Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 13, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune. T^riay. February 13. .975 --« MON. - FRI. DAYTIMI Mt «30 *:30 10:30 11:30 11:30 1:30 -US .Ml 4:30 1:30 Ch. 2 KBCI(CBS) Love at Life Search lor Tomorrow Ai tht World Tvrni Ed$t 01 Nighl New Price ii Right Malch GkRii Mike Douglii ihow » .. ftoniru* CBS Evening Ntwi KB: i N»*I Ch.4 KAID(US) S«sarni Strut Eletlric Company Mr. Ro^trt . Career Educalion Sriirrv Slretl Mr. ftoqtn Vllli Altqrt Ch. 6 KIVI(ABC) The Lucy Show All My Children flO.COC Pyramid General Hospital The Money Mm Tinneiice Tux (do N*w Zoo Rewt Liine S1»r Trek ABC Evening Newi Six Nevrt Service , -.. K] j IV ^g Ch.7 KTVI(NiC) * Th« Today Shew DCCO beca H»h Rolltri HIV H»ll,w M SaJlr.1 ^'"i 1 ·""""' s II. Wheel 01 Forlune Kir eb y Swe«pj »hn pnvi «nolher World ThflU THF The FBI Green A t r e s J A r d y GriMilh / N8C KigMlf News KftVKE-ALJ. TV-STEtf O Gi-APWANCES-AU REFRIGERATION 459-0804 SLACKER'S THURSDAY'S TV 4:30 7:30 1 1:30 1 9,30 10 10:30 1 1 11:30 11 11:30 Ch. 2 KBCI(Clf) Troth or CoMeqtences .Family Alli'f The Wiltoni CBS Special .. ttevnlneii Hew* CBS Ule Movie Warning Heidhnei Ch.4 KAID(MI) Efecrrk Company SHIthOJif ftepoil Idaho Wildlife Consumer Suriivi! Kil Bill Moyen Rtpcil Tti? Japanese Film Ch. 6 KITC(ABC) High Chaparral Barney Miller Karen Street! of S.F. Harry 0. Coin bit Good Niwi Ch.7 KTVI(NIC) T6 Tell the Truth Hollywood Squares The MIC Davis Show Archer iroiHldfl K«wsb*it / The Toniqhl Sfcow .. ,, Tomorrow FRIDAY'S TV Ch. 2 KICK CIS) t i 30 7 7-30 1 8:30 9 9;30 10 10:30 1 1 11:30 11 13:30 1 Truth or ConieqUMicii Firmly Atrnr Kahn Friday Night Movie " Evewtlneti Nevtt CIS Ljlf Mjvit Morning He»dlm«i Ch.4 KAID(PIS) Eltelrlc Compiny SltlthQuit ftjpflfl Aviation Weather Peed Forward Wishing ton Wttk 'Will Sired We«V vmtrpirt- Theilre Kup't Shew Ch.6 KfTC(AIC) High Chaparril The Ni^ht SUIker Hol'l Billimor* The Odd Cci-ple BjrfHi Ccmbil Pridav Nighi Movie Ch.7 KTV»(NIC) To T«LI the Truth Lei's Make a Otit ' Sanlord and Son Chi co i The Man The Rockford Files Police Worrun Newsbcal r Tcniyrit Show M'dniqfil Special Program Highlights C:30 (2) F A M I L Y AFFAIR"Family Plan" 7:00 121 K H A N - A new detective-adventure series, starring Khigh Dbiegh in the title role as a shrewd, witty private detective who uses an office in San Francisco's Chinatown as his base of operations. Khan is assisted in his investigations by his son and daughter. 7 : 3 0 7 l C H I C O i T H E M A N Sammy Davis, Jr.. appearing as himself, sputters into F.d Ilrbwn's garage in his Slutz lilac!; Hawk and his troubles balloon, s t a r r i n g w i t h Chico's star-struck greeting. 8:00 ( 4 ) WASHINGTON WEEK l,\ REVIEW-This series gives the insights and observations of veteran Washington correspondents on the major siories of (he week f r o m t h e n a t i o n ' s capitol 8:00 (2) CHS FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE~"A(lrenturcsn(lhe Queen" w i t h Robert Stack. R a l p h Bellamy. D a v i d Hedison. The suspense drama le'ls the gripping story of a luxury cruise ship threatened to he deslroyed- with all (in board-as part of a deadly vendetta against a mulli-millibnairc passenger. 8:30 (fil ODD COUPLE- "The Bigger They Arc" Felix is offered a prestigious award for a commercial but is h a u n t e d by I h e devious manner in which he involved Oscar '" " " '' fi:30 Mi W E E K - S t o c k m a r k e t fRIDAY authority and host Louis Rukej'ser antl a pane) of economic experts examine market activity, answer viewer i|uestions, assess economic trends and quiz guests from the financial and business community. 9:00 (41 MASTERPIECE TIIEATRE-"The Black Dog" The Hon. Gerald Loughlin is inlroduced inlo the reality of rural life by a lovely young girl named Oriancla. After a houl with jealousy, fornication, and suicide, he questions t h e , beauty of country living. 