Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1977 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1977
Page 30
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30 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE FrL.Jime 3,1977 27 Kouits to Rent 31 Furnished! Apartments 31 Furnished Apartments 31 EXCEPTIONALLY Nice I tearoom ncf»e -- Pumice*. Gleftmw e Park ana. J218 per rrwwi A«a!leb!e Junt t] to September 15. Csyplepre'wrefi 3534713 SEVERAL Apanmenti a . HOC to 1255 per montt. NO ptts. s« property managtr, ITO 13m S-Te«. NEWLY Remodeled one bearoom «C*nmtni - Ntir cam?.*. iJ15 per mown, wlitttei lncltf«M. w K«. Furnished Apartments 32 Unfurnished Apartments 32 Unfurnished Apartments 36 Mobile Home Rentals 38 Commercial Rentals COMFORTABLE I t*tiroo.Ti bUHWU US InciKdei tflifcfc*. Av«!t*5i* June THREE Beorccm OllcreB area. 737 12 FOR R E N T -- Main pan of GOOD 3 be«room hola*r home In Pierct. Lar^eyifd and tree*. IW lilt. *W rest In 1KO «TH STREET --Convtolertllxitloa Swry. no cfiiioren or put S6 30». louie. 1J1S hft [·J*s3 CHEAPER Rra Htrt --, utilities fu.Mwed, liwdry, weeklf rettv 125 5, Tnd Sr, L* isll*. 2U 41SS. FOR RENT -- On* becrsw, aeartmwt. JurnlSiM All uttiM piid. · im pef manlfi p!vi d«ct:i. Call Ui- 0611. FURNISHED On« wr»m »» - Prtvwe tf.traoct *.3 taw. U!i Ifth Avenue. 4 FOR 5 -- Clttilfltd Biwr nit p(K*4 on NEW l, J, tod 3 btdroom tpwtmwifl Siturtir morntnt) wtit rtctlve l trtt Oowntnm t\ \SU lift StrMt. Ctqwtvd ortftf «l to run J cwtecttM (J*yi win No ld UlitA «rF*r NICE Larct t««« apin p*tj or children. 30H WW. SU4»JttES - IS^s paU. 11)7 TWO Btdroom -- CovpJ« prtftrrtd. pett J1« month el d Ml *J«drfe kHchvi Cm tmiil HI ckiy. No cMltta. f 1SJIIW. To M* 00 to rtitttft! rrwiwtr tt IJM lim StrMt. AjMrtroMt If. ItMttri 4:» md t:» p.m. Available Jon*. TWO tndthfM btdroom mofeifchcmw for ma. FvrmtfMd v* uifvrniintd. com* W 90 tftt Strttt W M MOBILE Homt to rtnt - FOR RENT - Farmf« JST574i OKE Be-irown furnltncd - Oisfi*jsfiw, neat fwmlBM. No ojgj. tUi · mown. - WANTED -- Quitf m«ie roommate, 2$ r«n old. Call before 8 a.m. or after ! GARDEN L«vel«-- Oo« bwroom. All uililtlei paid. H40 rrvxiin, dtcciit retired. 353 W«. 130-1130 NICE older. 1 and 2 Br. »ptl No cMldrtn or pett. Cepoitt, Haytitn end Company. J5J-SM1. BEAUTIFUL 3 becrooffl brick family , o School . Nopwv Reference*. onTh. Ytv'ileaie.lU «7S. AVAILABLE NOW tor JvmmW qwrtw 1 t*tfn:m hovit mar eimpw. Furn!i-;M. ISA 7700 tor Se«iy or JKkte; 1513051 evMlflCi. TWO SKrcorri tumlifiM apanmtfii - inopermcwn -- SmsitrncatrntvrnliiKt New UNC. Avsilaeie for summer for »pinment. Ail electric Mtcr.en, »« »1M per monm Inducing utilities ana " " · - HSO per month for fall Including FURNISHED apjuimem for rent - tiw a montn. all bills pata. 353-17*1 TWO Bedroom fo*nhousi -- Fumltf»d or unfumlthed. 3« *MJ; 153-7177, tptrtmvtl. only. Ha ptti. JSJ- WH. LARGE Qydt -- 1 btdroom, unfumlifMd, carpeted, tfraptd. excellent ballon. Perm*neftt p«rty, tdulti only, no ptti. HAS. 1105 IJth Avenut. Ul-CtfM or IB- Hti. REDUCED ntt - For cU*a 2 btdroom. ccrtii ci Wia!i.T£j M£. Uirlii ta- clhtftt. tte-ltM, FOR LEASE -- 47) Mfh Sfrtaf, tnltn wmptix. 1-2 wnlftfl, brick txKUttv* oHkrt. 3 m*Iof bvIUlngt. t**d trti ·pproxlmitilr W.WO tq. ft, mtnulKturlna. vriioUultj f*!*IL or comWMtton or other poiilbimiti. SU- ISO or UM11L TWO «nd thrM btdroom -- Mobile rtomn (or rent. Fttone S53-70**, STREET Le«l fl neat cHlce nt. wa Strnt Prottuionil BuUding. *n )3ih Si. 1315 month. Avilltblt July 1, 1177. Contact Bob Krepl. 1U-3T13. wllttles. Call Dkk Chilean, U41133 fttton S p.m. i» «kdas. . . , _,,_.._., carpet thfooghout. For i working lady THR EE Room furnished apartment -- No or jfudent. No pert. 151 S»t. wi'ow FOR RENT -- inree Wcrosm ynfurnliKM riouu in Auii. JH5 plui uiltHlet, mil It a vwy comtorlate home. 354-3030 or 354- 94H. FURNISHED J bwroom -- Carprted. adurrt. No pe». 