Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 10, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Sunday, June 10, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN .LiUIo League baseball players are to report to Eastslde playground at 10 a. m., Monday, in order t h a t workouts for the six teams may start. Report promptly! 'News JUi M9£ffND£NT DAILY 8ND SUNfff NEWSPAPER. SZW/NG SOUTHERN NEW *t?£X/CO THE WEATHER . LAS CHUCKS A R K A : Generally fair today, tonight and Monday; warmer days with some slight overcast in late afternoon with light to moderate winds. Last 24 hours: State College 88-44. VOL. 71--No. 57 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CHUCES, NEW MEXICO, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 10, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Sabotage Hint Seen In Mass Crash Of Planes By Tho AK.suclH(cd Press Evidence of the poslblllty of sabotage in the nation's greatest rt\an of nir crashes -- that of eight F- 81 jet fighters yesterday -- was nought today by FBI and Air Force investigators. The jets were all members of one - flight. They fell in Richmond, Ind.. area within 25 miles of each other. Three/of the pilots were killed. In all, nine Air Force and Navy pilots died in crashes throughout tlic U.S. yesterday. Six Others Killed Six other airmen lost their lives in three separate, crashes yesterday. Sonic residents in the Richmond area, seeing the broken planes tumbling out of t h e sky. thought there was an enemy bombing: raid. The one-man jet fighters -- which were Hying between 500 and 600 miles an hour when they crashed-cost about 5275.000 .each. Two of the five pilots whose planes crashed suffered injuries. Two others rode their plnnes to crash landings, escaped uninjured. Thu f i f t h pilot parachuted safely from his falling thunder jet. No Explanation There was no official explanation of the mishaps. The eight ill- fated jets were among 35 in the second flight of a 71-planc group en route to Sclfridge Field, .Mich. They crashed atiout 10 minutes after taking off from Wright-Patterson field at Dayton, O. Other plane accidents yesterday: A B-25 training plane plunged into a field near Lubbock, Tex., killing; three occupants. The plane was on a practice flight out uf Keesff Air Force Base. A Navy attack bomber Crashed and exploded five miles south of Albuquerque, N. M., killing two navy fliers. A" third man who parachuted to safety suffered minor injuries. Pilot Is Killed An unidentified pilot of an F-80 Shooting- Star was killed when his plane -pluh'gcd'.jn't'p'i-a'- "field five miles south of Bagad, Ariz. The plane was bcljeyed. from Wijllanis Air Force Bi'so, Arjz. " '' ; . A navy Hellcat fighter plane crashed in hilly country near the Pennsylvania-Maryland -border but it was not immediately Known if the pilot was killed. The plane was on a flight form Norfolk, Va., lo the Canacastia Naval Air Sta- tiun. State Official Finds Public Doesn't Mind Phone Rate Hike, Believe Service Poor SANTA PE, Jiuie !'-- i/l'i---Most people in smith cast em New -Mexico arc more interested in getting better tulcphunu service than in how high thr rates are. That was the report given today by Ing mm 1'ickett. stale corporation commissioner. Pickett returned last night from a week of hearings in Carldbad, Hobbs, Loving ton, Jal and Eunice on proposed rate increases by Southwestern Associated Telephone Company. t h a t I7 CHIQAGO largest in the country, not a single beef animal in sight as the struggle between the cattle industry and the OPS went into its fourth day. Receipts dropped at the three top stockyards to the lowest in three years. (International Soundphoto) Truman To Speak To Nation June 14 WASHINGTON. June 9 .