Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 7, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1951
Page 6
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LAS CBUCES (H. M.) Thuridiy Evtning, Jun« 7. 1951 News PHONE.34 DEADLINE 3 A.M. Eighth Army Tougher, Cockier 'Than Any Time Since War Began it)- r I:\NSO.N T. "s; Erojm'i ;ARMY HEAD- ''.^.'AI'tTFJU'-. Ki-n;:i. J u n e 7 t,P' Jho Eighth A n T V 1^ t o u t - h i r ; nd .c(jt:kicr Ui.iii .a; any tlir.',- j-'ncc t l n - ' K o r c o i i v/ftr · bi»gt\n 1* ini.ntliH nncl !2 days nyfo. ·· I n ' f i i c t . U. Own. Jaunts A. Vi.n KlK'.i'rt l^.-fiii'.i.'.-li army .s MI i.nvv fill lorlfty lh«; y Kl/.uii.'iii; loire uf fo.'tlllu-scarlT'j i/ftm/airi hn« ! p u l l i - ' l ' d i i l «f ih. 1 l i - i n : lines i J l I l l C i ' * ! ill f i H M V ' f . . Tliiii in "i,; i j j u . ti:na i : in :ii l;uj;r Jo .And, th.-y «l Cliincjjif and NoiLii Kr.rrn.i O-ji- n u i n i s l offensives .since A p r i l 'L't, t i t . - I C i f i h t h A i n u * IKI.H i j . i i L V i l nil tin 1 way buck 1.' Hie "j;.'ilf-s nf K i n r r April 22. t h e A tiny r l r t - n t i M l 22 miles, fi.upil JL:i wily buck mill killr-d 'JlHUIUO Rrili,. Hut t i n - wity it Inolci now t;; , i t m l t h e m.'.sl Hum; in up to Uii: Ohlnt-p.' mid X o r l h K u r i ' i m i Wffuifii: the ICIgltth Army .sluggers nit.- f l i ^ p i i K hi ngiiin wiih only l a n k -In! n i M I n f - purtlc.'i lashing mil :.! ! ) t i ' t i c i i t i n i ; K"d!. r - ' l l l ' - F l i n i J f I ' n i l l i · The limit nmjU'f nil lint way hum ii puinl north jf iC:iM»ii^ In t l ! - r ; i h t t o i i d i t l l " f M'lStlll ort bttf-k and f i g h t . How .snon the Hrrls will accept thft challenge in the Mo 1 gucatfing game in Korrn. The general opinion IK trial they won't be buck noon. Weather Causes Dukes To Drop MorelnWT-NM Ily The Associated IVess Anybody know n n i m - r a i n m a h - Kor the Kpivniil .straight night w e a t h e r enured the Dultc-H to Insfi p r m i n d I n t h e i r f l g l i t t o regiiin the lead In the West Txas-New Mcxien League. Tuesday n i g l j t . Ihc Albmniprtjiii'-PninpH tilt wns rain- f l out. Lust night, ii doubleheade.r to make up for t h a t one was postponed* of wet grounds. Ho, Abilene, w i n n i n g easily 7-1 ver Clovls' Pioneers, now riilus a f u l l .'I !' 2 gntnes ahead, atrip the cli cull. Ralph RahmcH. the league's lcii'1- I\K swill expert, came t h r o u g h v l t h (i limply single in the third tn itni.le a one-one deadlock nnd i l r i v e In the w i n n i n g run. Tint seme remained 2-1 u n l i l tin; s i x t h , when i h r e e tttni 1^h !i!"".]i% a walk. ;m H i l f f i t l d f l y , n n d u m i l h o r l)lt)it){hl in lhn:i' nniH. The t i t h c r t seventh. Ulu«? Snx i.- in Mi On tin- f u r wcf-l, whcti' tin 1 B i i i,-li i !luni e.'Ufis made t h e i r j.Jur- iui;i .'