Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 10, 1961 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1961
Page 18
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Fmrft «nj Vegetables 39) *M! 41 WEST Sli-p« applet MP-1 i««r». f t u h , ir*Ti»c» inn UKtmtoci loo. onkmi. ind D«l«'i Fiult ind Vcc ItOJ t h St £L 1-S02I? «ccliblM. Hkt.. Hay, Groin, F.ed, Si row 40 FOR SAUt-Finl .n, .Halt.. gt» B . Kl, l. IXH SAUS-H.y, .(, Delivered. Don Kelly, T1IK Sloclimtn-- ,, I'.rf. h. r . El. 5-9161. TOR SALE--Oivn«r t r « v bfdroom brick old Allarhtd tarace. Wall lo Drarej. 2319 34th Street Road. Kl, MI63. I iffr.-w. Thieel MODKHN t bohoum home on acrw. Tftn ytail! without b'JlldLOgi. Pb'. tL 2-2392. FOH SALE--Ten IOTII ol l.ale.1 «lfall Near Kin'r. KL 2-ilS!. Telep. FOH SA1.K--Fim. irtotid inrf thlr baled hay. KL 2-2*03. WANTKU--1'a.lure fur milk. Corr Iwt loin, hay. tie. Call Kl. S-08F6. or El. 2-3313. WANTK.U-- Uevl t n p r,,«lure (or he»d. Call C, C. Hammer,. A'l -( twtwwn 6 yi.m. and 8 60 TON baled hay. 125 Ion n»Uar«. 12S bead corral apace available. ¥.1. 3.3827. FOR SALK--Krnh baled HuH.lo Ht.v. --no weodi--and narV bale.l Nnrlb Park Kiy. Steuarl'a Hay and Grain. Tbor.e Kt. OlUn*. HUnter 2.82U, or IJUnter 2.1330. Livcitixk THE S'.ockrcan -- YVeiternwcar, HEREFORD hull. See Wllw SLW Ranch. 1'TlceJ riahl. El. 110 GOOD Hereford calvci. Ctl 3-0886. SOG IBlh St. FOR SAI.K -- Surrc milker. comii'.tlt M i l h t*o or three nnlli. F.L S-1153 2 miles caat, I / * Fuulli of C,.]l. FOR SALK-- (00 callon D«rl-Kool uiilk tanlf. Three unit I)e Laval pipeline milker. OcKMl 'onditlon. Anil !57.U» FOlt SALf-B R«. Ancu r«rlln( hciren. V»lure Lrcd. Victor I-chr ONE polled llfrcrorrl bull. Gi hrcrdlni. Call EL J.OSS6, 3'Jf. 1Mb Street. LIVKTOCK uprayinii. Over 20 experience Itranlner. Th. El. ^. or JUnlpcr 7-U9. ARTIFICIAL lireedlne. Coinlroiu. flelent lervlee with A.TI.S. I' ·irec. Kl, 2-2002. FARMERS, RANCHERS In Greeley Area 53 and 55 cash paid for . fresh dead cows anc horses. $5 to 510 for crippled and down horses and cows. (Call us Scou as PoEailile Mler Animal Dies I Inimeillnto Sorvico Seven Oaj-s n Week -- Night or Day Call Collect: Greeley EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. Poultry 42 TOR SALE-- Oecse. duck». nr.d turkeyl. I'b. EL t-0587. POULTRY v«m«l. Aho ciulom 'Irr-- \r.g Mor.rlay throiifrh Friday. Fl. J-JMS. Grccley Toulrry Hosse. J i l l 7lh Avenue. YEAR OLD Heavy and Llglit Breed Roosters Light Bree p ! Hens I,IVB lOc Per Pound MEYER BROS. .HATCHERY 718 7th St. EL 2-3461 Pel Slock FIGURINES, tropical fish. Supplies Ltj'. 638 Hth Avo. Th. T.I. 2-5111 DACHSHUND ferrule puppieJ. AKC EL 2-12S7. WANTED to buy -- Good aricep £oz Thong Eaton -4*4111. 31X weeV old Chihumhu* pups for i*le m.Olh St., JownllJllrs spU LITTt.r;. Chihoahu. vupi. r.L 2 5m. PUREBRED German Shepr.erd puppies AKC Itua. rh. SS2-6S5S. JUST Iirrived, r.ew shipment of inm pl«nl.«. WAtcr-Lr.d, 2J St. F.L 2-282S. FOR SAI.V-3 AKC white toy poodle* with pernmnc-nl f-ho'.f. 9 wi» old. Frank J. Cror.i, ALpir.o 7-«!8 EXCEPTIONAL, tl'clc. rn»le mitii«oi rxwdles, S months,' AKC. perminei ehats. Itrasonilile to right hom Terml. EL 2-5P27. CANARIES, Pir*V-eel3. Huniiister CJIR«. complet* line of pet CJIR«. FrinVj Serf Slr«t. nd Hlcher'. 