-T'l --President Truman will address the nation next Thursday night in another effort to rally support for hin anti-inflation program. The White House announced today the speech will-be made nt 9:30 p. m., EST, and will be carried by all radio and television networks. The President will speak from his office in the White House. Press secretary Joseph Short said the speech-would be in behalf i of thu Picsident's proposal to ex-! tend nnd strengthen the defense production act which expires June 30. · * Battered Chinese Fade Before U,N. By OLKN CLK.MKNTS TOKYO, June 9--UP)--Mattered Chinese Reds today began rctreat- ng- from their main Korean stionghold -- the Chorwon-Kumh- wa-Pyonggang "Iron Triangle", field reports said. A pooled djspatch from the western front said the Reds were falling back toward Kumsong, 17 miles due east of Pyonggang and abolt 28 miles north of the ;!8th larallel. Censorship obscured exact Allied positions. But the report, said lighth U. S. Army forces captured two ridges against decreasing Red opposition. One Allied gain of more than a mile was reported. On Northern Tip Pyonggang is the northern tip of the triangle, the buildup area vherc the Reds grouped forces for ahottive offenses against the United Nations. ' Chorwon and Kumhwa are the triangle's southern anchors. Both were 'directly · 'threatened by - ·· the Allies. The front line report quoted Allied officers as saying" the Reds probably were abandoning Chor- won to the Allies poised in the hills just south of the town. Lost- Vital Kojul If Chorwon falls, the Communists would lose a vital east-west road and control of t h e long Pyong- gang valley. Allied artillery and tanks could make the valley untenable for t h e Reds, and ' drive them as far back as Wonsan, about 85 air miles north nf 33. The advancing Allies found one pile of 278 dead Chinese soldiers. Some of them were wearing pieces of American uniforms and equipment. The pooled dispatch said the Reds were defending the triangle with delaying forr.cs and road craters used as tank traps. Knocks Out Snipers One U. N. tank patrol, out in (Continued on page four) Retail Advertising Course Is Designed For Cruces Business A course in retail advertising and sales promotion will be offered during tbe summer session at New Mexico AM college. The class will be. held every morning at 7 so that businessmen may avail themselves of t h e oppor- t u n i t y to enroll. The course may be taken either for credit or as an audit course. Soviet Diplomats Ejected By U.S. SALZKUHG. A u s t r i a , June 9 -- The United States Army forci- "I can safely say t h a i 97 per cent of the witnesses who testified were protesting against tbe service Hither than the proposed rate increases," Pirki-tt said. .They .1*1 id "they told me they didn't care how high the rates wore if they got what they WRIT paying for. | P i c k n t t plans In go to Kspanola next week and start a tour the following week of 48 towns in t h e state which would be affected by higher rate schedules posted by Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph company. bly ejected a three-man Russian repatriation mission from the this American zone of Austria morning. The Americans first got the Russians to leave their hoadquart- oi'B and come to an American Army George A. Lock wood, instructor, emphasizes the course is designed tercst. Relail Shortage Of Meat Stirs Decontrol Demand CHICAGO, June 9 UP' --A group of the nation's retail meat dealers move price-controls-on meat. The appeal by the dealers was j have a cnntercnce there made as, sale of beef cattle at the ] Issue, country's 12 major livestock mar- j Sets Deadline ketfl this week slumped to n three-1 When they arrived Maj. G. E. year low. A spokesman said the Hand, their American escort offi- dealers feel the controls will mean cer, said he would give them u n t i l At Carlsbad .sworn statements were introduced, including those from the city council, Chamber of Commerce and county commission, Pickelt reported. At Hobbs Inere were 2-1. including the city council aijd