Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 9, 1945 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 1
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LasCr THe'eo*T9urtSHine;BeLT. MAY SHE FLY OVER TOKYO 'AND Rip GRANGE FARMER UN IHDEfem£NT_DflliyjNDsliiNMY-NE.IMSPfiPER. SERVING SOUrHERN^EW .MEXICO THE \yEATHER Forecast: Fair tonight and Wednesday with littb change in tem- pi'nitilre. ljUii 'H Hours: Hlgli Low Las Crui-es 67 32 State College 67 28 Jwmiilo Range 58 20 Vol. 64--No. 238 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY AFTERNOON JANUARY 9, 1945 ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOS PRICE THREE CENTS JAPS SAY LUZON INVASION FORCES INCREASE FDR Cuts Es -i Governor Would Limit New Laws To Veteran Need SANTA FE, Jan. 9 (AP) -Declaring there are "lew new laws we actually need," Gov. John J. Dempsey told the 17th New Mexico legislature today that the measures deserving its primary consideration "are those which affect Reject Truce as Indian Insurgents Flee Thru . H i l l s GALLUP. Jan. 9 tff»-- The Indian service said today that seven Navajo fugitives in last weed's kidnapping' of livo Indian service employes arc fleeing toward- Anclh. Utah, through \timate * '. · i President Asks New U.S. Budget Of 83 Billions WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 (AP)' -- President Roosevelt sent to "friendly" territory which is j congress today an 83-billion- among the most rugged and remote in the 16,000,000-acTi; rcs- Supt. J u m o s M. Stewart of Hie Xavajo central agency at Ihu same time disclosed entry of the the welfare and the future oi'j federal bureau of investigation our service men and women.'' 'X Ti t K l 1 - ' Noting that this is the .second wartime legislature in the state's history, Dempsey said in his prepared text that the stats ha.s made and will continue to maUe its full contribution to the war program. Unexpeced reverses in Europe. he said "make it evident to all that this is no time to relax our efforts." Receipt of the governor's mes- spg;e in joint session was the firs! official business of the assembly after the complelion of organiza- Save for Job Making; Dempsey said plans for approximately $25,000.000 in projects are ready for contracting "immodiae- ly after manpower and materials become available." The state and its various agencies, he said, already have on hand postwar builcrng funds totaling some $5,000,000 and he added this would be increased "by additional savings in slate administrative expenses." At a later point he said his administration's economy program had resulted in a general fund cash balance of SJ.o65,000. He asked the legislature to allocate this money for construction of highways and public buildings. Give Yds FreTi-renee Among other major pieces of legislation Dempsey recommended were: A bill giving veterans preference in all state jobs; an absentee (Continued on page 2) Payne Elected r s House Speaker - SANTA FE J a n . 9 IjTi - Ke;i. into the e;u=e and rejection of .T request from the fugitives for u four-day truce at the end of which they offered to surrender. Aneth was id?ntificd as the place where the last armed expedition of U. S. cavalry against the Indians skirmished with the isavajoi) i^ i . i t Eight ?s a \ajos a i e in i us o c . amrng them a. blind medicine man who Stewart reported had advised the Navajo insurgents on resistance to the Indian bur- dollar budget that might swing more than 10 billion dollars up or down. It all depends on the war-and the president refused to predict when the shooting will stop in Europe or anywhere else. Figures Cost at 8.1 Billions "My only prediction.