Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 4, 1976 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 6
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·frg*hoF»Ufrt«» The .Vtws-TVibune. ·g m g tv . Mud. 4. im -« | TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 4 4:30 5 5:30 6:30 7:30 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 11 11:30 TI 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI (CBS) Family Allair CBS Evening News Newscenier 1 New* Mary Tyler Moore The Walton-, Wev,ucnfer t Nrwi CBS L«3ie Movie Mormnq Headlines Ch.4 K AID (PBS) Mr. Rogers Sesame STreel Eloclrit Company Legislalure 74 Soundtlage Idaho Wildlife The Way it Was Lowell Thomas Hollywood Television Theatre Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Slar Trek Mickey Mouse ASC Evening News Biq V.llll'y Welcome 8,-ick, Koller Good Heavens Streets ol San Francisco Harry 0 Perry M.ison Ticws'Sccnc ( ' - ' Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) Gummoke NBC~Niqhny News Newsbeal ? To Tell the Trulh Hee Haw Grady Thursday Nighl Movi^ Ncwsbeal i " The Tomghl Show Tomorrow I BiACKER'S SERVICE-ALL TV-STEREO GE--APPUANCES-AU REFRIGERATION Program Highlights 6:«04) LEGISLATURE 76- Jeff Seward and Mmdy Cameron give a wrap-up i)f Ihe legislative issues of Ihc day from (lie Capitol. S::il) Mi SOUNDSTAGE "Waylon. Johnny and Jessi" -- Three of the hottesl names Wj Graph » x 'A Bsmice Bede Osol For Friday, March S, 1976 ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19) Someone might spring a request on you today thai you could comply wth belorc reading whal it may cosl you TAURUS (April 20-Msy 20) Others today may not be as enterprising as you are. Oon'l let them dilute your ambitious urges GEMINI May 21-June 20) You may have a lew e\va tasis "i'-Ticed into your lap ihai you Jiiini DMn on today. Yo-j'11 manage 1 CANCER (June 21-July 22) Demi depart loo lar today from successful me.'hotls fo' rout'r-e chores. Trying new Iwislscculd lie things in knots. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) In competitive situations toaay yoj could feel slightly uncertain Put on a bold front Ii will confuse the opposition. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) Youi mental facultves should be rather sharp today, especially when it comes to management of situations or people attending your work LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 23) You may be better today ai helping oihers advance their interests than you Kill be al advantages for yourself Cove- your own bases, however. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) To get Ihe fullest benefits Iro.-n associates today, n may be wise lo let them assur-e rre more assertive roles SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) If you have lo work wilh un- lamiliar toois or male.'ials today, gel someone who knows whal he's doing 10 help. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) A situation may arise today where the r e is a calculated hnancial risk Discount the advice of an unsuccessful friend AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 19) It is nol so imponani today h.ow events begin, bul how Incy end V.ciory comes tnrojgh strong second efforts PISCES (Fob 20-March 20) Surface appearances could be unreliable today By asking pernnenl quest.ons you can get 10 the bottom of SKngs in country music present an tiour of loose and happy down-home songs. Waylon Jennings, ttis wife Jessi Colter. and Johnny Rodriguez each sing a set. »ith an opening duel by ·Jennings and Rodriguez. « : O l ) i 2 i T H E W A L T O N S - It's 1933. a lovely, frenetic Selena Linville. nearest thing to a society girl ever to luiil from Walton's .Mountain, visits home from Vassar College and charges John-Boy with cowardice for lint rushing overseas with her to figh! with the Republican Army i» (lie Spanish Civil War. 7::» l-ll IDAHO WILDLIFE - Tliis weekly series is produced in cooperation wilh the Idaho Fish and Game Department. «:00 121 BAHNABY JONES - Barnahy's forensic science expertise proves a boon in the apparent surfboard death of a young girl, skilled at the sport, who is found on the beach. TV film fare H:W H NHC XIGHT AT THF. MOVIES - "Mc.Vaughlon's Daughter" Starring Susan Clark. Uicardn Monlaibnn. Vcra Miles i-and Ralph\UrHamy. · Susan Chirk stars as a deputy district a t t o r n e y trying to prove homicide charges against a famed ci-aiigelis! 