Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1977 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1977
Page 29
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Kri.jJune 3,1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 29 CLASSiriEv ADVE TRIBUNEWANTADS INDEX . · D . T C C AKKOUNCEHEHTSO-S) K A I tS 01 lalltdfourl AND DEADLINES SI f'TM 1 * Oi KctkrS -- EMPLOYMENT (8-10) CLASSIFIED OJ .'".'.'.'.'.' HtipWuted READER ADS 0! Si!«/Birt(ti«irMp Minimum char SERVICES (11-19) (basedomowords) ....$1.50 H '.'.V.'.'.'.'.'.'.".. "'fMd Cm W« ., . 13 Stnici Guidl Number PerWord H CustoWmk ofDays PerDay ls Roolinjtlnsatilisn 1 Day Be '^ Ind! Hiulini 4 or more days sc ,, f IN » N «AL (2M4) 21 BuiirmOpportuniliei Month rate, per line % IRS (2 line minimum) ss.oo ^ RE|)TA| ; s j^, Every other day ads to be ?? \tonn to Rent charged at one day rate jjj lointa" \"a \ Blind Box Numbers 51.00 ]\ lintoSldApirtmiills n F A n 1 IKJP .! Renti! lo Shire UtzAULINb 35 RoofflsfofRtnt Tuesday through Friday 36 Uoiilt Home finiils 3 p.m. the preceding day M Mobile Home Spue 38 Commercii! Rentals Saturday, 11 a.m. lor Monday 40 Firm t Tricl Renlili MERCHANDISE (43-62) CANCELLATION « WinlecHo Bu, Ads may be cancelled by calling j-i Misceilinems before 5:00 p.m. day prior J; ·,,· · J'S'riJf or 13 noon Saturday lor 8 ] " ! ' ! SeniTM S Monday ads. 45 " ° ' '. '. '. '. '. '. '//.'/. Antiques 5p Qltice Supplies 5Z TVs. Stereos IRidios CLASSIFIED DISPLAY " Musical Inslramenls D A f p c 55 Burldini Hilernls " A l h b 56 "Fi,e.ood Rate S3.20 per column inch 58 Frnili S ViitUbla 59 Seeds. Plants I Flwir! Volume rales upon request 60 Pets Supplies . . AGRICULTURAL (63-70) Minimum space: 1 column inch 53 f aMrf s 'n,^ Borders cuts may be used 65 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. V.Vp'uteSnl 66 Horses t Equipment 67 Ha), Gnln, Feed S Slr» DISPLAY 68 firm Equipment DEADLINE 69 Irriytion Sjstims Tuesday through Friday ,,. . . ."^.^."^"Smnied Noon the Preceding Day. TM · · ''g^^'l^ Friday Noon for Monday. JJ .\\\'comme'rcii?lTn'rBTnientPTMpert) 76 Mountain Proper! 1 Cancellation 5 p.m. 78 Mobile Homes For Sill DAY PRIOR " Mobile Home lots or 12 Noon Saturday lor RECREATION (81-88) Monday Ads 82 Spodini Goods 83 'Bkjcles 84 Brats S Supplies 85 Snowmobiles The Tribune assumes respon- 87 Tnilers I Cimpers sibility lor only l incorrect in- TRANSPORTATION (89-98) sertion ol any ad. Please read 89 Transportation your ad Ihe first day it appears. 90 . . .'. Molor Bikes Call in correction before 9 a.m. 91 Auto Pirts 1 Sentce next day. 92 Aute For Sale 93 Vins For Sile PHONE 352-0211 " Pickups, Trucks 714 Eighth Street " Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ffl AUCTION (99) ^^ RTiiiiiG Ar Summer Jobs U3 Wmttd A7 He'P A7 He!p U/ Wanted U/ Wanted * FOR S -- CltuHM liner *dt placed on Sattrday morning will receive 1 fret day (commercial adi excluded) whtn ordered ta rwi 5 cmtKUltvi d syt wfflt erolltr/brcakfiit cook. MM plia, dtpindlng on txptrlpice. Apply RtmMi inn^ 3Si*w. LAWN Mswkifl, irlmmlftB *nd »t« ll:«iJn,»l«». WANTED - One part-time cocktail WrtlbB- Fr« wtmwt. 31*UI, 1S3- wihrns. Nlflhi shift. Picait eont»ct JUI. BOYS «nd Gkls -- Ern up lo VA ftr Tonya) Ratnada Inn. Phooe 3S3S900. y/AMTEO-- fcaSy-^Jttinj, EaM fAwns'lsi YARD Work - WBwlng or evnlng. 