Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 11, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1961
Page 9
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Windsor. . . '. y D E N N E Y H O L M E S = Uurvyu" Vye featured on "Th« Bob Cumnilriga Show" saj'i 1 he KOt the biggest compliment of bis ntreer from a California lUte highway i)fl(.foliii»ri. Vye his a hlgh-iHJwered porl car and.wau rushlnf along »l somewhat more than the ip«ed laws allow, near .tjie' Mexican border, .when. Ihe , officer caught up with him. ."He 'luoVod, did a double lake and told rm*j-'i've seen you on television and want lo see more ·of you, Mr. Vj-e. So please slow down'.". Vye. says t h a t ' w a s ' the limit,effective .tiling that could hav* been said and that he's been creeping along ever since. There.was some confusion on "The Rifleman" set recently when Joe Lewis, directing "The Shattered Idol" episode to be shown in December, called out "Kevin." Both guest star Kevin .McCarthy and Chin-It Connors looked around. Joe then learned for the first lime that Chuck's real'name i s ' K e v i n Conhers. Nippy, mornings hold no chills (or Connie Slovens ol "Hawaiian Bye." \ V h l l e . w a t t i n g to go on camera Connie wears woolen ca- prls under hr dress, a costume appropriate for the warm climes of Hawaii, according to ari ABC- TV, official. That's real disilliis- ionineu 'for those 1 of us who thought that trass skirts and Hawaii go best together. There'll be nothing but conv plete. satisfaction for y o u * when you make your next TV set an RCA. \Mctor. RCA TV not only appears to be Quality-TV . . . It really is. Only the finest of materials and components are used, And it conies In a striking selection of'decorator 'cabinets as ·ivell'as in the convenient lightweight portable 'models. Come iu soon for a n ' I n t e r e s t i n g dem oiutralfon. HOLMES RADIO t TV SALES t SEHVICE, 720 10th St.' Ih. EL 2-2005--Adv. WINDSOR-MISS daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G«orK' \dltr, west of Windsor,-was coiii- Ilirwnled recently at a mlsctl oneous-shower it,the Ziori Evan elkal Lutheran Church, with * guests present. Miss Adrerywill be- ome' Ihe bride of'Robert Helrize, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hcinze oJ north of Windsor, Nov. K. Pro ram for Ihe evening Included lyro eadings by Mrs. Gladys Onslat; wo vocal solos by Mrs George chleiger of LoveUnd. with Mrs Dave. Krause accompanist; two fadings by Mrs. Frieda Haas; invocation by Mrs. E. E. Keller 'ng. Table decorations carried nil he bride's colors of lavender aru white. Assisting her in-opening [ifls were: Barbara Atiler. Yolan la Dominqucz and Belly Hetting ir. Hostesses were: Mrs. George Schlieger of Lovelahd, Mrs. Rhin* hold Atiler of Mead, Mrs. Free TV Trouble? Ph. EL 2-2240 Days Nights and Sundays Repair any AC or DC Radio--$2.50 plus parts W. Give Sold Band 8lamp Bill's TV Sarvica Elmer Barktr, Owner 435 14th AVe. Radio Ditpatch S«rv]ca Ruff, Mn. Jaceb J»coby Jr. *nd Mrs. Henry Hiias. · . ' r. 'fhd Mrs" Loll Is Wolf ot 401 Oak'St., arc the' parent i 'of a ·on born-«t VY«lti,County General Hospital Thursday, Nov.. 2. He ivu been named Nicholas Andrew lo honor his great-grand, [others; Nicholas, Wolf and Andrew Grlndc He has » 'brdlher, Arthur, and three sisters, Cindy, Mary and Randi. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolf of Johnstown ·id Henry Grlnde of New Roick- ford, N. D. Mrs. Barbara Waller of.Gretliy is Ihe great grandmotli- er.- · ·. .' - . · · Mrs. : Eunice Rhinetrank. of SeottsMuffs, · Neb., 1 arrived' Moh day lo spend several days-wilrj her brother i-n-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs/Louis Wolt and family. Another sisler, Mrs. G wen-Holms i also' of Scbllsbluff. will spend next week with the Wolfs. Henry Wolf stayed wilh the family while his daughter-in-law was in 'the hospital." " ' ..- . · Two.brothers met]for'the first lime in 2S years when Eugene Baher of Lamoni, Iowa arrived al the home of P. E. Babef al Wind sor last week. With Ihe iowa man was his wife.