Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 4, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1945
Page 3
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Afternoon Jimitf*-4. 1945 PAGE THHIB THE PEOPLE'S MARKET PLACE HELP « FOR SALE QR TRADE HOMES WANTED. OR FO« RENT OAKY DOAKS By B. 1. Fritr FOR SALE' ' One Jerseys-milk cow, fresh. T. 1. Mayfield, .Mesilla Park. i 198T four-door ^ofa sedan, radio gid heater. Can see at 1112 West r from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. FULUSn-lTIpMAS CO. FARM IMPLEMENTS DAIRY SUEPLJES . Ma!n ^f,, : . lias Oruces, N.M. Cotton gr'6*ets plant Mesa Aca- cotton for early maturing, easy kirtg, high yield, easy ginning on w gin. 34 to 35% lint, 1 3-16 to fc 8-16 lint lpgtti. Low spinning ste. Very 'Mgh yarn strength, w nep count A big boiled Amern Upland Cbttdr. that produces rn of aoout ; equal, firioness and ength to SXP and Egyptian cot. Can you afford not to plant sa Acala ?; i Stahmann Farms, ane P. StaTyriann, box 550, Las uces. N.-M. Shone 4B5-J1. CROQUET SETS WESTERN AUTO 29 S. Main Phone 121 rl3H -SALE Equity In four i*oom hoUse and 4 lots. 113 Weit "Chestnut. "7 Gufetasey heifer calf 5 month's old, $SO.OO.'has"Hayficld. One acre, 4 rborti adobe house,' close in. $1300.00. Jinks Real fes-' tate, phone 490-J1. - \ "Five piece living room suite; E young lay'ing Atistro-Lorh hens. Spring ahtS mattress. Mrs. tjarrie Polley. State College, phone 23-ffe. '53 acres, 4 room house near irrigation ditch, $12;ObO, Quesenfier- ry Realty Co.. phone 52' NOTICES Sewing. Phone 5rt4-J. We buy, sell and Wade. kleWs Second Hand Store, iso North Main Phone 646. Better SERVICE Better CLEANING Better PRICES -better see MODEL CLEANERS 113 West Griggg Will do public hauling. Cal 720 North Main street. Jesse Williams, S. army issue surplus used ·chandise a,t grp t at bargain pric- 34,000 pairs shoes, no ration op needed, J2.15., 26,000 rain- ta, $2.1B. 2900 soft feather pil- s 90c. Messkits 40c, canteens cups 25c, fatigue hats 25c. Al- 10,000 NEW U. S. army extra vy 4 IDS. G '^..'plive^drab, single, on 'blankets* sSe'sSMi'teet, red -bargains $3.15, real Christmas tents. All postage' prepaid. Tto 5 a. Send money order. Blank's hange, WlchltjpSffUUi, :Texas. I WANT TO Btnr Want to Tmy baby buggy. See Glen Hamill at Thrift No. 1. Want to buy electric Baby bottle warmer. 1005 North Alameda, plione 620-W. Red chili, all kinds. Barker's Ranch, phone 599-R1. Number 2 Yellow ' ' The Price Is Right! 'ARMEli' MARKET SUPPLY GO. hone 333.K,On RR Tracks ·· WORK WANTED Mother will care for infants or children, day or night, in ybur home or mine. Reliable. 200 West Amador and Water street. WhefKer to buy. or to ·ell, Brlligin your liittags, of all kinds, and we will aefl Jt FOR WHAT If Ih WORTH. 11SW. Griggi Ph. 381 WANTED TO BUY 100 to 150 acres; have cash buyer. Have customer for auto court, also tor large ranch. James C. White Realty Co. 106 N. Stanton St. Si Paso DICKIE OARC Special Offering! Tour Room, Furnished Home, with 19 lots. Chicken 'House and Yards, Cow Yard, etc. Wind Mill a'nd Tank, one and a half Mi. out. Can be bought for $2,250, on good terms. Also, a smaller House, close in, $1,500. H.N.BURtON 115 W. Grigi. Phone 381 jWANTEDTOHENT HELP WANTED Persons now engaged in essential war work will not be considered. Cleaner Cleaners. or presser. 