Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 4, 1976 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 12
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Music World ACROSS I Croorer C'Q'.b, 5 Waib'e ? Kind ol concen 12 European ri 13 Reg on 14 Cucfcoo rjiarkcufl 15 ODServanl I' Co^cd 'ib- 'B Caiac an ST,JI / ?9 I'-dcre 39 Shod ackei 39 Small s*aiio*s 41 Djtch ciiy 42 Smdbadstmb 44 Specks 45 intervene ;er 49 Of greater age 53 Bbiicai h gfi 54 W nd from ihe ocean · c 56 I 'ove ILalinj 57 Cms name 58 Braz han sta:o 59 Negative p'ef-x GO Socmsayer on 61 Snare DOWN 1 ice rrass '? 2 NOT of of 3 Negates l a b ) 4 W r.e scu-ce 5 Dejected 6 Aogner 7 Hawa-an qoose Thursday, March 4 WIN AT BRIDGED Alert west snaps up trick 8 Fence enirances 9 Ancestry 10 Heavy tlo* 11 Seeds 16 Ros er JO 0 adem 22 Pants lo bieaih M taige p'ant 25 Corrode 26 Muscal in slrurrenl 28 Mus'cai speed 30 Old 31 w.tnered 33 A$ian cily 35 Adiiser 40 Fancy 43 Coi! 45 Snoozed 46 Inlerd 47 P a l r o n s a n t o l sa lors 43 Head (Fr I 50 Expensive 51 flibncai character 52 ha 55 Obstruct WEST * K Q 10 9 4. V Q J 3 » A J I O A 9 2 NORTH * 8 7 6 V A 2 « K 4 3 * K J 10 4 3 EAST * 5 3 2 » J 1 0 8 6 5 « B 7 6 + 65 SOUTH II)| A A J V K 9 7 f Q 9 5 2 A A Q 8 7 Easl-ft'esl vulnerable Vest \orih Kasi South I N. T. ass 3 N. T Pass Pass 'ass Ipeninglead- K A run off eight tricks in a hurry. Thai isn't quite enough so at Irick two he leads a diamond toward rlummy's king. An alert West will go right up with (he ace of diamonds and play his queen of spades. lie will reason that if South held ace-jack and a small spade he would have let (he king of spades hold that first trick in order to be sure of his contract irrespective of the l o c a t i o n of the ace of diamonds. A Minnesota rcaoler wants to know what we lead after Ihe bidding has gone one notrump-three notrump by our opponents. We hold: By Oswald James Jacobv Souths opening notrump ;md North's raise to three are jus! about as slaiid.ird bids as you can look for. So is West's opening lead of the king of spades, although a few modernists have started to lead Ihe queen from (fie king-queen 10 combination. The idea is that if partner hoWs the jack he will realize what is happening and will play it. In any event South wins the firsi irick with his ace of spades and sees that he can . We open the four of spades and hope to hit our partner with some sort of good five- card spade holding, lie is marked with cards and we want to try to hit him. IDo you have a question lor the experts? Write "Ask Ihe Jacobys" care ol this newspaper. Trie Jacobys will answer individual questions il stomped, sell-addressed envelopes are enclosed. Tiie most interesting questions will lie used in this column and will receive copies ol JACOBY MODERN.! 14 Anger Sleoo slope W Scan:, ; CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS WS ASK \ MITCH if HE IVASJTg \ NAIV, TO GO TO THE -DON'T .LIBRARY WITH us S'Oi PLACE su~ ms . IVATERBEDJ HEAT UP A BOW O" SOJP. DUVI Di1 WHEAT IS corrcw AKE STEADY FRANK AND ERNEST bv Bob Thavcs ALL I IF I'M MY OWN LL gfiT FIENP, I'D I' fYE ON THf ALLEY OOP by Dove Groue TH ; LAST TIME I WAS \ ...iP iT5 STILL WHEKE I HUNTING, I HID A «APTJ TMI\K iT IS, WE CAM LlSE ^JBA1^. HEKE .' IT TO GET THROUGH THIS PART OF TH' WHY OOKJT NOU CLTT us A couaE] OKAY, *«*, OF FOLK,COP,WHILE I SEE if/ WILL DO' I CAN FIND IT; 1 HEflRT THOUBLE! HM-? NATURE MAY TAKE THIS CASE OUT OF OUR HANDS, LISPY Tso THE RECORDS IS45?/ INDICATE. AND SHE WAS ONCE TREATED HEART. THE TRAILER PftRK HAS A COMMUNJTV BATH. BUT THE WATER IS NEVER VERY WARM, MARY WORTH BUI IT DOES TOAST A MOTEL- WHERE I'LL F1NP ABFP fiXD-·· HOPEFUliy--- A THAT DEPENDS. 1 --I- I'M A WRITER-MERE TO RESf ARCH A STORY OM COAL MININ6.' BE WITH US LONG, M]5S? I'M TOP A MRS. ElKINS, WIDOW OF A MINER, COULP FILL ME IN ON ThEOLP DAYS' MIZ'ELKWS IS REAL POORLY/' NEVER SEES STRANGERS/ i 5O THIS IS TAYLORmL c ' HESTLEP AMONG TKE SLAS HEAPS' COULD you GIVE ME HER ADPRfSS? WHAT wEPF THOSE MfN TRYING TO 00? HE3E S A STO3Y ABOUT A FELLOW WHO TAUGMT A MONKEY TD PLAY .·--/ TUB PIANO THE PrANO YOU GET INVITED EVERYWI-IERE REX MORGAN, M.D, THANKS FOKTHE RIDE' VdHiW I DUUD ADMITTING AND TOLD THEM MOr : 10 HOW TKE BCD FOR \ NORM / 1 SUPPOSE HAPPENED TO HIM ? WNCKHED---ANO £ HOURsJffiRRy-^BUr HE MID mo THAT H£ A HE WON'T WONT TO y - DIDNT CALL.' J H I BE DISTURBED ' /mWSNOT ^~~, ^-nnrfFl^ll^ ^-fl LIKE HIM · . .yi?A!'K«I! I'LL SEE you IN THE MOWING, I'M GOING TD KNOCK/ BEETLE BAILEY HAIR CONDITIONING CO "" SIR: THEFLINTSTONES ^ar^^ fT °°«TM LOOK, HERE OWES I WONDER WHY HE WEARS THAT MAYBE fife LAUNDRY CAY, ANPHE D066N*THAVE ACHANQEfOFCLOTHBe.

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