Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 60
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 60

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 60
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60 GREELEY (Colo.) TR1HUNE Wed., April M, 1972 Wed., April 26, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 61 Chirkpn IN A tsmuiven BASKET Ocoma brand* Federally Intpicled. ] 0 piece! ditp fried 4o J taiVel, Re defy lo heat an tervfc or serve cold. 2ib,$l-73 bskf, A A A Pennywise brand. Old fashioned hickory smoked. Selected slices, regular thickness. Captain's Choice brand. Nice portion s e r v i n g s ready lo cook. ^ Safewa Stiggelttd S«r*i»3 DISCOUNT' PRICES S«gg«Htd Strviwj -SK l£^*M»W -4 V 1 "*5» Fish Sticks Breaded Captain's Choice brand. I U'OZi 10 sticks to a package. nWjv Just heat and eat. r*B' ·***£$ Meat Loaf KiVpe|t Separated portions of ricam 2/3 lftan qrflund bcef and 1/3 fresh lean ground pork. Ready 1o season and mix together. lb. A A Ex SI C5 1 A Discount Meat Buys 1 -ib. Safeway Sliced Bacon No. I Grade. Slic«d regular or thick, Armour Sliced Bacon A^, s,.r '£. 8Bc No. t grtdt. Sliced r.guUr )hickn«i!. Jumbo Frog Legs Top Americir. dellcicy, Individual pliff. H Eldorado Cooked Shrimp "X for jilidi, cocktiSli or naftod dithel. · Breaded Shrimp 4.,, lt 't. Whole ihrimp «nd piacn breidld end redy to cook. Ib. Mb. $1.2? boi I Meat Discount Priced Regular Ground Beef uninspected m. 62c Fresh Fryers wu., s ,.d. A . n, 28c USDA Impeded for wlioloiomonen and Grad» "A" for quality. Slewing Chickens ?:^.tA' *. 35c Fully Cooked Hams , b . 49c Shank portion cufi. Cured with extra rnoTstufB added, making ihsje juicy and oufitanding in flavor. Fully Cooked Hams lb . 59c Butr porlion cult. Cured witfi sxfra moiiture added making thest juicy And ouliUnding in flavor. Discount Priced Meats All Meat Wieners s .u.. y ,,,,,,,, V£77c Sterling Skinless Franks Mb. Skinless Franks Sf . rlin , brW . *;£ * I ·" All Beef Wieners sfaw . y br , nd . ^: 82c Ail Meat Wieners s . fiVMy t , w . *;£ 59c Skinless Beef Franks s .,. w , y !,»,««. *l£:59c Young Beef Kidneys "jr. 1 ;,, ,,,. 29c Federally Inipectid. All from USDA Choice GrsJe Beat. Discount Priced Meats Breakfast Beef Sausage , Mad. ol USDA Choice Grad. B..f. Mildly tailored, I, 2 or Beef T-Bone Steaks lb . :5 l" No tails left on thas». S«(«w«y style trim. USDA Choice Gr«do. Beef Sirloin Steaks lb . J l 5 Bon.-in cuts. USDA Choice Grade Beef. Beef Chuck Steaks b . 79 C No. 7 Bone cuti. USDA Choice Grad. B»f. cuts. English Gut Roast lb . 99c Bonelcsi Baef. No txtra af rolled iround theie. USOA Choice Grade Beef. Discount Priced Beef Beef Rib Steaks ,..'l 43 No long ribt, CMne bont and feather bones removed. Cut from th« Standing Rib only. USDA Choice G-ade. i Beef Rib Eye Steaks J2 69 ' Bonelcis. No tails lelt on these. USDA Choice Grade-Btef. New York Cut Steaks , b . $ 2 69 Bonelesi Beef. .Genuine loin strip culs only. USOA CKoico Grid* Beef only. Top Sirloin Steaks , b *l 83 Bonclei! Beef. Genuine top sirloins. USDA Choice Grade Beef only. Check These Discount Prices Busy Balcer. Flour · . ' - - - Enrichedi ' ' v ; - Kitchen Craft - 5-lb. bag 39 Sunshine Cheez-lts Baggies Trash Bags 30 inch by 37 inch siit. Baggies Food Bags 11.5 inch by 13 inch. Hand! Wipes 'lYi* pkg. J£ '£ 37* .ft 77* ^ 37* ±54* Del Monta Catsup =45 Pecan Chips 69° or 6.125-or. Walnut Chips. 