Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 11, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO \ in-NewsN-M-Livesfdckm HANGS TO B-29 MpfForiher Good Gdfldiiioii Thursday Afternooh Janukr* Hi IM Bui What Are They Going lo Do About Feed? |)n RanK;» cattle and calves In New Mit.xir-o entered- tho now year- in excellent condition, with 1 stock w a t e r gcni'mll.v amr.:,. :., all parta uf th« tjtnte and winter grazing at belter than normal. Mild -.vcather and ahove-average lirrelpltiiliiin in the state during December wan a hoon to livestock the |Jc|iurtmenl at agrlcultl)re'» i l : i t i H t l u , ] hurenn here reported ·'"lay. 'Then- ha:, ;jeen some tendency | f i / r (dc.ekmen lo aecn-mie hold- 1 inKH," 1!:- report until. 'The nnni- i"-r o; r n t t l o on full feed for late w i n l e r m a r k e t s Is .Hinnller than tin- i.uinl;-r a year ago. There la an .-xi-.-pUonall;- Icrgt number of r a l l l e "ii winter wheat pasture in C'irry anrl Quay counties, but wheat fields are furnishing a : ·:in:i:ler a m o u n t of ftud which may | ne-c.'iSitiiU' .suppIeinE'iila! feeding ....... ... .-,.;,,.,,., ji.r, M H - I I : . . , ;n,il M.'itlfililM- q u o i n s for C M t t l c ·'"" : » i ' urn.inni 01 ftud which may V l l l H i n , l M - , . ; . | , . , i ,;,,. |,,.|-,.,,.,,, Supply,,. C.,rpor;,ti,,n t,, "i,, '""·''«"""·· suppIcinnnUI feeding m'.-iv SNl,-,,iy p , v , n , - , , l : : SI ,,,, ,|»,ic,. 1,,-H', ,ml :,() ,-,-nls ,,,, ["''"' m TM " ^"' ""-·"lions." Kn,i| ( . A. pi-. Hill p,, m ,,| .. | 1 V i - ivciuj,, 'I'h,- ( -l,,,i,.,. r ,i|l,. .,,!, 71 "' "" mb(r "' S ""''I '""I l»ml» sidy w i l l | J( . ,,.,i,,r,.,i i , , r , ( i ,,.,,!,,.,, i , , i , . v "" f ( v " " jr '"'"" Mi * J TM than Sgt. J. R. Kraut?:, formerly of H V k n f i r l rciin i n « s .sucked from a B-20 high over Jnpan and dangled by n rope until crew rnemli.-rs pulled him hack. I A P Wircph'Jtoi K'" Mdy w i l l In- i n l i i i - c i l I , , f,d ,.,.,,(,; ,,,,''j u | v · . . - - -l l c . , r h . . , - , | i i i i - . , i h i ,. , - , , m " ' . i , , "'"-·'i»ir I M e number nn fe.iU In of S i ' , , - ' , , ' ' ' " ' ' , '-','' ·'"" il ' ilK ''' S """"' h; ' si s I'"" s ' : "" !l ·"" ·"·'"· '"" r °P"« ol .·!,, p . ! n n ; , | i - , h v c ' , K l , | ;,t Clii.-.-iRo u n t i l J u l y 2, when tin.- '-" ' Jinn- w i l l l , i - l i i w c n - ' l i n SI7 5(1 I ' l l . ! . , H,. , , , - l , . , | , , ,, . , .; . _ J.rir.- a i l i n : : . l i ; i ! i , i . - i m i -,.·;,, j,,,,.]' M . . I I I p a y i l i f , ' inoi',-- Ih.-in one i f n l - m . ' t n i l H h l J : l t , r : r . .,1 , ;, I-,,, ,|.,,., ;, ,| | , , ' i l " i ' l j o v . ' t h . - I l i a x i l i n n i i H nf ill · l'»"»l the |.!ie ·!:,!, itan,,,, , : , ,, v ,, i -· ' · h i l i/.a I .'1:1 i a i i | ; e !.,,· any e a l t l . - li-r .1, i-iilil.. n,, N1 ,,,,,. .,, ,..,;,, , "i- .-all. d.iliiir-, p i - , ion p i , r i , i ' l ;n ,| ,-,,,. In " U u r v.nnlH, M ' H - l i n - r t e . l at : ' h - b h i i - l l n i i i r l i e l II ·.'..·11 l a k e , , ,,, d i K r e K a r , | of re- KII-C'llv.. .1 ·;(, H r ,|,. r nlMi dlreelfc OI'A and \VI A |,, " a l l , . || ;, l|,,|i,||,,,| (,,, ,, ..I,,,,.,. l.