Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 13, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1961
Page 7
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Mon., Nov. 13, 1961 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 7 Ashton 4-H er Cops Grand Champ Trophy At Eaton Saturday EATON--Gary Bcrnhardl, Asli- Delvin Kohltr. P'atle Valley FKA; ton 4-H, copped [he coveted grani . champion trophy in the fat bee division o f I h e 13lh annual Ealo Ultle International livestock show Saturday niglit. Larry Lind of the Windsor FF ran him close competition (o na down reserve champion honors. Harold Helzer of Iho Eaton. FF^ chapter was named grand cliamp ton senior showman. Helzcr wa assistant show manager. Sandi Dallon of Boxeldcr 4-H won gran champion junior showman honors Barbara Roth Is Ouaan Highlighting Saturday night ac livities was the crowning of Bar bara Kolh as show queen. Th pretty Ealon High School scniu will reign'as Ea'.on FFA chap[! sweellicart for the remainder Iho year. Her attendants were: Shirk Schwartz, junior; Linda Bicklin sophomore, and · Helen Payne freshman. ' A lotal of 200 entries from 2 4-H clubs and FFA ctaplcrs [ron all over northern Colorado mad (his year's show the best ever. .· Dick Anderson; Eaton senior headed up the event as manager .'Students acting as clerks were Gary Bernhardt, beef; Joe Dilka sheep; John Busch, hogs, Dave Diclz, dairy. ··Wally Peterson, CSU herdsman judged the beef competition. Sheep dominated the compel lion with 135 entries. Eighty swine 50 fat beef, 25 breeding beef an 13 dairy animals rounded out th show. IliH FFA Mast Tot.l Points lliff FFA chapter walked o! wilh the trophy for compiling Ih most total points, lliff is locate nine miles northeast of Sterling Entries came from all ove \Veld County as well as froi Cheyenne, Laramie, Sterling, Be thoud. Brush, Longmonl, Merin and Hillside. EATON -- Competition wa tough in all classes during th. IJth annual Little Internationa Livestock Show in Ealon Salur day. Following is a list of winners i all divisions. Winners are lis;ec first, second and third in tha order. JWINE : ·Rarkshira §itt«' (after May 1 Jerry Flot, Platfe Valley FFA No Down Payment on your purchases during the CLOSE OUT SALE it the Colorado Furniture Co. SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY AT 9:0(1 A.M. (HARP 623 8th Avenue Ken Cutller, Eaton FFA. Barkshlr« gilts (Feb. 1 to April 30): Doug Gecrdes, Plalle Valley Ron Pappenheim, Eaton FFAJ Arnold Naibauer, Merino FFA. . - 6arkshir« towt: Flot; Tom Pyte, lliff FFA; Naibauer. Karkshirt |unlw boari (after Teh. 1): Kohler; Naibauer; is'ai- auer. Gratlas Kad tha champion Bark- shirt brttding twin* and Kohkr lad tha rasarvt champion. Othar. ,Maat Braadi Junior giKs: Art Swcazy, Cheyenne East FFA; Dick Debus, iliff FFA; Raymond Horst, Windsor FFA. · Straw jiits: Allen Peters, Plaltc /alley FFA; Peters; Joe Dolan, .lliff FFA. Junior boar i: Phillip Baker, Longmpnt FFA; Sweazy; Debus. Swaaiy Kad tha champion braad- g swina *nd Paters the rasarve champion. Bacon Brio's Sows--Yorkshire: Marvin Storm, longmont KFA; Allen Reynolds, Eaton FFA. Storm «nd Reynolds had tha champion and reserve champion respectively in the Yorkshire xoeding swine. Fat barrows (fMavy): Ron Pap- p^nheim, Ealon FFA; Eldon Weiss, Brush FFA; Horst. Greedes was named champion swine showman and Bill Ware of Chayenne East wai junior man. SHEEP