1170 plut Opotlt. All Ulllttlei fi'.a Avaltible Jun* 1. or 5.3535707. ONE flteroom - Per sinoi* v,orklno person. Sl£ montn, 153 depoUl. Utllltlei paid. No pen. C5 l?rn Srreer. 351 -Ul}. TWO Btcrwro -- Un)um!w»d nous*, II miles eatl of Gre«!*y. 1175 plus utimiev Na CUJbuilcinfii. 3Si iUOorJJi *iN. KITCHEN ETTES-L*rg« or IRIIII. 351-1531. N EWLY Carpeted - -1 bedroom fornlsned. Baiemenl apartment near UNC. Summer rale. 11M. wiiiiiei fumlsned. No pen. 1431 lOtn Avenue. Call 614 5113. Royal (ianlvn Apt. NOROICA Apartmtntt -- Large I and 1 bedroom unttl. Avitlable for now, lummer and fall. Heat furnlthed. Poo) and air conditioning. From 1155/meinth. NO pen ptcaM. Pnon* iW-WJi or itop by 1117 Kth Street Road. Apt. 101 or 1131 Ntn Street Road. Apt. 107, LARGE 2 bedroom aptrtmtnt -- all tttctrlc kitchen, 1,000 iqmr* fMt. Phont 35J-4JU, 35J-4337, TWO Bedroom unfurnlttitd apartment! -Carpeted, kitchen appliance*, security, carport avitlable. Niar Mall. Sorry no children or pelt. Fra»tr Apartmtnri. 1705 30th Street. 153-S17a, TO RENT -- With option to buy. Clean btdroom mobile horn*. Complitily lurnlihid. Waitiar/drytr. ilr conditioner, prlvatf lot. 333 *i«. ONE, Two and 3 bedroom mobllt horn* - CloM ro coll»9«, no pet*. 3510700, or 3567733, GARAGE For Rtnt -- til monthly, call 40 Farm Tract Rentals TWO Btdroom and on* btdroom apartment. Stilt Farm iru, Phont W* 3*57. »0-tl]0 NICE older, 1 ana 1 Br, aptt. Ha chilorrn or pen. Dew lit, Haycen and Company, M1-S7S1. ONE Bfdroom bawmenl apartment --\i block from UNC 1130 month, utilities fumlined. UM Win Avt. CT. 3M (W37. 29 Duplex Rentals « FOR i -- Classified liner ads placed on Saiuroay morning will receive I free day (commercial act excluded} wnen ord«-M to run 5 consecutive days whh no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 352-0111. FURNISHED Deluxe buffet -- Carpeted, draped, electric ktichta elevator, security doors. Aviltablt June 1st. tt«. 351-38Wor 3J3 ISM. 1515Tlh Avenue. SPACIOUS - One bedroom AUrrled couple. 715 Eaa 2« Phone 353 5744. TWO bfCroom duple* -- Call 354-zm, LARGE Very clean -- 2 becroom fur nlihed. Nocniiorenorpets. JSI-*WO, BUFFET -- All utllltlei paid. Call The Real EJtalers.Sii 5251. SINGLE Man - Share trailer. 155 montn plus deposit. Private iftowfr. 1533304, arterap.m. LARGE - Reasonable J bedroom apartment. On Aims College bus line. Good local ton. No pets. 352-91W. Furnished buffet and l bed- WU.SIHIRE Location - i bedwnt room apartments. 2 bedroom balcony, air, jire up. 15*1117. AI», unfurnished 1 nnri · h-iili Chateau by Mall, all cwvimtnctJ. 1170. r IS? i ? i l$3l74Mfftowii*er,JJ3-SWl. Carpeted, draped, hot water heat, air condiliuned heated EXCEPTIONALLY Nice J bedroom EATON - i b*droom bmmeni apan- ivxil mltn h-irtwiiA Arlnlic apartment In La Sallt, all ilectrfc kit- ment. Stovt and refrlatrator lurnlihtd, poou patio, baroetue. AduIU - «,,,,. sir corwtt!onin 3 , csrpning and Ng wti. JM-2C1 or ju-nn. No Pets. ·· Manager, Apt. No. 101 ^52-0152 TWO 3 brdrpom mobllt homt* tor renl -Real inarp. Call 354-J151 or 353-U99. FARMER want! to HIM flood firm ground with adtquitt witir. Located In GrHlty arta. Hive own equipment. Rlfirencei. Write to Box Q-10, c/o Greeley Tribune- FOR SALE Or ftent -- Nice btdroom. 351^507, afttr i:K. FURNISHEDlbedroom - Mobile hornet Utllllltt Included. Near Kodak. 353-W14. 44 Wanted to Buy ONE Btdroom -- Nur ctmput. NO p Ul per month, 3J3 Mil, i p.m. 32 Unfurnshed Apartments ONE Bedroom -- Furnlined, alt utilities paid. Call The Real Esiate.-*, 354-i2i3. ONE Becroom -- (umlsneo, utilities paid, one small cMldokay. Across street from FOR I -- Us. couple tllo. House Sl 718 No. IlihAve. 351-7440. TWO Bedroom basement -- Available besmnlno summer quarter. J5M,. 517-*m, or 14471193. 1020 tth ST.'-- Ntar dowrlown, on* bedroom, sorry no children or peu, 3543030. AVAIL. Juna I - 3 bdrm.. air cond., ihig carptli. dlihwaihtr, bale. 1170 plui utll. No children or ptti. 3tt-]OI. ONE Bedroom -- All utllltlei paid tvcept elKtrlc. Cranford area. 1150 per month. No peti. 351-8970; U3-7XO. DELUXE J Kid 3 btdroom ·partmtnti -Ma|or appllanctl fumllhtd. Ulllltltl paid except electricity. Call JO-WJ or 3S4-3JW. TWO bedroom -- furnished, elr conditioning. 