*' lie told congress, "is that our enemies will be totally defeated before we lay down our arms." At a moment when "fighting all over the globe reaches a climax of "ury," Mr. Roosevelt .*cnt up hia annual budget message for the fiscal year 19-16 which starts next July 1. on itsjihtdiiLt ^u un. J n hc pst j limUld tola ( ^ O vern- , c a n s grazing proRram. t di at 83 b i i l i o n s _ Stewart has attributed the kid- i * nannim. or IMstnrt Supervisor T h a t WO " 1(J " e tlle lmvcst '" napping or uislriLL biipciviboi [hr( , c V( , ar! . ]ra n c a r l 17 | )ininn . PahLfr^ge ^"to"^ ' »"- '«* TM«1 »PTM«"« Of °° ' vised opposition to the program b w h i c h i · v j ^ ·* ndiv 1 '. ,. billion in the fiscal year 1915 which is now half over. He based Ihc 33-billion figure [ oji a guess that the war tvil] re- idlial In District J. niiirr 70 billion doll'irs The ZweifeLs and Palmer were I 1 " 10 ' u Mmon - 10H ' ns - ovtrpowercd Thursday at Dis- ! Cuts "Ordinary" Kxpi-nm-s i trict U headquarters, Tec Nos P'is on the New Mexico- Arizona border, taken to ari isolated freed several hours later by Navajo police. Farm Deferees To Be Reviewed Meet Here Told The majority of the deferments The other i:i billions arc for: j 1. Ordinary government .cx-i ! peiisps. Those would be reduced from $H.ri02,(H)n,000 lo $3,200,000,000, wlileh he culled "rock bottom." 2 Three hirgt 1 items which arc growing fast -- benefits to veterans, interest on tlie public debt, ami refunds to taxpayers. Mr. Roosevelt said estimates for 19-16 war costs have ranged from less than 60 billions to more than 80 billions -- depending on various war possibilities. He hit upon 70 billions ns a "tentative" figure, but "the rate of actual spending must depend :n d;cause or ag! iriiltural ^occupation, j V( ,] 0 p n ' lcn ijj ,,',, lhc |,atUe[ni:its." director for selective 'service t o l d ! H'llr »|K'ii(llnB Hi l»r«p eoi'nlv u«ents am! AAA c o m m i t - «'iir cosls in tin? present fisiM tmw'n here today. - vrar arc a1 '"" 1 M b '"" m l"" ! "' s 171 In Ilium Aim N " m a l u ' r w h a t happi-DS' »ve , Selective service will ask coun- if Ovmany fif-hls o n - for another ty war boards to review the rases year and a h a l f - w a r spending is of the 1 032 New .Mexicans in the expected to drop in fiscal HMO. 1S-25 age group now deferred he- i This Is hecause "initial (·quip- have been granted in ten of the «t;ite - 55 lending agricultural coun- H. Vcarle Payne ID) of Lordsbllrg '{["""]·),,,,» Ana 171. Bornalillo :!'). meiH" .for the a r m y anil navy ia about complete, the huge win- building program is nearly entic't. HOW COUNTER-OFFENSIVES ALTER WEST FRONT By WALLACE PERRY "If the women of New Mexico ever expect to sil on juries (and acquire other rights and privileges now held exclusively by m e n ) , says Valda C. Cypher, woman writer for the Associated Pres, in an article in yesterday's Sun-News, "they'd better get busy with some proposed legislation." . In other words, they'd better begin to fight for such rights. * * + i "For instance," Miss Cypher says later in the article, "there's tlie business cf separate and com- itiunity property rights," and she quotes Hary L. Bigbee, assistant r attorney general, somewhat in do- 1 tail as to how complications on the subject stand. tt ! * + * '* Ifew Mexico women don't E"cm to be worrying much about their l "right" -- if they'd call it that -to serve on juries. Maybe they'd just as soon not ', have it, in view of the example of dodging jury duty their male contemporaries have set for them. * + * But property rights -- that's a ' different story. * * * Las Cruces women -- chiefly ' members of the Business Professional Women's club, Woman's club and AAUW - for weeks hav 'f .