Chamber of Commerce; at Loving ton 33, including the city and Chamber of Commerce; at Jal 11 and at Eunice "Not over three per cent of all a hang- nboiit thy rates, Pickntt declare I. wcix* camplnining 1 about the q u a l i if service." .Specific compla vie:' he *»Hi(i. were top m a n y parties ' nlrf on the rer- t h a i , then; were ·r 'h; lines; or- building. When thu Soviets then infused to allow businessmen to do work ( to driyc voluntarily to the Russian in the field of their particular in- zone, two American A r m y officers! and two G. I.'s dragged (lie pro-! testing Russian driver from his j black Mercedes. Cot No Orders The Russians claimed they had received no orders from their headquarters to obey the American order to leave town. After comiiiandeiing the cur t h e 1 British diplomats widened sud- Americans drove tbe Russians to denly from France to Italy today thu Soviet zone afu ' r Lllti K»'ris« office disclosed a The U.S. A r m y summoned the TM*BTM» * » «!««« of «« of -- noting the dwindling supplies of j Russians to come to the American Uiem W t t s scn m Kome beef.-- has urged Congress .to le- building, a displaced .persons barracks. They wen ders fur service sonitimps had '. pending Tor iwo f o t h r r o vei the operators o f t e n delayed in swnring; iMig distance m i l s I ton inng to complete-. ll.iy R Red nf D;\' i-s. ^en commercial superintendent of j Southwestern associated, e::piai'i- cd that many o'* the con-.phtii's stemmed from '.bo fast t-rowtn of the system in recent yea; 1 .*, causing it to bo overloaded. "We're doing the best we c:i:i." Red told witnesses. "We'i e simply overloaded. Our facilities :uu strained to the limit. If we could put extra girls on the swithboanls we would, bill there is no place to put them." He explained I hat sunn: of t h e room for c o m p l a i n t will bo removed this year with i n a u g u r a t i o n dial systems at Hobbs Nov. I and Carlsbad Dec. 1. The other three towns served by the firm in New Mexico already have dial service. | Rod attended all the hearings, Picked said. Also attending were Mills Roberts of llybbs, district manager fur I ho telephone corn- puny, nnd the local managers at each town. ^Police Suspect Betrayal Or Binge By Missing Diplomats LONDON. June 0 ret documents are missing. He was hunt for two missing top-drawer j t]cnying rcpol . tH published h .-re A British embassy o f f i c i a l ^olrMh^rouJd R o n i c S H i d l h a l pvcn th " u S h on the 10:30 a. in. local time (-1:^0 KST). to leave peacefully. A f t e r that they would be escorted out of the American none. They refused, left the building nnd returned In t h e i r 21-room mis- Baby Is Killed In Blaze Believed Kindled By Brother ALBUQUERQUE. June 9 (^1 -Kive-month-old Lupe Luccro was burned to death late today in a (ire authorities belipve was started by her four-year-old brother, Toodorito. Her mother, Mrs. Lucy Luccro, had gone tn the post office five and a half blocks away. Mrs. Tito Tafoya, it neighbor, said she saw Teodorito playing with matches in the yard soon after his mother left. She..said she took them away from him. Grandma's trunk was full of surprises . . . but you should try the Sun-News Want Ads when you are looking up something special. PHONE 33 Test Chickens Die At End 0! Experiment FAVETTEVIIJ-K, Ark., ,Iune U (.i'i -- Saturday was tbe liiit day of life for some nf the must prlwd rhlrkciw In Ame.riciu Today they'll IM- Killed ami tlrvssed for final judging in tbe national . thtrken-of-t-omorrow contest-- a tiro^iling rompeJH'° n expected to pui :i meatier bird on your dinner table. Live judging; «r :ibout Ifi.OOO specially-bred,,ld chickens was reeonled on technical scon-boards Intlny. Thru mie- f i f t h nf the entries, selected at random, will be dressed fur tilt; final phasr of judging. Tbe two srnrehnanls of each of (he -10 breeders from '-il states will he totaled, nnd