1115. 351-U6I. 353-1421. ONE Bedroom duplex -- I11S a month. If IS 4th Street. Phone 517-4243. TWO btdroom with utility room -- Only one small child. Furnished. No pel*. 1175 plu* deposits. Call 153-4347 or WANTED -- Dead or alive -- RelrlQl. or trttiers. Reward depends on cond. 912 Kth Ave. KotnlQ'S Appt., 353. mt. 6 FOR 5 -* Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning win receive I tree day (commercial ads excluded) Mtien ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 3520311. LUXURY 2 and 3 bedrcom apartments - QUIET -- 1 bedroom, sh»g carpets, dishwasher, air conditioned, 1170 plus u11 """- No P* 11 w chlldrefl - 3M -'«*- CLEAN --one bdrm. apt. mar downtown. Sorry, no ptti or children. 3524312. FURNISHED 2 btdroom - vtrv cltan, ctntnl air conditioning, 352-1101. WANTED -- Good used cash registers. 351-7200. - TWO Btorcom duple* -- carpeted, craped, appliances, washer/dryer hookup. X17 Hlgn Drive, Evans, Married couples only. Maximum l child. 1 No pet L 1170 plus deposit. 352-S-t40 after 5:30. SINGLE man to Share trailer -- Small sleeping room, (35 month. Plus deposit. 1717 5th Street, No. W. 1-9 p.m. ONE B«!room apAnmenl -- No children, no pets. See?:30Io7 at 1W7 lliti Strwt. UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom - Has appliances, laundry trookup, car port, fenced yard. 1 child accepted. No pets. 3414 W. 4tn Street. Call 454 3434, for ipDolnimtmtow. CLEAN One bedroom basement apartment. Available June iih. Near campus. Utilities paid. 356-7700, days; 3J3-3Q21, nlQtitS. UPSTAIRS furnished -- l bedroom apartment. Call 35MS01, after 7. AVAILABLE June fln -- Furnltfied, carpeted, tiuffet *panment. 1315 9tn Street. II10. No pets. Call 537-4914. more In a quiet park like wttlng. The Willows. 3U-3W. J433 73rd Ave. WEST GrMley -- I and 3, bedroom port parking, no pett or waterbedi. tlli and tiw plui ngmi and Spoilt. Phont 3J3-«3*. TWO Bedroom -- Carpet, drapes, electric Kitchen, laundry facilities. No pats. 31420 or itt at 3002 SunMt Dr.. apt. 3. ONE Bedrcom -- Furnished trailer, 1110 WANTED -- Good ut*d outdoor clothes plui Utllltlei. 3543030 or 3U-W9. tIne.IBt-5142. TWO bedroom, I1KJ-- Ont bedroom, I1JS, 19M 13th Ave. 1M-UW, FURNISHED One bedroom apartment -353-0760 after 5. SUMMER apartments available for summer -- Inquire at 2118 9ih Avenue. ONE Bedroom furnished or unfurnished -Arlington Apartments, south 8th AVB. No children, no pets. Call manager at 3S4-3W. · pets- 417W 8th Avenue, DELUXE 1 bedroom duplex -- Full basement, no PftS. 353-5432. LARGE tumiSfied apartmrit -- Clow t campus. Call 354 4075. ONE Pedraom -- fumluied, utilities paid, one small child okay. Across strut from Jerry's Upholstery, 2304 7th Street. 353- 01B3. NOW Available on Slate Farm Road -- 1 bedroom furnished. Phone 353-307? after 5p.m. TWO Bedroom -- Carpeted, draped; appliances, with washer hook up. Can be fumlsned or unfurnished. Married couplw, no pen. 415 35th Avenue Court. ONE Bedroom furnished apartment -Adults, no pets. All utilities paid except electricity. Call 356-9333, after 5:30. AVAILABLE June 1st -- J bedroom basement apartment. Close to campus. ' Furnished, all utilities paid. Rent reasonable. Keymen Really, 333-1171. GREAT Campus locations -- »CS 9rh Avenue and 2278 llm Avenue. Each Ideal for 4 girls. 1977 1978 school year Utilities pild. 353-7258. 1508 9th AVENUE - Nicely furnished 1 bedroom apartment. No children or p«s. Rents from 1145to 1175.356-0975. NO Children, r Apt. 2. ONE Bedroom apartment -- Partly furnished near downtown. Ideal for senior citizens. 