-been- campaigning for backing fo' equalization of women's rights in ' that field. f{ Their specific objective is a bil which recently has been prepared at the instance of New Mexico'; * (I. BPW, which is to forcsd on the attention of the current legislature " ' · opening today. And, in support of it, they have prepared the following summary of the situation as it exists in New i , Mexico law now: I * 4- * (^ "The property rights of the wo I ( men of New Mexico have declinet steadily in the last forty years. i| "Under the 1001 New Mcxi. community properly .statute, n ! married woman had tlie right t i dispose by will of her half of th- community property; in 1907 this i right was revoked so that undo the present laws a woman cannot will even to her children her half ' of the community property. Her property goes to her husband with- ! out the necessity of probate or the . '' payment of inheritance taxes. ""In the event of the husband's : was elected speaker of the house; £iY ave! / 102, Curry 82, Eddy 152, ' ami our long supply | death, on the other hand, the -'.s- j today over Rep. C. C, Mumma R I Q ' , -Q fj ( ) \ n -iba 25. Roosevelt ] ed with moving supplies. late must he offered for p r o b a t e . ' o f Fnrmington. by a vote of 30; j.,.,* - gan ' Jlian ' 20 and San Miguel Budget Director Harold D. S m i t h If he dies intestate, his wife in!i?r- to IS. '',\"i ' "~ · P"t it this w a y : We are s h i f t i n g " " ' " " , -We'd like to haw every onv from a "building up" t ! nt' the more than a thousand boys," \ lenance" basis. i fol. Sedillo said. "They've all passed roetnl physical -xaminn- j liunf!. and tliey'i'e what the a r m y s. \\'e expect to be Jai The German counter-offensive launched into Belgium and Luxembourg Dec. 16 caused a realignment of Allied armies to meet '-he enemy threat. Units of A l l i e d armies north of the bulge swung southward to protect Liege ( a r r o w ) , whik the) t h i r d army, which wan on an o f f e n s i v e in tin- SHUT area, s h i f t e d northward to hit the southem flan It of the enemy salient. Kast »f Uu- Snar, the Or- inans advanced beyond Bitch-. 1 and A m e r i c n t i K with drew from Germany north of inborn-^. areas show net German guin.s us of Jan. 0 ( AP Wi n-pholo map I Klaek its one-quarter of his hall' uf Hie : Mumma voted fur Payne and community property and his chil- Democratic member was absent, dren inherit three-quarters. Rut rnyne Replaces Smith ;irobat- fees and inheritance t a x e s - p v( .p. p aym . r-ceivi-cl the Deniu- liiuat t)e paid and if tliert' arc min- j c - i a t i e caucus n o i n i n a l i o n ;',,r the rr children, a trustee must be a p - j .spt-akership last night. L e K i f l a t - pointcd. Administration c o s t s ; jve sources said the nomination \ may use up an entire estate. ot'U-n u -as made u n a n i m o u s a f t e r a -oil , ly needed by a woman left with ! ( . { ,]] vote gave Payne a 17-10 m a r - Russians Crowd Nazis in Komaron; "Work c,n Uurssi-s" | I Holdlna a iu-w.s -onrrrin . MriT/p nri A l K T r T a I Smith said ,,f tlu- l.u,l B .'t nnd t h - j i U U V C UU f l U M l l O r or gu littlo children to support . If tho iiusband does make a will, hf niay leave liis share of the community property to anyone he pleases. He is under no compulsion to provide for his family. "DlirlnK Ills lifetime, a married ninn ir.ay dlverl not only liis shiire itf (he r4niinunily property hut even his wife's mriiliifrs. the household f u r n i t u r e and the rlolhliiK of tlie \vife and minor children away from Ihc family. He may spend the family oarninjcs any way he chooses, provided "illy t h a t hi- -vile McWhirter. .