Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 20, 1957 · Page 40
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 40

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 40
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Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 20, 1937 The Greeley Daily Tribune ·rid The Gfeeley- Repubticon EXECUTIVE STAFF KTI-DRED .«. R A N S E N - . PuLUifcr, | KLOYU 1. U L K R I L L U.k. LEO C. K O F N i C . - · Eu:e«t K j r A. L PtlEIi.-LS A J t ii«i j A K t ESrKICi: JR - . r,re ttci I C L A R K P*r,j . . . . § uo , t.r. l'uNi«tim| Co Cr**;*r Colo I n l a n d Dul) I'TI-M ill A P n««i d u p k l r h n of «ll r«irr" t i l . D O . on*, nionlh I l . f O r n u n i n r . I! 00 month Oil, f.rrl.. l).-jr -r.nmb 1'UKI.IL K U H U H f u b l n 0 1 u r n icttcn -^'"^.'- . [lrpublif*n P u e 1 Ukl«| U^^r~.'L-rinT(% Co hy ( J r w l e i I f e a- I'ailsc and Ponder: --God'i Powei t h r o u g h F « i t h "We are ... struck down, hut nol ilrsirnycd;" -2 Tur. l:'i Ton! iMovic Showed Farming, Too Hiizrl Slc\vnrt's rt-porl this \\Tok of llii* icnl show w i t h f i l m s of n W y o n i i n R roundup, DIP G r c r k y wild wrsi show, was confinnod hy C'inii'li's 0. 1'lunili. lit- recall^ j i i l f i u l i n ^ tlu- U'lil .sliinv on lhc .site «il inc JMTMMII cily hall, lid says llic niolion pit'lurr.s .shuwcd more nhoiil Ilit; ecliviiics of this region Mian iho tonn "wild wcsl .show" would s i g n i f y . One f i l m , Plumb says, showed Hen Hicnks, iht-n a f a r m e r north of Creeley. i r r i g a t i n g a row ernp. The show was about 1D0.1. AJilioii^li il u'.i.s nol i Cfyiilar JIKJVJO, \nii iiu'rcly n Iruvi'liiiK rxluliilor, I M u m b rcmiMnl)ers ^eein^ a movie at ahoul tho ^ a m e l i m e in thr old armory nn Si'ver.lli n v o n n p al Tenth s l n i - l . The p i c t u r e was Hop n' My T h u m b , a f a i r y t a l e . The I h i n u t h a t impressed P l u m b was Ihe fat-L t h a i Ihe used film ran into a t u b of \ \ a l e r lo cool it al once. The I r a v e ] - iiii! e x h i b i t o r look no ehanee.s of hot f i l m calehm^ fire. P l u m b sal r i u h t bcsiilf the projci-lur. There \\;i.-. no buolh. This series of early Ihe.'tlrr reprirls has men tinned several projection bnoiJi /ires, Him being 'he iicj/it'jp.i] i-auve. llifih school and lown baskelliall ^anirs were plnyed in Ihe a r m o r y ' for many years. I 19 Years Ago Junt 20, 1938 Donald Deffke. son of Mayor and |i-:iie Juri'- K for West I'oinl aca- d e m y v,hi-ie Ju- reL-i-ised an au- IhrMijih!alive I'retl Cummins of Kort Collins. Donald is a g r a d u a t e of Hie Kalon U r n schiinl and attended Colorado uniu-i^ily for Iwu \ e a r s where, he v..,., i i u l « l » i i l i i i ^ in u!1iluiv. lie alMi a t t e n d e d H l r a n l u n 1'reparatory a c a d e m y . l-'nr Hir f i r « t l i m e in IS years Ihc t h r e e MIIIS of .Mr. and .Mrs. F. J. IVvlon nf 112! Twi-inii avenue arc liifjelhcr. l l a r n l d f e y l o n of H a n Mini!, C a l i f . , a r r i v e d in Orel-ley Mnnil.-ii I M M I - M I I I ; ! fnr a ( W u « e c k s ' i i - i l . Hi. l i : i k nul III-IMI here f u r 15 M-.'nv lien I'l-ylnn of I t o s e m a n , M o m . . ;:i-i-ivi.d S u n d a y In spend I\MI wiTfiv and Mr. and Mrs. Tom : I ' r y l o i i of ; r a n d . J u n e l i f m ' came Tiic.