·taint pilii'tit.'illly t o » h i ' last t -p w j 11:111. Hi-- ICItfliih A r m y h»s n m ,. MI| xvlth border, anil Lubhoek w i t h A m n r i l k t . Knch teiim split MAJOR Brooklyn St. I,nui« New York Cliic'nuo C i n c i n n a t i HoHtnn I'hllnilelpliia led I'n-sK W. L. POT. 2 9 - 1 6 .Gt-l '24 22 .522 2r 24 .ft 10 28 21 .500 2:1 2:1 ..ion 2:i 24 .4fi!) 22 26 .446 17 28 .;tSG bills were played ;il La- lii-iid uriiwi Ihc Inijiin niinnnrinj; ( h a t IHH In l ( h e Hr'h hud in l l i r o r y loosed Di tiiul invlh'd Mm r Mainlines elianpcd not .'t h i t , cxn-pl peirrnl.f)f,'cwiHP. won I h e lirst K'l»"- 1 ov ' 11 ' IT'S eij;hl I n n i n g s to lulu- the Hi'Cnml. fl-8. A n n u i l l d tinnnci!(l h a r k w i t h a like Ji-fi Hi'tn'e over Lillibock, n f t c r t h e l l r K l l i l t there t n t h e UlibiTH l.'t-B. Tddiiy'H games sund A m a r l l l o ti Ol'ivln. A b i l e n e tn P n n i j m . U I I I M - H I In Lubtioek and Border lo A l b u - [liieniue. AIR CONDITIONED GRANDE . - SAT. -Joon«RAW»ORO feobtH YOU NO !fronk 1OVUOV OOODBYE, wiih Comody Qucon" EVE ARDEN Plu PIRATE QUEEN! cum Tonighl ihru Sal. ALL TRUE Blazing F'rsl Run I WAS A COMMUNIST FIR THE Plus . . . 'BLOND1E TAKES « VACATION' P L A Z A * Phone ·-- Hlo Grnnde 4HO SMle '157 -- I'lnzn 114!) Happy Chandler Will Bid 'Bye On Own Terms N K W V O H K . .Mine 7 i/l'i - . Albert I J . ( H a p p y ! C h u m l k r in f i n - [illy ii'iidy to hid f a i f w c l l to ball · - · a t his ou-n t c r n i K . The lehielant-to-lciive ba.iPb:tM inmtSNtfUiPi 1 has promised to ic- sl|;n "HO(in" pdivided t h e major league rluhnv\ l nei-s ncccpl a .'iclf- vlNeil st'iviiure r o n t m r l de;ilj;n- etl for his p r o t e c t i o n . I n aKiveinj; t n i i b d u ' u l c 11 m o n t h s before I lit' ex pi ration of lil;i srvfii-ycnr n m t r n c i . C h n n d l e r Kave tin- ownefn t h e following ul- salary which docs nut e x p i r e u n t i l .May ".0. IJI.V-'. '2. That In- be I n i U i i n n l f i c d iigaSn- l i i m n c l n l le.-iponsibllity t'nromy i n i n ^ o iDiMMised i i g f i l l i h t ori;niiiXt'd i.M'bsill duiinj; tin- remaining vent- his I ' u n l i n e t him to r u n . . Tluit h»- lie reHovpii nf nil re- ^pon.'ilbllitlfs such as ('XjicnsfM m*- [·ilied liy tile e m i i n l H s i n n i M ' s olT- i i i ' for hl.i i l l - t n t e d e i n n p a t ^ n to MU'eeeil h i m s e l f . l-;vell t h e n , should Hie sevcrntU'e pitct be ii|t|rnvd. Chaiuller will i t l l have the f i n a l nay as to the uet'Ue d a t e when he will step nit. '11 It I rs ilia's Schedule. C i n c i n n a t i at. New York St. Louis at llronklyn Chirafjo nt Philadelphiii I ' i t H b u r f j h Jit Boston \Wlnesthiy'H Itcstilts Brooklyn 'A, St. Lou to 2 Cincinnati S, New York i Philndrlphia 0. Chicago 1 nriHlnn fi, PitUiburgh 2 AMKKICvVN W. L. TCT. Chlc.'iK" 31 J 3 .7H8 New Y o i k 28 17 BOHtnn . 20 10 .. r )78 Cleveland 2-t 21 .53.1 Deli oil 21 22 .