Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 27, 1970 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1970
Page 12
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Strategic Parity: The Balance of Power By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS United States in land-based mis- the next two years and eguld uleman III, and to install multi-. The U.S. M1TIV, this country WASHINGTON (AP) -- wJ sil(! l auncners is coming on inatch, or exceed the 656 U.S. pie warhead launchers ca1Ied]says, is strictly designed to in- are deterred. They are de-l terred. But will it stay thai ^ way? This, in essence, is the situa- '" sea-launched weapon, tion facing the United States arid the Soviet Union as the two nuclear powers negotiate in Vianna for an arms limitation agreement. Irails conies to planes clear bombs. when it carrying nu- The United States has 1,054 silo-housed ICBM's, only 174 of which were installed since' 1965. By contrast, the Soviet Union is said to have 1,240-1,020 of them umplaccd the past 4ti years. The nuclear supremacy that Laird's expressed concern is gave the United Slates an ad- directed less at over-all num- vantage in the 1962 Cuban mis-|bors than at the fact .the Soviets site crisis has disappeared. The]arc installing more SS9 missiles Soviets have caiighl up. There is I with huge payload capability, parity, and some strategists! An SS9, he says,- can Carry missiles at sea by 1974 or 1975. Poseidon in modernized Polaris:sure that the United States can it the land-based Minuteman subs. I penetrate the Soviet Galosh lorce were seriously jeopardized by the SS9, much of the U.S. deterrence capability would rest on nuclear bomb-carrying B52s. These bases could come under attack by the Soviet submarines,, whose missiles would arrive from short' range, with little warning, allowing (Tie bombers only a few minutes at most | A number of senators liave; ABM, thus guaranteeing a puni- called upon' the .Nixon adminis-|tive blow for any surprise at- trslion to call off deployment of i tack. these Uvo systems, with their MIRV-- Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicle-warheads, lo encourage progress in the talks at Vienna. Complicating the strategic equation is the emergence of Red China as a nuclear threat. The Chinese have test fired Wed., May 27, 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 13 Method Developed for Seeing Individual Atom in Molecule By C. G. MeDANIEL AP Science Writer CHICAGO (AP) - A University of Chicago scientist announced Wednesday develop- Concessions Due nuclear devices and are expect-]ment of a technique for seeing led to test launch their first in- individual alums within a mole- have long said such an equality lone 25-mcgaton warhead orUti,,n_thr. Pnl-iH^ w6uld have a slabilizing effect.!three 5-megaton warheads. Thc!_"1 he savs he Others argue that it frees (lie United States' 00-foot, solid-! ' Soviets to be more bold in world affairs. The balance, precarious as it may be, is this: The Soviets know, to get off the ground. ] But the administration Laird admits there is no fore- ently will give up MIRV ^een. threat to whal would Ihenjlhe Soviet Union likewise yields |be the sole means of U.S. relali-i concessions. , fercohlinenlal ballistic missile cule. ._|this year. Intelligence special-] This discovery - : ists lnink china could have 30 or]biochemists and other scientists . ! 40 ICBMS b V 1974 or 1975 ' to stud ' b''°'°S'TM' processes, in- Nuclear Thinkers fueled Minuteman IJ, on the oth-j weapons syste er .hand, carries a warhead of only slightly more than one megaton. A megaton is the explo presuma-lsive equivalent of one million bly, they cannot unleash a nu-Uons of TNT, sufficient to wipe clea'r attack" against the Uriiledjout a' city. Stales without gelling a fatal! Laird says salvo in reurn. ' ] warheads of The same holds true for Ihe'for one reason only: To have the in. to gamble that the Soviets could not develop a means of attacking it, too. In the strategic' aircraft category, the United States has (rimmed ils heavy bomber force from 780 in 1!)65 to about 550 to- Ihe Soviets need ,^^^^?^dSe^^^a^rnb United States. It will defend its .power lo destroy Minuteman missiles--lo preserve the rclal-l missiles in llieir 80-fool deep, iatory'capability--bul it has opt-: concrete launch siloes, ed at this point to let its cities High yield, plus the likelihood be vulnerable lo a large-scale thai the Soviets will learn how assault. jto provide individual guidance : for each of the SS9's three war- submarines Secretary of Stale William P.