Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 10, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 3
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AfMrnoon Jihttiry 10, 1945 THE PEOPLE'S MABKET PLACE ·· PAGE THREE '* * 2 R TRADE WANTED. OH FOR RENT LOST AND FOUND WANTS CLASSIFIED OAKY DOAKS By 1.1. FID* FOR SALS CO. OLIVER FARM IMPLEMENTS DAJRY supipmas 2t 6. Main St .Lajs Cruces, N.M ELECTRIC FENCES WESTERN AUTO 129 8. Main . B ..Phone 121 U. S. army iasue surplus used merchandise at great bargain prices. 34,000 pairs shoes, no ration lUmp needed, $2.15. 26,000 raincoats, $2.15. 2900 soft feather pillows 90c. Messkits 40c, canteens 40c, cups 25c, fatigue hats 25c. Also 10,000 foEWtl. S. army extra heavy 4 iba. 6 oz. olive drab, single, notion blankets, size 6x7 feet, red hot bargains $3.15, real Christmas presents. All postage prepaid. 2sV COD ,s. Send money order. Blank's Exchange, Wichita Falls, Texas. BABY CHICKS We have On hand at this time most large breeds. New shipment each Thursday. MARKET SUPPLY CO. Phone 333~:Oh-^iR Tracks NOTICES We buy, sell and trade, melt's Second Hand Store, 130 North Main Phone 646. We clean, build and repair septic tanks, cess pools and toilets. M. H. Shadden, Gen. Del., Las Cruces. WHERE CLEANING and SERVICE is BETTER MODEL CLEANERS 113 Weal 'Gric/gs HELP WANTED persons nov engaged in essen- lial '.var work will not be considered. Desk clerk. Hotel iHorndon. Cleaner Jleaners. or presscr. Cothcrn REAL ESTATE Lots and acreage. Terms to suil. i P. A. Bunch, box 189, or 714 Easl j Lohman. Avenue, Las Cruces. | Whether to buy, or to sell, H. N. BURTON Bring in your listings, of all kinds, and we will sell it FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH. 11SW. Griggs Ph. 381 WANTED TO BUY 100 to loO acres; have cash buyer. Have cuslomer for aulo courl, also for large ranch. James C. White Realty Co. 106 N. Stanlon St. El Paso Tractor, hegari. Phone 655-W. Toy guns, dolls, arums, tepees, Vesls, feather hats, games, culouts, pollery elc. Hand woven blankets, purses, neckties, jackets, coals, sweaters. Hand made belts, billfolds, aprons, book ends, ash trays. Indian and Mexican jewelry. Hundreds oj other items. Valley Bus Depot, 330 South Main. Machine operators or men wiling' to learn wanted as milkers. Good living conditions, top wages iVrite G. P. Black, Arrcy, N. Hex. Wanted, personal applicaUoiTfoT janitor' public building and supervisor of grounds. Short hours Phone 34. Maid. Phone 508. Woman desiring g-ood home, lighl work, good pay, care of invalid, see Mrs. Picketl, White House Dishwashed wanted Cafe. Coronado English speaking maid for house work and care for small child. Call 488-R1 afler 5. Mesilla Park. FOR SALE Car of Good JERSEY MILK 'COWS MOfcR!S,HILL Phone S57-J Kitchen range. Neff Motor Court. We wi' Thursday come and duels Co., rjhime 89. i--'· -*.»'·- ^-. have .baby chicks each Solace your orders or *t Ihem. Valley Pro- Milk cow and horses. Sheriff Livestock Yafds, west of viaduct on Highway 80 and 85.' S.everal 'boxes ;22 W.R.F. shells. 212 Las Cruces Avenue. Few new,tire puihps^and 4-way lub wrenches./ Shell Service Station. ; . . . Equity In rout room Mouse and 4 lots. 113 Wesl Cheslnul. 