0*wy.»BtlJ-iSl-«»«- month on a Rocky Mountain Newt paper route. Housewives and H\f\ School fiodtflts earn up la Iin per month CA * Rocky Mountain Newt paper route. Call 353-OltO. START Now -- Local Amway distributor HEW and used vthlcl* «l»p«scfl with txptr itnct -- snouid tnswirucw. cood worUng hourv good fringe benettti and ciemo tor right p*rJon. Pltase call Stevens Chevrolet In A-lt, KU Jft«, for YARO WORK - Weu i!de, hai uftty o»w* opponunlty tor good eamlnos. «rtHICfltt.A8e11.3S7-1454. You pick the hours. We flHlM. For ap- RECREATION Supervisor - City of YARD WORK -- Hllhlde, afternoons. John, oae K 353- 1644^ eh w 4. EXPERIENCED -- Days, wtt Vend litter. Help elderly, (letlerj, etc.) Karen. ISA- MAGIC Stewi (or blrtnday partlrt. 11.75. 14 YEAR Old Boy Eton yifd work and and lm all (obi.354 4191. VALLEY View Nursing Home -- New IM . bed Medlcar« approved nursing home at (15 Freemont Street, Fi. Moron, Colo, has Immediate opening for Director of Nursing, Very 0004 ulary com- meniurate whh education and ex- In recreation or related field. Ability to lupcrvlu recreation programs and des tad uily and courttoutly with the public. Good ulary «nd /ring* txneflti. Send resume lo Ptrionnel Office. Civic Center Comple*. An equal opportunity employer. Vacation and skk leave benefits. Group WANTED - Babysitter to live In. Call Insurance program available, contact 356-5947 after 5. tonal Interview. l-MJ-ttil. An Equal Opportunity Employer. n«ARO M B lrt *.,b.b 1 ,lBf. ne al| W 4. £ARH |)W|HO ^ ^ ^ ^ exper. 3S3-J5SI; 3S3-36U. _ _ _ _ . ,,,, . LEGAL Secretary -- Of flee ar.d mag card nc tmpioymem experience deilreble. Good typing skllli UU Wanted etwntlil, Submti resume to West ind . 6 FOR 5 -- Cfanlfled liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 fre« day {commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 coniKUtlve dayi wltn no cancellation*. No adi taken after 11:00 a.m.asi-0311. Ml, WOO 10th Street. AD sa ei person for glossy new publication to tell Greeity, P.O. BOX 4412, Boulder, 50*4. EXPERIENCED cook wanted to work days. Apply in person. Baker Street Restaurant. MANAGEMENT -- IMO a week -- management training. 1300 salary when you qualify. For hien/lewcall Jil-iW*. branch manager -- Earnings potential (200 a week or more, interviews Monday morning at 10 a.m. MIS Ind Avenut, No. F.»H« m i.nHir^ NEED experienced interior carpenters- mun h aveown living quarters. Kerwy M7-333; Mua have references, call 3S4 69SS after area . 351.7753. PLUMBING Repairs - Sewer and drains cleaned. Uwraiej.lW BW. 4Vt YEARS experience as forkllft and 'warehouse operator. Am available now. MAINTENANCE Foreman - Mature, c i er n for (m no ^d tight bookkHplng. responsible Individual needed for full General of lice experience required. Call time supervisory position at Greeliy 353-7222.Ext.W,8to5. Mell Shopping Center. Apply In person L.. , _. " . _, WANTED-- Experienced male bartender WILL Clean vacant twuiei and apart- w| , h loca | ri f7 rmce . N | Bh , Si 6 ,,, ?. menta. Call IW 5543. App | y !n perloni 0{(Ice Lounge, iQ2039th CARPETS Cleaned Living and hall, Avenue.betweenlla.m.and^p.m. ceptlonlft-ucretary. Good hours, wagei and benefits. Permanent position. Do not apply unless qualified, Farr Farms Co., 707 7th Ave., Greeley. 