1(1:0(1 Ml KUI'S SHOW-This is a limely talk show taped in C h i c a g o . P o l i t i c a l dignitaries, leading scientists, corporate heads educators and nearly every celebrity in the en- Ann Landers Lady irked by airport baggage check Ann Landers: 1 am » lit traveler who is becoming increasingly irritated by the hand luggage inspection in airports. I missed Uvo planes because I had lo stand in line while .Grangers poked around in purse, examined my shopping hag and even unwrapped gift packages. Mill only is this annoying, but I'm sure il a smarl lawyer looked into il he she! would discover it one f onstiluliofiHl (H«- 1 has In do w ith invasion of ·acy. Please respond in print, A n n . Thousands of others mnsl feel as THE FAMILY CIRCUS I do. - Irked Lady at La (iiiimliii Dear Irk: Sorry about the inconvenience, but there are the Inns- Since the airport security i'ln-cksheganinl!)73.iiG,OOOguns ami knives have been lakon from passengers and more 'han II.IXHI people were arrested for carrying drugs and weapons. Nut ime successful hijacking h;i; Ix-i'ii pulled off in the United Slates since IVovemlicr of 1972. r f r Dear Ann Landers: Yon said ri'cenlly ihiU you'd keep on giving advice until yon or your typewriter [ell apart. This letter n n i l D Y °" tcrlainment world are numbered as guests. 10:35 121 CDS LATE MOVIE"The Hal People" slarnng Stewart Moss, .Marianne McAndrew, Michalel. When a doctnr and his wife go on a combinatior. honeymoon and work project, the wife [alls inlo a cave. In rescuing her. the doctor is hillen by a bat. Later ,n siring of strange murders points to the doctor's involvement, although he denies knowing anything about them. 11:00 I B ) F R I D A Y N I G H T SPECIAL M O V I E - " A p ache" starring Hurt Lancaster, Jean Pelers and John Mclntirc. H i t l e r battle between the Indians and the U.S. Cavalry in (he struggle for (he West. 'You'll hear a lol more gain' on if you'll put that thing on my tummy." Program Highlights is In lei you know that il your typewriter gives vou any trouble, please lei me know. My parents gave me a beautilul new electric model for Christinas and I would gladly send it In you if you need it. I'm a high school senior who grew up reading your column. You taught me many things and saved ine from making some big mistakes. It was spooky how many limes yon came up with llie answer In a question that was bugging me that very day. We like what you stand for, Ann Landers, and we want yon to slick around for a long time to rimi'. - Seventeen Ami For You Dear Seventeen: Yimr letter is so nice I'm almost ashamed to prinl il! lint I do want In thank you for your gcnerosit) . You made my day. t t- i Dear Ann Landers: Do all working couples have this problem ir is il just us' My husband does manual labor. I do uffice work. Vic goes to work al 5;30 a.m. I always gel up In prepare him a big breakfast and 1 fix his lunch-box. Since I don'l have to be al work until 8:30 a.m. I hop back inlo bed for an hour ur so after he leaves. Vic resents Ihis terribly and says. "All yon do is sleep." Actually. I do the m a r k e t i n g , conking. cleaning and laundry, as well as put in 40 hours a week al my office job. Mill he still thinks I have a cinch and keeps telling me that he works much harder than 1. Kvtiry evening after supper Vic reads llw newspaper and lalls asleep in front of the TV. After I finish the dishes I sometimes join him If 1 should doze off he wakes me up immediately and demands an explanation as to why 1 fell asleep. "What have YOU got to be tired about'.'" is the way he puts il. What's the matter with him anyway? Or am I wrong'! - Uoise Boob Dear Boise: The guy probably feels guilly because you are working harder lhan he' is. arjd he knoivs il. Just add up (hose hours spent on m a r k e t i n g , cooking, cleaning and laundrv and lack them on tn your 90 hours a week in the office anil you'll gel the picture, babv. THURSDAY C,:3(\ (2) FAMILY AFKA1K- "A Nanny Kor All Seasons" 7:00 ( 2 ) T I I K WAI.TONS John-Boy w r i t e s a story basing a character on a local resident. 