Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 19, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1962
Page 11
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Council Again 1 " A.L- D:J_ !"» 'cost «f tWatruriw* fcv *w«-f imalelv *.7S* were approved by;_ with " MISTR BMGJft Asks Bids on ^^9 "* ^ * **· *·* w " It** had btM sum-tied by WU- Utility Shop City C«»dl MttorM U* and rdattd irbcipally lo th* ruof. The owned Dec. 11 rejected ,,*»«* to bt c«Ued l«r « ivc bidi thai were mbmittad DK. for the cmtructloo of ·cw nutty ihtHi boHdinj at the held. The bmt of tat five bio* was CMjr fcrrice Cwltr o**r Ul*ad MZ.CT. wUca »u tubmiUed by C. D. Minx*, of Eaton. It waj it- ·uthoriml Bill Wit jtctcd became council members Cr**c Park Th« Him vetted lor the buildii» |« wjvtrlii* fcr bib. ta the plant lor the !h*t would rtduce the C A N D I E S u* fir* bid **s thought U» cut »M too high per square loot fcr a warehouse type building. The couaeil at that time asked WiUianu to wgfot ways the cost could be reduced. Pierce Loveland Votes Joint Airport With Ft. Collins |B5C.(1W air] 'Iceland approsi;Wrd, Dec. 19, 1962 GREELEY TR1BIXE Page LOVELAND 'AP - The Lme-1 land Citv Council Tuesday ni^ht: Construction *i*nds on whetb- Ur Fort Collins voters appro 1 .? I jbund issue tor tbt project at an' jeleclion next April. unanimously approved a resdu-| lion for initial action lo be taken I FRANKFORT, K -AH'-Ken-; *ith Fort Collins in acquiring joint airport lucky derived its name terms applied to it DV Indian* paradise or a blood; _. . . . , .ground, depending on which tribe The airport would be midway ] v;as speaking between l/)veland and Foil Col-i Tj, e Delaware and Sliavnee Into* and would cost an estimated di3fis called lhe Kenluc . ky r e gl , n *" 00 ' 000 - Kultavia. meaning "the (real Thi government has approvediwilderness." The Iriquois rt- the project, and the Loveland City (erred to it as Kentake. "ti» Council's Ktior, was similar to a hunting ground " step taken last Thursday by the| The Wyandotles called it Kali- ·y "MS FMIO WALKER PIERCE - Stuledo Club was received by Mrs. Earl Spangler at her home on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. C. E. Vedcn 'assisted the hostess in serving refreshment trays with Christmas decor. Mrs. James Priddy was a guest. After the opening and short business meeting, Mrs,. Harold Buchanan preiented Vernon Speo- cer oi the school music department and two of his pupils. Bar- jbara Henkel and Sine Pisano. Barbara sang selections f r o m chicken and ham. The total sum "My Fair Lady." and Sine sang Fort Collins City Council. The government would provide 53 per cent of the cost. Fort Col- ter.usteh, "the fair land o! to- And the Chickaaws termed it Kentateh. "the dark ime *j now., Have t h o s e unsightly d«ntt and scratches taken out of your car's body now! . . . Start off t h e new year with a smart, new looking automobile. Body Shop "' WELLS Motor Company I)ou Jenklni Body Sho[ Manager lins would pay approximately land bloody ground. W.S.C.S. covered dish dinner and bazaar took place at the "Ave Maria," both iccompiniet by Spencer. In condu»ton. he played "Waltz Caprice." on the piano. The club adjourned alter ex changing gifts and singing sever al carols. "Now, with the«e frames you'll never feel that you're awty from TV ..." dinner and party at the Farm ·'are. Gifts w e r e exchanged town hall on Thursday noon. Many among members at the close of townspeople took advantage of the bounteous dinner featuring received from the contribution! and the dinner was 1160.00. and from bazaar articles, 15000. the afternoon. Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Chooee from our largs assortment of fumniur llussell Stover Candie* --chocoUtr* and Lome- faghioned favorite; half pound to five-pound boiea. CAMPUS PHARMACY 931 16th St. Chcrlca R. Ptterton OTIl'K TO UtEUITOKK Ikr t..«.lr (o.rl In .d : Ikr CanBlr of U'rN m»4 No S I H ,, K«l»lf nf P A N I K I . Y. || HA III IT · k DAN K C K H A I I U T All pfnori" l i a M n r clftllnl i K H l i i " t tlif abovn nanifd «ttatt ir* r*'iulr*d lo f i l e ttum for al- »nr* In t h t r o u n t y Court ol Id O-unt), rolorado, on or li»fcr» lh« lit day r,[ June. 158! or mid rlnlmi ihall b« fortver PEP.THA K C K H A K U T V.'inifr A Shade A t t j r n r y » »t Law ?0 lOlh A v t . f l r ^ f l c v , Colorado Thf f.r«»lfy D u l l y Tribuna UIT. I. i:. U. !J. US! Paul Holland presented a Christ- Calif, ma: acrostic using lighted candles with the letters that spell Christmas. The group iang ap- xopriale carols. Herb and Grace Love' moved from their farm home at Pierce :hc evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walker were dinner guests c( her sister, .Mrs. Martha Womaclt, of Cheyenne on Sunday. House guests part o! the holi- A short business meeting and day seasoc »-i!! be Mrs. Walker'* Christmas program took place in brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McLean of Chico, to their home in Ault on Saturday, Dec. 8 Bridge Club members met for their Christmas party at t h e Farm Fare on Friday n o o n . Bridge was played after the luncheon. Guests were Mrs. Neil Nicks and .Mrs. Pies Kerr. On Friday night, also. Hi Low inochle club had its Christmas SHUTTERS Insldt Hardwood WELLER LUMBER CO. Greeley -- Ault -- Galtton VOTK'K OK FI\AI. "KTTI.KMKVT !· tM» CMMIIIF Ottrl !· aii4 f«r Ibf C'MMHIr »r WfN ·· No. IJtd E«l«le nf M A R T H A NKIJSOS RASMI'SRKN, Almi limm-n MAUTHA X. RABMrSSKN. ",!.' known ai MAJVTHA RASMl'S- SK.S'. l»cand. Notice I* hereby llren t h a t we have filed our final report In the n t y Court of Weld County rolorado. and that any ptrimn dvalrtor to object to the ume aball fll« written objeetion vtth he aatd Court on or before Jan arr II. IIO. FEnNE RASUL'SSEN MARKI.BT nd n'AI.TEn CLAYTON M A R K L K T met H. Shelton, Attorney The Oreeley llntlv Tribune . It, :i. HI!. Jan. ·-, . 1M! You'r* w«kom* to our l ...tlTh* AaaodatH, when you CAB borrow for old bilk, coMoUdation of d«bu, enwr- IMK-IM or alnott anything. Married or anil*, you'll |tt nuon- ·bl« ntM and a npaymtnt plan that'a tailond to your incomt -your M*di! . . .from Thi A uxialt* -- b«c««d by our 44 yean of uptritm and undmUndtnf . oTirK or rivA JRTTI.KWAT Emit o f H E R M A N M A R - I'AnnT, aUn known aa HERMAN W. MAROtJARDT and a HF.RMAN" W I L L I A M Jl A R- QV'ARIIT. Deceteed. Notlre It hereby xlren t h a t 1 h a v e filed my final renort in the it'.ly Courl of Weld County. Colorado, CT) d that any per»on dfHlrlnic to object to the lame Jhall file w r i t t e n objection with the aatd Court on or before J a n - uary IV 1H3. P A f U X E MARQt'AP.OT A d m l n t F t r a t r l x '-luTtnn «nd nllliert IUrvri nulldlnn iireel"y. Colorado The UrM-ley Pjlly T r i b u n e Pec. 19. K 1H1, Jan. I. r. 1?SJ elegant! COR DAY spray cologne concentree (ntw doubla strength) flRESALE SAVE 33% to 50% Off of Regular Rttail Prico On Your CHRISTMAS GIFTS COME IN AND BROWSE Every Hem In The Store Is On Sale. Why Pay More? _Xr Welcome L^liriitmaA NU-BAC THE WORLD'S LATEST