-188 Wu.ihingtnn- 37 20 .3UfJ Phllti'.lelphia ' 3Ti 2!) .:M1 st. Louis in :i2 .art) Thursilsiy'K Hrhi-tlule Washington at Chicago N«w York at St. Lmil.4 ( n i g h t ) BoKt'in ;it Detroit ( n i g h t ) Philinlelphia nt C I P v e I a n d ( n i g h t ) fed n I'M l».V\ ItesuKs Chicago 4. W a s h i n g t o n 2 I.ielrnlt 0, Boston -1 St. LOUIH H, N'ew York 4 Philiulelpliln -1, Cleveland Gity Soflball League To Siarl Play On June 18 FU-Ht play In the 1D51 city soft- bail league w i l l hcfiln d u r i n g the week of June, 18, tt was imiwunccd by \V. R. Gibson, l e a g u e maiuiger. JCight l(;nin» are lined up for seasonal play, Gilwon said, and othiM'H arc «xp«ctcd lo be. orKanlz- ed ln-foru t h e noason opens n work form Monday. ThflBO twims h a v e so fur registered f u r play d u r i n g the Ittftl -sori- t)(in. DeMitlay, S l u h m a n n f n nils, · Las Cruees fiirm'luri', V e t e i a n s of Foreign Wars, Myers' Compimy. Co I h e i n clcjiiiu'rs, Stull Itqunr.'i, and While Sands Proving O round Ar- Chicago White Sox Waiver Waifs Cause Red Faces - · They're Important Part Of Machine Boosting Lead (llbscin .said IndividualH dCKil tn piny w i t h any of the above- tituned tennis slumld contact itny nf ihe t t - H i i i ])o:soniu'l or Kt'o him i l l KollMtli'e C t i l t u n Co., offi.-e, Las C'laireji and Wntui- streets. Oilier wgaiil/.ed t e n n i s desiring I., play n u i y nnitact Gilismi «l the c o t t o n company o f f i c e or hy c a l l i n g -100. ' Fights Last Night Ily The Associated 1'rt'SS D e t i o l l - Chirnnro Hetli-y 1S5, Los Angeles, m i l pointed Omelio A K n i m u t i t c . 188 Vi- H n v i i n n , 10. Uirhiuniul. Vn. -- Holly Minis, 100, Wiishinjiton, outpoiiHed Otis Craluini. 101 ='.,. Philiidelphin. 10. Hrnoklyn I Fort H a m i l t o n ) -Tummy IliizxHiin. MS. M e i i d o n , Conn., k n i i f k e d out Krnnltlo ruler- inn. 11-1 "A, Ml. V e i n u n , N. Y. 4. KllKiihetii. N. .1. -- 1'olly Smith. 17H, H a m i l t o n , Hernuula, stopped Cliimlc Holfc. iS.'i. Tampa, S. WESTERN DANCE Thurs. - Fri. Music by: Texas Jubilees FREE BEER 0:30 P. M. 9:00 P. M. A1H PORT INN 1200 E. Las Cructis Avo. HENRY GUEREQUE nnd His Fnmous Orchcsira SATURDAY NIGHT Air Port I.m Niio Club 1200 E. I.M CruccB Avo. MISSION Admission 50c - 40c - lOc Phono 413 Last Times Tonight OPEN AT 7 P. M. DAILY SHOW STARTS 7:30 ^/ I BlOOlOFI U i e o OK (OUUt .MD ENDS TONITE! .». IIJBY CRMOVJt SECOND RIOT! MM Plus -- Cartoon Novtlty Ily JACK . H A N D " (Associated I.'rcss SlKirts Ilrll(;r) Ixm Kretlow, Marry DoHsh, Kantiy (Iumpeit and Ktintiy.. HoJ- comtie -- Cliicago'a-waiver'\yhifs -- -are nmkinp facfis red all around Km American League. They are part of the amazing Chicago White Sox machine. You could have had Kretlow for as lo\y as $10,000 a year ago. In f i e t . ' t w o clulj.s did have him for just .that. First the St.- Louis browna and then then the White Sux. He hadn't won n game since July 7. 19-lf). Things were so rough Lou considered chucking it all for a career as a pro golfer. Kretlow's record of 0-2 hardly stamped him a.s u man who would boost the White Sox league lead to 4 V? games. Rut manager Paul litcimtds seems to have a xvay willi pitchers. ( 'ls Fnur-llillnr A f t e r yesterday's neat foiir-hit- ' 1 "gnlnsl Washington for a 4-1 win. holh the Tiger.s and Brownies would . he glad to welcome him luck. DorlKh, efficient reliefer in nine games when Chicago pitchers needed help, made the rounds hcfore lie hit Cimiishey