703 101] _ · TROPICAL f u n , soldfijh. «au filters, »ir pi;mps [Ae Vr»nV ! » Seed «nd HMcriery, 7 Street- Sewing Machines--Vacuum! 4 VACUUM e!e«r.en. Serrire for nil m»k«. Cxil Ed Repp'J, Ph. EL 3-0025. TV--Radio--Services NEW TV picture tubes, J3I.95 insttl'ed Eisy term*. Kl. ?-5130. after . USED TVs fullr lecondithnM KUftrinteed, S39.9o. )IO own, 11 month. EL 2-5l'-0, afler 6. TV tickt C«ll TV hO"pic«l. Comp!el ^en'iee all malcrc. Ph. Kl, 2-0113 El, 2-5350. 1211 7th Si.. Kv«ni. USED TV »et«, fully K U n r a n t t t d ; r.ew Sykania TV, Hi-Fi, anri St TV Hospilal. U I 4 7lh St.. Eians 2-0113, EL 2-5310. COTTONWOOD VILLAGE offers you . · . r Largo home sites r Protective covenants to insure lasting value r Underground utilities r Beautiful view r Excellent financing The Georgia The Columbine The Provincial 23rd Avenue at 20th Street Road SHOWN BY A P P O I N T M E N T Call EL 3-0346 DRVELOPBD BY t HBALTY CO. 1331 8lh A V E N U E P. J. STOLL REALTY 2525 10th Street Ph. EL 2-5C57,u o bert E. K«1 (*·»· 41, hrct* 41 FOH SALE-- 3 uedtoom horrn, full bts«m«nt, located 4 blocks from MarlewooO ind Gre.l«y HliK Sckool, Very reasonable. Call EL 2-41BI. OU SALE-- Family ilied tkrn bedroom nomf. Carp«t»d iirltir-dfc combinalEon. KIc» s[ie] kl'-eb«n. buitt-ln ranie and oven. I*o4a of cabinets and closet space- r'ul] b tr.«nt. Come and M« 613 35lh Av«.. moinlnRa or after 6. EL 2-4164. 1717 15th ST. · Drive by t h i n beautiful home, This homo can bo seen at any time nt your convenience. COUNTRY. CLUB l i v i n g In b e a u t i f u l 3 bedroom lirlck overlooking Hie Conulry r,olf chili. FOR RENT wlih oiUon lo b u y , eciuUy In th[» 3 bedroom home at 1127 32iid A v e . FHA lonn $12,100, imyments ?9S mo,, into real ?i %, Owner says ni;.kc offer oil e q u i t y . Hero is your chance to get a real buy. DUPLEX B e a u t i f u l brick, 2 bedrooms, llv- _; and d i n i n g room. Kitchen w i t h nil loin all washer connect i o n , d!biHsuK Live in one side ami lei the other piiy for the trnpcrlv. Price 1 down, now only $17,500. H I L L - - ' Real Estate Greeley Building, Rm/318 Ph. EL 2-0604 GLENMERE I,ai'Ee rnnclt style home with main (lour f a m i l y room off kli- chen, largp yard, full hasenieiU, Cnll for more details and ap lioliiunont to see. GLENMERE 4 bedrooms, 2 f u l l ceramic tiled tnUhs, full sized dining room, cnrjieled, draped--and a mul tiliidfi of other fine features. Shown \y a u j i o i n t m e n t only. ». S. McCune Leon U Stoll 1', J. Stoll KL ^3500 EL 2-3500 LANDMARK REALTY I HILLSIDE | Two lied rooms, living room, Marge kitchen, full basement, jpnrage. Small down payment on plan. GLENFAIR A t t r a c t i v e brick home w i t h four bedrooms. U n d e r 535,000.00. Call fur more details. IG44 8th Ave. EL 2-3452 ·fr GOING BUSINESS Gross 560,000 per yr. No Blue Sky (Buy Fixtures) Nets Approx. 