Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 8, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1951
Page 3
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1'rldiy, E T * n l B 9' June 8, 1951 LAS CHUCES (H. M.) SUfc-NCTTS PAGE THRU, ; Golf Club Plans Entertainment For .Men In Invitational Tournament Hostesses who will he in charge df chlertalmntnt Tor the Men's Invitational; 'Golf Tournament noxt week were announced n t tlic Wed- noitlny.meolliig of the Unites* Cfolf ciuh. Ilt/ritessca Tor the luncheon Thursday, Juno 1-i, 'will he Violet Porter. Amelia -Oo-ss anci Mary Jane t Skafffpi'. Thursday nlRhl Mllllc'.Hay.ncr'will be in charge of flip Calcuttn · tijnner. fur the FrMaj'; luncheon will bo Alyce Alcott 'And '-on Saturday, Beniic Corlcy:' .For , the Sunday brunch fluby -Evans will be in charge. It. was . announced the La dies' I Golf club" \yill meftt next \vcck but I there :iVin the .ho ; covered dish din- 1 mjMluit njffnt. . . HosttesM for that ii ( be. Bcrnic Corlcy and Cnr- " ' PARTY LINES The Lnniy C'ircle recently toiirptl the cily court under the direction of Sheriff VIra- inoiitps. 'I'he ttnir was inatle in connrction w i t h the Civic cmn- initlre prnprani. Counsellor Diclt Lope?, WH.I in charge. Ln» Vnlile,^, Jr., iiolnry of Hish- r»)i Lainy Circle 263, ha.s recently rotiirnnd frnin a fishing trip in Mjtrril km, Mexico. He accompanied his father. Lea Valdes, Sr., nnil friends on the tri{». Notary Valdes ciiu;ht ji -05 pound sailfifih. , . t . . nbcc? presfcnt at the Wwlnes- dayr. 1 'nifcisUh'K'. we're Arline Onn, Ginft;' Allen; , -Millie* Hnyncr, .lean Mqporjnlck.'.Jean Hartline. Bei-nle Corlcy,.' Carolyn Dmven. Ernestine Garrison} .'Arlene Strode, Florenre pa.vlfl. UjHfin Hammtll. · DlisaTBurn, Mary Jane SltfiTo:.-;. MEjrion^Oi 1christ, Fran Clute, Vir- jj;inl"i' 1 fcvibftnks,' Marjorie Nrnvell, Barbark . .firidler, Ruby Evans. Flossifr'-Bronsoni and Alycc Alcott. GUMts pfeaent were Mrs. Ernest Johnson. Phoenix, Ariz.. Mrs. Mary Gantt.-'Muskojfee. Okla., Mrs. Ruth Uiiatpnc, Las Cruces. In golf play Kl'fift Burn was winner in class A, Oiti'a -Alien, high In class B and Rrrflifc~.CorIc f V won the tees. High at raftdsth -was. Ruth Lidstonc. Janies'B.. Williams ' Is (Graduated From . Crfeighion University Anipnfi 452 students receiving degrees sit commencement. exercises at'..CrclRhton, University in Om- «ha.iv. Nebraska, -cm May 3.1 was Jamj^'^B.-Williams, of '.Las Graces. ' Williams,'' son of Mrs. Clara B. William's,. ·receiverl a Doctor . of Medicine- degree. .While -at Crc.iglHe.ri. Williams u-«s'' active In school. actlvltlw.- His thesis is entitled. "Changes, in }UO!«I..Pr»sufc Willie Drlvins » Car". ,' . Tittorf. coming; to Crclchton. he attended New Mexico.. A*.M. Ohio State university and New Mexico university. "Alter graduatinE from Las Cru'ces Union high school, he served 'tn the air. force: ' i ; · 'Wlllliuna plaai lo intern. at I'rov- IdenL hospital in Chieasro. , , Mrs. C. H. Miller and daughter. from Florence. S. C., are stiiying at the Las Cruccs Hotel while here to visit her mother and brothers and sisters. Supper Sponsored By Pilot Club Attracts Over 200 Last Night Over 200 persons enjoyed ilcli- cioua food served i.i the cool, attractive dining room at Milton Iliill last night.