Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1970 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, May 26, 1970
Page 19
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Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuts., May 26, 1970 Wildcat Tales CENTRAL HIGH NEWS By DMM Bush were polled for what they felt their classmates were really like. The results were: sexiest bod, Cathi White and Jim Ankeney; shapliest legs, Joanie St. Aubyn and Rudy Pisano; biggest flirt, Jackie Schuman, Pam Medford and Kim Brill; best liked, Cindy Clayton and Keith Bowers; most logical, RoeAnn Ackman, Betty Brown, Dave Jones and Jim McDowell: most illogical, Debbie Yeddis and Randy Meyer; most intellectual, Sandy Borthick and Jim McDowell; most cooperative, Dona Bush and Rick Anderson; most talkative, Debbie Yeddis, Carol Yager and Rick (Editor's Note: Ann Jesson is a third level teacher at Brentwood Elementary School. She has been there seven years, and also taught one TMst larcasUc, Jar! vear at Jackson Elementary May 18th Greeley Central students were dismissed to attend the Centennial circus. Many students may have attended the circus but the Central seniors made their way up to the Falls and had their senior party. It was quite a success and almost 25 per cent of the senior class attended. Between the girls being thrown in and the boys tubing, a fun time was had by all. Baccalaurtat* In preparation for Greeley's Centennial, the Greeley Centennial Religious Emphasis committee has set up a joint baccalaureate service for all high school graduates in the county. Greeley Central and Greeley West graduates will have caps and gowns available for the sen-ice. This service will take place at the Garden Theater, May 31. The guest speaker will be Dr. Lambert T. Dolphin. Dr. Dolphin is a former research physicist, a specialist in astrology, and has written many books.jBJj ty "Brown and Jim McDow-ipeople. He is a great man and is in-| e || i Like all citizens of Greeley, terested in the young people £ ast words 0 [ (he seniors:the interest in this 100th birth- of today, so all graduates are were published, highlighted i day party is high among the urged to attend. The Greeley| wilh a (wo pa g e picture spread school children. schools will serve as hosts for| of t h e entire senior class. ! At Brentwood School, each out of Greeley graduates and will furnish ushers and guides. Chairs for the graduates will be reserved in a roped off sec-j tion. Attendance at the service j is voluntary. All graduating seniors please! take note and "attend the Centennial baccalaureate service, May 31. Ski Club Officers Congratulations to C/ossroom Corner Speak Out Brentwood Teacher Notes Centennial Activities Enjoyed by Grade Schoolers class is participating in some way to add to the celebration. Enthusiasm is high and ties have been outstanding. Florio and Dave Jones; most rowdy, Sandy Schulke and Ralph Rangle; most emotional. Jackie Schuman and Randy St. Aubyn; best dressed. Cathi School.) By ANN JESSON Brentwood Ttachtr Greeley's 100th birthday! To begin our celebration, the, and g rl ai each i ev el,"as well third, fourth, fifth and sixth| as for tne most stvljsn teac [, er . graders were honored to hear Miss Hazel Johnson. She presented her slides on the history White and Jim Ankeney: best! What an exciting year this is couple Jo Anne Naffziger and'.for all school children and citi- Joe Murphy; happiest, Cindyjzens of Greeley. It isn t very Clayton and Scott McLauthlin.joften that such a celebration and most likely to succeed,|can be enjoyed by so many Ratfler Highlights By BONNIE FINCH Special Class of Eaton, Highland Platte ValUy High Schools Community Helpers 'have for us to read this sum jmer. It was stressed that we go to the library when we have extra time. Then it was getting late, so we had to start back to Gill. We the P " e "'| The Anderson Seed Company! rea "y had