737-2M1 LIVln8 ' dlnlnB *""""· * K "- EXPERIENCED Legal secretary- Good perlenced only/Offset cameTamw and typing skills essential, shorthand, light str DMr. «n*rl*nc§d onlv. Simsnln* NEED Yard work done? Vacation time? bwllKH P |n 5 and other derlcal "**· Graphics, 211B«h Avenue. Greeley. « P er,ence fJ , C onscien, to ,s. 3!o .B2B ! . _? . OLDER Wom^todohouscworkoneday NOW Accepting applications -- Full time, aweek. 356-3951. ft 7 " e 'P benefits. Apply at Bonell Retirement EXPERIENCED man for outside dairy V* Wanted Community. 7MHnd Street. 8:30-3:30. mr ^ re p|y to Box U-17, C/0 Greeley WAITRESS Wanted -- 11 or over. 113 9th Street. 35 J-91 10. MANAGER Wanted -- For four unit apartment complex. Rent reduction for services. Call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for appointment .J54 3030. HAIRDRESSER Needed -- Call 284-513! after 5: 30. perlenced only- Send resume C/0 Tribune. Box IM. SUMMER work -- woo a month full time. 1 MOO month part-time. Guaranteed. In your own home town. Over 18 with car. Call352-BWUrom3ip.m. MECHANIC -- VW experience preferred. Call 353 331 1, ask for Service Manager. RN'i, LPN'i -- 5«t your own schedule this summer. Choose the days and shifts you want to work on temporary assignments. For more information call Western Temporary Services, 35J-7B44. NEEDED Salesperson - A challenge to sell exciting automobiles. A good op- ponunlty for the person who Is willing to work and wants to earn big money. Call for appointment, 356 0034. * COCKTAIL waitress -- Experienced Tuesday-Saturday. Evening shift. Phone 3M-5OT1. FRAMERS -- See Claude at Countryside Pert. W per hour starting, more for experience. 1-493-6873, after 6. SEE Gasamat ad Business Opportunity. PROFESSIONAL Firm nwdi an ac- , or bafn wlth 1M Reg , ltered flnd countant -With at least 3 years ex- Grade Holslelns. No drifters or drinkers perlencelnpubllcaccountlngtoflllaful need app | y ,, tt , is , s a permanent t ma position. Reply with resume to P. potion for the right man. No field work 0. Box G, Dillon, CO 60435. Involved. Good house may be furnished MAINTENANCE worker Mechanical/Electrical background requited. Contact Roger DeWllt, Bonell Good Samaritan Center, 7M 22nd Street, Greeley, Co B0431. Phone 352-6082. . complex. Call 352-3M2. EXPERIENCED In food and cocktails -Must be21. Call Kathy,6B4 9777. Order Processing/ Inventory Control Position now available with local company. Experience preferred but not essential. For an appointment call Mr. Delk, at 352-6910 f Q nm\ 1 01 Found -- '« fllemoriam ANYONE who has tost a pel, please vhl ^ ^ Op*nsta5,MonrJaytrtrcugriSaTUrrjiy. Hpnrv Fpnrtal who riflcqM -Saturday morning will receive 1 tra nenry renaai, wno passeo my (eomm ireiii mi txciudMi win away 1 year ago; June 2. ordered to run 5 conwcullvp day* wit . no cancellations. No ads taken attei Death is a heartache that ii:m.m.35i02u. nothing can heal. LOST - Fenai. si.n»».»i» w Memories arc Something no miles west of LaSnlle. Reward fo Others rnav forget for he is WATCH wllri Inlaldlurquolw, silver ban gone, McDonald's. Reward. 