Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 28, 1955 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1955
Page 3
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West Germany Eligible for WASHINGTON (fl -- West' Ger- ·many.became'eligible Tuesday for big weapons shipments 'rom 'the Untied 'States, . as 'a lull ally of Western, democracies'. In a brief State Dept. ceremony, West German : Chargc-d', Affaires Alurecht von Kesscl formally liand- fd over his government's -ratification of__* mutual'defense assistance agreement.' '·· ''· ' ' · ' : ·' Thisvact cleared f h e ' j v a y for modern-fAmerican weapon's to bij,gin flowing -into West Germany" to help create a postwar.German army gf 12 divisions alohg'with.naval »nd air force-units. '. Some of these weapons, the first CARDOFTHANKS^ GreeleXi-Convalescont Home. . /V\ T e would like to tnte.lhU.op- IKirLunlty. to thank all the busl- ness establishments,- clubs and ktl the i churches, who sent Ilowera and.candy and fruits and "enter- tained'our patients. We certainly do'appreciate" it on behalf : of the patients and staff. - .' - ' Greeley Convalescent Hoihe Harie'en Lester " WANTED TO BUY Ear Corn Any Amount Will buy delivered ".'or on farm. Ph. Li'Salk 67 days ' Evening! 74J2 or 161M FISHER BROS. La Salle, Colorado if of perhajni « billion dollars worth of ·" mlliia'ry'.; equipment, already have been earmarked for the Germans from'previous foreign «Id funds arid' stockpiled : in'Europe.^' The West Germans hope to mobilize their ZSO.OOO-man.armj within three · years, adding air 'force and navy ohting«nt» : by'the end of-the fourth-year.. ' : , ' , · Allen: Jdiies Wiil:Head;: AEC Operalioni-ORice;^ in Grand Junction · .GRAND JUNCTION «! - Men 3.-Jones-.will become .manager of ho operations 'office .here- 'of the Atomic Energy. Commission Feb; 1. He has been · deputy manager iince last-Sept. 1. He .is «. f The appointment was announced n -Washington. 'Jones., succeeds Sheldon P. .Wimpfen, ·manager of operations since : Dec. i,-I952, who s resigning to become vice-pres- dent of the Glen Aider. Corp. of WiUieY'Bar're, 'Pa. Wiiinpfen will remain a consultant for the'AEC'i ·aw/materials, division in'Wash- ington;' . '.'. . ·"·; - · Jones joined the commission staff on-April, 1952, when'he became representative of -the'' combined development agency at Johannesburg, . South' Africa.. This was established by the United States,'Great Britain and Canada in 1944 .to 1 develop' uranium 'anc thorium production and develop' ment. . ' · · ' . ' - ' ' : Jones is a. California native anc graduate of the ' Oregon/State College School of Mines: He was general' manager ! of the Surcease Mining ;- Co! of Sacramento,' for merly Hpcflirig Bros., until 1949 arid has been-a consultant for oih e r mining f i r m s . . . . " Educator Dies DBS MQINES -^ -Mrs. Annie Winspr Allen, 90,' of- Nashville Tenn., nationally known ediicato and writer, died Monday. Jarriesville;;; It'i no diigract · ha» Iwd buff but why kttp 'im? Cwiuli an ·* p«rt at your R«xill 'Stor.'CinWt Bithop *'W«Werado brufi.--Ady WE WILL BE CLOSED NlEW YEAR'S Saturday, Sunday* and Monday · . " " · * . · . " " " i \- . ' . . . · ' " · . " · · ' \ December 31, January 1 and 2 BOISE-PAYEnE LUMBER CO. % KING LUMBER CO. MAWSON LUMBER CO. WELLER LUMBER CO. . Happy New Year! BARNESVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs.' ck.Kerns and family :entertalned 'Chriitmu dinner for Mr, 'and ri.