Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1973 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 34
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Bob Hope's special feature new writer Frl.. April M,im , GREELEY (Cote.) TRIBUNE * ,By,;JAY 8HARBUTT AP Ttlevitloi Wrttcr NEf.YORK (AP) - Bob Hope'j seventh and final NBC jfpecial of the season last night plrtty composed by a new ··old writer hurriedly '.into duty. The writer Hope. . V ' : His seven-man team of jok- imiths, all members of the - "*c*, 'rlten.Guildj-had to go out on J***ijJtHke;.wh«n the guild did last ^eekend. This left Hope sans "-"writers just before rehearsals ;,; began. '.,' " They had''turned in a basic outline of the show before swapping typewriters for picket - signs, but not all.the gags had i , n been tested, timed, accepted or · IT rejected: · r i d ; This put Hope in a bit of a 9-jJt bind because, as he explained, ·is t, J , "ordinarily we work right up to 13 'he last minute on the script, , ··· even while we're shooting. "-·-- "If we don't like something, t )'t\' we go back and redo it or put a * \ 1- _f4)andaid on it here or there. 1 1 y'··::!: "And while we're shooting we t r.i ·· have the writers up in a room, Kiilswatching on a TV monitor, and _ we go up and we say, 'What t --'-siSan we do here?' We do a lot of iir work." j$Tnis week, Hope had to fix it Miimself, as well as write part J of it, aided by comedian Milton ''Berle, who appeared on the show alpng with Glen Camp- the Supremes and Joey Heatherton. "Everybody was chipping I ^5^ jn--the cameramen, Berle, ev- "" s^rybody," Hope said earlier flhis week as videotape editors tat NBC's studios in beautiful downtown Burbank were splicing the show together. "We all just sat around, throwing out lines and it worked pretty good," said Rapid Robert, adding that the last time he actually sat down at a typewriter to write his own monologue was in 1938. On virtually all his TV specials, he said, the drill calls for the writers to bring in the material, which he edits or revises and then dispatches to the man who paints cue cards, or "idiot cards." "It was kind of embarrassing looking at 500 blank idiot cards," Hope said of the scene facing him when rehearsals began. Hope, who is coming to New York April .28 for a benefit. As Boyle sees it By HAL BOYLE J _'J " NEW YORK (AP) - Homesick for a cat? Me? · At my age? Impossible!" But that's the way it seems to be. They say that when the cat's away the mice begin to play. But since our cat went away, all I've done is feel lonesome. It was bad enough when my 19-year-old daughter Tracy Ann returned to Windham College in Putney, Vt., after she took a semester off with the encouragement of the faculty there. But then she came home one weekend and took our 14-year- old cat back to college wilh her, and since then things have gotten much worse. At first I felt kind of relieved. I enjoyed the reprieve from having to clean out a cat box and trying to please the whimsical appetite of a cat with more food prejudices than a houseful of spoiled children. But then I began to miss her. I missed her soft leg-rubbing greeting at the door when I came home. I missed not hav- ing to fight her for the best seat on the sofa -- the one by the lamp. I missed the fun of watching her fight her way out of a paper bag, or crinkle herself a fresh bed in the tissue paper of new clothing box. I missed waking and hearing her stalking around the apartment in the dead of night crying to herself. "Woe, Harold, woe." If you think all a cat says is "meow," you either have a tin ear or have a very limited vocabulary yourself. With both my cat and daughter gone, I find a new color television set -- I think I must be the next to the last person in my neighborhood to get one -rather faded company. Of my two