Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 5, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1967
Page 14
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Idaho Free Press i CiUweU Ne*s-Tribune, Wednesday, July 5,1907-A2 Ofllrtn ANN LANDEBS Vfflflsff ~ Growers Fibber on Age Set Vote Should Fess Up SAN FRANCISCO - Onion growers in Idaho and Malheur County, Ore., will vole July 7 through July n on whether their wferal marketing order should be amended to authorize paid advertising and sales promotion activities, the United States Department of Agriculture announces. USDA's Consumer and Marketing Service said the amendment would also (1) permit the marketing order administrative C8iTiiiU!:e to establish a r«me fund to cover up to one year's operating expenses, and (2) add marking, for product identification, to the authority now included in the marketing order for regulating containers. The proposed amendment is based on evidence received at a public hearing April 19 in Parma. USDA has recommended adoption of the amendment. To become effective, it must be two-thirds of the growers voting, or by growers accounting for lwrwhirrl; nf the onion volume represented in the referendum. Ballots and copies of the proposed amendment will be mailed to onion growers in advance of the voting by the Northwest Marketing Field Office of the Fruit and Vegetable Division, Consumer and Marketing Service, USDA, Washington Bldg., Room 506, 1218 S.W. Washington St., Portland, Ore, 97205. Dear "Aim Landers: Sixteen years ago I bega.i to date a very attractive ma.; \vlio\vassiv, years my junior, I told him i V.H 31. although Ivas 27 at the lime. Never did t dream anything serious woild come of our relationship. That man is nux my husband and we have haJ 15 wonderful years together. Last night he fold me he must go to Europe on Ir.siness and he wants me to go with him. This means 1 must produce my birth certificate In order to get a p.issp-jrt. My husband is sure to see my passport at some point during the trip and (hen !w would discover I lied to him about my age. Don't advise me to confess. He has a thing about women ivV.i ire older than (heir husbands. Tve cringed many limes when he h.v; mado cutting remarks about such couples in o-ir social group. Please tell me hou 1 to handle this and keep my si'sret. Undoubtedly other women have written to you with this problem. Win! did you fell lhem?-OLDER THAN SPRINGTIME Dear Springtime: Hold them ihe same- (Mug I'm going (o tell you. Fess up and take your lumps. If your marriage is as wonderful as you say, the number on (he passport won't mean a thing. Now you know what is mean! by that "tangled web we Midway News Notes MIDWAY - Mr. and Mrs. Claude Butler of Yacolt, Wash., visited a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Durivard Bigham. Sunday Mrs. Bud Edner and son returned to their home in Esparto, Calif., after a visit here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.L, Ulrich and otter relatives. Miss Josephine Brown of New Milford, Conn., is visiting her niece Mrs. Ralph Wilde. She with the Wilde's visited over the week end al Redmond, Ore., ...jri.tWJie Diet .Wilde family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagers and children spent the week end on a camping trip at Silver Creek. The Home Makers Circle of the Congregational Church of Nampa gave a wedding shower for Miss Patty Barthart who will marry Floyd Smart Aug. 1st at the home of Ralph Wildes. There were 30 present. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sulile and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sutlle and family went to Silver Creek to spend July ·), YOUR GIANI HE1PERS m solving problems: Clcmilied Adsl'Uie.tliem' every chance you get. Call"4667891 4459-4664 today. weave w!nn first *v practice to deceive." Dear Ann Landers: I was interested in your tetter from the teen-age girl who admitted sli? h:id doae some shoplifting. Yo-ir advice to her was good, t'.it 1 don't think you saidenough. Please print the enclosed, which I read in the April, 1961, issue of Reader's Digest. Professional security experts offer this advice to parents in lilt figiii jgdliiii Vum'miii Simplifting: 1. Talk lo your children. Explain that shoplifting !S a crime, and that a criminal record is a lifelong studosv, 2. Emphasize that going along vifh the crowd for fear of being "chicken" is the coward's way out. 3. Whoa your children go on gruq) shopping expeditions, know- how much money your child has, where the group is going, what they expect to buy. 4. !f yreir cliilrl romes horns with moi-e .iuM'--!iandise than he or she had money lo buy, ask about it. AND DON'T TAKE E A S Y AilSWEBS ABOUT WHERE IT CAME FROM. 5. Be wary if a daughter goes shopping witli an oversized purse. Parses are favorite "drops" for concealing pilfered goods. 6. Outlaw all clothes swapping unless the parents on both sides know what's being exchanged. 