-The couple had been at Denver visiting their son, before coming to .Windsor. They remained at the Windsor horn several days. While here the lowans also,visited at the home of their nephew, Martin Reed. Mrs!'Charles A. Fllrin has" returned from « 10-day trip lo Chicago, 111. She accompanied her daughter, -Rosemary Veronnenu, and her three chllldren, Debora, Ann and Linda, by train to joii Veronneau, who was recently transferred from California to the navy station at Chicago. . The family has an apartment in Park Forrest, JU. Mrs. Veronneau lArT-A-DAf "Howard doesn't have lo worry about being replaced by a machine. It would be foolish to invent one that does absolutely nothing," children had been visiting in Ihe parents' home for a number cf weeks. Mrs. Flinn, wlto underwent surgery in. June, · reopened . the Star-Lite Cafe Sunday. The cafe had been closed since June. A covered dish supper served .by . the Yoads .of the Methodist Church lasl week. This was followed by a program, planned by Mrs. Sylva Waller, consisting of religious films. The Rev. Frank 0. Gunlcr operated Ihe'projector. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sch'anerman 1 and Mr. and Mrs Fred Grecnwald were hosts. Other graduates of .Windsor :fidHigh School who are continuing their training ,in schools of higher learning include Larry Allergott, at Ihfl Ambassador School at Pasadena, Calif.; Dittmar Kitller, at Colorado University at Boulder This brings the number of WHS students enrolled in. colleges anc universities .to 65, with several others planning 16 enter after the Christmas holidays. Mrs. Jacob Jacoby, who has been » patient In Weld Count General Hospilal since Oct. .) i p as reported, Sunday, to be iiii irovlng. Her sons and daughters n-law, Mr. arid Mrs. Willlan acoby of Sterling and Mr, ant irs. Henry Jacoby of Denvci ·ere at the Iwspilal lo visit thcii lother Sunday. Before going to ic lxspital Ihe Sterling and tin Denver couples, with Jacob Ja oby Sr., were enterlained al din er at the home of'Mr. and Mrs . Ii. Jacoby Jr. west of Windsor Barbara Alcne is (he name of ic baby born Wednesday, Nov. 1 0 Mr. and Mrs. John Marlindal 1 Weld County General Hospital fhc baby has two sisters, Brcnda nd Beverly, both in school. The ;r and parents are: Mrs. Edith ir.nham of Fort Collins, Mr. an; Irs. T. H.-Marlindalc of Denver Hie baby weighed 4 pounds am ounces and will be in an in ubalor for about two weeks. MIS ilartindalc was released from th wspital Sunday. Ronald Grccnwald, son of Mr d Mrs. Fred Gre'enwald, spen a two-weeks' furlough here anc nas returned to Fort Lconan V'ood, Mo., where he has been stationed. Greenwald is a'gradu ale of Windsor High School and n KRAMER Radio-TV Service Phone EL 2-3782 Nov. 11, I.P61 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page,- 9 her pi Colorado Slale University al Fur Collins. Mrs. Clara Williams, who'spoil number of weeks with daughter, Mrs. Bessie Kimbnll near Loveland. has returned fo 3rand Junction where she Is wilh wr son, David Williams and (am- ly. She also visited in tire homes if her sons,. Jack Williams of .lillikcn and Bill and his wife of For I Collins Henry Simon, wlra has been ill r or a number of weeks, is report ed lo be making progress toward recovery at his l»mc here. Prediction Quadrupled GATL1NBUUG, Tcnn. (AP) - Wlwn the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established in 1931, National Park Service director Horace M. Albright predicted it would eventually attract one million visitors a year. Albright, who left the Park Service in 1933, returned recently · for a visit and admitted his sights 30 years ago were loo low. The ' ark attracted more (han four million persons last year. : ''. \OT1CU TO tfcr OILIN'I) Cui»r .In thr C..KX) "* \ XlBlp «f · Unh . . . . 1-jBlaln ii f GliOHCK HEK.VDD.N ' Dcceluetl. r All prrflotiB ·· liayhisr cluFiuB i i a i i i a l ( l i e above immeil e.-^tuto ir* r e E i u l r e t l to f i l e t h e m for »l- owance j n the County Court: of .Veld C o u n t y , Colorado, on or* n « o r e the .lotli ii.iy "of April. I M Z . r, s a lil c l a i m s aha]I he forever barred. ' liKSSJK E. B R A U P l a t i L B E x e c u t r i x L h a r d Southiml, Attornc.TF _ _ . . Circek-y P l l y T r i b u n e Oct. 28, Nov. ., .11, 18. l!iG|. Call Hal's Radio TV Guaranteed Service on A l l . M a k e s 1228 4th St. Ph. EL e-5715 FOR THE BEST Radio and Television Repairs CALL EL 2-2113 Western Television Specialists ; ' /LL WORK GUARANTEED major appliances and TV service Joslin's own service department is staffed with craftsmen to service ALL makes and models, r» gardless of where purchased! 