teen-agers away, I suppose 1 really miss Lady Dottie the most. My daughter, like most teen-agers, has lost the ability to write a letter. But she's on the phone fairly regularly to announce some new plight she's up to her neck in, or what unplumbed abyss of poverty she'll descend into if another check doesn't get there soon. Weekend TV schedules But I haven't heard directly from my cat at all. A cat, of course, is too proud even to curse over a telephone, let alone carry on a conversation. I have to take Tracy's word for it that Lady Dottie is well and healthy, and has been found to be the smartest feline student in the history of Windham College, and may become the first one ever to graduate summa cum laude. This report, while it naturally makes me proud -- what parent isn't proud his teen-ager is a success in college? -- also leaves me with some misgivings. I can see the advantages of giving a daughter a college education. At the least it will add cultural depth to her life. It might also be/the springboard to a self-supporting career. And it certainly will make her a more interesting wife and a better informed mother, should marriage be her career, as I fondly hope. But I don't quite see the point in Lady Dottie being in college. Saturday, April 21 a.m. 5:50--7 Pastoral Call 6:00--4 Houndcats .;,, 7 Bugs Bunny "·^6:30--4 Roman Holidays ^i» " 7 Sabrina ^·7:00--4 The Jetsons i "*. 7 Chan, Chan Clan vi 9 The Osmonds "'7:30--4 Pink Panther 7 Scooby Doo Movies 9 Superstar Movie " '8:00--4 Underdog · f i t 8:30-4 Barkleys - ' · 7 Jpsie, Pussycats ",\'\\ 9 The Brady Kids ' 9:00--4 Children's Theater 7 Flintstones ··*"»'·· 9 Bewitched . 9:30--2 Flintstones E - 1 ' ' 4 RUnaround 9 Kid Power 10:00--2 Movie 4 Area Four 7 Vision On 9 Funky Phantom 10:30--7 Fat Albert 9 Lidsville 11:00--4 Nuclear Age 7 Film Festival 9 Monkees 11:30--2 Sherlock Holmes 4 G.Ted Armstrong 9 American Bandstand Noon--4 Baseball 7 ABA Basketball 9 Camping 12:30 9 Labors Language 1:00--2 Gentle Ben 9 Golf Tournament 1:30--2 Avengers 2:00--7 Sounding Board 2:30-2 Wild, Wild West 7 Sci-Fi Theater 9 NBA Playoff 3:00--4 Outdoors 9 World of Sports 3:30--2 Flipper 4 Fishing Hole 4:00-2 Addams Family 4 Major Adams 4:15- 7. Weekend Gardener 4:30--2 McIIale's Navy 7 CBS News 9 Reasoner Report 5:00--2'Hogan's Heroes 4 Survival 7 News 9 News 5:30--2 Dream of Jeannie 4 Black Beauty 6 Zoom 7 Bill Cosby 9 I've Got Secret 6:00-2 That Girl 4 The Other Side 6 Humanities 7 Denver Garbage 9 Lawrence Welk 6:30--2 Andy Griffith 4 Circus 7 Dr. Seuss 7:00--2 Hee Haw 4 Emergency 7 Mary Tyler Moore 9 Julie Andrews 7:30--7 Bob Newhart 8:00--2 Mancini Generation 4 Movie 7 All in the Family 9 Here We Go Again 8:30--2 Jonathan Winters 7 Bridget Loves Bcrnic 9 Touch of Grace 9:00--2 News · · · ·- 6 What Don't Know. *' f ' 7 UFO ,,*?· if The Men 9:30--2 10:00-7 9 10:30--4 9 10:35--7 10:40--2 11:00-4 9 11:30-9 12:00-^ 12:30-4 1:10--7 Creature Features News News News Porter Wagoner Movie Creature Features 2 Bobby Darin Wilburn Brothers Late Show Rollin'on River Charlie Chan Late Movie Sunday, April 22 a.m. 6:15--9 Sacred Heart 6:30--4 The Christophers 9 Cleophus Robinson 7:00--4 Davey Goliath 7 Day of Discovery 9 Good Gospel Hour 7:15--4 My Faith, My Job 7:30^4 Good News 7 Sunrise Semester 8:00--4 LoQuePaso 7 The Year 1200 9 Rex Humbard 8:30--4 Oral Roberts 8:45--2 Hymns of Devotion 9:00--2 Mass for Shul-ins 4 It Is Written 7 House of the Lord 9 Life for Laymen 9:30--2 Challenge 4 Herald of Truth 7 Faith for Today 9 Day of Discovery 10:00--2 Easter Story 4 John's Gospel 7 Face the Nation 9 Kathryn Kuhlman 10:30--2 Your Right to Soy It 4 Meet the Press 7 Riverside Baptist 9 Jewish News 11:00--2 Flintstones 4 Easter Sunday 7 WHA Play-off 9 Calvary Temple 11:30--2 Sunday Cinema 12:00--4 All-Star Wrestling · 9 NBA Basketball 1:00-2 