20% Man Women operation TRACTS 1 Acre W. of Greeley 10 Acres NW. of Greeley li/ 2 Acres East of Greeley 5 Acres East of Greeley 822 23rd STREET · 2 Bdrms., Full Bsmt. iz Basmt. npt with furniture ir Unattached Garage if Fenced Yard 3 BEDROOMS FRAME ·fc Full Basement ir Attached Garage A- Carpet Drapes TT Nothing Down FHA tV WE'RE TRADERS Chuck Kintz, EL 2-8210 Fritz Weiland, EL 3-4595 Herman Kliewer-- EL 2-3231 Bob Hilt -- EL 2-4'W) Bette a. Loss -- EL 3-1210 WHEELER REALTY "GREELEV'S MOST COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE" - Realtor ft 1331 8th Ave. EL 3-0346 ats living quar- incnme. It Is lo- tlftcpusiness dig. for details. Lundvall Realty * ft TRADING HEADQUARTERS 1615 Sth Ave. 6 -4r. EL 2-8688 BRICK 4-PLEX year old with carpeting, drapes, hot water heat Will trade for house or farm. IIILI^IDE BRICK J bedrooms up with loan to be assumed. full finished basement. Gooc $300.00 DOWN FHA terms. 2128 7th St. Road. HIGH SCHOOL 2 bedrooms up, 2 down, large yard. Priced to sell. NEW BRICK 3 bedrooms, family room with fireplace, u t i l i t j area, dining room, all electric kitchen, 2 car garage plus a full basement. Price $22,500.00. is believing. Can show anytime. 931 6th STREET Tlits property ot ters plus an in i-atRd close to .rict, Cnll us 2G55 1 4 t h A V E N U E per ^ent VA r loan with pay- 1 nents of $06 per month may bej assumed on this brick two-bud. 1 room home with a tall basement in HtUstrte.'H has a bedroom, b a t h , utility ronm, and Inn completely f i n i s h e d in the basement, 2610 18th A V E N U E Complete electric -kitchen, hot. water heat, fireplace, and famtly room -- all to help you enjoy this b e a u t i f u l brick three- bedroom home, it is close to Jackson Elementary School. Excellent financing available. Call for further information. ' 1848 14th AVENUE Large, rambling three-bedroom home in Glenmere area. Large lot (75 x 190). Bathroom, workroom, and recreation area f i n ished in basement. Homo is vacant. Call 10 sen Ibis excep. t tonal value at your convenience. 1027 25th A V E N U E c . Call to see this two-bedroom fceeing! brick horae ln w cs tview. in FOH SAI.K--Nic« cld.r l»o tamt. Rood k»n. £L 2-IMI. FOR EALK-Hillili. Bo-u. 3 MdroMn, full bittflitnt. B«r*tc«. fenced, wall tn wall etrp«t and rirapt* includ«4. :rly tx»Milltti. J U O 12th AT.. Ct KL 2-SS21. OPEN HOUSE New 3 bedroom home, with attached garage, lots ' of :upboards with b u i l t - i n oven and range. Excellent location. Small down payment, priced to sell. 903 Empire, Evans. Ph. EL. 2-5988 41 214 Flrat National Unnk Bldg. Ph. EL roOTO WELD COUNTY REALTY, . 115 18th St. EL 2-1161 Jim Beydler, Owner-Broker HILLSIDE « « 3 Bli., ntlached Rge, · fenced In yard and other quality Hems. Buy at PHA appraisal. . TRACT · · 6 acres 3 mllei frohi Greeley. Good "house, corrals and good pasture- This one is good buy. Priced righl. IDEAL * * Husiness corner. 3 hlks. from 1st Natl. Grow with Greeley. NON-RESIDENT OWNER SAYS ·SBLL." SO acre N'.E, of Greeley with good water right, good Ini- jrovements, and good producer. : .Al,l/ TODAY. FOUR BEDROOM plus · spacious furnished basement apartment. Separate en 1 ranee, two car gaarge, patio with fireplace. Exceptionally well b u i l t and owner will tradi equity (or good trailer or two bedroom home. 70 DOLLARS per month, PITT .payments on this cozy twu bedroom, Attached garage, fenced yard and choice location to business and school, Let's look at this well kept cottage. 