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SUNDAY RADIO . ll:00-KLZ:' Ckurei, Service KYOU: Chore* Service KBOWt Chorch Servk* KIMNt Tiny Tien KOA: Major Leanie BB KFXAl riral Methodlit ll:3»-- KOA Aurualana Lutheran' KHOW: afakil Mrmoria U:00-KOA: Y«Hh Foram KTXAl News KLZ: CBS News KYOU: Sundar Souvenir KHOW: KewV 12:15-KFKA: Motorist Music KLZ: Music for Everyeatt KBOW: Money Tatka 12:3a--KY(Kli Baseball KBOW: Mmtc far Baarfar KOA: Neva U:U-KLZ- Food radn I:**-- KOA: KonKor KKOW: SeotHffet 5ervnad« KFKA: Motorlata Htiaie KLZ: Mena 1 li-KLZ: Uair. Csrlorer 1:M-KHOW: Motif lor Sunday KLZ: Uatelia* KTKA: Denver Vroneooa UU-KLZ Newa Z:»-KLZ: Road SDW KIMN: Ted Alklna ... KHOW:SpotllItit : Serenade 3:00-- KLZ! ConrVrt Hour KYOU: Jack" Wrifht snow KHOW: Ne«], Sport. 3:»-KHOW: Muaic for Sunday :·-- XOA: Weld of Unaic XLZi Fred Warlna- :3»-KOA: Melody TiaM KLZ: -Portrait Jti city :i»-XLZ Newt KFKAi L«lb«ra. Hnu KOA: Ne-wa, VooUor KBOW: Newa, Snort] 9:1S-KHOW.- WhiU BnaM Report KLZ: Hitrt MUler 1:30-- KOA- Bob Coasldlae . KHOWi Mnak: far Sunday KFKA: Easy LlatenlM KLZ: Sail Lake Caoti SlU-KOA: New] KHOW: SereMse lo Blue KFKA; Semarto In nil). «:dn-- KOA- News '·- KLZ: Revival Hour KIM.v; Po t o P«« Skow KFXA:-Am-a*arta KHOW: Newa · :U-- KEOW: alooey Talk] 1:30- KL/.- .New leslamenl LUrht KHOWi Ule IJae KFKA: Lauleoo Welk C:4o-.KFKA.- Guesl Star KHOW: Sporl] T:OU--KLZ Fieu-) * Sport] KOA: NBC Ne»s ,. KIMN: Tiny Tim KHOW: Music for Sorklay KFKA: Music · · KYOU Intermetzo JllS- KOA Monitor KLZ: Johnny' Dollar II30-KOA: Monitor ' ' KLZ Suspense . KFKA: Free Church «:00-- KOA Cbllleillft to nMUfhl KHOWi Melody Time KLZ: ConcerrHall . I:30-KFKA: Musical MastenMecea KIMN: Coto. WikflHe 1:00-KLZ WorM ronlrjil KHOWi . Adlal Slevensaa KYOU: GreeWy Hiin KOA: Symphony Hour . KIMN: CUi PreaenU KFKA: New* 9M--KFKA: Slan lor Oelense ' K1^: Howard 'K. Smith »:XJ-KHOW: Dance Tim. KLZ: BWe Study ' · ·· -- -j KYOU: Mualc Beyiind siaa.. KFKA: Heartbeat' TaiiaUr- , 10:I»-KYOU- Hour ^"oeffita- ' ·- ; KOA- NiwacaaM-! ·' V '.' i *.'.' KIMN: aluslc for Tneatar'^i, KLZ: Neua ' ' ' 'K-^. KHOWt Neva KFKA: SlIlHI 11:14-- KOA A]k and Learn KU Hawaii Calls KHOW: Dance Time 1»:30-KUA tiour ol Decision KIMN: Mm; Scow KYOU- Siraoll 10:t5-- KLZ Wortd tomorrov* 11:00-KUA Meet the Press KHOW: Mua. tdoic .Midnlih! KIMN- Church Senlce 11:14- KOA Alldlc al Nlthl KLZ- Hssle; Control ll:*i-KLX eress Review U:00-KL2 .\ew% t Wealfccr KOA: Newi, Sljraolf KHOW' Sigcuff KIMN: The Good LU. 12:li-- KLZ SiKnoff SUNDAY TV 1:00-- KLZ: For Immediate Xilease KOA: Ll|ht Time KBIV: Direction] 82 11:15-- KUA- Builder] Shovicue KLZ: Football HijhHjW: 1I:30-KBTV- Thla U Ihe Ule ll:tt-- KOA: Football Warmup KLZ: Football Klckoff U:00-KBTV: Faith For Today KLZ: NFL Football KOA: football 3:30-XBTV: Heart of The Empire 1:00- KBTV 52 Theater z:34 K O A - Frooliers of Fallk ·KLZ- Sonny Grar.dellus 3:00-KBTV: Oral Robert] KLZ: Amateur Hour.: , . . KOA: Wisdun 3:30-- KU.: G.E. CoLlexe Bowl KBTV: Shert Lewis Ehn-.v KOA. Cbet Kulley 4:00- -KU. Mlh Century KOA. Meel Ibe Press KBTV: Heart nf Fmpirl 4:33-- KOA: 1. 1. ,3-Go KLZ: Mr.- Ed KB7V: Cartoon -nmi 5:00- KUA. Bullwlnkle KBTV: Funday Funnies KLZ. Lassk 5:30-- KBTV: Maverick KU. IJeanls Ihe alenace KOA: Bob Hope !:!· KLZ. Ed Sullivan 6:30-7KBTV- Fofioiv Ike. Sun KOA: Car Sl~ liDO- K f A - rViaanta v ,, /:30-K8TV: Lauusaa · . KFKA: First Coveunl ' KLZ: Jack Benny : J.OO-KBTV: Bus Stop ' KOA · Oupofli · Show ' XLZ: Candid Camera ,- 1:3a KLZ 'iVhal'a-My Line KFKA: Easy Listening- ' * J:00-- KUA- Play ot the Week KLZ: -G.E. -Theater KBTVi Adi. - I n Paradsa* , 9:30-- KLZ 'tlrhlrope 10:M)- -KBTVJ Weatbel, New.-. .:· KLZ: WeaUier N«ua Sport] 10:30-KLZ. On tbe Spot KBTVi Cotorama Ibealer U:OU-KOA- WeaHer-News il:30-- KOA: Academy TheaUr I:00-KOA: Nilhlcap News RAD.O STATiONS-KOA 1*; KU »; KHOW .N; KFKA 1IU; KYOU -14M ». ' MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13. fSfil ; TV STATIONS: KOA-Chann.1 4. KLZ-Chann.l 7. KBTV-Ctamiri. KMA-Ch,nn.l. * MONDAY RADIO 11:00-- KLZ: Newi.-Houae Party XOAHelk -Nelgtbor · ' KYOU: Scat Shoo XHOWr Kir. House' Show ·· KIMN: SmBim Jack 11;IS-KFKA: MM -Mot n Melodkl KHOW: Melody Farad* ll.-M-KLZ: Garry Moore ·· · KOA: Emphaii) 11:43-- KFKA: Wa'at Ad] KLZ: Cnahy aV dooney 12:00-KFKA: New), · Market? KOA: New) KLZ: New] ' . KYOU- He**, - Weather KHOW: New] IMS-- KOA: Farm and Ranch SSwf'RFT?.* . KTXA-. Market] *. Weather 1 1 KYOU: Market] 12:»-KKOW; Hualc with Brnnnn KYOU Western Inlerluda -- KFKA: Neva aV blarluln U:«-- KFKA:.he»a lign-KFKA: KaMdacopa KYOU : Larry Ce*««r ·-- KLZ:.rNevi] . : KOA: N'ew), Finance ..· KHOW: Pair Han «y 1:1S-KI,7,- Out anel;AIot KHOW: · Muk: wita Breisen I:30-KLZ: . Back . to Blbta 3iaa^KOAi NBC Newa - KLZ: . Ne»« · .- , KYOU: Jack'WrlJkt 1:15-,KLZ: BaTU M Kana 1:30-- KOA: Bill Darker . 