Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 9, 1976 · Page 67
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 67

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1976
Page 67
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TUB,.. Mar. 9. 1976 CKEEI.EY (Ci.lo.) TRIBUNE C-7 Ambulatory center, Xeroradiography machine new WCGH additions TM Completion of tht are examination ml tr*«tm*nt fMti#nt« H»« tuwn *n«Arf«H im w»,i.. A t ~,,~,t*~m .«^ »nt»ti~. ._j ,_» ., . - - . ^ . «TM«« ml »«"«nd treatment patten!* hu been speeded up control number and expiration . . ,, °3 room '« (h: TM'«"'n»««'arn, tremendously. It's located just date. The advantages are that that is able to provide data on i« acquisition of I separate children's are., a down the hall from the trauma the Identity of the drug is never 75,000 products including its ^StaSr 2? "! '""«" room . « r «Pif«tory center. There are special lost right up to the time the specific ingredients and proper · ... - · -- - -- r , -- - - r TM. ...... up to the time the specific ingredients and proper ction of bread treatment area as well ai new radiolucent carts in the patient receives it and the treatment as well as related admitting and waiting areas emergency area so patients can package maintains sterility, so information covering phar- im- and a playroom. Everything is be placed on them when they If (he patient doesn't need the macoiogy, clinic effects, range i made recently at accessible without stairs. are received at the emergency drug, it can be retained to the of toxicity and major TM - m « ,,,. """P"' 1 - The auxiliary to the hospital room. The carts can replace the pharmacy and the patient won't references for follow-up The TM R25 milhon emergency raised money to purchase the standard X-ray table so that the be charged for it." information is projected' on a roam-anibulatory can center 135,000 Xeroradiography (X-R) patient doesn't have to be Kelly said, "One of the main readout screen An.;,? ,o« """"!"" maChlne '° r USe '" tl " ! raoved for X - rays ' features of the system is that it All the products are listed August i»74, went Into radiology department for the "The X-ray unit itself is a new cuts down on inventory because separately by brand names operation Nov. It, 1975. early detection of breast machine that features there is only a one day supply generic names, manufacturer m^ C h«'h 7"""f'" I** T"; programmed radiography - for each patient on the floor" - imprint code, all known slang in "» TMPl«" s master plan, Fund-raising for the machine the unit is set up with 24 push the pharmacy can work with names abbreviations common expanded and improved access began in February 1975 with the buttons that control built in fewer drugs at lower inventory misspellings and products no to comprehensive care for the theme of "The Last Valentine." technical factors so in trauma cost. longer manufactured The list people of the county and By May, the X-R committee of cases, immediate, properly "The pharmacists will check is updated continuously surrounding areas. The Weld auxiliary, co-chaired by Pat exposed X-rays can be made by to make sure the right drugs The patient's records can be , Lounty Ambulance Service LeRoy and Kay Kosmicki, had just pushing a button. We feel are in the right drawers when fed to the Denver poison center TnT h!TM ° enler "" raiSC1 e "° Ugh mwiey for by taking away tlre factor of lhey load tlre cart ' then a throu 8h the telecopier, a part of the extended medical services. New services offered in the hospital. concern emergency room include a Ken Nickerson, chief positioning of the patient and dental emergency care room, radiological technican at the taking care of their immediate an audiology room for hearing hospital, said, "The X-R needs." teats, and an X-ray room with machine Is a processor, rather "The emergency room unit special radiolucent carts. than an X-ray machine. We use has its own 90-second EMERGENCY ENTRANCE BY NIGHT -- The 24-hour emergency room at Weld County General Hospital is well lighted and marked so it can be easily located on the 16th Street entrance. Photo was taken with a 20 mm wide-angle lens. (Tribune photo by Paul . ,, - ,.-, - . - Moloney) partial payment and the techniques selection from the pharmacist and a nurse will photocopier that operates machine was delivered to the technologist, their primary check the cart before It leaves through an ordinary phone line. hospital. concern will be accurate the pharmacy and finally the The hospital has updated the 'he public and persons may be Barnett noted the changes mitting. The pharmacy is now nurse will perform a third monitoring equipment in in- referred by physicians. There made in the hospital when the located on the south side of the check when she gives the tensive care and cardiac care are both in-patients and out- health department wing was first floor main corridor and the medication to the patient." units, the new equipment in patients in the classes." remodeled and the new ER-AC credit office is located in the Kelly said, "We hope to start cardiac care allows the Mrs. Miller said there is also . -- -- - - - phasing in this system in May plugging in to an arterial line to continuing staff development ray has the entire second floor The ambulatory care center the standard X-ray machine to processor, so attending doctors or June in a small way on a few measure blood pressure, pulse programs at all levels. of the old health department raising drive to purchase the X- section of the facility im- take the pictures and the can see the film as soon as it is floors, but since it will be a big pressures, venous