3531977 after 5:00 and weekends. FOUR-PLEX in La Salle - Two bedroom), fully carpeted, air conditioning, hookups tor washer and dryer, No pels. 1165 per month plus dtpoilt. Available June 4th. Call 35i-41fl after 5, WHITE rtmali--J bedroom apartment In 4-plex. Carpeted, drapti, diinwaitttr, range, refrigerator and plumbing for waihar. ji« pim electricity. Two unlti available. Ont Junt I, one July 1. No pelt. 332-31U. "yj Mobile Home O/ Space Mobile 'Manor, 1107 30lh St. Ri GrHlty. U1-345I. ^j Miscellaneous rt PIONEER chain saw dealer. Franklin £. Cycle Salts. 3SI4WJ. " WINDSHIELDS -- Plate glau, window NOW Available on state Farm Road -- 3 bedroom unfurnished. 353-3Q7P or 3515491 JUNE 15TH--Ont bedroom garden level. 1155 plui it Kir icily 1100 deposit. No ptti. Behind Stall Farm. 2913 GItndali Drive. 5W-45M. AULT, CO -- 1 bedroom apartment.- Ntxt to post office, heat and water furnished. carpet and drapes. No pets. 352-7971. basement apartment, Vj utilities. Call 3S1-7443. 3014 8th Street Road -- I bedroom duplex with washer and dryer. No waterbeds. no pets. Ont or two children accepted. ONE Bedroom basement apartment -1115 montn for summ tr only. 351-4665. SPACIOUS 2 bedroom -- S139. Summer. The Aspen, 1145 Wh street. LARGE Very nice -- 1 bedroom basement apartment. Near UNC. Available Jwie . 15. No pets. 352-2784. APARTMENTS Downtown area -- No pet s or children. 353-4432 or 352 3833. ONE bedroom basement -- No deposit If tend to nice yard. Permanent only. 1160 month, we pay electric and water. After S p.m., 153-4036. UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom duplex -Carpeted and draped throughout. Stove and refrigerator Included. Can set at 34M Pueblo St., Evans. Inquire next door at 3430 Pueblo St. or call 353 4548. VERY Nice large 1 bedroom basement apartment. West Greeley location, yard. Up to 2 children okay. Furnished or unfurnl«ied. 351-3714. CLEAN -- One bdrm. apt. near downtown. Sorry, no pen or children. 3530313. LARGE contemporary 3 bedroom with loft and double car garage. Central air, w!l- cleaning oven, trajfi compactor, garbage disposal, sunken living room with cathedral celling, fireplace, private patios with pleasant view. Available June 9th. 1325 a month. 317 lith Ave. Ct. 356-9155 after 5p.m. THREE Room Apartment - Elderly woman pensioner. 1315 llth Avenue. BUFFET one and iwo bedroom apartments -- Fumlsned and unfurnished. All electric kitchens, sfiig carpet. From 1157. Forty South Grand, Fort LupJon. Calia57-1035orl 857-2944. TWO bedroom furnished apartment electric kitchen, laundry facilities, HBO plus electricity. No pets. 353-1620 or set at3CQ2SunsetDr.,apl.l NICELY Furnished -- l bedroom, basement apartment near UNC foront. Separate entrance. 1110 Includes utilities. 353-5965. TWO bedroom -- carpeted, stove end refrigerator. Neat and clean. Available June list. Deposit required. Call 353- BOOS, ext.305 daily; 1-467.-T15!, evenings, orweekenos. WALK to campus -- 1 bedroom f umisfied basement apartment. Vi block East of Kepner Hall. 1115 per month, utilities paid. MO deposit. No pets. Scott Realty , C0..353-11M. NEAR Frasler Halt -- Large 3 bedroom, available tor summer and fall. No children or pats. Also, 1 studto apartment suitable for 1 gentleman. 351-4400. FRANKLIN APARTMENTS 3208 W. 7th St. 2 bedroom, furnished and unfurnished. $165 and $190. All utilitieb paid except electricity. 353-5117 LONGMEADOW Luxury apartments and townhouses. Complete Clubhouse facilities. 356-7129 STUDENTS" Cranford Apartments Now reserving for Fall --Winter --Spring Hbyden and Company 352-5252 NICE -- 1 bedroom apartment. Appliance, carpeting, hookups for washer dryer. You pay heat and lights. No dogt. Available June 14th. 1130. 909 19th Avenus. See manager No. 1. 351-M8I. FOUR Btdroom -- I baths, living room and kitchen. Ideal for 4 or s glrll Summer ratt. 1100 a month, Include* utilities. Close to campus, 333-1473. Also, available tor fall lew. WELL Locattd -- Rtisonably priced spaces available. Mobllt Wist, 2401 Ftti St. 352-«». VALLEY Village Mobile Home Park - Plattevlltt, Deluxe ipicti avallablt. Call and come tee our new park. 5 blocks west on Grand Avenut. Phone 783-1188. . Center.2105 Tlh St.3532113. NEWSPRINT roll ends. 25c and up. Greeley Tribune. . LARGE -- Contemporary two bedroom with loft and double car garage. Central air, self-cleaning oven, trash com- TWO bedn pactor, garbage disposal, sunken living room with cathedral celling, prlvata patio wim pleasant view. AvMIablt June 9, 1325 month. 