3:U-KLZ: Your Man In fnria 3:0n-- KLZ- Kewj 1 KOA: Don Xaberls KIMN: Hit Paraoe KHOW: Joe SJxrer J:15-KLZ: Frnderieit Stow 3:30-- KUt- 'Well*1 Show 4:00-- KOA: Vie 'CallM KLZ: ..New] i , - ^ 4:1S-KLZ' Wells Siujyt 4:30-- KITIA: Faakio'.i 1 »ar Aow' S:»o-KOA'r NeWi'Fuianca KLZ: New*: .)-;'. KHOW: Newi, Sporl] !:!»-- KL7,: loahte Story KOA: We Cotton' . KHOW: J«»,Slerar 1:3*-- KLZ: 'iniorraatuw al KFKA1 Prndlcton KOA: Report KYOU: New) 4 Weather 3:44-- KLZ: Lemell Taornaa KOA: ' New] KYOU: Fulton Ltvti] »:09-- KFKA: Newa. Miuic KLZ: M»akal« KOA: Wealher. Sirart] , KHOW: New) ' KYOU: Dinner Music «:lb-KFKA: Firulde Melojit] KHOW: Alex Drier :30_KLZ: Uenver nl Mstt KFKA: Cocilroveray KUA feuy L'orno Slail KHOW: Life Line] KYOU: South ot the Border I:U-KHOW: PaiM Harvey . KOA: Round and- About KIMN: Poio Po|0 Stow KHOW: Ed Uorian 7:1S-KHOW Sfort] - KLZ-. Buir.ell It Hayea T:3«_KLZ: Topic A K O A . NeusKYOU: News KHOW: Parade of Time 7:«_KYOU: Nllhl Watch KLZ: Denver ot Nlint " KFKA: NlgM Time a:3«-XOA: Great Oecisiona 9:f»-KOA: Neos, Kuslc KLZ: World Tonlsbt KKKA: Music for Von :IS--KUA: Melody flmr KLZ: Uenver at Nlcht 1:30-- KOA: CU Concert KHOW: Dance rime 11: W- KOA: Nena KLZ:, Newa , KHOW: News KYOU: Music Beyond Star) 10:1S-KL7. Soundinil Board KOA: Weather, Sporu KHOW: Dance Tiene 10:34^KOA- Waj-ward tfarker . XFKA: Colleie Daze IO:(J-KIZ: World Tomorinw I1:00-KFKA: MoooKiht Cigers · . KYOU- Sirnof! U KI«OW: »!«]. before M l d n U i l 11:1!-KOA WayujM Barker · ' KLZ News t Swts ll:30--KnA Wayward Baker KLZ: Denver al Nlsht H:4i-KLZ Press Revfcw 12:c«-KLZ: New] i Wealher KFKA · Sixnoff KIMN: Happy Holiday KHOW. Newi, .SIfnofI 12: IS- KLZ: Slfaofl 1:00-KO« News d Siinoll MONDAY TV 11 : 00-- KrTV :L'am ooflare KOA: Today KLZ: Neu.1. Wealher 11:13--KLZ: Art Gow Shoiv 11:30-- KI.Z- A5 the Work! Tunu - XBTV: Make a Face 12:00-- 'KBTV: Nevis, Wealher, i KOA: Academy Uallnee KOA: Jan Murray ·- ".'J t!00 ~KPJ V! ^ril*?* t - '·" KLZ 'coo'e T *" T ' KLZ: Fred (: f a e 12:15-KBTV- tS-iiull IJr. Brothers '4:»»-KBTV- Sherill Scotty 12:30-KBH Denver Today ' KOA: Lore It a Youw KLZ: House Parly !2:l-lHf!A: Boeltchel School 1:00-KLZ- llie Millionaire KBTV: Number Please KOA: Youns Dr. Malone 1:30-- Kl./. Vetdlct is Youra KBTV: Seven Keys KOA: From These Rods 2:00-KLZ. Brifhter Day KBTV Queen lor 3 Uay KOA Make Room lor Daddy !:IJ-KLZ Stcrcl Storm 2:30- KLZ Edge of Nlch! K R M A : Opportnnily School KBTV Who Do You Truat KOA- Here') Hollywood 1:00-- KLZ: Stair Yetland KBTV: American Bandstand KOA: Kuala 1: Dili. 5:00-KLZ: Maws. Akera - KOA: Broken Arrow . . IMS-KLZ: Douglas K4 wards KBTV: Rocky t His Friend] 9:30-- KLZ: To TeTt.lhe Truth KBTV: ABC Report KOA: Whirl, birds :00-KBTV: Expedition KLZ: Pete It Gladys KOA: -News, Weather :11-KOA: Hunt ley-Briikler 6;30-KLZ: Window n a . M a m St. KRMA: What'] Kew KBTV: LTwyeane KOA: Price Is Right 7:00-- KLZ: Daany Thomas . XHMA: Spanish 1 KOA: «7lh Precinct 7:li-KHMA: French 1 7:30-KR»1A: Facli Flnl ' ' KBTV: Rlllenian · KLZ: Andy Griffith I:OH-KLZ: *TM"?t1 KBTV Scrfsfde Six - ·-, KRMA: Four Score 8:30-KLZ:- Death- Valky Daya KKMA: Culinary Aria »:00-- KLZ: Peter Guca ' KOA; Hliml Undercover.; KBTV: Ben Casey -- KRMAiiFael) Ftrat: ' Jt '* ^T S:30-- KU,: I've Got a Secret-L" "*KRMA: Prospect] of ManldmJ KOA: Ben Martin / .^ f 10:CO-KLZ: News, Wealth:!, Sporta · KBTV: News. Weather KOA: Nens. WeaUier IO:1S-KDTV: ABC News Final ·· KOA; Jack Parr ' 10:30-- KLZ: 10:30 Mfcvie .KBTV: Colorama Tbcautr^ 12:OU-KOA: Tomorrow Newa. ' ' RADIO ITATrONS-KOA Ml; K U M ; - K H O W M ; KFKA 131«; KYOU Hi? TUESDAY, NOVEMBER U. 1961 , - TV STATIONS: KOA-Ch.nn.1 4, KLZ-Chanml 7, KBTV-Ch*m*l 1, KRMA-Chann.1,4 TUESDAY RADIO II:C»-KOA: Belle Neilhber KYOU: Sou Shop KJ.tN: SmUloJ Jack KLZ: Housenarty KFKA;. Market) KHOW: KU Howe llilS-- KHOW: Melody Parade KFKA: Mid Morn' MOOdJtl II:SO-- KLZ: Garrr Moare Show KOA: .Emphasis lt:4-- KFKA: Want Ads KLZ: Crosby. It Clooney U:00-- KYOU: Newa * Wealber KFKA: fie-*) t Market] KOA: Newa KIMN: Mike Mel] KLZ: Newa KHOW: Kelt-all: 15-KYOU: Maikd Neva KLZ: Pal Say KOA: Farm and Ranch RADIO STATIONS-KOA U4; WEDNESDAY RADIO ll:00--XFKA:'MaMielj KOA: Hello -Nelihbor KYOU: Sonl Star KLZr HouMparty KHOW: K.y Hove Show KlaCM: Smillai Jack 13:15-- KHOW: Melody Parade XFKA: XH-Mori Melodies 11:U-XLZ-. Garrr Mwrn Stow 11:43-- KFKA: 'Wanl Ada KLZ: Croaby * Clooaey 12:00-- KOA:! rfews XFX-A: Neui. Market) KYOU: New) · KLZ: lit**. Pat Gay . XJMN-. Mike Mrlr KHOW: New] 12:15-- KYOU: Hirkeil KOA: Farm and Ranch KLZ: Pat Gay KFKA: Net.) * Wealher , KHOW! XFD CU KKOW: Rn t30 I1:30-KH1)W: Mnak »Kk Bream KFKA: Neua n: Mnrtela li:U^KYOU: CSlt Time KOA: Tnday KLZ- Newi I:00-KLZ: Newa · · KYOU: Larry Cooper KFKA: KaleUosrope KOA: Newt, Finance KHOW: Pact Harrej 1;1S-KL/: Anmer Man KOA: Bill Barker KHOW: Mufc »11ti Srehra 1:J-KLZ uack to Bibl. 2:00-- KLZ: Ne»'] Ki'OU: Jack Wrigbt KOA: Network Titna :1!