7. Practice what you preach. - TRYIN'J TO HELP Dear Trying: The rules are all superb, but I would like lo emphasize rule number one. Authorities in tliefield of shoplifting tell us they encounter dozens of children aveiy thy who do not relate stealing with immorality. Parents must teach children at an early age that faking things is nol only wrong, but against the law. Tlie swiping of insignificant objects from homes of neighbors and friends is often the first step. Every parent should be alert to this. Punishment should be swift and firm. Aim Landers will be glad to 1 help 1 ·ypu.VwUhfcyouriiwoblems. ' sentT them to her in care of (his newspaper. THb FARM FRONT Stamp Program Reviewed By LARKY 0. HATKIELD NEEDMORE, Ind. (UP1) - Tlie Johnson Administration is taking a new look at its t o o rt stamp program to try to find a way to ease (lie burden poor leoi)le experience when they firs! start receiving Hie guverti- in cut help. Agriculture Secretary Orville L. Freeman ordered his department to study the legislation authorizing the food slani[) program to see if there is any way the initial payment tor stamps can be broken clown into partial payments. Freeman, who just completed a four-day, four-state t o u r of rural poverty areas, said t h e program was creafingliardships for some persons because of the lump sum payment that now must be made to get food stamps the first time. As an e x a m p 1 e, a family might have an income ol ?150 a month. When the family qualifies for the food stamp program, it might be determined that it can pay $50 ol that £ o r 5100 worth of stamps. The bitch is that Die $50 must be paid in one lump sum where before, when they were not under the program, the I a m i 1 y could spread out the money spent on food over the month. Freeman would like toseetlie program c )i a u g e d so tlie/ood stamp recipient could work up to the full amount gradually over a period of several months. For instance, the first month, the new recipient might pay just $10 for the full amount of stamps. The next month, $20 and so on up to the full amount. "I don't know if Hie law wilt allow this," Freeman said, "but if it can be worked out, it would certainly help many people who are poor, yet have a little better income than many poor people." He said he had encountered impoverished familiesduringhis tour of fowa, Mississippi, Alabama and Indiana who would be helped if the program were revised to spread the f i r s t payment out. Electric and acgustlc guitavs arc the fastcstyetiTM ih.feic'il iiistrumencs In We Unite" States. Operation Farm Wife BY WILMA KIDMAN Each of us has met someone we will always remember as "the most unforgettable person 1 ever knew." I met ray new and unforgettable friend at Sim Valley recently, wliore I attended (lie National Convention of the National Federation of Press Women. My unforgettable friend is Mrs. Dona Coulter Carncs, 89- years old, from Bryon, Texas, and is affectionately known as "The Honey Chile from Texas." The elegantly dressed andbe- jeweled "Honey Chile" was my special guest each morning at breakfast. Her lively conversation always set the day in order. 1 found she was a world traveler, (eight times around) and iras named "Good Will Ambassador of Texas" by Gov. Price Daniels and she never missed a plug for her State. One morning as we were eating our breakfast cantaloupe, i remarked, "My Ibis is delicious, could it be from Texas?" As quick as a wink she answered, "Oh no, it's not from Texas, It's not big enough." She told me a bit about her life. vShe had married the owner of the Byron Daily Eagle in 1901. She was social editor on the Eagle from 1901 until 1930 and wrote a weekly column for 50 years. She was left a widow at 27 years of age. _ Meridian Stock Places in Show MERIDIAN - Three Appaloosa horses owned by Delores need of Meridian placed in the Appaloosa Horse show held at Enterprise, Ore. There were 300 horses entered at the show. Miss Reed's one-year-oldslud colt placed fourth in that class; one-year filly and a two-year filly took fifth place in their class. Miss Reed also attended the Wallowa, Ore. ION Appaloosa Horse Show. This national show had 700 horses entered from all Over the.Uniled Stales. '(* - i - ' \ PIIONt) 466-1891 or 450-4664 lu place your classified ad. She founded the National Federation of Press Women 31 years ago, and underwrites tne workshops for newspaper women held al their conventions held each year. She retired in Ihe early 1950's ami now "does all thethingsshe \TMts lo do. "The men in the family do all my financial work," she said. "I have none of that to worry about." She was a Texas Booster throughout the convention. One day convention guests look a trip to Red Fish Lake. Our busses slopped al Galena Summit to view the beautiful Sawtooth Valley with the spectacular Sawtooth mountains in the distance. I said to my friend, "Honey Chile how do you like this for fdaho?" "Pretty, yes mighty pretly," she answere quickly. "Almost as pretty as Texas," She desired very much to ride Hie ski-lifi to ihe fflrantalntops but when she was told they we nol in operation at this time of year she Ihreatened lo "buy the dern thing." The last day of the convention I bid my new friend good by and invited her back to Idaho again soon. 1 gave her my little remembrance, and she gave me an autographed picture and several newspaper clippings. I read them later. 