354-HS5, after 3 p.m. AIR conditioned-- 2 btdroom apartmtnt on Glendili Drive. Convenient location. Appliances, drapes, laundry facilities provided. HBO plui deposit. 353-3502. LOOK Around -- Then comt set Greedy 1 ! flnrst park. Full facllltltL social «· tlvltlts, walk to Greeley Mall, UNC. Btst dtal In town. Holiday village, 3102 17th Avt., 353-7741. NEED a fine fence Installed? Call Koehn Co. for tree estimates. 352-6917. m -- Kitchen comeleta No Eterbeds 1717 llnd I Mm? MOBILE Homes for rent -- Al» spans. Reasonable ratei. Call after I, aa-i«o. ind *·* U P frH ' rtnt or comt by 200 37th TEAR Down, tnovi . W month. JS3-1S Street, Evins. 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 tree day (commercial ads excluded) wnen ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 3510111. FOR SALE -- Peace of mind. Cemetery spaces In Sunset Memorial Gardens on payment plnn. Call 352-5SMor05M517. TWO Bedroom Townhouse - iVj baths, electric kitchen, laundry hookupl,' carpeting, drapes, heat furnished. No pets. Available Immediately. 711 37th Avenue. 1185. 3J3-4451. TWO Bedroom bawmtnt apartmtnt -- Gtenmtre area. Near old and new campus. 354-CHtt. REASONABLE Rtnt-Wl and up. Shade trees, clow In. Smaller homes welcome. 353-J733. service, all makes. 351-CU44.70810th. IN Eaton -- Apartment for rtnt. Unfurnished, 2 bedroom. 434-lfU. LARGE 1 bedroom -- Partially fumlintd apartment. On main level. All utilities paid. US) plui 150 deposit. Call ·vtnlngi, 351-3550. LARGE 3 btdroom - Patio, ilr conditioning, dlthwashtr, dliposa!. No ptti. S1U. Ill* Uth Avenut. 3«V3. - TWO Baths are a must It you have "fill- mates" or a family. Consldtr our luxuriously oversizt 2 and 3 bedroom with 2 baths apartments for Immediate occupancy. Competitive rents. Short term leases. Brentwood Park Apartments, 1420 Reservlor, 356-4314. UNFURNISHED Apartment for rent -Inquire at 114 4th Strttt. TWO Btdroom townhoust -- Unfurnished, 2 bathi, wisnir drytr hookups, patio. Wtst GrHlty. Available Immediately. No pets. 1100. Call Carroll Miller, 3342300 or 334-3144. YOU Savt Monty Now -- 135 per monm for llrit 4 months. Then, WO per month. Lots of room. Nice nttghbors. Secluded. Storag* Shed. Near am Avenut and 16th Strttt. Scott Rtalty Co. 35M214. FREE rent -- Large landscaped spam, playgrounds, school butts, adult section, Country Estatis Mobile Home Park. 3500 35th Avtnut, Gretley. 353- KW. WILL Buy good used furniture, working appliances, and other Items. I will pay casr. and move It. Phone 356-4535. SWIMMING Pool sales - Solar heating. Service and supplies. George Bargelt and Company, Inc. 353-1815. KEN'S Lawn mower repair and sharpen Ing. 3114 12th St. Rd., 352 0730. SUPER Snooper -- ^Ultimate In rada. detection. Rod'sT.V. 1021 Blh Avenue. ONE Bedroom efficiency -- 1115 to 1131, includes all utlllllei. 1000 13th Street, 354-54(9. SEVERAL Apartments available -- l, z or 3 bedrooms to rtnt. Prlcti ranging frotn llMtollWper month. No pets. SM property manager 110113th St. NOW renting for fall quarter -3 bedroom basement apartment near campus. Utilities paid. 353-6M3. TWO Bedroom apartment -- Partially furnished or unfurnished. No pets. 1140 plus utilities. 2463 E. IBth Street. 3538653, SPACIOUS - One bedroom basement. FRlENDLYJbectoomapartment-Near Married con J Phone 353-57 30 , Townhouse Rentals 6 FOR i -- Classified liner ads placed -. Saturday morning will receive 1 free ABOVE Average -- 3 bedroom pittly day (commercial acis excluded) when *-! ''" J " ordered 1 to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after ll:00a.m. 353-0211. ' LARGE Convenient -- 2 bedroom fur CUT E l bedroom basement apartment nlstied apartmtni. SIC per month, wi)h garage. Utilities paid. 1130. Call utilities paid. I1DQ depgsil. 