\tountainan must be a i-o-sigivr in tile sale if i t . a u. r ; and Kihberto M real oalate. The 1B07 c o m m u n i t y property s t a t n l e cmrectcil this situation Ijy s t a t i n g that the husband COlild not m a k e n (,'lfl of c o m m u n i t y property nv ccmvey same w i t h o u t a valuaii!- unless the wife consente.i in w r i t i n g . Bill ihc i i i ^ t i . . ^ Rieklev Has r e m a r k e d : 'U -r Dr. M. S. Smith of Clv is. the 19.13 speaker. House Democrats also nam-d A. F.. Hunt. Pol-tales, majority leader: Philip Lndi, Las Vgeas. w h i p ; and Geo. \V. Armijo. Santa Fe. chief clerk. The Republican house caucus last n i g h t n a m e d Karl Douglas. Socorru, house, m i n o r i l y leader: F. A. (Tony i Vigil. R a t o n , house minority whip; and riegmaldo Espln- osa. Kspanola. assistant whir Senate Repuljlican Consiiler Separately C. V. Hcnlhill, cii:ufli-i:in of the Stale AAA Committee and tile stale l.'SDA war board, advised the group that it w i l l be necessary lo consider each case s c p a i a l c l y . -Until tlu- recent German drive, we felt that we had cut our recommendations lor agnctiltnra! lly KDI)V 11LMOI(K r i a t i o n s , of s will b" for the appropriations, h the st -.·si; d C.. T. ; nority | s. Rio Arriba. m i n o r i t y whip. Former Sheriff 's Brother Killed i. a b r o t h e r former she skler. If yi'ii f.-el t h a t a man i.i the 18-25 age g r o u p is e«iel!t;al lo agrieiilture. t h e n you must show that hr ean't l)e replaced and t h a t t a k i n g h i m o f f t h e fane, would leave a large s v e t i u n of land u n e n l l i v n l e d . " Klinn. lUllieli llend. Tlllll Meanwh|le, .vorkmt; in .«epar:,le sessions. Loth eonferenees set I led tlown to t h e i r major ivi i k ' t n e week yesterday a f U ' r n o i . n a n d t h i s m o r n i n g us A I). ] i n w n f : e ! d . l l e u u n g . p:e.Mdenl ·:'. the A m p r i o l m ( C o n t i n u e d on page ·!) -:; billior These will m a k e fo:vcs can m a k lo k e e p l i g h t i n g all over world. If llv wai develops t ;;blv. tile !elt-over f u n d s \\-tll i aside and reported t" eongrv.- Tlien There's .Inpaii However, t h e pscsident e:il ed t h a i t h e r e has been "IIVIT m i s t i c s p e c u l a t i o n " about the sib:,, cut in war spcii'ling Germany i.« crusl:"d \Ve m a k e a great m i s t a k e , h - d. ell. if WC U l l d e r - e s l : m a t e , l the -if w h i p p i n g l a p a n ' j .\lOHfu\V. .Ian. !· I.Ti Russian ' i forci'H d r i v i n g along the n o r t h b a n k : | o f t h e flanube approached w i t h i n 1 i gun range today of Komarom w h i l e a costly baltle raged soulh of tin- river w h e i e the G e r m a n s are I r y . ing to r"ach their encirele t | Huda- Jeciuale pbr.- p c s t ,,,,,,.,..,,,, A Ihree-mile adva t h e I i a n u b e veptei'day today. I t ' s t o ir*/ ('nsnnll\ ew Las Cruces posl of ·rans ol K o r - i g n Wars i n a m e t l tor Hona Ana tn-il I ' a s u a l t y in the woi id w a r . Post Com- in Storm For Nazi Escape Route from Bulge l!\ JA.MK.S M. I.OMi be k n iwn r.l t h " apt. M i ' C o r k l e was k i l l e d P h i l i p p i n c H i n J a n u a r y O f l i r o r s of t h e new post inslalled Saturday n l g b t . I I'AP.IS, Ji j zard i n t o I I t h e H e l g l a n bulge -Ir I today less t h a n l l i r . i the St. V i l h - H o i i f i a l h e r n f l : i n k "f Warships Flee By LEONARD MILLIMAN Associated Press War Editor A second American invasion convoy was reported to have joined the assult on Luzon island's Lingayen gulf today as Supcrforts and carrier planes blasted Japan's Formosa-Ry- ukya island reinforcement line to the Philippines. Other strong B-29 forces bombed Tokyo. Jit]) Hrondcusts Cimtnutlet Contradictory Japanese broad- cms ts i cporled successively that lfl.000 Yank soldiers failed in a landing- attempt at Lingayen. 