Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 6, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CflOCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS ·* ' " W»dn«id»y Erehing, June I. 19 j Las CrifTs'^n-News Liars Lodge, Burn Win Victories [n Summer P H O N E 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Mighiy Boston Fails Promised Win Over Chicago, Lead ( A « w i . Su W h i l f »"" """ k r; 1 ;' 1 :'':'i la,, S u n d a y will, l l m a v o , 1 *· -- C h i e a u _ ....... ' t h e i r pb ------- '.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , h e u p s t a r t s ii ' . H n n d n ' I I lie Hed Hcix .. ju,;i wnn 1 1 of t h e i r last 12 g a m e s ' ,,».iw»----,-.»-- -- -- -- ------ -- · ^ j d ) ."(-icn'l t l e y r e a y o IT'S COOLER INSIDE 1 ri£, ..... ; "-- 1 1 ' ' i'l Uiey ready to use Hi. Tin- l i o s l o n i a m i ' c o n l i d c n c c In ·riM.inl v.'lien I l i e y won tile opener ·-,1 ' o f a t l v c - K H n i c series. Then came "" \ Hi,- debacle. The W h i l e Hii.i heal NEW RING MONARCH By Alan Maver GAY/LAN, or CUBA, Loop Liars Luilge anil P. R. Burn.were victor.'! in Tuesday's s u m m e r sort- b a l l league play u t .Junior high fielil. Tin- Hum icain won Its t i l l in tile K e n l o r league duwninj* "Washington school. Hl-9. Victors' pitch- was Kcrnsndez opposing Wnsli- gl'tn'n I l u b b i t . I,iars LodBO wuji Its g;mi! in I h n J u n i o r league by a forcTell. ovrr A n n e n t a . H e a v y hitters for H n r n waa r n i l l l l n . who t a l l i e d 11 honierun and i w n h i t s In f o u r times a t lint. Washington was sparked by Lawrence w i t h .'I in ,'i. (lames l o i l a y : C. It. A n t h o n y vs. A r m e n i a a t ^ P- m. Clinch llmly Cuni'.mcz urges t h a t a l l term, m a n a g c r n contact him at the f i e l d in order t h a t schedules can lie prepared. SIRCONOniONED Blue Sox Clout ^.cr-r,i,,tnu,, Clovis Pioneers «|To 16-3 Defeat I J v The Associated Press 'Jhier.c." lin.-. ll seven ginn'-s l i l t s season. The i c t o r y li"I» m l i i i - t the W h i l e S..x' '""" « "'"' ' : '""" k ';"l,"" r ' X e w Y o i k . cnn(|ii-rors ol ^..n-\t- ];i,K! y i - i t i i l i l a y . 1-2. Since Ill-Hi. l!ii!it"ll had b e a l e n Chk-iiliu 7r, limes. That's n i l nvi-i- ii|;,. cif Hi pi-r year. I f t i n ! world r h a m i ' i o n Yiinlii'i'" r^ ·a-'grV 8 ?TM****' I ; , . . , . . , . , . , I M ] ' V a i r i mV I I I , , hoi K.« , i ! i l c M i Clovis Pioneers. The 1'io- 3£ r - M ' M WCH"R | ' CONTE I.,',."" .,,.,,,,,,,,| i h , TM t . thy .-dmuld ,,,.,,,. ,,,,,,,. coupled w i l l l Boa-cr'u ---r ,'. «1* ff J U I I A ALMS l' V | s |i ||,,. n ,.|imil rye M n i e l i i l i s t . ii-'j win iivm t b i i d - p l a c e Lames'a. ^ f.Ui'f.,'^."/.'\ ··-·· ' i ' denioled the Fimeers in seventh Tin- West Texas-New Mexico ],,..TI;II.- loolieil Illic the C-flat eir- cull r iilil lasl nllilil: The winners scored h i f j h and tlie losers ilidll'l. Tin, leadin/' A W I c m j Klne Kox ilicreiised their lead to t h r e e f u l l Barnes willl a resounding lll-^' ' of the · · · · al least -- con s rue isr/ ct/AfJP Mil. rlor rse -to Pur we nrts MAJOR By Tlii- Associated 1'ress NATIONAL \V. L. J'CT. Brooklyn 28 10 .636 St. Louis New York . Chicago i Cincinnati Boston Philadelphia Pittsburgh .533 .521 .512 .-ISO ..178 .-H7 .380 Wednesday's Schedule, Cincinnati at New York St. Louis at Brooklyn Chicago at Philadelphia ( n i g h t ) Pittsburgh at Boston ( n i g h t ) Tuesday's Kc.sulls Brooklyn 3, St. Louis 2 Pittsburgh 8. Boston 0 Chicago 3, Philadelphia 2 New Yorlc 3. Cincinnati 2 AMERICAN- w. L. rcr .7.