Hampshire, awa Iambi: Glenn Peterson, Ealon FFA; Bob Winslow"; Hillsdale, Wyo., FFA: Charles Bass, Ealon FFA. Yearling Hampshire ewes: Ron Yearling Hampshire ewes: Ron Bellendir, Illiff FFA; Winslow Winslow. Hampshire ewas: Bass, 1st and 2nd. Hampshire weeding animal and Wlntlow tne rtsarve champion. ram lambs: Gene Waite, llilf FFA; Carolyn Boh lender, Beebc-Drnw 4-H; Scotte Huey, Ilift FFA. Yearling Hampshire ram: Jer- Hillsdale, .Wyo yaarltflg ram»i Fergu- fad ram«: J. 0. Mui'phy, Windsor FKA. McDwwM had tha champlan urphy hSa r«*arw cnampian. CHUr M*** Br«*Ji E«M Ufnfc»! Winslow; Lloyd Cashman, Cheyenne East FFA. «: Cashman; Casli- champion airy hehV tnat Swwxy HM r«- sarv* chajimailen, Brawn Swiss aalry e»» (5 years nd under): R. Klein; B. Klein. RkWd ami Barbara Khtin had Sa champkn and reserve cham- p4on dairy c»w« In. tfcat eraW. . Rkhard Klein was namad dairy l«awma«i with his sfst*r runnarup. yar was namad [untar dairy Ewes: Winslow. Cashman had tha Ewe Wool Bread: lambs: Gerald Zimmer- (light): Ross Sey- 4 - H ; , Debus; Mc- man, Cheyenne East FFA; Bob 'c'nninglon, Cheyenne East FFA; ilen Wilcox, Cheyenne East FFA. Yearling ewes: Kirk Jlartman, aramie; Zimmerman; Penning- on. Ewes: Zimmerman; Gary Denicy, Cheyenne East FFA. Ram Iambi: Hartman; Zimmerman; Pcnnington.. Yearling rams: Zimmerman.' Aged rams: Zimmerman; Pcn- nington; Murphy. Hartman had the champion animal and Zimmerman the reserve champion. Fat lambs Vied, Roggcn Donald. . Fal lambs (heavy): L i n d a recnwald, Severance 4-H; Debus; McDonald. Champion sheep showman was Jerry McWIIilams of Hillsdale, Wye. Kirk HarHman was reserve champion. Seyfried took junior showman honors. FAT BEEF Hereford Light: Becky Dalton, Bon Elder 4-H; Sandie Dalton, Box . Elder 4-H; Larry Lind, Windsor FFA, Medium: Steve Gienwald, Severance 4-H; Elaine Fohrenbrdch, Crow Creek 4-H; Ken Carlson Windsor FFA. Heavy: Gary Bernhardt, Ash- 'remier Salazar Wins Portugal *arliament Sun. By HAROLD K. MILKS Comrhunisls and other anti-Sala- ar groups for demonstrations in IB slrecls. nidi police and. Jte- ublican guards massed to quell emonstrations -- but none ap- scared. How many Assist. Coach Named for U.S. Alpine Ski Team BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -- Fret! Ncuberger, 36, dean of admissions at Middlebury College in Vermont was nairwd Sunday assistant coach of Ihc U.S. national alpine ski squad. Tile appoinlmcnl was made by volers cast blank Dr. Amos (Dud) Little of Helena, ry McWiHiams, FFA; Bellendir. Aood Hampttvir. lamlx: McWil liams; Tom Mertens, New Ray mer FFA; Rus r Cook, Platle Val ley FFA.., McWMIIams had tha championship in Hte.breaJing sheep division and Bass teak rasarve champion SoutMawn ewe lambs: Bryan McDonald, Eaton FFA; Debus; Linda Greenwald, Severance 4-H. Southdewn yearling ewae: Kathleen Armes, Evans 4-H. Soufhaawn ewes: Debus; Walter Ferguson, Cheyenne East FFA. SoutnoWn ram lambs: McDonald; Ken Carlson, Windsor FFA; Armes. :on 4-H; Roxy Fahrerbruch, Crow -reek 4-H; Keilh Wicdman, Severance 4-H. Misc. Dalton had the champion Hereford st«*r and B«rnhardt th« reserve champion. Angus Light: Sandie Dallon, Box Elder 4-H; Walter Ferguson, Cheyenne East FFA; Loretta Mathias, Ashton 4-H. Medium: Bernhardt; Lind; Becky Dalton. Heavy: Dave Mathias, Ashton 4-H; Robert Winter, Eaton FFA Warren Miller, Ealon FFA. Bonthar* had tne champion Angus e**r ami Lind me. resorve