a nice day. i am . , , . i dent; Sandy Arford was named, vice-president. and Shelly! Brewer is the new secretary-; treasurer. Student of Month Congratulations to Mike Meek- TEHERAN -- Iran has a $6 Eave us some Scotts .... . , e g !p us kill dandelions' TM ' J TM farm loan from I. It alsoj world Bank - Icontained fertilizer. It was put;, on the lawn by all the boys in the class. For most of them. it was the first time they used pioneer fashion for the day. It was a real treat to enact a pioneer school day in a modern | school building. Prizes were jgiven for the best dressed boy Greeley Youth Is Military School Grad Cadet Gregory Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Johnson, 3502 Rangeview Rd. ivas among 57 seniors and 5 eighth graders who receivet diplomas Sunday from Missour Military Academy. Baccalauraet services weer also held Sunday at the school's Memorial Chapel. The schoo is located in Mexico, Mo. Spartan Scroll WEST HIGH NEWS By Sharon Httar Commencement is deflari M on. of the filial functions, the .he graduation of · clan In · school or, as » beginning. Most Haduaticg seniors would probably prefer to think of it as the latter since that definition more significant. For as we Prepare to commence, we realize that It is the life before us that is important, and not our past history. We are beginning to travel the long winding road of life and today is the first day of the rest of our lives, And, as Lao-Tse once spoke it," the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." With thoughts such as these in mind, the graduates have been reminded of their ac tivities and responsibilities. As of our city. It was a delightful stagecoach trip through early Most activities have been completed by each level and these are, or have been, on display in our building. Greeley Our drivers did an out"-! The kindergarten children are standing job of driving and our , busily preparing pioneer songs. out-riders protected us from any J The first graders have display- Indian attacks! | ed a mura1 ' "Westward Ho, To ' Greele We Go"! This mural e \ou ave a e n bujld (he io event? Or May 1 .parents . cd level Bulldog Prints UNIVERSITY HIGH NEWS By Ginger Boyle jceaior breakfast Is scheduled for tomorrow bright and early at 7:30 a.m. at the Ramada Inn. The last Will and Testament will be read in the presence of those making their departure. Beware: estates are not always desirable. Refunds and bills will be distributed with equal frequency tomorrow after the breakfast at school. Bacc«l»ure«tt Centennial Religious Em- second level The faculty did not tend their teachers students and fnends|^ · Af an ,^ study classes yesterday. (They al- ±ri±£ ±3* TH' 'of Early Days of Greeley. thejledgedly "retreated" to the most successful social. Therei- ^ ^ and ^ ex .! m0 u nlains for three days.) This tne mos'aei'C'ous.P^^perieneed (he fun and difficulties Absence was not accompanied w sen aiong wun a , 0 f c a ndel dipping. Poasters corn-by reduction in salary, nor did c held in line; they need to be supervised and guided by adults, not to mention, restricted in expression. Baccalaureate The Greeley Centennial Corn- d known just how enjoyable" it! A parade of miniature floats . mittee has scheduled a baccal- with the three ! Greeley high schools being the ?as and if you missed it, you built by fifth graders will be, The senior students, on the, hoslS| Sunday, May 31 at 7:30 really missed a fun-filled e've-lheld. Each float will represent,other hand, were threalened| p m in the Garden Theater of ning Not only was the foodjsome historic event in the build-with unjust reprisals such as tno University of Northern Colo- ereat but the costumes that;ing of our city. Setting the his- unsigned diplomas for a like of-j rad o. n«,ni'» wnrp marip the ninnepr'tory of Greeley to poetry is the ! fense. A more subtle tactic was Th( , people wore made the pioneer I tory of Greeley