Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 27, 1955 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1955
Page 17
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Tuesday, Ptc 27, 1955 GSfiELEY TRIBUNE Pa*e 17 . . oman 6 .'Jcitphln. Miller Editor' ! Engagement r 4f Miss Joanne Berg arid Randall Bain Is Announced * : Dr. and Mrs D Alym Berg an ,nounce'd · t h e . engagement' of. their .daughter, Joanne, .to Randall'Sain, son of Mr. and Mrs.-Walter'I,..B'ain. of · 1521 ·Thirteenth - avenue:''at' 1 ' a family'dinner party Monday e v e ning at tr'.eir country home .at Lucerne. ·-.-' Miss Berg j s a . 195?-graduate' o[ .Grecley High school and is a : .-ehior at University ot-Colorado. Her major is elementary, education:..She is a member of Alpha Phi sorority. '-.Bain is serving with the arrnV'at Fort Knox. Ho is a 1951 graduate of Grecley'High school 1 .and'was urndiialed from Yale University''in .1955. An August wedding ,s planned. Besides the betrothed pair and .their parents, others present at the a n n o u n c e m e n t dinner were: :Miss Lena Stewart of Fort Collins, sjstcr of Mrs. Bain;- Kirs. Jessie Watson and Mrs. Faye Berg, grandmother 'and aunt of the bride-elect, respectively. Vienna's. Burgthealer has scheduled six premieres this' season-a half dozen-previously unperforrii' cd plays. They include Caesar s Widow and The Jlungrv Gods 1 Heads Sports Drive ·BOB COHSIDIHE, nportir »nd : ·porK 1 columnUt, hv bi*n «p- poinled'-NlHcmil. Sporte Chmir, m«n for thV IMS Much "of ' Dimw, Januur *-3I. H« ku 'i ik*d tportl ·diiHc TV «nd radio ipoilfcuttn. promol«n . «nd alhMtic dizcclon lo k*lp in tht iurur* Yiciory OTK polio. ConiWln* UIJJM Much of Dim* .,,campaign..di»cton k .eoaiMi j- and work with il*u f t t f I t to- I N M E M O R 1 A M Mis Jotnn* bsrg brld* «l*ct Mistmguetl Improves PARIS'lfl .-t-.-Frienrls ''of Misfiri' iuett,. famous for h e r . beautiful egs, 'were optimistic. Tuesday'lhat he; would recover from- a-stroke he .suffered gust..hetore the Christ- Has-holiday. Although the"-82:yea'r-old -music ia.ll actress, ist.paralyzed and only Partly cohsciousi-.they-reported her :ohdition. \fas improving. M.istinguett '-was :taken .'ill at the home of a broitier, a' few miles autside'- Paris. - Her, only' son, Dr, .copold Lima da Silva, is attend ng her i Mistinguett appeared:'in. lavish musical shows'in-Paris' and ab'roat or.criiore than 50-years. Her''las appearance in-Paris was in 1949 when, at 76, she sho'wed the famous egs again as'leading l a d y ' i n ' a )ig revue. Belgrade -estimate's. that t Yugoslavia's 1955.'. tourist , revenuei reached ?t*,000,000. ' W siv« "S 4 HV Or»n Stimp: it your frkridly R«*«M Stor»- illMrt-Biir»p i«xl W . Id o r · d · Drugs.--Adv, i Henry Dietzes Wed 40 tears _ if All-Ameritan^Girl Tops/.World Glamour * \ i t - ~ , . j - r t ! Mr ,ind Mri'Henrr J Dleti oi 19 Sixleenin -street were honored it « surprise lortle'Vweddiai an liversiry celebration oil .Christmas :ve'at a-midnight "bullet i upper; It was,,give~n; at ; the", hqrae of their oungest daughter, Mrs Wallace H Vickie) Roberts aU505 S xlh ave iue. Mrs! Eob*rts'«nd her twin sis ers, Mrs 'Harry (Irene) Fstnck and Mrs Fred (Alvme) Xlle were lostesses at the party The, family. had, gathered tor^the radilional Christrhas eve opening 'f gifts and near:midnight'the other luests arrived completely surpris ng the Dietzes ' The Robert", "home was festive wilh gay holiday decorations The bullet table was catered with a wedding ^cake, ^iced m red and ;reen with the inscription 4Wh An niversary'.;5prigsjdf.h'ully.arj