champion. ·' , Shorthorn -Medium: Delvin Kohler, Plait 'allots in protest apparently will not be revealed. Officials said aft- r Ihc polls closed Ihey would nly be able (o give a compari- on of the number of voles cast vith-Ihe list of registered voters n each reporting area. Salazar supporters had raigned for at least a million ·otes for his candidates against a total list of jusl 1.3 million rcg- stererf voters. Interior Ministry fficials . said they expected lo "cunt between 900,000 and a mil- favorable votes for the slate hat could not lose. The minislcrof the interior, Dr. Alfredo Rodrigucs dos Sanlo Jr., cportcd two scattered incidents. He said one man was killed Sat- irday night in pre-eleclion disor- lers at Almada, an · opposition Ironghold, when a group of men ried to attack a police slalion. He reported opposilion groups n Grandola Sunday tried lo mass children in fronl of a police, sta- ion to prevent volers entering Ihe polling booth there. LISBON, Portugal (AP) - TheJHoad beat Earl Buccholz and Tra-| 'orluguesc voted Sunday for Ihc bert. nopposed parliamcnlary slate of Premier Anlonio Salazar, and the; ovcrnmenl claimed 80 per cent f Ihc eligible volers lurncd oul n Ihe face of opposition calls for boycott of Ihe polls. The election created lillle ex- ilement, despile Ihe appeals of Valley FFA; Lorelta MalHias Ashton 4-H; Debus. Heavy: Mathias; Lind; Glei Stencil, Ashlon 4-H. David MaHlias had me cKam p»on i the rosarve'champion. BREEDING BEEF Hereford heifer' caK: Ar SUPPUES EL 2-4866 Day or Niqht » ·ascription 'HARMACY 811 N I N T H ST. : - O R E E L E Y , C O L O . BE PREPARED WINTER WILL SOON BE HERE BATTERIES SQ95 ALL 1N STOCK 12-V Exchange 6-V Exchanga $13.95 TWO Y E A R GUARANTEE ANTI-FREEZE $169 Not Installed RAPP'S GAS * 2601 10th St * 2445 ftth Ave. .Vcmr U. S. Royal Tire litllery iJistrihuior Sweazy, Cheyenne Easl FFA; Jim Young, Greeley FFA. Hereford junior heifer: Jim Gies, Ealon FFA; Debus. Hereferd senior heifer: Debus. Debus had the champion ind Sweaty the .reserve cham- ion. Angus heifer ciH: Jim Sterkel Berthoud FFA; Weiss; Jim Luff Sterling FFA.' Angus junior heifer: Bernhardt Jack Schneider, Eaton FFA; Ron Ehrlich, Windsor Ag 4-H. Angus senior heifers: Ehrlich Bernhardt had tha champion Angus haifar and Ehrlkh.tna re serve champion. Shorthorn- heifer caH: Allen Schnorr, Windsor FFA; · Lorelto Mathias, Ashlon 4-H. Shorthorn junior heifer: Schnorr Schnorr had both the champion md reserve .champion Shorthorn Mtfer. Harold Kaiier was named graiv champion be*f snowman and Sax Dafton was junior ba* show man. DAIRY Kolsfein dairy heifer (under 3C months): Jerry Dyer, Galelon 4-H. Brown Swiss dairy honVr (un dcr 30 monlhs): Barbara Klein Kersey Busy Beavers; Hichari Klein, Kersey Busy Beavers. Jersey dairy heifer (under 3 months): Sweazy. Miss Klein had me champkx Aussies Take Kramer Cup JOHANNESBURG, Smith Africa (AP) -Australia, after trailing two matches lo one, beat Ihc United Slates 3-2 Sunday snd won Ihe Kramer Tennis Cup. · In Ihe deciding match, Auslra- Canan cily Abbey 12, Trinidad lia's Lew Hoad beat America's Holy Trinily 0 · Tony Traberl.6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-0. | Pueblo Catholic 40, Price Col Earlier during Ihe rain-marred \ ee njgh, Amarillo Colorado High School Football By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Denver St. Francis 12, Cokira- k Springs St. Mary's 6 tournament