to poetry days come alive. ' ' ' These costumes reappeared on The senior class voted, not to phasis Committee has been kind enough to make elaborate plans f o r baccalaureate services scheduled May 31. Starting at 7:30 p.m., all Greeley graduates will be hosts to out-of-Greeley grads. Caps and gowns will be furnished to West and Central students. Dr. Lambert T. D o l p h i n , former research physicist, will speak at the religious service at the UNC Garden Theater. All seniors are urged to be in attendance to meditate the solemn side of graduation as a group. Sign up in either West or Central main office. Graduation Exercises Seniors will experience their first bit of freedom as they are left to their own devises for a week beginning tomorrow until on Thursday morning, June 4, they are requested to learn how to graduate. Practice begins at 9 a.m. At 7:15 p.m. the class is to report I o don blue caps and gowns for the long-awaited ceremony which will begin at 8 in the John Clayton Memorial Gymnasium. Unfortunately, ^ach grad is entitled to only jsix tickets for guests unless he the'May 18 teachers jspecial project of the students^used in one class-an examina- |become mvo |ved-perhaps h e - l s h o u ! d specifically request sium^reauueH.cumr'" sixt !] level - . ,i t i o n wa ? given !°, one grou ? °'|cause of a lack of religiosity, j additional tickets. You must when children andi We h °P e these P 1 ^ 6 * and nonsneakers-pomts were given Or mavbc . some ot her seniors!have a ticket to be admitted. V* 1K.11 V.1111UI (.11 Q I I U . , _ _ * _ :,, n r t l n U « n * I n « nC /"" ..«« frtw .....I t!n rr i n i t * i n r i m n f t i l i - t n c 4 . . . . . * . · r _ _ - - - . . s . . _ ,. _ ;- - - v -- . . _ . , ,, i w i 111(3 * U t . O V I I I - V l l l l ^ t iJi.1111*' .1 1 dressed up j n:events in celebration of Gree- for writing your name-this testj d i d n - t want Io hangover from if y ou had planned to attend, f .i.v'c nnninnnisi u-.ii h o hannvlpnniri nni be made upJ t h e post-commenccmcnt party but have not been furnished er who has been chosen as^' [ert "j lizer ~ spre ader They had SSKd Slel^t ' make sure il TM s SpK3d C ° r - : active boys at Greeley Central. He played Finian in this years.' West-Central musical and is a 1 very active student in art. Durl a s l ing" the elections of this year 1 , ,,-_-". -^^-^^i^rW he was on many different cam- 0 ley . s ccnlcnnia | W|1I be ha ppy C0 uid not memories for those who areJimmm. Elissa Fine, an occupationaliorganization composed of junior] redly for the most effectiveness I h = t Colorado sta t e !students at Temple Buell Col" ion Seed ,. " ' , ... ro ilege. A student must have a 3.0 .._ u_.u!Universitv. Fort Collins, was re-, _A.,_ ,,.,_, _ verage and demon . , . - , - · . - , , ,,,,. isirate leaaership ability, national senior women's honor-! r sfflv-ssrsK'ffiw^B: and this \ear ;,,,,·.,,,,.,, conin , ,unm P n'^ hnnnr- Etrale rA Junior Editors Quiz About- LEWIS CARROLL - · fraternity Membership ini Board is based tor We were sor-, M ° rt , ar Board is based onj ,, injtiated jn , c sj to hear about this d Sto «;·*«** leadership, ^-| Alpha I( years old and lived at r1 - 1 "-- music | Mike, while tubing at the sen-'. -- - ,, , . , , .,, , ior partv. ran smack into a'ton. She had beer111 or suiirej -j n( , Associated W omen cow who"was drinking water in.time m the Weld County Hospi- CI ^_, : , , , , . . . , Miss Patricia R. Fuller, , . , lal ,, ,, ,,, , he d , honor . nl f. ht at ',daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quint- the river. i lal - CSU Student Union ballroom,| c Fu |i cr 2 053 17th Ave A r t C 'u 1 -, , ! ii u ,, e l| H Scnmunk U lrft Mav 7 ^' h , e / e the tappingCerem ° nyWa "iGreelev, was'named winner of Art Club has chosen its two: Russell ^unk leu TM he , d _ ou'tslanding freshman bio- annual art pieces to put in the-for ^ S hnne« Hospua^ m_ ^ F|ne . $ a]so a member studenl J^ frflm ^ GCHS permanent collection lo iSalt Lake Ut \ to un aer go more , f ph . Kappa p ^ scho i asllc ^ . f Co]orado dia , er be displayed m the for burns ne su " erea honorary for juniors and sen- o f Phi S j grna nat i 0 nal biologv forever. Last yearns honored many \ears a 0 o. |. ors She has been selected sec- !nonor «ocietv' sure do miss him ana ;_,,,,,,.,,, P! Thal , Fnci1nn ,-,,,,. Jonn ~ Reim - erSi son ot M r. and Mrs. Harry Reimers 1543 29th Ave., Greeley, has been named vice-president of Alpha Psi honored two were Victoria Frazier and i « u n n c ,n.iuiia *.