Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1977 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1977
Page 36
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36 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Frl.,J||ne 3,1977 87 Trailers 91 Auto Parts * Service 92 Autos For Silt AO JL Autos For Salt no 3i Autos For Sale 92 Autos For Sale WANTED TO RENT -- » tl. mahx or mini hemt fcr * t«L ol Ausvti 6 rt»r?usrt Avs-.1t 1). 3*tllC*!itf5¥t. «*W4 13 FOOT Curt!* -- felt cvtinM, tcr« «:«. »!«*£» * Would Ir*3* lor vn'X'.K unit, call aaj*7i EIGHT Ft. Overs.-** l*M-CGrt*if«4 «ft»t. FOR SALE -- IW* JO *»i M-tcndl morw torn*. One ton. 4 cns«li. S.WO ml!ev Fully Kit csfttilr.H 352 SiS. SEVENTEEN ft. s*ll-conil ! fttt Cimp tnlltr. Gai. electric r«f riser (W. rwr wsttr. Viewer, oven. Escelienl coo- dltlan.Phan*35Km. EIGHT toot camper -- Srov*, 34 INCH DoytHe Oxf toK*r tor Ioft9 *1 NINE Ft. Truck camper -- Sdl eontalneo. Siwps 1 Ike ntw. 11.750.131 W53. »n in* FT. RM D«!« M-nper -- like new. wltn brain JU75. Call *fi*r J, 3S3-4UO. UTILITY trailer - J100. 4 pty tires, *i8 foot piciiup tox with i teor. 10 inch cover, Moving, mim jell. 353-W17. MOTOR HOME - 1!T4 Enablliftment Fora AW 32 foot. UWd once. Phone 353111! or tee it TOM 3«n Avenue, (soutn ol »n Street). GOOD I wheel utility trailer. 351-Q127. EIGHT Ft. Hide on pickup camper, Cuitom built, *le«tt i. UTi 6M-S3K). SEVENTEEN tt. Wlnneba*) trailer -Excellent oweitlon. Gat refrlg*riror new water system. S!«pi 6. 1009 Qiarlotte Street. Johnstown. 1W7 HOLIDAY Ramblen* -- 27 feot. ileepi J. Phone J5J-7M3, afterS p.m. 03 Transportation PLYMOUTH Rent A Car, to* rates. 356 -0900. CAR Renlah -- Dally, wwkly, monthly. Plntoi si tow aa S7-50 per day pluJ mileage. Greeley Leasing Co., 1108 tin Avc. 353-9174. Ford Rent-A-Car system. 90 Motor Bikes NEW 1977 UQ Horlons -- MoM model*, tl.W. New 1977 75} Trlunn^i, all models. New 1975-W6-1W KawjMhlj, Many uud blktt In ttock. AA Cyclt Company, 917 N. Main, Loncmont. 7715251; m-AOO. Closed SunQiys and AVindayi. W70TRIUMPHi50 -- Extended front end, all chrome, pearl paint. Showpiece. Must iitrlfict. »,i95. Calf after i, 3521301. FOR SALE -- Suiukl TC-100 Brand new, discount. Phone 353 U23or352-51«. KAWASAKI 750 -- 1*73. Custom, ixcetlem runnlno condition. Call tjetwe*n 5 end 7 p.m., tor Monty. 3512251. 1973 YAMAHA WO -- 5JOO mll«, beautiful. Extras. SMI EM at 1315V? 9th. Street. FOR SALE -- 11W Kawaukl 250 Cndunj. Excellent condition, 730 miles. Call 587- 22?7,afttr6. 1974 SUZUKI TM-2M -- excellent wape, with minor modifications. Call after 6 p.m., 353-»2i, If no answer 355-BiW, ]??l YAMAHA 350 Street ~ New battery. clean, low mileage. U25 or best offer. Call evenings. B4-2195. 1974 YAMAHA YZ125X -- Never been raced. Excailent condition. 353-5795. call after i. 1972 450 YAMAHA -- Mint condition, low mll«9t, taking b«tofftr.3S3-5079. 1975 YAMAHA 130 Enduro -- Bought In 197i, like new. 570 miles. Still under warranty, must sell. 353-5474. 1949 HONDA 750 -- New paint, new battery, custom seat. S«0.353-3SU. FOR SALE -- 1!72 Honda 350. 1971 Honda 175. Both In excellent condition with low mileage, also a 3 blketraller. 352-9395. 750 NORTON -- King and queen test, rum good. Sacrifice, S575. Moving, must sell. 353-3417. 