Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 4, 1977 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1977
Page 7
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Your Daily from the CARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE Castro blames Eisenhower and Nixon for ill-fated invasion against country Sat.. June 4.1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 7 MARMADUKE 15 ' by Brad Anderson FORECAST FOR MONDAY. JUNE 6 1877 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A frustrated Ming could results because of lack of communications could result early in the day. By night you are under excellent aspects to gain your desired objectives. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) lie tactful with others who are in a tense mood. Make good use of that fine talent you have Take no financial chances at this time.' TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 201 Do nothing that could disturb a higher-up where career matters are concerned. Do something thoughtful for your mate. G E M I N I (May 21 to June 21) A day to look into new projects that could prove beneficial in the future. Sidestep a situation that could lead to* trouble. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Figure out an improved way to handle your obligations. Take time to improve your wardrobe as well as your appearance. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Come to a better understanding with associates and you can be more successful. Express happiness with the one you love. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 221 Don't neglect to handle routine duties. Plan time for improving your health with right treatments. Become more animated. L I B R A (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Eliminate any obstacles in the path of your progess. A creative plan needs more study before you put it in operation. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Carry through with whatever you have in mind that will improve your relationship with co-workers. Consult business expert. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Make long-range plans that could produce greater abundance in the days ahead. Strive for happiness. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20i You may be in a . ' better financial position than you realize, so be sure to go over your accounts carefully. Be wise. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Problems could arise that seem difficult to solve but if you are objective, you can get rid of them. Think constructively. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Rid yourself of whatever is keeping you from gaining your finest wishes. You can increase happiness with mate at this time. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . he or she could have unwarrented problems, so be understanding and give the finest education you can afford. There could be much success in this chart, particularly where outside work is concerned. Don't neglect religious training. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your lie is largely up to YOU! (Id 1977. McNaught Syndicate. Inc.) By JOAN HANAL'ER UPI Television Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - Barbara Walters and her crew rode across the Bay of Pigs with Fide! Castro and listened to the Cuban president explain why he blamed Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon -- not John F. Kennedy -- for the invasion of his country.' Miss Walters' interview with Castro -- in his Havana office, at the Bay of Pigs, at his hideaway in the Sierra Maestra mountains where he fought for years as a guerrilla -- will be seen on ABC June 9,10-11 p.m., Eastern time. "We were the first Americans to cross the Bay of Pigs since the invasion in 1961," Miss Walters said in an interview. "And we were crossing with Fidel Castro." The story of how Miss Walters came to do the first full-length, in-deplh interview with Castro began two years ago when she was in Cuba with the press entourage following Sen. George McGovern. At the time she asked for an interview and Castro promised her she would have the first when he decided to grant such interviews. When she asked Castro why he had promised her the first interview, he answered simply, "Because you asked me." Castro has granted other inlerviews -- including the one on the CIA that Bill Moyers will report on CBS June 10, 9-11 p.m., Eastern time, as part of a CBS Reports on "Hie CIA's positions with the United States ("he said in the Carter second term--between 1980 and 1984") to Castro's marital status ("you'll have to tune in to find out"). "There were no questions submitted in advance, no areas closed to us," Miss Walters said. "That doesn't mean he answers every question. And he is obsessed with