thr winning breed announced next Friday. Growth of the chickens, of which, nro 18 breeds and crosses, lias been observed Ciire- fully by University of Arkansas poultry rxpflVts -sinc« the eggs from which they wero hutched wcro shipped here three months ago. Points Mroml so. far on egg production, hutching record, feed consumption, growth, murtality nito and other, factors will be combined with svorrs of thr Hunt 'judging in determining n winner. The winning breed Hill receive u prUo of $.1,000, Sponsors arc hopeful that the j conlcsl will produce, »n all-pur- | IMWI chlrkrn -- one that Is lur|?e enough to roast, yet young and tender enough to Iwrhwiie, broil or fry. Burglars Fail In Attempted Theft up ogaiiiHt the door. A group G. I.'s was loading the Russians' j Curtain. The incident put a new a continued scarcity of meat and illegal markets. The week's dull cattle tiading by the big packers resulted in an virtual shutdown of slaughtering operations in many plants. Many farmers and fenders refused lo j ston headquarters. When they got send cattle to, m a r k e t under gov- j thorn they found tijey could not eminent price regulations. Pack- ] rnenter the buM.hng; because n big j ing industry spokesmen said the j American army l ruck was b u c k e d ! butcher shops will f e e l . t h e . f u l l effects of the beef searcity next week. , Disclosed The meat dealers' appeal to Congress was disclosed .by George Nc- pil, fiSeentive secretary of the National Association of Retail Meat and Food" Dealers. Nepil said the association represents about 70.000 dealers across the nation. . At tbe same time. The Amcric'/i Meat Institute, 'representing more than 85 per cent of the packing industry, said a country-wide survey showed that 95 leading beef producing plants this week dressed 76 per cent fewer cattle than in the same week a year ago. The institute said this was a much sharper decline t h a n (he slum, in cuttle offered for sale. Shipments Dwindle There were only 122.00 cattle sent to ;the 12 major, livestock markets · this week, the smallest since the week ended April 2. 1918. In four days last week cattle sales were 1-11,000 and a year ago, 107,700. Price stabilizer Micl\acl Disnlde told Congress that the administration's entire wag-c-price program hinges on effective beef price controls. message did come from the I t a l i a n city it was not conclusive evidence the missing men had been there. Nevertheless, some French police official?., a f t e r a thorough combing of Paris, expressed belief the men arc not in Paris and may have gone to Italy. Know Secrets Both diplomats--Guy Burgess, a former British embassy official in Washington; and Donald I). MacLean, head pf the foreign office American section--know high-level Hritish-American .secrets. Fear has been expressed in London and in Washington that they t h a t some secret papers on Atlantic defense could not be found. No Information Asked if he thought the two men were together, Rigsdalc. replied; "The sOarch is going un and wi have no i n f o r m a t i o n as tn their whereabouts. We are not proceeding on any hard and fast theory but are t a k i n g every step tu try to get in touch w i t h (hem. "We arc not excluding any the- One theory, held by French police, was that tint diplomats may have taken off on a .spree. Explaining I ho shitt in the in- f o r m a l inn a limit t h e three ti-lc- gTitnvs. Higsilalr h i n t e d t h a t Ilri- tain'n word m l r l l i g r n c e i i n d mimic r- espionage. people were clamping down tight st'crccy mi detail:; the search - - r v e n keeping of j may have ducked behind the Iron information from the foreign uf- into the vehicle. j strain The three Russians retreated to I Lions their automobile and sat waiting. The U.S. had ordered the .Russians to leave because, it said, their mission had been achieved. Only 20 persons were, repatriated to the Soviet