4-or. McCormick pkg. :i I..:..: ;, ·4-2i-72 Quality Bakery Golods Discount Priced Discount Priced Savings ' 25-lb. $017 !«·"'· J103 bog L. bog J. HPillskury Best Flour "i'l 02 ft Gold Medal Flour !b ! ft Self-Rising Flour V Cold M.d.l. Yellow Corn Meal Sir Z Corn Meal K - , , 5b l b , 57 f Discount Refrigerated Foods Safeway Cheese o Discount Refrigerated Foods Ib. 89' Halfmoort Longhorn or Mild Narural ChetJcJar. Random weight p a c k a g e s , Kuminost Chunk Cheese ^99' Safeway, random weight packages. Or Cheddar and Blue CKaete Blend. 1.19 .05 Yellow or Whiti. SmokeySharp Cheddar , b .'I 1 Safoway, random \v«iqM pscVagej. Sharp Club Cheese Srifflw^y CheDSa. RrtnJom wcipht pact^gei, Safeway Club Cheese *° Mild or Pimonlo, Random weight pac)cdg«t. Milk r;n 10 Blotfom Time, homoqiniied. Skim Milk ^49*129^ Lucurne, non-lat. Buttermilk v ':;::59'.;::36 Luecrnt. - -. Take Home some fresh bakery goods from a S( fcwoy Bakery. They're all fresh and delicious. Treat tKe famil; ionight.. Mrs, Wright's Donuts is j?,';49c ' © Applesauce Loaf Patlij, of 15. · SR u.V ui,i.i,,v Prune Tarts «,,. w,^.-,. "?,'. Danish Rings , k) . 12-oz, Apricol Cheese of 10.5-01. Raisin Hut. Safewiy. Danish Swirls «,,,, J.H,. i, f ««,. 'ji,',' 57e Butferscofch Rum Coffee Cake 1UT 43c ^ skylark Rye Bread Mrs. Wright's Cake Ofd FaKicnerf Ch;:olaie fud5(. © German Chocolate Cake tfr!R Mrs. Wright's. pkg. Safeway Cakes ^;: S 1" Buiiesstotch Almond Spice, Walnut Fudge GoM, cr Me:ha Fudge Devil's FcoiJ. © Western Farm Bread 2 i, ' sei Skylark. 99c | Skylark Wheat Dread ^31c ** IOOV- Who!- Whtal. ... 310 Skylark Rolls 9-t;. Paifetr Ho-jse or 11-or. Tea Rolls. Ice Cream 79 Discount Household Aids ^ Lucerne Party Dips ':": 35 Guacamols Dip 8-oz, ctn, 45c ), Large "AA" Eggs Frozen Foods Viscount Priced Cream O' (lie Crop. Save With Discount Prices ''"-. Mb. i qt pkg. J, */ *.86* Yellow Corn Meal H Frosting Mixes c (Coconut r*cin cr lull.r Paean 46c) Layer Cake Mixes" ,- ,,37 C » Chocolate Chips,, ;.;42 C Accent Fi.vor^,«.r. lfl r ? l 79 H Frito Bacon Nips "£37* · Ajax Liquid F.. b ^ 3 S69* Palmolive Liquid ,,,, : ;:,;62 Stretch 'N Seal Jumbo Foot. 1 Wrap, IN-tTORE 22 " C O * r. plif. 100 »(·"· roll' Quality Produce at Discount Prices Strawberries . 29° California Grown, Sunkist Oranges ^98 C Vdlencij, N«w Crop. Good for juict, Watermelon ,. 10° Rhubarb 19° Pfacock. © '63 Raisins P v 9 . i«i :,s.o,, Town Houn, laedloii, Field grown. Apricots ;:; 49' Yellow Onions lb. Medium ... T Prices good in all Safeway Stores featuring full-line In- Store Bakeries. Lawn and Garden Supplies 5 9a1 $ *" Peat Moss ^ r««n Vall.y. Purt, cl«dn, pulvtrizad. 3».fr. $|.tt ^ * Petunias onz77c Evergreens 5 l?J; $ 4 R««dy tff fr«nip)«nt inl» fl»rd«n. HeiHhy- Sproadort, contiin«r ]rown. p 1.1, Sprinkler «. $ 5 50111 77c Ice Cream Sandwich p .u 57* Lucerne, froien. * Reddi-Whip 'S.41* r.-oi«n topping, Birdseye Green Peas ';;: 35* Fro»n, witli Onion), or Potatoai rn Sauce. Birdseye Green Peas ';; 35 C In cri«m siuce, froien, French Fries S: 18* Regular or Crinkle Cut, Btl-iir, frozen. Mrs. Smith's Pie Shells 15 ,;; 3? ? inch IFIS, Frozen. Chocolate Cake U5 ,;;85 C Sara LaSj frozen. Pound Cake Sar* Laa, frozen. Frozen Apple Pie Johnston, 9 inch *iit. (^·01, pVg, 93c). More Discount Savings Dutch Apple Pie -81 C Johnston, frozen, ? fnch size. Frozen Cherry Pie 3 S81* Johniton r 9 inch size. Banquet Boil 'N Bags . 