^The occasion \vns the second annual Spaghetti Supper sponsored by ihe Pilot club of Las Cruces. Mem'ters of the club wish to express their, Uiank.s to all who helped with Ihn supper, piirticularly to Henry Gustn.fson and the employees of thr collcpe cnfteria, to R. W. Ludwick for the lovely flowers, and to O. E. Priestley for publicity. Homemade cakes given away during 1 the evening wore received by Miss Helen P. Caffey, Mrs. Irene Rankln. Vance Wllklns. and H. W. Cooper. Home Inieresl Club Meels Wednesday Wiih Mrs. Coihern The Home Interest club met with Mrs. Wilford Cothcrn In Fall-acres Wednesday afternoon. Refreshments were served to the following members: Mesdames C. B. Woodward. Emm'n Sallisbcrry, Ruth Brink, Chloc Uanicl, Ira Hall. Merle Ncedhnm. Vchiin May. Lois Johnson, Georgia Arnold, and Mcl- odesc CoUiem. The next mooting will be with Mrs. Chloc Daniel and Mrs. I^ols Johnson will be in charge of the program. I, DONATIONS i/ SANTA ;-;E,.June. 8 (AV.^SNcw Mexico sclinol'tlllldren-liave turned In 5161.56 townril n bronze, rep- licn of the. .state seal Lo be placet! on tbe rim of the Pence Fountain at United Nations headquarters in New York City. Junior Catholics Select Officers junior Catholic Daughters of America met June 6 for on election of officcfK. OfficeTM fur next year will in: president, Gencvievc Rnd- riquez; vice-president, Hrnesiinc Bnnefiiis; secretary, Mary Jane Monies; treasurer. Dolores Lucero · reporter. Betty Slrublinr. It was announced a muss will l)t; isEild in memnry of Urwimi Balizan, U. member of the CDA's.'June 21 There will also he an installation i tit officers tm Ijiat I'ntc. Members present at the meeting were: Amjelita Bamtgas. Ernestine Banngas. Junnita Dclgadtf, Dolores Lurpro. Patsy I-ucero. Josephine Monica, Mary Jane Montcz. Natalia Monies. Bertha Mnrin, Llta Provenclo. Gcnevievn Rodriguez, Martha Rodriquw. Kr- ncntlnc Smith. Betty Strubhnr. Counselors present were: Kosn- Ue BaneKas. Mrs. Rimegas, 51- mona Delpatlo. The next meeting will be it social June '^0. Welfare Director | Opens Conference ALBUQUERQUE. June 8 i/I'i -State Welfare Director Alva Simpson today opens two statewide conferences with H talk on "significant social and recreational questions facing Now Mexico". The meetings--the Slate Social Welfare and Recreational ronfer- rnres--Eire being held ;it the Uni- rvrsity of New Mexico. The conferences will be kcynotcrt by Dr. Eduanl Lindcrnan. professor of social work at Columbia Univrcsity. His topic is "Basic Issues in the Modern World". A third conference opening today is the annual meeting of secondary school principals of the state. Chairman is Dr.'Wilson H. Ivans. UNM Education professor. The meeting will center around poiidancc and curriculum problems. QUADRUPLE AMPUTEE FLOWN HOMfc Joiiniy s Refail'Sal'es VolumeDrops FourEer Cii^ 1 ' In March Below February's/Stale Aver age-Increases QUADRUPIE AMPUTEE Hubert Reeves arrives lioino in Jolict, 111., after being flown by military plane from-Valley Forge, Pa., Army hospital. At IcU arc his parents, D. Hubert and Wnnctla Reeves. (Hitcrnutluanl) Ncivs Nolas AbouL Dona Aim Counlhms IN THE ARMEDLSERVICES MATSUSHLMA. Japan (Special) - -Pfc. Manuel Lucent, Rural Route j l . and Pfc. Robert I'ere?.. 747 13. Hinton street, I,a.s Cruces., the midst of field training With Now. Unit warm weather's here you'll be packing picnic lunches and carrying sandwiches. It'u well to remember, however, that salad fillings of chicken, cg'gn, fish, or nicftt arc not recommended for summertime carrying unless they ' c a n be kept cold..