-rvr In pi.j n, , ri - .,n Mi,- aver nil'' M i a n Ihe mini ,,, priri". I h e . i l l l l . · and sii.iiKl^ lereil , , v , r n m o n t h ' s |,,-ri,,,l. ,.». Hnslve ,,| c a l l , ,, . - i . l pr l i - H t K ill ,111 ., I,., | · n , "ho n i - K i n - d t h a t n - i l n i K il'l U-In I....-1 ;in h.- In, ol "'"· "l'l"-l IhM is in in- i-l - , n I ' - l . l r r.-i i l l , . I r - t i l l l i e - p i n t . . - I , . , , , o r p r l c - e r e K i i l a l i o i : i i i l h e r h i n - l i in l l n i m a r l i i ' t evel, !'·"! -'i; III.-, led -nil a^ellev li.i :i.|.i"ele.l In t ,-l t,, ( | l c - l,.,|lo' m ol Superforts Hit Japs in Malaya WASHINGTON, .Ian. n UPt- - .'iii|i,;i-f(,rlreKHes thundered across I In- Bay of Upngal today to ham- iiidian Troops Biirina Base ni'T Japanese military installations n . '» the .Malay peninsula. I, lli.-ivfore. inn,-!,..,.-1 The India-nested B.20B or Maj. '·'·"· Curtis K.'ny's 20th noinu- -r eommatul slrlick boldly by day- I ' M h t . Mine of the attacking force vim huh. nnil its specific target were not nnouneeil in a terse 20th air force UnKapoi-e, wrested from the l!r:ilnh ,11 11112 and reportedly converted i n t o Japan's major naval stroiiKhold in the Malay-Dutch f'jiiHt Indies area, probably was "ic target. Home CO .Superfortresses lashed iiiKnpnrc'H dry docks and repair 'sins hint Nov. !. flying u-hnt the JOtb air force de.icrilied as the eHt da-liKht inliitnon ..-ver re- Wo liavo a supply ol oxlri, nicg locally produced u l f u l ta sued whiclr wo olfor al very a l i r n c l l v o prices. Valley Products Company Phono 99 I SOUTHEAST ASM COMMAND HEADQUARTERS, Kamly Ceylon Jan. 11 i/I'i Shwehn. the last large 'Japanese bastion in upper Burma ! north of Mnndalay, ia.s been com- p:t'tely occupied by Allied troops and ErUish I4th army units have advanced south of tile town, an Allied cimiinuniipie announced today. Shvvebo is 40 miles north of Mandalay. It.was entered Sunday by Indian troops, and later the -Shwebo airfield was overrun. Allied troops arc investing Bud n l l n on the branch railway to Ye- I U, I D miles north on Monywa, the | communique said, against an enemy resisting from bunkers con, eeiilcd in thick undergrowth. Troops of the 15th Indian corps In tho Kaladan valley have entered Poninicyun. a steamer station on the west bank of UK Kaladan river I t miles northeast of the '·nplured Island port of Akyab. Carolyn 1 Johnson, sev^ii year old daughter of Mr. and- Mrs. Arvid Johnson'or Santa Alia, Calif, died | Tuesday in a Denver hospital, relatives here learned today. The child had been here with her .parents nt Christmas time visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Hardy Johnson.of Fairacrcs, and Mr. and Mrs. Edge of Hatch. En route home, the family stopped in Denver for .medical treatment, since she had been ill for some time. She died while undergoing treatment thjre.. The body will be shipped to Las Graces for burial. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 3 o'clock from the Nelson Funjral Home. ^'^rviving, besides her parents and grandparents, are a brother, Robert, and a sister, Sylvia. The family, before moving to California, lived in the Hatch vicinity. Mr. Johnson, born and reared in Faira'.