Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 11, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1961
Page 7
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Three Men Lay Claim To Roberts' Old Job BRIGHTON (API-Three nwn,»berlH. He formerly w.i cbtat ii jay claim Vriday tu the Adams vefUgator for Roberta and wai County sheriff's position heU byjdWenM witness la nu . six-day trial. One of hit firtt acts w*i t* fire'( Itobert Bagwell, a deputy- sheriff,! *f convicted Robert M.HoberU. The 40-year-old sheriff WH oat pended by the county commUakm ers soon after * District Court who testified for' tht prowtuOon, jury Thursday ruled him guilty ··· - - - · - · · ·- ol burglary and conspiracy. ; Now Guy Van Cleave, police chief of Westminster; .Coroner Jack St. Germain.and John V. Martin are claiming the post. Dlst Jiily. Marvin Dansky said the language of the law" supports the claims' of all three.' Dansky said until a declaratory judgment is feturned in District Court, "every action of 'he sheriff's office remains in doubt," LONDON AP)-Afloth«r Soviet County Atty. William Pehr said city was deStallnlsed F r i d a y . . he intends to ask Ally. Gen. 1 Duke W. Dunbar for a ruling. Meanwhile, Martin is acting [he ' key',. prowcutton witnesses] against Roberts, will be arraigned In District Court Mohday on charges of burglary and consplr Reynolds,' a former Sergeant on the sheriff's, staff, was indicted by a county grand jury last iuni-; mer, but the indictment was not made public until this week., In western' Siberia, will henceforth be known as Novokuz- netsk. (Nehru Asks ·or Cold War Moratorium ·y MH-TON BltMK '' jived past Queen;. Friday night In I West African-style climax 'to 'a and clown- Tlic day bogan wilh a big clockwork precision display ol nearly I9c BURGERS 19c · HARRY'S DRIVIN TRAP SHOOT 3'/i miles East of Kersey on Highway 34 Sunday. Novemer 12 Starting at 11 a.m. Sponsored by Kersey Lions Club MliilCAL Mttt U.1X - Jo Ana Oduffl of HuaUagton, Wl Va,, Mijs. 1 U.S.A., poaes It -a Brkiay that the UnlUd,' JaUoni declare a moratorium on he cold war and set aside a year of coofMratlon in-all fWoV-"po- Itlcal, cutturaror whatever." Nehrtl made the suggestion a wide-rangbg speech to Uw ti.N. General AMetnbly,. He came to New York after talks wUh' President Kennedy In Washington on critical Internationa) Issuet. ; . tU called upon'world ttaleemert to .devote .their full/strength to trying to avoid the terror of mi clear .disaster Instead of thinking Commonwealth as a republic. The'Saf., Nov, 11, JBrfl GREEf.EY TRIBUNE .P*g« f queen Is rccognlitd In the Com- , ' ~ inonwcallh republics as a symboLlXllcr .lift for all,.you will have GAZA (APJ-Tlw United N«- oi unify rather than as a monarch, * ll , h **, lh « r « al ^l'" 1 ' '"'.lions Command haj oroVwd '71,. ·"itons et yolif country. ^ yard? o( b]uc muslln for |elrie l o f . l h c ioughest soldlert la the MKXICO CITY AP)-A mortar world. It's needed U m»k* tur- ,| r . bans for boarded Sikh trooper* parade ground in Africa jprocllce by a unit of the pr«l- ftTM ^^ * orn *ky' other l/.N. At the stale banquet, Ihe queen tkntiai guards Thursday, killing Emergency-Forte'ututi at'^f .) . 0 llit,H~r .fat* h.n- '^ i'' m y',"?' h ? ve . ^ , n TM r «four soldiers'and wounding four. Egyptian-Israeli border. . . .- ·t a glittering slsle bart-i very i,, n g b u t i cnn already '-"" . - . . . , Queen's Day In Ghana Busy ACCRA,. Chan* (AP) - Hun. dreds of market women pranced, of crack troops . about represent the United.States in Miss World contest'to take place In., th«' British capital on No^. * (AP Wirephoto) .' ; : v th* earth On .the specific issue of banning ' - I*** 1 "* visiting qiieen and ^ energy and sense of pur pose | Went Kwame Nkrumah dwell of i(,is vigorous nation." i quet Pmldent Upon Ghana's membership In the Tern peratu fes THI WtATHER "tLSEWHiRE »y THi ASSOCIATED PRESS r .. ' ··'. Hlfti L»w Pr. Albanjy clear 3fl 27 Atlanta, .cloudy Sy 33 igo: In a clear hint that this Wust i African nation should Keep lo tins' dcrhocralic road, Ibc queen iiddcd: "As you seek lo build a Bismarck, clear ...... 