Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1973 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1973
Page 8
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8 GKEELKY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Sat., April 21,1973 HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE Quinn has much to say in books By NANCY ANDERSON Copley News Service HOLLYWOOD - Anthony Quinn came in from the golf course where he'd been learning to drive (not with a golf club but with a golf cart for a scene in the Hal Wallis picture "The Don Is Dead") and submitted himself to questioning. It went this way: Q.: Mr. Quinn, your autobiography, "The Original Sin," is a best seller, but it only covers your first 21 years. How many more books will you have to write to cover the most interesting aspects your life to date? A.: Well, I have about four books done. I hope I'll be through with the autobiographical nonsense with three more books. Actually, I started the second book now, and I'm up to page about 500 or 600, and I've only covered up to 1952, so. ... Q.: Which volume is going to be the most interesting? A.: That's difficult. I think interestingly. ... I think the first book, "The Original Sin," was very revealing. I think it's a much better book than people -- you know -- I don't think people want to hear the actor, his fable, kind of destroyed. On its level of importance, I think "The Original Sin" had something interesting to say. I hope I have as much to say in the next few volumes. It will take about four more books to get the complete statement made. Q.: How long did it take you to write "The Original Sin?" A.: Well, I actually wrote four books before I wrote it. I have a book just on the experience in "Zorba." I have a whole book. Each picture is a whole life unto itself. I could write a whole book about "Lawrence of Arabia," I could write a whole book about "Lust for Life." Each picture could be a book, especially where the characters have affected me. I'm doing a picture now, my next one, about this very thing. My next picture is about a man who goes to Mexico to play Pancho Villa, and it's the effect the character, Villa, lias upon the actor. In a sense it's almost -- not autobiographical -- but in a sense it's saying what I know, that characters have such an effect upon me and my life that I can find almost a whole book in each character. The main characters, the, important characters I've played like in "Requiem for a Heavyweight," like in "Lust for Life," like in "Lawrence of Arabia," "The Pope" certainly, they affected my life. I guess I'll quit writing about myself when I feel I've made the complete statement. As I said, I've got four books already written. I'm now writing my next one. It's called "Mamma Borgia" and it's about a woman who had a tremendous influence upon my life. She just passed away at 83 years old. She was kind of a fortune teller and an adviser to people in all walks of life. So that's my next book. Q.: Of the characters you've played, which one has GREAT LUNCHES BEAUTIFUL FASHIONS MONDAYS 12 NOON- 1:30 P.M. Select your lunch from our menu or our daily special, either way you're in for a pleasant surprise. All fashions are in the latest styles from J. V. Smith's. THI MILESTONES In The Boiler Room Appearing Tuesday thru Saturday, 9"It ^ J^eager COCKTAIL LOUNGE AND RESTAURANT 822 9th St. 353-547* "Some say our Pizzas are egg shape" . . . Come see for yourself enjoy a nice relaxing evening or Carry Out Delivery had the strongest influence upon your personal life and character? A.: "Zorba." I think "Zorba" has had the greatest effect on me. He was a man who didn't live by the rules, and I tend to think he was right. I think rules were made for ... ( a reflective silence). Q.: Did you live by the rules before you played "Zorba?" A.: (Laughing.) I've always tried to live Just a little outside of the rules! Q.: Is there anyone whose skin you'd like to try on whom you haven't done yet in a picture? A.: Yes, yes, yes..There's a man named Henri Christophe. He was a black man and the emperor of Haiti. Q.: Do you think, since he was black and you are not, it will be more difficult