-day. .Mr.s. lien I'eyton is also I in. (Iri'dcy liavini; conn., three I weeks ano lo v i s i t ilie I'eylnns iind ] her parenl-:. Mr. and Mrs. K. It. i;ii-. Tin- I'eylon f a m i l y will icnd some nf the v a c a t i o n al t h e i r , collate in K.ste.s Park. | fJrainillc. S. Carri'l nf ,\cw York Cily is spciidini! several d n y s in ! Cri'di'y v i s i t i n g his f a t h e r , II. j C a r r e l , l i e was setil In Cnlnrado by Ins b a n k , tin- N a t i o n a l Cily 1 liaiik nf Xi'w York, lo allend the 1 Crilnri'dn H a n k e r s ' c n i i v e n l i n n Jil · Colorado Springs last l-'nday and ! S a l n i ' l a . v . Mis f a l h t - i . c a s h i e r at | Hie (,'rceley iV.-ilimial h a n k , a l l e n d ! crl t h r conclave w i t h him. The Literary Guidepost ·i By W.G. Rogeri - m and (heir work is engaging and I fined virtually to the balflefronf to Shlma Is the charming love IT I B|| n J U/nrlrprc U/ilf elteclive. It is to be wondered, I or the frontier. In Joe Butterfly he terest and Reiko Higa (and an ob-]D'm u I I W I R C i a I M I I however, whether the Pi:ney in- once more dons a uniform but it's lent, perhaps quite unconscious, is strictly for laughs this lime and to come down lo a teen level in i the change of place is welcome presentation, or up to an adult' and pleasant. vioiHly vo!iv provide increase in phony Tokyo Rose wilh an elabor- j --~ lale and unmistakable'New York some of the funniest moments a S « DENVER (*--Thirty-four blind worker* in the workshop uf UlS icvci. mere is an almost in-; The u bic|uitous. Gt-urne Nader, a"TM'- [workers in me ··»«TMi; » "TM gcnuous naivety in Inis as in m a n y : one of vniversal's mos! prolific I Aaron Rosenberg produced and Colorado Industries lor me Blina of Ihe Bisnfj- offering., in kind. | ,,,,,,,_ also abandons the mure! Jesse JJibbs directed from a | will receive five per cent pay m- ^ h ...^°^. ! '"!!".!.!:?. · D i"'M«' TM"« life. Together will, screenplay by Sy Comber*. Jack C e a s e s e f ectrve July unoe llu-ir own. They are fenerally for | a good t . asl u( American and Jap- lhc young and younfi in heart-of | anese aclors l h c v have themselves Senators' Meals Arc Suhsidi/od Senators Lausrhe of Ohin and noufilas, of Illinnis t h i n k Ihe U. S. Treasury is not under obliKalion lo pick up Ihc lab for Ihcm al the Sen- flle restaurant. f t has been going in Ihc hole .serving [find- for less th.-tn cosl, and as a result the Senate proposed lo appropriate cnoiijjh P.OV- ernmenl funds lo make up the difference. Lauschc nnd Douglas said t h a i although Ihc reslauranl ileni was relatively small, il violated a basic principle of government. Lauschc declared, "I have befiun lo feel ihat R r a n l i n u subsidies is a disease." Nevertheless, in this case the "disease" continues. The Senate voted lo continue Ihc rcsUurant subsidy. The senators won't have lo Hart hrinninE box lunches to make ends mctft, a f t e r nil !ln Armed Forces Aldcn G r a d u a t e s FOliT C I I A r T K K , Ark. (A1IT- I N O - I ' r i v a l o Charles ]'. Alclen, I son of .Mr. anil Mrs. Lee II. Aldcn, i Keeneshurfi, Colo., recently was ! g r a d u a t e d from the a r m y ' s eight- week A u t o m o t i v e M a i n t e n a n c e ' school at Kort Chaffee, Ark. Alden received i n s t r u c t i o n in Ihe mainte- n a n c e , repair and inspection of lifihl and heavy d u t y m i l i t a r y vehicles. lie attended Kcenesburg High school. See movies as (hev should be ecn, iminleriuplcd on a giant mu- lion picture .screen. Johnny