63 Bostpn, clear' ..... M 32 Buffalo,'clear ., 36-21 Chkago,'clear ...i.... 51 Cincinnati, clear Academy Award talk has begun for NATALIE WOOD Mojotoy Go^s To Moscow ; To Face Fate VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- The disgraced Soviet former premier being said In the world about and foreign ralntsle'ri V.'M. Molo tov, left Vienna Friday night by confllcl." train for Moscow to face whatever, fate the Kremlin may have in store for him. He was denounced at'the recent Communist party c6ng'rcss In nuclear weapons lesls, he 'said :rca,ty providing effective ci is necessary-im issue upon wmcn ^ Mo| ckar 10 and Kennedy had 1 previously oelriot clear announced agreemenl. . - · i Fairbnnks . £now "V. , He noted _ t h a t : he assembly Fort Worth, cloudy ... 67 45 had-approved a voluntary mora- Hono , ul ; c)ear torium, but added "No one inv ]lidb|M ,, dea| agines that a voluntary rnorttor- - · -- 56 M Cleveland, clear 45 J3 6 ^ 3 1 61 30 43 M 3 -1 ium Is going to solve this question." '· , '-' He said his react Ion'lo nuclear that 53-31 Jacksonville, clo*idy .. 72, 41 Juneou, cloudy Kansas City, clear ... Los Angeles, cloudy Memphis, cloudy ..... tests was strong--"! think they are basically' evil.' 1 · lM!am| c , CDr Nehru asserted that little wMiMllwauXet,- clear operation "but much is said about World Briefs : ESSEN, Germany API-Stalls. 44 .-St. Paul, clcar . 54 New. Orleans, rain . . 66 New Ilork, clcar ..... 43 Omaha, clear 61 Philadelphia, clcar .. Phoenix, .clear ....... 76 Pittsburgh, clear .... 47 Portland, Me.,. clear .. « 67 40 70 53 69 40 78 73 25 24 34 32 30 24 50 29 31 ' T 42 Moscow In a preliminary to losses show that West Germans are Richmond, clear .... 52 27 of party membership. jthe;moft traveling people,-to thegt. Louis,'clear ... .1 67 40 The old Bolshevik had servedi world *·» da y s - Nearly 45 per^ D i eg0( c i ei , r 67 here as Moscow's chief delegate c ? nt « ln * population left home gn Francisco, cloudy 53' 45th Annual Nunn Harvest D A N C E NUNN TOWN HALL Sat. Night, 9 p.m. Nov. 11 \ ' ~ · Dale Johnson Orchestra to the International Atomic Energy Agenc^; an atbms-for-peace project. He served fits'first exile op vacation trips this year. Americans 'ranked next with' 40 per cent. . ' : · ' ' · ' · term in Mh«; Khrushchev era asj KARACHI, Pakistan (API- ambassador lo Mongolia at Ulan Glfu . offered to camel ; - Bfltor - . ' . ' . . Bashir.-Ahmed on his recent trip Premier Khrushchev, told re- q the United States have started Dorters In Moscow Tuesday that Molo^oy's^ale "Is of. ho practical Importartc?. 1 'We haven't 'decided yet," the premier added. Austrjgrt'jRithoriUes siaid Molotov"and his wife, Paulina, left by train and passed the Austrian frontier Into ' Czechoslovakia at Hohenau-~at-ll p.m. They were Ikrayell'ng on the Vienna-Moscow ne*press through Poland.. I i Informants said Saturday Molo- fitov boarded the train at the sta d arrive.- Among the first were nylon' cloth for his wife,, t" foot high baby doll for his daughter, and a toy truck for his son. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) --The death loll . was sel at 10 Friday in Thursday's coal mine fire in western Yugoslavia: Tan jug, the official Yugoslav news agency, said six bodies have been recovered. MOSCOW (AP)-- The skipper .of fion through a side entrance and the atomic icebreaker Lenin has 1 immcdiotely drew .the^curtains in of the'"including 4,000 In heavy pack ice reported: he had- covered -S.500 miles in a month in the arctic ' Gents $1.50 Ladies Free Baked Chicken Is a special treat for Sunday Dinner . at the Prime Rib. ||hls sleeper' compartment. Molotov 'was ,a lead' Ijantlparty group recommended for