'Cothern Want 2 bedroom furnished house or apartment. Lyle, KiLby Court, Apartment 6. House maid no children. All 01 part time. 215 South -Reymond st. Woman desiring good home, j light work, good pay, care of inva- ! lid, see Mrs. Pickett, White Hou9e. Tby guns, dolls, drums, tepees, Vests, feathel^iEvts.^fijmes, cutouts, , . , , pottery etc. Hand woven blankets, parses, neckties, ^'jackets, "coats, sweaters. Hana?maae belts, billfolds, aprons, bk ends, ash trays. ·Indian and Mexican jewelry. Hun- toeds of other items. Valley Bus ot, 330 South Main.. - - ·' Dishwashed wanted. Coronado Cafe. "Furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. 148 West Mountain, Mrs. Freeman, Phone 307-R. Two women wish to rent unfurnished house. Phone 583-J1. TRAVEL ALL RIGHT, MEW-^^GEE,LUCAS/ PLACE YOUR HOR5E5JOO YOU'THIklK TAIL TO TAIL, RIDE /SIR OAkY H4S TEN PACES, TURW 1 A CHANCE.? AWD CHARGE/ THAT'S RIGHT- WOW, OKIE---TWO- K10-BUT THERE ITHkl'T GOIWG TO BE MUCH f TO 'REFEREE/ : MIWD IF I REFEREE THIS FIGHT, DUKE/ 3 By Conlion Wavffti HMM--NO ONE. MET TH'TRAIN MAVBE I'J-I- TIME FOR A 5HOKT OtJF. SO THIS IS IT! GAR5ON THE DEVIL'S ISLAND OF NEVADA. 1 HAVE AN UNCLE OUTTHIDE WHO QTH£P T'SE IN VAUDEVILLE- AM' LOOK AT UlTH ACT. 1 THSS SWELL-MAV8E I'LL SEE, UNCLE BENNY IS ^ LIVING STATUE! GRAB A, SENSSTION THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY WANTED ALL AMERICAN ^ Free meal^, Free Pillows, Lower Rates. Three schedules. 333 South | I Main, Phone 774. | MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN By Lee Falk and Phil Davis YOUR HAT1ONS Car 6:f Good JERSEY MILK MORRIS HILL Phone 5S7-J Pecans for hay. C. A. Williams, San Miguel. Kitchen range. Neff Mbtor Court Fireplace set and -scale, baby cjHbs, table top oil cb'bli stove, str-p ladders, gas water heaters, man's 15 jewel Bulova pocket watch, two- piece living room suite. Lozier's 321 Worth Main. ANTIFREEZE GftADE 3 TffillS BRAKE hd LIGHT ROMNEV Motor Company · FOR SALE OR HE!X.T -» 60 acres, 4 miles north of Las Cruces. Phone 483-J3. . * We wP. have, baby chicks each ., Thursday. Place your orders or come and get ftifcrit.-. Valley Pro- dycta Co., phonfc 99. ^Modern 5 room house. Henry Tjallock, Brazeal Store, Rincon. *.W1H sell my 2 houses at 523 A Xorth Al.iniocla. Income $110 p t^onth. Call 639-W for appoint- i ment. Blue Comb Disease Recent research at the University of Connecticut has shown (hat potassium compounds help birds recover from the blue comb disease. Use one level teaspoonful of .potassium chloride or a high-grade muri- ate of potash fertilizer to each gallon of drinking water for 10 days. Anything that causes an acute digestive trouble may give chickens a blue or darkened comb, say the specialists. This type of comb may be associated with contagious or non-contagious conditions. When (he distinct "blue comb" disease appears, it is well to clean and disinfect the poultry house. IroningVanted. Mrs. F. Fulkerson, 1 mile north of 80 on highway 85 B J' ASSOCIATED J*RESS ( ! MEATS, FATS, ETC. -- Book ' T O TRADE I'four red stamps Q5 through X5 now good. No termination dates have been set; OPA says none will | be invalidated before March 1. New red point values now in effect. Next series of stamps will be validated Jan. 