.-'..;Business. rn.en have. shown continued confidtni:* In the outlook by scheduling increased outlays for ex- pinsloo/of UKir production plint and equipment. The latest survey of capital spending plans carried the' Commerce Dept., and the Securities and Exchange Commission indicate thit in the fourth quarter of'this. y'g' will be spending to improve' and expand its. production and services at a seasonally adjusted annual rate nf about'81 billion dollars. This is an in^rcai.e\of about a billion'dollars from' the third quarter rj^te.; Further, business men indicated that they would step up thrir capital spending in the first qiijarter of 1156 (n an annual rite of about 31VS billion dollars. v ·'· ·: "' ·#· George A. .Provas, who married the actress last month, laid, "This has all been a ghastly mistake. Exportable Coffee ; WASHINGTON - T u e Department of Agriculture estimates that w'o.rld production of coffee for ex- wrt totaled 32,738,000 bags during :h$- 1954-55 season. The estimate 'or -the 1955-56. crop foresees, an increase to 3fi^75 t DOO i bags. , U;i Sergeant The^company/plahs'.tp raise 120 millions from, the sileOfn«w de : benlures and' to borrow-up to 30 millions under a 'new bank' credit agreemeiit/.W. A. Patterson', president', said. .-"_'·«',;":','::£;,'.'· '- ··'(]·: ; ,,United recenlly announced an bit der. for: 30 .Douglas DC-8 jetliners a t ^ a total cost; with spare perls, of, 175 -'millions;. Patterson said funds.-from the new .financing pror grjims; 'alohg.'with other available cash;.will be used io' ; pay fonthe new aircraft "and.. other ' expansion." ' . . . ',' ' .-'."-. ^n. arrangement has bee'n.made to sell debentures amount ol 120' millions to three"insurance companies over the next' several years in installments as.needed, Patterson explained.'· The' buyers will be the Metropolitan Life Insurance' Co., Prudential Life Insur- ahce"Co:, and Mutual Life'Insur- ance Co. of New .York. The 30-mUlion-dollar credit agree 7 with *' group of 3$ banks headed by the : Firsl Na*Jbnai City Bank of New-.Yorlt. ^ Two meetings to'drganlie focaW of ..thje new National Farmers Organization , have --'beta' tchfduled for\'riortherni,,Weld . County; Mils week'. r J - ' C:.-v'". -,.:.i ;..-;.v "·;; - V-.\ '' . Meeting : at Pi*rce .will be' held in the'VFW h'aU at 1 p.'m/Friday. - Meeting at, Nunn-'wUl'bi^t-tiw schpplhouse at .1'' p.m. - Saturday. All'" farmers . are ..invited to the nie'etings.' *-.-" : - :·-.'· -..V ;'. ' :V'.;-i.- .· Thursday-'there: will "b* ;* ,»tate- wide meeting of organisation leaders at Strassburg. Leaders of other farm orsanliatlons have been invited '· to . Ihe .Sfjjssburg : meeting for conference on farm': price ppli- cies. ',.'.." J -. : ?· ·· ..v ! ', : ,.-- v · .- ='.-..Murray Glif in of Nuan is county ch a Irmi ft for Wild "fit life Ni tioial [a'rmers Or^an liitido ; which ; has en-;. obtaining .large' numbers of embers through the' middle west nd; Is now ·^spreadlag into · the ountain 'states, .x ; ·';"/. . ' , ."-. : (Continued fhi'».-ia| Ge«gi«; wtr»;«-ftetor'.!