«!...,. . - ,,_-reiarv 01 ri inma ziiusuuii, jun- Maureen Blackman. This yeanhope he will be back with usj ^ ^ .ho t,,- n r.hncTM wprp "",ths week. We have all sent him ' " ' . . . .. . -.!,,,,,,,,, the two chosen were "Zeena",this week. We have all i by Leslie Kirby and "Madonna (letters in Utah. of the Winds" "by Mike Meeker.j New Student jnity for occupational therapy majors. ,. . , . , |Friday night. w'ith tickets, ask vour graduate participating in Greeley s 100th- That figures, \outh today has: " ^^ j eaders j t 0 obtain tickets for vou birthday party. jit too easy; they need lo be| The a(h|elic supporlers nave | if photography is' your bag ibeen chosen. The following! and you gotta have a pix of 'shapely lovelies were elected to ithe grad in his outfit, special Igrace'the sidelines while their arrangements should be made jmale heroes play the game:!between May 27 and June 4 as jAnneBechtel Ann Cooper. The- 1 a" Mps and gowns will be iresa Eisenman. Mary McClurej collected immediately following 'Barb Stewart, and Jeanne Suth: commencement. During the jerland (varsity), and Joanne!ceremony photographs may be iGillen, Nancy "Richardson, andi l a k c n a s long as they do not I interfere with the proceedings. i Proper attire for the grads Everybody knows that seniors!'' "M* or light colored dresses, spect for some of our sacred! and hallowed traditions--like ex-! animation exemption for sen-1 i t iors. While we are quite aware 1 """; that these finals are harder on;^,--j,. « a ^-1^ teachers than on us, and al-,.,,,,,,;,,,, . ,,,,:*:,TMSL,:" n , h - rrTpri 1 w u 7T t a t rill She is at present secretary of Omega, dramatic arts honorary £§ -lh.s great hnnnr ,s awarded ;\ e have a new student at Gill v . « Hasti Col , ^ her sororitv, Chi Omega, and, fraternity at Hastings College, - counselQr Bstarting Hastjngs ; Neb . to the two best works of the-f ro m Texas. His name school year, so Leslie and Mike- c j a o Villarreal. It is nice are really to he congratulated.;have another student in our GAA Banquet class Each new student.means: rf - ser vei and Mrs. Carl Maddox, 1605 21st The Girls Athletic Associa- another friend. He is learning!^.;; nnv j v ^ a p ' i Pepperette. CSU| Robert Maddox, son of Mr. tion held its annual banquetlto speak English. ;agam ncxl !Ave., Greeley, received .the cer- Walsh (junior varsity). Final Examination, with " stallation of officers took place and retiring president, Vickl Johnston, was saluted by her school with a standing ovation. Mr p.^, | Miss Fine, the daughter ofjtificate of completion from Mil- r'ams , , r _ _ _ , ,._. ^ ,. n r:^_ ,lnn\.-alp Wpt:lpvan Cnllppp Mll- Company Gives r. D ,,, 3 -, , It was much fun putting ouf-" r - ana - May 18. After a delicious dinner, the new officers were in- it ,, uo ._.. r c stalled Then came the fun part|p etun i as j n O ur flower bed of the banquet, the present a- j wee |. \y e have been learning i u i - . lions of awards. Susie Kuller| work f n e so \\ t water jt. and then| H! 6 n - ^ VSiSSiA.'^ff^fS- ,E--i "i*."EJSlRebel R. Fine, tonvale Wesleyan College, Mile, is a I tonvale, Kan., during commence- Greeley 'centrar' ment exercises held May 17. though we know that the tests are for our own good, that they will strengthen our moral fiber and develop our precious minds --we selflessly assert that thdse jjo'^j values are of naught when com-, ......i. jpared to our sacred and nallow-.'