50 DOLLARS month payments on this two bedroom w i t h separate income house on lot. On Thini street, close to Lady of-Peace Church A gond car will apply on the equity. GLENMERE DRIVE Three hedioom brick, f u l l fin tehed basement with hath, u t i t i ty, and rec. room. Small loi well landscaped. Price. just re dnced. O w n e r will trade foi smaller two' bedroom. 5 ACRES with three bedroom modern lioine, three miles west. GItj water plus well. Only $12,500 Better h u r r y on t h i s one. 120 ACRES close in with three stall Grade A milk parlor. Modern home, 65 acre /arm land, balance pasture. Ample water plus well..Priced below the market fon( quick sale. Hagan Agency, Inc. Realtors - Insurers 2S9 All g rigati 3 mode eleva Dwight Falser, EL 3-3382 Donna King, Ph. EL 2-2965 Jerry Durlltnger, EL 2-2548 Claude Rodman, Auct. El, 2-2056 Only 30 minutes f r o m Greeley io this 7.000 - acre spread, acres good rangeland, 160 acres irrigated,, aome dry farmland. Well improved, good fences, excellent terms as owner is retiring. Wheatland--320 acres east of Brlggadale. Immediate possession, aiimmer fallow U ready to go. $55. \VB NEED YOUR LISTING! DAVIS AGENCY REAL ESTATE 712 10th St. EL 2-3496 SHAW Realty Company REALTORS INSURORS ,, ....... ,, ......... ...... ...... eludes c a r p e t i n g a n d d r a p e a and| A TRADING HEADQUARTERS 6 lias a finished bedroom bath In basement. H K N R V F. MARKUS, EL 3-1349 RAY LARSON REALTY 2305 10th St. Phone EL 3-2355 Muiicol Initrument* 47 FOB SAT.K-- 12 bisi jtcorriion c«ll Kr. 3-:;«. PFAKO t u n i n z and repairinc. Work KU«ranTMd. Box ",~iZ. Ealon. Ph. USED C«Wp Srin*t pTann. Walnul r-rc. vinrial. KrfcHrnt por.dilion. S« Ihi' lo^ay. Mmfc Outer. £26 9th St. USKD orusn «ilh percuitir-r, liSS. Orijir.iMy io],l for tl.JSi. Millie OitKr. 26 Olh 51. Reel Estate 48 FOR SALE SOO acre farm about S miles east of Hereford, Colorado. Good improvements, excellent f a r m ground, fine irrigation possibilities. Only $75:00 per aero. Reulten V. Anderson LEONARD SMITH AGENCY Pine B l u f f s , Wyoming Can't You Find A REAL ESTATE LOAN? · Let Us Help You! WE M A K E - ALL TYI'ES OK K R A I . ESTATE UJANS, BUTH IN AND OUT OF GREELBV. Lott Agency, Inc. 818 nth Ave. EL 3-1443 Perfect home lor the young family.' Complete electric kitchen, three bedrooms, drapes, and attached Rprage. May assume low monthly payments ot $81 m o n t h . TJIMED. POSSESSION Just move in and start enjoy, ing this beautiful home. Three bedrooms, new carpeting and drapes, garage, and fenced yard. Good financing. Give us a rail to inspect 243G 12th Avenue Court. PAYING HIGH RENT? WESTVIEW 1210 23rd Ave. Court. PRICE-?18.000 «tth h ;.TM ra '.S. re io«rTMh?n «n' 3 bedrni. brick unt'in. base., a t t . garage, Heath and Cal1 us toda ' '« inquire about 2802 Sth Avenue Court. Let us show you how easy it is to own EVAXS 3 bedrm. Frame, fenced yard. Immediate possession. PRICE--511,000.00 CaU for details SHOW HOMES One 2 bedroom and one 3 bed room, b r a n d new brick homes Full basements, attached garage carpeting, drapes and interior decorating by Greeley'a leading decorator. Move right in. HILLSIDE deluxe "Westerner." Carpet fliing, drapes, ho' water heat, haths, electric Vilchen, 40 ft Maplewood school, now vacant, owner must sell. Call for particulars. MAPLEWOOD--23-11 7th Street PRICE--$12,200.00 2 bedrni., carpet, drapes, with full finished basement. Fenced back vard. hood, full