Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 5, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX- ' LAB CHUCES (If. M.) SUH-WKWB Tueid»x ETjning^Jun* 5, 1951 » Las fl-News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Cleveland Indians Finally Break Lopal Charm Aiier Two-Year Try . .i!.v .lor. (A.sMicialrtl 1'ress S p f i t l H W i l i e I t took n e a r l y two vcaiv:, .1 hl;iek cit. 10,000 rahliit.4' fei.t. n IIKK- j^.'if;i livC.ait'.iii and noun; Jiolt'J .-·[.· k i n H (or Cleveland to . b l e a k I h i r . n y h t h e Kd L'fji.'ll imx. ·Hill Dial's v.-hnl tin; liiiliaiia :n xral l\v: atvii...i .-howd.'i in tw'i nl^hl. whip Hi" (·.'leVi'lall .'.tr.'liuht -i n i n t h in civil III... j:wp?p 01 from I h i 2-lP. W l H l l til I I ' ! I n n i n g . i u'llh ;' .1 r u i ' l I'.'i'Ml "ii I" / YcnSi Y;u]I:c,.(!.s. k-2. v i c l - j i y . i t n I h i i ' l Ilii- Yiiiilii'iM. a m i if. i.-.-.K'i V.'hilr r.'.x 1 I^'ill Krd "U, ''·"' .''H' 1 the Illicit ''"I ''"I i'." Lopnt wild, l l u i i . f i f n c i l !n Mil- K'icj.l 1"CH i - l i n i n i M I m n c l p i l t h e first l!i.l)li'J faiiH I'lilc-riiiR I hi- prirll mill a '/nuj' f u n wlio ran mil t n llic mound w i l h a Mack I'.'it as t h e Y a n k e i : luiik-r v.-Hfj t r i s s i n f , w j i i i i H i p pitclH-ii ill the lasl ul t h i ! f h s l IlllilllB. llMllcT llnaiM- Tin- ycjiu'.H U|;t:est I l l r n u i i l :it Coinlski'V piii'k - -IV/IK holler- i!il I t h t l f as tli'l While Kcix whlpiieil tv.'n I d i i u c i liMiiiniiileH · Recappers Capture 15-2 Win In Opener For Summer Softball Shook Kecappers wnnshed U n i t ed Stores 1, r -l! in .'i nuinmer recrc- ,-itlrin .Softball ]raK«R "lcnfr ln:il n i f j h t (in J u n i u r high diamond. W i n n i n g pitcher was Lawrence, with Roberts loxlng hurlcr. H i g h h i l t c r f u r llic K«cnppi'rH wilh Kob- eiU, ealfh'jr, w i l h three Hlla in f o u r l i m n s ' up. KOKiilcs ICiul for Unil'id '''.'Mb f w n in fulir. Steven":: K n r n i t i i n - 'iml the Co- Ii:iiil»iiin Squires cancelled ilier /u.t n l f c h t ' H f^unc Stevens j.-i r c u i n a n m n g t i n Irani. Thin iifu-rnnon at T) Uar'.s nidge l:iko on Ihf! C, K. Antli'Jiiy ?iine in n . J u n i o r league g;un« .sehedulrd lor . J u n i o r high. In Uic senior lc;ij;m:. I'. P.. I'urn i.-i to clash w i t h W(i!;IHnj*lJii school at 7 p. in. Defending Champion, i Runner-Up Favored { In Golf Tourney j liny Scnll.-c.u.UBli .-""I W i l l V.'i,;ht \ QU1.NCV. III.. June 5 l/l'i - D C - I ami ;i h a l l ' : fenclliiK c'haliipion Marjcine LincJ-1 Minor League Scores By The AsMcffi WKKT TBXAS-XKW MKXICO A m a r i l l o 1, Clovia 3 Abilene 6-4, Lubbock 2-3 A l b u q u e r q u e 7. Dorger 0 LaineHa y, Pamjia 0 SOUTIIWBST I.NTKKNATJOXAK LKAOOK Phoenix 10, Kl l j aso G J u u r u z 5, Tucson 2 (Only gatnrs scheduled) : COAST j.Bvcun' I No ^aniea scheduled) . . TKXAS I . B A d C J K HmiHluil 2-II. Shrcveporl 1-2 Diilliis '!. Tulsn 1 Fort Worth 1R. Oltlaliom.'l City 5 .San Antonio at Beaumont, postponed. Amarillo Captures Easy 7-3 Win Over Pioneers By Tin- Associated J* If Amarlllu's Cold 'Sux look -i n n l p l r r I ^ i p a l N'ot !..lnce . l o u t - 17, l l ' l ' l !i;nl the n - l i H i i : ; li"cn able to uon'IU'"' Loat. K I n r e l l n 'ii. the I'.'ftber'i'jr ,.-at t l i e i u I I s t r a i g h t timen. tv/ie«' i.ea entered I ' l n unblemished ^-ec'i - i i m w i t h o u t a . l e f ' : uf McMfiui Mild: O a i c i a , ImHciM-itod by n i u i n ' i o u a »if:aHapun t o " l u M t l.oj'iH." i l l i l it. haiulily w i t h a wcll- M : » L t f i i : i l 10-liit prrif)rintiin'i'. "1 i-ui'fia i n r M(Wit»' fri'l o m l lo u])i:n up 11 K i i n i f l o n r l in I hi; Anii-rkaii Lcnf,'!"