7th Avenue 3S3-45SS. near UNC In S plex building. Off street parking. No pets. No children. Available May in. Scott ReaHy Co. 352-1214. NICE and quiet I bedroom townhouses, unfurnished, repainted, extra clean. Available June 1. No pets. We piy hf it. 355-77QO, days; 3S3-«3a, nights. UNFURNISHED -- i bedroom bMevel townhouw. Available Juni 1st. Carpeting, drapes, all kitchen appliances, all utilities paid. Rent reasonable. 3569395. furnished apartment. Roomy,' well lighted basement. Near UNC, W block East of Kepner Hall. Outside entrance. No pets. SlS per month with utilities paid. 1110 deposit. Available now. Scott Realty Co. 353-1314. TWO Bedroom baument -- Between campus and shopping. 1150 summer, J170 winter. Utilities Included. Small pttsokay. Call 353-0655, after 5. Two Three Bedroom UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS Available June 1st COTTONWOOD APIS. 3300-3400 W. 13th St. 356-7736 Four Seasons Apts. 18th Ave and 28th St. 356-6721 SCHOOL'S OUT! TWO Bedroom apartment In secluded area - Hot water heat, air conditioned, electric kitchen, car ports, ilii ptr month. Days, call 3JM143, ask for Ftrn. Weekends and after 5:30 p.m., 333-7ST1. TWO Bedroom -- 1175. »ll stare Farm Road. Available Junt 1st. No pets. After 6, 3S3-53M. 1010 *TH STUSST -- Convtnltnt location, near downtown, 1 bedrcom apartment. Sorry, no children or pets. 3Jt-30». BEHIND State Farm -- 1 btdroom, dlih- washcr, air conditioning, ctrpVtlno, drepti. htit paid. 1171 34T4. $35.00 PKR MONTH For 3 Months Limited OHcr VILLA WEST anxrr.Si, HAYRIDES -- Horse di 3J2-M3B. TWO Wooden side boxes for pickup--Lots of storage space. H5.353-7331. 38 Commercial Rentals CASH paid for all scrap Iron and metals-Open Monday · Saturday.-a to 5:30. ht Avenue at 37th Street. Follow the signs. Farmer's Iron and Metal. 353 6551. SUPER -- 1 bedroom unfurnished apartmtnt. 6-pttx ntar Statt Farm Insurance. Modern. Dishwasher, laundry. 1170 per month, renter pays electric. Deposit llio. No pets, scon Bealtv Co. 311-1114. ONE or Two btdroom apartmtnti -Furnished or unfurnished In one of Gretlty 1 ! finest complexes. Alt utlHtltt (except tltctrklty and phone) paid. From 1159 per month. Will tiki month to month or ttrm teases. Htamerway Apirtmirrts, OH-ISl managed by Van Schuck a. company. NEW profeulonal and commercial offlct spect. Bittersweet Square, Urn Street at 35th Avtnut. Unusually nice. 351-500. PRIME office space available. Easy acctii, plenty of parking. Twvlve- . twenty Building. 1220 llth Ave. 357-1707. MACRAME Supplies -- Budget price; Budget Macrame, 1115 8th St., 3514749. 1050 tth St. -- 1,400 sq. ft. ntar downtown and pott office. Off strut parking, all ttrvlcti included. Can divide. 356-3030. 'Cunningham Apts. One and 2 bedroom furnished. Summer rates. Weekly monthly. No pets. TJ reservations for fall now. LARGE Westmoor Townhouse -- 1 bedrooms unfurnished. Located behind Gibsons. IVi bathi. Hot water heat. Air conditioning. Dishwasher. Privacy patio. Family or couple preferred. No pets. 1IU per month. Tenants pay electricity. 1120 deposit. Scott Realty Co. 352-11! 4. CLEAN 3 bedroom -- Unfurnllhtd apartment. No pets. Working couple. 351-5054. ONEE Bedroom efficiency -- In private home. 1977-isra school year, write Rural Air conditioned, spacious, 2 bedroom units, available while they last. Furnished and un-. furnished. 'Children welcome. N!CE 1 bedroom - unfurnished apart- ONE Bedroom unfurnished acrou from UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom apartmint. Electric kitchen, carpeting throughout. State Farm Road area. No children. No' ptti. 1170 month. 351-745, after 5. DOWNTOWN Offices - SCO iq. ft., cm divide, off-strett parking, all utilities furnished, very attractive and naionablt. Farm Fare cafeteria Building. Call 454-3450. ROOMY basement apartment for summer only. Couple or 3 women. 