353-ssaa or 35; matter how long. LOST Irish Setter, I years old. wear-In 1 red bandana and brown collar, ca Sadly missed by wife, son, Dave, HI-OKO. daugmers and lamily. LOST .. Fm8l( Cemsn ^^ V(n large, black wltn brown. Nllch In on ( SI / ~1 1 westolEv«m.PI««»r«urn.JSHMB. C-arJ Of JhanM L «T» star^ltonymr «ajTM»' ( W FRY We wish to extend our QO Personals Pinnopr Pncl 9191 fnr thp SINGLE Parents - Widowed, divorced Pioneer Post 2121 lor tne ,,,,,,.,,,,,. ori ,, a Puma mt , m beautiful service given for our pannars, 354-0507 ;w-*w. . loved one. Also tnc many !s Jmjr ,,,,,,, ,,ck! The Raior cimic beautiful cards, flowers, calls, Aiwre's, I2ii9thst.35!-M0i. and food. There is no way to FIGURETTE bras, giniin, sWpwear convey in words our deep and iounginociothes.54-az2. heartfelt thanks other thari LONELY - want to maki new tnanm everything was so meaningful Iing? c s°ca^Arne'35i-35« cld lntcri81 to our family al this time and -- rlovmlv snniwiatoH LOSE weight -- stop smoking, learn t deeply appreciated. ,,,,,, ,.,,, ni ,.,,,,,. ,,, CIMc , The John A. Fry family Hypnoaiiin Ft. coiiim. «u-jm. Katherine, Lisa Chantee, ALCOHOLICS Anonymous u 352-953? ro andJohnJr. halpformmlnglnrormatlon. JACOBY · CRISIS INTERVENTION; RAP LINE We wish to thank all of our AND EMERGENCY REFERRAL friends, neighbors and relatives rj,,, ,,, Tn|lch He | p Line for their kind expressions of 354.3535 / ,, m to 2 a m sympathy at the time of the Innymousant CmMentoi death of my wife and our MEN LADIES 18 and Over · Free to Travel East Coast, West Coast. Doing publisher's contact work. No previous experience- required. All transportation furnished with immediate cash drawing account. See Mr. 'Gregory, Inn Towne Motel, 1803 9th St. 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. No phone calls. f NEW . PRODUCTION WORKERS Local manufacturing firm · now hiring permanent and summer help. Above average wages, incentive bonus, good fringe benefits. Apply in person only. Central Homes, Inc. 237 22nd St. · Greeley v J CUSTODIAN for Community Building, r City of Greeley. Beginning salary $532 plus fringe benefits, such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, life n- surance, and retirement plan. Position available June 6, 1977. Apply at Personnel Coor- molner -, . . . .. , ,, - « C Summer Jobs ty Building, 701 10th Ave- We also wish to thank Dr. (J5 . ' wanted nue, Greeley, Colo. Eventide Nursing Home in ^""."fu^-'j'r 5 '"""''TM"" Windsor, Colo., Adamson Mortuary, pallbearers and ladies vAROTOrj-N.r,hw, n Gr«i.»,,g.iJ «l F.,11, U.uletl Church pf BABY . SITTIN6 _ D lm , (or mrUn Windsor who served the meal. ,,,,,,,,,. M j di!on . R, f , re ,, C M. Annette God Bless you all. K3H-I3U. Jacob? Jacoby EXPERIENCED - Dan, weekends .,, .,. ^ . sllter, help elderly, errands, etc Karen and families 3543904. -, Lostand Beginning stU(fentsonly.35J-51Jl. Ul Found WANTED - Summer otllca work b LOST - Diamond and r n b, dinner ring. sl^t.Someaxperlence.Call JS1-41W vicinity ol South village Inn or Down- EXPERIENCED Lawn Cara-Odd lobs ,ownSa(eway.3S!