Union between September 1919 and September 1950. Drives From Diwr When thu truck wu.s loaded it drove away from the door. At the .same time. Mnj. Haitel approached the car and asked the, Russian Col. on British-America n rela- William Rigsdale, the foreign of.' I fice spokesman, emphasized at his news conference'today that no sec- fice. In Paris, the Kionch ministry of interior branded as "fantasy" reports that ;t British friend recognized M;icLean left bank ho turday n i g h t . MARTIN DIES WITH SENATOR Tom Conn e l l y (D). Trxns, reportedly considering not seeking reelection in H'52, main t h r e a t to yui'ct'pcl h i n t is believed to be Gov. Allen Shivers. M a r t i n Dies, former repre- s e n t a t i v e , is already ;i declarer! . candidate. C o n n a l l y , 74, has spent .'34 years in Congress. .Caught in the cross-fire of the Aeheson- MacArlhur dispute, lie reportedly does not wish to u n d e r t a k e bruising campaign, (tnlernalional) Woman HiK?pilaliml A f l c r Tlmv-VVhirle A n ' M l u H S a t u r d a y Mrs. C'hriiitiiia S m i t h . R i i ^ h t i m , M i c h i g a n , was h o H p i l a l i x e d w i t h liiMiil injuries anil shm;li a f t e r :t Lwi-cjir and pickup t r u c k I'olllsinn ten mile* cii:-,! of ben: mi highway 70 this MH.tiiin;;. A i nick d r i v e n by Ji;nacio A l r i r i - c i n . y.S. Whit.: SaiiilH I'nivilif; Hi-nund snl.liiT. was hit by :i ':ar i l n v o n hy TMI\ Marline-/.. W H I M ; HoMsi'i-. Tin; I t m - k was t h n \ v n into I l i f p a t h i l l t h r Smilh cai: A l a i r m i was lined $;i and costs in JiiHlicv of IVni-t: H. .M. lli-rrera's ciilirl. MartilH'/, was fined $10 ailt'l cost in !hi- same coiU't. The pickup of Alaicon's was turned over in wreck. Farmers Defy Steps To Take Braceros Home EL CENTRO. Calif.. Juno 9--I/P) --Threats of legal action tu pro- vent removal of Mexican contract workers swept the Imperial Valley farmers association today. "We're not going to take this lying down." a -spokesman said. Secretary of Labor Tobln ' last night ordered the Mexicans off any ( f a r m s where the AFL farm -labor union is on strike. . The union says every fiimi in this rich agricultural urea is affected by the order. Contra.-t Specific* The U. S.-Me-xico agreement under which Mexicans are allowed to work on Amcricnn farms, specifics thitl they must be rcniuvod from any area in which n labor dispute arises. If jobs cannot be found for them elsewhere, they will be returned across the border. Growers previously have said that loss of the contract workers would seriously hamper harvesting of the valley's $100 t OOO.OOO-a-ypur crops. The union has denmmled i t h a t the Mexicans go because they ·art 1 strike breakers. About 5.000 contractors are mw worklng In the valley. They ninke up about it third of the totnl inbnr force. The remainder includes 5,000 domestic workers nnd -l-.OOO "woLbarks", the union says. A t l i i d t s "Wctlmcks" The union also is trying to drive out the "wetbacks", Mexicans whn sneaked into the U. S. across canals nnd streams, seeking job-H. Contract workers receive the prevailing wage of 00 cents an hour, nnd the iminn says the wetbacks got less. Strike lenders are demand-* ing SI an hour. California farmer? say they f.-in't pay union Wages and compete, with Texan farmers who, I hoy insist, have :ui unlimited BUpply of contract and wetback laborer*. SearchersFallFroniExhaustion, But 3 Missing Youngsters Enjoy Camping Out Malone To Head Republicans In Dona Ana County J. D. "Jack" Malone was elected county chairman of the Donn A n n county Republicans at an election meeting in the Dona Arm court room Saturdiiy afternoon. Kloclftl w i t h Malone wan Mrs. M a r y Ijoti Alvari'7.. secretary of the c o u n t y Republican:;, nnd Jess .U'eir, 11ensurer. Republican delegates to attend Hi-.; Republican state central committee were selected by the Credential commiilec of the county [ n