Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 28, 1955 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1955
Page 2
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Tiny Tots in Pageant Th« manner tcen« fro'rn tht pageant of The birth of Cliriit, prennltd by the Stvcnlh D»y Adventist church Friday night, ii.ihovyn above. Th* cradle roll youngsters, all under 4 y«ari of aye, depicting the shepherds, wilt m*n ar^d angtls, ar«, fert to right: St«v«n Nelson, D»ryl ^»ukircS ( Hilly Piki.Trtna Niukirch, Sandra Scht|F*r ( L a r r y Dupper, Diryl Bohl«nd«r, Da Nial Loreni and EarEtn* Oupptr. Tht wondering babe In th« m«ng*r is DougUi Loreni, ten of Mr. and Mrs, Virgil Lerenz · of Gilerett. The Christmas pageant was in *Ight ic«nes.--Photo by Carlisle Studie. The earth loxlillion tons. about six FOR RENT AMing MM!HMS Only O.Uv per month 3 months rrnlal may be applied on purchase 820 Tmlh 81. Federal Range Code Is Revised WASHINGTON Wl -- Underscore; tary ot the Inferior Clarence A. Davis announced Tuesday Ihe first revision nf (lie federal range code since 1949 will become effective i. 22 for western Taylor grazing districts. The revised regulalion. 1 ; apply lo the.59 grazing districts set up in 10 western stales under provisions of the Taylor AcE, enacted by Congress in 1931. Approximately 160 million acres of federal range lands are used hy nearly 20,000 livestock growers in; 10 western states. Davis said t h a t between now and ·Jfin. 22 suggestions and objections concerning Ihe revised code may, be sent Eo .(lie Bureau of I^and Management ( B L M ) here. BLM Director Edward Woozley said the revisions arc fnr t h e primary, general purposes of improving administration and use of the federal range lands, He added that they have hcui reviewed by the district and state advisory boards and the N n l i o n a l Advisory Hoard Council lor Grazing. Wooiley said Ihe -changes wer designed lo: 1. Correct inequities and riis 2. Recognize p rue I ices in aclna use but not herclofore'pnwided fo in Ihe regulations. 3. Clarifying ambiguous or un clear provisions. 4. Simplify certain language. 5. Consolidate and rearrange re lateri provisions Into more logica 6. Take cognizance of recen BLM reorganizations and -delega lions of authority. Scouts of Order of the rrow Hold Ceremonial f Fort Collins Sal. · , ; Boy Scoutsi whg are part o( the rtfer of the Arrow of Long's Peak ouncil, held an impressive ccrc- ionial meeting Saturday night at ie Ram's roqm of Lamb's cafe i"Fort Collins! §couls, who are the best camp* rs in His various troops anil who aye spent al least IS d a y s . a n d tghfs camping, are. eligible to Action b y , llieir Scout Iroops. hose selected then.become mem- ers of the select Order of the \rrow which convenes once ^ Christmastime, and for a brief amporee in July. Seventy-eight icw members joined this last ·ear. Special recognition was given Iqward Higby of Crccley, their eatler, who soon leaves to take up Scout duties' in Columbia, Mo. The Grccley group made ar- angcmenls for (he opening cere' mony and grace, After a turkey dipner, the hew officers were in stilled. Special program of the eve irtg was brought by Dick am Irene Hiddl^. Biridle accompanied group of Explorer Scouts int Ihe Dome Peak-Mount Zirkle wil crnfss ares and has constructed slitte program, with taped com- enlary and musical background, rs. Biddlc played Christmas ic on Ihe Hammond Organ nd eang folk songs. . ^ '· ' Those attending, from Greeley ere; Duane B a c h m a n ; Andy Blst- ne/Paul R rimers, Alfred Hokin- on, Jim Slrohauer and C. T. Mc- lothlen, who will be next year's ecrclary. An unusual Indian ceremony, reeling the legenfl of the arrow dramatized by Fort Collins hd Greeley Scouts in an entirely immvd room lighted only by i mul a ted campfire, Indian dances vere executed to d r u m rhythm, icouts were present from Laranie, Cheyenne, Brush, Sterling, *ort Collins, Boulder, Johnstown nd Grccley. Next outstanding activity for J.he .