park. He's hc'e'n houncing up and down from minors to majors with Boslon, 'St. Louis anil Chicago since 1047. , Then . there's Gumpert -- un,beaten at 4-0. The Athletics had him first -- way back in 1930-3738. They Jet him get away to the Yankee chain. In July 1948 off he' 1 went, to' the White Sox -- at t h e waiver price. Travelled 1-Vst Holcomhc didn't stick long enough for waivers wi£h most of the clubs. But at various times, between the minors, he he- longed to the Yankees, Cincinnati nnd White Sox. With a staggering 19-out-of-2l pace, the Sox are gradually pulling away from, the pack while the Yanks and Red Sox fizzle. A fumble by'usually dependable Phil Ruzzuto "Cost the Yankees a 5-4 loss to t h e - lowly St. Louis Brownies. Behind 4-2 going into the ninth, the Browns tied the score on two triples and a single. Then w i t h men on first and second Hob Young grounded t o second baseman Billy Martin whn flipped the hail to Rizzulo. Hut Riautto dropped the ball when Jim Delsing ran into him. Johnny Hero scored from second.' (i.sloii Gets Short End Detroit lowered Ihc boom on Boston, 6-4, for the Red Sox 1 f i f t h straight loss. George Kell's diving catch of a liner by Lou Boudreau with the bnscK full in the ninth stopped a Sox rally. Even in defeat, .Dom Dimaggio kept.his hat t i n g ' streak alive, hitting safely in his 26th consecutive game. Alex Kellner handed Cleveland Its second straight loss after nine straight wins, with a seven-hitter as ' Philadelphia ripped into Bob Chnkalcs for a 4-3 margin. Brooklyn opened up another length on the field in the. Nationa edging St. Louis 3-2, in a game finished under protest hy managei Marty Marion of the Cards. The defeat left the Cards 5 i/ 2 games back of the Dodgers. Proteus Dresscn Marion protested because Chuck Dressen, Brook manager, sat in a bo.\ seat behind the Dodger bench after he was chased for arguing with umpire Art Gore. Cincinnati foiled the New York Giants by scoring three in the ninth to win 5-4. Pinch hitter Grady Hatton slugged across the tying nnd winning scores with a single. Warren Spahn snapped Boston's five-game losing' streak with a five-hitter against Pittsburgh, 5-2. Ralph Kiner hit his 13th homer for the Pirates. The Phillies cut loose on Bob Schultz. Cal McLiflh nnd Johnny hmlts with 18 nils to smother icujjo, 9-1. Robin Roberts nl- Nuir Leagne Scores By Tlir. Amtoclulrd PITMI . WEST TEXAS-NEW UKXICO Abilene 7, 'Clovls a Lamesa 3rS, Borger 1-9 - Amaiillo 6-9, Lubbock 13-8 Albuquerque at Pampa, ppd, rain SOUTHWEST INTERNATIONAL. LEAGUE Phoenix 4, Las Ve^as 2 Tucson 7, Mexican 4 Biabee-Dougins 7, Tijuana 2 El Paso 7, El Centra 4 Juarez 9, Yuma 8 TEXAS LEAGUE Houston .9-5 Oklahoma City 0-2 (second game 10 innings) Dallas 5, .Shreveport 1 . Beaumont 3, Fort Worth 2 Tulsri ft, San Antonio 1 Sports Briefs By Thr. Assocliilctl 1' GBNERAX, New York -- Bold;, winner of the Preakncss, was declared out 'of the Bclmont stakes on June Ifi hccQUse of huckcd shins suffereil in the Polynesian purse on Tuesday, Pittsburgh -- General Manager Branch Rickey of