Tremiin Slated at Chief | Walt Disney has turned his s k i l l - j ful and persuasive motion picture ways in another historical tlircc- . lino, and emerged, in Johnny Tre- · m a m . wilh a lively, colorful pre- · M'lilalion of Ihe Holon immcdi ; alely prior lo and inclusive of Ihe i m i l i t i a s k i r m i s h at Lexington and I Concord in 1775 which set this na- i lion upon ils course. Chief theater ; begins ils showing Wednesday. ! The h a p p y Disney utilization of | Ihe tools of the motion picture I trade once again are fully in evi- I dence, in Ihc d e l i g h t f u l use of Technicolor, Ihc c a r e f u l reproduction of Ihc Roslon of Ihc 1770s, the lush and lovely New England. | countryside where British and i A m e r ^ - a n blood was first spill I lli;'l f a t e f u l April 19, and the au- j I h e n t i c n l l y effcclivc costuming. ; All of those details, characteristic ' of nisocy, lend I h c i r weight to Ihe ! o v e r - a l l effect. Johnny T r e m a i n , from a novel of lhc same t i t l e hy Esther Forbes, tells Ihe historically accurate and compelling story through the eyes of a Iccoagc. apprentice silvers m i t h , and for l h a l . title role Disney has found f l a l Stalmasler, a thoroughly engaging, good-looking youngster who gives every promise of m a n y future performances of (tualily. Cast opposite, as the youngster w h o ' finds herself in ove with lhc young m a n , is Luana P a t t e n , a pretty, perl and charming lillle actress. Itoberl Stevenson directed from a screen story by Tom Blackburn, whatever age. Extremely cficctive l a r k and 5MOU | d prov ji| e a n v [ii-rfvrm- , :cncc wilh « good antes are given by Jeff York.; - rne mie has no other signifi- Walter Sandc, R u s t y Lane and i cance u, an the name of a eharac- Whil Dissell. Disney offers two! l o r i one p i aycd by Burgess Mere- songs, Johnny Trernain and f.ib- erty Tree, both by denr;* Brims dilh. iUictllUicn uj i3 vjuinucig, v a i * - · . - j , Sher and:Marior1 Hargrove based » "?«. ls . sl } ed Wedl i" lla y by on a play by Evan Wylie and Jack j Goi^ McMcbols. Thf VW boosls Jne HuUcrfly is nol one long Social Security Today The social security system is a success, snys M a r i o n B. Fulsum, President Eisenhower's secretary of health, education and welfare. When Mrs. .Tanc. r.avin of New York Cily rcccnlly became the in m i l - ] ! Cartoonist Dies P A S A D E N A , Calif, i/n - James H. Williams, no, whose "Out Our lionlh beneficiary of lhc system, Secretary Folsom look occasion t o ' w . ( y , , .,,,,, uth( , r eaTloons wcrc recall lhc dismay with which in 19115 m a n y greeted the passage of the ',.,,.,,[ ))y m j|ij n n s t i ic( i in |[ un |j n g. Social Security Acl. lion M e m o r i a l Hospital Monday "Just another attempt," said one critic ot that lime, "to open llic ' n i g h t . ROOSC nnd ucl all lhc golden CURS al once." Now few would question , the. desirability*o[ a social security system. 'Court suslainrd it because, al- At present, says Folsom, Ihe fund is in sound condition, and should Iliough nol tried unlil 1MD, Ihcy continue to be self-sustaining. Administrative cosls n m o u n l to only 2 ; were indicted in 1!M8, or wilhin per cent of lhc receipts. I l h c U'ruc-year l i m i t after lhc parly Social security is nol Ihc complete, answer if our aim is In see Hint .was ors/ini.:crl in 10.15. all Ihe needy have a comforlahlc life. II has lo he supplemental by ^J^.!