'J:«» ' 4 i HOLLYWOOD TELEVISION THEATER "The Chicago Conspiracy Trial" - Al Freeman. Jr. plays Black Panther Bobby Scale and Cliff Gormaii plays radical leader Abbie Hoffman in this recreation of one of the most important and sensational trials stemming from the protest against the Vietnam War. l6:3n (2i'CBS LATE MOVIE "Kelly's Heroes" -- Starring Clint Eastwood. Telly Savatos. Don Kickles. Oniiiilil Sutherland and Carroll O'Connor. The World War II adventure drama concerns an impossible learn of soldiers who make i wild dash behind enernv lines Part II. Dr. Lamb Too much blood made birtdcty March S, 1976 Contacts you'll develop this coming yea r may Irom i me to l.rne pass on confident 1 inter- Cation you'll fmd Guile useful Strive (o win me trusi o' new friends DKAR DR. LAMD - I have what is called polycylhema vcra. Also I am told'l have an enlarged spleen Could you please tell me what causes an enlarged spleen. Is (here anything that can be done for if I have been to several specialists for this blood condition and wind up taking blood thinner and having blood taken I suffer so much with niy left leg. and it is pretty- discouraging not to find any help that makes me feel heller. I a;n a ivorking woman. 62 years old and the doclor bills are more lhan I can .nfford 1 would appreciate any help or advice you can give "me D K A R R E A D E R - I'olycylhema vera is a condition of overproduction, particularly of red blood cells. The bone marrow where Ihe blood cells are produced is also overactivc There is also an increase in (hrombocyles. Ihe htlle tiny cells thai are r e l a t e d lo blood dolling mechanisms. N'o one knows what causes this condition It is not the same response we see at high altitude or with lung con- dilions where is nol enough oxygen and Ihe number of red cells increases. Il's ( r u e t h e s p l e e n enlarges. II is a specialized gianl lymph node and is involved whenever there is an excess production of blood cells or an increased destruction of them. Wilh the increase in red blood cells there is an increase in the total amounl of blood. This seems to be associated wilh Ihe headache and full sensation in the head that many patients wilh this problem hare a ruddy comp l e x i o n and high blood pressure, particularly of the systolic (upper! reading, occurs in about half of (tie patients THK INVISIBLE spirit of famous pirate Kdward Teach (Prttr I'sllnov) cuts shorl an unsi^nming pnlc-vanllpr's fffnrl in this sc*tif from "Hlackbrard's fihosl," a Wall IHsnfy comfdy vthfdi started Wednesday at (hp Karchrr Twin ThMlrr. Dizziness, weakness and fatigue are common complaints These, t o o . are sometimes relieved whenever the excess amount of blood is withdrawn. I am nol sure whal you arc talking about in reference to your leg. Your leg should not cause you any trouble because of (jolycylhema vera. The only possible connection I can make is that people with polycylhema vcra are prone to blood clots. This is why you arc taking blood (dinner. Perhaps you hail a hlood clot in your leg The increa.scil tendency (o form blood clots is directly related to the increased produclion of Ihrom- bocytcs related to Hie normal dolling mechanism. In addition to Ihe simple bleeding techniques that have been used there are a variety Uk THE X^ CASTLE I 37)9CI»»»l»ndBlvd. BreAlMs 6 j m I imVi f, (J.^rcr Se-vcc: I)*.; 11 in. II pm BUD THE i COUNTRY THREE 0:00p.m.- l:00a.m. Monday · Saturday of chemicals dial can be used to treal the hone marrow lo prevenl excessive formalion of blood cells. When blood lei- ting and the chemicals fail to conlrol the situation some authorities like to use radioactive phosphoros which in (urn dcslroys some of the blood cell forming organs and helps get Ihings back under conlrol. 1 wish I could give you some belter answers but (hat is the nalure of Ihe disease aod aooul where we stand at the present lime on whal can be done about ii. For i n f o r m a t i o n about anemias send 50 cents for The flcalth Letter, number 4-3. Understanding Ihe Anemias. Enclose a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of (his newspaper P 0. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10319. Ann Landers Eating habits criticized Dear Ann Landers: Thanks battling to gel Iheir kids lo eal who is supposed lo give sound' the dirty looks directed at them irw. Here I'm (rvine mv le:;s iimk and moTM fondi Anrl advice (o millions of readers. from all over the dining room. Doesn'l anyone edit for nothing. Here I'm trying my riarncdesi to lead a healthier life and you come mil wild Ihe confession that you love chocolate candy, dole an pie and cake, adore rich desserts anil weigh Ihe same today as you did fa years ago How do you think Ann Landers' poor rating hadils will go over with parent* who are TIIK FAMILY CWCUS le:;s junk and more food? And what about your overweight fans? How da you (hink THEY feel about such a statement? V'nu said, ''Sugar isn't poison or I'd be dead long ago." Well, inaytjcsugarwonikill a person, hut it has no nutritional value and ruins the appetite for wholesome food. I must be a nut trying lo lalk sense lo a person Bv Hi I Kcsinc 459-08041 «:00 H) THE WAY IT WAS - "Jiolmison-L.iiUolla Middleweight Fight" - On February l-t, 1951, .Middleweight Chmnpion Jake La Molla defended his title against Sugar Hay Robinson at Chicago Stadium. B:30 (4) LOWELL THOMAS HEMEMBEHS 1935 - Film highlights include the signing of the Social Security Bill; race car driver Sir M a l c o l m C a m p b e l l ; Paraguay and Bolivia at war; Hitler and his 500,000 man army; trial of Bruno; llauplniaini, Lindbergh baby kidnapper; baseball stars Paul and Dizzy Uean; Shirley Temple; Mussolini and troops in Ethiopia; Guglicmo .Marconi, inventor of the radio, and more. 9:110 (2) HAWAII FIVE-0 Trying lo identify urnl bag (he burglars who have been hoisting a fortune in gold stored ill various denial- supply warehouses, Kive-0 Chief Sieve McUarred sends an undercover agent into u rehabilitation institution (or delinquent youths in hopes of securing a lead. 9:011 (Ol H A K H Y O - "Victim" -- A young woman who was brutally assaulted asks Orwell to find ou why the police lefusc lo charge her ·illnrkcr.s. "I marked my lunch for school, Mommy." Hints from Heloise Coffee filters kept on bottom of can anyone edit your column or can you write anylhing you please?--Sandra Dear S.: Everyone who wriles for a newspaper has an editor, including me. I do, indeed, love sweets, but I also eal a balanced diet. Moreover, I drink no alcohol, which makes a whale of a difference. I also exercise 30 minutes every morning and try lo walk three miles every day. Vou say sugar has no nutritional value? Dr. Frederic J. Stare, who heads the Department of Nutrition at Harvard's School of Public Health, disagrees. He says sugar is a pure, digestible carbohydrate and an important nutrient when used in moderation. In his recent book, "Panic In The Pantry," Dr. Slare says sugar is an important source of energy. 1 believe in "Ihe wisdom of the body." Sugar is Ihe gasoline thai makes me BO. t 4 -f Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I are people in moderate economic circumstances. We don't dine oul very often hut when we do we wan! to enjoy ourselves. Last niglil we had dinner in a very fine reslauranl. I had my hair sel. wore a new outfit and was looking forward (o a pleasant treat. Seated at a nearby table was a couple with t w o children. One child appeared lo lie about nine years old, Ihe other, about three. Ttie three-year-old cried from (he beginning of Ihe meal till the end. I don't mean just a few (|U)et sobs. I mean loud caterwauling. He kept it up for over a solid hour. The parents ignored They seemed lotalFy unconcerned, virtually yelling at one another in order to be heard over the child's crying. Is this fair to the other diners? Whit should be done in such an instance? -- Assaulted Eardrums And A Ruined Evening Dear Assaulted and Ruined: The, caplain in charge of the dining room should have asked the parents lo quiet the child or remov,e him. Since he did not do so on his own, you should have suggested it. People who dine out have the righ! lo enjoy their evening in peace. The parents of (hat noisy kid were interfering wilh the righls of olhers in that room and it should nol have been loleraled. CONFIDENTIAL To Fighting For 5(1 Years and Still Holding Hands: Maybe il's a good thing. Otherwise you might have killed each other. NOW SHOWING OlOIDL C»USOrEIH5.SHOIUT7:lS WE tiBHic II-CIH KITEIS KMESCAAN ROBERT DUVALL MHIMH; No sowing W.i-:XOK AIKKS. Arnenlina i|!