25' Jeno's Pizza Rolls ^51 f Froien, ft Crystal White Liquid 4 S 59* For dijh«i. ®. Palmolive Liquid ' P-. 31* for dlsliei. Woolite Powder 75 ;J: 71* .ft Miracle White c : 99 C ft Sta-Puf Softener S: 99* Fabirc Softener. 3 Ajax Liquid Cleaner "Z: 74* Save With Discount Prices Froiert, Rosarita Dinners ^ 49* 12-oj. CombioalTon, 12-oz. Beef Encliilad., or IS-oi. M«xican, 55 Rosarita Burritos . 7l S49* Red or Gfaan Chrli, frois/i, Cocktail Tacos Frozen Beef Tacos 'S49* Ife Folger's Coffee 2 USanka Coffee 2 Max-Pax Coffee " Filler Ring Co((... Maxwell House Coffee ' VI 05 Coff.t. Roiariffl. EvoraTn Puls.for. Full or pit) tirctt. Garden Hpse i Bucket French Bread , fi^fuwn Chocolate Cake,, 87c Butitrmilk Twin Rolls ,,3c Cookies Jor 25c Wl or Mirth virldiu, *"' Rose Bushes '! n c M » M , SI10 * «· ' Evmmi!t ' 7 9 " J I kTOI^IbBHtf ,f« i ( Conldinar grown, not in ui«. Austrian or Ponderosa Pine Trees $"? (9 "o Tr D«cor«liv«, lirg« chunli. 4t-». S4.4f ·«, * Fa/tiliier. Cont«!ni 20*IO5 plus iron. Covers 5,000 iq. ft. p Seven Seas Dressing '^39* Creamy French Dressing *Z 29* Seven Si it. Safeway Instant Coffee ',": Maxim Freeze Dried *£ U 09 Jntiin. 1 Coffee. H Fab Detergent ^, * Ajax Detergent «.«. ' 1 1 Italian Dressing Seven Sen, Rtgutir. '£31* SAFEWAY Prices good through Tuesday, May 2, 1972 In Greeley, Colo. © 1963 Copyright Safeway Sltxei, Inc. norm iold to dealers. xx r^^ws^ f * Ce " W^flJt*.,* 6Ker/ '''«»·* *""*' f| *"*"*W/te lft ^".w nuke 'a,*"" 9 ^CfJffiW - faaiiseih atty 'nSs'Z manuf «ft r ' f ? lVe , i/fece Hr e - r , ·° J *tfe L J?*ShW ·^ * e **·"* ' S ' More Discount Savings Northern Napkins .f p uo31* Thrift Pack, I ply. White Cloud Tissue V^ISO' Bathroom Tiuu», 2 ply. Save With Discount Prices Hills Dog Food 1A :: 20' SpecliI Pact, ti'/. protein. Golden Choice Dog Food ! 7:1 O c Nalley Thick Chili "::, 39 ' With beam. Vets Dog Food 2 ^ Crown Prince Dog Food 1M £ Kal Kan Cat Food ';: till O' Tun.. Kitty Salmon for Cats '".15* Sleepy Hollow Syrup * 4 ,"67* H2-»i. all. 36c) Toastettes Nabisco TO-or. pkg. 36 ' /- ·" * j^«P^TOSKr: i ;aT*-;-w;-,»-:.«r:^,~-,f^ypt;-.5,tFTZ ; ^SaBKWeBSiil ^ Fruit Drinks 25 Family Needs at Discount Prices ^97 Sylvania, Blue Dot, Each cube has 4 flashes, M-3 Flashbulbs ? s 5S Flash Cubes Sylvania, Safeway Toothpaste Lectrlc Shave William. Reguli.-, pfe-ihivt. Lecrfic Shave Williimi. Forll Lime pn lhjr«. Aqua Velva R,d«mi A»tr Aqua Velva IVA.,. Aqua Velva ,,,« M,,, sh,, ® Groom Glean «** Hilr Oreiilna. A Mini Pads 0 , ^^ SU/.Fiee. Safeway Panty Hose Ukro-Mtth or All Shiir. Coleman Fuel STOV» ird L*ni*ri- Jlfoam Oven Cleaner Oven Cleaner v, ; «- i.i«. Ajax Window Cleaner Window Cleaner » KS ,». ScoH's Liquid Gold ,,,,,.r. Spring Clothet Pins Dlinxnd, In pel? iij. Ant and Roach Killer UovM Rlld. Raid Insect Spray Houii Md Gudin 5pr*y Raid Weed Killer Raid Flower Spray rf Hr, TO« ·· /oC » DoC Discount Priced Savings Axion Pre-Soak ®. Ajax Cleanser Airway Instant Coffee 2 Edwards Coffee F ,r.,·£«... 1 Wild Berry Jam K!r 9 K.lly. Atio V/ilJ P| urn Jam. Pack Train Syrup Wishbone Dressing 1000 24* ; 45* : 95* BEEF FOR YOUR FREEZER Best of Jhe U.S.D.A. choice grade properly aged, Full sides of beef. 1 hind quarter/ 1 front quarter. Average weight 275-290 Ibs. 55* Imililion M»pl» Syrup. (lo-ot. ql. 33c). 71 per Ib. Cut, freezer wrapped and quick frozen at no extra charge, Standard preferred ordirs available 1 to 2 days.

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