to get into his skin? A.: No, I don't think so. No. Because it's still a problem of leadership, and something I'd like to investigate. Again, it's a character with great responsibility. Color is only skin deep. I think that inside most men are alike. So I think that color is not a problem. Q.: Some of the black community might disagree, because I understand you are already getting a little static.... A.: Not a little! I'm getting a lot. A lot of static. And it might be that I may give in to it. When I really come up to bat. It will depend on where we are politically and emotionally at that time. If I feel that it's best for the black community to have a black actor in the role, I'll step aside. I think they need all the help they can get, and I don't want to get in the way. If a year from now things haven't improved for the community and they haven't progressed and that we haven't helped them to progress, I think I'll step aside and give it to a black actor. Elaine May to film 'Mikey and Nicky' Elaine May will produce and direct her own original screenplay entitled "Mikey and Nicky" for Paramount Pictures, it was announced today by Robert Evans, Paramount Executive Vice-President in Charge of World-Wide Production. "Mickey and Nicky" will star Peter Falk and John Cassavetes in the title roles. The film is the story of the relationship of two men in the underworld, one the intended victim of a "Hit," who is aware that he is slated to die, and the other, a trusted friend, who may or may not be able to help him. Falk and Cassavetes previously acted together in "Husbands". The film marks the third directorial assignment for Elaine May, the first two films being "A New Leaf," for Paramount Pictures, and "The Heartbreak Kid". Filming of "Mikey and Nicky" is scheduled to start in June, 1973. RARE BUTTERFLY FACING DANCER OF EXTINCTION The rarity of Britain's Large Blue has encouraged collectors to net the few specimens slill at large and it is feared it will become extinct unless protected by legislation. The strange life-style of the butterfly accounts for some of the difficulty in protecting it - while a caterpillar it feeds only off wild thyme, then it is adopted by red ants and is taken into their colony where it feeds off (he anfs' larvae. EASTER GREETINGS FROM GREELEY PUTT-PUTT Help Us Celebrate Easter and Our Grand Opening for this season Bring In This Egg PUTfPUTT" OOU COUtHf J^. um*x*touu^^f-^^^ am? Amrtuprflanj 2420 So. 8th Ave. "FREE PAST Present this egg and play one free game of Putt-Putt (18 Holes); or play two games for 50 cents; or play k three games for 75 cents, Limit 1 per person ^expires 5/1/73, Mnkf. m-ir /nYm/s, I'ltiyiiiff Pull-Putt 353-2748 CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY.., British abuses bring reaction Revolution and Evolution The Bicentennial Years May S through May 12 Editor's Note: This is one in a series of weekly columns recalling events in the history of the nation, and of the world, 200, 150 and 100 years ago. Copley News Service 1773 -- At a town meeting in Boston's Faneuil Hall, with more than 400 attending, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Gushing and William Phillips are appointed as a committee of the General Assembly to prepare instructions for the representatives on the "black catalog of abuses" in legislation and taxation stemming from Great Britain, and on the "corrupt influences ... to impoverish, weaken and enslave us." John Winthrop, an astronomer and mathematician, receives the first honorary LL.D. degree to be granted by Harvard College. For many years a professor at Harvard, whose presidency he has twice declined, he is accounted one of the leading scientists in America, and exerted considerable influence on the scientific activities of Benjamin Franklin. 1823 -- The "Virginia^ becomes the first steamboat to complete the 729rpiil« voyage up the Mississippi River, arriving after, 20 days at Fort Snelling, near St. Paul, Minn. Since, ^820, a permanent settlement had existed at Fort Srielflng, which became the northern terminus for the river steamboats. A notable American play of the period, "Clad, or -.The Maid of Milan," by -John Howard Payne, is presented both in New York ancTJaon- don. It includes the-swig, "Home, Sweet Home.'