| Rogers, laying down adminis-] Nuclear thinkers long ago fore- matter, isaw the possibility that the tration policy the At a news conference, Crewe estimated that the work cost $750,000 to $1 million. It was begun six years ago and the viewing of the atom within the molecule was achieved two months ago, he said. Crewe and his assistants displayed photographs with atoms enable clearly delineated as while sis spots within a dark molecule. . in-j Molecules ai:e the tiny parti- eluding cancer, in far more de-! c | cs of which mailer is com- lail than was previously possi-|posed. Atoms, in lurn make up bic. 'molecules. They are the basic The technique, using an e!cc-; was developed units of all elements and measure about 4 billionths of an inch in diameter. Until now, because of their size, they have been seen only indirectly, even though they have been split. Crewe described the development as a step toward achievement of the "Holy Grail" in .the field of electron microscope work. The "Holy Grail," he said, is the ability lo see a molecule and be able to record every atom wilhin it. fact, they are nol." The United States and the So-'' ,. .,,. -, , . p The Soviets have been testing ..:,,, U n i n n ., rp , nkilie measures ; Mildlsnn . n i =- and John I les- Ihe "Irinle" version of their SSO g moasures 'ilon Langmore, a native of Sama to "the SficTM °fhc Si "'"'«'· l ° c ° untcr the ^Monica, Calif h - -"-""·"' Slates has been testing MIRV in , Chinese threat. recent months. Dr. John S. 1 ; A slated purpose of Ihe Nixon 'Atomic 'osier Jr., the!administration's Safeguard anlijwas done with a ,.,·.;,·,»-;~4- « ~ ' K . i l l i c - 4 i n v n i p p i l a C M f o f n t Y i iv \n'- [TOT] TTllCrOSCOPC : llpset Possible j heads, would make the'Minute- mi t -i · · T j i. , i man force highly vulnerable to The balance could be upset., a surprlsc all g ck * he contcnds . some say, if either side tries to go from "sufficiency", as Presi- Pentagon Estimates dent Nixon refers lo deterrence, ] to "supremacy." I The Pentagon calculates that Technological advances, such':one 20-megaton Soviet warhead as improved accuracy missiles!delivered to one-half mile of a carrying more than one war-'.Minuteman silo would have heart, might iempt one side or I about a 90 per cent probability the other to "go counlerforce." 1 of destroying the target. Counterforce, in the nuclear. "But one 5-megalon warhead Jargon, is the ability lo knock with an accuracy of 0.25 mile out the other side's missiles.', would have a kill probability of Take away his guns in a first'about 95 per cent," the Penta- slrike. and the fight, for all in-igon says, tents and purposes, is over. ! Under one scenario provided Thus, the current debate in to Congress, the Pentagon fig- Washington is whether the So- "red that if the Soviets get one- vie! Union really is building to- quarter mile accuracy, it would ward a first-strike capability, 'lake only 420 triple-warhead Secretary of Defense Melvin.SSSs lo destroy 95 per cent of n. Laird has contended "there Ihc Minuteman force. (The cal- is no question" (hat the Soviets ^illation assumed that 20 per are working on their first-strike tent of Ihe Soviet missiles would means. He is disputed by oth-,malfunction or otherwise fail to ers, including Sen. J.W. Ful-jreach target.) bright, D-Ark., chairman of t h e l TMs would 'cave the United Senate Foreign Relations Com-!States, after such an attack, miitec ionly 50 missiles with which lo Soviet intent is at issue: mi-' retaliate. Many, if not most, of clear numbers, used in desrrib-: lhcsc m 'g ht 1)e stopped by the ing the Soviet arsenal, are not Sovict anliballislic missile seriously disputed. sllicltl . ca 'lcd Galosh, around 1 Moscow. Russians in Lead j Experts say the Soviel Union deployed a number of SS9 mis- · siles as early as 1905. then ta- j pared off the program. A resurgence of SS9 activity was noted by U.S. rcconnais- ! sauce salellites, however, in ]9G9. Laird reported in a major speech before The Associated! : Press annual meeting last April · ' t h a i "at least 60 more" SS9s 197o"may besfbe remembered were under construction, for the demise of the leg. Not! The 60, plus the already oper- only on women--on men, too. j alional 220, would put the So- Men's smiles turned lo frowns victs