-* i ;i ce. M i l l y I M c i r t - i i m l K:nil I'j.Knvln. ( - i - H t w I t l l i j nn!inl)i'r.s uf i l i u Detroit I n u l i i i K torpn. t u n i . n l in muti-- say ml n i n i i u r - n p Gnicu Duinos.4 c the top 1'avoritcK liut tin; field \VJIK J i t a t r l t c d w i t h tulonlctl "un- kiinwiiH" in Ui« ^ ' ^ t Winnen'.'i ' r n i n K - M i f i f i i K H i p p i Oolf tonrnanu-nt oiivninf; today. More t h a n 70 Hliooters w n c lil[la ,, lis | lt bo t l i a t l o i t ' s Ti);t'i-.-! raiin: f r o n t I n - - 1 M-licdulcd to tt;u u f f in t l m fir.^1 h i n d w i t h two t u n s in the l»»t half I Women';! Tiiins-MlMHlssippI oast of the n i n t h to nip l h t ( Wash- (.Jif! MisriiHsIppi river at i n a. in. i''.ST. Thij 6,008-yfird. \»r 7( Quincy C o u n l i - y club KUWHC was well K i i » i n i H l for th l n n t ' » n Sirnntof". «-fi. A f t i ' l tltinrKi Kill's twn-diil Kin;;lo h u r l tlr.d . l i t U I O K - . Vic W K rl7. and J ' n t M u l l i r ^ w n l l t p i t lo lurid tin: hiuu'H iuul Jdhii- j |,L- H'.'tlk'd i. ny G r u L h handed a n o t h e r jjlnplc L' ( ];iy. srtiry K r N w i t h Um w i n n i n g run, ' j j a i Nrv.'lioUiiPl 1 wtint I he di.sltinci: ( i r n n i l Sl:iu Kdiikl« J-' lilliin !.onu- i .'Hi-hole tnateh Sun- Fights Last Night I l i n t f o t d . C(tnn.. 127. r'cji, i : u , outpointed JCHU.H 10. ,,h,ni borne I un n ea , ^ ,,, ,,, delphla A t h l f l i c s t o a 7-0 t r m o i p h - ,,, ... A| . tl ,,,,. KlnJ ,, ,. r , ,/,,, ,,v«r t h e Kl. Louis liiowns. iwddic · ,,utpoi,,le.l A r m a n d Hn AIR CONDITIONED RIO GRANDE-* I h r drcidiiiK 111 l I l C KUVC'lllll ''I'- ll MniitiLl :ili)HPtl'"l two l l i n i l i,| ii slnjilr t o d r i v r in JIH-Iii:i i h f St. Louid C i i n l t n u b New Yurli'K . i i - c i t i t i l - p l w n 1 · w i l h ii 1-" win. K ' J j i k i i : ]di:l 01 j; h! IntK in i n n i n g ImniL'r. !»(" (-.vr.h- GIIH Hull h i t !' ( J' ""- cycl a ;;iiiL;Ui. double, t r i p l e nnd ho to lend I ' l U s b i i r K l t ti a little blue from Abilene has rub- hurl off. -The Go!d Sox scum to have gotten disgusted with holding clown tin: b o t t o m rung in the Went Texas-New Mexico League.-ladder. ml fur the past three days -jiavfi mill iiKiiting like the cirt:uiWcad- uiK Blue Sox. UiHl ·night, the (.Sold Sox loolc a d v a n t a g e of Don l-'Jcttthcr's control to win an easy 7-3 victory from liic Clovis I'ioneeru, who lately have been pliiying Hlic the- tru- Jilional cellar team of old. T^ut. aliis. the Amarillo nine arc still u l i h c bottom of the huap, ivith H .;(0(l ftvcrage. A b i l e n e Htill is sicting like a leud- i-r. J-tiHt nipjit, tho Klue Sox nnulc up for its rain-enforced idleness, w i n n i n g two victories from Lub- btick G-2 and -1-3. The "viciorlcfi moved Abilene hack where f they wore Saturday nif;ht, ^ gamcH ahead ol' second place Albuqucr- f]iic. ilcspitu a win by Alhuqiicrquc, Tlic Dukes' Don. Cnntrell turned in an iron-man show at BorRer, M o w i n g the Gassera only seven School Athletic Association Warns On Amateur Status New rulings handed down by the New Mexico High School Athletic association inform high school athletes of procedures to follow during the summer sports season to avoid endangering their amateur status. The rulings came from headquarters of the N M H S A A In Al- hufjunrquc. Briefly, here is an explanation of th'e ruling's as announced: Any student ean play w i t h or against any professional team so long as he does not receive pay for his services or expenses. His expenses can be paid by the team so long as he doesn't receive uny nnney himself. Kiirthdi 1 stipulations are that the young player musi always play u n d e r his own name and he must not accept any type of sift from sponsor. 