-KLZ: Birfi of Kelt 2:30-KFKA: KaleiducDpe 2MS-KI.Z: Your Man N Parii 3:CO-XLZ: New) KHOW: Joe Sherer KLZ SM; KHOW Me); KFKA 12:30-KFKA: New], Maikeli KYOU: Western Intvludc KBOW: Muaic *1U Bream 11:«-- KFKA: Feeder MarkeU KLZ: Ne»] KYOU:;CSll Th«a KOA:- Ne») Finaare KFXA: Kakidinrape KHOW: Paul Han-ay KYOU: f-arry Cooper 1:15-KLZ: Out and About KOA: Bill Barker KHOW: Music with Brehsa KFKA: KaoldO]COP« I-.K-KIX: Back U Bibl. 2:00-KLZ: N'evi KOA: Ne»a · KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Jaek Wrirht 2:IS-KLZ) Haven of Kent 2:45-KLZ: Your Man In Paril 3:0D-KL7: New] KHOW: Joe Sherer KOA: Vk- ColllHI KIMN: HII Parade J:IS-KLZ Frederick Shov. 1:30-- KLZ: Jack Wells Skow 4:00-- XOA: Vic Cotton KLZ- (Venn CIS-KIT,: Well) Stow 4:3»-KLZ: New] i KHOW: New), Sporla KFKA: Fashion Bar Snow 3:00-- KOA:' NCR], Finance KLZ- New] S:1J-KLZ: tnitte Story KFKA: New) KHOW: Joe Sherer KOA: Vic Cottaai 3:30-- KL^: InformaUOf] 'II KFKA: Mnaic Till Sia KOA: Alex Dreier KYOU: Weatkr, New) 5:45-- KOA- Newa KLZ: Lowell Trnmaa . KYOU: Fulton Lewi] Jr. 1311; KYOU 14M KIMN: Kit Faraite KOA: Vic Cotton ' :1S-KLZ: Frederfck Skew 3:»-KLZ Jack Well) S«» 3:45-KOA: Pepper , Ynonr 4:r»-KOA: ' Vic Tjotloei KFKA: CCA Rntliltit KLZ: News ^^ " 4:l9-KLZ: Well] Skov 4:30-KLZ ; News . KHOW: New, Scorti KFKA: Fashioa) Bar Skow I:DO- KOA: New], Finance KFKA: Kareldoaeepa KLZ:-Neui . 5:15- KOA: Vic Collon XLZ: Inside Story KKOW: Joe Severer KFKA: New) I:JO-KYOU: New] t Weather KOt: Report KLZ: Informallon '! KFKA: Mtutc Till Six C:Ot-KOA: Weatlier. Sport] KHOW: Ne»i KFKA: News KYOU- Dinner Muste 1:11-- KOA:- Arthur Gaela KU: fxeni. Sporli . KFKA: EmpJoymrnt Service KHOW: Alex -Diier 6:30-- KLZ: Denver at Night ' KFKA- Controversy KHOW: Life Lines KOA: Doris Day Sines KYOU: South of Softer 6:«-KHOW: Pan! Han-cy 7:UO-KLZ; News KIMN: Pogo Pojo Shour KOA- Sound and Aboul KHOW! VA Moman 7:IS-KHOW: Sporl] ' · KLZ: Burnette It Kaye) T:»-KLZ: Topic. 'A . KYOU: Nijtht ' Wafch KHOW: Paradi of Time . WEDNESDA S:li-KI.Z: l.o-*f)l fhornaa ' ' KOA: Newi · KYOU- Fulto.-l l*wll Jr. KFKA: Musk Till E 8:04_KOA: Welher, Sport] ; -: KLZ: Uuskale KFKA: New] · ' KHOW? New] KYOU: Dinner Murfo «:15-- KOA: Arthur Gaetk KFKA: Fireside Mrkyllf] KLZ: Newi. Sparta KHOW: Alea Drier . KYOUi Evening Listealni t:30-KL7,. Denver at NllM " KFKA : Cortrot ersy KOA: Frank Sinatra KHOW: Life Lines KYOU: South of Border ' «:«-KHOW: Paul Harrey 7:00-KO · 'Round and About KL"£: Nea* KHOW: Ed Uoraan XYOU: Soath of Brxder 7:45-- KLZ: Denver at Nlztt KFKA:. News «:00-Kt.Z Parly Une KFKA: Night Time KKOW: Uusk with Mjrcoa »:IO-- KOA: NeMa I: Finance ' KL7.- World Tonlxhl KFKA: Muilc for Vou IMi-KOA: Melody Time KLZ: Denver at.Nllkt t:»-- XOA: Denver School] ' KHOW: Dar.ce Time 10:TO-KOA: Newa KLZ: Newa · KHHW: Nev.* KYOU: Music Beyond Star)' 1»:1S_KLZ: Kxeculiv, Report KOA: Wearner, Sport) KHOW- Dance Tirr.e 10:30-KO»: Wayt»-ard Barker KFXA: CoUeae Daze 10:45^KLZ- florid Tomorrow UiOO-KFKA: Uomilliht Caper] . KYOU: Slfnoll. . Y ; NOVEMBER 15, 1 . . KI^K*; Fo *"* Po *° sh * w :13-- KHOW: Sport) - ·- · KYOU: Family Worthlp ' · i KLZ: Burnett A Hayes 7:3«-KOA: Round aod About KYOU: Nllewalck KHOW: Paraoe of Time KLZ: Topic A . 7:44-- rILZ: Denver it Mxat KFKA: Neu) 1:00- KLZ: Parly Una KHOW: Music wllh Mlrcca XFKA: NKhltime 9:00-KtM: Nevtl. Finance · · KLZ: The World Tonlthl XFKA: Mink lor You 1:15-- KOA: Melody Time KLZ: Denver al Night «:30_KHOW: Dance Time 10:lt-KOA -NcMa, Wealher KLZ: Mews KYOU: Miulr Beyond Star) KROW: Ne»] 10:15-- KLZ: Lftf.ltl QueiHon KOA: News KHOW:. Mas. before Midnilht 11:15-- KOA: Wayward Barker KLZ- Newi IV Sports I1:33~KOA Wayward Barker KLZ: Demer at Nliht Ihtt-- KLZ Preu Review 1Z:W-KLZ: News I Vralter KHOW: News. Slicaoff KIMN: . Happy Ho3day KFKA: Sljnoff ' 12:15-- KI.Z- Sifnoff 1:DO-KOA: Newa It S'.tr,alt -TUESDAY TV ll:Ou-KBrV Camouflaie KOA: Today KLZ- Ve«i, Wealher 11: li-KLZ An Goir Show 1I:SJ-KL1: rt'orlo lutn-s KBTV Number Pleaje U;CO-K17,: Mr. Adams I Ell XOA: Jan Murray 961 · - . ; - , ' KHOW: Dance Time 10:30-- KUA Wayivard Barker KFKA: Colkle Show 10:45-- KLZ: World Tomorrow 11:00- KFKA: Moonlliht Caper] . KOA: Ne») KYOU: Ne«) and Slunoll KHOW; Mu. befoie MWnigbl 11;15-KOA: Bill Barker . KI.Z: Newa t Sporl] 11:90-KLZ: Denver al Nltbt 11:45-- KLZ: Pres] Review 12:00-KFKA: Sifnofl KHOW: New), Silncit X1MN: Happy HolkSay KL?.: New), Wealher KKOW: Sirnofi 1:00-- KOA: New). Sijraofl WEDNESDAY TV 11:00-- K B I V : Camouflaie KOA: Today KLZ .New», Weataer KBTV: New) and Wealhej 12:15-- KBTV: Consult Dr. Brothers 12:^11 KI7 IIOUM- Part] K O f : Lorelta Yoanr KBTV: Denver Today l2:b-.