* Walsenburg; To Issue 10 Millio^V/arranls Finance Induslries . . . , by Russians ' PER1.1N (n -- The U. S_. Arifiy said So'vief ' authorities . Tuesday night r'eleajed'a 5 U. : s". Air'Fofc'e sergeant-- detained, in- East Berlui after- r an automobile accident. .JThe Army said M. Sgt.-Mik'e Kit man, Brooklyn, N.- Y., had been turned pver "to American" officials' at Soviet "mjlHi'ry heMqujfters;iij the' F^st 1 ISerljn r suburb ! 'pf -Karls- hr't.' · ·':··' · ' ' = ' :'"·' '' :v '·"· _. . , ' jKliman h|d. yir'Ished" after East Bfrjln Communist police took him into custody at a Soviet Sector hos- pita) Monday night.. ' ·' ' -The' release came several hours after U.'S. officials requested. Sg- viel : hendtjuarlers : f o locate ' Kll- ma'n.' An.~ihq"uiry was opened inlo his 'where about 5. after- the 'East " ' " Qeimans announced a American"' had ignored 1 a Iraffic stop, sign arid caused a'n 'accident in which several 'persons were injured, - j - · . - - '· : ." ·. - ' - Kliman, 46, told \J.'. Army officials, he was kept in a barred ·oom during his Karlshorst. He described th'e food as plentiful but not .very palatable, He was taken'to Karlshorst-frdm the'hos- pit»l-.... : ., The Army said it had determined that the accident in which Klinian involved'was caused'by poor visibility''and slippery'road conditions. · ''''- · · · ·'' ' " :'- ' ' - ' - Sen Alldtl Expecls" No Federal'Aid 1o Schools Fund in'56 . DENVER (* T^ Stn. 1 -AUotl CR- Cplo) said .Tuesday money is need' e| for^schools but. warned federal «i.d to education may not be'forth- coming from Congress next.year. . He said sectional issues, such as whether segregated schools should share 1 jn-federal.aid, might "once again prevent such legislation from ever coming out of the committee to the;floor-of. tjie House : or Sen- «.!,?." =;· ·:·-··. . ' - = ! . ·:-,.·, · :· : · Allott said President Eisenhowe.r w|il.undoubtedly ask next year,' as he. did this year,"for * program qf fcderal'aid for suhpolhouse con struction. ... .But, the senator said, it remains to be decide.4 by those'who wil pay toe bill-'.whether or not the nipney "must be,passed up tp the 'ederal level'and. then filter 'dowr again through a state.system to ichoxsl district.' 1 , - . " . - - , . ' USE THI : TRIIUN WAKT The Milwaukee Braves will play U exhibition games in Bradentfm, Fla., next spring. It's their home b»Ee. again. ' . . . . . . Gpyt. Changes : Mind r Make Out Returns . . .. . j . . . . . . WASHINGTON [fl -- The Internal .Revenue- Service ha.s relented and will, after .all,'fill out tax forms for anyone who "wants such help. . : Revenue Commissioner Russell C, Harrington disclosed the change if altitude" Tuesday''"'!-"- 1 . '··'".'.'" ·This reversed orders which-went to all Revenue Service field offices on Oct.-17, before Harrington.»uc- Interior.- Dept, Seeks \. To Withdraw 7440 : rV.' of JRpuft Fqres! Land WASHINOTbiN ·' ui '-- ' The Inte rior Dept. said Tuesday the Fores Service wants to withdraw 2,4« acres of Rouft National Fores lands in Colorado from entry' under the general Mining laws. .,.'