\OTICK TO cit Ko. 7525 KKt;M* of f l A I . K 'McCOMUS. fl.V. A L H D. AlcCOMBS, ami . PA lVIti^T McCOMRS. O r c e a j - F d , Notice l s - h e r e t i y given lliaf ? 12th Any ot December 1965. Let tera If-slamemr.ry were tanned Ihe u n d c r a l H n e i l a* exctuto'r I h r A b o v e n a m e d n u l a t a a ml lieraons h a v i n g claims aga1ii*t. , e s t a t e are r e q u i r e d to (\]t t h e m oH-anct In lh« C o u n t y C o u r t 1d C o u n t y , CMorpcio w i t h i n n t h f ' from s a i d ' d a t e or J i n ^ %vHI be forever Uarred. II. A. .lACOPSOX', Thfl f i r e c h : y N a t i o n a l B a n k , H. A. K e l l y a n d C l a y l n n A t t n r n t y i ! n t Law -nl N a t i o n a l flaii tteJey. cjo]oL-alo. c. H, 2 1 / e S . lOfiA. Trusl Office Mfl'ICJK '\'t C U K I U J O U S NIL 7 6 3 4 K c l f t t * of J U S S E A. .V1CKS, Dt- censed, X o t f r e In hereby R i v e n Hint O M t h e Slli "ay «f December 1055. lein-r* T £ « t R m e n t » r y w*re . Insiirrt lo the m i i l r r s l f r n f r l as K x t u u L H x of the MHIVC n a n i e i l eataU u n d ' a l l persons h n v i i i ^ i-lufnis a K a l n a t anlil e n l a f f *re r«C|iilr"erj in f[l« t h e m for alHiv- n n r ^ In i h n County Court of \V*ld ,'OMttly, (Colorado x v l t l i l i i six irio/ilh? rom n ^ H d a t e " o r **\d clalnui will e forever b a r r e d . ' '- ' R U T H A. NTCKS, hihf.rt n. U'atilo, .Tr. A L l o t n e y . Hrr. 7, H, 2 I ( 28. 1S55. o( th Let a Johns-iManvillc cxp^rl I n s u l a t e yonr'-home agninsl Winlcr Cold Bnd Summer lleall Call for A Tree KstlmMe Earl F. Douglass Approyed John t-M anvil I e Contractor J 3 L 4 15lh SI. Phone 1618 . Nolle* is Iiorehy R i v e n H i R t I t h ilny i»f U^femberl H5, L'f s t a i n e n t a r y wer a Issneil mrtfrr si pnril BR Kier.nlor aliovn nniiiEd e a l n l r ) n u f l «!1 a v i i i t c claims RiTilTisL *nlrt f » t M e ra r e q u l r p r t t o f i l e l h « m f o r u l l n w n f f t hi t h e C o u n t y Oon'ri at 1 w « W u t i l i t y , OoJormJci \vlllilr\ sir morilhR I'om *ali1 da If- »r saLiI claims wIU e f o r e v e r b n r r e i l , F L O Y D MKIUUMj. AT.nO A N D W A L D O - tli . - Creelcy Uull'llnsr · ··; (ir'eeter. CoAra«lo.."/ - iiKTF-.iiMuvX'rr'o.v l y C o N r l , I n ! l rwfc*l No. 7542 ' . .S'L'ATK OP COT.ORAIX). » C o n i i l y of Welrt · ) ' . . the M M I e r «f I h r TCFlalft A K T I U T I l N'. roIIKC;. · Dcueaaeil. IS H K J t K B Y ( S L V K N TliRt on Monilay. t h « ' 6lh d n y ~* t-'ebrunrj 1 , A. D. 1958," n r t h n hour cv 1ft n'clftck A. ST., of fialil 1 \\ny, aali C o u r t w i l l receive ' a n t ] h e a r iirrxif crmcernlnp; Ihe heirs 'of i n M A r i h u N. You DR. a l ^ o k n o w n K B A. N VrnriK. Oor^A^fiil, p u r H i i a n t . I n t h v f e r l f l f ! p b t H U i n of I.pnna J » e k n i a r A d m l n l s t r A t r l x . nf th'e n h n v e e n t i t l e ^ H i n i n *n\ RR h r l r n t \nw liolpK dVcP«se1, h e r f i n t o r n f i l e d liereli nf until K u l a t i , And f r o m T-'hlch ' I.eonn n i f k t n a n . I«17 llh Ave,, ".GrrHey, Colorado^ D iC n B h t * r, A d u l t llai^l A. Schwalm, ntso knrnvn nt' H a i H K n h w a l r n , J o h n Etc wr Colombo. p ^ i i R h l e r , A J u l L Harold Vniitis, SR12 ^lead' S t r e e t , D e n v e r , C o l o r a d o , Son "Adult Pawl' Tc"inK. 