^ 101 "^ jTM^ "y,^ co ,,v^. T p r i v a t e efforts and t h r i f t . Nevertheless, it enables elderly folk JV 1 ^ l() TM'* (jj"]^.,^', |'o| a |''o" 28 all to live hy themselves or at least to m a k e some contribution lo their own ^ ' ' " v i J e l s o charged wilh or- upkcep. ' f l a n i z i n g and advocacy of forcible ' j uvcrlhrrnv, Hut in their case Ihcy ,-lifl nnl m a k e oi^'.iniiins an issue I for Ihc rmirl lo act on. Court Decisions Makes Convicting Reds Tougher f OA D, PIP VO U NOW I tb« avernge daily aH«nd- ance of pupili In the Grealey public ichools this year was 203 greater than last year? j , n · , .. · L - . . . Joe mmcriiy is nul one ong and Tom Blackburn, which have j ^ f r o m b l ginnin ,. ,,, cnd . ,1 a p p ' I has Ino much dialogue and il Mere ts history, in the palatable. I k c c p s running off in too many di- ensagmg Disney f a s h i o n , which! rcc |j ons . Hut it does hrins a smile should be well received every I a j m o s i a i| Hie lime and it has Ihe virtue of never taking itself loo Huge. The color and CinemaScope oft- fiiir, Ihf bsci:;' (much of il shot in Japan) are interesting and the picture is fun. Any audience should be pleased. Motion Picture Herald rales the i Universal film very good. Running lime is 90 minutes. were recommended by Herman Ktine. direc- where. Motion Picture Herald rales the,' scriously Buena Vista-Disney film very Meredith is fine and apparently j n - .- · nn · .IlL'l L'llllll 13 Illll: dllU UUUClllllUY good. Running time ,s 80 mmulcs ' . Bram| t i m e doing ^ , avish JDI Butterfly it Colorado Colorado begins Wednesday of Joe its showing and amusing impersonation. Nader, Wynn nnd Clark also contribute enjoyable performances and although Murphy hardly Butterfly. If I seems to be the clowning culup memory serves, Audio Murphy's i he's supposed to he, his perform- screen activities have been con-1 ance is more than adequate. Kic- MISTER BREGER By JAMES MARLOW A. P. NEWS ANALYST on the organizing charge. H gave . Ihis reason: . ! WASHINGTON Ml -- The gov-! There is a f U l u l e of l i m i t a t i o n s ! ernmcnl -- because of lhc Su- which says a man cannol he tried premc Courl decision overturning ; for a crime under certain laws - - j the convictions o! 14 Communists | i n c l u d i n g the. Smith Act -- u n l e s s ] -- may have to drnp ils cases; Iried wilhin liircc years aflcr com- j a g a i n s t another -15 already con- m i l l i n g Ihc offense, vicled, or a l l c m p t lo try them | rju^ ti, c com .i says, .Ihe Coin- again. ' inunisl parly was organized in The court's decision Monday pul.lfi.15. So unless a man was c h a r g e d 1 a brake on the prosecution of i with organizing il w i t h i n t h r e e . Communists. They can still l i e - y e a r s of IMS, he can't he c h a r g e d ! prosecuted. But the government or Iried. j will have a tougher time. And o n e . Thus the court ruled Ihc con- charge, used in .ilmosl all Com- viclion of the 1-1 C o m m u n i s l s m u n i s t trials, can't be used at all whose cases il ruled on Monday any more. c a n ' t sland because Ihcy weren't | This is an e x p l a n a t i o n of w h a t ,indiclcd u n l i l 1951, which m e a n t ! the court did and what the. gov- six years, instead of a limil of eromcnl faces: . thm ' ' ei »' s . · l f i c r 1!) ' ls . .,,.,, ,. i ii. This m e a n s (lie g o v e r n m e n t . In 1WO Congress passed I h e , h c n c c f o r ( h ,..,,,., ,.,, £ nr ,,.. a | K m . l h Acl under which the gov- ,. llis| ,,,,. 