pressure and She said, "The special care wing and the first floor has been R machine, the hospital plements the latest in multiple images are put on special X-R processed, thus enabling faster change for both nursing and soon, through a module that can section, where we Isolate cases remodeled to house the ac- auxiliary has completely diagnostic services on an plates and put into the X-K service for the patient. pharmacy, we will have to go be added to the monitoring that can't be kept on the floors, counting office, the hospital redecorated the main lobby of outpatient basis. processor, which gives us blue Another new item in the slow with it." equipment, blood pressure in has been expanded to nine beds, champlain's office, the per- the hospital, purchased eight Persons scheduled for and white images rather than - radiology department is an Kelly explained they are now the heart. ,, w h i besun an in 50nnel °"' ce ' 'he employes electric beds; purchased two elective surgery are able to get the standard black and white ultra sound unit. Nickerson using the cart and charting Besides being monitored af fec( "' con i r °i rogram with credit union and a new snack orthopedic wheelchairs for system on the second floor and u: - '--·'-·'- ---·- ---.··-- K lon p «·* center was added. He said, "X- former pharmacy." Besides conducting the fund- said, "this unit doesn't use radiation, but rather sour.d waves are emitted into the patient and bounced off internal organs and picked up by a receiver, which projects them their tests and X-rays com- images." plelcd on an outpstien! basis NickerHra said, "We have before admission for surgery, given more than 450 exams The new facility contains since we acquired the machine, rooms for electromiography We have found this is the best (EMG), electroencephalogr- ' way to perform mammography aphy (EEG), and elec- examinations. If the unit would on an electronic scope. A trocardiography ( E K G ) fail, rather than going back to Polaroid photo is taken of the equipment. the old system, we would cancel scope for permanent record. Facilities for pulmonary all exams and reschedule them "This method is used to function testing, proctoscopy so they would be on X-R. We image heart valves, deler- examlnatlons, car-nose-throat would rather give the exams on minalion of fetal size and age -examinations as well as a what the radiologists feel is the for imaging any soft tissue modern eye examination room best process for mam- organ of the internal body." are included in the facility. mography." Allan Kelly, chief pliannacist An expanded new day Nickerson noted other im- at the hospital, said change has supply the drugs in the patient drawers each day automatically. He said, "Nurses will not have to write reorders and wait for medications to return to the floor. This will save more of the nurses time, which they can devote to patient care -- there is a shift in responsibility from nursing to pharmacy putting his bedside, each cardiac one registered nurse worki ng patient ib alw monitored at a [ uluime collecting data to work toward preventing hospital- associated infections." Pat Barnett, superintendent of buildings and grounds, said, "We're continually updating the facilities at the hospital. Everything we do is for the benefit of the patients and the employes." Recently Barnett said, the next step is for pharmacy to central control area in the cardiac care unit. Alarms alert the nurses of any irregularities in the cardiac function. There is a delay built into the monitors, so the nurse can push a button to see what occurred prior to the warning. Livepak 4 portable resuscitation units have been placed in the emergency room, the responsibility back on the on the floors of the hospital and "We've remodeled the fourth pharmacist." in one of the three Greeley- floor south wing for obstetrical Kelly also explained the IV based ambulances. The por- and gynecological patients plus physical medicine and pur- Other char.gcs are ths chased r.C'.v rccrrr-brigMening admitting office has draperies for intensive care, been moved to the new am- Auxiliary plans include bulatory care facility. Patient redecorating the surgery accounts and the insurance waiting area on three north and office moved into the area a facelifting of the fathers' formerly occupied by ad- waiting room in obstetrics. surgery area allows some provements in the radiology been slow in the pharmacy but additive system which the table units allow immediate we remodeled the nursery on surgical procedures to be done department which has moved to they have moved into larger hospital will begin im r heart resuscitation throughout the fourth floor and added new on an outpatient basis. " . . . . . . Also contained In the center Chaparral Antiques and Candles ItM Stitt St., Evani 35.-35M » a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday For a Touch of Old-Fashioned Living half of those have additional drugs mixed into the IV. We the second floor of the wing quarters during the last three formerly occupied by the Weld months. County Health Department. Kelly said, "We are gradually He said, "We have added the working into a new drug gamma camera, which has a distribution system called the scanning crystal large enough unit dose system. It has been to do an entire body part, such partially implemented on the think this is a compounding as the chest without moving the second floor where we are using patient. The crystal doesn't medication carts -- a cart with move as in the old scanners. a medication drawer for each to prepare when doctors order "For the full body scan, the patient with his name, bed extra drugs