Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 7, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1951
Page 3
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Thufidty Jun« 7, 1951 LAS CHUCES (N. M.)'SUN-HEWB PAGE THREfi Bible School Will Close, Sunday With 'Children's Day' Th'e .Children^ -Day objiervi which" will Ukc place 'at' the 1 Pre- byteniui church at the 11 o'clock hour- next i Sunday - morning . will conclude and 'servo, as -a climax to; (he two-wcckl Vacation Bibl school, f f a i i c e . . ' . : About 60 children of grades one through" aix "attfiiricd classes last week' 'and' will, return for review (ind'rclicflrsal on Friday morning Bdy.jj.ftnd pjrls of. the Junior department w e r e in.ilnictcd in Psnbns'by tlie pa.ilor, ncv. Franlt S. " Joh'tfi,' · and in hymnology by \lrb.*Qlirirics' Brink. :. Among'- various craft projects undertaken were the making of MilifcUri'Jicmrd.'i uy the: Junior boys, aa Well us- clip : boards to bo sent lo'thc pupils of Cliacon Day school a t . bhacon, ' New . Mexico. Junior girls-made 'jlff-8'aw puzzles In nenri to -trie children of Kmlni'do hospil- al. - T h e y ' Indian dolls and' sand paintings.' * ' 1 the .-work . of thn Primary dc- 1 partniehl- - centered around the study of boats,, especially boats u r i n e Bible. The- _ pro-school department.- with; ahout 40 .children · enrolled,, is continuing in session ·for _ . two. hours - . . each morning throughout this week. All 'departments of the school will '-enjoy the annual Bible school picnic in Pinncc.r park at noon nnYriday.- following rehearsal fo ·Library Hour Has Lurgv 'Attendance Oil Opening Dale Over 100 boys and girls attended the Library. Story Hour from 10 to J I n. in. yrstcrdny morning. mhftr.H of the State Cnllrgn Story League will tell stories to I ho children each . Wednesday throughout the summer. Mrs. Albert Curry find Mrs. E. L, St. John were the story-tilers yesterday. Mrs, Curry told 'Three Feathers' and 'Table, Donkey, ant Stick.' from Grimms Fairy Talcs Mrs, St. John told Tongue-Cut Sparrow' and 'Clylin,' Ei]wina Salome, one of the girls present, volunteered to tell 'The Beep.' The children also sang and played games. Next week, Mrs. Earl Harvey and Mrs. C. C. Cunningham will l)c in charge of the program. House-To-House Peddler Falls On ; Hard Times Under Local Ordinances the. ChMdnmV Day sen-ice. The 5*^1 ' ' . s e c e . e 1 rU program for Sunday morning will' fii Jo ' f|| Bu include rcprcscntMivc work from am , Pcrla ^ nil. .the classes of the Vacation school and ''Iso. a scrmoncttc by the pastor. " Benefit Supper Of Pilot Club Will Be · ' · · ' · Held Here Tonight The ' I'liof.'club's, benefit spa- £hc.HI supper wrill"hc 'hc'ld'Tromi 6... to .7:30 tonight in the dining r o o m - o f Mtlton hall. . .This is l.hc scrbncl annual'dinner, to. be' held by_ the group and the proceeds will' 1 go "into their 5 gen- tral fund to carry on "some of their* various, projects. They, have plan? underway now for' a d n n t n l ' clirilt to be held .at some time in the future./ -Ah advance ticket sale has hwn underway here for -Uie 'past-week lo--40 days with" a fine response a n d ' cltib ·- members : voiced 'their ijlntrre' ftpprcctpUon.. : i ; . .It-Is.not necessary,, however, to have purchased a.tlqhct to attend IhV dinner..'Tickets can* be purchaser! tonight at' the suppicr. GOOD EVENING Pleawnl Liitening K O B E 1450 Oh'Your Dial ''TONIGHT -- THURS. · P.M. · 4;'80" ' 'Evening/Buyers Guido 4:45 Guest Star 5:00** Straight .Arrow 5:30" Sky'Kins' Bobby. Benson UP'News "Fulton rLewis, 'Jr. .Ufa Waltz War News Sports Cast : Bill Henry News Navy Star Time Concert Miniature Eddy Arnold 7;30 .. -The Unexpected . 