1 ; or anyunu else in excess of $·!. Jn the case of equipment which is furni.shed the young plnyer, it must nut be Itept by the player- Laws further state that if a boy play.s a match gamn on any other team than his own school team, written consent of his Principal must be obtained.. The surest way for young play- ·ra to avoid becoming inclisK'ie x for him to contact his high ichool principal bcfoie hu participates in any summer sports activ- ty. If questions cannot be ans- i'l'i-iid in this manner, a letter to dorris W. Ward, executive secretary of the N M H S A A , will receive prompt reply. MAJOR. Ity The Associated rress A-MWUCAN" W. I,. I'CT. Chicago 23 11 .725 New York 27 10 .628 Boston 2G 17 .604 Cleveland 2-1 19 ,558 'Detroit 19 «2 .463 Washington 37 2-1 .415 Philadelphia 34 28 .M3 St. Louis 13 Ii2 .289 Mmiiliiy'* RcMills Chicago G-'2, Boston 5-0 (twin l n h t ) Cleveland S, New York 2 (night) Philadelphia 7. fit. Louis 6 NATIONAL W. Brooklyn HI. Louis New York Cincinnati Chicago Boston Philadelphia Pittsburgh 27 24 24 ·22 20 22 21 10 L. I'CT. 16 .628 .545 20 23 .511 .500 .500 .489 .457 ..372 Sports Briefs By The Associated . 1'nss GOLF Broaclstone, England · - Beverly Hanson gained the third round of Urn Women's British Amateur championship, but the other two Americans, 'Dot Kiclty and Mrs. Bctiy Singleton, were eliminated. TENNIS Paris - Australia's Ken Jlac- Crejjor and Frank Sedgman defeated Americans Gardnar Mulloy und Dick Savitt. -fi-2, 2-6, 9-7, 7-5, in doubles finala of French championships, Manchester, England -- AHhea Gibson, American negro playing in Kngla'nif for"first'i-lmc," gained' the.second round of Ih'o Northern Lawn Tennis tuurnamcnt with 6-1, 6-1 victory-over Peggy Hudson (it England. RACING New York -- Cigar Maim! ($5.60) won the female division of the National Stallion stakcn at Eelmont park. Chicago -- Simwnce Sfjuaw (54.20) won the Anita Peabody purse on the Lincoln Fields' program at Washington park. In 1040 Sliauglmossy playoff game between Nashville ami Chnt- tanooga in the Southern Association, George-Jeffcont of Nashville struck out JS men. lory over Ihc. I'll l i i . P i r a t n H m a d e 17 hitH off four ; ruarcd from I I'h l i l t ihn:i; l u l - KfHuid won his first big delphia I'hilhes. Ke.atlercd hits a n i l n siilRle walk ENDS TODAY v.-lillc I'.nrger IMLchch-miuiai;oi' Kd- dii; Cnrnpll j;nve up 11 hits. .The .scon;: 7-0 for the Dukes. At Lamcsu. Ted Wyhcranet 1 yhut uut Ihc I'ampa Oilers 9-Q, fanni Maxim Is Ordered To Take 30-Day Rest Before Fight CHICAGO, June 5 /T ·-- Dead i-nd Joe Maxim has been ordered by the Illinois Alltlelie commission It) tiikc i\ C0-ii:iy 7'CiiL while hi; mtuwger, .lank Keanis, has hinh-d lie nifty have been doped prior tti his fifjlit v.-iLli heavyweight, champion Kiznnl Charles lasl werlt. Ac tiny on t h e rr commendation of its chief niciliciil examiner. \)r .]. M. llausion. I h p romnii.sHinn or- fUred M a x i m to siiHpcnd all tniin- hiB H I H ! lioxiii" nctivily for 30 days. " M i i x l m Is oil the VOI-KC of cul- from ])liysiual exhaustion," Hoiifiton. 