Australia's Ken nose- wall beat America's Barry MacKay, Rosewall. lost to Trauerl, Denver Cathedral postponed, snow 7 vs Mullen, College football teams still in Alabama smothered Richmond the running for the national title «-0. could \vs counted -on the lingers! Texas looks like a cinch [or the of one'-fend and the thumb of|Cqllon Bowl in Dallas andyAla- the other today as salvage crews bama likely will wind up Iff the combed the wreckage of another Sugar Howl at New Orleans. Their Denver St. Joseph's vs Machc- . Hoad lost lo MacKay and in Ihe'bciif, poslponcd,"snow only doubles match Rosewall and[ Denver Ml. Carmel vs Annunci- Mont., chairman of ihe Inlerna- lonal Competitions Committee of .he .National Ski Association. Bob Bcattie, Univcrsily of Colo rado ski coach, has headed the J.S. men and women's looms in raining iwar Boulder since Oct 15. The learns will compete in the world championships at Cliamo nix, France, in February. Neuberger, a native of Pills- ield, Mass., alsoi is women's sk. coach al Middicuury College. He will join. Hie American al- )ine squad about Nov. 30 when I departs for Geneva to begin European training. Beattie, also a graduate of Middlebury, called Ncubcrgcr's ap pointmenl "a great thing--he's an ixcellent coach and will be a big iclp lo me personally." ation, poslponcd, snow Denver Holy Family vs Regis, Toslponed, snow Saturday's Late College Football SOUTH Miami (Fla) 6, Tulanc 0 Florida Slalc 44, The Cilatlel 8 Kentucky Slate 31, Blue[k?ld WVa) 16 Alabama AvM 34, Dillard 22 MIDWEST Butler 30, Evansvillc 7 Baldwin Wallace 14, Findlay 8 Springfield (Mo) 15, Ca ardeau 0 SOUTHWEST Arizona 43, Idaho 7 Ariz St Univ 48, Tex. Western 28 McMurry 27, Hardin Simmon: Pro Basketball Leaders Fall Victim To Weekend Upsets By WILL GRIMSLEY- Associated Press Sports Writer string lo eight. Texas registered a 33-7 triumph over Baylor whils upset-punctured week-end. opiwsilion probably will bc=.;pi'o- The list would have to lie limit-vided by LSU and Mississippi, ed to Texas and Alabama, who 1 with le-emphasizcd Bulgers Hie and le-emphasizcd Bulgers are,'!''* *« °nl closes with last of Ihe major unboatonlAM- Alabama is host to untied elevens: unco-tied Ohio'E'a Tech Saturday and win ' rcsas P la ys Texas Chfistiin °nl closes with Texas Geor- ds up State, and a tough trio conlinu- wit1 ' Auburn, ing lo kick up a storm despite] Ohio Slale, tied by TCU in the earlier setbacks--Louisiana Stale, ; tirst game of Ihe season, had a Minnesota and Mississippi. |lough Ijnltlc with lircd-up Indiana Michigan Slate, Colorado, Gcor-: bu ' scrambled ilirough 16-7. M i n - ' gia Tech and Missouri, all mcm-| ncs °l ;1 lopped Iowa 16-9 for its bers of Ihe top len a week ago, sixl » triumph in a row. The Go- . saw their h o p e s auparcn.lly.l 1 }"!" lost their o|«nei- to Missou- cruslicd in upsets, which reached '"' Wou; and afflicted close to a dozen! It looks like a lossup between othci 1 favored teams. jthird-rankcd Ohio State aiKUMin- r i I Sixth-ranked Michigan 'Slale, nesola, No. 5 nationally, for Ihe tumbled from the No. 1 position B 'E Ten title. Minnesota has n by Minnesota the week before, lough game this week against dropped a squeaker lo Purdue 7-6. irur "Je and then plays Wisconsin. Colorado, No. 8, after seven, 01 TM Slal " faccs Oregon Saturday, straight "victories, bowed lo Utah then closes against Michigan. 