7:45 . Errand .of-Mercy $:6p ,A Lull /for leisure 8:15 ' I .Love* .A-Mystery _ 3:30 , Jackpot Jamboree B:0p · UP, News fl.:I,5". -. Mutual Newsrecl - 0:30 Reporters Roundup, 10:00 -'.News ' ' 10:05 Sign Off ' TOMORROW -- FRI. A.M. -'· ' 6:(H) Ul 1 News KJ Cofrido Mexicano Robert Hurlrigh Farm and Ranch News UP News Trading Post Cecil Brown Gather Round KJds News Morning Buyers Guide Morning Devotional Milt Hcrth Trio News Queen For n .Day Facts and Fun for Everyone Hoilis Hill, Former KOBE Announcer, Is Married In Prescoii Word lias been rccrivpd hc.rc of the. man-jape of ISllit Prarl Clai'K to.Hoilis W. Hill, «'ho was a former radio station announcer in Lns Cru'ccs' clurinR 'l948-'4[l. They \vure married in Prcscotl, Arizona. :and \vill mnUd their lionic in Prcs-. cott,'where'Hill is production nnd promotion manager of radio .station KHCA. The bride m a d e ' h e r home with ,Mr. and Mrs.'Lester Lang of Pros-' cott. The groom is the son of Mr. and' Mrs. C. V. ; Hill of Phoenix', Arizona.. He is tlie brother of Mrs. Tommy Graham of Las Cruccs. 1 Mr. Hill attended State College and later served in the A r m y for Uirec ycarsxlurinp; World Win- II. 5:53 6:00 6:is' 8:30 6:15 6:5.0 6:55 7:00 7:1.5 7:23' 6:03 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:23 S;.*iO p:00 9:30 10:00 10:23 .io.-;io 10 MB 11:00 11:25 12:00 12:15 12:20: 12:25 Ccdric Foster Harvey. Harding Slnga Tony Fontaine Ncwa Tjincheon'WIth Lopez UP News Poolc. Paradise Stan Lomax Sports Views Philn'd(!lphla vs. Detroit K O B E V«ir KrltiMlly Station A J1UTUA1, NETWORK . . AFUMATT. Club Recreaiivo Announces Picnic 'Final plans for a picnic to bo iclil June 24 a't, Mcsilla Dam were made at the Club Rccreativo inect- np Tuesday niffht In the home of VIrs. Dolorcz Dcmetriz. · ' It was announced that members and their guests arc tn mcr?t at Sftlcjflo's l l n l l in ^^a at -1 p. m. and f r o m there wil? depart in a °roup for- tlic picnic grounds. At the Tuesday meeting- Mrs. Itferino'Baaan was winner of the ooi' prize. Mrs. Demctri?. served a delicious supper. Assisting her lollier with the courtesies was Mrs. Alfred Trivlz. Members present were: Mesdames Martina Viscnrra, Antonia Padilla, Aurora Butler, Frances Miranda, Perla Alidib. Teenic Rivera, Klv'ira Garcia. Hortencla Romero, Amelia Garcia, Marie Carrlcrc, Fela Chavez, Gala Saleklo, and Aurora Bazan. Tlie next mectinp; will be in the home of Mrs. Antonia Heckctt on Compress Road. fty HAL NFAV Y O R K . (/I 1 ).-- Amnrirn'.i first store -~ I h e donr- lo-door peddler -- has fsUcn oii rough times. x His occiipaiional haaards used to ! hc flnt. feet and angry watch ilogs. . But today hl.i gruiilcst ])robleniH arc .local ordinances adopted by some 400 communities · that bun most house-to-house siilcsmen al- Ingclhcr. The -100 U.S. Supreme Court has just l u l u i l that I.OWIIH have a rifilit to do this. Its acfirm shinvs limv far tin 1 , itenerant peddler hits fallon in mibllc f a v o r -- and hmv Ihe |»it- Icrn of our lives hu.s cl):inKe.d. Tin; ynnlcrr peddlrr is ;is ctld as thf, nation. He was ft welcome figure to lonely dwellers in the backwoods. The men folk would halt their work tn hrar his gossip of politics and high l i f e in the towns. The women folk loved to sec him open his magic pack and bring out his glittering merchandise. A n d ! after the ecstasy of bargaining | wns clone, the peddler sat down to a big free home-cooked meal, and then truged on his way. The peddler det-lliurd in importance :is th( country gn-\v. \V\\y buy from the peddler wjien you lutd :i liisif*'!