1977 YAMAHA XS 750D -- (Shaft drive.) 353-7010 after 6 p.m. 91 Auto Parts Service WE sill I SpKiillie in automatic tr«n- uniislon repairs. Bender Auto SalM, 135 6th Ave. FOUR Appliance ctirome rim*. Ftti Chrviler products, li Inch 5 hole. Nla. Ittuch. 356-3796. 6 FOR 5 - Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will recelvi 1 frw day (commtrcla! idi ixcludtd) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 05! Mil. AUTO Pointing -- 1100 plus material. , Eaton, 454-1711. BRAND New -- High Performance Ford *27 cubic inch engine. X54-225Q, evenings, FOUR 155-5R12 with rims - Two 400-12 snow tlr». 353- 71*3. «% DISCOUNT on actel, Mark-)0, Compu-Spark, Perms-tune C.D. electronic Iflnltton. Fits MY vehicle. Phont 3£M3i; for information. HenBiHerits-Fictor/SKoniij 6Volts ................ $13.95 12 Volts ..... . .......... $16-95 (Exchange Prices) Rebuilt Wlemilm and SUrten From $18.90 (EichinpPiict) 1816 Is! Are. 353-2327 Gietlfj Cofliplile lint Molorciclf Bilttries f OH SALE - 4 Ubl» «mt tf**3 tim «tt I tell Ford rlmi. 1KQ. Pftw* 3U- VM, FOUR ISxiM*a*t*+ht,x!t -- In ficod ovxSfion. 117S frr fc*H cHer. For mart Wonnaitacall, 3531 tM. LNQ IB. KOEiNG PTO«)ncn for Brcoco. JSM. MUST SELL - 1175 17 ft. Rfd D*l* mint homecn Doc$e cttasb. INOmllev 3i WANTED -- txif for lWJc-rnt**f Ford Illtlon weoon. In eo»d condition. 35* ilii. ONE Set AJX Manrp* air iftockj. Fit n Sm.157-IlM.aftM 6. 92 Autos For Sale YAMAHA, Triumph, B.5.A. Autrwrlied dealer. Franklin Cycle Sites, ISM S. lu Ave^ 352-6992. Now Open! 1970 CHEVROLET CAMARO 4 speed, vinyl roof, headers. Stock No. 113. M895 · : Nick Francis, Owner .-" ONE OWNER SPECIAL! . 1975 FORD PINTO Squire Station Wagon. 4 cylinder, 4 speed, air, white with wood sides, vinyl. No. 1050S. S 2995 WARREN- BUNTING MOTORS Ford Agency Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-2591 ONE OWNER SPECIAL! 1976 PINTO 2 door. « cylinder, 4 speed, light blue. No. 10512. S 2695 WARREN- BUNTING MOTORS . Ford Agency Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-2591 WILL bur »nr It** cvi for parti, an EVMI Autd SftK'W, 35} W/J; J»1OO. - Am*yH Auto Repair. SPORTS Cart damtstld, pickups and vans, caih for can. 16W no Si. lU93il. lLAAutoSaiei. 6 FOR 5 -- Classified Itoer ad* placid on Saturday morning will receive 1 Ire* day {commercial aft excluded) when ordtrtd to run 5 consecutive tf ays with no cioctlUttoru. No ads taken ahtf WE Trad* -- Up or down for any autosor trucks, furniture, firearms or any mercntndlieoi vilut. Wai Avto,lA20ttft Avenue. 131011. 1973 LTD BROUGHAM --^ door, AM/FM stereo, tltctrlc windows. 1515 15in Ave. Ci.3S105«.M»Jieofltr. WANTED Good uud cars and trucks -Will pay top dollar. Sunrise, 15358*8. Evenings. 3S4 M17. Ai* (or Denny. CASH For cars and pickups -- Wheeler the Dealer. 14th Street and Highway 65 bypass. Phone 353-7KO. ONE OWNER SPECIAL! 1969 FORD GAIAXIE 2 door hardtop. V-8. auto- nialic, (Xhvef stearlng, power brakes, white. No. 10505. S 695 WARREN- BUNTING MOTORS Ford Agency Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-2591 *************. J ONE OWNER SPECIAL! J £ 1974 CHEVROLET J -ft Caprice Classic 2 door X- ·jl hardtop. Full power and if 4c air., cream on cream. + ·(C No. 10331. *. * I WARREN- : I BUNTING I $ MOTORS J S 2995 Ford Agency Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-2591 ************* '66 Mercedes 230S Excellent 507QC cond.N0.7137A.... Z/JJ 74Saab99LE Orange, 4speed.No.772B. '73Saab99LE Blue, 4speed.fto.772i... '74 Vega Wagon Red, air conditioner. 