Pittsburgh Pirates said question of replacing Billy Meyer "never ctiiiin up" nt what he termed routine meeting of i'd of (Hrectoi's. ' Td only three hits -- all to catcher Smoky Burgess. Anthony Defeats Popular Dry Goods In Junior League C. R. Anthony soflball team edged out Popular dry goods lust night in Junior league play of the s u m m e r recreational softball league. Score was 15-12. On the mound for Anthony wai Duitman, opposing Moreno, hurlor for the 'Dry Goods team. Heavy hitter for the victors was Dickie Bright with a 3 foe 3 count*. Avalos on the opposing team had 2 hits for 3 times at bat. A double-header is slated tonight. Junion league Liars Lodge meets Yankees at 5 p. m., in thft Senior league DeMolay tangles with Stevens Furniture nt 6 p. in. GamPs are played at" the Junior High school field. MEYER DAVISON Plumbing .Healing Co. -- Contractors -- · InfitallaUai · ItcpalrB · · Supplies Phone 147 514 W. Griggi Las Crucea GIVE DAD A GIFT FROM DUNLAP'S SPECIALLY PRICED . . . Slyled lo his taste, high count broadclclh, mercerized and sanlorized, perfect titling, fused collar, pearl buttons barrel cuffs . . . Everything Father wants in a shirt. Sizes 14 to 17.. All sleeve lengths. Timely special purchase . . . . Fine quality. Buy several at this low, low, unusual price of only . . . . $2.89 If you have a hard size or If you do not know his size .. . give one of DUNLAP'S" personal gift certificates . . . and let him make his own choice. FREE GIFT WRAPPING OF COURSE! CHECK THIS LIST FO R "PATER'S" GIFTS --SHIRTS-Arrow Knit Shirts . . . . . $1.69 up McGregor Sport Shirts . . $3.95 up Lcvi Straus Western Shirts $5.95 up Wing Sport Shirts $2.95 up Arrow Dress Shirts $3.95 -up Arrow Sport Shirts $3.50 up --SWIM SUITS-McGregor Swim Suits Calnlinn Swim Suits . . $3.95 up $3.50 up --TIES-Arrow Tics ..'..... $1.50 to $5.00 Wembley Ties $1.00 up --UNDERWEAR-Arrow Underwear . . . 98c lo $2.50 Arrow Tec Shirts $1.25 --SLACKS-- Hafigcr Slacks · . . . $6.95 up McGregor Slacks $19.95 up --W. ORK CLOTHES-Lee or Levis $3.55 up Pool Work Clothes $2.95 up --SHOES-Jarman Shoes $9.95 up Florsheim Shoes $18.95 up Evans House Shoes $5.95 up Bathing Sandals $1.00 --SOCKS-Interwoven Socks 55c up Phoenix Hose 49c up --STRAWS-Dobbs Straws $5.00 up Stetson Straws $5.00 up Hickok Bolts $1.50 to $5.0.0 Hickok Jewelry , . $1.50 to $10.00 Arrow Handkerchiefs 35c lo $1.50 Dnnmar Robes $7.95 up Samsonite Luggage . . . . $17.50 up COOL SPORT SHIRTS Special purchase men's summer cool sport shirts. Only DUNLAP'S. MAKE THIS VALUE POSSIBLE. Shirts made to sell for much more. In rayons, cotton, skip dents, printed seersucker, Hawaiian prints, crease resistant linens, broadcloths and many others. All sizes. ui tuui ajjui i 1AKE THIS '2 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS White pastels, solids, skip dents," seersuck- ers, mesh weaves. All with two-way collars. In all sizes. $174 1 OXLUI.i . MEN'S BOXER GRIPPER SHORTS Famous name, full cut, sanfor- ized, guaranteed elastic, new patterns. 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