^".-^- ^^^'^ !ed traditions. Who are we to ; G W facult aflerBmuch e[fort disturb tne | 0 n , he two publicaliong( the Melewski, publica- was also honored ers, gifts want changet- status quo? ..j West Word and" Lampadion. Besides, we need the time off Mnc , ov ,, ilina ^, books did Lewis Carroll write? on in July. IS62. a young English lonly a few of the right people 'standing graduating seniors on ,'harles l . u t w i d g e Dodgson found :.*nuck. j t h e basis O f service to school, award. Patty McManus was Greenwood got the outstanding junior award, and Sandy Schneider took the outstanding senior award. Patty McManus was awarded the "highest award of all. the outstanding three yearsi for the year. WRAT Test The annual achievement tests cpr-nnH i R l n » l - Greeley, was graduated ifrom the University of Alaska in commencement ceremonies 18. Pollard received been given in our classroom. We tested off and on alii May . masters degree in education. Review On April 30, Roosevelt's National Honor Society hosted a Diane Vangraefschepe of New; farewell dinner for seniors. Also a t e o u t s t a n n g r e e year , f ( . ,,M, . member along with the out-| da y Ma f. 6 - Man ; ° us . fe l ^-Raymer and Charles Hettingerin attendance were three soph- cabinet member Aft- i d l d we "- Itie tesl \ s inc , lua -°|of Windsor will appear in a 'omore provisional members and - 1 QUESTION: Besides "Alice in Wonderland." what other , -- especially since Sneak Day -didn't work. All of the wrong .people found out about it and ANSWER: One afternoon mathematician named Charles himself making a leisurely trip in a row boat, with three little girls as companions. One especially. Alice Liddcll, was a particular friend of his. When the girls insisted that he tell them a story, Dodgson n a t u r a l l y began w i t h Alice; how she saw a white rabbit take a watch out of his waistcoat pocket, then pop d o w n a rabbit hole; how she followed him. and then ... but you know the rest. The story, published as "Alice in Wonderland,'' with the Most exciting was the awarding of the coveted Spartan Honor Crests traditionally presented to exceptionally out- , Stage of Fools ! character and scholastic stand- The drama class, overflowing;ing. Winners of the special prize with main characters for their j were Vicki Johnston, Norm variety show. "Stage of Fools," j Weaver, Janelle -Robertson, got a lot of laughs in their final I Frank Schell and Karen Nona- production of the year last! maker. Thursday night. Seniors, Mini| Spartones Concert Cox, Joy Grove. Debbie Olson,j A reminder to West boosters: swry, puDiisncu. as /uicc m "u.m^.mm " ' " · " l M a g gj e Schumann, Lvnette!drop everything and attend the author s name changed to Lewis Carroll, went around the «» ^ ^^ .^ P . t, "»d «« er~ the "presentation af awards | reaair -2' spelling and oral a nd! spring concert lo be he ld June 1'the parents of all members of a present was given to GAA!*'" 1 ' 611 arithmetic tests. ; at xortheastern Junior College.j'Jie society, sponsor. Miss Sally Stewart., Piecework Work i Miss Vangraefschepe is a mem-| Following a meal of baked! for her'work and time devoted. We were lucky to have more;ber of the College Singers, andiham, Becky Cook, president, into Central. [work to do for the Greeley Meat Hettinger is a member of (he ; troduced the provisional mem- ' PonlrinfT frimnanV ThlC tlTTlP W P i M T r * \UinrI TTncamhlo ll-inrr- n-Jin iirnT-n T3rn^ AnrlnT-fnn . . Mary Kopsa Wins Packing Company. This time we JNJC Wind Ensemble. Senior Man- Kopsa. after her are placing establishment stick-; successful games of tennis..e" on plastic meat bags plaved her way right to state, We must try to see that which was held last Saturday, stickers are placed straight and |bers, who were Brad Anderson, | Cheryl Case and Steve Moser. Ann Southard, daughter of;She also introduced the outgoing William H. Southard. 