-J9M. Reward. Goodworker. Bonell area. 354-4437. ELECTRONIC key lost - Call 35J.3B74.. LOO KINO tor y«rt work 15 yean. In . | SIUARFS WANTS THE BEST % £ If you are an outgoing, ag- ^ i £ gresslve person and want a ^ · « career In fashion merchan- * £ dlsing, |oln America's fast- j O.est growing junior worn- 4 · J en's clothing chain. High. * KITCHEN Help wanted -- Pan-tlmi and full time. Apply In person, Armadl la Cub,2M4540. HAIR DRESSER needed -- Estes Park area. Experienced preferred. Apply at Maymes Beauty Shop, 1-5S4-32W; 1-5B4- 5935. . TRUCKERS: Reliable, experienced, needed for temporary summer . jobs. Straight truck, van type, 5 speed transmis- work. Call Connie, Western Temporary Services, 354-2070. RN FULLTIME 3 to 11 Shift . FAIRACRES MANOR 353-3370 REGISTERED DIETICIAN Dietary consultant position available, for registered dieii- c an who is interested in ad- " ministration and therapeutics. Must be willing to travel. Contact Jeannie Buxman at 353-7222 for appointment. MOVED TO NEW LOCUTION We have need of Real Estate Salesmen, Men or Women. Aggressive full time individuals who want to make money. Excellent ,working conditions. All inquiries will be" kept confidential. Ask for Tom Gibbons or Edward Bunker. Gibbons Bunker, REALTORS 1303 9th Annul, Grtilii 352-65/0 I^WIvfERBED**! | FACTORY | » PART-TIME HELP » » WANTED 5 J Need dependable persons* * interested in working J » eveningsfrom^toBp.m. f » * · Apply In Person * I HINDS-CARLISLE t { 504 1st Avenue * »»«»»»»«««»»»»»«»»*» 4***********44 { B e A n A I I S t t V r * j( Join the Star Realty ^ v team o( professionals and ^ make real estate selling ^ « vancement, and great ben- » ^ want full time, aggessive * f applications for assistant t I manager. Call nowl J * STUART'S ? % 1930GREELEYMALL % GENERAL OF C ICE Q3 Notices Q3 Notices . -CREDIT SECRETABr - Credit ex- · nerience, collection, policy ! lf you are a Landlord or manage duplexes or 1 multi-purpose complexes -- This is for you j n Weld County Apartment Association { II June 14, 1977 -Winterset Inn, ! Dinner Meeting -- Reservations Necessary 1 1 administration, ana recep- 1 lionisl duties. Typing skills | n 10 key required. Salary commensurate with experience. Full company fringe benefits included. Contact Personnel Dept. EQLAKIM Speaker-- Paul Winger !( /^^^N "Evaluating Your Rental Investment" |J ($325' || Call Ruth Lewin -- 356-3034 ' If 260 Factory Rd., Eaton 11 or Larry Sears-- 356-7700 ' '.'u 454-3391 \\ m n .ii · . . l ' .^ .-n ..-- l ·-- . iitij An Eacal OoTCrlunll, Emolom ·^C people who want to work ·£ ·^C and make money. Ex ^ ·^ cellcnt workinq con- "K T^ ditions and top com *K T missions paid. ¥ ^ See Clyde Wiiliams "K J 352-474B ^ r- H |ffi^^^TOW|ffiB| I SECRETARY | i Attractive, well-groomed, | j mature person to greet! j customers, answer phone, | and screen calls. Good § secretariat skills and office I i experience required. Per-11 manent 5-day per week! position with excellent 1 wages and benefits. I Farr Farms Co., 707 7th | Ave., Greeley. i and salary Is open. Contact Roy Smith. Smith Dairy, Rural Route 2, Yuma, Colorado 80719. Phone V303- 848-2596, after3p.m. SALESPEOPLE wanted -- Pan or full time. Own car. Will train. J54 9M9, 3J3- 7453. BABY-SITTER needed -- Most reliable and dependable. Two children. Part- time summer, full time school year. Madison area. After 4:30, 353 7976. Entry Operator -- Code and post all accounting data on computer termlna with typewriter Keyboard. Typing and bookkeeping