2 blocks from ilia campus. UCO quarter, all utilities paid. 351-0376. WAREHOUSE Space for leau - 44,000 squire feat. Minimum leaM 3,000 sq. ft. 35WM5. Reasonable rates. ment. 1155 per month, renter pays ettclric. tno deposit. 12nd Street neir Bonell. Call after S p.m. 353-37M. 31 Furnished Apartments 353-6026 TWO Bedroom furnished basement apartment -- Carpeted, utilities paid. 352-9307. ADULTS, $100 for clean furnished apar- tmetit. Deposit. 352-95Uor353-3U5. ONE Bedroom furnished or unfurnished -- Arlington.Apartments, south «(i Ave. No chlldrm, no pets. Call maniaer at 356 mi. 1070 9TH STREET --Convenient location. 1 bedroom furnished. Sorry, no children or pets. 354 3030. TWO LARGE BEDROOM APT Unfurnished--5160 NICE Clean sunn/ 3 room apartment for single girl. 352-1050. NICE targe -i bedroom apartment - Plus one bedroom apartment. Call 35£-74£2, after 4. ONE bedroom basement apartment -One block from UNC. tioo plus utllltlM. 351-0374. BRIGHT and Light - No complaints on this basement. OnebMrom. NO children .or pets. 353-0075. Manager On The Loose! Manager that Cares That Has Empathy Know How Friendly Assistance Available At All Hours 1,2, or 3 Bedrooms Available Now Competitive Rents Short Term Leases Playground, Swimming Much More For Immediate Assistance Call Brenlwood Park Apt. 2420 Reservoir Rd. 35^4314 ROOMY Hillside Townhouse - 2 bedroom unfumiihtd. Near Greeley Mall on North side of 34 bypass. Washer hookup. 1175 per month, renter pays electric. Deposit *1«. Family or couple preferred, oni child welcome. No pets. Scott Realty Co. 352-1214. NICE unfurnished ) bedroom iparlmenti. Available June lit. Appliances, drapti, ·Ir conditioned. laundry fidlltlu in building. No dost. Prlct from 1155 to tliS. S« Manager, No. 4, Mil 6th Avenue or phone 353-im COMMERCIAL Building for lease -- 750 iq. ft. office irta, 1,400 sq. ft. service area. Fenced yard. Overhead doors. By- Pau exposure. Only UOO ptr month. CHI Lirry Sean at 356-7700. ENJOY Comfortable office spect -- Ntcely finished, and available at only 13.00 p«r iq. ft. Ample fre* parking. 1,400 »q. ft. Call Larry Sean at 334-7700. TURN your unwanted clothes Into money ' -- Bring your clean clothes (on hangers) to: The Clothes Line, 1023 17th St. Dally from 5 to* p.m. GRAND OPENING WELDING SHOP Under New Management Wrought iron products done to your specification. Brogan and Brogan, Inc. 103 East 18th Street Greeley 352-5394 or 356-7484 INTERIOR Entrance -- 2 bedroom modem unfurnished tpirtment. in very nice a-plex. Appliance Included. Off street parking. Air Conditioned. 1155 per month, renter pays electric. 1110 deposit. 22nd street near Bonell. Scott Realty CQ. 352-1314. 34 Rental to Share TWO Bedroom In brlck4 plex - Washer i FOR s -- ciaulf led liner adi placed on Saturday morning will ctcilve 1 frH day (commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 conucutlvi days with no cancellation. NO adi taken after " :0 ° *·"*· vtnn RETAIL Space -- next to Albtrtioni on Wilt 10th. KOO square feet. Excellent location. Call Riy Martin. 1M-7SM. OFFICE Forf-^;-fyOor420»quare feet In Gretley r-^a building. Cell Riy Martin, 351-7120. Pavtekli and Company. FEMALE To Sh8re (urn!tfied ' BUSINESS Store Front near UNC -- BOO square feet. 933 14th Stretl. 353-fUT. gas. No dogs. 353-3793. CHES · 1,23Bedr. AplS. · Furnished or --JJnftirnislied · Wall lo Wall Carpeting · All-Electric Kitchens -·" Privale'Palibs ' .· Air Conditioning · Free Off-Street Parking · Heated Swimming Pool Rents From $150 For Information Call: 686 ; 9936 6TH CHESTNUT - WINDSOR, .CQLO. .rlstek Ask The People Who Use Us 573-7110 CEDARIDGE APARTMENTS SPECIAL SUMMER RATES 2 and 3 BEDROOM UNITS 175.00 month Fully furnished, all utiliiiei. paid. Air conditioned. No lease required. 