-es. is a graduate of Las Cj-nce- high schooi. Mrs. Johnson is the former Clara Edge of Hatch. Letter from Husband Overseas Tells How Neiv Division Men Become Veterans In a letter received by Mrs. Sam the things we shot at," he writes Newsom from her husband, Lt. TJie pillboxes, he says arc re- Newsom with the 10th armored ally tough, and it takes'the foot division of Lt. Gen: George Pat Son's third army, he encloses soldiers to knock them out. The latest letter received _., Mrs. Newsom was dated Dec. 16, copy of a commendation to the officers and enlisted men of his division by Maj. Gen. W. H. H. Morris, Jr. In it Gen. Morris commends the "tigers of th» tenth for outstanding performance in our first test before the enemy." Another enclosure in the same letter is a copy of a short ,wave ·adlo broadcast by H. V. Kaltsn- born, commentator, from Verdun, France, Nov. .10. In his talk Mr. Kaltenborn said of the same division, "the tenth armored division of the third army was committed to action in France ust two months after leaving an - * o- Atlantic port . . . Yet today it is i Sociology, 60: Cultural Anthro- veteran division which has won I P 3l "Sl'. will be given Tuesday even- nearly a thousand purple hearts ! '"£ ° t 7 °' c '°ck. just before Gen: Pat'ton moved in toward Bflstogne. In it Lt. Newsom says: "Cold and mud are our worst enemies" and adds that some of our New Mexico sunshine, and even a sandstorm, would look- good. Night Courses lo Be Given al AM The following courses will be offered at night classes at New Mexico AM college -- classes lo meet in the library buildin Weddin ··a power on ihv tip of the Ma-1 ,Jf,, y g fj Blodted fry Geneva Convention ay p e n i n s u l a is likewise a transit '"in! lor Nipponese reiiiftirce- n e i i t s lo Ihe oil-rich Indies. Sni i a t r n . wltli It* big. rambling re- inei-i ·:, lies d i r c c l l v across the i l l - a i l s of M a l a c c a . ' Three More Navajos (Held in Kidnaping CAU.U!'. . I n n . 11- I/PI Three l i i K i l i v e Navajos. weary a f t e r a veeli in Ihe saddle h u n t e d by n tiosM- ,,f I n d i a n pjlice, surrendered ·n a eninliliied force of sheriff 1 ,i f f l c i - r i i a n d Indian police which ·mivcriii'ii nn them latu Wednesday i l l e r n o o n near i:or;ez, Colo., i t MUS a n n i i i i i n - e d loday by the I n - Tlu-ee olhers, for whom wnr- a n l H h a v e been issued In the Iiid- l l p i i l K of two I n d i a n service em- l.iycs and I ho w i l e of one of them week ago ill Tec Nos Pas. s t i l l vre at liu-j.,. In I),,, f o u r corners · H u m . V e i l n e s d a y -.veie C a p t a i n lienally, K i ' i i n H. Tosie nnd W a l t e r Y a b e - WI-MTE PLAIN'S. N. Y., Jan. 11 l/Pi Nineteen-year-old Eva Caprari. displaying a d i a m o n d ring, says she is engaged to m a r r y an l l n ! i i i n prisoner of w a r r.ow i n t r r n - Arl Exhibit loSta) In Crnce's Six Weeks, Two ol Them al U.S. The e x h i b i t of paintings by Er nest L. JBItimenschBin, internationally-famed Taos artist, whoss formal opening is to be marked by a tea Sunday afternoon at 2:30, is to remain in Las Cruccs six weeks, Miss Hildtire Anderson, chairman of the Kino Arts committee, announced loday. The first two weeks -- from Jan. 11 to Feb. 1 -- the pictuics will hang at the Homo Economics cottage at Las Cruccs U n i o n high school, where the tea is to be held; the rest of the Urn? -- from Feb. |1 to March 4 -- on the second ' j floor of the Htmie Economics cottage at AM college. A f t e r Sunday's tea, Miss And?r- -soii said, the exhibit may b-.? seen by any who care to visit it he- j'twrrn the hours of 2 and 5 p. m. on any day school is in session. The Lns Cruccs chapter of the | A A U \ V and AltritRR club are co- I sponsors of the exhibit and will bs hostess groups at Sunday's tea. The e x h i b i t comes to Las Crn- [(.