- G.-'A" ! Hoecheiy Phyllis/ Dond 1 and Char lei Of Evan; Mr. and riJ?.Jack-Kerns, Jr. 1 ,.of'Greeley xf Miji Delorei Kcrai, Jerry and obert Kerns, ,all 'of Greel«y s ". Robert Kerns .received-his'dis-. arge from the N»vy Saturday!'' p Mr. land Mrs: Archie Best, Jr., id' daughters' were guests at the 'me ' o f - M r . " : , and Mrs. Floyd lUter: of · Gr«ehy on CbrbtjnM yv ···JJ-V-:.. · ; "..·' ·»'·' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer. Brunli and rls spent Christmas day at' the diOvreiis' home-in Greeky; Mrf^and Mri: Harold -Peppier nt Christmas day' in Denver at e home of her parents, Mr. TS, Conrad Feit.'i ." ' . · M r . ' a n d ' tli*. Carl Underwood nd James and his friend, Earnie est,. ha' ; e 'gone to Ballwin; Mo., : 'spend the Chrislmils -holidays UK · Mrs. 'Underwood's mother, a. Elsie Walker. It'has befn five «ft since 'ihey were there. A 'canasta party was- enjjyed aturday'evening'at the Harvey eppler ' home. ..Those 1 attending ere Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Miller, r. 'and Mrs.' Albert Tnradl, Mr. nd Mrs.-Henry'Pa'ppenheim, Mr. rid Mrs. 'Jake Lebsack and -Jr. nd Mrs. Dick Cantrell. High score wen by Mrs. Lebsack and anl rell; low, ·'· Albert' ~ i To udt - a nd Irs. Henry Pappenheini. Mr. and Mri. George Page spent he .'Christmas holiday in'. Aurora with their ion and family, Mr. 'and irs. : Jerry" Pat*. . " · . ' Mr. and Mrs. James Gillett and ohVwere Christmas dinner guests f Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Holmes of 'ort Collins. .- John;..Gillelt ; is spending the Chrsitmas vacation with the James Uillctls. He' attends Hastings 'Gbl- ege in Nebraska. ' On Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Bichard. Cantrell ;nd family-were uests of Mrs, Cantrell's.sister and amily, Mr. and Mrs. William Faxon, of Eaton. , : Mr: and. Mrs. .Charles Cantrell ind-.Kathy vyere hosts ; Christmas eve to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Canrell and: family, ,Mr. and -Mrs. Keith-Early arid family, of,Kuner, Mr. and Mrs. Bert'DaU'of. Dehyer ind- Mr. and .-Mrs. 'John Cantrell ind family. "Mr..»nd.Mrt. Carl Wood had'for heir guesis' o'n Christmas M.*. and Mn; Frank'.Carl of Greeley and Mr. and Mrs. -A. " Osman and 'amily of Chi;enne. . Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, Peer ! and Jainily of-Brighton'and Mri;" Viola Peer o£ Greeley were dinner g'ltsts of the '-John CantreU finiUy ; on Christinas day. . "_\ . Mr. and.Mrs. Bob Sntdfw'enter-· tained'Christmas day for. Mr. 1 and Mr*. Keith Hendrick and ;family of - Kuner,. Mr. and . Mi» : ,'. Howard Sullivan ; and; son,; Mr? ;and }Mrs. Melvifi'Macltey ind famUy^all of Eaton,--and -Mr.'arid Mri;; Kenneth Ma'ckeyand family.' '·' ' : ' ··- .-. 'The'Carl.Long and Tom Kerbs families.'spent-Christmas-day with their parents; Mr. and-Mrs. David Kerbs-of Greeley. . . 'Christmas eye was spent it the home oi Jaee.Heckman. The Heck- mans are parents of Mrs'. Tom Kerbs.' i .'' ' : Gene Long is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.'Long. Gene attends Colorado 'AScM College. The Barnesvllle Community club met- at r the home o f ' Mrs, John CantrcH, with Mrs. Charles Can: trell 'assisting.'-' '·. · -. , : Election of officers was held wilh Barbara Bruhlz i.amed president: Bernl^ce Cantrell,'.vice ipresidcnl; Betty Bnsl, sccretaryj and,-Ruth Woods, treasurer.. 