.,,·' '.Thj Forest Service wants the Co ratio land for use as camp grounds summer homes, and administrate sites.iin connection with the Bi Cre.ek Lakes' Recreational Area. .rObjectiiins tii.the proposed Coli rado withdrawal may be' filed un til Jan. 13 with the BLM's slat supervisor at Denver. In the Courts , tony Routa, . lice; reco'rd^dales se Denver p "back to 192: D*ny«*; ColofaA Jini»«fy 13-21, 1956 See YotfrSffow in its golden Year! ... don't misst.hiGokW Ai»ivers»rycelbraiion of your , National W e s t e r n . . . » feature presenlatioh climaxing 50; yearseflivest'otk progress! : / ;... .S^ectaculi.r fe»tur« ict? mcluding fa- .arid Qu«n of pjanidmis working at taiWerh. (another National }Vesiern "firit"); foilrwin bcautifui side-sad,' die ridefs in fascinating drills; three lop rodeo downs arid trained comic dogs! And., .roughandtumble action in Ihe se»ion's greatest rodeo ;·;'. fast- moving,'eiilrt«iiii|ig Horst Show! : Plan to sMrie) a~ot»j'.r"mofe ai rour Golderi Nitjonil Western! Give yourself lime 10 see ^// Ariniv«rsarjr e«pn'-l.i*e«ock Judging. Junior Show Evehu, Woo! Shiw, Seed Show, Ribbie Show and manj ouiittnding exhibiH- Be* se«(s foi'Rodeo-Holrie Show; Perfotm- aoces »T»itabIe Weekd«y esaiiheei. All 'ekhibiu »nd opeii duriiig eveRinj.Jhows." ' ' cfeded t... Cpleman. Andrews' as 'commissioner; ' " ' . - · ' ' ' · · ; - - ' The original orders directed revenue offices to discontinue the practice of actual preparation of tax returns for any but persons who 'are illiterate, those unable to read English and persons physically unable to. prepare their own re'tums. The new orders emphasize^ that "s'elf help" will continue, to-be.the underlying principle in the' corning tax Spaying period buC stated that the former instructions:- bad been' t'too restrictive" and tha.t "It is the policy of the Internal Revenue Service - to provide all taxpayers with all of the advice and assistance the/'^need in preparing their return.!.' -..'." · -.. . .' : · '· ' Hflp »n Any Day . ;. : Additionally, the new oiders'di- rected all revenue offices to help taxpayers.TM any day they come in for help: -·' ··'.."· The previous orders icstricled laxpayer assistance, except by telephone or in the- form of limited .advice, to the last weelts in January, the first two weeks in February, the lirst two weeks in April and two days a week in the intervening .weeks, ...: : . .- ! 'In.a~ circular accom'p»nyi°8 .iuj amendments id'the OclrIT iniirac'- tions sharply limiting -taxpayer assistance,' Harrington told all per: sonnel to keep the following.prih- clpUs in mind as! they'deal with puizled taxpayers^ was free;.on jl.OOp bond Tuesday charged', with · keeping gamBlui equipment a n d , operating gambling house . at Dacono. -'.Sheriff 'W.C.lTegtman of Wei county said. Routa was charged a ter a raid on an old grocery stor rented by Routa in Dacono. Teg man said a hearing has been s iii District Court Jan. 3 on ho' counts,- which are misdemeanor , . We»t.-; r :;^,r.i-if;:;;^: . Replying' to e.u«tJon«,\ Kagerty said then kadibeed no change; in the. Preudent's" physical «ndrtico to;eiu«e Ziieriower to ehinie ba miod about leayiag Washu)ttori''at thli': tlme/'iV- i. ' ; :- f ';V i · ^-'^.' -.; f c . .^ ?V ··-' '10n; IJee.-ViT . i)r; ;paiil Dudley White ol-Botiam, a leadiof heart ipeeiiUft,' reported' after, .eumln- ing toe PTesideat.that a trip south was far. order so r Eisenhower could let more .outdoor exereUe .In a warm 1 - climate^':. -'.v'-S-vi'V';-."