BATH IRUSH! It'i unique . . . a blessing to elder people . . . satisfaction to the middle aged . . . a mystery to the children. All agei love it! Nu-Bac Both Brush is designed to reach any part of your back with ease and con be used in the bath or shower. To tee Nu-Bac Back Brush Call . . . Mrt. Phillip Miller Phone 352-3826 Faye'i Becuty Salon 913 16th St, 352-2884 Old Safeway Store ALLEN'S 923 10th St. Mn. Olirt Cimiyotti Galttoti, Colorado \ / orirn or ri\Ai, *K1TI.K»IB\T ASSOCIATES LOAN COMPANY Formerly Gentrnl Cndlt Corporation 111 10th St. 3524490 Grceley $25 to $1500 No- s?«? ;sl»i» Pf AVOT'^TA K. OES- RKICK. Dirrn^od- have filed mv f t " « l r*.iM.rM» t h e nuy Court of Wt»li1 t. n u n t v , I r l n i r ' t f ol»jccl t" t h * ruin* 11 f i l e w r M i f n rtbj^rtion w t i h the »»l(t r m n t nn or bfff^re .Inn *ARTHVU'\V. O K S T K U K i r K . Herbert E MPIIII, AMorne-y for i:\t-nilnr T!i« (Irfcle^ H i t i l v Triliuni* " r 1J 'fi 'l?f: Jan 3 9, 13H.1 Christmas Gift Items LAST MINUTE SUGGESTIONS Foot MR.ssngers .. from 9.95 and Shine Kits from 2.95 and up Electric Shiners, from 12.95 nnd up Uiltfold* Cliflon, western ..... 3.95 and up Justin, dress and western from 3.95 nnd ;ip l'«meo, dress ... from 3.95 «nd up Men's Cowboy Bootn . 12.95 nnd up Children'* Cowboy Boots 3,49 and up Children'* Moccusirw 2-'»» Women's Mocc»sins mid Squaw Hoots 3.49 »nd up Men's Moccasins 4.49 and up Key Cases 1.49 and up Hell*. drtsH nnd western, 9Sc and up Coin Purses 98c and up Parlor 9H Ith Avi. ghon Dyed To Match Cordiy ptrlrcu rlouIiU- strength $pny cologne thit 1»!U and i3«! ntmc- Spray Cologne Concentre?. And lo add to the excitement presents it in a distinguished cryml fltton [or linun ol ex- hilirilini tragrtnce...a touch of Pnris to control nt the flick of ft finger...leak-proof even in planes. Choose lhe world- famous Corday IraRtence lint best suits your personality- betler l111, buy as tssonmrnt for diffeicnt motxis, rostumw and occasion*. TC4JWUH8 MOI D-JO FAMI ».» ZIOASt»J.» T».«rtlt »5.00 TOUJOURITOI 19.75 JtT M.00 JJ.50 to »5 Weldorodo Druji ·00 9lh SI. Gilbert Wethiew fhtrmacy 1434 1Wh SI. Gilbtrt Hllhldt rti«rm«ty not 11th Avt, Pole Lampj 19.95 Chain Lamps 14.95 Table Lamps 9.95 Deik Lamps 4.95 Plittlc Covered Tub Choirs 19.95 Wilnut or Mahogany Desks Sliding Gloss Door Bookcases Special 24.95 Walnut, Mjhg., or Blonde Oak Hassocks Plaitic Covertd S.95 Swivel Chairs 29.95 to 59.95 Plastic or Fabric Room Dividers Gold, Brass or Whit. 29.95 Decorator Ash Trays Walnut. Mahog.. Limed Oak, M a p l e 5-pc. SamsonitQ Card Table Sets 39.50 Plat: Glass Wall Mirrors 16 x 60 Scaly Matt, and Box Spring Twin or Full Size Mag. Racks 9.95 to 16.95 Fine Collection of Pictures Ceramic or Solid Walnut or Brass Many Sizes 4.95 to 89.50 See The Largest Collection of Ethan Allen Furniture in Northern Colo 3 PC. Kraehlef Curved Sectional Fire Screens Black or Brass 24.95 3-pc. Fireplace Sets Poker. Brush, Shovel, Stand 8.95 Log Grates 5.95 Blaic 8.95 Step Tobies, Lamp Tables Coffee Tobies Lane Cedar Chests Walnut or Mahogany Hove You Seen Our Half Price Room? A gift of f u r n i t u r e is nol merely an In.-and-out-of-faihion fad. It Is · lifelong echoing, an enduring testimonial of your best wishes. Further, it show* your i loving detire to make Ufe eaBipr, I more comfortable. And more gracious. It It the moit r e w a r d i n g ' gift to give. BUDGET TERMS I '; Greeley's Largest Furniture Display Telephone 352-1612 1028 Eighth Ave.

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