7 53 acres, 4 'rooni house near irrigation ditch', $i2,odO'.'Quesenber- ry Realty Co., phone 52. Experienced service station attendant. Murrells Conoco, 887 N Main. .Man and wife or 2 women for cooking and house work for small family on ranch 10 miles from Las Cruces. $20.00 per week for cooking. $12.00 for housework. Room and board. Phone 495-J2. HELP ME err LAKITMB OOt HERE/ ALL RIGHT- I'LL PULL IT OUT/ DICKIE DAR By Conlton Watigli BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Auillls - Tax .Matters - Systems 120 E. Griggs Ph. 284, 477-J Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 HOtVDV'GiAD TO ME ETCH A! Bllj I'LL TELL VA' Ol/e-THlHG IT Alf/'T HEALTH'S TO GO APOMD MAKING Flirt OF con/eots ot/TCHf/?e. WHO'S MAtf/tG Ftltl OF THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By Charles Bath NOW, HERE'S A BEAUTIPUL i RING THAT MISHT IMTEREST A i VOUNS MAN-ONLY SIX HUNDRED ..COLLARS/ TRAVEL WANTED TO RENT Want to rent 2 bedroom house Phone 36. Want i'jrnished apartment sinall falmily. Phone 212. Want to rent furnished house or apartment, by permanent army couple. Phone 727, ask for Captain Hitchcock. Wanl lo rent centrally located 2 room apartment, kitchenette and bath, by 2 women. Phone 34. FOR LEASE 60 acre farm, 30 acres in cultivation. Cash renj or lease if party buys my equipment. C. W. * Williams. 12 miles north on 85. ALL AMERICAN S s Free meald, Free Pillows, Lower Rates. Three schedules. 333 South Main, Phone 774. WANTED Ironing wanted. Mrs. F. Fulkcr- son, 1 mile north of 80 on highway 85. GOSH, ANDREW, r/U. SET MISS DUCIV/PIE WOULD LOVE THIS RING.' THAS3A FUL LOTTA, MOMEV LUCIUS. 1 My 'UOWASJCE is Fi^iy CENTS (X WEEK-HOW LONG WJULD iT TAKE TO GIT R4ID COR? MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN Bv Lee Falk and Phil Davb TO TRADE Pecans for hay. C. A. Williams, ' San Miguel. | Parachute Landings A new technique for paralroopefs has been worked out. In the early days of the war they were in- sfructed to land with their toot about 18 inches apart. Now they arc ught lo hold Ihem together because lire new method reduces "'·le fractures. U, S. Army Issue surplus used merchandise at bargain prices. 30,000 pairs shoes, no ^ration stamp needed, good grade : $2.15, better grade, repaired, new soles' and heels $2.95. 23,000 raincoats $2.15. Messkits 40c.,;fanteens 40c, cups 25c. ' Also 7200 NEW D. S. Army extra heavy 4 Ib. 6 oz. olive drab single cotton blankets, 6x7 reel, red hot price $3.15. All poslage prepaid. No COD's. Send money order. Blank's Exchange, Wichila Fails, Texas. One 4 year ; oW Jersey cow. Just fresh. T. E.~Stott, telephone 4SO-H3 One coal heater, one 5 burner New Perfection stove, other household articles. W. I. Pricer, 1 mile .vest Mesilla.Park. B. T. Hall farm. Modern one-bedroom nouse on El Pasco Road. Sec Bob Alexandei second left hand street off El Paseo. fifth house on left. Hear the Intcrnntiunal LUTHERAN HOUR Featuring DR. WALTER A. MAIER and Music By the Lutheran Hour Chorus Every Sunday B R I N G I N G C H R I S T TO THE N A T I O N S KTSM -- 8:00 A.M. -- SUNDAYS SGORCHY SMITH SPECIAL AGENT FOR THE BENTON VAN STORAGE H . K . T R U C K L I N E 242 South Church Street Phone 260 NEW MBXICO'S: LARGEST FURNITURE MOVERS'' Modern 2 .bedroom home. Phom 218-R. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE To notify a1] concerned that my Laa Cruces property is off the market until further notice. ' M. VAYA GARNIER Jan. 10, 12-45 · LQ3T Red leatl}'[r money holder. Reward, return to Amador Hotel. Barbara Mrt,nui1n. WANT TO Want to buy. radio, table model preferred. *tucU6 colich or dny fo If you ran deliver. Pay cash! Mrs. Corothy CnOiin. Cottnfrc 1, LOR Cabin Cottages, west of viaduct. Red chill, all kinds. Barker's Ranch, phono 599-R1. FOR RENT fiS acres (food land for rrnt. Blnncty VprmilUon. YOUR DOG 15 IN THE LABORATORY FROZEN BY THE COME WITH ME. Wfe RE GOING TO HAVE A SHOW-DOWN WITH THE ICE LADY/ I M ASHAMED TO SAY IT, BUT I'M SCARED OF THE ICE LADY. SCARED TO DEATH/ WHY ON EARTH oo WOULD SHE ; °- WANT TO 00 ) THAT? Frank Bobbin* .DON'T BUT IT sues INTEODUCED THOSE NIPS TO THEIR VV-WHAT WAS HAT ? VHE JAPA\£SE PATROL, ATTACKING SCORCHY AVO THE SIRL...IS SUOOE\'LY D£5"SOYED BY A HEARTBEAT 01- NEW MEXICANS THROBS WITH MARCHING FEET WHICH BEAT B ICK ON LUZON A L L I E D VAN L I N E S N A T I O N - W I D E MOVING c/t a turn of your wrist! wnrsKi:r~4 ni.ivn w VROOP - (*** r.RAis* \rrTRAi. ROIURT fORTRR X SONS. Irrr . rtrtui Alhuqurrqar A !.·« Cruf««. N. i ( (Continued from pngc I I f Jnpnnese. \ In Santa Fc, dov John .T. D-nip- jsoy .said: "I've hoard the new.- and am thrilled. It will muan so ismi-h to thoso Amorlcan boys held prls- onrr in Japan nnd in the Philippines, including those from \ow Mexico's gallant 200lh coast artillery regiment. The l i b e r a t i o n of the Philippines probably jnrans more to the people _of New Moxi- co than to nny ntate in our nation. If we had had in the Philippines H few more regiments like those of our 200th nnd the 515 which was organized from It, Batann vould h:ive been a different story. Sen. DenniH crhnvez of New Mexico said in Washington that "nothing eouii! ninke the people of New Mexico happier. Dr. V. H. Kpensley. president the I'V Bntn;in Relief artly w h a t our been wnrkinj; for.' Organizations M i M : it's ex- a n i z a t i u n has Dr. Spensley lost a son on Hittann. Sheriff Harold Htihhell of Her- lolilio county, u'uunrlcd in December, 1041, in the Philippines, said he hoped to sec "some of my buddies p u t t y soon. MacArthur can do It." New Mexico's heart was w i t h M a c A r t h u r on Luzon today. For this state of only half a million population lost more men in the Philippines t h a n any other. First National Has Two New Directors Two new directors nnd fin*|; ' nv I'ice-prrsident were c'nosrn nl the annnftl nun ting of First N a t . u n a l lnnk storkhoMern Tuesday. F. M. Hnyner hfrnme ft new vice- president, Glenn Hnmill, o' the T h r i f t proeerles, and Ohnrli s L. lpht, of the Myers Co., HP ne.w board iucmh*r8. A. I. Kelfio n'tninfl his pillion | ns president. C. C. O/ment ft; a ' t : ivr virt-ptvwldent, «nd J. J. Arft- pon as cashier. The l i v e old members of Ihe honrrt arc J. J. Ara^nn, K. M. Hayner, A. 1. Krlnr, C. C. O/.nien(,- and B. F. Wrlst-nhnrn. t^slr-r Lncki'y and K. CJ. ()?.· ment were nmned n.sslHtnrit cnsli- Rye* Uthtrn Eyei of young jrmktei nrp brown, becoming lighter RK the blrdi grow older, myn the Better Vlnlon ttistl- lute. In hunifln L«tn|fi Ihp cyei In frurly infancy »re lif;ht ccttorcil. (lurk- coin| m the infant* develop. Legal Notice NOTICE OF!SALE Notice Ls hereby given Hint pnr- naiH to a resolution duly mlopled '}· the Hmird of TrusleeH of the Town of Las Cruecs, a inunicipn ·orporatimi. on J a n u a r y 2, l!M, r ) t was propo.seil to well and con ivy to K. f. Hank In. fur Hie crm- alclenitum of One Hunrirril Dnllnn i$lf0.0li| net, the following de- SL'nfjeil rt'aj estnte owned by Town and not IjeinK used in the carrying out of an essential ernmcntul functlim, the sewage disposal site, nioti; pnrticulariy iloacribcd, to