20,0)0 miles. 5. nnn N0.71I2A 131IU '59 Bug Excellent condition, sun roof,vintage. c PAP No.7727 * DM '69 Bug 4 speed/ orange. No.7DMD.. T 71 Bug Automatic, $1 JCA orange.No.7714 ... 14jU '73 Super Bug Blue, soncn speed.No.743S... VUDU '74 Super Bug 4 speed, yellow/ low miles. NO.77,9 '2300 .speed, 5noo 72 7-Passenger Bus 4speed, speed, SOCnn range.No.7711 ... £OUU 75 9-Passenger Bus S^ '4500 MARKLEY IMPORTS 3805 W. 10th 353-3311 Open: 8a.m.-s p.m. Won. - Fri. 9a.m. -5p.m. Sat. Mike dine--353-9162 Jim Beetham-352-7177 Tom Wadlington--356-WW '2895 GREELEY'SBEST USED CAR BUYS 1977 Buick Regal One of Bulck's Best sellers, yellow, 2 door, with white vinyl top, 60-40 seat, and lot more equipment. No. S62 1974 Catalina 2 Door Hardtop, 400 V-8, vinyl top, local owner. "Must sell this weekend." 40,573 miles. ! N o . B408A 1976 Pontiac Catalina Wagon Green with vinyl interior, luggage rack, air, cruise, big engine. 29,000' miles. Ready for that sum- $4OQC mer vacation. No. B211A ... *t03J 1975 Buick Riviera Test drive this one, red with white vinyl top, tilt wheel, real sharp, low mileage. No. B235A 1974 Buick Estate Wagon Well equipped, brown, local car, rar- · ing to go. $OOQC No. B14iA 3JJ 1973 Gran Prix White with bucket seats, vinyl top, power door locks, air, 45,555 miles, ralley wheels. $O^QC No. 330A OHJJ ! 1975 Pont. Astra Hatchback ALL NEW 4 cyl. GREMLIN EPA 32 MPG Highway ZOMPGCity 24MPG Combined Bender Auto Sales Authorized AMC Jeep Dealer 125 8th Ave. Phone 352-4358 6195 HUGE DISCOUNT! 1976 DODGE ASPEN 4 DOOR SEDAN WELL EQUIPPED INCLUDING 6 CYLINDER 225 ENGINE, -POWER STEERING, POWER BRAKES, VINYL ROOF, WHITE SIDEWALLTIRES, SIDEMOULDINGS. STOCK NO 2802A Bronze, 4 speed, AM/FM radio. 20,500 miles. One local owner. "Sold here new." Mileage maker. No. 0280 '2495 1976 Buick LeSabre 2 door, custom, power antenna, power door locks, air, tilt wheel, .stereo, cruise, one owner. 7,030 miles. JCCQC No. B365A 3033 MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM . ON THE SPOT FINANCING WITH CREDIT APPROVAL WELD COUNTY GARAGE SALE PRICE S 3399 IT WILL BE A PLEASURE TO BUY A CAR FROM US AND AN ADDED PLEASURE TO HAVE US DO YOUR SERVICE WORK. DeBROWN . CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH ·2563 28th Street Just west of the Cooper Twin Theatre off 23rd Avenue, enter 27th Street behind the theatre and drive west. Phone 356-0900 Open Evenings 'til 9 p.m., Saturday 'til 6 p.m. The new 77's are here! Come in and see Ihem loda/! 5 n IWM _i O THIS WEEKEND AT DeBROWN'S! 1976 DODGE 1/2 TON £±^fflf.!^.....$AVE SSSSS 1974 DODGE MONACO 4 Door Sedan. Loaded. 5 A Solid Car" " -- 1OOC 19yi 1975 DODGE ROYAL MONACO SO1OK I7J 1973 DODGE 3/4 TON PICKUP 1975 CHRYSLER TOWN COUNTRY Station Wagon. A truly luxury station wagon with all the goodies. 