{R^!A BnellctHI Action] 1:00 KI.7 atillloABlr? KBTV: Number Pkase KOA: Young Dr. Marne 1:30- Kt. vprrlirl Is VrrirKOA: From These Roota KBTV: Seven Keys t:lo~KLZ Brighter DJJ KBTV: Queen I'd a Lay KOA: Make Room for Daddy 2:15-- KLZ: Vcrel storm t:30-- KBTV: Wto Do Vot. 'nil K1.7. Edge IM NkKht KRMA: Opportunity School KOA Hcre'« Hollywood 1:DD-KBTV Amei BanrtMaod KU Starr Vellant KOA: Academy Ualieee TV STATIONS: KOA-Oi«nn«l l:li-KI.Z-. Art Co» Shnw ll:lv-KLZ: WorU Turn* KBTV: Number Pleaae lliOO-Kli: People KOA: Jan Murray Sbou KBTV: Neurs atM W'eather 12:1-- KBTV: Cooa-jll Dr. Brother) 12:311. Kia Kous^ Part) KOA: Lorella Yocni KBTV: Denver Today 12:4.v.RHMA Boettcbet Sctooi l:no-KLZ. Millionaire KBT\': Number Please KOA Yoeine Dr. alalone 1:30- KLZ: Verdict I) Vour. KO«- From These Roc4a KBTV: Seven Key] 2:CO--KLZ BriBhter Day " KBTV: Queen lor a Day KOA: Make Room lor ruddy MJ-KLZ- Secret Storm Z:30- KLZ Bait a Nllhl KRMA: Opportunity School KBTV: Who Do You Tmit t:no--KLZ- Fred and Fae K!rrV Poppyt 4:45-- KBTV: KflerUf Scot!/ KOA: Kakla 1: Ollie KOA: Broken Arrow i: 14- KLZ Uuu) efw*rd KBTV: Rocky at Hi) Friends 3:30-- KLZ: Executive Report KBTV: ABC Report KOA: Whlriyblrds «:00-- KLZ: Dick Van Dyk. KBTV: Ycli Bear KOA: News, Weather »:li-KOA: Hcntley-Brinkky 6:30-KBTV: B-jes Bunny KRMA: Wlaf] New KLZ. Dobie Gillis .KOA: Hitchcock Present] 7:CO-;iLZ: Bed Skelton KRMA: Spaedsh II KBTV: Bachelor FaUier KOA: Dick Powell 4, 7, KBTV-- KOA: Here'] HoILvwood I: Ot-- KBTV- Am. Bandsuno ILLZ tari Vellann KOA: Academy Mattoe* I:00-KL2: Freo and Fae KBTV, Popeye 4:44-KBTV:' Sherlll Scolly KOA: KUIa It Otila KOA: Broken Arrow 3:1--KLZ IJuu* toward.* KBTV: Rocky It HI] Friend) ):30-- KLZ: AMn Show KBTV: ABC Report ' KOA: Whirlybird) »:00-- KBTV: tjkk Draw McGraw- KOAr News, Weather KLZ: Father Know] Best Q-:IS-KOA: Huntley-Brinklev 6:30-- KLZ: Checkmate KBTV: Steve Allen 5h?w KRMA: Kaal'l New KOA: Joey Bunop 7: 00-- KOA: Perry Como 7:15-K8MA: Freoch 11 -, 7:30-KBTV: Call-In a: The Cowbel . KRMA: Eastern Wisdom KT.Z: Ichabod It Me 1:00-- KOA: CalQ'a ' Huadreal V KBTV: New Bleed' KLZ: Gary Moore K R M A : American Memoir . 8:30- KRMA:' Beflnninc Aljcebrir 9:00- KU.: One -Step Beyond : KBTV: Alcoa Premier KRMA: U.N. Review . KOA: Laramle 9:30-KLZ: Marshal Dillon II:00-KLZ: Newi. Weather KBTV; News. Weather KBTV: Bell * Hwell cIOMup KOA: New). Weather 10:li_KI.Z: Sports KBTVi ABC Neua KOA: Jack Paar 10:30--KLZ: 10:30 Movie ' KBTV: Colorama Theatra: 12:00-- KOA: Tomorrow Newa hMinel », KRMA-- CK*nr»l i KILMAi Sparlih 1 I T:15_KR.MA: French I ! 7:30-- KBTV: Top Cal laz- Mrs. G. Goes Ic Ce* KRMA: New Frostier r 1:00-KOA: Bob Newhirl Shaw. KBTV: Hawaliu Ey. KIJ8: U.S. Steel Hour -. KRMA: Heritate ; I:30-KRMA: Colleie New) Caet. KOA: BrirJtky'a Journal · 9:00-- KLZ: Rawhide KBTV: Naked City KOA: Waion Train KRMA: Small Business IO:00-KLZ: News, Wealhtr KBTVi News. Weather . KOA: Neu), Weather 10:15-KOA: Jack Paar KLZ: Sports KBTV: ABC New] Final 10:30-KLZ: 10:33 Movie KBTV: Colorama Theater' II:CO-KOA: Tomorrow New] RADIO STATIONS-KOA l»; KLZ MO; KHOW «0; KFKA Ull; KYOU HM THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16. 1961 TV STATIONS: KOA-Ch.nn.1 4, KLZ-Chann.! 7, KBTV-Chann.1 », KRMA-Ch.rm.1 t THURSDAY RADIO I1:00-KFXA: Market] KOA: Hello Neiihbor KLZ: Houseparly KHOW: Kiy Kowe Show 11:15-- KHOW: Melody Parade KFKA: Mid-Morn MelM-ei I1:JO-KLZ: Gam Koore Show ll:«-KLZ: »1»I Crerty KFKA: Wanl Ada 12:«-KIi: New] KOA: .News KYOU: New], Market] KIMN: Mike Uetr KFKA: Newi, Marked 12:11-- KOA: Farm and Hand, KLZ: Pat Gay KHOW: RFD t» 12:30-- KYOU: Wenlern Ir.lerjirt* 1J:U-KLZ: Hews KYOUi CSU Time - KHOW: M'Jlk «Hh grehr* 1:W-KLZ: Newa KFKA: XakkKacofe KYOU: Larry Cooper 1:1S-- KLZ: Answer Man KOA: Duke Xlnit 2:00-- KLZ: NeA] KOAt News 2:*S-- XLZ: Your Ml. In Pan] · KIMN: Hit Parach 3:15-KI.Z: Freiteriek Show 3:30-XLZ: Jack Welil Skow l:li-KOA: Vic Cotton 4:«0-- XOA: Vic Cotton KI.Z: New] . KHOW: New), Scoria I:0»-KOA: Neva. Fiaaac. KLZ: New) 5:15-- KLZ- Iraide Story KHOW- Joe Seherer KOA: ' Vic Cotfoai KFXA: Ne»] I:30--KLZ- InTormaUon '61 . KHOW: Nevrn KOA: Alex Dreler