poinsettia petals encircled fall red tap ers in green ceramu, holders on eitherf.sjde.' Silver service was : ·«] arid other details furthered re Christmas motif / Mrs Dietz s seven grandchildren presented her .with'a.Christmas cor- sage;'6(:«l roses'. iBarhara Alles, on behalf ol the others read an original poem 'dedica d to her grandparents , .Those" present lor the am.iversary parU besides the honored guests ind their |hree.da'ughte'rs arid'.tJieir lusba'nds, were: the-K'randchildreh Joyce;·· Barbara.'and-fcreddie Alles Wargar'Et : :'»nd''-Jim'.!Estrick anc Nancyiand Skip"Epbe.rts; 'the.-Bev. and Mrs H J Stroh jHr and Mrs David J Miller and daughter, *fary Margaret who is horrje ior the hbli dajt Irora Wellesley college, Mr and Mis.:'-C.''J. 'McDonald ' and Amelia'.'Marie;. Mr.-'and Mrs. Vic Hill Larry and Richard Mr and Mrs. Carl Willma'ri: : an'd John. W Alles, , Mr.'and MrsV; Dietz' ha've.lived in the) Greeky community all Jh»u married life Their w»udmg took placetal. r high7nooh on'Christmas Day]in,3915 at : 'Str(Paurp:C6rigri.. tional church They,, were the firs couple'tto-be married in the.presen church: edifice. Since- then - they have'-been 'active .members .of St Paul's. ,'DEetz vis .employed .in th dietary .department oj : We' :1 County General hospital. , Christmas, rjay alsb'-.markM sixty-sixthiweGding'-'.an '..rsary o Diet^s 'parents, '·Mr.'.land Mri George' Dieti,:'of, Loveljnd. A n union with : their live-children,an J '· ff - L p/, 1a ,r- - . MISS AMERICA 1954 , Artilt Ed Cundtr t conc.ptiwi of th* t f t r l curr«ntl/mott,popular is rnad« up of th«'f«a1ur«s efjwr.Hilly- w*bd. faveritti:-.Lii : .Tayior's -halr, : .'Aydrey 'HfpbiJrn's .eyci^ 'Grac* Ktlly's n*t* and Ava Gardnar i meurh Life* h«r? By VIVIAN BROWN ' In 19S5y'Am'erican 'rhan: showed that he appreciated heaut Bubble dancer st.ock'went, down and'the real-'American look. paid ;big dividends. x What is the American girl look' It fc more than two faced--it has four or five faces ; It .is.' the,' 'of Audrey Hepburn. The sexy-glanior "of'Ayav Gardner *) I Regal beauty like Grace 'Kel lys And just plain beauty like Liz Taylor's. One - quality-, .all .·'.thes'e!'; 55 types had m common was lady like, charm.. !None 'depended; on artificality-'to .boost her' : '«to'ek. Poise was aiiothe^ quality that families.was held Sunday afternoon i{ the home'fo-Mr. "and'Mrs; Dietz in Denver. Kinie distinguished these girls froi. other females As one connoisseu of beaufy put it I'm not .supposed-to-be part; but I'd. say .Ayu,.Gardner is th sexiest, type, in . Hollywood . today doesn't hit : y9u'with the.thu brassy.lypes''e'xuded a'few season ago.--"She's'-soft and' k i l l e n i s h - b u has-a'.good deal "of-"oomph at same time *i *The 4"tet reserve that .Gfac Kelly .displays- doesn't .make, he cold type according to anothe gentleman. He described.her-beai ty by saying, '-'Man, .she's, cool! to one admirer.; He'-says: .''Hep pliment:a m a n - c a n pay a gal.thps days we 4 understand i Pixie-faced Audrey'Hepburn ha 'understanding .e'yes"' that : appe. of-the-soul'.'analysis.. It t ells'-rnor burh'« ; eyes -make .