·es as n service of the Museum of New Mexico, acting throgh the Donn A n a County Museum Soci- Hy, n branch of the state insti- '-ulion. H in also planned to have oilier n action. It has von every im- ibrtant objective assigned to it md fought against some of the )fst German divisions on the front. t was the first division of the third army to enter Germany." Lt. Newsom, who is with thfi 423rd field artillery, writes his wife t h a t he recently returned to Melz, scene of his division's first battle. "I went back to see some Psychology 134: Mental Hygiene and Adjustment, offered on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. Those fhterested in the sociology course are aaked to contact Dr. Sigurd Johansen, and Professor Clarence Hope for the psychology classes. Each of these courses carries three semester-hours credit. Foregoes] Ok'sRighfelaw SANTA KB, Jan. 11 (/Pi--The state federation of.'women's clubs will comply with the wartime convention ban and will- forego its annual spring- convention, the federation's executive board announced -today following^ a meet- The board reported-also that it went on record as -favoring pro*posed legislation regarding com- nunity property rig-tits and the state library commission's pro- At the meeting were Mrs. H7. B; bitten of Gallup, state president; iMr's. Judd Dettericlt of Las Vegas, vice-president; Mrs: Lighther Burns of Anthony, recording: secretary; Mrs. J. EL. Scott of Santa 1 Fc, treasurer; Mrs. Sirii Galley of Wagon iound; president of- the' | first district; Mrs. jJurton Dwyte ' of Santn Fc, president of tho seo- or.d' district;- Mrs: A. A. Kemnifo of Hobbs, "president of the third district, and''Mrs. Wallace Hastings of Ar't'esla; state president of junior women's clubs. -- \Brownies Play on PARTY L I N E ^ ember Birthday Chief Boatswain James W. Elan- ton, who has been here on leave visiting with his wife and young daughter, will report to Houston, Tex., for reassignment. Mrs. Blanton, the former Mary Margaret Bratty, and-thcir daughter, Linda Lou, are accompanying him to the Texas station. Mrs. Forrest Scale was hostess to the Wednesday club at her home yesterday afternoon. Fied L. O'Chesky, former slat? chairmr-n of Triple-A, is here this veek attending- sessions of farm '.nd farm-expert leaders. He re- '.irecl from the state chairmanship i year ago to return to his farm In Cddy county. Mesilla Parlc Brownios met in the Feather play room for their regular Wednesday meeting yesterday afternoon, with Mrs. Ivan Watson, assistant troop leader in charge. It was Brownie Patsy Watson's birthday, and her mother, Mrs. Charles Watson, provided a lovely [birthday cake and ice cream for the 25 troop members present at the meeing. The refreshments and games made the occasion a real '.larty. i Try first to got it in Chices! FALSE TEETFT~ That Loosen Need Not Embarrass sli «-J of t h e Geneva convention and edicts ection of t h e : said n prisoner nf war is .supposed to be r e t u r n e d lo his own country in Hie sump status *«H when r a p t u r e d . CoiHviling t h a t Uu- problem was new to llu'iu, they added thut mat- U-rs ol' warliinc propriety and inn i B T H t w n also wore involved. The prisoner is Cpl. Dclfino K o H i i M i . 