basemen with a ball roughed in. Attached double SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE That's what you will say ahoiltj«or«ge. All (or $13,950. this home when you see 232I Hi Avenue. Yes. YOU can own ONLY 4 MAPLEWOOD--1033 25th Ave. PRICE--$15,500.00 3 bedrm. brick, attached garage, full unfin. basement. Maplewood school. EDWARDS--518 35th Ave. Court PRICE--517,200.00 Vacant--Immediate possession, 3 bedrni. brick, make offer. Loan $11,250. Payments $77.00. ACROSS STREET FROM SCHOOL $500 down--Payments S70.00 1010 4th Ave. I.arfre older home with lot of living area. 58,000.00. your own home. recreation room in mahogany Attached garage, fenced yard One of the finest homes of this model In Hillside. . MAPLEWOOD Neat and trim 2 bedroom home Fireplace, utility room off the kitchen. kitchen, attached garage and in- the finest area Drive by 2241 llth St. HIGHLAND PARK N'ew 3 bedroom brick, carpeting drapes, separate dining room sliding glas r door a to patio. Ful basement and hath roughed in Tiled bath and shower. DOUBLE attached garage. HIGHLAND PARK New ' 2 hedroom bricX home overlooking the beautiful new golf course. Bath with a shower Drapes, disposal, v e n t fan and this three-bedroom home for less than you ever imagined. Financing arranged to suil your needs. Or will trade. I N C O M E PROPERTY Here's a two-bedroom home for the owner plus a basement a p a r t m e n t to rent out. This ose lo the and college district. I n q u i r e about 915 23rd Street today. INCOME PROPERTY home is locaied Arlington Schnol brand new 3 bedroom brick bpmes left. Separate dining room, large kitchen with birch cabinets, attached garage, fill basement. 1,070 «q. ft. of living space. All for only JHJSO. Jus $450 down, balance l i k e rent ?10,500 will biiy the 3 bedroom stucco home with th- attached garage at 1305 16th Ave. Near all the ichools. FAIRACRES EVANS PRICE--312,500.00 New 3 bedrm. frame. 1120 sq. ft. completely insulated, att. garage. Terms to be arranged. _ L e t us show you how you ran[1625 Kairacre Drive. 3 bedrooms ihave a. good income from t h i s f l ^ i baths, carpeted living am [three-unit apartment h o u s e . f d i n i n g room, drapes, electric Priced below Jll,(yjO with lowlkitcben, finished basement m o n t h l y p a y m e n t s . Within w a l k , double garage, sprinkling sya i n g distance to downtown Gree.H»m, storm windows. Chokes BRENTWOOD PRICE--815,500.00 3 bedTM, brick, carport with storage; carpet, drapes, full base. Small down payment F.H.A. BUSINESS PRICE~$10,500.00 Diner doing good business, reasonable rent, good location. Must sell due to health reasons. Includes business stock and fixtures. EDDIE SYBACH, El, 2-5178 SARAH CARBAUGH, KL 2-0127 ey. HELP! Owner transferred and Tias to sell. We would Hke to show you this three-bedroom home at 2323 Sth Street. Here is A chance to take advantage of the seller's toss. Priced below $12,000. E A R I . R RUSSELL. EL 2-7«65| BOB FOSTEK, EL 3-2381 area. Small down payment. 1m mediate posseaxlon. FARMS 2 lovely Irrigated farms, nortl of Severance. One 15S acres, on« 112 acres. Will sell one or both For quick sale both for $90,000 EAST OF EATON 136 acre Irrigated farm, mediate noAsepsion. l^is water. $50,000. Call E. F. (Lefty) Barteli EL 2-4959 .icres in Pleasant Valley-- ;ood farm land, ample ir- ·)n water phis good well, lern homes, feed lots and 1GO acres near Greeley. 