i i t y ut the meeting ycatcrday. They are, Mrs-. Jessie. G u n t i y ; MIH. T. K. Gregory, Mis.s Gencvieve Ri- Icy, Cruz Alvarez, Christopher Nu- blc. A. L. Willlmns. J. B. AUoirt. J. 13. Weir. Carl Jones. Cbarle.H Madrid, J r . , J. R. Caw\vr, J. K Naviirus, Hohcrt Buyer, FniiKiHCd Monde/,, and Mrs. Henry K m m l u l n , who was selected a vice-chidnimu of Lbe Dona Ana Republicans. The c o u n t y chairman, ".luck" Malone, i.s automatically m;uli« 11 iiH'inber of tin- di'U'giiUan* by hig position in c.haiiimui if Hie County HOP. i- Smir if liu would follow the truck and an American .sedan. The Russians refused. Maj. Haitel, assisted by a lieutenant and two O.I.'s then opened the driver's door. Together they dragged the struggling .stock Russian sergeant drivnr. Va.iili Elis- tratov. from his seat. Summer Session To Start Monday At AM^College Registration for summer session at New Mexico AM'Collcgc will be held tomorrow in Milton hall. Lnle registrants will pay a fee of I one dollar per day up to three dnl- ' Jars. June 18 will fce the da An attempted break-in at the .1 C. Penney store Friday night f « H - ! den u" ni 'a y ";'e R I s "i c "r f o r the -sum- cd. but considerable damage was ' m c r jj CSS ( OI1 done by Intruders when they a t - . In ' fl j' (liU( ; n to t h e r c K ular «n- tempted to force doors and **'-: ,| ( .,- P , r .,d,ial! courses available, "R l l t M - i there will be graduate work offer. T h e i n t e n d c d - l n t r u d e i s b i o k e . the j ^ i n n r l i )1(llo jj V _ Chemistry, eiiu- hnob off » door at tbe side o f . t . a t ( n n n n i l psychology. Knplish. the building but failed to open the ! f ( l l - e i R n ], ins ,,iigfis, m a t h n n a l i c . H . door. Then, using a liuMer on the : ,,i, v . HlcSi nprlciiltiinil onsincci ing. nearby t h e a t e r hmhHng, the u n - 1 aBricultural eronomicn, dairy and known persons climbed tn the roof , lhim al hu.ibandry. of the tlrm'a store and broke two A , sot . ia | recreation program has skylights. been scheduled t h a t , will include ·So far us it known, police said, mixers, dances, picnic, moving pic- entry wna not gained to the build- tures. slide lecture*, organized ing. fiuy Dean. AflHtatnnl mnnace.ri t ,.{p s t n points nf interest, and fiim- snld nothing could bo found mis- j i|y swimming parties In th* col- sing item thc.3tore's slock. ( l o g o pool. SANTA KE, N. M.. June I»---f/Vi --Three tired, hungry It ids with a flfire for c x j orinp crnwled oui from between clean sheets instead of a hollow log 1 today. The whole town rejoiced with their parent.s, overcome with tears of joy. Missing since Thursday a f t e r noon when they wnndcred from a Hog-Ins Veiling "Sergeant Alorvce beyan yelling to locate Sorgennt Xe.l.son." S-,-1. Myron Scrogfits of K i r t l a n d A i r Force base in Albuquertiue said. "The children were e i t h e r Hleepint; or restiiif; out of sight in tin: .shelter of a f a l l e n I«K. ·"I'liey heard the slifiiits and one family picnic into the jagged c ; m - l o f t h e m -- I t h i n k il was tin yons in the two-mile-high Snngra dc Cristo countain range, the youngsters were found early last n i g h t . 28 hours later. "Wo hfid ;t lot nf f u n , " Larry MrOcc. 7. told the three a i r m e n whn found him, hi.s sister. Janet, o, and Stcvie Crtuw. :i^.. "I took good cure of them." He .Started It Alt But despite Larry's pint or. live honst, it turned out t h a t Htevie. n live-win: blond w i t h sparkling blue t: Ve; ha d t h e ideas. It was boy {L about t n y ) - - s t u c k 1 niilway bctwe IWl men." To reach the trio lorded the spot, itrean thi 1 vtning ii»:!y. Fii-::t, f o u l p n n t f S of the three peteieil m i l . Then, a nuiioiiil n - p t i r t from a pilot tli;il 1m had h p o t i e t l them f t u m the air jn-oved false. Tiie tliivi- a i r m e n whn found the yiiiii:;;^!''!'^ wci'e aindnj; UK! dispatched t r i n n K i r t l a n d at the re- I.