the CIA -- it almost got to be a joke with us, the way everything came back to the CIA. Then he tells you the number of assassination attempts against his life and when the last one was." Some of the interviewing was done at the Bay of Pigs and in the Sierra Maestra -- through which Castro himself drove the Russian-made jeep with a cigar in his mouth and a gun on the dashboard but accompanied by only one security jeep. Most of the talk was in Castro's office. "That's where we dealt with matters of substance," Miss Walter said, "with the Bay of · Pigs, and Nixon, and the assassination of Kennedy. "He has a whole theory of the Kennedy assassination, which he says is still a great deal of a mystery to him. He does hot have a solution to it. He tells what he thinks about Lee Harvey Oswald and what he knows of -- how shall I put it? -- Oswald's lack of connection to Cuba. He says in a sense, to a degree, somebody or some organization is trying to frame Cuba and Castro." Miss Walters, who found Castro one of the most interesting subjects among the many heads of state she has interviewed over the years, believes he is generally well- informed, although with occasional blank spots about the United States and with considerable naivety about the Soviet Union. "He is an extraordinarily charismatic personality," she said. "He has great humor and vigor. The men in our group liked him as much as the women did, if not more. He has a very funny,wonderful sense of humor. He smokes those cigars and fingers his beard. He said when the embargo is lifted on U.S. trade with Cuba, please send him some Gillette razors. "I think this is a balanced report. We picture this man, so extremely charismatic, but also a ·man who is a totally dedicated revolutionary and Communist. There are those who think that if we establish relations with Cuba, he'll come around. That's a mistake, I think. Castro is a total devotee of the Soviet Union." She said that most of the interview was done with Castro speaking in Spanish, accompanied by simultaneous translation. He does speak in English in a message to the American people and in the opening of Ihe show when he talks about his thoughts as he crosses the Bay of Pigs. As for her impressions of the Cuban people, Miss Walters said: "Economically conditons still are quite difficult. We saw the worst section of Cuba and also the best. Castro has spent most of his money and effort on schools and hospitals, and he Is very proud of them. Living conditions, however, are difficult and food is still rationed, although not in restaurants. "Castro has severe economic problems and I'm sure the middle class is very unhappy. For the poor, everybody at least is fed and there is free education and medical attention. The people in the mountains, in an area he hadn't visited in more than a year, treated him very easily. There didn't seem to be any awe of him." New Border Crossing ' Point Is Opened VIENNA, Austria (UP!)-A new border crossing point has been opened between Austria and Hungary at Bucsu-Scha- chendorf, bringing the number of crossing points between the two countries to five. The Hungarian MT1' news agency said the opening was necessary to cope with the border traffic that has increased from 28,000 cars in 1973 to 640,000 in 1975. Hungary has 23 border crossing points to Czechoslovakia, IS to Yugoslavia, 10 to Romania and three to the Soviet Union. "Don't bark so loud ... it might sink!" Kodak paper. For a good look at the times of your life. WESTERN We use Kodak paper exdusiveiy ^ IRC. 811 9th St., Greeley, 351-6686 1 Day Service · Kodacolor processing and printing · E-6 Ektachrome . PUBLICNOTICE CASE NUMBER 4-77 This It to notify ail persons that a Public Meeting will be held by the Planning w Commission of the City of Greeley, c Colorado concerning a request by Mr. c Paul Stoddard for a use by special review. D PUBLICNOTICE CASE NUMBER 5-77 This Is to notify all persons that a Public eetlng will b* held by Ihe Planning gmmtsslon of tht City of Greeley, olorado concerning a request by Susan * camo far a use bv swclal review. The The property proposed lor the special use property" proposed for the special use s with the City Clerk as follows: (! i B ri ^h th , rit v Clerk as follows: SPECIAL REVIEW CASE NO.: 4-77, Engineer Plat No. 11 Mortuary In an R-l (single family residential) Zone. SPECIAL REVIEW CASE NO.: S 77, Engineer Plat No. 12 Mulll family dwflllna unit In a C-l (office) district. The general location of the property Is . y h j Be ^ era i location of the property It Tract A, Westlake Park Third Filing, u!3 IQth Avenue, a portion of Lot 15, Bloc* corner of. Reservoir Road and U.S. 3* 1 55, Cranford Addition; Greeley, Colorado. Bypass- ' ' said Public Meeting will beheldon June Said Public Meeting will be heldon June , t im at ,. 