-'; .'At v the' same' 1 time,;'Whlte^said Eisenhower,was projresiing' .well on the roid toward ;c6mpiele recovery, and the only reason for the' -ree'ommehdatioB : , to ^trave^ south v was that.the' n.ippy*weather'In this "general, area .had: kept the Prwl- dent-indobn .too'·much,i.',·?..,'-··'.''· -, -j. Was ''Alse Truman's; Cneke' :; ,; At, Key · W«t: Eisenhower will Over Holidays ' ' .^ ; . y, ' , *it J -;'r · ' . .T ·' · . ;·. ".. ,ly T . Two Wyoming residents died of injuries ··'· suffered':;in";- separate Christmaj'Eve highway. aoctdenV.' Oft -.was; killed : instantly, and' the other lingered until' Monday night. Clarence Ellsworth. Ash, .43,of Casper died Monday njghl. r He was :rltlcaUy injured:In a two^car collision 16. mUe5:Sputh,'o{ Buffalo-on U.;S. IT. Saturday ni^ht,' WALSENBURG .Mayor corge' M. Turner said Tuesday e cily.of'.Walsenbiirg plain, to sue 10 million dollars. In^an'Ucl- atjpn warrant. He i«id the. hjdn- i will be us?d to coj'stru'ct coal, lemical'a'np 1 agricuitural feftlifitr "anls. · ' '"' '·''· ·" ' " ' - " · ' .Turner'i'said'he hopes" the war- ants will'be sold by Jin. a. He a,id the firms involved, Umbaugh gricultural Chemlcil Co. of M^rt- his, Tenn., and Cotarco Inc. 'ef ploradp,' hope to start building cb. 2 'on i «00-acre site owned by he city: : ':.'. : ' · .. ·. .'. I: .The 1 announcement means Wai- enburg;.ls the"first Colorido 'city o act under a new state law.ap- roved by the last Legislature.' It permits cities to Issue anticipation va'rranls for industrlal'biiildmg. ' Turner said the initial'building cheduie calls for $3",8o6,000' to be to : frequesitly was' Harry ; s; Trunan's vacation place when he .was President.. However, Eiieoh'ower will stay in quarters "L : .''at'tne bate, the same in.which be lived when he visited Key West as Army chief of staff in IMS'to'cphvalesce from.-'a stomach 'ailment/ The ; 'c4d Truman headquarters, - now sub divided, ire .nearby. , - ., In response to further quesUofli, Hage.rty said it was linllkely Ei- sehhoiver will return'to Washington .for' the' pnentag of: Congress -Jan, iqeuiigc'vrlU so to Consress Jan. 5. tit cauie: Elsenhowerj still is re : covering fromVhui" heart {t«k; Senate and House. clerks will read his" auiutl message thii year. Ijst January and in the two pifevi«is yean the Preside^ personally read ihe mfjj'ig* outlining the admlnl- i^r.ation's legidative program. Th« deeument' l»ot eipicttd to dftl in any' direct wVy with ; the bis got political question of them a]l-- whiUier ' Elsinh6wer w)H seeX a second term. But politicians of both parties are »ure (o read care William Albert Orchard,. IS; ol Bjgjs, was killed '.Instantly.-,lr)-,a one-car\callisjqn'.on a^gOYernmeqt bridge' 30.; m.iles south -;. of' .jasper 09 Wy.nming 220.; The Accident also jippened Sa'turd'ay'nisiht.",'.;V '".";,. :The ;twb, .deaths ..boosted ;Wyp»- mlng's.-.death .'toll tdvi^Q, six.lesa than last year at the.! sarae time. Union,Merger Meeting^;:, Set for;Denver;;Feb:;4\; · :PE'NVER' ,in : : -; , olficisia an-' npunced Tuesday, AITL and CIO unions in -Colorado will,be,merged at «-convention in De{iy'er' ; Feb,. 