- ehoici- ut a uptirby gL'iiural or dt'iiartment store? Why aske him what was going on when you already had a news- paper'' Why count on him for gossip when you could pick up a telephone and find out more yourself? The old free-and-easy relationship between householder and peddler also deteriorated because loo many cheap racketeers entered the ] field. Faith in Lho old-fashioned ped- dli!i- biffin li die out. In nil Miii Uirr is a sii[crli inmy (n I he old-style hoiiSf-tn-' house salesman. Kur ivhat is rrtilly dcfrating him titost isn't, cliuin loch.s, or lo::al ordinances,, or I In-' U.S. Kiiprnur Court. It is" pnifrn-^s -- MiiiH-thliig cjillf'd ru- dio nnd television, Thu'smart peddler today Li t a k - ing voice lessons in.'itciitl of fooL- strcng then ing exercises. Why f a l l r n arche.s poinj; from door to door when you can get on a television program and bray your sale?; message into ten thousand living rooms' at once? So f u r the U.S. Supreme Court hasri't taken up the problem of tlit: peddler who travels from living room to living room im his vocal chords. fGus-to at Bdt :^r- ' 4-H Hill Extension Has Covered Dish Luncheon Wednesday . A covt-rcd dish luncheon was enjoyed by members of the Dona Ana: County H i l l Extension ciub in the home of Mrs. W. H. Fullicy, Wednesday. There wore seven members and one guest present. Following a short business meet-; ing, M rs. I.. 13. Kuhnlc pave a ilcmonstraLion on yeast bread. It was announced that two 4-H clubs will be entertained at the | July meeting, their leaders being members of the Dona Ana Hill Club. Girl Seoul Camp lids Large Attendance During Four Day Sessions At Stale College] Day Camp closed today with n ' formation to the girls nnd prpscnti' series of nctivilics and fun for all | C(1 a m p a z . t u each girl as a gift. ATHLETICS outfielder Gus Zcrnlal holds up his bat decorated with balls, signifying his record- tying -six homers in three consecutive · · games. Tony- Lnzzeri and Kaiph Kiner boast like record performances. ; (International) Girl Scouts and Brownies who attended. Tlie camp, was held June -1-7 at State College, under the illrciaion of Mrs. R. C. Franklin with over 160 girls and 25 leaders participating. Highlight of today's entcrlain- Mc tn tiers of the Story League Were present each day to entertain the Brownies. On Tuesday Senior\pirl Scouts from 1C] I'asu visited the camp. Mrs. Franklin, director, expressed her t h a n k s to a l l those* who munt wan a modeling contest. A | helped make the camp n .success prize was awarded for the "craziest." "loudest." "prettiest." and the "mostest," costume. There were walking races, and candle and spoon relay races. A swimming party was held followed by luncheon nnd a rest hour. The a f t e r noon was climaxed as all u n i t s participated in songs and skits. this year. Cruccs S t u d e n t To Grt Air Force Officer Commission Mny j Lcruy J. Moore. -1 Ili During the camp each unit elect- .'avenue. 1-us Cnici-s, will receive j cil one girl lo the cnmp council. ! n reserve commission in Din U. S. ( Members u-if llin cnuncil were J Air Force Ibis summer u t the'] Nevan May. Cecilia Rollings, Alary i University of Denver. Katharine Cloghoni. Kay Yarynn. Moore, who has completed the Shirley Mitchell. Patsy Morgan. Sharon Kom cms burger, Tommy Loc Ijooffayeno. Frances Archer. Elizabeth Knapp. Accomplishments Air Reserve Officer Training Corps I program at the University, will 1 remain at D,U. until he receiver. | 111:; dogive in 1!)53. He will nut go on active d u t y u n t i l his gnidua- "\Vork nCL'Qinplltilicd during the j uon from the' University four day sessions included mailing I . ------ - \ western style scarfs and hats, n;i- · Now yon cim niittcli your . re- | lure study, collecting rock.i, tnul i frigcrntor lo your kitchen color m a k i n g . homes for turtles and oth- | scheme. One mode! has door h;m- ies available in 10 different : or small animals. 