no other ship in the world evei I ouster from the party" for oppos- dared to tackk." ||ing Khrushchev's policies in 1957. BED ^ RD , rj)glaIHl -, AP ,_ Three men dubbed "pig rustlers' by the law have pleaded guilty to purloining $5,600 worth of pork ers. An 'official got suspicion when they brought sows to a country market on the wrong day for sow selling. LtOPOLDVlLUE,' ihe Congi £) --Premier Cyrllle Adoula congratulated-U Thant Friday '01 Bring the fimlly and trtjoy pl««i«nt Sund»y Dlnntrl · Steaks · Fried Chicken · Baked Chicken S u n d a y Serving Houn 7 «.m. to I p.m.l Week d«y« 7-«:JO Closed T h u n d i y t Prime Rib Cafe 2501 6th Ave. Just Off Highway 85 American Men Captured in Laos Still Being Held KHANG KHAY. Laos (AP) -Laotian Communist chief Prince SouphanOuvOnj; said Friday the six or Seven Americans captured his "election as acting secretary in Laos will not .ke released until general of the United Nations i coalition government has been wishing him success at "the noble ormed. ' ' and heavy tasks", entrusted to The prisoners Include Maj. him, Lawrence R. Bailey of Laure),' Md., assistant military attache of he U.S. Embassy, in Vlenllahei NBC. cameraman Grant' Woifkill of 'Shelton, Wash., and several members of Ihe U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group and h«li- ! copter pilots. Souphanouvong, chief-, of the rebel Pathet Lao, told 26 visiting foreign newsmen "if war breaks out again they will reiaain prls- PLENTY OF F R E E P A R K I N G »PACE lattle, cloudy 51 ampa, clear 77 ashlngton, clear 49 Innlpeg, cloudy 60 (M--Mining,· T--Tr«e) 51 46 1.07 53 37 29 Wesl on Hiway 34--Acro«». from the Country Club. TONIGHT and SUNDAY FIRST RUN IN GREELEY Teenage Millionaire Starring Jimmy Clanton and Zasu'Pltti Second f*ature = Explosive Generation FREE one record from Teenage Millionaire with each pi»r- chile of a show ticket. Hurry! Only 500 availably. Pfr*4 come, flrit kerved. - . · "I I ' Admission per person ..;....;_ ;.:.^-75e,. for her sensational performance in Eiia Kazan's production of William Inge's first play especially written for the screen. SPLENDOR T'^E GRASS ^WARNeR BKOS. Starts Next WEDNESDAY! GREELEY ELKS CALENDAR Monday, Noy. IS-Bridge Party 8:00 p.m.--For Elks and their ladies. Prizes. TiMsday, Nov. 14-- Program, Open . 'to the public . . . 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15-Lodge. Section 8:00 p.m?--All "Elks always welcome. Thursday; Nov. 16-Ladi*s' Night 8:00 p.m.--Elks and their larlies. Saturday, Nov. 18-Semi-formal Dance 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m Hill PI Ire's orchestra For Elks and their ladies. Calendar Note* Paid up membership card admits to lodge and social af fail's. HIDES and PLAYING CARDS needed for veterans hospitals. BLOOD DONORS Call ELgin 2-4121 Extension 59, for appointment Keep The Old Romance Alive oners until the war is over. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADSII THE CAMFIELD HOTEL HOW! Hurry! Ends Tuesday! 'Door* Op*n 1:00 LAST DAY SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.25 STARTS TOMORROW "The gayest comedy Hollywood has 3«rved up id years." LIFE Magazine. . 2901 f. 8;lt Aye, P»»w«« 353-1,440 Intimate Dining and Dancing Open Mon. thru Sat 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sundays 11 a,m. to 8 p.m. gtHJu · Sea Food Ent*rl«in«e»l (Tborwtay, TriAiy, Sttirfer, t;M l» 1:SO ».«.) N«w Our Famous Mexican Smorgasbord Sunday Evening -- 5 to 8 All You Can Eat . . $125 KIDDIE PRICES GROUP PRICES CHAR-BROILED STEAKS MUSH MM! SAUSAGE IREAKFAST THERE'S BOUND TO BE ONE NICE DINNER TO SUIT YOU AUDREY HEPBURN HOaYGOUQHTLY.,.the most "' . hilarious heroine whe ever rumpled th« pages of a bestseller... Fr*e Paxklnt · Faeililit* For Print* PartlM FOR MSWVAT10N PHONI U3-U4* For Th« Greatest .bay 01 Your LJfe Com* To Th* CAMFIELD TECHNIOOLOM I

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