Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 27, 1972 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1972
Page 16
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What Haven't They Got? . . W n D T DnCCMDI II1J : . . _ . , . * By MORT ROSENBLUM Associated Press Writer GAN (AP) - What does a guy dp. without women or. a lonely island? Swim, skindive, sail, golf, waterski, drink, watch films, read, study, play cricket, take pictures, shells, oat collect "Except -for one thing," observed one of Can's 800 men, eying an ill-clad lady tacked to the wall, "this place has got everything." Can is a liny Royal Air Force staging base--a gas station for British airplanes--in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the Maldive Islands, but the Moslem republic's president forbids off-duty during World'War .11 but was C 9 n . l . a ?t ^'th il' 5 . PeoP'e, espe- later abandoned.. It was rebuilt cially the .women. The jslan'd's only.female is a 51-year-old social worker who carefully, maintains her position as an objective, motherly con[ fidant. "Everyone is in the same | boat, and (here's no problem," says an airman. To bolster morale, no one has | it better than anyone else. The in the 1950s .'on a 30-year l under conditions British 'diplomats aren't tond of recalling. I quarters, of the ' mander, Group station com- Capl. Harry (Sheppard, like those of his ] men, have no air conditioners. Men are stationed at Can for nine months. Halfway through | they get two weeks to see their 1 families in England or the (ladies of Singapore and Hong 1 Kong. "It's fine here'and morale is [great," said Sheppard, relaxing *·' MOTHER'S DAY CARDS AND GIFTS SUNDAY, MAY 44 1 Large Selection Phone 353-0246 807 8th St. Can goes gallons of in a flowered shirt. "Most people don't believe life in the service can be this good. We nave no real problems." Each month through 48,000 ,,_.,,..,, ,,. draft beer. The commissary sells enough cigarettes to average 1,340 per month for every resident and visitor. The island offers 22 sports including an 18-hole golf course which has as a hazard getting run over by a VC10 jet. The runway goes from end to end of the flat coral island, forming the golf course boundary. Can \yas a key installation Local historians recall a causeway oncen linked the island to others in the atoll but it was blown up by concerned fathers. About 850 Maldivcans work on the base, but .all row home to neighboring islands a t t h e day's end. Women come onlj as hospital patients or on special occasions. Some ladies though Sheppard says he has no more . psychological cases than in any other comparablj sized base. Far others, the coral reefs, clear blue water and sunshine are a good enough substitute. "Hah," snorted one fireman when asked about the dearth of women. "I'm bloody glad to be rid of 'em." men find the lack ol a serious problem Baker, Sweig Seek Parole By TOM SEPVY Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Robert G. "Bobby" Baker and Martin Sweig, who became snared in their own carefully woven webs of political power, have appealed for release from prison. Baker has asked the U.S. Parole Board for t!ie second time to grant parole from the federal prison sentence he is serving By TOM SEPPY sidn, fraud and conspiracy. The former Senate page rose to power on the coallails of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, amassing a personal fortune on the way up. Aninn- vesligalion of his work as secretary to Senate Democrats led to his downfall and conviction in 1907. Sweig, too, became powerful because of the prestige of his boss, John be disgraced by an influence- peddling scandal ending in his conviction in 1970 for lying to a federal grand jury. The eight-member board in secret session today and Thursday also will hear appeals from Anthony De Angelis, the so called "salad oil king" of New Jersey who was convicted of transporting forged securities, and publisher Ralph Ginzburg, imprisoned for an obscenity conviction. Baker, 43, has served 1.5 months of a three-year ser fence at the Lewisburg, 1'a federal penitentiary. He be- former House Speaker McCormack, only to came eligible for parole las Jan. 13, but was turned down. The government · accuse* Baker of stealing or transfer ring stolen money 