0 ,. ? ., ni , inl , t | ernment has obtained c o n v i c t i o n s . . , .,._ ,..,,.,,. .,., ,,.., .,,, ,,, ,,,,,.., ag pui Smilh Acl says t h r e e Ihings; 1. It's a c r i m e to conspire lo or- , ,,,-, r , i " f "= Sim"' A c l . nul all of those! amsl 103 C o m m u n i s l s . f o r he j... n l i l i s ,,, pir r n n v i r |ion s , ,, of this expfanalion, Ihe "supreme Court w e r e ! Ihe charged Supre w i t h or^ani/.iini as paniie a parly or RTOup whose Yol a n wero l r i c ( | ;lfu .,. u,,, \ purpose is forcible o v e r t h r o w ol |] m ,|,.y C ,-i r jj,,,i|. noes the K o v e r n - ! the R o v o r n m c n l . , m r n t | l a v o l n ;,i, nm i OM ii s ,.; ls( . i 2. It's a crime lo leach or ad- ac ,i ns | n || 52? No. lu Ihe cases of vocalc the forcible overthrow of scvt . n o[ l h o m , hl , ,,.^,1 j,,,],,,,; the sovcrnmenl. lj, row 0 ,|| t |,,. orcani/.ini; charse'. 3. It's a crime In he a parly before Ihr cases wenl lo Ihe j u r y . ' member, knowinp its purpose is · H u t in the cases of the rem.iiniiii; ' forcible overthrow ment. of the govern- Ihe trial judges did nol lell the i ' j u r y ahoul Ihe. Hiree-ye.iT l i m i t . ' Only 4 n! Ilie 10,1 eonvirleil Com- loss mil llic nr^'.ini?ins charc'c and | munisLs were tried and found Ruil- lei the jury consider only Hie ly under No. 3. They are a p p e a l - · charce of a d v o c a t i n g forcible over-' inc now to Ihe hich c o u r l . T h e i r ' t h r o w of Ihe c o v c r n n i o n l . : s i l u a l i o n is nol p e r t i n e n t In Ihis | For t h a i reason, Ihe ce.vernnli'iil ( 6lory and can be dismissed here, --because Ihe case of Ilie -I.T i s ; Dill Ihe r e m a i n m s 9!) were Iried s i m i l a r lo t h a t of Ihe 1-1 who won ! u n d e r points N'o. 1 and No. 2: The in Ihe courl M o n d a y -- m a y h a v e ' combined chnr^e of o i - n n n i 7 i n f i lo drop ils f i n h l a ^ a i n s l I h r i r a p - i snd advocali/iR. Of Ilinsr m. tlie peal and, if il w a u l s lo. retry Ilieni Supreme C'ourl has upheld the con- on Ihe advocacy charge alone. i viclions of only 28. Five c n n v i c - . Rut the cnurl o v e r t u r n e d Ihe c n n - ! lions il Ihrcw out because of Ilie viclion of the 14 on olher grounds | q u e s t i o n a b l e l e s l i m o n y of a wit- also. II drew a l i n e between mere- j ne^s. ly l a l k i n p ahoul, or a d v o c a l i n ^ j A lolal of S2 -- e x c l u d i n g Ihe M forcible overthrow of Ihe povern-1 who^e convictions were thrown out menl, and i n c i l i n c people lo a l - l Monday -- arc no\v in Ihe proce.-.s I c m p l i n i i overlliro\\', SOOIHT or of appealing Ihc suilty verdict ialer. j a g a i n s t I h e m to t h e Supreme The courl said l l i c j u d ^ e , : Court. A breakdown of those fifi- before I c l l i n s the j u r y decide Ihe | ures will be given later. guilt of Ihe M, should h a v e i n - ' The Communist p a r l y was ac- s l r u c t e d Ihe jurors on Ihe dislinc- l u a l l y crcalcd in 1919. II chanRCil . l i o n between advocacy and in- ils name lo Ihc Political Action : cilinjr. Kurther, thr court said, t h e Assn. in 1041. In 1915 il resumed .evidence was prelly flimsy, the n a m e of Communist party. \ In Ihe ease of Ihe 11 lop C o m - i It's a fact the parly is c o n t i n - j m u n i s l leaders convicted in .Vcw; ually recruiting new members .York in 1919--lhc first ones tried while old ones drop out. Du! !!