three-fourths of the way as they watched mkli-length! toward a 420 ; missile SS9 fleet, skirls "and coals cover '(he! Soviet naval activity also fig- shapely gams the minis had ex- i ures in the stralegic situation, posed. Bul even with llie lon: Since l!)i5 ihe Soviets have guette lengths, men still could I doubled, to 200, Ihe number of see some leg--something not ballistic missiles carried aboard possible when women chose tn i nuclear submarines. This corn- wear pants, as many did, both, pares to 656 U.S. missiles on 41 to work and to play. Polaris submarines. On the olher hand, women, were pleased to see an end,! L a i r d s Report once and for all, lo the three longer the prime means of hitting strategic targets. The Soviets have slightly un der 200 strategic bombers, so, ,, . . _ the two powers are at an ap-ISovict multiple warhead is'light nuclear attack Red China proximate standoff, with either!strictly a silo buster and "ful-'my be capable of mounting in side capable of escalating thelfiils no need in the Soviet deter-:1974. :- Pentagon's chief scientist, as-! ballistic missile system is o'serted before Congress that the'protect this country against 1 The research, financed by the! Energy Commission, i 25.000-volt elcc- by io;iron microscope developed the i Crewe. Rico Harvest Drops jrms race. Some congressional leaders say the United States already has made a fateful decision by deciding to put triple warheads on a new land missile, the Min- rcnt posture. The Soviets, who have had 1 TAIPEI Formosa's second "Of course, we cannot know'border clashes with Red China 19C9 rice crop amounted to - "TM ""·' metric tons, bringing their MIRV's purpose," Foster for months, are reported to bejl,032,363 said. "That is locked in the turning some of their ABM ra- ; total production for the year to minds of the men in the Krem-! dars toward China to warn of an|2,318,303 tons compared ·-' · lin." ] attack from that direction. 12,518,104 tons in 1968. CARL W. OTTE, D.O. Announces the Removal of His Office to 2709 W.. 10th St., Greeley,, Colo. ' By appointment, Phone 353-9424 The Soviet Union lends the Men, Women Have Own Ideas On Sock Buying By AP NEWSFEATURES eg. Over-the-calf socks f.llrd , arl submarinc missiles jn 11131. gnp. · _________ . . _____________ . -The end of the short sock can ' be attributed to women. Foli-j mates arc that three-quarters of; retail purchases of men's hose are made by members o f l h c weaker sex. j Is there any difference in the' way men and women choose hose? A recent study by the In-: slitute for Motivational Rc-i ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A search, Inc.. insists Ihnt lo a 'pretty Kent State University man, feet are an indication of coct i" na s been selected as this concerned about the way socks jTM' Academy. feel. In addition, men regard ho-! The 1970 color girl is Sheryl siery as a measure of success. lLacey of McLean, Va.. a 19- And the successful executive I year-old sophomore at Kent hates to be caught bnre-calfed] State in Kent, Ohio, where four when he crosses his legs during' students were shot lo death May a conference-room meeting. ;4 in a confrontation with Nation. Women have their own ideas 1 al Guardsmen during an anti- on sock buying. They are in- 1 war protest. dined to pick out hose they on- The 5-faot-6 color girl was se- vision as being sensual. Socks -Iccted for the honor by Midship- thai hug and slim the leg' and 'man Edmund P. Giambastiani socks with interesting designs; Jr., commander of the 32nd and weaves also attract Ihe Company which won the year- feminine eye. RUSSELL STOVER For the very best in Chocs. · Gilbert's WESTVIEW Pharmacy, 243-1 10th St. · Gilbert's HILLSIDE Pharmacy, 2505 11th Ave. long competition with its 35 counterparts for the second straighl lime. The color girt tradilionally transfers Ihe brigade and na- lional colors lo Ihe winning company at a dress parade a day before commencement exercises. rX»BHKI^«BHm CUSTOM HOMES EVERYTHING IN ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE! WE DESIGN, PLAN, BUILD SITES In Greeley and LaSalls FINANCING VA, FHA, Conventional WELD COUNTY LUMBER CO. · LA SALLE OTf^lg,;- .GflEELEY 353-1133 NEW! 4 Full Plies of Polyester Cord! NEW! SUPER : 40,000 MIL AGAINST GUARANTY I NEW! 78 Series Design is Wider and Lower! NEW! Up to 31% Stronger Cord Body -Smoother Ride Complete Sale Price! F.E. 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