(rlg. (len. Charles G. LC inljiitiint i;on' i ral. lie a iH'licnpK'i- fruin K i r l - l(UC.ll Sage. al:u» land. tvllli I f l - v m ^ l i v i l A i r lIl '- r '' , r i a f t cnriiKl t h e air 11 s '.-rH. s t a t e poi w i t h bltcui- 1 l )r who thought of eating leaves when they were hungry, who'.suggested they drink from the swirling mountain stream. Mr. and Mrs. Pre.ston McOt and .Mrs. Charlotte Cross, t h e c h i l d r e n ' s ! parents, sobbed w i t h joy on learning t h e yoiingHtitrA were fftuii'l. MfC.i-e i.s a proinlnenl Santa Fe funeral director. Mrs. (Irn.iH is the widow of an Air Force major | who flew the Berlin air lift. CIOSH illdf more than a year ago of a heart attack at M m c h Field. Calif. Mope wns waning that the. three would be seen alive. And finding them wa.s »n accident. Air Vonvi Sfcta. Rugene Morvee, Norman do Dchuque and Jack D- Nolson, winding thrlr way up the mountainside, became separated. V o l u n t e e r TIM- l i m i t Miniiircds M! \'!)lun lice a m i prison u f f i c i by su:,r,ht.r« «.s ,!,,,,,;,,,,,,,.,. Hut,""""' l ; i "' 1|1 I 1 '" 1 '" ll " there sfoincd n o t h i n g wrong them t h a t a l i t t l e sleep ami fond wouldn't f i x . ) Three -if tin* scnrchrrs fi "iee. I'm Hungry" | K i r ! l a m l Cell n u t rfom e\liau.-iti.n. "Gee, I'm hungry." Larry declared. "When I gel homu i Koine linked beans and desert. I'm going to cat and ual." They *lept Thursday iiij^ht huddled together for w a r m t h in a hoi- . I Thr kids'.' \ V n n t ' Well, as id, thov "had A i i l o Associalion w...ri mi "Onco I heurd someone yelilng." Lai ry volunteered. "Hui I didn't anmve.r hoc mine I t h o u g h t t h e y were big gorilla:!." There, also was a t a l e of n bear'.s cbit.sinj; them up the precipltoiiH sluprK. But t h a i WHM bnlievcil a hmall buy's imagination t r y i n g lo m a k e a good story hnlter. I'olltH \\Vlc.une Hugged unti kissed by their folks, HIP young irxplnrcra wi-rr hu.itlfrd the -I'a milc.i n n u t f i o i i H l to town. The youiigstcrn were found a f l - c rtwo clues flxzlcd heftrt-bn-ak- Tlirou^h SOCOITO A L I U I Q U K K Q b ' K . June il '.-Vi Herman Nufi', d l . s t i i t t m:tiiflu«r of lhi A t n e r l c i i M A u t n i t i d h f l e Assncin- Ikiii. said llio AAA Mill doe.-( inn mule UHiiisU; thl'oiigh Sucono, NVff Kiild In* had not it-wived any i L - p o i l t i of a "sjn-ed tia|i" m StU'dllO fiif SeVOlill Wei'ltH. M n \ \ - t-vor, he :Mid the AAA will not .send drivers thom u n t i l In' hu.s profit l l i o i e in no trap, Ni'ff Hiiid hlnli: highway ofricinl.i had not iMinlactfd htm about a pro- poticd conference with Kocmro of( i C l f l l H . Psychologist Has Advice For Life AMtUQUKUQUK .Tune it on -Dr. Kditiml Llndeniiin, a Burial woi'k conKUltHiil at Columbia University, has Ktvon the people tif Ilu* Hoclnl welfare confurcnci: MUIIO advice about hnw to livu in thcsa times. l-'trst. Dr. Lindeiimn sftid we arc wonted nbmit wiir. world guvorn- n i f i i t . f a m i n e i n I n d i a , i n f l a t i n n , communism nnd race relations. Me H a i t i we must dtvil directly with those tables, anil not become li tcfttirti.H. or bcrnme angry, tn ref u s e hi t'mv the. t e a l i.-isUc.s. Dr. Undu'man Hdvi.-itd: Don't t r y tu .shift inonil rcspou- .sibillltes. Don'i expect to be relieved' nf conflict. Don't try to escape reality. Do Iciun 10 work through gioiip.i w i t h o u t losing your independence. 'Texan Gels Prison Term IA)i* Transfer Of Slolen Callle A U I U } U K H q U K . June 0 f/Ti -U.S. Mint. Judge Carl A. Hutch has .sentenced Weldnn R. lingers nf l,,tmo.-u. Tex., lo three yours In p i i M t n for Inking stolen cut lie across a state line. Hogers pleaded guilty yesterday lo a chat Ki' of taking three cnlvuit from the .Mdrvoy Cnltl« rompany in Socnrro county find t a k i n g them lo Lamcsu In thu buck u( his cftr.

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