2112. Georgia Tech, No. 9, lost lol Louisiana Stale and Mississippi PAR WF;T Tennessee 10-G. Missouri, No. lo, lbol ' are playing as if they're dc- c T « « D V ,r n , c f=l. before Oklahoma 7-0. tcimined lo grab football's'brass . San Jose St 29, Pacific (Cai) 2b . n . c ring should Texas and Alabama Fresno St 21, A b c n e Christ an 7 . . so " . )usl ,, , ol ' c f.ii ,.,,,, ,1,- .,,,,,.,.,,.,,, , mln ,i bifeger surprises as the. late sea- fal1 f l o m llle mcny-go-round. son iipscl epidemic marched on 1 - 50 - ranked fourth, smashed unabalcd. The Air Force, which Norlh Carolina 30-0. Mississippi, liad losl five of its seven games, |N °- 7. P'I«1 "P two touchdowns a thumped California 15-14 and fwiod in crashing Chattanooga Washington Slalc eked oul a vie- M -*- lsu I" 5 * a " early game to lory over Oregon 22-21. Duke had Ri TM, then a week ago upended By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National Association - Eastern Division :,;,; W. L. Pet. g.k Boston,._,,,., 6 1 .837 -Philadelphia. 6 4 .600.Hi Syracuse .,'.'. 4 6 . .400 314 New York'.;' 5 8 .385 4 Western Division Los Angeles 9 shorthorn sHar and Alien Lind «veral parts of the shattered missile from shallow water about 100 yards off the Cape. Experts studying the debris found Goliath's body in Us badly smashed metal capsule. Michigan Crash Kills'6. People ST. LOUIS; Mich. (API-- Two __ _ cars collided head-on in the rainl^ Francisco 3 4 oliath's Body Is Found Sunday CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- The' body of a liny squirre . . ,. , . - \jj|ji,iiuimi I monkey who died in an exploding s j Louis 5 missile was found Sunday in! wreckage dredged (rom the Atlantic Ocean. The H4 pound'primale, named Goliath,;"was in the · hose cone when an Atlas missile blew apart over the Cape Friday 30 seconds after it was launched on an intended 5,000-mile fllghj, A boat and skin'divers retrieved Willamette 53, Whitman 7 Campbell Takes Beaumont Champ BEAUMONT, Tex. (AP)-Cigar- chewing Joe Campbell played a ma si erf ul five-undcr-par 60 on the last lap Sunday that Rave him the $20,000 Beaumont Invitational Golf Tournament championship wilh a score of 277. The slumpy former Purdue Uni- versily basketball player, almost losl in the rush by big-name fa- voriles, made Ihe $2,800 Jackpol Ills firsl major lournamcnt victory since joining Ihe pro (our three years ago. Campbell prospered as the leaders of three previous days of play over the tree-lined, trap-intcstet Tyrrell Park Course suffered ci her on the greens or in the sand Bert Weaver, the Beaumont na ive and a strong sentimental a 30-9 rout of Navy, fresh from a Mississippi, riumph over Notre Dame. South The setbacks meted out to Colo- Carolina stunned Clemson 21-14; rado and Missouri brought. Kan- 29-10; Mississippi Stale lopped Au- Pdure. The burn 11-10, and Nebraska edged; 1 TMTMTM' Kansas Slate 34-0.-Tlic Iowa Stale 16-1.1. [Jayhawks, at California this vfcek, Texas and Alabama, jealously .have a season-closing dato: ; with defending their new-found Cincinnati Detroit. 2 .818 4 .636 2 7 .417 4V4 .7 .300 5'A Chicago :...'.'t 8 .500 614 ' Sunday Results Boslon 112, Chicago 96 Cincinnati 136, St. Louis 126 Saturday Results Boslon 128, Philadelphia 125 Syracuse 13S, New York 109 Cincinnati 117, Chicago 107 SI. Louis 132, Detroit 119 Monday Games Chicago at Los Angeles American League Eastern Division .W. L. Pet. G.B Pittsburgh 4 1 .800 -Cleveland '.. 