KFXA: PredktioiK KYOU: News A WeaUMT S:«-XOA: Newr KU!: Lemell TVxnun KYOU: Fulton Lew j j Jr. KYOUi Dinner Mlu!c KHOW. New] «:15-KOA Arthur Gaelh KLZ- Newi. Srxirt] KHOW: Alex Drier «:W-- KL/ Denver )l Nizht KOA. Petty Lee Sinn) KFKA: Controveriy KYOU: Socth of Border «:O-KHOW:' Paul Harvey 7:00--KOA: Rouwl ]Ad About KIMN:- Poio Po|o Show KHOH: Ed Morraa 1:!S-KIIOW: Sport] KLZ- Burnetle i Harea KHOW: Parade of Time KYOU: Nlghl Watch 7: 15- KLZ: Denver at .Mini 1:00-- KLZ Party Ltne KFKA:' Nl«hl Trme "TM* 1:30-- KOA: Prison Document 1:05- KOA: Neva, Finance KLZ Work! rooUbt KFKA: Music For You 9:15-- KOA: Serenade KLZ: Denver at Mfht «:JC-- KHOW: Dar.ce Time lu:t*-- KOA: New), Sporu KYOU: Muaic Beyorx) Start KLZ- News KBOW: New] 10:15-KL7.: Capitol QOJkloOK 10:90-KOA Wayward Barker KFKA: Colleie Due ta ; 4i_ KU.: WorW Tomerro\r 1I:00-KOA: -New] KHOW: Miu. before Illdalikl KYOU: New) I Sifcoff KFKA: McoelljlEt Caper) 11:1S-KOA: Muslo al Xllhl KIJ.- Newa It Spom 11:30-XLZ- Denver at Nllkl 11:U-KLZ- Pre» Review 12:CO-KFKA: New) aV Sleintt KL7- Ne«a k Wealher K I M N : Happy Holiday KHOW: Vew. KiHtft 12:I5-KLZ- SlIiWI I:00-KOA: New], ilinolf 11:00-- K B I V camouflaxe KOA: Today KLZ N'en* aoo Wealher 11:13- KLZ Art Gow Snow 11:30-- KLZ: World Tuma KBTVi Number Please 1I:»-KLZ lir. Adam It Eve KOA: Jnn Murray Shew KBTV: News and Weainrl 12:!5-KBTV: Coiucit Dr. Brother] 12:30-KLZ: House Plrty XOA: Loretti You.-ii KBTV: Denver Today 1:OC Kl,/ AlilKonalre KBTV: Number Pleue KOA: Pnrex Special 1:30-- KI.Z Verdict U ruura KBTV: Uueen Fof a Day KOA, Make Room for Daddy 1:1S-- Kiwi Secrel storm :30-XLZ Edit 01 Mini KB IV Who f 10 Voi rnul KRMA: Ojporlur.ily School KOA- Here-* HoliywoM, KXZ Starr Yelland KOa.: Academ* Matbe. 4:00-- KLZ: Fred and Fan KBIV- Pcpeye 4:45- KU. Davtoo A.lep KBIVi Sherilt Scolly KOA: Kukla aj Ollie i:0»-- KL/. NeH) Akera KOA: Broke. Arrow 9:!5-KLZ IJOUK Edward] KBTV: Rocky aj His Friend] i:SO-KLZ: Frontier Circle KDA: rYtlrtyblrd) KBTV: ABCJ Report «:00-KBTV: .Hcckkberry Hmnd KOA: S'e»s, Wealher «:»-- KBTV: Ozzle ac Harriet KRMA: Hlial'] New KU: Family Theater KOA: Dr. Kildare 7:00-KBTV: Donna Reed KKMA: Spanish 11 7:15-- XRMA: French U 7:30- KBTV: Real McCoy] KRMA: Co!o. .WlkHff 8:00-- KU: Medicine '«! KBTV: My Three Sonj KRMA: Age el Overkill · KOA: Milch Miller 1:30-- KBTV: Margk KRMA: 8exL-.n!i: Aliebra 9:CO-- KLZ: Inveatlrator] KOA: Outlaw) KBTV: Untouchable* 10:00-KU New). Wealler KBTV: News, Weather . KOA: Sewi, Weather 10:15-- KLZ: Sporla KBTV- ABC Newa FL-Ksl KOA: Jack Paar 10:30-KLZ: 10:30 Movie 12:00-- KOA: Tomorrow New) RADIO STATiONS-KOA tH; KLZ M«; |(HOW U» ; KFKA »1(; KYOU 1«» FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17. 1%1 TV STATIONS: KOA-Ownml 4, KLZ-Ch.m)«l 7, KBTV-CMrvntl t, KRMA-CJ»nr»f · FRIDAY RADIO II:M-KOA: IMka Nelftbor KFXA: Market] KYOU: Soni Stop KHOW: Kay Ko«e SMw XIKK: Smlthli Jack KLZ: Home Pany 11:15-- KHOW: MeMy Parai4 ' 11:30-- KLZ: Garry Moore M-.ow KFKA: Mid-Morn MeMie] 1I:«»-KFKA: Want ASa KOA: .Sewa . KLZ: Crosby 1 dooi:ey I2:«--KYOU. Markrti. Newi KIMN: Mikr HtlJ KFKA: Km '· ll:li-- KOA: Farm t Ranch ll:3a_KSw. B£^ H.MM KFKA: Km t MarkeU - KVOiJ.- %Vnlcrn LnterlwJn 12:0-- KFKA: New] KHOW: ...j»c «Hh Srefm KYOU: CSU Tun. UOO-KLZ: News KYOU: Larry cooper KUA: Newi, Fiaanea KFKA: KaleMoncwpc l:15_Kli: Out and AbaM KOA: 801 Barkc; · KHOW: Mnaic n'.n «ve«« 1:30- KLZ Hack 10 IliHe 2:80-- KOA rreua KFKA: XaKidoscope KYOU: Jack Wrl|M 2:1V KLZ r f l t n of Real 2:S-KLZ: Your M» in I'aria KllCi. HH Parade KROW: Jo* Stifrer 3:I5-XLZ: Frederick Stow ]:30-KLZ Jack Welte Show (:m-KOA- Vie Cotton KLZ: News (MJ-KLZ- Welh S»ow 4:3ft-KLZ Ne^B KHOW: New], Sport) KFXA: Fashion Bar Sh»vr l:o»-- KOA Ne»s. Finance KLZ- ^.ewi l:l»-- KLZ- InrVse -Story KHOW: Joe Srierer KOA Vie carton KFKA: New) l:3a-- KIZ IMormatkn II KOA Vic Cotton KYfHj Sew], Weatker KFKA: Mtnlc fill Six :a-KLZ Lowefl rkeapu XYOC: Fnlbn Lewla Jr. :«A-KLZ: CU FootbaH KOA: Weatker. Sport] KHOW Xe«s KYOU: .Dinner Muato i KFKA: News 1:1S-- KtlA. Artkui Gaelh KHOW: Akx Drier ' KFKA: Flrejkle Melodies C:3»-KKOW: Liie Unea KYOU So. of the Border KOA BtK Band ."tend KFKA: Controversy (:3-XHOW: Paul Harvey 7:00-- KOA New] KIMN: Poi-0 PofO Show KHOW Ed Korean 7:I5-XHOW: Sport] 1:*-«:YOU: NlgM Watch KBOW: Parade of Time 7:4i-XFT!A: New] KLZ: Party Line KFKA: Nlihllime KrKIV.: Afmjc wilt Mircot l:3fl-KOA: Honltcr KLZ- WorW Tnniubt KFKA: Music For You t:la-- KOA: Groocho Marx t:30-KOA: not IMertekaler KLZ: Denver at Maht KHOW: Dance Time It: DO- KOA- New] KYOU: Muik BeyeM Slan KL/.