^with words by Payne and music by Henry Bishop,.:$ind destined to become a classic ballad. Payne, a native of New York, where he?became an actor, was-the-author of about 60 plays. · James Fenimore Cooper .has two best-selling novels: in the shops, "The Pilot," a sea story, and "The Pioneers," the first of his five Leatherstocking Tales,: to include "The Last of 'the Mohicans" (1826), "The Prairie," (1827), "The Pathfinder" (1840) and "The Deerslayer" (also 1840). Poet Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1875. Starting China four Actress Shirley Maclaine turns and waves just before crossing the covered border bridge, rear, into China Friday. Miss Maclaine with a group of 10 women and a 12-year-old girl, is on a three-week tour at the invitation of the Chinese government. (AP Wirephoto via cable from Hong Kong) DRIVE: IN T H E A T R E 2930 S nth Ave Open at 7 : 0 0 Show at 7 30 SI SO Adults Children Under 12 Free Real life super cops signed for movie roles Lobster yield The real New York super cops, Dave Greenberg and Bob BOSTON -- Despite large increases in the number of lobster fishermen, the yield of inshore fisheries has not in- Greenberg and Hantz were creased above an average of 22 promoted to detectives in to 29 million pounds a year over effort and The University of New Brunswick offered Canada's first engineering course in 1854. Hills!! 1 ! Mill . Between Woolco and Purr's Hantz, have been signed by February of 1972 when Police the past 20 years, producer William Belasco as Commissioner Patrick V. technical advisors on Metro- Murphy commended them for Goldwyn-Mayer's "The Super " i m a g i n a t i o n , Cops." bravery." Ron Leibman stars as Greenberg and David Selby as Hantz in the film which Gordon Parks begins directing Monday in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn where Greenberg and Hant's exciting and often humorous exploits caused them to be nicknamed "Batman" and "Robin" by the local citizenry, the press and fellow officers. "The Super Cops" is Ihe true story of two cops who wore uniforms to make it legal but had to write their own rules for crushing crime in New York. "No one could assist technically as well as the two cops who made 600 arrests with a 93 per cent conviction rate vs. five per cent for the entire New York Police force," Belasco said. "They were actually on duty in Bedford-Stuyvesant for three years which is experience IWMMOUNI nausts TM« invaluable to us," he added. Franco ZCFFireLU HIS FIRST FILM SINCE "ROMEO IULIET" Tonight Tomorrow SOYLENT GREEN People need it... inth«year2O22."-. MEIROCOLOR i PANAVISION* i [PGl ««©.i 1 PRODUCTION MICHAELCmCHTON -ANDROMEDA STRAIN A UNIVERSAL PICTURE -TECHNICOLOR' PANAVISION' (iRl^s... '" A MOTION PICTURE THAT CELEBRATES THE TIMELESS IOYOF ORIGINAL INNOCENCE. Sunfish prolific KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Fish are very prolific. For example, a pair of walleyes may produce 50,000 offspring in a season. Bluegill, bass, crappie and other members of the sunfish family produce young at the rate of 5,000 to 50,000 a year. "BroTHersun sisTerivioorr [PG] i© TECHNICOLOR" PANAVISION" A PARAMOUNT PICTURE Box Office Opens at 6:30, Showtime 7 and 9 ·± ^ 0) 0) Q) 8 ^ '5«s C ^L D S S 55 g a B! i s s M i a in « U) 0i 31 r .2 CO UJ * JS £2 S2 a "~ i^" a CB A Happy Easter AT THE RAM ADA IN Hwy. 85, Evans Easter Sunday Serving 11 am-6 pm Reservations Accepted Phone 353-5900 EASTER EGG HUNT FOR THE CHILDREN EASTER SUNDAY MENU Super Salad with Relish Dish CHOICE OF ENTREE: Colorado Prime Rib au jus 4.95 Roast Turkey Dinner with dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce 3.95 Choice Tender Fillets MENU FOR EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 11 ^ Baked Virginia Ham with Purr's K I L 2 2 / special Sauce ' Roast Prime Ribs of beef, au jus ' a generous cut of aged beef. ' , ,,,, , Jalapeno Dressing T ' Green Peas in Cream Sauce ?, 5t Sweet Slaw 24c Purr's Fresh Fruit Salad 25t Yellow Cake with Fudge Ic'ina I Raspberry Ribbon Pie , 30y i

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