3 2 .600 1 Chicago 3 4 .429 2 Washington 2 4 .333 214 Western Division Kansas City . 4 2 .667 Angeles 3 3 .500 on a Michigan highway shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday, killing six persons. The only survivor among the seven ocupanU;, of .Ihe two cars was Nanette Welch, 7. Split-Personality CHATTANOOGA (AP)--A prom- nent psychiatrist-neurologist says victims of schizophrenia, or split- pcrsonalily, may have physical as ivell as mental symptoms. In fact, said Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, it is possible hat the disease -- once thoughl lo LKJ wholly a menial or nervous disorder -- may be determined hrough an inborn error in metabolism. He said a serum traction from .he blood of schizophrenics hss }een found to produce .the same symptoms of personality change in normal human volunteers. Dr. Heath is professor and chairman of Ihe department of psychiatry and neurology at Tu- iane. USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS MONEY To Consolidate Bills You'll Ilk* th* way we do buiiims! Our contolidation loan plan 1 lops in convenience. PaymenU may be tpread over a long or short period, whichever you prefer, Loans up to $7SOO G.AC. FI1VA1VCE C O R P O R A T I O N F«rmtci Senritit: CraCt Ctraaralioe 1646 Eighth Avenue {W»lay, Calar mi* Telephone Elgin 3^)134 .429 .250 Hawaii _ 1 3 Sunday Results Chicago 105, Hawaii 97 Kansas City 113, Los Angeles 09 Saturdiy Results Pittsburgh 95, Washington 84 Monday Games Cleveland at Los Angeles Washington 1 vs. Chicago at Mus-, ;egon, Mich. Visconsin beat Northwester! li'sas hack into the Orange Bowl K a n s a s team nyi ~ ~ posi.'Missouri. (l, c | Southern California remained in ions as No. 1 and No. 2 in country, both won "big" in ltw . running for Rose Bowl selec stretching their season's winning.' 1 "" ly whipping Stanford 30-15. \fter playing Pittsburgh {Saturday, the Trojans on Nov. 25 go against UCLA in the Big Five and Bowl clincher. UCLA'-:beat Texas Christian Friday night. Top Ten At A Glance' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Here's how the lop ten college California Man Wins Mexican National Open MEXICO CUT (AP) -- Tony iLema, 27, of San Leandro, Calif. a par 72 Sunday over a rain- football Seams in last week's As- 2llsr2l csiVE's fc" a'73 - holc'.socialcd Press poll did Saturday, tal of 280 and a six stroke vic-1 L Texas (8-0) b?at Baylor 33-7. tional Open GoU Tournament, taoni 66-0. ' was the first day Lcma had- 3. Ohio Slate M-1 beat Indi- 'ailed lo crack par over (ho roll- ian a "·'· iii 7,100-yard -Mexico City Golf 4. Louisiana Club Course. Antonio Cerda, the club pro shot a 2-over-par 74 for a 286 lotal, Slate (7-1) beat North .Carolina 30-0. 5. Minnesota (6-0), beat Iowa 16-S. half-hour earlier. Right bchindi Campbell was Jay Hcbcrt of Mi-' ami, who went into the lead Sat-l, 0 ' in lh ?10i000 " Mexican Na .l 2. Alabama (8-0) beat Rich- urday and looked to be a virlual',..:., ,, *,,_;, ·,,, _,,_, shoO'in. But Hebert lost his touch, on the greens and closed with a shakj 74, bogeying Nos. .4, £, 13 and Ifi against only one birdie for the 18 Weaver's fast finish netted him second place and $1,900, while youthful Gordon Jones of Orlando, hammered out a four-urider 67 and wound up a I 279 and Ihird ilace, worth $1,400. Bracketed wilh Hcbcrt at 280 vere Jacky Cupit of Longvicw, Tex., and Ed Merrins of Cedar lurst, N.Y. Bolh had 69s on Ihe inal tour. Campbell, s o a -ove-par o o , , . , . but slill held on to, second place ',, 6 ' Michigan State (5-2) lost to ahead of Phil Rodgers of La Jol- " - - 1 la, Calif., whose three-over-par 75 ^ave h'-i a ni ?;rl 1'iird plac'.' | Jack Kay of Montreal, Canada, ook fourth with a 292 lotal on a 'inal round of 75. Ernie Vossler of Oklahoma City, rtarly Furgol of Lemont, II]., and Purdue 7-6. 