1 found her biography has been published in the Dictionary of International Biographies publishertin London, listed in "IVlio's Who of Hie South and Southwest, in "Texas Women of Distinction," and "Who's Who of American Women." She is a charter member of many Texas fraternal, civic and church service groups, an honorary member of Delta Kappa Gamma and wears a 50-year pin of the Women's Society of Church Service. She has given her city the Couter Airport and has provided many books tot the Carnegie Library in her home town. She was one of the few women to set in the press box at the British House of Commons nrj'.--iiras the first Texan to be given permission to see the Dionne quintuplets at Cal- ender, Canada. And she promised to send mea rosary blessed by Pope John al one of her four visits of the Vatican, Yes, "Honey Chile" was a real ambassador of Texas, adar- Hng of Sun Valley and Ihe most unforgettable person I ever mel. May 1 add 1 would like to be like her ai 85. Farmers in the Melba area walliered the recent storms with onlj 1 minor damage. Grainfields are flattened in places and hay in the windrows was dampened, delaying the baling and slacking. I know how the farmers must f«el \vho were in the path of the storm. To have all they have worked for all year beaten into the ground in the matter of minutes. 1 haven't forgotten that it happened on our farm a few years ago. We had only the income of three acres of onions and our milk cows to show for our year's work. Grange Leader Gives Warning Herschel D. Newsom, Master of the Nallonal Grange, said in a recent speech that America's increased production of food to meet food-for-peace requirements must not be permitted to jeopardize the economic stability of Ihe American Farmer. Newsom, head of the nation's oldest farm organization, made his remarks at aleadershipcon- ference of Ihe Pennsylvania State Grange at Gettysburg College. "The food requirements of the bellies of hungry or starving people must not," he said, "be confused wjth the available commercial market . . . or we will destroy Ihe commercial mar- kel and (therefore) destroy the financial integrity of Ihe producers of those products." Wake up rarin' to nagging backache Naming backache, headache and muscular aches and pains may come on with over-exertion, emotional up- scis. or everyday sirens and slrain. If this lugging backache, ufih resi- lew. sleepless nighib, is ucarinp you out. making you miserable and irritable, don'i u ail. try Dean's Pills - an analgesic, a pajn reliever. DoanX pain-relieung action on nagging backache is ofien the answer. Get Dean's PJIIs - not a habit-forming drug but a \vcll-knov\n standard remedy used successfully by millions for over 70 years. See [f ihcy don't bring you the same welcome jcJicf. for convenience, always buy Dean's large size. uun i uiui£ yuu Doans HOME RETIREMENT PLAN You can save a fixed amount each month for 15 years-withdraw that same amount each month for the next 15 years--and still have more left than the total you saved! This amazing plan--a perfect way to prepare for your retirement years--is made possible by the compound earnings you receive on your passbook savings at Home Federal. The trick is to save regularly and start early. Your money works for you in a safe, insured account at Home Federal Savings. The plan is a perfect way to save for any future contingency. If you want to know more about this intriguing way to have your money work for you in the future, call or come in and see us at any of our three convenient offices. NOW PAYING 4%% ,,,,*.*.*,,,, J 10 (Incentivi CorliFicilii] J /4 /O llovcifmcnl Cwifi'wlo) SAVE BY THE 10TH - EARN FROM THE 1ST BOISE- CORNER OF 8th AND STATE* NAMPA-(HOMC OFFICE) 924 3rd ST. SO.«CALDWELL- CORNER OF KIMBAU. * DEARBORN NIO Hv^rot 5*w»i Mitt imit!« *«« --,---,,, · ^? ·'.*".?*'lt£itt. 24" Family Size KETTLE GRILL SUMMER SPECIAL $4095 39 in carton Cooks everything from a hamburger to a turkey. SMOKE-BAKE-GRILL, Not offecled by heat or wcalher. Leave out year 'round 1 . Choice of 3 colon. Top and bottom draff controls. DOUBLE MANTLE PORTA-LIGHT Operalei from safe, difpoioblft Tu«l cylinder-- lighh iculanlly. Ad'utfi from tott glow lo blight beam. Slurdy, lip-proof iland. pyre* globe wiih porceloin- ized iriadft reflector. ELECTRIC EDGE TRIMMER 17.88 Trim around llower buds, borderi, lencei. trees, etc.. with finger tip Real eld fashioned ice cream the modern eleclric way HAND CRANK MODEL Wcodtn bv/ckeiwi'h «4 4 OK copper irlm I I 24 FOLDING BRAZIER 99 SALE m PRICEDJI In carton Conveniently portable with tv/o carrying handles. Posi- tive locking grid ddiusler f o r desired height and proper cooling. BANKAMERICARD. Nompo i Coldwell jwim Pool Htodq u a rte ri Start HouTiMon.-Sol. 7i30 a.m. · 6 p.m

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