31,000 miles. N0.2883A 1974 FORD 1/2 TON PICKUP This one is a cream puff. Chrome bumpers, AM/FM stereo cassette, steel belted radlals, air conditioning. Only»,878miles. co/nc No. 2882A JOT J IT WILL BE A PLEASURETO BUYACARFROM US AND AN ADDED PLEASURE TO HAVE US DO YOUR SERVICE WORK! CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH DeBROWN 2563 28th Street Just west °' the Cooper Twin Tlieater off 23rd n . Avenue, enter 27th Street behind the theater KH. 336-0900 and drive west. · Open Evenings'til 9 p.m., Saturday'til 6 p.m. JT1974 DATSUN Station Wagon. 4speed, air ·. No. 303 1970 BMW 2002 Good transportation and tun to drive No. 261 1974 SAAB 99LR 2 Door, low mileage .' No. 243 1973 DATSUN 240Z Air, 4 speed No. 203 1975 FIAT SPIDER Low mileage No. 249 Look At This Exciting Sports Car LOTUS EUROPA Super Buy oh These Two Domestics 1976 AMC SPORTABOUT Only H,000 miles, 3 speed, clean. * 1975 CHEVROLET VEGA Low miles, low priced. No. 2SO GO'S EUROPEAN 3rJ AUTO -JSSS. Wickland Motors . TOP QUALITY.. C AR . ORNERS Allowing-Are A Few Cars We've Had A Little Too .ong. We Want To Move Them Out, Therefore We'll eally Make A Good Price Or Trade On These. 976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Door Hardtop. This really is a sharp one, low mileage, equipped just right, real pretty burgundy with white vinyl halt top. Better check on this one. Stock No. 895-A $AV E 1975 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door Sedan. Don't miss out on [his one. 35C V-8 engine, automatic fransmission, power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioned, light blue color, white vinyl top. Stock No. 829A SAV E 1975 FORD LTD 4 Door Sedan. This is one you've all been miss, ing'the boat on. 351 V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, factory air "conditioned. Real sharp yellow with black vinyl top. Stock No. 896A $A V E 1975 Plymouth Valiant - 4 Door Sedan. Here's one thai will please the President. Lots of miles per gallon, 6 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, power steering, factory air conditioned, very plain and economical. Slock No. 937A '..' $AV E 1974 Merc. Monterey MX Brougham 4 Door Sedan. Give this one a good drive, you'll like it. 351 V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, factory air conditioned, vinyl roof ar\d more. We'll deal. Stock No. 917A $AV E 1974 Ford Maverick 4 Door Sedan Another Carter special. 4 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, power steering, factory air, vinyl roof, steel belt tires. What's wrong here. Stock No. 949A SAV E 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 Door Hardtop. Will somebody buy this car. We are tired of looking at it. It's a real nice car! Ponfiac buyers must be going someplace else, but it would pay you to come see this one. Stock No. 838A SAVE 1973 Chevrolet Malibu 2 Door Hardtop. A complete motor overhaul on this 350 V-8 engine, new tires, runs like n champ. You'll be proud , to own this one. Stock No. 888C SAVE These Are The Few We Want To Sell. Better Come In And Take Advantage Of These Special Priced Cars. It Always Pays To Trade Or Buy At Wicklands. See Or Call One Of Us Uiij Nicolai, 356-7615 'Warren Phelps, 353-3852 Dick Dickinson, 352-5570 401-404 8th Ave. Ph. 353-1050-1054 , Greeley, Colorado

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