7. Mississippi (7-1) beat Chal- inooga 54-0. | 8. Colorado (7-1) lost to Utah 21-12. 9. Georgia Tech (6-2) lost to Tennessee 10-6. 10. Missouri (5-2-1) lost lo.Okla- leorge Knudson of Toronto, Can-. _ w h o s e only other claim io golfing fame was llw fa- ada . lled Ior flfth wllh 2M $50,000 hole-»von« at Desert "^ TM lor y brou S ht Springs, Calif., last year, had aW" of ^· lxa remarkable round simply by mas-l The 10 l °P lcaiers: lioma 7-0. ering Ihe short but Iricky incom- ng nine. The lop Icn leaders: Joe Campbell, $2,800 72-71-68-66--277 Berl Weaver, ? 1,900 Tony Lema, 52,000 68-70-70-72--280 Antonio Cerda, Sl.520 71-70-71-74-- 286! Phil Rodgers, $1,120 71-72-73-75--201 Jack Kay,. $880 72-74-71-75--292 71-69-72-66--278| Ernio Voss ' er i SMO 71-72-74-74--293 Gordon Jones, $1,400 Marty Furgol, $640 74-74-72-73--293 70-71-71-67-279 Gebr B e Knudson, Jacky Cupit, $1,100 Ed Merrins, $1.100 NHL . By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS W. L. T. Pfs. Montreal 9 3 New York 7 5 Toronto 8 5 Detroit 5 6 Chicago 3 7 5 11 Boston 3 9 3 5 ' Sunday Results Delroit 3, Montreal 0 Boslon 4. Toronto 3 New York 4, Chicago 1 Saturday Results Montreal 2, Chicago 1 Toronto 5, Detroit 1 Monday Games No games scheduled Tuesday Games No games scheduled $640 73-76-74-70-293 73-71-67-69--28o' x "^°' er ' 0 Halpern 68-77-74-75--294 jx-Tomas Lehman 73-75-72-7-1--29-1 69-71-71-69--280 n Roclri 3 ll!lz . $413-33 Jay Hebert, $1,100 68-70-68-74--280 Jerry Steelsmith, $825 71-71-69-70--281 Don Fairfield, $825 "2 20 ! j-jHenry Ransom, $325 3 13 66-70-72-73--281 73-75-72-74--294 ack Sellman, $413.33 75-70-74-75--294 Ramon Cruz, $413.33 71-71-77-75--294 x-Amateur. 71-69-72-69--281 Don Massengale, $825 70-74-68-69--281 Studies Crashes Detroit--Research experts are now able lo simulate traffic-crash situations. The technique is like that used in aircrash inquiries. JPOCUA--The Brazilian government has announced plans for conslruction of a new iron and steel plant in early 1962. Big Time WRESTLING Saturday, Nov. 18th . . . . 8:30 p.m. Greeley C o m m u n i t y Bldg. M A I N E V E N T Dick, Th* Bruiser VS. Ray Shire -- S E M I - F I N A L E V E N T -Big Ed Sharp vs. Danperous Danny MeShain --GIRLS--SPECIAL E V E N T -Irene Sale vs., . Theresa The*z Dick, The Bruiser G e n e r a l A d m j i s E o n £ R«»«rved . 3.00-4.00 Advance Ticket* at Superior Shoe Service at 810 8th Avc. I COOPER FOUNDATION THEATRE Coto/uuh EL 2 , 1516 8th Ave. NOW AUDREY *; HEPBURN r-AL^_^ glitters in BREAKFAST 1KHNICOLOB' OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT NOW! HURRY! ENDS TUES.! Outstanding L'ealurefte . . . "FACE OF JESUS" 65c 'til 2--75c 'lil S--90e alter 6 -- C h i l d r e n 25c . MOST PICTURES END IN A THEATRE, THIS PICTURE ENDS LATE AT NIGHT, IN YOUR HEART!) Ells MZm PRODUCTION OF NATALIE WOOD .,,.P«H^uLE tllDRLY CHRISTIE WARRENBEATTY ncnmca.0* 1 WAR«« BSOS No one under IS utll bt admitted unless accompanied by on adult. Starts WEDNESDAY!

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