-her -.differen from'Other^womcn. I'm a fcllo that: Is forithe- eyes-are-the-mlrro -the-soul ininlyils. It (ell; more wut-a^woman than any bther fea- re ' ) v ' It looks «»'if .eyes did have It . i5^-«ll the popular girls had xaufifiil eye's; wide' apart" r ahd .ert according to ono r^an When asked./6.single, jut thc.oive jest fealure;of Liz .Taylor-another xauty admirer w a s startled ex claiming "How could I? She ( pet feet Ei erthing 'about her It won derful.' , ~ He doesn t think women could be' moro beautiful. K-ny.'gener- ation " , » , ^ So much discussion ensued on how a ilrl would look with the composite features of these* girls that AP artist Ed Gunder decided to shuffle Uterr- up on the board i * » ' _ » · ' _ The most representative tkctek of these 1955 belli proved b*4 rwWl Grace Kelly s nose,' Lu' Tayl*'* hair, Ava Gartner s^bpj'and Audrey Hepburn's eyes Mr, Guztd«r molded the face to'iuit the'"r«a lures. Year-End ' \ ! Shoe Sale fashion dream come true' Name your style' Pumps, nuides, slings, Wedges, flats of Hifi season, S u e d es, lust raj, calfs 1 Help yourself to o rainbow 1 Blacks, Reds, B r o w n s , ' Beiges, Blues We've s i z es for all, ^but not in every style . . so rush! Special Group 00 ·Value's: to $8.95 3 pair SHOE DEP.T. 818 9th St. Dress, "casuals,. flats of pr|ces s you can't afford to^miss 1 All leathers, all colors 1 OI.SON 1 ' · -\ In loving- 'memory o'- our. dear mother and .grandmother, "Etta ' Olson, who died tvo years ago, ' Deremn'er:26, 1953. ^ No one.knows how'much we mlsi you/j No nno kiinwH the bitter-psin ',We.ha'vB suffered siuce. we. Jost you. · * . Life has never been the *aiue Jn our/heiTrts jour menlorv ling i · ers,.' * Sweetly,'tender, fond and true, -.There'is nnt a day.'dear'Molher, That we do not think of you. Sadly, missed by her daughters and -grandchildren. ' : . -- ·'· Hilma' Dennis . ' ' Sfpne Will · · · ' ' - -·' Dixie Ann Schneider Otto -Wayne Dennis · . " - . - · Bobby Will · : by TROY.and IRENK . Well, I trust that your Christmas was- as merry a'nd enjoyable a's ours, Rridjthat Snnla brought you everything you '-wanted.' II he left you a new camera, I hope, you'll h r l n g y o u r first roll ot er- posed -film*, here Tor developing and printing, i We offer 24-hour service, and also we'd like to go over the first set of prints with you -.- . -. - to. make sure · you're getting the most out of your new, camera. We Klsq Invite any new im'ovie makers to etop in and ask for any help tr'sujges- tlons. Naturally, t h e r e ' s no charge or obligation. ' . -.' -^ I If yon,'received .money for_ Christmas, you Vo'uldn't niake.a better investmeht for years of enj'bynlehl than a new Kodak, camera.'And, 11 you'ro intereated in a really fine miniature nuniel. a=K to fee the Kodak Slcnet 35 Camera. 118 superb Eklar f/3.5 lens -and .highly accurate -1/300 flash stniHer.make this range.- finder- camera an outstanding 1 value at $75. -"-*·· i'..:*' P.S. Don'l forget, to pick up flash bulbs and'Kodak Film lor Xew Year's.Eve. ' .-,"'' : " ' ' WlLSON-and v^;WILSON;^-. : - .'i?Greeley's Photographic · . -'-;''.'.,Headquarters": ', . : 1513 Wh Avel . _Greei«y, polft. the Sd/e you've waited tor! 1015 9th , Avenue Courtesy Parking 913 11th Street LADIES WOOL COATS NOT $69 NOT $49 j But only $3 Down Heidi Your S*toti«fl " .. ;;]. ,i-1n Lay Awoy »'r'"'·';.'' ,i M Ynir Jotlin Charge Account Now at J.pslin's, the biggest coat "'.' : ,· .sale of the year --: the best selec- ., tion.'eyer --- many styles and fab- \;rics thatwill carry right into spring. Shop .' .,. compare . . . then save ot J o s l i n ' s ! . . - " ' . . . . All these Styles! All these Fabrics! All these Colors! · Box iDeats \ ;/; * Casiwiere Biends 'Beiges ; ·Swing Backs ' Plislws VBIabki · Slraigki:LiM$ :. .".':-..' . tweeds ·"··'"·'·· * Reds ··', ; r ·Zi|M«ls: Fleeces) ·Peacock v VPiish-Di Sleeyes · · ' ' · » · ' CWnckillas : ;^ 4 Pasle!s , · ·\ .'::,."V i : SIZES FOR A L L J i V J U N I Q I R S . I. REGULARS *;

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