9l 'i n «6 * Pe»rr°stre(V Colorndo, Son, Adult o£ aalrt Arthur X, YOun Denver, rfl l^ir lec«n»ed NOW, p f f o n s heirs a RH, Any an who nre or ivho rUlm tn 1 £ *Md Arthur " of (red In lie * ilde . I h e . de C o u r t Iher^on. N W1TNIC.SS \ V H E R K O ' I hay ·Mint6 net my linril n n d t u n M Court, rtnt'erl n t f Colorado. Mils 13th \\iy of Decerh her. A. D, 1565. (EEAI.) / R. T. 9 H A K L E H . Clftrk nC Ihe CoutHy Cour By A. B, SHAKL.EK, Son 1h fir ^ a A l l o r n r j F . lire. 21, 3D, Ponlh»r1 r ATTENTION GREELEY CITY SUBSCRIBERS Your Tribune newspaperboy will be collecting this week. We would appreciate it very much if you would pay him up to January 1st ONLY. We are selling our city.circulation to the boys starting' the first of the year. They will take complete charge of fheir routes; buying their papers from us and selling, 'delivering and collecting from you, their customers. Your cooperation in this change will be very much, appreciated. If you have any questions please call us. Phone 3. CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Th* Greeley Daily Tribune Orclpr ol the Arrow' will be an Ex- ilorer's ball on Jan. 7- al the Mti- norial building on the University if Colorado campus. YOUH 'RECEIPTS SAVE $10 total EntiHci You to ' $1.00 in Trade FRIE! 1-- HOUR MART1NIZING "Tbe .Most In Dry Cleaning" 1527 Blh Avc. )earmin Found Sane V.N. ' . ' i _ · _ _ _, , * · - · DENVER '«! ·-- Doctors 'at Colp- rado · Psycho'pathic · Hospital said Tuesday they' found Robert M. Dcarmin, 21-ycar-oM accused slay :r ( sane i n ^ a scries oE exninina- ioiis-las'ling'(ive'jveeVs. ' ·Dearmin will be tried in District Con'rt al Brighton in January or February on a. charge b( shooting llubcrl . Hahn. 27, a Denver Symphony-musician, to deatl}-. on a lonely road last Sept. - 22. Hahn's companion, Joyce Daniel; We 2 GKKE1.-EY TRIBUNE .D«: 28, 1955; ion, 23, was_shot In Ihe shoulder and. beaten --by- a man she said entered H»hn's automobile as (hey cat butiide .their rooming House. · Pearmin h a s ' pleaded . innocent arid innocent by reason.of sanity; OJdcr Cars.Increase.'.. NEW Y011K--It is rstimated th«t thore are about 3,006,W p«ssenfi«r aulomobiles 4 to 9 years old btin* Irlven in the Unjled SUt« today compifed with' 18.600,000 la thit age grow pa j'ear ago. ., ,.. . W I N T E R T E R M Begin. Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1956 Greeley Commercial College 804Vi 9*h Sti ! ' hon«63-W TV SERVICE CALLS ALU M A K E S DAY OR f4IGHT Ph. 4158 Century Radio, anrt Tejevisinn Ph. 415? G25 8 t h . Ave. Radio Repair, and TV Rental* * Member of Rock; Mountain ·\ Radio ant* Televlilon Technician!, Inc. · · TRENCHING., All Types Water Line* Gas Line* Sewer Line* Irrigation Ditch Cleaning FREE 'Estimate* Gladly Given SQUIBB'S Plumbing Healinj; 823 I G f h St., Ph. 71 Shawnee Scout "70" Starts Selected Group WATCH BANDS (Men's rfnd Ladies') Regular-to 12.95 .'1.991 V DRASTIC REDUCTIONS in ALL departments f SALB PRICK, of? *m. FOR THIS SALE ONLY ALL RONSON LIGHTERS 40% OFF THURSDAY ONLY Ail Costume a nly OneidarCommuniiy Silverplate Open Sfpck Price $60.40 Special Price 85 Sorry, HO Telephone or Mail Orders : Thursday-Friday-Saturday V · * * ARGUS 75 $15.95 GENERAL ELECTRIC TOASTERS Regular 19.95 Now LUGGAGE . - At j; FLOOR 'SAMPLES . ·Sets'of train Cases . ... Two Suiters O'NJghls . . .Men's and Ladies' Selected Assortment GENERAL ELECTRIC. TELECHRON and WESTCLOX CLOCKS 25°/t 0 OFF PRICE 806 8(h S(. ' NO DOWN PAYMENT Weekly Terms No Carrying Charge THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY ONLY

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