- Ne» KHOW: Ne« 10:15-- KLZ Invite to Lrara KOA: Weatker, Sport) 13:HJ-KOA- Wayward Barter KFKA: Mink 11:««-- KKnA: atoonUial Caavra KOA: News KHOW: Mil), before. MMaliht 11:15- KOA- Waywaro Barker KLZ- Denver al Nfxht ll:4i-KLZ Preea Bin lew 12:04V-KL7.- New) It Weatker KOA: New), STjcnoff KFKA .Sliaofl KIM7: Rlrpy Hobday KHOW. News. SijnoH H:lS-KI-7: Sliaofl FRIDAY TV ll:aa-KR'JV i:amoullax* KOA: Today ll:*V-Kt.Z. wotlo 1-urns KBTV S'u.-nwr Please KBTV News and Weather 12:C»-KLZ: PeotK XOA: Jan Murray Show I2:15-KRTV: Dr. BrMheri I-3T. KLZ Home P)rt KBTV! Denier Today KOA: Lorelta Vouni i 1:TO-- KBTV! Ncmber Please KLZ Milllonair, KOA. fount, in Maine* 1:10- MJ. verd-.d 1.* roara KBTV: Seven Key) rtUA. from Dies* KLOU 2:CK-KBTV: Wleen IOI a Dav KLZ: Brnhtei Da XOA:Uakr Room inr iladdy J:15-KLZ: Secret Storm l:.*i r . B I V IVn. Ill VH. ITan Kl.y. Uei v Mar,' K R M A : Opportunity School 1:00- K|y *ai velhrn KttA Academy Statlae* KnTV- Arrer RaiKKDnd I:M-KLZ: Fred an* rae · KBTV. Popeye 4:4J-KBTVi SherHI Scolly KOA: KukTa Ic Olu'l KOA: Broken Arrow MS-KLZ- News Edward] KBTV: locky It Hi] Friend) 5:30-- KLZ- Jeff) Collie KOA: Whirlybird] XBTV: ABC Report t:00-KBTV Denver Brorccs KLZ: Mr. Ml 100 KOA- Newi. Weather fi:15-- KOA- Huntky-Brinkley «:30-- KOA: Del edive] KIIMA: What') New 7:00-KBTV- Halnauayi KRMA: Spanish 1 MS-KRMA: French .1 7:30-KU- Father ol Ihe Brit* XOA: Dinah Stiore KBTV: FlbDIorm KRMA: Landscape PalnUnf 1: CO- KLZ: Twilixhl Zoo* KBTV: 77 Suuel Strip ' KRMA: Opera and Art '· I:M-KLZ- Eyewitneas vo Hiai. , KOA. Here It .Now 9:W-KBTV: Target KOA: UaDlnan; KLZ: Bob Cummiazs t:3(KKOA: Danrerocj Xobui KLZ: Shannon 10:»_Kiy, Newi. Wealher KBTV: New), Wealher KOA: New], Weather KBTV: ABC Newa Tiaa!. 10:W-KLZ- »:30 atavkt ' KKTVt Colorama rtiea4«r 1J:OC-- KOA Tomorre* News KBTVi mm** Dattar ate*. RADIO STATrOMS-KOA *M; KLZ SM; KHO* Ut, K F K A UM; KYOU MS* - SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18. 1961 TV STATIONS; KOA-Ctvunn*) 4, KLZ-Cfunr* 7. KBn'-Crwwml », KRMA-Oww^ t SATURDAY RADIO KOA': MaiaKor KIMN: SaavtMU Jack x%{,': rSlfe; Hel * hCT KHOW: Kay Beare Saw ' KLZ: Cat* M I*. MM. U:H-KOA: Ncwa KmW: Neva KLZ: NtWf KTKAr Nrwa KOA: Farm and Kaae* KU: SrieiKt K«Har 12:30-KFKA: Weatker KltOW: Ot VarMkra KLZ: 7ontejnnl Wanna* KOA Owr. now: rnetknal KYOUi roatball l:«a-KFKAi »*w Mwte 1:«-XFXA: CSC FMtknil 1:»-KOA: Manltar KFXA: CSC-Nev. T * KIMN- Fun Poa. -S»ow :3«-KLZ: la«o Active KYOU: 1-arry Coeeier KHOW: J«e Scherer l:lt-KU- N«wa KHOW: J«. aaiii.r n:K-KIZ: . raetluil jearitunra 1 KOA: DenhK plea^re l:«t-KLZ- Olnraaxi Ifeaka KOAi Hrwt ·:«*-KHOW. Newt K7XA: Vewi KIMN: Hit Paraoa XOA: WaaUer. Sporta :l»-KUAr Manila' KnTOW: Joe Skerrr »'3a-KLZ: ji.rliinl Tka«trr KYOU: S. 01 tka attetkr KFXA- aaarl IVM 7:6»-KL'/.- CBS Ne»l K F K A : Mia! Tine 7:IJ-KLZ: WorVil Timlrjil {l:3»-KLZ: N. Y. Pkiaharmoeitt 1 KYOU: Matt Walch tiW-XOA: Geand a4' Otry 1:08?-- KOA: Monllar »:3«-KI.:'.: Paaorana hOA: Oambtr Commerca KHOW: Dance Time 10:M-KIIA. Newi, ScWta KLZ: Newj KVOtl: *t*t +ne*i tun KFKA: Ne»] Itns-KOA WealVr. Swcti KLZ- Ctmt .Star KFKA Jazi 10:30- KOA: Tlncun Mmnor KFKAi Easy IJalenlnt 1 KI2i Danclnl Party !»:«-- KOAi Frank Sinatra KLZ: Cap«. Kaaiato 11:00- KOA: Tir.cup Monitor KFKA: MooniieM ripen KHOW: Mn. brine MidnieU 11:I5-KUA Xmtc .1 NIUK 11:4S-KLZ- Preaa Rnlew I2:C»-KLZ Ne»a KHOW: Mwi . KlkLM: Kawy Holiday U: la- KLZ Ucne}! KHOW- Mrnoll KFXA: Sirnofi 1:00- KOA- Ne*l Slimofl SATURDAY TV ll.M-KOAl Ttwaler « KBTV: CSU OuUoor] 11:30-- KHTV: Pre-Game uarrauM li:bu-- KU: Fred and Fae 13:3tU-KOA- f" eUskelball l:«v-KLZ: Fltcka , l:W-KL7.i Sat. Theater 2:0-KOA: Aak WaahlniloB :tS-KBTV: Colkn Footiau l:«t-KL7. Weekend Gardrnfr KBTV! ntauted Tol'^e KOA: m Star Oil J:30-KL7. Bi"av Pali* KRT\': Kirklee Kotor Trma (:00-'tl.?.- Dick Tracv tjlOA: Rlr PU-Uire 4:M-- lk\^i KFL FoMhaft KOA: Weetern Mirketia/ 4:4S--KOA; Sander VanocuT ' S;Kv- KOA: National VeKei 5:10- KLZ: Peiry Maaon KOA: Inleraatkonal 7/»e KBTV: Bowline Slara :M-KLZ: Th. rMenetan K»TVl Beaver K t i « lali Mar 7:04-- KrVTV: lAwreiKe Wtk KOA. Sal. Nurl Mnle 1:3H-KU- Have Gun Will Travel »:00-KRTV: Sal. Nile FnXH KI.Z: Guasmoka «.0»-KRTV: Hoarlat Ti mill KLZ: Sea Hunt KOA: Welt] Farn !D:ue--KL/. Neu t iVealkar . KOA: Scope K l I V i rtr» aiM WeaUrer 1»:U-K1TV: rabutaaa n Tsmtat 1I:3*-KL7 QN |l:W ierW KOAi Hwa* 13:«-KOAi Academy Tkeaver 1I:M-KBTV MlUta* » nlavM.- U:«-KBTV Sews *raf »» l:*-KOAi NliMcat lerwa ''

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