2-1, who was captured in Tunis. Reach Agreement lo Cease Greek Fighting A T I I K . N S . J i m . I I I/IV L t . Gen. K i H i H l t l .M. Sciilnr'8 hetidt|UHrk'!-K ;iimouiH'tHl l o d a y U n a n f t i - r n i n e liuur.v «r d l . s r u v n i i m l.trltiHh aulliori- lir.s a n d U - r t u l r i K K L A S leaders! l u i v i - iv:irhril "a targf mea.surc nf | ; i ^ i - ' . ' i n r i i l t i v e r t e r m s for a ceuae I 1 *' O l t l t ' l . " Koiu I'M,AS li'iuli'r.H n r u p a r t l i - i - [)!tluiK ni i h r i i r m l a l i c e f i m f e r - ! l l n l i N h h r i u l c t u a r c r s . OrcntiT (trowtli Tin- e n r l l r r t u l i p Inilbx nrc plnnlcd in tin- (.ill. iho nn-oter the jirowtti. d u i l n H (hi- M M f - o n f n l l n w i n t c I Hatch Congratulafes Anderson on New Posi W A S H I N G T O N . J a n . 11 (/Pi A.s.«igiinH'iil of Kep. Anderson ( - N'M I lo t h v \vnya and means coin- i r i l t t i - p ni' t h e house "is a signal honor, n n l o n l y lo Mr. Anderson bill to New Mexico JIB well," in the o p i n i o n uf Sen. H u t c h ( D - N M i . .\!iKni!ulnt:ng Anderson on the » p ] i i ) i n i i m n l . .Senator H a t c h « n i i l : "The ways anil means comiml- tec i.s probably the i m p o r l i m t i m l l l c e in either branch of the congreNK. and membership on ii is eargerly sought by till mnmlier.s m the house. "1 n i p told H i n t , will) b u t tw.i ·'xceplkms. (he liocky m o u i i l i i i n area bus never been roprrsenlvJ on tin 1 ways a n j mt'jin.s c o i n n u i tee, u s t h i s d i s t i n c t i o n o r d i n a r i l y KCICS l«i a t a t v H h a v i n g largo ilvK- jmlJnn.H." Children Escape Serious Injury in. Oil Stove Crash The two children of dward Maese narrowly escaped serious burns yesterday afternoon the older of the two, aged three, pulled an oil stove over both of t h e m . Dr. B. B. iicOe, who treated them, said the children suffered j only first degree burns, but easily might have been seriously biirhed. Tho younger of tho two is a j baby of about 15 months. At tJio Hospital Miss Concha Bcrnal was a d m i t - .cd to McBridc hospital yesterday or surgery. Thomas Apodaca undenvent surgery at the hospital today. Mrs. Fred Garcia was admitted for surgery last night. Mrs. James Wright, whose husband died of burns yesterday, is being treated for burns sustained in the .same accident. Telephone 83 *hen you Iinuw tt a tiftwft Itflre, use their llilcd' at ii.l UK- wronj; tin!.-. D.I ,,,,! l i v e I,, fear f tins ]ia||'cniiiK Ii, vou. lust sprinkle i l i t t l e - I ' A S T E K T H . Ihc- alkulllic (tion- u-iil) nun,!,-,, ,,,, ymir j.hiet. Holds false- cell, more firmly, so lliey frcl more com. " IJdes imt snur. Checks "platif ii|nr" (ilenlun- lirculi). Get FASTEETH Introducing A baby gi^rl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul J-. Sanchez of 217 E. Mountain avenue Jan. 9. The baby, named Mary Elizabeth, is the third child of tho family. -Mr. and Mrs. John Bogart are he parents of a baby boy born Tuesday at McBride hospital. Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOaNS Automobile -- Personal' Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 LUIS MAYNEZ ACCOUNTANT Lei me help you with your income tax returns. See me at ROUNTREE COTTON CO. THEO V. NELSON OPTOMETRIST Modern Eye Examination Lenses Duplicated Glasses lotted IIS.W. GrUfgs Ph. J582-J BAYLUS CADE .PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Audits - Tax- MutUTS - Systems 120 E. Griggs Ph. 284, 477-J QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookftlisofHomeTr.atmentthst Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing A Si/.siiiwidi and a Drink.. FERTILIZER USERS \ \ ' luvr Urn noiili,.,! ||,,,| we caniiol i-i-t im y ninro 1.1111111.1-1., ,i Phisp!i;iii i n i t i l j i l x n i t May OI-,)UIH\ f 2(1% p|, ()s . I' 1 '"!' 1 , u - l n i ' l i w i l l he p.H'kcc! m A n a n n u l a haj;s. \\V su;;:;.-st I ha I users r u n s u l e i t i n s 130% gr;uk, if ""·''''If I" I'vair a sahslarto.T supply ,,f hii;h- H radi- I'luispliatc. Wr . - x p , ' , - ! ..,|Hpi m .|il ; , ol l h , s -II";, I ' h n s p h a l , . j,, || u , Hear VALLEY PRODUCTS COMPANY Phone 99 Daslilltrhl Hatl«Ty tory for liidnstnol UPC b u i l t on Ih. p r l i i r i i i l r uf 11,u nuluiniibile wot stoi "UP liattrry lias hern developed. A | frrslily cliiii«i't1 wot bittlcry w i l l J tltvc ;ib(,ut three h n i i f s of constjmi liljllt. In OIIP lest ot 575 OJitUTU'S n: a7S l l n s h l l s h i s i,|,,. n ,liiiR fc.r KII» ye:\i' s:i.WiO was fcnvett. tho oust of n- rliir;|iii|; ei|ul|.nn.|lt I'xoluili-il. Tins boil* rlnwn (:. « si.viiiR of SIO n year on every fbshl.Klit tn.ilnkiliuHl. Tlu now Ij.meiy re( ) n i r e s n special tyi e COLD STORAGE MOVING and HAULING «'n din srrvii You nn Mhnrl or I...111; llniilK H. K. TRUCK I'hone 2«0 Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches *»*«»«flv«ij-\Hir Poo, Dljertl.n. Sou, Standard-Walgreen Drug Mesilla Park: Holmes Drug Store We make the very best sandwiches and fountain drinks. If you waiif a short lunch, this is the order! la Fonda Cafe JOE Y. ROGERS, Mgr. -^^^^__ iQue gran vida, amigos!... Have a Coke ( 1\7T4 A T* A T ITTf? n * r r i A (WHAT A LIFE, \* [ \ ... or being ambassadors of good ivill in Panama Your American sailor gds around. In Panama, Pearl Harbor, Port Moresby or Providence, you'll find Kim always being himself,-:, friendly, good-natured American. Hare., Cole is his easy-going invitation lo share some fun or a sonj- and refreshment wiih all comers. It's his way of saying, «,/,,*, to'., uk, it tay And that's just what it means when you oifer ice-cold Coca-Cola in your own home. Yes, in many lands, Coca-Cola and f.V /).«,« ,hn njmba stand for friendliness with a good old American accent. 110 W. ! omio U N O I I Aimioiiir ot I M C C O C A . C O M C O M P A N T ir CO CA-CO LA BOTTLING COMPANY T 'i- " In CTIKII, ». u. _ CokeaCoca-Gola It j natural for popular names i to acquire friendly ibbre«l. I Hum. Thnt'« why you hear 1 Coca-Cola called Coke,. c 'I f. i' i

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