7 MISSION / - M.. ^ i I u- P.. i ' I . Admission 50c - iOc - lOc Phone 413 PLUS Dir.uoy Color Cartoon | ''Philo's Hoarllhrob" !H A1 A * Hoy y' Miercolos P?:DRO _ I N F A N T E ! y= "Tambion do =2 Dolor So Cnnia" ^^ y Grand Coinodia I'hiini! Jtiii Cramlo ·i:t» l , Suite -tr7'- l'ln/:i 11 Last Time Tonight OPEN 7 P. M. -- SHOW STAHTS 7:30 P. M. I BLOCK OFF U.5,80 ON COllECE ROAD SHOWING TON1TE ONLY! PLUS -- COMEDY SHORT NOVELTY ' r o u n d - t h e - w o r l d p r i n t s i n 'Round the world for inspiration for these facinatinR prints... to wear in these beautiful Doris Dodson styles right here at home or away on your vacation. lib'Grand WEDNESDAY ONLY S P E C I A L ! Pro-Rolcaso Showing! Hlclmrd Honry CONTE ' HULL JuHn Adumn "The Hollywood Slory" ' * ' - ·*· More toad space nvnibhlo on vl" ! .Mem pick-up. Imn - t - l . j t i ni.-ft. riipueily t o Inp uf I n i l ^ i i l r --Injjpo.^t UMU! npiuv of any piipulnr t r u c k of umip;i- rnhlt; \ Hooiny ; ' i - l o n uiul 1-Uin pirk-\i|w linvc r x t n i nipiu'tty, lo;. » Biggest scat and windshield *n» i ri |1 s plenty of room lor thrtv limky mm in tin* fonifort.'iblo I'lunr-hi.-if'lil w u l -- wultvl of any popular (nick. You Rot tin: lii^fii^i windshiold tf uny popular (ruck, l u u -- I I H T M t l m i t UIK) tt(|tiaro iui'has for t'xtra-twili! vni- l i i l i t y . Ouid windshield wi|Ktfs nro ;;lji!iih\nl. All these extra values/ too! No other pick-up oiVtTrt you all llicmi proved fcaturtw! U i p {iT-horsopuwiT ciicini 1 ! OriMow nhock uliMorlxirrt for utiet]nailed r i H i n ^ ^ i n o o t h - IIONS! J.i^lilvvt-i^ht, -1-riiiK pi.sUmn w i t h lop rinn chnMiio-pluti'd for ci'oniiiuy mid ton^ life.-! l-'ully cuntrolknl h y d r a u l i c lirnki\i w i t h Oyck'lfond "no rivcl" brake l i r i n j j s and iwlo- pendent hand brake! MoiMtireproof ignition for nil-weather (k'|K i ndability! On*-!- you se« . . . rtde in ... nnd d r i v o this ijrcut uuiiiey-snviiiji '/(:(on pick-up you'll know why own-' crs nil o\'i s r (own sny lliry never i'X|ici*li i d "so much t r u c k for so l i t t l e money." A n d with our spccuil crvdit terms, it's so ensy to liny! You ran nlso get n ^'c or 1-ton Diiil^o "Jnli-JCn/cd" pick-up with Idfth-siitc ov low-side body on (.'ijually easy terms. On nil l)od;;c "Job-Katcil" pick-ups you t;cl increased power . , . higher 7.0 to 1 compression ratio ... easier h a n d l i n g . . . extra-wide r u n n i n g hoards f'»r safe, sure fooling . . . all-steel body wilh load-protecting hardwood floor. I Jest of all, thu price is .so much lower than you'd expect! Uny mm' and (nkc. a d v a n t a g e of low first cost...lung, ensy terms. See us today! Ilii Only pick-up Tracks Wilh NolhhiR else like it! Fluid Drive-- available on '...-, -'i-, nnd 1-lon models-- makes drivinf! en.'.icr, increases (ruck life. Tins proved fluid cnuplini; between viiKinc and clululi inakca iilarta Biuoothcr, pmlcct.') your load. A TRUCK THAT FIT? VOUR J00... A POtXNE ROMNEY M OTOR CO. 401 S. Alameda ' Phone 244 V.I Italian Kirirra Cfmn In 1'»». All llie gaitl of llic "I lailiur I.i 5 lill" of rollorinu iclln-lnl on .1 iviilcly ILitcil slin covtrtj willi liNRlilIy colored liouics mil sail |iojls...lnncil by a slctvclcJl |iiquc iliilt, 7 lo 15. as seen in P H O T O P t A Y n".. jncicul K^piun an on a dirndl ilirl and voile Womf nilli llic ptasanl flavor. Skill matching plilUeil banding edju the Lrlulc neckline uTvlie soft blouse. 7 Co 15. Xavj, KrJ, Gait Ol/itt Datil Ofi/jrm

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