130 acres farm lauil, all level, good water right: , 1000 gal. well, modern home. This is an excellent dairy set-up. Kersey District -- 200 acres, 140 cultivated, CO acres jiasiure. An other good dairy set-up. Priced right! Rilcrest -- SO acres, all level 1200 ft. concrete ditclies, pleii ty of water.- We have several other good Irrigated (arms ; -.- . . GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nov. 10, TWO jre»r old ihrw bedroom brick, 1 block from school. «*pir«te cHtiln room, wall to w«!l carpcllni, dr«p*, fenced back yard. 710 S5th Avc. Ct. EL 2.4388. FOR SAT.K -- Tbrw t^Jrocm brick howe. Attached ctr»ice, carpel, tirtpw, fenced yard. Prlecj to MU. H«dow l.»rk SubdMiIoo. No retU tor*. Ph. EL 2'1671. SAVE money I Buy one ol time bedroom brick bomn. tots oE btrch kitchrn cabinets, plfirfjy of cloaet*. UviniE room, and bedroomi all carpeted. Large [at?. r.*ar Evani Grade School. Call EL 3-02W. Marvin C. FUNK REALTOR 1013 Stli Avenue Phone EL 2-2776 1628 FAIRACRES DRIVE Large living room with fireplace, dining room, wall to wall pet, (nil finished basement, choice location to All schools. 1916. GLENMERE BLVD. Beautiful brick home, f u l l finished basement; excellent landscaped ]ot. Call for appointment to seel · ' ' ; 1606 23rd AVENUE Older 2-bedroom 'home on 160 x 22Q lot,,choice location, near all schools. COLLEGE LOCATION Big five room home pius 2 de- ilxe furnished apartments. WILL TRADE Brand new 4-bedroom brick, 2 baths, fireplace, covered patio, double garage. SMALL DUPLEX Neat · and clean, one-bedrnon: units, double garage. Priced to sell. . PANORAMA PARK Fine new home, 3 hig hedrooms, Z 1 /^ batlis, family room, double garagBj fin* yard. " FOR SALE ··· B e a u t i f u l new 2 level home In Allea Acres. Two liouses north of Jackson scl.ool. Thre* ,bedrooms, 2% batbs, living robin', large rerrenlion room, kitchen and dining 1 area, 2 fireplaces, dishwasher, disposal, Tapnan 400. Also extra large diulile ar garage. Call KL 2-3957. OPEN' HOUSE SAT. AND SUN; Ted Fitrik 600 Marvin Funk 1 ' Pli. EL 2-7540 Ph. EL 2-541G . WELSH and ASSOCIATES, INC. ^ Realtors -fa 811 10th STREET Phone EL 2-3833 RENTAL--Maiilewoad area. J large bedrooms main floor, 1 in basement. NEW LISTING -- 3 'bedroom lome. Large living room-dining rea. 2 bedrooms in basement,excellent lor family l i v i n g . 1'42S 7th St. Call Virg Scott. ULTRA-MODERN 3 hedroo'm lowe in Hillside. Rugs through- m t , see to appreciate. Call Vtrg Scott. . ' NCOME MOTEL with year irouud business. Books reveal ;ooi . investment. CaU Vlrj Scott. NCOMB-- Couple can live o : n main floor, rent basement. 1310 Ih St. Ask \ r irg Scott. . ' WE HAVE SEVERAL COMMERCIAL POTENTIALS ON 3TH ST. ASIC US ABOUT THESE. ALSO ACREAGES, AND OTHER INCOME PROPERTIES. · ' INCOME PROPERTY--13 college rentals with kitchenettes, plus 3 bedroom living, quarters. I block trom Crantord Hall. Call [Tenry Herbst. - ' COMMERCIALLY ZONED. * bedroom home, at .1318. 