7:00 (41 I D A H O W I L D U K K This scries is produced in cooperation with the Idahu Fish and Game Department. 7:30 141 CONSUME!! SUII- VIVAl,KIT-"Thc Used Car l,o(: Lemon Tree or Horn of Plenty" This special episode removes the element of luck from the buying of a used car by g i v i n g viewers i n i - porlanl--yet simple--gui- dlines to follow. 8:00 ( 2 ) CBS SPECIAL- "Queeri nf the Stardust Uallroom" starring Maureen Stapleton, Charles Uurning. The d r a m a concerns a w i d o w e d h o u s e w i f e w h o f i n d s t h a t her aculc problems are loneliness and the well-meaning attempt? al comfort by her f a m i l y and friends. 8:00 H ) D I L L M O V E R S ' J O U R N A L : I N T E R N A T IONAL KEPOKT-Emrny a w a r d - w i n n i n g j o u r n a l i s t Bill Movers hosts Ibis new inlnrnalinnal affairs series which feature's interviews w i t h world leaders, d i s c u s s i o n s w i t h f o r e i g n journalists nf world events, and film reports on global issues. 8:00 ( 7 ) A H C I I E H - L e i v Archer K e i t h ) gets involved with the physical fitness set when he is hired to o b t a i n p r o n o g r a p h i c photographs ot a vvcallhy d i v o r c e e ' s e x - h u s b a n d . Archer refuses (he case but is beaten up by iwo men who are unaware of his refusal. He Ihen lakes the case In f i n d out who and why. tO:3.i (21 CBS LATE MOVIE" U a n a c c k - T n Steal A King ' with Cicorge Peppard, K e v i n M c C a r t h y , Pornell Roberts. A collector brings his valued coin collection, known as "The Kings," to an auction, hoping (n raise $3 m i l l i o n . T h e c o l l e c t i c n vanishes from a hotel vault, and police- and hotel security are helpless to solve the case. Danacck, a modern- d a y insurance b o u n t y hunter, is drought into t h e investigation. NOW SHOWING PARDON MY BLOOPER jnsedpniadioTVs rr.osl hitatious boners! PROVOCATIVE -PLUS"MAKING IT"- Gates Op«nW5,5h»«il7:l5 Free Electrk fa-Car Heittrs HELD OVER! 2ND S«»SK (KEEK! Plus temptuous co-hit T O I ' C I N K M A Doors open at 5:30 454.1731 Dear Palion : il r9 g wo.ld be ol- 'eTdcci b/ a f-l.T o a tejua'. naiure. you- porro-age .5 r.or sc!ic 'cd The Monogmtnt 3rd SMASH WEEK! A t r u e account of dne of (lie mos^ in^rcaiolcT journey* in A m e r i c a n t m t o r y . A TRUE STOW Seven Alone Tim«: 1:15.3:15.5:15.7:15-9:15 NOW SHOWING From the smash suspense novel of the year. Tints: 2:OQ-4:3a-7:40.!:30 NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! WEEKEND (THURS. thru SUN.) SPECIAL!^ 10-OZ. EXTRA THICK SIRLOIN Served with your choice ol homemade soup or crisp tossed salad, baked potato, bread basket and coffee ... ^ J* V ·% ^J VALENTINE'S NIGHT ONLY! FREE Mm CAKE DESSERT WITH EVERY DINNER! "family /Jimift teill Hffin at,. . PTHE COUNTRY INN ' B.I I 1,1,1 t.. v.uih-MXri 1M.-.1IHI BEYftM) IMAGU@flTON Technicolor AMnccmroo "··lit" MS I 1:15. "hhiJ" J:H · '.11... Sit. 1 J»i»i fmti... "·hilt" 1:1S-J:I5.S:1|.J:J5.MI "l«hin:M.J:«.S:5|.;:S5-!5l SPECIAL FRI.-SAT. 3 $| for · 100 AT ANY TREASURE VALLEY TAGO TIME -- l015-3idSl.So. ·CALDWELl- 2605 Elaine St. airview Av*. -- 1806W.5lotcSt. 405 Vista Av«. ·ONTARIO NAMPA CHIEF ^ RESTAURANT- LOUNGE y, 912 3rd Street So. 466-2645 · m®®,®®'\ SWEETHEART COUPON SPECIAL I This coupon good for $1.00 OFF your dinner for two (or more) FRIDAY, FEB. 14th ONLY. Limit one coupon per table. SEE OUR NEW CHILDREN'S DINNER MENU Child's Portions at Reduced Prices SEE-I restaurant THE HOUSE FINE FOODS CALDWELL. IDAHO PH. 459-9907 f n/oy Fine Food af LOW PRICES... * STEAKS * CHICKEN * SEA FOOD * ITALIAN SPAGHETTI * TERIYAKI GUSS OF RED 01 WHIT! WINE INCIUMD Caesats COCKTAIL HOUR 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. Monday thru Saturday 2 DRINKS M * FOR | * NO BLENDED OR1NKS

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