- ··[. ' ···' . the 40th i n f a n t r y division englh- Acrial Plioio Reserve l U n i i .Is Orgaui/ed j The 3:}7th aerial inlorpretcr detachment, a newly activated organized reriprve in L:ts CrU- ces, lias bcPTi organized under the command of First Lieutenant j Cliirrnre \V. Johnson. Jr. ! The- following two enlisted men ihcivc been assigned to the unit as J a n Inlerpi'eU-r and RS a trurk drivjcr: Privates Andy M. PadiJln and ! Joe A. Ramirez. | When in active service, this type ( o f unit usually operates at divia- [imi, corps or Army headquarters ' and its' duty Is to Interpret aerUU photographs .with special refer- e n c e - t o the disposition of enemy forces, defenses and fixed instailri- tions. I f i s a i n i l i t n r y intelligence unit under the chief of military opcra- f lions. ' " ' · ' " ' : ^' jeers ipar this picturesque Japan- lose resort town about 200 mile;, north of Tokyo. A member "of the 57Sth engineer combitt battalion since his inihic- lion into tlic service several months ago. he was camped this week on an inlet only a short distance from the Pacific ocean w i t h his company for daily "on the job" training, in bridge cnnstrtictiDn. The, .JOlhidivision. former South crn California National Guard organization, was Kent to Japan early in April us part of a security force for the Japanese islands. In Dona Ana county, retail sales | progress in construction has con- voHunt' during March was -1 per tinned upward to the present a!- ccnt below February voljimc. The ! n , osl without inti-rruptinn. Mexico average showed a lit cent decrease, according lo Much of t h i n upward trend in the latest issue of Hew Mexico i c m i H t n i c U o n M a H bpt . n due t Business, monthly publication »f I fcns( , ,,,,,,,,,·,, tion.H. Etigel said. Lshipss research, _ ._ _ . ; _ : , : f f . ,,,,: 1 the bureau of bin University of New Mexico. March .ISM wiles vo!mm; com pnrcd with March 1930 uf 11» pei Llifficulti.v i fiiundng. scarcity of volume matrriiils. ami »ig" and in mit ln!t-'° s t s » 1B V rplUK:P P' 1 ^" 1 ^ ·' Allowiny for price rises, this jirob- itbly imlicatcH a slight decline in physical volume of relftil sales for t!ie state, but u real gain for Dona Ann county. While totail" sale;! were dropping off 13 per rent from February I ) March of llu':; year, most indicators of bu.'iinesa activity in NYu- Mexico reflected u a Iron g upwanl trend. Sho\v Incrniscs Electric puwor pntiliit.-tioii. man- llvllluu and .sales of cummon rar- i-lcrs and public utilities nil showed substantial incrciiif 1 in, March over February, according to the Now Mf-xicn Mu.sines.i Bulletin. But above i 1 .!! thc;;c. Prof. U:il|h L. Eclgfl. director of !he UXM bureau, puts Ills flnt'or on the construction field us Ihe key to Ihe stall's immediate busiiirss future. Construction now oLviipir.s nnir New Mexico workers than mining. manufacturing wholesale Inuie. transportation, utilitir.s. finance, real esl.aU' aiul insuraiu'i'. Wlilf-Spn-iid Inriticiifp from 19-10 to JiM'J. tbc UNM researuli specialist foiuut that oni- jloyment in const ruc'lion niuro .ban doiihlfd. In 1!H1. it returnc-l In tbi« HMO 'l;:\Tl but in MM7 tin- fon;itn:ctinn Ijusinuss pusseil all irrvious hi^hs. W. J. LITTLE REALTOR lilCAl, ESTATE * LOANS . First N.-itiomil Hank Blilg. I'll. - 'lltl «r ISO.-) A M B U L A N C E Fulmer Memorial I'liune jr. .,: 1 2 0 0 letin. i AltlllillKh M:uvli n-t.iil t n i i l p ill'- : clinoil Troin Frljruary in cnmpar:- | son w i t h Maivh cf lll.'A ri'lail ; salos In tlic s.tatc wen up S per , cent. i East Siili- r,:iln I Tlic cast siilc of the -state t-liall;-· oil up in the plus culu:n:i, w i t h th' 1 ; minus signs inn.