9th'St., with basement apartment. Wall wall carpet, 2 car 'garage, Inrge k i t c h e n , . new washer and dryer. Ca" Henry Herbst. SANDY L O A M 'SOIL--Eaton area. One of the'bc'sl. This farm void of rocks, noxious weeds and . wet spots. ' Call Dick Keirnes. NEW 2 BEDROOM--Northwest of Greeley. Good loan committ- ment. Call Dick Keirnes. Two 2029 oth' AVE. bdrm. bung., nice living 910 91L Ave. ELgin 2-5407 t rooni. largo-kitchen, wall-to-wall i c n r p e t s and drapes.' Utility room. TRADE UP . to this beautiful 4 bedroom lioine. If. you - h a v e · outgrown your present home and need more room, then let your equity be your down payment and let help finance the balance. This lovely f a m i l y home has 1 Single ntt. snrage, Ixw down payment, balance like reut. 2844 loth AVE. CT. Three bdrm; brick home,- full bsm't., alt, garage, wall-to-wall carpet and Uraies, built-in oven and range, fireplace. Call today to see this home. ceramic tiled bath. Carpeted full batb, 2 baths and V4 throughout, fireplace, all electric kitchen,' 105 ft. x' 190 ft. lot, automatic sprinkler system and hot water heat. Cnll for an appointment to see this t r e m e n - dous opportunity to trade up. NOTHING DOWN to Veterans and only ?4M down on FHA. The best value in Greeley. N'ew 3 bedroom brick with full basement, *i rough out for hath in basement. Principal and interest payments for Veterans ou a 30 year loan only $71.79 and 2345 7th ST. Spacious 3 bedroom home with kitchen a n d . nice living room, wall-to-wall carpet and drapes. Full bsmt. Shown by appointment only. · I 1420 10th ST. Two bdrm. home with income Only 3 blocks from downtown. Call to' see this' one. 2822 24th ST. RD. Immed. noss., 3 bdrm. home with i GI loan that can be assumed. Shown by appointment only. 1125 8th ST. 175.00. Immediate posses- Three bdrm. home with nice liv- slon and no payments until 1362, Priced at .1 low, low ?I3,000. SPIC SPAN is the way lo describe this little gem. This home has just been completely redecorated and new c a r p e t i n g has been installed. This home can be financed with a m i n i m u m down payment. Immediate possession. Mrinlewood school district. 2-CAR GARAGE plus » 3 bedroom brick plus a full basement with % rough put for bath. Brand new. The most shown by appointment only. house for your money in Greeley. Priced a t . $16,750.00 w i t h no money down to Veterans and $650 down FHA. Principal and ing ro^rn, dining room, large kitchen with breakfast space, full bsml. Single car garage. Call to see tins home. '1416 14th AVE. Two bdrm. home with fireplace, full bsmt., carpet and drapes. Single car garage, fmmed. possession. 1811 12th ST. 3 bdrm. living room and dining room, wall-to-wall carpet and drapes, full bsmt., single att. ga rage. Owner leaving town. 1122 6th ST. Older 2 bdrm. home with ups t a i r s apt., f u l l bsmt., single car Interest payments on 30 ye»r. Rai . age CaPM to 3ee t h j 3 ,, ome to . loan for Veterans $87.00, for: FHA $90.00. Move in today- no p a y m e n t s till 1962. DUPLEX this is what you have been day. looking for. ' Ideal location just 2 blocks from downtown Safeway. 