2162 30th St. 356-4059 SUMMER STUDENT RENTALS Furnished Apartments. All utilities paid. Weekly rates as low as $30. Pay only for weeks occupied. Call 356-2680 MORE SUNSHINE It's triie! You'll find more sunshine here, away from the crowded streets . . . MORE open spaces to live in and breathe . . . MORE quiet because of "sound control construction in your apartment . . . MORE off-street parking for your second car ... MORE of everything for the good life at. .. ALAMO APARTMENTS 1819 Second St. · Greeley CALL NOW - 356-2629 RENTALS 1 and 2 bedroom Unfurnished Apts. FAMILY AND STUDENT TWO B«dn»m bastment apartmtm In Kerwy. No fwts. Telephone 352-7313. . AIR CONDITIONING - 2 bedroom with front and back entrance! In newer 6- FEMALE Graduate or uppir- undtrgradualt to tnare 2 bedroom apartment. llU/month. Thi Willows. , a5d-3478. No children. Call 356-490* or 353-4037. Large 2 Bedroom Apartment Unfurnished, electric kitchen, air conditioned. Pets and Children Welcome. 5185 Per Month · 552-5914 TWO Female Christian roommatti needed. IS7 -month plui utllltlii. 1 Excellent location. Call Pittl, 356-73M. ROOMMATE -- Apartment, own room, clost to UNC, laundry. *77.», utilities, non-smoker, Jeff, 152-07(1. 35 Rooms for Rent -- --- Gretley. U.S. Motel ly rates, el, lia 9t '//«·" «/ For Rent Located directly on West 10th St. with your own identification.. Office spnce of various sizes' and combinations. On- and off street parking with ser vice street in front of office building. Call: Polly Brighi or Anita Warmbrod, 351-6411 or 354-331T at Adventures Awaiting Travel Service. VILIj/VGK GARDENS SLEEPING Roomifor mm 70627111 Avenue 7 " lh5 '""2 bedroom unfurnished, carport, security systems, pool, clubhouse. No pets. :I56-(|:)25 or QUIET Single working gentlaman -- fc» month, MO deposit. NO ptti. tu llth StrMt. 353-4413. NICE Clean sleeping rooms for 3 women -101? wn Avenus. f-rflmpany For Details Call: Property Management Dept. 13318th Avenue Phone 356-1331 * SOUTHWEST GREELEY · New 2 bedroom apartments. X Near grade schools. Laundry · facilities. Deposit. No pets. I? Call KEN JOHNSON · and COMPANYal t 356-1220. 36 Mobile Home Rentals Siturdiy morning will recilvi 1 frH day (commirclil adi Hcludid) wtim ordired to run 2 conucutlvi diyi with no cancillatloni. No adi takin after 11:00 a.m. 352-0311. Village Green 1213 26lh Avenue Greeley, Colorado Phone 353-2963 Swimming Pool, Recreation Building, Children's Play, ground. Laundry Facilities, Dishwasher, Air Conditioning. 1-2-3 Bedrooms From 5165 All Utilities Included. i'i o e o t o o o o o o o o a t g simvisTSTSTSTirisTTrfirr GREELEY MANOR One Bedroom and Efficiency Apartments Housing for Senior Citizens · Central Location · Convenient to all Downtown Facilities · One Block South of Downtown Safeway · Solid concrete construction throughout. · Rent includes all utilities with carpets, drapes, electric stove, refrigerator, central laundry facilities, and common recreation and game rooms. [ 100013th Street · 356-546 i ojm itatttettssitt o o e o oj(j q ojipjij NOR DICA APTS. laije I am) 2 bedroom Mis. Amiable loi Now. Summer and Fall. Heal lur- nrshed. Pool and air conditioning. From JI55/roo No pel! please Ph. 356-3405, or slop by 1217 2ylh St. Rd., Apt. 101 or IJ31 29th St. Rd., Apt. 107. FOR LEASE 4 Lots With 40x70 Foot Buildings Immediate Possession 18229th Street Call 352-4527 Universal Trampolines SUMMER SALE S10 off.on any-size trampoline, starting June. 3 till July 4th only. Various sizes plus new sizes of 10x10, llxll, 12x12 and 14x14. All Guaranteed. Call 352-1404 for more information. PLUMBING SUPPLIES WATER HEATERS DISPOSALS DISHWASHERS t-AVATORlES STOOLS SINKS PLASTIC PIPE SOIL PIPE COPPER TUBING VANITIES, CABINETS MARBLETOPS REPAIR PARTS $$$$ SAVE S$$$ GREELEY PLUMBINGS HEATING, INC. 100? 9lh St. Ph. 353-1962 M-F 7:30-5:00-Sat. 8-12 CARPETS DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Over 250 rolls of mill close-outs. All styles ' and colors. Plushes, shags, hi-lows, kit- I chen and den carpet. Values to $17.00 now l $3.69 to $8.99 per yard. Installation guaranteed. Call now for best selection. 352-5544. Decorators-Workshop.

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