Movie · 4 Stanley Cup 1:30--7 Golf Classic 2:15--2 HowardCosell 2:30- 2 Gentle Ben 9 Golf Tournament 3:00--2 Golf for Swingers 7 Insight 3:30--2 Burl Bacharach 7 Viewpoint 4:00--4 NHL Action 7 Sixty Minutes 4:30--2 Movie 4 Suspense Theater 9 Better World 5:00 7 News 9 Life of Pope John 5:30 4 NBC News 7 lassie 6:00--4 Criss Award 7 National Geographic 9 Nine File 6:30--2 Flipside 4 Disney 9 News 7:00--2 Stand Up and Cheer 6 Zoom 7 Dick Van Dyke 9 Movie 7:30--2 Adventurer 4 Hec Ramsey 6 Earthkeeping 7 M-A-S-H 8:00--2 Fonda Special 7 Barnaby Jones 8:30--6 Feast of Language 9:00--2 Big News 6 Masterpiece Theater 7 Mannix 9:15 9 Movie 9:30 2 Catch 2 4 Evil Touch 10:00--2 Movie 4 News 6 Firing Line 7 News 10:35--7 Congress Report 10:40-^1 Area Four 11:05--7 Late Movie 11:15--9 Movie Reckoning a cat's real age to be seven times its calendar age, Lady Dottie at 14 is really 98 years old, which is kind of antique even for a Harvard sophomore. The whole thing is ridiculous. What do I want with an educated cat in my family any. way? If she comes home with a summa cum laude degree, it'll only give me an inferiority complex. And I have trouble enough raising a voice of authority in my home without having to put up with the silent sneers of an uppity cat. Friday evening p.m.- 6:30--2 Andy Griffith 4 Price Is Right 6 Week in Perspective 7 Bobby Goldsboro 7:00--2 Truth, Consequences 4 Sunford and Son 6 Future Is Now 7 Soney and Cher 9 Brady Bunch 7:30- 2 Dragnet 4 Little People 6 Book Beat 9 Partridge Family 8:00--2 Bonanza 4 Circle of Fear 6 Week in Review 7 Movie 9 Room 222 8:30--6 Black Journal 9 Jose Jimenez 9:00--2 News 4 The Champions 6 Masterpiece Theater 9:30-9 ABC Special 10:00 2 Science Fiction 4 Eyewitness News 6 World Press 7 News 9 News 10:30-^} Tonight Show 6 Silent Years 10:35--7 Movie 11:00--9 In Concert 11:10--2 Sci-Fi-Flix 12:00--4 Midnight Special 12:30--9 It's Your Bet 12:35--7 Late Movie 2:35--7 All Night Movies Weekend movie schedule Friday, April 20 3:30 p.m., Channel 4 -- Seminole Uprising with George Monlgomery and Karin Booth. 8 p.m., Channel 7 -- The Cool Ones with Debbie Watson and Gil Peterson. 10 p.m., Channel 2 ( B W ) Outer Limits with Vera Miles, Barbara Rush, Scott Marlowe, David McCallum and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -Oklahoma with Gordon McRae and Shirley Jones. ll:10p.m.,Channel 2 (BW) -Monster From the Surf with Sue Casey and Walker Edmiston. 1:05 a.m., Channel 7 -- Wuthering Heights with Timothy Dalton and Anna Cnlder-Marshall. 3:05 a.m., Channel 7 (BW) -Francis In the Hnunlcd House with Mickey Rooncy and Virginia Welles. 4:25 a.m., Channel 7 (BW) -The Sergeant Was a Lady with Martin West and Ventia Stevenson. Saturday, April 21 10 a.m., Channel 2 (BW) -Rebecca of Stmnybrook Farm with Shirley Temple. ll:30a.m.,Channel 2 (BW) -Pursuit to Algiers with Basil Kalhbonc. 2:30 p.m., Channel 7 (BW) -Atomic Rulers of the World. 8 p.m., Channel 4 (C) -- The Honey Pot wilh Rex Harrison, Susan llayward and Cliff Robertson. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 (C) -'The Story of Ruth with. Elana Eden. 10:40p.m.,Channel 2 (BW) -Mystery of the White Room with Bruce Cabot. 11:30 p.m., Channel 9 (C) -Another Time, Another Place with Ijina Turner and Barry Sullivan. 12:30n.m., Channel 4 (BW) -- The Shanghai Chest with Roland Winters. 1:10 a.m., Channel 7 (C) The Tiger Mr.kcs Out. Sui'.day, April 22 ll:30a.m., Channel 2 (BW)Jitterbugs with Laurel and Hardy. l p . r n . , C h a i i n e l 2 ( B W ) - T h c Rising of the Moon wilh Cyril Cusack. 4:30 p.m., Channel 2 (C) -Mr. Magoo's Storybook. -7 p.m., Channel 9 (C) - Three on a Couch wilh Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, Mary Ann Mnhlcy and Uiln Golan. 9:15 p.m., Channel 9 (C) -The Geisha Boy with Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald and Scssue Hayakawa. 