30 o.m. In the City Council 14, 1977 at 1:30 p.m. In the City Council c Chambers at the Greeley Civic, Center. A harriers at me Grseley Civic Center. ddiHonal Information may be obtained at Additional Information may be obtained at the ~gffi» of'ttie City Clerk or the Plann ng theofflceof the City Clerk or thePlannlng p epa rtment where plans and ipecltleattonsareonflle. A11 OBf «ins interested may appear and All persons Interested mav appear and b be heard. Dated the 2nd day of June 1977 at c Greeley, Colorado. · , C1TYOFGREELEY , By: Sam Sasaki (by John Given) Planning Commission Secretary By:SueCarolTreptou e heard. Dated the 2nd day of -June 1977 at reeley, Colorado. ITYOFGRFELEY y: Sam Sasaki by John Given) lannlng Commission ecrelary By: Sue carol Treptou Acting City ClerK The Greeley Dally Tribune JuneJ im June *. 1977 PURCHASEORDER NUMBER CG 1543 PUBLICNOTICE ZON1NGCASENUMBERI-7T This is to notify all persons that a Public Meeting will be held by the Planning Commission of the City of Greeley, Colorado concerning a request by Wheeler Realty for zoning for the Pledalue CITYOF GARDEN- CITY PUBLICNOTICE Pursuant to the laws Annexation. The property proposed for the , » h C| 3 + a n ( Tnlnrarin zoning Is shown in Engineer Plat No. 10, Ot me ^1316 Ot UHOradO ^flled with the City Clerk as follows: anc j | he ordinances Of ZONING CASE: MI, En B in«r piat the city of Garden City, Annein z ° ning '" ****** Colorado; Donald J. and 35thAvenue,Greeley,Colorado^^^^ Leonardo DaVmO'S, OH u? a im P at i C :3o"m. B in the city council May 1, 1977, applied for Add£ a i.n« a Beer and Wine License. vixebiauranu. ir granieu, sp.ciikiik.ns.rconfnt. said license is to be Ji.T" 1 ' """"'"' TM' m "° M exercised at Leonardo Dated the 5nd day of June 1977 at DaVino's, 615 26 Street, ciTYo y FG 0 REELEY Garden City, Colorado. By: John Given (for Sam Sasaki) . The Liquor Licensing s P K?e n t l a n r 0 v Commi " Ion Authority of the City of B y: sue caroi Treptou Garden City, Colorado Acting city ueric Tne Greeley Dally Trlbunt Will hold a public hear- ·""»*"" ing on said application PETITION OF INCUJSIONOF LAND on June 7, 1977, 7:00 WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OFTKE EVANS SANITATION DISTRICT. P.M. in the meeting hall Townomllmayconcini: g| 2714 6th AvenUO, at Pltase take nole that a pelltton was Hied . . . . . . . on mi inn nay oi May, 117; to include which time and place l^rrrir*''" 0 ' 111 ' any interested person That the original boundaries of the may be present and be the lands described In the petition to be heard. included within the boundaries of the district are described as: Any petitions or re- That pan of the y/i of SE'/j of Section mnnctranrac nartnminn 19, Township 5 Norm, Range « west of monstrances pertaining the «h P.M., Townof Evans, Counlyof *Q *Ug flrant Of Said weld, State of Colorado, being more 3 parllcularlydescrlbedasfollows: HCeHSe may D6 filed 31 nm»TMl^to.i*a Mttrtltm*}'!. the location of the city and conslderlna the West line of the SE'A of said Section 19 to beir North yfW'U" West with all bearing* contained herein being relative thereto; Thence North wra'H" West / clerk. Dated this 1st day of Vlav, 1977. along said West line of the Southeast fha VlroolfiV Hailu Quarterof said Section 19a distanced 1 H6 Oreeiey USIiy X) 00 feet to a point on the North right of way line of 371.'- Street; Thence North 90°00'OQ" East alono said North right of way line of 37th Street, 658.75 feet to the True Point of Beginning; Thence North 00°37'57" West, 490.00 feet; Thence South B9«59'SO" East, 899.03 feet; Thence South 00°37'57" East, *S?.9i feet to a point on the North rlBtit of way line of 37th Street; Thence North XWXTOO" West along said North right of w»y tine of 37th Street, BW.03 feet lo the True Polnrof Befllnnlng. All persons Interested In the petition for incluikxi s ol certain land described, shall appear al the office of the Evans Sanitation District, Evans City Hall, on or before June W, 1977, showing cause In wrltlno. If any they nav«, why sild petition should not be granted. This notin given and published by the order of the Board of DlrectorsoftheEvans Sanitation District, May 16, 1977. Laurln Roberts Secretary The Grteley Dllly Tribune June3,4,4.1W7 Tribune May 28, 30, 31, June 1, 2, 1,4,6,7,1977 Lanterns ^Kepler ^Lighting Greeley National Bank Plaza 82) Hth St. 3SM9M 8-5:30M-F -- 9-SSat. FORA ONE-OF-A-KIND DAD NEW KNIT JEANS 15.00 The newest in a long line of Farah® favorites polyester knit jeans. They're a bit dressier, so Dad can wear them just about anywhere. Choose from navy, brown, or tan, each with contrast stitching. Sizes 30-38. FATHER'S DAY, JUNE 19 WILSHIRE SHOPPING CENTER 10:00-9:00 Mon thro Fri.: 10:00-5:30 Sat: 12:00-5:00 Sun.

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