4. · The announcement was,.ma'de by Derrick Holh, chairman Q£ the Dcn- ver-TriiCounly Ijibor Liague" fo'r Political KducaMon' (AFi/),' aad [on\MacMillarjt .executive. s.ecre- .ary of the Deqve'r Area Induitrial CouBep ' ' ' ' fc.Wi:.^ AlyJB..(» ·nee (Titanic). Thomas,·'· tionally known gambler and man", was-sentencedTuesda-to H". to- « moothsf« Vthe' coioty^'jafl) (Dr v contributmg to thjB'definqutpcy 61 major girls. |' ;''£ · ,'.;·' ·: 'fj |T. VHewas placed in jail Immediafi- ' ly*arUidughj hU'iltornej:uld .th« '· sentence would be appealedto. tit Arizona Supreme Court.". : . . · CHIC A G 6 -- . Tt if. ' . pias'.iession saw lio'ex'pan'tioB 'la;,' trading'" .ictlvity.i.' ta" : '|raliis';i bat'-, prices for- the', most' part sworked -.' higher.: ··_·· ··.!!: -I.!';.-, ;'··.,'(,';' 'i .;!:'. ', Most cereals were' · little krwer' . in 'extremely .-dull -trading during tljo . first !|hoiir , oa .the 'board, el lijade,-: Thereafter, ..deinand. .enliv- · ened .slightly as, the, market- ad-.'., »anced. Filial prices were .near yailabje Feb. 2, with urns m«de:a'y^ilib!« a'( Hi laid ei\y eeunei! ia epe«uej i approve-the agreement' Ja«.'-4 nd 'apprpye- Issuance of the war* anls : Jan. t. They then would be idverlised for-bids to be efNened 'an. 23.' . : : '; - - '·" - r ."We realize it all sounds pretty omplicated," Turner said. "We're eepihg our fingers; crossed 'hi lope's everything will worlc o\it ill right..If it doe's,' it will be a gieat hing for o'ur Economy.", 'TKe new law.i»a's'. ; paiie^';ai'-one means "of -"helping "eetmbmleally- stricVen areas attract new. ihdustiy, Walsenburg, · Trinidad and.Mhei eojl-mining -ateas' in the " itate were 'surveyed by ' Cotarco rejre- ^entatives before the ^/alsfnburg i ' ,'"^ : ' · · ' · . , . Turner, said-legal.opinion u tlia't Walsenburg U : 'not obligating.Kftlf evtn should ths presets '·"· ' "We will raise the moo»y tr«m sale of the warrants, DM jt to byM Ihe pljnls and then lease te« plantf to the companies for JO years,"-:BC aid. ' ! Thfy will, pay off IKe war- fully 4h«-,Bn«» |if wj- Civil Servlct . BUTTJ; ;'.l*lr-A . ll-ypar-old.' bfly, astride his snoy/ sled, coasted be- neath'a truck'Tuesday on the Ana- c6flda..road.and was killed./...' ., Dea.d.i. \t\... Raymond : . Jfosepli. Vaughn, one!of eight children.oi Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln · " . Feed grains: lagged behind th« rest. 'of.i the.-.njarket..dirri :partle-.- ularly Was unjble to get inywher*, largely .because ' of-, fears' .of far. creased country offerings.'^ cash corn : early in 1956; -:.j id " -':.;i , -. Wheat :iploEed 'A-'ii, higKer, .ebrn ; unchanged-. to.. H: Ipwer',' oaUrun- changed,. to' 1 , $ 'lower, .'rye' higher, ;spybe'qns,'l ^q'lV«, and ..lard ^unchanged, to 1 IO. c^e a hundred pounds .lower. % .bsi 'set' up the'snittefiliag l?" aefess'"te' bordir" jioiitev.ideo reports." ' in -- The Male Civil lyes A!«I. sai4 TUM- day a majority rt Colorado lej!»- l^tori S'»?ri4dieated,they will baek I at their January seiilpr -'a pay- r»l«e for state employes: . ' : State P«Urbl Capt; Forieat Yijck- ey, lisoeijtlon preeldent, laid more ttan haM ef the Uwma«era'»gteed reiponie V isieclaUMi. lett»ra rants, through rents average about opt -mi a year. ' . will ib3--4oUirs ' The mayor i|id he expects (bf companies .