'V Exchange of .Chrislmus'gitls was held, .reveiling this year's secret aU;. New names were drawG^for secret pals-for',1956. · - . · ^ -.-',.'' ' Mr. 1 a n d ' Mrs.. Kenneth' Mackcy, Keith and Kathy.had theirifamily party Christmas -eve.'..Their ,'guo'sls wefe Sir..ami Mrs.-Melvin Mackey and .children'- of . Eaton;.' and Mr. and : Mrs.' Bob Snidow.'and -Po' s y' of'Greeley. ; '·'' . -': . · · : T h e - w o m e r i ' o t i t h e Barneiville club served at the sale on Dec.'. 20 [or A r t Lester...' . - " . . . - . ·Retired Banker Dies. VISTA, ;CaliL -- Hbgcr-Stcffon; 63, retired New York City banker, former operations director at tlie White House and; one-time owner of a'-daily'newspaper in Durham N.' C:,'died-Tuesday. · = ' Lloyd Says UN LONDON .Ml --.'Foreign;;Secre; taryV'Selwyn-Lloyd said iTuesday meetings of the^XJnited'Nations often .take-too fniich,,tirhe'.\ But he defended the world body'as indispensable to world peace/ ;. .-.·''.. - In his first public speech as head of the British Foreign Office, Lloyd told-a convention of'school children: , . ' , ' . , .'.. ·· ; ; "Certainly, (the United Nations! has its faults. I think its'sessions last much too long. Matters are Weld County :Real; ,. Estate .Transfe'rjs- / /' R«vf n'ii' ·tiim'p* on rial eV s .·tit* trjin'aferi'ar* 'aMH« rat* of 11.10 per thousand./^.; . '._ i rhent .epdowed · with -the necessary authority', is the*, only,'way- to pro- mote.peace'.'. 1 ;;'."" ·;?..'"' :( x'i : A"V'! ! He added'that. ,"h : .:wouid ; take many years to'give, that authority", to lhe_ United .Nations. : , I . ; .\0; ! i.(l^etmtt|r,'ii.!·;'·'Jl;H'. ; · Glcnh''R. and Florence N,' Kowe to Neil Fv'and y^aunela P/-Malone; Lots' : 1S,' and 17,\Block:«,CiU»h«« : Heights, Johnstbwrj,',*Rev.. ^*.J5. Su "' bri , , , . . . · · ubject, to Deed of Truit of'.Re* ird.'',-··' " j A ' . - r i .v.'-^.j'-;: v;·.'..-' . ' · · - - · · · · · ' · - frequently discussed which are not WfJnesdayV:D«. 28, 1955 ; GREELEV TRIBUNE; P«te I within'its'jurisdiction:;. .-.,..'' " ;' --^^^-^ -----^--' ' ' ' '- " " '" " " "' V'But what we haye'to.remember is that every other'rnethod oi try- ing'io.. preserve ,the' reace:of,the world.'hVs'fallcd.;'."'..-." .',',,-r.. 'V, *·'.'. {Lloyd 'was'/head; of :the British del eg at jiin' a I v the United . Na tidn s from 1952 to.1954. -:.·.,- i'^'.'Vij..; ;. : Lloyd v 'said-VIt'is 1 the policy:-of Iris goyernment-'and-all-parties^of this/country, Ih'a't 'a"'.world uskrui ' 3'Times-Fatter For . · ; . HEARTBURN Cerllfi«dUbor«torytf sis prove B«ll-ans tablets ncutrilfie' 3 tjmei''-*s m'uth ilomich acfdity [none minute us m'my leading dltttlive tableti. Get B«ll-m today lor the fastest kno»n'iellel. J5i, Lai Sde^DiiM ,,, TUf jn,'- 60,' general;Vs«rtUry',-jil( J Britain's .Transport", and :G-eb*r»l. Workers Union, which hits'- -- ~' members,- died "Tuesday., v ' ' : -Bright'* Fish Market- 1220 '4th.'Ave.'" 'FRE»H SEA ! 'FOpD.8 .OF- XLU'/KINPti ,hwi»; : 2»* ;.-2 : ·'· '... And, as "the s*nds run out" on '55, tht members of our bank's staff, want you to know. 'their unanimous resolution: To help make 1956 a happy, prosperous year for you and yburi, We want, you to always ft«I thit : . ^ o u r SUCCESS depends on YOUR SUCCESS. THE FIRST NATIONAL BAMK · . 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