-12 .636 .591 .010 .476 .105 .326 .301 ,, ~~~ ' ' ' ' ^ ' 1 " ' ' ' - Tonight Thru ALL THUF.I! Chicapo " 30 New York ?8 Boston 20 Cleveland y1 Detroit 2I) Washington IT Philadelphia H St. .Louis K \Vcdins(da.v's Srhiiliil" New York at St. Louis ( n i R h t i Boston ut Detroit Wr«hln','ton at Chicago Philadelphia a l C l e v e l a n d ( n i g h t ) Tuesday,'* Results Ucw Vorli 8, Cleveland 2 Detroit 4. Washington 0 ChicuRO 10, lioston 2 St. Louis 10, Philadelphia 1 Fan Shortage'* : Endangers Minor League Finance ATLANTA, June 6 UPl -- A shortage of fans in this .sezison of nflatcd dollars has deflated minor league attendance in the south and Southwest where more than h a l f the baseball is played in tho United States. ,Of 16 leagues canvassed by t h e AsHpciiitcd Press, 12 show, drop? in attendance ranging -from three to 75 per cent under last year. One league shows a slight increase, nne a fail- increase and one -is r u n n i n g about even. President Earl Blun of tlie class A South Atlantic snys he doesn't think overall attendance in his league is slumping. There's a vircty of reasons sug-! gcated by presidents for the slump In business, but most agree a scarcity of amusement dollars is one Of the main reasons. By pre-wa r standards, attendance this season would rate from "good" to "excellent." But the rub is in far higher costs. Many more fans are needed to stay in business these days than a club needed in 19I19 or 19-10 when a dollar would f^ot the infield grass cut and trimmed! - - . . .. · · · In the Texas "League, a class A O'-itnt. tli'c first 140 games, saw j 206.E03 fans buy tickets'compared Sports Briefs . By This···· Associated' frnl COLK · ; · · ''." liroadston",' Eng'U'-d, -- Alt! Uib.ion, Beverly Baker a n d ' B e Hosenoucst sained t h i i d round Ihe Ncitlicni Lawn Tennis lour menl. . - · London -- Tho InternatiolU Amateur.Athletic ycdti'stlon Jjjjig ORnizcd Mel Patton'a 50.2 seeoftda;: -tor 220 yard and Bob .MnlhjiM!; 1 8, r O-!2,':polllts. in 'the decathlon |»a/ world records. ' . '}"·' with 394,805 last year. .Tho Texas blames bail wcalhcr '· principally. Dallas nlso o p e n e d ' i n the Cotton Bowl in 195(1 before D3.000 bin opened in its own smaller paik thl» year. · ' *· West Texas-New Mexico i ater- age pur game is down about 1,200 ans to 1,000. ' . ';, I, '···! ( i V l . and D r l r o i l slml out W i i x h l i l B l n n . 4-11. 11 Idyll's Dodgers died nut ;i.-j u i i , iivei SI l-'iiil" '" 'i"'"' 11 ALL THUF.l! - , · ,, · . t ,,,,,.t h ! . l ,.,, i K l l l v,,. B l a z i n g F'.rsl H u n ! I " ' dcniolcd the Pio-iccrs In seventh place and H a v e llorgcr sixth. Al Lubhoek, A m a r i l l o ' s Chick l l o w a i d poled a I h r e c - r u n homer In Ihe seventh, but It wasn't enough. The Iluhhi-rs followed up w i l l l l o u r rims each in Ihc scv- elllh and e i g h t h lo lake Ihe m a t c h I.-I.5. Albni|ileii]lle. strlvinB to repeat last year's league eliampionship, ·;ol a n o t h e r blow. The Duke's t i l t v i l h Piimpa was rained out, and l i m y . W ii|, Piimpa w a s rained nut, a m i Two lil|!l,.,a-"rlhi; i m n n g ^ ' h e lh( . |)]U| . Kll!i ,,,,,,,,,, a , icai , ,,,,!, ! s i x t h mid t l R h l l i «""' lhl! """' || R . Albil(|ller|UC club powerless lo J K , , , - ,11 I h e i r l i n n ii« I hey h a n d e d ilc| . pn|| ,,.,,.,,.. . i,,,:unn'!, W i l l n n l N l M ' H his l u s t cluv , s . i n c i d e n t a l l y , should t e e l I t l i ' l e n l . ..i..,.,.., .,, linni.i n e x t lo Ihe blise- Sue h i l s lor liln f u u r l h sin.ecss .' ' " ' ,,,, ,i,.r,.iil'i Til" Kn v now h a v e won PLUS . . . 