1845 Hthjseniors and explained some of e., received a bachelor of arts the things they would be doing At the district tournament heid in a certain place. It is so from Williamette Uni-'next year. A plaque was pre- ondf making her eligible for:good company. i TU^riU iTrtii nn , , . . . mencement ccremonias held]sponsor of the society who will FFA Rodeo Thank you once again Greeley | May 17. Miss Southard served as 'Meat Packers. The three finalists who have; been chosen to represent Gree-j Last Field Trip ! secretary of Associated Stu- I dents, and was a member of the Our class went on its last i Activities Board and the Stu- world, and is as famous and beloved in our lime as ever. 'Carroll wrote a fascinating sequel "Alice through the Looking-Olass" with a fanciful-chess game as subject mattcr,"Another famous Carroll classic was "The Hunt-' ing of the Snark," a long nonsense poem, something at which the author was specially adept. Books of verse include "Phantasmagoria", "Rhyme? and Reason 4 " and "Collected Verse". We particularly recommend t h a t you read the "Looking-Glass" book. (Jae Johnson o] Catletlsburg, Ay., wins a prke for this question. You can win 310 cash plus AP's handsome f\l II1C U I M I I U L L U U I l i a U l C U t , l i t i u --· -- J , . o i ·* ' ' * ) 1" - u . . _ _ - - _ - f at I oveland Mary placed sec-;to have work to do for such a versity, Salem, Ore. during com- sented to Dr. Glen Burnham. World Yearbook if vour question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care oj this newspaper, is selected Jor a Seager. Mark Smith, and Harri- Spartones final concert this ett Wilkinson exhibited their evening. It begins at 8 in the fine talents for the last time as auditoriim so get it on now. University High students. This concert and 45 minute Awards Assembly | opera is well worth your while. The awards assembly will be! Shades of Deep Purple held on Thursday. May 28. at I 1 Karen Nonamaker and Doug p.m. All mommys and daddys,'Mx found that deep purple grannys and friends, arc invited;does indeed mean royalty as to see their kiddies receive: they captured king and queen awards reaching various levels!crowns. May 16 at the junior- of competence and incompet-|senior prom. Some 150 couples ence in schnol acifvitips. 'saw Cindy Forsythe, Kathy Kowler, Randy Paris and Kim and McKinley escape the honor in lev Central in the Greeley FFA : field trip of the year recently. jdent Affairs Committee. Rodeo are senior Carol Yager: jWe went to the Greeley Nation-, be leaving RHS next year. A prize.) corsage was given to Mrs. Bevi Neilsen who is also a sponsor. I On Wednesday, May 20 at ·- [Roosevelt, the RHS band pre-'ern Choir are under the direc-picnic have also been scheduled. , sented its annual spring con-jtion of Mr. Richard Finch. · jit is quite noticible our school State Track Junior Tom Quammen Senior Mark Smith were the two;coronation ceremonies con(University High tracksters who,ducted by Steve Truitt and qualified for the state meet.i Debbie Dalton. Romantic purple These fine young men put inland lavender enhanced the UNC superior performance in the! ballroom where the event took mile run, and high hurdles,'place. - - - - - - - . ,, - , J , , . ,, , . . , . , - . . junior Eileen Garrison, andial Bank and made deposits m| Miss Michael Lynne Cameyjcent. Included in the repertoire Aside from Graduation May. dislikes picnics. sophomore Sherry Yager. These jour savings accounts. .. . . , _ _1 ___ J 1 ----- U."a ol,l. On C.arrV three saw Dr. Gerry Brudenell · - girls, along with three girls from Greeley West, will of the Weld BOCES in the hank. be competing for the title of'He was getting an airplane tick- ,,_,. Ut611 . ,,,,,., ^...