110 miles north of Manila; that 70 bombard ing U. S. warships turned and fled; that ;i "second enemy convoy'' reached the Ltngsyon ombat zone" nnd its escorting warships joined the "first enemy convoy" in shelling coastal i'ort- Tokyo said 150 transports were in the second convoy, more than Jouble the sir.e of the flral. .V third ISO-ship convoy was reported mi the way. Earlier the Domci news agency Hiiid II. K. warships slmnii'd uway Monday morning with Japanese planes in hot pursuit. It said sinm- warships were sighted in flumes weal of Manila. Hilltl un Formosa Japanese propugandlsLs poured. out their confusion of reports as Vice Adm. John S, McCain's fast carrier forces combined with B- 2!J8 in n day-long raid on Formosa and three of the most important H y u k y u islands. It was their second s t r i k e within a week, These strikes were in strategic support of Gen. Douglas M u c A r - thur'.s reported operations on Luzon, -shutting of Japmiete air re- Infum-nu-nts which might replace i those destroyed tu a two-day, round-lhe-clnnk bombardmenV of Luzon by U. R. sea-borne anil land- sfd planes. An early morning Pacific fleet communique told of the new strike ill Formosa, supply P o i n l f o r N i P" one armed forces in the Philippines, and major air fields in t h e Kyukyus, which link Formula w i t h J.ipnn proper. Carrier pilots swept over Okinawa. IshlgaKi. Miyako Jlma in the Kyukyus. Okinawa was raided in last n i g h t ' s two-day Formosa s t r i k e which heralded iiiUnsified a c t i v i t y in the Philippines. Cliltm l-'ort.s lilt ronmwn Japanear a r m y headquarter on Forma.s rt-ported ISO carrier planes attacked the islands for nearly leu hours, beginning at dawn a m i r. in l i in i ing mill! Uite a f t e r n o o n . T li e Nipponese communique r l a i n m l 11 raiders were definitely ,si!it di'-vn and four probi'bly. ·forts f n m i Chimt :ibm h i t :i while IM'iis from K i u p u n l.i.inbi'd Tnkyn. A Japanese imper- ; ;ii c i ' i n u i u r i i q U f . ' .said (i() Superfci ts ,..,j vcr the i m p e r i a l c a p i t u t in w.tvc^s in niiU-at'tenujon, Suv Invasion l-'ulletl .laj.anesv propaganda b n u d casts reported that a U. S. invasion force "estimated to b ( - app m x l m a l e l y one division stumjj" hiiil btrrn dealt a "sUg^-ring t)hw' f m " a l t e m p t i n g In html" -it L u i ^ a y e n gulf, invasion g a t e w a y up.- slial Kmhoii Y. M a l i n n v j f k y ' - i In tn ;i point les* llian s»'v -n n Hum K - i m a m m . l(f.v i - n n n n i l i i turns c s - i i H T for the r t ' g i r j n .10 wt'sl of There the Kussiann sli.od - t h a n "»0 miles cast uf t h e A u s l i i n n ] border and HV M m t h e n s t o! B n i t i - [ U K K N , Jan. D i^T' N alava. S l n v a k i a n cap:lal. : .sihly p i g n i r i e a n l M^n r t i s p u l i - l H - N inld C r r n i a n troops ! x,,^ re.sislanre aip la«! teprn-led only II* m i l ' s iKU't! west oi r.niltipest were . s h i f t i n g t l \ v o i p h t ··! U i f i r a t t a c k .snulh'.v:it Nazi Opposition Gains in Germany lly THOMAS !·'. H A W K I N S · In op.s, T o k y o Kill )!· ].»t (Cmitin uff ni urd -in i m i l l K pal- ' :./,!/' .JTbere seems to bo no adequal. 1 j )7- fnawrr to wonu-n's claims thai | me New Moxu-o's laws on property thrill* are i . n f u i r «ntl «nj»»l- ' They are smri t" K'VI- tMw rifibts t h n n any X Hi* »IN \vt-st-TH . o m i m i i i i t y property ' " cs .sustained lilt' 1 Ve: h i g h w a y , crash nt-ii w h i c b Klonn H a m i r f . « h o , i l i i h l . was killi'" ihe r a m i l y h 're wt-i (vised. The fornier s h e r i f f bad I;OIH- I iiiu-n ' i.;| p ;lso to bo at hia b r t i t l n ' i ' n hei ilhi-r ! . ] l e n i-iirred when TS M,\\ UK ;,('xr,\ HKTTKR Of;"/ 1 in :in a|»;ireiit e f f - r t In cut ' to I h c H u n ^ a i Ian c a j i i t . i i I , '.vent. · A RM.