28. PROCESSED FOODS -- Book, four blue stamps X5 through 25 and A2 through G2 now good. OPA says none will be invalidated before March 1. New point valuefe for fruits as well as vegetables now in effect. Next series of stamps will be validated Feb. 1. SUGAR -- Book four stamp 34, good for five pounds, is the only j sugar coupon still valid. Termin-.) ation date has not been set. AJ new stamp for five pounds will be I valid Feb. 1; n,ust last three i months instead of two and a half months. SHOES -- Book three airplane stamps 1, 2 and 3 valid indefinitely. GASOLINE -- 14A coupons valid everywhere for four gallons each through March 21. B5 C5, B6 ZERA? NEVER ; HAD ANY TROUBLE WITH HER. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE CHARGES ? NOT YET,_ CHIEF. 1-4 It.opi I'J-t-l. Kity. rciluitiVjnJiCi MANDRAKE INVESTIGATES. THE ICE LADY is UNMARRIED. DEVOTED JO HER WORK. NO OUTSIDE INTERESTS. DID YOU FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT HER? JNOTHING | IMPORTANT. A HOPE- JOB. I'MDYWG OF CURIOSITY. I'LL FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT/HER, IF I HAVE TO DO TOMORROW =t(S GOOD AS HER wow HOMER HOOPfcE By Fred Locher Presidential Succession The 20th amendment to the constitution provides: The vice president-elect becomes president if the president-elect dies before the beginning of the presidential term or the president-elect fails to qualify, the vice president-elect acts as president until a president does qualify; congress 's given power lo provide for the case tvhere neither a president-elect nor a vice presldent-elec"! qualifies. , C6 coupons good everywhere for five gallons each. 40 Nutrients Foods furnish the body with about 40 different nutrients, say Extension home economists. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS WAV, TAW'S A WOMDCRFUL PicToRe OF we ICICLE /MM SOT IT BEFORE IT \W you CA£16 (AT ME WITH My HUT AMD MY MOOTR OP£M / I M£V£B TAKE A 6OOO SULL AAye A CJUMC£ To WIN TAe PRIZE. ROM£R, MUCH LOM6ER. TJi£ MSATW6 AC6 you (30IAJ6 To BE I OH, DIANA Sy Bill Cham|. Who docs tho Ita^nting jobs in ur home? JOBS loot; hrttor and ;e work's morft^un whfh you use -Enamel. Valley Appliance Co. liquid solcfw that Will hold ere ordinary Allies fail. Made by -Ensrncl. Only 2$%e.nU a bottle, liny Appliance Co' _ will »HI my beautiful French' !e linen. Phone 689-W. "rcaflle Sfrwlnff machine for sale. *l do wa.lhin'f; In my home. Or- of North Alnried* aWd Front eel. ftrnt tn »rt It In Ctwra! ' l ·--"· ifJMi.i I WAKE -THAT'S HAFTA-TAKET/ DEAN, I AUA/AY5 SAY AAV PRAYERS THERE SHE. 'COME? NOW 5KE? AN ZWFULuf NfCE 6lRl_, MR. PETER? YOU'LL LIKE HER.' SHE'S A REAL VERY COLORFUL, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SHE'S SOING TO OO NEXT. SCORCHY SMITH Frank Robbte si-cwl L'P.-.ITfe THE SEE , MA JOB S'-OANJE, 'TH.'Mie WE'LL EVES SPOV THAT ISLAND cEEB SO A\A\y TrlAT U50 ALIKE SIVE THESE BOAT 8JS KXOW JOB/ I CHECSD SCOECHY'S LOCATON AS HE BAILED OUT.. LET'S H3PE HE'S STILL THERE/ STILL SO S^a^ OP A RESCUE, SCOBCMV.. vcu DON'T T THEY r PSTtR? liN'T AT ALL R3NO Of THIS INSTRUCTRESS IS SETTING *HE StEMS IB HANDLE THE PLANE OKAY, BUT HE'D LIKE IT JUST A« WK.L IF HE. MAt) SOME0OOY WHO plON'T RKTS ALL THK CROSS-HANDED FANFARE --.'/ ,,._

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