| J I In ihc (wo years there Iws been u drop of more than 3 H million acres in the ana sown w i t h grain crops in Argentina iluc lo poor farm prices, acrordm^ In ;i [;inn spokesman lluinh'.Tlo Vnlandn, president of Ihe Argentine Agrarian 1-Vflrralion, ciled (tic figure in a speech tuning the government lo change il.s policies low.ird Ihe country's food producers. Thi 1 .Seven Hills of Home are ;ill on the oasl bank of Ihe Tiber Kivcr Dear Heloise: I have invented, (discovered, actually) a very handy place to store coffee fillers by putting a plastic ltd on the bottom of the coffee can, as veil as the top! This little space underneath the plastic lid on the bottom of the coffee can stores a good supply of the filters conveniently, and keeps them clean. Mrs. G.R. Walrolh * + i It's true, "Wonders neve- cease!" I've said many times that 1 never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of my readers, and your hint is a good example of what I mean. How did you ever think of that? Heloise Dear Heloisei If any of your readers gel so frustrated from piJking up towels after your children get through washing their hands, [ have the perfect solution. I look a balti towel, folded it, put it over rhn towel rack and matched up the live ends, pinning them together. This way, after they dry their hands, they just pull the (owe! and it rolls around to the ne.xt clean spot. I also have one in the kitchen over an empty paper towel tube which I have left in the holder. Needless to say, I don't have to buy so many paper towels. Mrs. Newbill * « » LETTER OF I.OVE Dear Heloise: Will you have someone fill a box with all those sweet names you call all of us and present it to you from me? "I love you a bushel and a peck with a hug around the neck." Thelma Shaffer * * · How I loved thai present! Thanks, shug. Heloise * * * Dear Heloise: This may help some of my contemporaries -- namely those who have reached (he age when picking up pins and other very small objects, because of arthritic fingers, is quite a chore. When we sow, we luive to rip out n seam now and then. Those little thread clippings are irritatingly hard (o pick off the fabric. Just take a piece of masking Uipe and you can pick them up easily. Mrs.J.M.Trask Dear Heloise: Try adding a little peanut butter [o pie crust. Use your usual recipe for pie crust but add' a -rounded tablespoon of peanut., butter, cutting into the flour along with the shortening. (No need to decrease the amount of shortening called for). Oui of sight for pecan pies, banana, even chocolate! D.L. » · 4 Dear Heloise: Now that we have retired, we travel a lot and we were slaves to our luggage the first year. Then, in packing for a six- month stay away from home, we made the rule that whatever won't go in one suitcase stays home. We still took things we didn't need' Mrs.C.R.B. · 4 · Wish I knew your secret! _____^^ Heloise Falls ;ire outranked only hy motor vehicle accidents as a '·iiiise n! accidental death. More than half of all fatal falls occur lionu 1 . - U, _ UniledArlisI lum nitiioiDs - IN - -mr MHSOK«MS.S«DW«T7:1$ flKtlttHICU-CUNEMEK MANBOTGO RESTAURANT 20 Miles South Of Nampa On Murphy Highway OPEN AT 5:30 WED. THRU SUN. Serving the Finest STEAKS AND '^SEAFOOD Complete Dinners From Dinners include Sandbar soup, green salad wilh choice of dressings. French tried, bakerf or au gralin potatoes, grilled bread, dessert, and colfee or tea. SKCUICrlltPttK'SMHCES! We Retomfwnd RESERVATIONS. .. 495-2238 I A FAKAMOUNT HIliASE I K -JJ- TICHMCO1OK! | -».,,- -^ j "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH" GHOST Technicolor' CINEMA No. 2 "THE WINDS OF AUTUMN" 1 30-3 35 b 4C-7 J5 9 so \J IF YOU LIKED / "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" . I YOU'LL LOVE"OLD DRACULA" Vou a/ways save more at Pacific with ^alitt/workmanship and quality products "BLACKMAILED Starring Laura Lust piy "Youthful fciual Maddness" TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under 1B Nol Admitted Doors openatS:3Q 454-1 731 Duor Pdtroii' '( you woiAlbe o'fon- ded hy o f'lfn of a sexual nciiurc, yiiur po'ronnc|f! ii nol iolicilrif CLOSED MONDAYS! THOROUGHBRED Thursday is STEAK NIGHT 795 I Boz.Chel Choice 2 Kircher Mill Free Labor pn CUSTOM DRAPERIES ?2 . 72 or longer from Fabrics In stock. Sh»«r£ 4 Casements expscted. Over 40.000 Ytts. ol Window Drapery Fabrics In Stock. Fashions ROLL END SALE Beat Inflation! Thousrmdsof yards in choose Irom. Plain u* Sofa* Chair om, iPJCi'ic'lRollErd Upholstery Draperies Carpet "OLD" 7:15410:35 "RETURN" 8:50 only. · SAVE WITH PACIFIC IN 1976- ON UPHOlSTERy-CARPETX DRAPERIES OVER $200,000 INVENTORY GOES S' Almost Every Item In Our Store A) Big Saving's! Savings up to \ 50% on first \ quality carpet. \ ·FREE 7/16 pad with I carpet purchase. I · Bargains Galore · 501 Nylon Carpet I · SHAG CARPET / with rubber pad. / ASLQWAS $C88 W Sq.Yd. CANDY STRIPE CARPET Bolso - 921 North Orchard, 375-5511 Numpa- 468-8317 Mtn. Homo-TollFr»» Dial Operator - Art l« Enlwprix 7M OPEN SATURDAYS! ---»--· -H-wiii^Arts Ma«« Chirg* BinkMiMrkird

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