-WIIIII c m r i l i i i n M i | i i t - i t^uilci m 1h;U. av. . driv.-n ny V i r a n m n t c B . j n b . n l i t h « car driven l,y Pan { land f the »tates. ' s c b n u l ( They fall toaco^id adt'qunt? pn- ,-nllidtM toction cither to a miuri(d woman p u n n Is. NYf-riv j Orl.nnly or her ehildren ; Tlie bus »vi-i t u r n e d nnd i a u g h t j w h i r h A m I agree w i t h their pl^« t h a t tlio ' ;, r ,, , been y i v ; t i g laws should be oh«ng«1 r h a n R H ! Kive * houl c h i l d i v n and Oie ' rspi-rmlly t (Gonlfnufd »n pnfie 2) ' N C R I O .vnv injured. Tew dwy.s H.V iie\\rrr MIUKK\/IK .-»uii AswVliitod rri«*s \Viir Aunlyst j Those a i r f . c l d i due w i i u l ' f cxpn I tu f i n d t'"ll- ; n e l i l i uliz-d l . - f « sidenthle ( i r e wh'-rr t h r n - ' s niiich smuite us t l i : - J a p a n e s e r e p f i r l t t i K in t h f i r feverish pn lum.s l h a l Aiv.ertnin furies nb.HM *n i n v u d o l.uznn, mini i l l ! b l l M H r i l l Z ' u m l e r t a k i - n been Hit- l» iit o! t h e C u u i n f l n r - t n - ' - h l * m m t . had v ]iI)''S "Hi the di'i d t a f f nnd r .,11 th.- vpstern ai-pri;it h -H tho ntrlieUls, the l;i invasion typo .l.iimr.fNr .Htronj;biilil ' I' K"i i DM- mam e n e t n y supply b;if ttT- Philippine* Otivlonsly the M a r A r t l m i i\Z team ;s up to »"ni" fiesh n i i of- h a n d , the sn of t h e f o n f c n - m c we nov.- ;uc l on The I t i t w t i H t i H inside c a p l u i t t l another KiO bloi Dm; nllu\viince niliist b* 1 n i a i l e ! i i 1 the possibility t h a t r-'JinrU mi c ' i n - 1 ( l i t i o n . s inside Ihc reieh a i e r o l i i n - d ' li\- C f i n i a n jH-opaKauda. but n s i i i i l - ly In 1 *! w o r t h y pnvale c l u n i r i f l s 1 JUKI ' J'Tiium ncwupaprr.s t h e m ' M-lvs }Jve tht.s p i c t u r e : u n i s U OppoHi- Nit/I* ( ' ( i i n m u n l s t . s 'rr the I'".si ··!·- ( ' . r r i i i i t n ;,.;,, n i l . n t w o r k i n g for Du- o v c r l h r n w i/i · - : u i i - ,,, t h r - H i l l c r rf(;lnio. Tlte need · u s t e r n j ' ( i , i,,,,i\ aiifU'H another J a i n * 1 f i U h t i : ^ , : ,., p| ,|, to o m i n i t r i i K u l n r h u l i v c i s" ~ '" " " ' h e i i . l s i i K H H i M t h - Nazis KuM.V i , n i - A H I i ' d orminl7.;ition.s i i i c nl- e position of t h e |nluLn:iU»t.s mo-pti-d nnd liked M i l l e r m Two Are Held on Cruces Burglary Th.' llHHaulL ti ··;in- s t i l l unable to Hei'iire .'v a foothold tlfere.' Ni'ViMlhi-k-ss Japaiu-sif p i o gandists were obviously w o n i o l tu where l!i-n. M a c - A r l h i n ' s ma blow would f u l l in tlie Luxon va.fion w h i c h Tokyo r.idm bei-n ballylioolng for neiirly u A - l-'r\vt-r "Uinders" 'I'lmii n l.eyl Pomui tr-ws HHeui'V au:d M-n l l i n r wns employing only "Mi 70 or MO l a n d i n g barges" ;' : ' lt ' i n ns h ii;-iM tlu H K I t K S U'llATH IX A N A M K SALT L A K K CITY. Jan. H /!*' E T. (irnflK in in tho hny l n i s l n r n · h U H i n r n m i i P n now f''*'l t h n t ' M i l l e r ,iiul the NnziH must go In t h e m- I (mntimioO on page 4 ) W.ill.T H a l l l-'o.M T. 2fi, and A l - t o t i A l l ' i ' M l , W. were humid mvr lo t l i e . l i H t t n - t I'ourl l.y t'eae,- , l u s l i i ' i - 11 C. I'hiivea! lo.lay when ar- ,ai K n.-'l on a ehai^'v "»f roht.inn t i n - (la*!* Inn cm ly S a t n n t i i y . They had l i e i ' j j . 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