^ ,,,,,,.. Greeley's FFA queen of the et to Florida. Mrs. Helen NJcollege in commencement cere- rodeo. Remember the big day Kennedy helped him. monies held May 17. More than will be en Memorial Day, May 1 Our next stop was at the 200 students were graduated in 30. HIGHLIGHT i Farm Fare in Lucerne for lunch. iThe food and the services were Greeley Central's HIGHLlGHT;both good. Each student paid published their last HIGHLIGHTifor his own lunch and left a tip. of the year. In it were several] After lunch we went back to featured sections for "seniors".Greeley to go to the library. We only. In one section seniors'looked over the nice books they! bacn elor of arts'degree from the institution's 61st commencement. * * * Al G. Eisenman, son of Mrs. George Eisenman, 1434 16th Ave. Ct. Greeley, received a CONVALESCENT AIDS PHONE .152.486S 1'01 8t!i Street and the very modern sounding, "Chester." The two latter songs were conducted by Roosevelt's two capable student teachers, Mr. Tom Rudd, of CSU and Mr. Ted Worth of UNC. "Sololquy for Trumpet" featured senior trumpeter at Roosevelt, Jeff Davis. The band is under direction of James E. Fuller. Also added to the program was Roosevelt's fast improving chorus which sang among other students Rooseveltjments were enjoyed in the City the school year I Park. The sophomores are spon- 1970-71 was completed for the;soring a "Bye, bye senior" biggest part on Thursday, May! dance on May 27 with music to respectively. boys! Congratulations SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (AP) -- Right housewives, who say BUFFALO, X.Y. (AP) -- As they don't want to join a former Labor Secretary W. Wil-|"mob," plan a quiet candlelight lard Wirtz was predicting greater turmoil in education and government in a speech Thursday night, police were using tear 14. Freshmen remained'after he provided by the "Heavy!gas on dissident college students test," explained Mrs. James .. i ,. . . . . . , . j 'T . , ,, nn »n n n 41,n r.*wnnf Mnllfirt: J7 in wVmco lri(/mar\ the early dismissal to complete-Load." their registration. Many clubs I guess it all adds up. those have elected new officers for across the street. Wirtz was addressing a meet- underclassmen are definitely ing of the Great City Schools olved Tuesday after four Kent the underclassmen may be hint- terrible State University students were Ripon College, Ripon, Wis., during commencement exercises May 16. Mrs. Victoria Seehusen, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clar-jHome." The Modern ence A. Anderson of Rt. 2, Box (formed and included on i 16, Eaton, was recently elected;da "Three Coins in a Fountain." Lake and a Drama Club picnicihe had a home run and to Chimes, an honorary scrvice;Both the chorus and the Mod-May 29 and a GAA and Rainbow!double. next year - kind of seems likeltrying to be rid of us. HowjResearch Council while 300! 1 'demonstrators from negihboring killed by Ohio National Guards- Buffalo State College werelmen. vigil Mother's Day to protest killing, whether in Indochina or on college campuses. "It's just a small, gentle pro- McGary, 47. in whose kitchen the idea for the vigil was ev- ing something to the seniors.! They wouldn't possibly be anx-! Leadoff batter Don Buford of blocking the street. "Wa deplored the situation," tnuiua ,,,,,,... aans ,,,,,,, B m., t . ious to be rid of us? Several'the Baltimore Orioles drew only! Along with the present turmoil.iMrs. McGary said. "We tr.ina«, "Consider yourself at ipicnics have been scheduled i n - i two bases on balls in his last:he said, has been the disappear-[wondered what we could do. we - - - - - - · · - · · -' --·--- respect and^don't care to join any mob, but |we were frightened and frus- . traied. We have remained silent USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS 'too long." Choir per-1 eluding the annual Student Coun-i 19 trips lo the plate in the World ance of courtesy, , n j| S aficn . C j| j'icnic on May 28 to Carter'Series. On his first three trips fun in society. ·

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