Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1970 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1970
Page 15
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P»*e 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tues., May 26, 1970 Mid East, Indochina War Dangers Shadow NATO By ARTHUR L. GAVSHON Prts* Writtr ROME (AP) -- Foreign ministers of the North Atlantic Alliance assembled in Rome today to discuss proposals for a "stand-easy" deal with the Soviet bloc. But the ministers' two-day spring meeting opening Tuesday is shadowed by war dangers in the Middle East and Indochina. A series of expert studies prepared for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Council of Ministers underlines the alliance's interest in an East-West program of balanced, controlled force cuts. The deal NATO's military men are urging calls for a 1.5 million-man cut in Warsaw Pact forces in Europe in return for a 300,000-man NATO reduction. That would bring the Communist force down to about 3 million and NATO's European force to about 2.7 million. The Russians have not responded to earlier overtures for mutual troop cuts, and few if any allied authorities expect an affirmative response from Moscow now; One reason for view is the deepening Soviet involvement in the Middle East and Mediterranean theaters, on NATO's southern doorstep. Thus the Soviet posture of hostility toward Israel and backing for the Arabs is being examined in its intercontinental context. It is suspected that the presence of an increasing num- of Russian pilots and other military specialists in the Arab world carries with it a considerable spinoff element favoring the Soviet Union's global strategic interests as well as the immediate purpose of strengthening the Arabs. "The greatly increased Soviet presence in the Mediterranan causes considerable concern," said U.S. Secretary of State William P. Rogers when he arrived Sunday night. "We are reminded that NATO will have a vital role in the maintenance of security in this decade." Rogers is scheduled to give the council an account of the circumstances that led the United States to extend its Vietnam war into Cambodia and of the situation there now. America's allies in Europe this were generally frosty in- their (Advertisement) New Way Found To Stop Hair Loss, Grow More Hair HOUSTON, Texas -- If you slick bald, how can you be sure don't suffer from male pattern what is actually causing your baldness, you can now stop your hair loss? Even if baldness may hair loss . . . and grow more seem to "run in your family," hair. this is certainly no proof of For years "they said it cause of YOUR hair loss, couldn't be done". But now a Many other conditions firm of laboratory consultants cause hair loss. No matter has developed a treatment for which one is causing your hair both men and women, that is loss, if you wait until you are not only stopping hair loss . . . slick bald and your hair roots but is really growing hair! are dead, you are beyond help. They don't even ask you to f°. if y° u sti " have , any , wca '5 take their word for it. They in- hair on top of your head, and vite you to try it for 32 days and TMj"J^ ^ £J ** now is the time to do something see for yourself. THE LOCKHORNS ANP ANOTHER THIMG, LERoV. WHEN YOO KI5S M£ GOOPSVE IN THE MORNING I WISH YOOP |( TAKE THE PI PE OUT OF YOOK MOUTH W A S H I N G T O N (AP) -Cuba's sugar output is expected here to fall as much as 2 million Cuban Sugar Output Will Miss Goal Set by Castro By LEWIS CULICK Prats Writer Politically, Castro's Image will suffer from failure .to achieve the HMnUliou-ton goal on which he had publicly staked 'the honor of the Cuban revolu- metric tons short this year of translate into more active dis- tion." But whether this will trade with Bother countries for the 10 million ton goal set by Prime Minister Fidel Castro, and prospects as to when he may reach this target in the future remain in doubt. The economic cost of Cuba's sugar shortcoming is likely to be borne, as before, mainly by the Soviet Union. Kremlin economic aid to Castro in 1969 totaled an estimated $495 million. content by the islanders is conjectural. ·eactions to President Nixon's .hrust into Cambodia. For one thing, they didn't :are for a member of the alli- ·ince crossing an international rentier-- as the Russians have done--and they made their view uiown. Several of them resented the .ack of advance consultation and information about an opera- ton which thye believe could lu- .imately' affect NATO's and their own vital interests. For years NATO statesmen, representing both big powers and small, have been hammering the theme that ever closer political consultation on global matters and ever closer crisis management are essential. Several foreign ministers reportedly ilan to toss some pointed questions at Rogers. Still another passion-packed ;ssue faces Rogers-the ques- ,ion of whether the United States should resume supply of arms to the Greek military dic- .atorship. Under Scandinavian pressure, the Greek regime already has quit the Council of Europe. Now ] some Scandinavian political parties are campaigning for Greece's suspension from NATO until it returns to democracy. The United States, with the support of Britain, has been insisting that Greece has a role to play in NATO. If this is accepted by the alliance, the Americans and British argue, it follows that Greece must be given Ihe arms with which to carry out that role. Rogers Says U.S. Will Give Cambodia Air Support By KENNETH J. FREED .Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Indications are continuing to pile up that U.S. air support, and perhaps more, will be provided for Soutli Vietnamese forces remaining in Cambodia after American forces pull out sometime next month. said Sunday "I couldn't-really rule in or out," the likelihood of American air and logistic support for troops Saigon keeps in Cambodia following the June 30-mandated U.S. withdrawal. Klein was interviewed on the CBS program "Face the Nation." Nixon appeared to rule out such American action in a May Cutro could supply 5 million to the Soviet'Union for his I.O.U.'s (Russia buys Cuban sugar at Cuba's sugar mills, which are about double the world price) and the rest could be applied to ;oods Cuba-needs. But because of what they portray as failures of leadership Castro himself acknowledged and management, U.S. special- Although President Nixon | g ^ conference _ ^ wou]d ex . seemed to say earlier this month there would be no such help, Secretary of State William P. Rogers indicated Sunday U.S. air aid would be provided pect that the South Vietnamese would come out at approximately the same time that we do," he said then, "because when we come out our logistical support n .a Havana speech last, week :hat despite an all-out harvesting effort, Cuba's sugar output would fail to reach his widely proclaimed target. He indicated it might not even reach 9 million tons. Washington experts now figure the total will come to around 8 million tons, or perhaps 8'/4 million tons if Cuba has a good weather break in the remaining harvesting through June. What happens in sugar is the key to Cuba's economy because sugar is far and away the country's principal money earner. And what happens to Cuba's economy is deemed important by diplomats in judging how much Castroism will appeal to impoverished Latin Americans. Castro set the 10-million-ton goal for 1970 in 1964 and, in heory, Cuba should be able to oroduce this much. The 1955 larvest was 6 million tons. With 10 million tons a year, ists say- Cuba had no chance of achieving-the 10-million-ton output this year and much will still lave to be'done to reach this level. As seen from here: out." for South Vietnamese operations and air support will also come continuing after the American soldiers withdraw. Another administration official, Herbert Klein, the President's communications director, You can get LOVE (cosmetics) at Weldorado Pharmacy-SH Green Stamps too.--Adv. Quarry Closes ABERDEEN, Scotland (AP) -- Rubislaw quarry near Aberdeen in Scotland, the deepest quarry In the world, is to close after nearly 200 years of exploitation in which more than 6,000,000 tons of granite were extracted. The quarry now- is 480 feet under the North Sea Level. It is 900 feet long and 700 feet wide. Granite from this mine helped build many famou buildings all over the world. I is estimated "-* u -" "buildings in made of its granite giving th city its second name, "Granit city." Castro failed to invest enough in enlarging the capacity of mostly of pre-World War II vintage and in poor shape. In trying to get a head start on the 1970 harvest by beginning cane cutting last July, he had to cut nearly three times as much cane to get the same amount of sugar as he would have obtained from waiting until the usual springtime peak cutting season. This is because the sugar yield from cane is low during the off-season. Transportation foul-ups and mechanical breakdowns kept much cane from prompt milling. Cane loses its sugar value rapidly after it is cut. Chinese Aid LIMA (AP) - Six experts grey from Nationalist China arrived this week to help the Peruvian government increase rice pro- deep and its floor is 180 feet duction over the next two years with a variety of the Philippines type. A similar mission is working in Bolivia. that half th Aberdeen wcr EDWARDS CHEVROLET 721 10th St. GIFTS · FOR EVERY OCCASION Large s e l e c t i o n of cards, candles, Westmoreland and Pilgrim glass. P o s t e r and plaquei. ACCENTS, Ltd. Hillside Shopping Center Naturally, they would not offer about u before irs too late this opportunity unless the treat- Fm . more informatiorii m ment worked. 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Do you still have any weak hair on top of your head? How long is it? Is it dry? Is it oily? Attach any other information you feel may be helpful. NAME ADDRESS CITY _STATE_ ZIP- Abortion CHICAGO (AP) -- Laws controlling the termination of pregnancies by abortion are the target for repeal by many groups and an Illinois group says it is the first to advocate a confidential woman-physician rela- lionship. Ralph Brown, president oi The Illinois Citizens for the Medical Control of Abortion, said Ihe organization is the first of its kind in the United States to adopt as its platform the making of termination of pregnancies as a private decision between the woman and her physician. Student Exchanges TEL AVIV (AP) -- American actor Richard Boone announced that five per cent of earnings from a Western film he has just finished shooting in Israel will finance exchanges of high school students between Israel and the United States. 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