added to the IV. patient lies on a table that number and patient number on moves under the crystal. A full it. plementing (his year. the hospital and provide con- beds. This includes a remodeled He said, "About one in four tinuous cardiac monitoring intensive care nursery and a patients receive large volume while a person is being tran- larger general nursery. We also intravenous therapy and about sported in the hospital. added a new area for obstetrics Two of the Lifepak units will and gynocology. be purchased from the proceeds »We moved the pediatrics of the recent Phyizy Follies unit from the first floor to the function, in other words a produced by the Auxiliary to ihird. we've installed smoke prescription for the pharmacist the Weld County Medical doors in every corridor in each Society. wine and hnvp cnmplftHy Plans call for telemetering rewired surgery and the ob"Wc plan to set up a sterile the patient's cardiac signs to stetrics department." room for the addition of these the emergency room monitor body scan can be done in 10 or "We have also Introduced a drugs to the large IVs. We will while the ambulance is en route Barnettsaid, ··Practically all IS minutes now, whereas It used new drug charting system for be receiving the equipment so treatment can begin early 'he old H-wmg the former to take several hours because the nurses. It contains the drug shortly - again we will be and information will already be p u " ; ^ ' .SSJ.'TM 1 .TM* profile of each patient and is starting a small pilot program, available when the patient kept on lop of the cart. The probably on one floor. The arrives. prescriptions will be sent down Roberta Miller, director of to the pharmacy for ancillary support services at the old scanner had to go section by section with crossward and downward travel." Nickerson said, "Where it used to take all day for us to do nurses record (he time when they gave medication to -- has been refurbished along with the construction of the ERAC section. We've added a b i o m e d i c a i e l e c t r o n i c s About the X-ray machine in "In the unit dose system, the new emergency room, each dose comes in its own Nickerson said, "The capability individual package -- sealed of handling emergency room and labeled with drug name, Empire Savings 1111 11th St. Greeley * nursery. An important addition to the critical care areas pediatrics have been IVAC infusion pumps which allows us precise control of intravenous infusions down to four to five drops an hour of prescribed medication. The rate can be set at the desired amount, which cannot be done with the IV infusion sets. The unit also haf an alarm in case diabetes, cardiac care, ostemies, arthritis, respiration and family life, which includes prenatal, infant and toddler care. The classes are open to eliminating uulsikie oiu- tracts with the manufacturers for maintenance. , ._. patient on a profile. The preparation and then be sent the hospital, said, "There has department as a division of six or seven patients, we can do pharmacy will also maintain a back to the floor to be ad- been much updating in the hospital maintenance and 14 or 15 patients with less drug profile on each patient for ministered to the patients - intensive care nursery, which is en 8| neenn 8- Tne VP* of waiting time. The radiologist filling the medication drawers again this will let the nurse primarily to care for newborn ^"'P 1 " 6 " 1 ^ in mo * t "*" has all the films and in- and to look for drug allergies have more palient care lime, infants, especially the TM the nos P ltal j s c °"~. n " ou f . y formation much sooner now." and possible interactions. rather than being concerned premature baby whose = necked and maintained by this with pharmacy operations. respiratory systems are not department which saves money "Some of the things we will be developed. We also monitor the * looking for in the pharmacy to infants' hearts in critical care improve IV operations," Kelly said, "is to be looking for drug incompatabilily in Lhe prescriptions. We will also be able to assure a greater degree of sterility while being able to prepare the IV additives more quickly." About the future, Kelly said, "Patient education on the use of drugs is important. We are looking forward to providing patients with more information anything is not fuctioning on their medications and why properly." they should continue to take Mrs. Miller said, "The [hem and how to best take nursing staff is conducting them." patient education classes in ' During 1974, the hospital became one of the subregional centers of the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center (RMPC) based at Denver General Hospital (DGH). By becoming a subregional center, a Poisindex and telecopier were installed in the hospital's emergency room. The Poisindex is a computer- Th« Lord it my light and my salvation; whom shall I ftar? Tb« lord if th« strength of my life; of whom shall I b« afraid? Psalm 27:1 Adamson Mortuary Member of the Order of the Golden Ride School Achievement Problems? Call us -- we're a modern tutoring center with some old fashioned Ideas about Readin', Ritln' 'Rithmetlc! A ANDERSON EDUCATION CENTER 1802 16th STREET GREELEY, CO 80631 (303) 352-4268 Greeley Mall and 1635 8th Ave. ********************************************** WHEELS KEEP TURNING Wheels were important in the beginning of our country. With today's transportation needs, good tires have become even more of a necessity. Modern technology has increased sophistication and production of better tires. Greeley 2620 4th Ave. 35i-6444 Also in Longmont, Fort Collins, and Denver

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