wit: Uep.inning at a point on the east lint- of the ri^ht-df-wiiy of the lower U'.ishurc, Drain With of [he U. S. K. S. and on a curve in Ihe same and «t the northwest ler of this t r a c t ; whence a U. H. K. S. nmerctv monument to · weal of the Drain pitch bears 81 (|CR. 11' W. 1874 ft. i l l i t n n t , ind whence ll I I . S. K. S cimcrele moniiinent lieiirs N. SI ,lr£ I T K. HO.fl feel d i s t a n t ; lhtnrr N. 81 den. 11' K. 417.0 ft nlunj! a foni-e (rn tln north l i n e of nils t r u o l and Ihe Hinilh l i n e of a trucl of .1, W. .Incl-snn to a H t n k o rcir tile iidrth- en.Hl (diner (if thU t r n t t ; tlienrc H 8 deR. lir K. 1112.0 ft. t,, a utahe for the umilhi'HHt corner of thlrt trad; thcnrc N. 88 (leg. .14' W. 18.8 feet In n xliike; thence S. 8H (le K . OH' W. 21.0 ft. to a Make; thence S. 8.1 (K'g, 20' W. 144.0 ft. In n stake; thence H. 70 dcg. 01' W. I7ll.ll ft. lo n ntukc; Ihnncc- S. 78 (Ice, 1(1' W. 77.2 f t , to a |«ilnl I'ajil line of I h e IT. R. n. S. i t c h iind at Hie b|;lnniiiK urvv ill (lie r|e;ht-nf-way; lllellce fnllnwiii); alllll); the .-urvv. the r a d i u s (i| wliicli IN -121.J»8 ft., the lire of which i» 211.07 ft., the c e n l n i l niiRle nl whieh Is .'IS ileg. 117' and t h e lung elinnl of which is 282.1 ft. in I c n j j t h imd has u i.TMiin K nr N. :;n iii. K . :«)· K. i,, u,,, pNlcc (Pf hej:inni|i|; contniniiif,' \v:: if.-rfs. ti:luiitc m t| k . Alesllla C'ivil Colony Cranl, Dmia Ana County, New .Mexico. Nnhee is f u i l h e r given t h a t mid .snle and cunveyiince w i l l he made on I'Vlirunry 7. IMS. nnles.i protested a.s by law provided. Witneso my hnnd nnd o f f i r i a i -seal UliH [Hh day of .Ian., IfM.V HKRNtCB H. .tAfKRON, ( S K A L l THWII Clerk. Ian. 10, 15. 25 43 IN TIIK I'KOnATK I'OUBT, DOXA ANA COUNTY, NKW MKXICO In The M u t t e r of The Kstiite of MAX V A N D K r t STDCKKN. IJe- eased. fnuw No. 6HO NOTICK Tn: M A U D K V A N D E F t STUCK. KN, widow (.f J I A X VANI1KH STLTKEN, Deceased. MlMllln 'nrk New Mrxlcn; M A X 1 N E J iRMMTRONt! I nee Vander Slucli- n). .1210 Altlirn Blvd., Kl Pa»o, ! Tflxnt), anl nil unknown helri o( MAX V A N H E U STUCKEN, De- coa«cd, ami nil unknown persona j claiming nuy Hen upon or right, t i t l e or Inti'lCflt In or lo the CH- late of jtnld decedent NOTICK IS 1IKIIK1IY (11VKN thai MAUDE VANDER STUCK- KN. n d m l n l a l i a l r l x of the cattle of MAX VAN-PBR STUCKEN. De- (ciisiHi. IIU.H filed her amended jfl- nn] report ami account and that . Ihe ;ilat day of January. 194.1, at | 10 o'clock A. M. at the Court I House, Las Cruces. New Mexico. Is the date, time and place for the s e t t l e m e n t thereof, and the deter- m i n a t i o n of heirahlp ami ownership of said estate and interest of each claimant therein and the persona e n t i t l e d to distribution thereof. R. U, POSEY. Las Cruces, New Mexico, In the attorney for the ad- ministratrix. WITNESS my hand and seal ,of said court this the 20th day of December, lim. M. J. CHAVEZ, (SEAL) County Clerk, Dons Ana County, New Mevlco. DM. 20. 27 II; J.lil.3, 10--45 NAMES IIKUI.K AS KNVOV WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (.n-Adolf Itale. Jr., until recently an umii.sUnt secretary ol atatc, *vaj n o m i n a t e d by rrealdent Roosevelt todiiy to he ambassador to Brazil. LUIS MAYNEZ ACCOUNTANT Lot me h«]p you with youlr Incoma lax rilurni. S«a mtt at ROUNTREE COTTON Ctt

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