-to feid on the wa'rratui. In effect, this would amount to Uie qity ; borrowing money from the companies .to build planls lot them to .lease. The ; compa.njes' advantage apparently would, stem from t a x savings, . - · , - ' - - . Initial - plans, Turner' laid, for employment of J.50 ^ersefs. *\ the Urnhaiitffi.plant »nd «0 at Co- tarco. lie laid the jirms have eftj- rhfi'tetl thst by the end of 19 yearj they will be using 8,000 lo*s pf coal a day. . ; . . . Bike fof Boy*, Qirfc , BOSTON -- Now ivJilabl^ . is; a tworwa'y : bicycle ' MjituripK ' p. boy's crossbar thai locks In pUc ylth one -bolt, but eih b« quickly removed when a girl winb to ride, te i»V GOT. Johnson to ^neUide the pay raiH! In his mesiag'e.;-- V; ·",'.. ·-Yoike't . said the -assoeiation which reprtsenlj about 2,7*5 mem- hai not y»t drawa . up sjiy Incriiies. ; ', Gbmpiii? Longitude .; , ; U ADBlD^Cb.r|sioph*r Calmnbus blew how te "run a parallel," and thki k«jt hini roughly in th* ~ime IfUtude po "Us 16ui«iys east ; and west. Loniit^e ritkocjnj wa.i beyond him. fl« did discover that tfce North Sta,r, Jdit«»d .of remiiiing ed, rotited ta a HsiU circlB.' And hi was ti«'«rit Jo s«i the Southern CrosY, uo;hart- 'td.'The first use'. 6( lonjkud* if making a "fix" was m«d.e by »an(a Crui:- iBVilW;; -bJs- ! e»!eu]»tions placed 'HIo d« Janiiro tn t(i? ?«y "' ' ' ' ' ' ' SHIP BY TRUCK! THHtEMUST M ;A why rti rryc|c hanjpott, Of A R T H R I T I S IBM CON9UEHED IY A Wormal Howl V* «« NEW WSCOVW1O! MjrVB, CM«. i»«,tdck , 1955 - CATTU.. MOVID BY TRUCK! COLORADO MOTOR CARRIERS ASSQC. coid«*t)O . T H I S W A S T H b K I S S T H A T C H A N G E D T H E W I L D COMANCHE F R O M T I I R ! J A C K PA'LANCE . B A R B A R A R U S H »t 1:22, 4:41/8:00 ·' Big Hit! at »:37 con it Xaiin SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S, EVE. SHOWS SAT. AT 6:00-8:60-10:00'i2:00 S A V E BY T R U C K ! ^^r-^' tOlt TICKfTS.AMp i^T "^^ IMFOliMATIOH,,CpHrACT: ^Ht ''·· Rtional Western Stock Show »T6CKY*ml STATION, BfMVIt U, Mini Be.C«url««Ji '"-~J''\ "Every taxpayer should rte treat-' «d with courtesy, patience, and » genuine attitude of helpfulness; "The problem.presented by the taxpayer is of importance to him; try to seek his point of view . ; .; "H.U "important to devo!e suf- ficient.time'to the questions presented lo give a complete and adequate answer. Adopt trie policy of closing your remarks with the question: - ' H a v e ' I fully answered yoljr-.questions?'," .;.·..c:.f.'.'.'.'·.- '·'-..[. U(l THK TRIBUNE WANT ADS "" V/ , · ' ... " " · ' ; W Q ; : ' NEW YEAR'S DANCE Saturday Night, Dec, 31 GIMMICKS · NOISE MAKERS GARDEN CITY BALLROOM : South Edgt of Gretley : ' ' · . ' Music by ADOLPH LESSER , 7 T. -'-·'. 1 . - D«BCtBf.9 "til 1 . - : - ' - · ' . " - · - ESECONU GREiSIEST l\v- Start* C-H1f.f '·'JNN JSIH MAMIE VtH CIlf'H mm NAOta KITTY MI. EN Hey Kids! Celebrate v like Mem and Dad T. 1:00 TO 5:00 M COLOR CARTOONS ;'a Big New Yeaifg Show KR and A Hvfbel C*ribw« t ·"Emparor'a Penqulnii" iporti and Ntwsl -' Children · · · «*«· Adults-Regular Price* * *

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