'BLOHDiE, " ' , ,, , ; , : I;1S| , 0 ; T A K E S ii V A C A T I O N ' | , , D,,,,,,,.,,.,,, K ,,t t h r e e of «.,«, l i l l - l c h I l l s r i i n s e i l l l - HOY NOMAS Pctiro I n f a n c o "Tambion do Dolor So Cania" almost at home next lo the buse menl. The Pioneers provided Ihe f i n m d i i l l i m for t h e eircuil most nf last season. Cuban righthander lw.y Leon of Abilene did the trick, r a r h i l l k ' up his seventh win of the season in n dull show interrupted by ruin. "p.orgcr's easy win over Laniesa ended a fom-;;anie \ v l n n h u r streak fur t l i e Lobus. ilene Vena held the Lobos lo t i g h l hits, but two of I h e u i p i n v i d e d I.amesa's only two r u n s of t h e game. In the second. ll,,iilde scores j t w n wild Vega pilches let Glen l l n v C a m p u n e l l a ' s hie score,! \ lia , n!l bl . H hi,, mil homer of. Ihe C a r l Vllllllo. h u m liral bi t h e ! s ,,,, Mm a n i l John Fetzer, his l i t 111. Louis Sees Fight With Savold As Come-Back Step FOMPTON LAKES. N. J.. .lune : 0 l/I'i - Malm no m i s t a k e about j it: Joe Louis considers next W e d - : nesday's date with Savold just , anolher step on the road back to! the title. I A second 12zzard Cluu les-Louis; match for the lieavywcilibt c h a i n - j pion.ship Is t e n t a t i v e l y sol for De- j I r o i t .September 12. Jim Nor.ris, i oresldcnt ol t h e International Box-1 nj; club, said su. n i t l i iiinini! 10 hivali | anil win foi l l n i n l i l y n . . - Fl'i. - Sal.] Tl,e l i i a n l s f i m p p c d » ."'·oicless i p i l r l l i n i : duel belw,..-,, M a K l i e m I I I I h e e l u h t l l I ' i l l i d i n r i ! : , s l l j i p o r l e d Lapidme's ' i v r - l i i l pllcl-.mi: w i l l , a 2 1 - l d l a l l a c k lower J o h n n y K " l n mil l i n e r lloslon r e h e f e l a . The Cnlw i;ol a l l I heir r u n s In A l l i u i p i c n i u e and 1'ainpa malt up lor lost t i m e w i t h a t w i n Ilii: tont|;bl lit pampa, while A m a r l l l o and l.tibhocli have a donbleheadci schc-dllled lit Lubbocll. Clovis plays i i ; n l u n t Abilene a n d Holder l i t Lamesa. TO I l K K K N I I TITI.B I.ON'IKIN, J u n e li I/I'' H a j i S u i j a r i Itoblnson will defend Ills world nr.ddleweiKhl c h a m p l o n s h i i milnst Hriljdn's Kandolph Tur ·ill down lo h i s t i l t h dcli-al. MISSION -M« M iilii"; PU i"i. Admiaslon 50c - iOc - lOc Phono 413 Louis removed one of tho lasl j obstacles yesterday when ho prom-1 Iscd to give Charles a rcUiqi b o u t j I he should regain the title. He | also Is considering an o f f e r for a n t A U K . 8 Rerlin fl|;llt will, I j c j l l T e n ] I l o l f . "Of al! the KUVS. thftl. v , v -,.:l It ( I h e t i t l e ) hack." ho s a i d . ] "1 feel I ' v e got the best chance. I don't t h i n k Charles is as good a f i g h l c r as Ihc c h u m p s I h e olhers. had lo meel." WKST TEXAS-NKW .MEXICO A'bllono 16, Clovis 3 ! Uorger U. Lamesa 2 j Lubhock 13, A m a r i l l o :) i .Albuquerque at Tampa poslpon · cd, rain SOUTHWEST I X T K K N A T I O N A L LKAOU1S I-as Vegas 1-, I'boenix 11 J u a r e z 28, Y u m a ^ y El Paso 11, Kl Centra 10 Me"'iea!i 5, Tucson 4 Tijuana 0. Bisbec-DoliblaK ·! I'ACinO COAST LKAOL'K San r,:,nr.!sco G. Hollywood -1 Sacramento 3. San DIcRO 1 Los Angeles G. Oakland 1 Seattle 6. Portland 2 TEXAS Sbrcveport 2, Dallas 1 Ileoumont G, Fort Worth 2 Houston o, Oklahoma City 0 SjjUt'iMilonio.8, Tnlsa ", j^i ?