'totaling ?S9, obtained in 1962 for sena lorial-campaign expenses. Baker claimed that the mon ey had been delivered to the late Sen. Robert S. Kcrr, ai Oklahoma Democrat and multi millionaire oilman, after Kefr dropped legislation the contributors opposed. Scandal rocked Capitol hil again in 1970 when Sweig anc .he late Nathan Voloshen were indicted for conspiring to pros sure federal · agencies .to gran favors for lawyer Volpshen's clients."Sweig was the chief ad m i n i s t r a t i v e aide to McCormack, the aging Mas sachusctts Irishman ,who was serving his last months a House speaker and. laler .an nounced he would not seek're 'lection. - . : As the irial -was to begin, Vol oshen pleaded guilty to the con spiracy charges and later wa; fined $10,000. In July 1970, Sweig was founc guilty of one count of perjury but was acquitted of othe charges. He was. fined ?2,OW and sentenced to 30 months ir prison, lie entered the Lewis burg penitentiary last July 22. The smelt is a close relativ of the trout and salmon wit its ancestral home in the sa. water of the Atlantic Ocean. MOORGARD House Paint LOW LUSTRE LATEX HOUSE PAINT · Easy brushing-- r REG. 8.30 quick drying. · Resists blistering, fumes mildew. · Non-fading colors stay clean bright. EXTERIOR GLOSS FINISH For wood siding. doors tnm. Covers most surfaces in one coat. ' Long lasting durability excellent gloss retention .SEflUOU ·chased.-- HOUSE PAINT UNITED LUMBER, INC. Open Salurdnys 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 11307111 Avo. 353-0910 b Protest Banron School Aid Priest Willing To Withhold Tax CLEVELAND, 1 ..Ohio', (AP) IB superintendent '.of schools the" CIeveland"Ronrian Cattib- c Diox:ese : says-he isjvilling to 'thhold tax.payments',.'even it means "iliat l-jm to be pros- ·uled," to protest a federal court ban oi\ stale aid. tp paro cliial schools. Msgr, William Novlcky in a statement '.Tuesday .'compared the situation Catholic parents no\y' face. with the civil rights Dwyemcnt. ' Blacks rallied behind such leaders as Dr. Martin Luther King, who declared it a law is unjust and unfair it should bo disobeyed in the pursuit of freedom," Msgr. · Novlcky · said. "Blacks .were beaten, hosed, chased by dogs and were jailed, but they persisted. "And the courts took note of the black man's struggle." Msgr. Novicky said he abhors violence or destruction of property, but Is "prepared, to suffer Thurs., April 27,1972' If the consequences" of, withhold^,,, ing taxes. . He said refusing to pay taxes strikes at the "double burden of taxation every parent must pay who has a child in'* nonpublic school." K? ':t m 159 «·* 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner Installs In Minutes! WITH M 95 Fast Insta-Mount installation, , Uses only 7.5 amp.--plugs into any . adequately wired- 115-volt household, outlet, Adjustable thermostat. Helps maintain comfort level you select. 8,500 BTU Air Conditioner 188 88 For Sliding Casement Windows! P.ual air direction control provides flexible direc-, tipnal cool air flow to v i r t u a l l y any area for a room. just say,"Charge it" 199 95 9,000 BTU Air Conditioner . Here's instant cool you can take home. Install yourself with Insla^fount, and it has the features you want to give you cool, cjuict comfort; dual air direction control, adjustable thermostat, air changer control'. . . and it's all push- , .button-easy. Wash 'em With A Whirlpool Dishwasher Features, Full-Time ^Self-Cleaning Filter! No . ,' Pre-R'msing Necessary! 184 88 Filter constantly cleans the water, then cleans itself. Full-size revolving spray arm. Double-wall construction helps retain heat · and muffle sound. . ' ' WATCH IT . . . on RCA TV Portable . . Inch mcas. diag. Color Portable With Free Stand! ac/i ICofco 124 88 Computer Crafted ^ Color! FACTORY. PARTS AND SERVICE WARRANTY! Family size in a compact portable design. Powerful chassis delivers sharp, high contrast picture. Come buy, Come save! lust say 88 ' 'Charge it '·. 'Vivid color--generous screen size and traditional KCA quality and dependability. Computer designed high performance picture tube. Shop Weekdays 9:30 a.m.'til 9:30 p.m. Shop Sundays 11 q.m... 'til 6-p.m'. Hillside Shopping Mall, nth Avenue at 26th Street, . . los.f :te.l(

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