·?!under |l\» S m i l h Aei -. the [ r i a l court this week decided Ihc parly under Ihc Icrms of lhc Smilh Act was organized in 194. 1 !. ^ I w e e i i advocacy and The courl Hid Ihe 11 -- whose Those il wcrc also charged with lonviclions il; overruled Ihis week'ort'anizii'i' Ihe parly. In t h e i r case -- should nol have btf\ convicted' il was all right And Ihc Supreme judge in his instruct inns lo Ihe jt:ry did m a k e (he distinction be- "Sure you can buy them cheaper It a cigar elore, but Is the dark dre«ged ILkeHWe?" "Next time you try a do-it-yourself paint job on the house, make sure you use WATERPROOF paint!" Tunisia, which already has stalo monopolies on lobacco, matches, salt, gunpowder and playing cards, plans to make important of Pharmaceuticals a monopoly, Tunis learns. pay increases would amount lo $3,000 yearly and would roughly parallel those given lo slate civil service employes by the Legislature. Kline assured Ihe fovcrnor lhal no deficiency appropriation would have to be asked because of the pay hikes. He said the workshop has assets of $137,000. including $57,100 cash deposited wilb the stale treasurer. 6RE60I« PECK, 'ng in -THKOUSH RADIO in HeifYo-k VEIL ORIGIN fffcp AS A IT Hfte Pi-WEP N PORT ee OF NJRRLf EV612Y ftMO ONCE CO.WE161Y HID frl6 BBDEfe FftCE fo CONCEBU HER FROM COVtToOS 6\,WCK OF HALF ACRE CAST1.R Just In Case JOE PALOUKA BY HAM K1SHER SCORCHY H M I T I " /IT'S TO PROTECT 'HIM AGAIN5T A LIBEL SUIT/ FATBlOMRENE CARD OF REOONPO B6tH CN.IF.5ENCS1NHER BECHPEFOROMECAK! nSFROMlLAtf 1XTI4 Wuft OVER THEM OH, STEVE, I COrJTACTEP A U , H WE TO SIGN / HE WANT- A GENEALOGIST TODAY.. GOING TO TRACE YOUR FAMILY TREE.' IN WHICH 1 Wa.ERXr( OF HAS WHEN COW, ADO ID THE FOU.OWING MIXTUHE- 1OJPWHITE.5UOA2 WrfH WHIPPED CBEAn a WITH PLMN WHTTE TWrWi THAT'S FINAL! «SJHE REBEL CAWP IN TflBANIA ... I GRANTED THIS INTERVIEW BEMUSE I WISH TOURCOUNTRY- /HEN TO KNOW THAT I, THE NEXT LEADER OF TAKANIA,AM A PEACE- LOVING MAN... BUT I WILL NOT TOLERATE OPPOSITION M ANVKIND.' THE WOMEN HAVE FIXED THE APRICOTS AND PRUNES IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAV FOR OC'R DEAR FRIEND, HUMPHREY...THEVVE BEEN ROASTED, TOASTED, BOILED AND FRIED; if HM... WHAT'S THE / SULTAN JEB . INFAWOU5 6ENERAL J ALTRASH WILL DIMWITROV DOING J SEE VOU NOW, ^ IN THIS COUNTRY.'J MISS 6ANNISJ FORGIVE ME (CWWP) FEU NOT TALKIN' T' YOU (CHOMP) i sorw KKP EATIN (CHOMP- CHOHP) The Handsome Prince ./ /MOWS S VOURS -1 HAVE LEAWEO FBOMTHE ««.!C£ Of V3U1? BECE.UT : COME WE HAVE 7 MUCH TO DiSCUSS^ hEY.SODiKH.'THIS LOOIS FMC:ER TOW THE TAI MAHAL! MAIJTiN C4-.LEO THc PALACE Or 7r= EMlB EL P4HSHAP/-HEIL BE OIED TO BE OU? KSi- EH? HE MlfiHT BE ABLE TO Stt SOWS LiSHT.. Tough Either Way I'LL HAVE J / WE U. TOSPRlNS «/SWING OFF WY RESEffVE ffl V AND HEAD SfAACK FOR "LOST KEV" HOW- ITS GOIW3TOTAKE HERVE TD PLUNGF HEADFIRST INTO W/jT-JUNSLE/ PERK-LD HOPED TO SLIP OUT TO SEA IHTHE BITT THAT PI RATE-IS V«-r CATCHING (IS/ DK'Mli IMKli Ll'L AUAEK SF.e?-'TWARN'T 'MUFF OF A · EEMERGENCYTUSETH' 'SECRET WEAPON: AH YARNT DAMAG ED AT ALL.'.' - SHE JEST DIDN'T UNNERSTAN'. CAIN'T 1 USCTHIS'VJEAPON'j OH NO MERE MAN-KIU-IN' WILD BOAR.'.' THIS GOTTA BE , USED TD LICK } TH' MOMSTER WHAT LICKED TH' ; U.S. ARMY''

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