2 bedroom units with Mahogany. paneling and wall to wall carpeting. All new bath (inures pins ail new built-in kitchens. Priced at only $14,000, with immediate possession. A tremer.doi-s opportunity to buy a duplex. TRADE DOWN Has your present home become too large for you to keep up? Then investigate this nice 2 bedroom home with living room and large kitchen. The present 2 bdrm. bung, with large living room, wall-to-wall carpet and drapes, large utility room, single att, garage. owner wants needs more room to trade equities and larger home. Taxes are only $9S with about $3,000 equity to deal with. Call for f u r t h e r information on t h i s opportunity lo trade down. Im of l. HAY LARSON, EL 2-8589 Merle McNiilty. EL 2-701)1 Freddie Scnmlelenknop, EL 2-4fiOO Elmer II. Slolle, EL 2-5669 Horace E. A t k i n s o n , Kl. 2-7966 Cull EL 3-CKi-iS or iiny of aale«-| men on Saturdayt and 8un(Uyi.|j. D. (To»y) Delaaejr, EL 8-J770 Howard T. l l « r d m n , Kl, 2-5578 Ton Spear. EL, Vandenbos Bill Bonntcksen Clyde j V i l i i R i n s Ray Schoonmaker To buy or tell * Sonny Jchnicr» EL 2-SS84 EL 2-1081 Si. 2--i74 EL :-;-07(3 siaesB o a l l j EL I-540'fl 2425 10th AVE. LOOKING for a real good business Investment? We are o/fertng one ol Colorado's oldest established rafelerias for sale. A real chance for a good rcslaurant man. KEENESBURG Well Improved inlgated f a r m $30,000. FOR RENT bdrm. duplex, u n f u r n i s h e d . 2 hdrm. hung., no basement. 3 b d r m . lume., full basement. 1 bdrm. a p t , -- $50 per mo. Joe W. M u r p h y Res. Ph. F.L 2-406S Jerry Murph.v Res. Ph. EL 3-'jS20 Jake Pflelger EL S-1724 FARMS nnd RA.S't'HES Robert J. Mitchell Re«. Ph. EL 2-1550 KM) 4* NO SUCCKSS In ulllci jwur lyl I.fitlr.n r.FoM. Contact Ed Holt, BrooVl Stlltr. BH. Ph. SIMI7. b«J. FOR SALE lij owner--Lovely room home in Hillside', pftllo. '-·rltil- ly flaEsbed bitement. ftlljclicii Karut, and many more extm. Ph. XL 2-337!. No rnllori pklM. AUSTINS Realtors -- Auctioneers 1203 9th St. Ph. EL 3-0790 FOR MORE INFORMATION HEAR OUR KFKA BROADCASTS ; KACH MORNING MONDAY THRU FRIDAY AT 7:30 "A.M. -^ EVENINGS Henry Herbst EL 2-S441 · Dick Kelrnes EL 3-0913 Virg Scott EL 2-2939 Dave Lewis EL 2-0011 George Zimbelmu Brighton 659-0607 · HAGAN Agency, Inc. Realtors - Insurers WESTVIEW New brick, 3 bedrooms, dininj area, large kitchen, laundry ' Double garage. ?165 PER MONTH- · On |H,500 investment (13% +). ; Basement apartment. Call to inspect 1831, Sth Avenue. MAPLEWOOD Mature yard, finished basement In top condition. $20,250. HILLSIDE' hedrooms, family room, full basement. attached garag?, Owner will consider trade for. income property. HIGH SCHOOL 2 bedroom home wjlh basement, double garage. Immediate possession. Check 1410 16th Avcmie today. THE BEST1 Probably Greeler's finest medium sized home. Sprinkler system, over-sized double garage. Family room features walnut paneling, parnue* floors, fireplace. Complete kitchen. 190Z 21st Avenue Court is an Idea! location! 3 BEDROOMS Family room, 2 baths, spacious kitchen, in top condition. All this for $18,760. EAST SIDE Older home near .downtown. Cnmforlahle basement. Call to inspect 410 Slh Street. 45 Years In Buslrjejur in Greeley 014 10th St. Ph. EL 2-7387 Ernla Scott, Res. EL 2S633 Howard Wilson, EL 2-2171 Carl J. Anderson, EL Z-34J1 M. E. llagan, Reg. EL J-5«7 Dean Avers, EL S-431* Howard Wilson, F.L 2-2174 llel C. Bedinger, EL 2-4769 Vic H i l l , EL 2-2219 Don Franki, EL 2-3964 insurance

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