^ Fights Last Night Los Angeles -- Charlie Mains. 118 .I'bocnix, outpointed Nick ·Moran, 1M V,. Mexico City 10.. Newark, N. J. -- Tex Gonzalcs. ·18, Bast Orange, outpointed Joe \lein. 147. New York, G. Quebec - Fernando Cagnon. 117 1.4. Qucbes. knocked out Claude Hcunicr, 113 '/ 2 , Three Rivers. One., ·!. London -- Cesar Brion, JD2 %. Buenos Aires, oulpointcd Jack Gardner, 210, London. 10. I T C H Won'r .Sri/Trr Anolhrr Minulr Nn mallrr hoM' innny rcnicdirs von 1»VR irlecl for ilrhi'iig nf rr/i-m:i, l^oriaxi?, infcrli«ni5, alhlclrV fwt nr wlmhrvpr votir f k i n ironhlr may | 1 R --miytltiuc from lica! 1o fool-Il SALVE .nnd VONDGR cI SOAI* ran hrlji von. i/ /»r the fcov« in ihr. rmy--»to for you foil:* ttt home WONDER SAI.VE is white. rm»'Jr»«, nnliirptic. No uflr »pn»-»r.nfr. SmV fnr children. Gfl WONDER SAI.VK--irsulU I preparafion" Try 1*1--tndny. Knr rrrdl 1 IrnnhlcK. ci-1 PYI.OX. while. Ere.rclfct. I Nn Main. I'ntn rclicvinff. I.«rce lube wilh appllcitor md kf)-. Cltn ·!. ..Sold in liis Cruccs hy Sliimlnrd (^V:^lB^pcn,) ^ ^ !^^ey ;uul Baiter l)ni|r Stores or your home, town LISTEN TO Jie /mmor/.«/' ,f WALTER HLTSTOM ' · O N · 1 FORWARD AMERICA 7:00 to 7:15 P.M.I Wednesdays and Thursday! ,0 VER |f KOBE . - . · " I Sponsored by | Graham's Mortuary* P Farm Supply Coopj| Coral 66 Court and Chuck Wagon PRIZE BABY SHOW AND BEAUTY REVUE JUNE 1 5 - 1 6 Sponsored by DISABLED A M K I U C A N VETERANS Every baby u n d e r six years of age is cjis'iblc for veBislration without obligation on Iho p a r t of parents and is invited to participate In I h c show. There arc no entry fees. \ Trophies will he alvimlcd to the HEALTHIEST baby, the HANDSOMEST baby boy, the I'KKTTIEST baby R i l l , and the G R A N D C H A M P I O N U A U Y . All babies to lie registered and participate in the show l o n e to a f a m i l y except t w i n s ) will receive souvenirs. I t c u M n i H o n s may be made al .1. C. I'cnncy Store dally Irmn !l:00 A. M. In , r ,:0( 1'. 51. IlenWriiHiin will close al 5:00 r. itl. .Saturday, J u n e !llh. . . WED. THURS. ial Lowered Price! OPEN 7 P. M. ·- SHOW STARTS 7:30 P. M. I UUXK OFF U.5.80 ON COUEGt ROAD TONITE - BIG DOUBLE-FUN SHOW - »· -^ · ~ w^r- --» M» mm w I HWRfPE -U'lili'JUDy-CANOVA PLUS - - CAHTOOM MELOD1E . . . 1 « Yon ilnu'l linvr In lie rich lo enjoy rich Olil Quaker! · Iflll'/o Plrais'it llourlion \VlmVrjl . A bnrrcl o f q i m l l l y i" "cry l,ollle! . Knjny tliis nnlionnlly fnnioiu lirmiil! / Tliin wlii»kcy i Hi" M « r l l i , l ( ; !,,,,. ,,,.,,,,. Mffl ' ·""*·""·- A COOL, COOL SUMMER Over 2,000 yards of these f i n e summer materials . . . all the n a t i o n a l l y advertised brands and savings galore . . . your choice of the following: Sportalla C h a m b r a y s . . . . . K r i n k l e . Organdy, tissue ginghams, p r i n t e d voiles, C h i f f o n s , ABC seersucker, ABC and Stofflcs Pique, Sanforized broadcloths, Dotted Swiss, G i n g h a m s and m a n y other materials . . . values to.$1.69 .". 88= Yd. Your choice 6t the following: Solid Color Batiste, Solid L a w n , S a n f o r i z e d Broadcloth, Dotted Swiss and m a n y others 59c Yd. Group 3 ... over 1,000 yards . . . Piques, Seer-' . suckers, Printed Voiles, Check Lawns. Flazons, Sheer Piques, Skirt Prints and Butchers Linen and m a n y others . . . values to 79c yard 2 Yds.

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