10p.m., Channel 2 ( C ) - T h e Kobe with Richard Burton. 11:05 p.m., Channel 7 (C) -The Extraordinary Sonman with David Nivcn. 11:15 p.m., Channel 9 (C) -- I'nrdncrs wilh Jerry Lewis. A 1 OBELISK. ERECTED BY THE FRENCH HISTORIAN.WML OMTHE ISLAND OF /USTAD/ SWITZERLAND, TO HONOR SWISS LIBERTY 1 AROUSED A FIERCE CONTROVEKSy WHICH ENDED DffflMATICALLY ON MftRCH 6.1796, WHEN RflYNAl DIED IN PARIS. THf OSELISK MS OH THE SAME DAY "T^EASTER FAMILY "^ MARY EASTERLY; of- Motion. Indiana. MS 80RH OH CASTER SUNDAY IN 1964 SHE IVAS THE FIRST CHILD OF ROBERT EASTERDAY, UHOUftS BORHONEASTfRSWiOfttlNtW NOSE FROG NAMEB FOR ITS ELONGATED SNOUT HATCHES ITS eees in ITS LARVNX DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R Is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. - CRYPTOQUOTES N M H V B C X Q M F T R K ' N G R K T H W R E W N M H J R K G T R K ' N , O X R E . - E B G G B W M O C F U H C J Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THE PERSON WHO RUNS AWAY EXPOSES HIMSELF TO THAT VERY DANGER MORE THAN A PERSON WHO SITS QU1ETLY.-JAWAHARLAL NEHRU (© 1973 King Features Syndic«t«, Inc.) ACROSS 1. Director of "Cries and Whispers" 8. Behind 11. Favorite of barber- · shop quartets 12. Neither's partner 13. Jumble; potpourri 14. Three in Messina 15. Director Roy -Ruth IS. Rich mining find 17. Foreshadow 20. Zest for living 22. Nabokov · novel 23. Director of "The Bicycle Thief" 26. Jimmy, for example 29. Prickle 30. Golf club 32. -- on your life! 33. Prank 34. Clean off 35. Promenade 37. Doris -39. Metric land measure 40. Director of "La Dolce Vita" 44. Common or profane, Hawaiian style 45. Came on stage «. Variant of Anns 47. Repeat DOWN 1. Comic strip exclamation 2. Nigerian city 3. Kinsman (abbr.) 4. Opening in the woods 5. Explosive device 6. Forked 7. Born (Fr.) 8. Director of "Blow- Up" 9. Director of"Stagecoach" 10. Corner 16. Whip 17. Glabrous ana yapa anaa nan HRE UEfflGEQ HtlHB EHK QBaHo HEHHB unman anspra Yesterday'i Answer 18. European 34. Director river of "Wuth- 19. Director ering of "Law- Heights" rence of 35. Director Arabia" of "Marty" (2 wds.) 36. Venezu- 21. Give elan cop- the per center O.K. 38. Old (Ger.) .24. Harvest 40. Polynesian 25. -- helium ' banana 27. Malefic 41. George's 28. Sunrise lyricist hue 42. Mesh 31. Squirrel 43. Chemical or beaver suffix 40 4-20 SCRAM-UTS ANSWERS Gamble - Cha/e - Fairy - Vassal - AVERAGE If you don't first succeed, you are about AVERAGE. M-JC HENRY By John Liney ARCHIE By Bob Montana I'M ALL FOR *--v WEARING SEAT BELTS '...BUT I DON'T THINK THE SCHOOL BOARD WILL PAY 7Y/S.' WHAT'S THAT? MISS HASSLY'S BILL FOR A SEAT BELT AND SHOULDER STRAP.' OH....SHE HIT HEP. HEAD.... WHEN SHE "Y IN HER FELL ASLEEP.'l CAR?? REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis /THE RING WAS SIFT WRAPPED/ HE TOLP \ I'VE BfEN AWAKE ALL NIGHT --THINKING, WONPERIN6 I WHAT ISHOULP TELL HIM THIS J WHAT DO MORNING f A YOU MEAN, JUNE 7 me. IMPORTANT THING IS ---WHAT PIP YOU TILL HIM LAST NIGHT WHEN HE PRESENTED THf KING TO WU KEN SAVE ME A RING LAST NI6HT, MELISSA ! f' THAT'S WOHPEKFUL- ME WE'P PISCVSS IT AT BREAKFAST-- KUEVE IT OK NOT MELISSA--I HAVEN'T SLEPT ALL NIGHT/ JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins BOKPANPIKI 16 A VEBVPEPICATEP MOLING- ZEALOT;., ...AS I KNOW THOSE TERRORISTS OOT ..IFTHEX FAIL.TO ET" EVEF-ONE AOAKP \ THEIR THAT HOSTAG-E LEAPEK. PACK-- MEINHEKK'HAZARR OU'R6 SURE ABOUT THI REBEL FANATIC? THAT HE WILL. T7IE RATHER THAN PE RECAPTUReR..?" Li'L ABNER THASS AWR1GHT, PAPPV DEAR. AH KNOWS YORE LI'L SECRET 50 YOU OWN THE FIRSTCOPV OF 'CORPORAL CROCK"? By Al Capp 1 OWM ALL -HO VE AM OF IT-EXCEPT THAT FIRST ONE. IF1 HAD YOURS, I'D OWM A COMPLETE HE'S SHOMN' SOME SPUNK!! DO- f\FT£K A SESSION WIF

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