11 rs. Sanders, Kuckhound club founder of Un- shades, and another has interior ( explained rock ; surface painted blue. Juvenile Cases Minor In Officer States According- to' - Donn Ana probation ol'ficcr'.-Gcoj'gc Wood's report for May, Dona Ann's juvcnilo troubles were mostly of a minor nature. Some 2fi cases for tlic clly and .county w.crc handled a m i . f i v e for the district. Tliusc CHUCK dwelt with Lr:iffic violations, wayxviml girls, trespass, fights, juvenile drinking, bi caking 1 ' unit entering, and nuii-atti'iulance aL school. As a result of them; cases, Uvn hoys WPIT r o i n m i U f l to Springer, and tu'o pirls wore c o m m i t t e d to tin- dirts' training sfhool at A l h u - qui'rqiU!. ' Thus.' ; only f o u r city-county ciiacH reached juvenile court, w i t h the remaining- hemp handled in the office of cither the district attorney or the probation officer. The protj.ition o f f i c e r made a visit to Springer during Uin monih recommended the reluaiie of throe boys and advised against tlic ru- k'ltse of two others.- - \Voud uulcd --that J u n e began Imdly as two ybulliK were involved in an armed robbery, tit Hatch. It was indicated Unit this iniyht ;;o tn District Cum I instead of the Juvenile.cuiirt. PARTY LINES ' A i r . ' a n d Mrs. Fred Hncafl J"i(J clpugllt'or. Sandra Ellen, have been vJstllng Mrs. Sncacl's father 1,. S. Tnlbot; and hoi- grandmother, Mrs. Laiira Talhot. the Snoad.s arc from Shawncc and Tinker Field. Oklahoma City. * Pvt. Earl Etlward Smith. .Jr.. hotter known tn his Las Cruccs i friends as "Junior", arrived here Monday night for a 10 day fur- Inngh. He is visiting - his parents. Mr. ami Mrs. 13. B. Smith, north of I*as Crucos. Pvt. Smilh in *ta- lio'niKl at North Camp PolU, La., and is attached to the motor pool there. Also visitlnjr In the Smith homo nrc their daughters, Mrs. J. E. Hijrnipht, Mrs. J. D. Collins, and their famines, of Portalcs. Chit V Chat Club Has Social Meeting Wilh Mrs. Chavez Tlic regular social meeting of the Chit 'n' Clmt club was held recently in Uic home of Mrs. Sam- min Cliavcz. The raffle prize was won by Mrs. Tony Lopez. Mrs. .loc F. -Tellcs was introduced as a new member and Mrs. Felipe Lope/, was welcomed back into the club after a I! months' leave of ;tb- scnce. Guests for the evening: were Mcadamcfi Lorenzo TOITW.. Bob Adnnifl. Victor Ajiodaca and Miss Connie Palmer. Canasta was the r n l c r l a i n m c n t of the evening. A buffet .supper was .served to cHilamca Joe K. Tcllf.s, Epple Ap- oiiaca, Tito Lelcsma, Paul Kucstcr. .loc Lapoint. Dan Parades. Tony Ixipez.' Wtllic Montoya, A r t h u r Vnldex, nutly Camuncr,, Charles NfRdrld. Jr., Felipe Lopez, J. A. Caniuncz. COM ING EVENTS The Ilcv. C,ct\Tgc Woo'l, retired rector of St. Andrew's Kpl.icojial Church and now probation officer, will deliver the sermons at St. Luke's. La Union during June, In the absence of the rector. LAS CHUCES LIQUORS The Stor* of Good Splrlti COOKING BOBfltlNDV , KBEE RECIPES Vour family fuch-age Store 334 S. MAIN Save extra shopping trips with this new De Luxe Frigidaire (ijfl f^^-^=~~^^-s^^-~~ :iS: ''"'~~' s! SAFE Cold from Frigidaire's Meter-Miser protects foods from one shopping trip to the next! Everyday foods stay SAFE Cold on these big shelves Sturdy, close-grilled s h e l v e s hold loads of everyday foods. Sliding Baskel-Drawer for eggs, small items --makes extra room. 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