^tly in tin- n j r t l i . l central and parts. j r.'iiunlic.i sIlim-InK Bltln.i i" r e t a i l : i-jilcs friini Miilfll IWO lu_ March ' liljl arc: Kan J u a n St.1 per i-enl. ! tirant t)!l. Quay 'IS. Luna -I"., Dana . Ana '12. Otcro 31. Lincc.ln 2!. Hard! inK 'JO. Iliilalsu 2:i. Santa Fc 20. i Hnoacve'.t 1C. Cliavcs nnil M r K i n Icy lo tacll, Valencia 11. Leu 10.' Union 7. Eddy 0, Do Hacn ;!. n n . l . Curry J. ! Counties with doc!eases from a , year rarliur arc: Samlnval .",8. Kin Arriba lli. Colfax 1-t. Torrance 11. ("atron 10. Rurorro !l, Mora OJ Tans !. Sierra 4. C.iiailalupc ,".. S a n ' Miljtiel 2. aiui Kcrnalil'.o 1. | Fine dry \vliolc whoiit tin-nil' crumbs m a k e a fiood coatinK far i fish fillct.s when thev are to lie! I fried Or use ycllov,' corn meal j for Hie coalius' if .«'" prefer. WESTERN DANCE Thurs. - Fri. Music by: Texas Jubilees FREE DEER 8:30 P. M. 5:00 P. M. AIR PORT I N N 1200 E. Las Cruces Avc. GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E M50 On Your Dial TONIGHT -- FBI. r. M. ·1:"0 Kvi'iiin!,' lliiyfr.q Clliilc -1:-(r I»is ('iuir.4 l-'nrniturc Calls . r i:(lt) .Mri-Cf. Rcrunl Ailvcnturo fi:;;n 'Hit- Sin^inf, M'.lr;;liall li:00 US' News (i:iri Fulton l.ou-is, Jr. (i:;«l Let's \V;illz li:-lii UP XPWH 0:50 Sjmrt.s (;a;;t. li:ri.- H i l l M i M i i y a n i l thi- News 7:00 CMi:iinhor oC Cnmiiicrce 7 : i r CourtMl in M i n i a t u r e 7:2ri Eilily A r n n l i l 7;:30 Proudly' We H a i l 8:00 I ' ^ i l s l n f r Ki-ri-nntta R:K r i I Luvc- A My.-.trry H::iO . l a i ' U f i d t .l;inil)!)rcn !!:()!) UP NCWH 0:l. r ) M U L U i i l TS T cw:;lprl ;i::;() - Ktiir!l;;llt C!nni!L-rL !l:S". M l i U M i l Xi-wj 1U:00 SiKn Off TOMORROW -- SAT. A. .11. ' UP NV«-« (i:0ri El O i r i i i l u Mi'Xlr.-inn 7:00 NVostci'n \V.iki?-Up Timi! 7:!!0 UP News S:«0 Mornmj:'ra Cuijc ,S:ir, l-Vminu F:ul' ;t::;n t'.s. M.-n-in" Iinml 111:110 SnlilU'fs' SrHMinilc 11:00 . U. P. JsVwK I0:l. r i KOliK llirtli.liiy Paity l l : l " i Ditwn tin Din.:.-* 11:2.) Yunlici'.s vs. Chir;if;i! Yinir Frlrnilly .Stnlliui A JIl'TI'AI. NKTWOISK Al'l'II.IATE K O B E A GOOl and up M;iko Juno 17 a big day for Dad by choosing his Father's Day gifts from amonj our grnnd selection of the most popular presents for Papa. Every one's a man-size value . . . a gift that enables you lo give Dad the mosl pleasure for the money ycu spend. So do right by your Dad -choose his Falhor's Day gilt at BAKER'S today. Now is your chance! Play your hand right! Get the car lhat is'EXTRA rugged and EXTRA thrifty (or the years to come! Finer engineering and dramatic performance make Mercury Ihs winner of stock-car events coast-to-coast. But your trump card is gas-economy! Mercury won in the Mobilgas Economy Run two straight years with Touch-O-Matic overdrive.* Up to two free gallons in every ten! Of course, you can get Merc-O-Malic Drive* if you prefer.., Mercury's smoother, simpler, more efficient automatic transmission. Whichever you choose, you'll admire Mercury's bold new front... sweeping new back .'.. the handsome flair and flow of this whole new 1951 automobile. No other car has grown so fast in ownership during the past five years! Make your noxl move Mercury! There's absolutely nothing like it on the road! For fufure trade-in value! MESILLA MOTOR CO. 600 N. Main Phone 203 GIFT SET Shaving Mug and Shavinq Lotion Gillette Razors, 1.75 value for 1.00 Trip-D-Kita (leather) 1.69 up Box of 50 Cigars 4.50 Rogen's Lighters 1.50 Olil Spire Bath Soap .1.00 Zippo Lighiers 3.50 5.50 Yardley Gifi Set ' KN irom2.25 Nylon Shave Brush 98c SIGNATURE by MAX FACTOR Shaving Sets 3 and Mon's Toiletries SPECIAL VAI!l)l.i;V sluivi- lli«l 4.. A l t e r Mime i "II lieu. Sl.h.'i

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