skills pnferred. Health and accident Insurance, sick leave and other benefits. Call 3511313 for appointment and Interview. TITLE CLERK -- Type car transactions and letters, tiling and other responsibilities. ; Good typing and judgment skills required. Health and accident Insurance, sick leeve and other benefits tervlew. BRIDGE Service Worker-- S75Q month Two years as an equipment operator Must be able lo use a backhoe, front end loader, truck. Must be able to perform manual labor. Must have a valid Colorado drivers license. Bin grade education. Apply at Weld County Per sonnet Department, 915 10th Street Greeley, CO BD631. Application deadline June 10, 1977. Weld County Is on equa employment and affirmative action SURVEY Crew Member -- WOO month. Knowledge of bask mnthemntlcs. Ability to perform calculations involved n surveying and read engineering plans and documents. Must be able to do manual labor. Six months to one year experience preferred (but will train). Education: Sufficient to perform requirements of lob. Apply, at Weld County Personnel Department, 915 10th Street, Greeley, CO 80631. Applications deadline June 10, 1977. W*td rimty H an equal employment opportunity anc affirmative action employer, male- female. WANTED -- Experienced genera Irrigation farmhand. Must be able to relief milk. References required. No drinkers. 834-2457. no S*lM/ 10 Service 17 Movinjt US Marketing Help 10 Guide U S1ora«* IFORS-atUUlMllrWMleUcMui "IIM6X wttdl rtJUlr. ulw." Grnitt FOR Movlof W HonOT -- ·«» «M iUirln mornM will fK«v« l fr« Ww» «i Trof*r. ISMta. ggUne oi.lwl.1 fatoxl WjW. cat E'SHl°W]'Sl"S * 1 ^!?.''.?±'« '«?'££? *" ·"* ll:»ijn.JS«an. n . Business MCCUUOCH datum - sttn, xtv- 71 n«5«STMi«.« NEEDED SUM HMO - DM to'wr MW Iw. AlXWlon'I. JU15111 St. BM1M. «·* UppOmjniries CirdtiU and IKS. number ol (Wfl' 1" MINTlNO - All klixH. frm rttatttl WE M«bulli»l» Wf"TMTMTMTM "S, \5 Kit ifM we fiav« CF«ilnsl to * wrtl 0«:t Ttstman. 33W1I. *·*' ' w '. I*** 1 : " VT? At2fu(iHi.m« ptrsoJiL MuU t« married and lived In - trp«o'h"«ln»«**«-CillCl'rit*llHirra vea lor yean. Neat appcaranci and A havt good cr. Atev* avtf »a* cirnlns fcr rlgM fvxa. Call 1M-SOT. DD1TIOH inn ImpnmmiflH. wliy «t "if RMIty. JSWJ* · Jiw/Jl 4 FOB -- aiulftad llntr Kti rttttd on TILE - Er»rtlr InilalUA snuroiy TMnma win ·**"· ·"- itf^un .f4*r A day (commtrkal act KCIUOMI wnan 11 Education* - i FOR 5 -- Cliulfltd llnar Bdi placid on p ordtrtd to run i conMcutlvo dtyi with i? ; K'."u%n H ° "' '""" '"" p MACRAME CtlltH -- A0*l l-Bdult. . Budflit Micrirni, 1115 Ith St., UI-474*. c ^.NGhmyhome. w^^* ** *« *« OR l«t, relleble TV or antenna service, RECREATION Room and lunch room - th nk. 4 ; . ^^ ^ ^^^ Dift | mi «nd Sporttwiaf. estlmales. Call Doyle. W-7H2. (Ixturts and training Clll Anytime for a» 4 mnlM U lUII. C.11 1»MM. CI JS|Sl..r",,TSJrs£ 11 JSMW. " ESTABLISHED Fwnr cllaolng wvln · Kn.tntu* rtnnH Inrnm*. im«M B- SUMMER Conviriittwiil Spinlih cliu _-..,,,,,. , ..._ ,._.,,, ,.^..,.. ..^ u «tm«,t r««itr»rt JfAn KtutmUL 4U- tnd b«fl1nnlno Spinlih cliu. 113 K». F WANT Private or Croup tcnnli leuoni? , BATON Leuoni-- Offered by former CSU Head Twlrler in beginning, Inu SK I rtiSS«? VMefl tWlril C8 " p 7357, flfttr 4. SWIMMING-- Private competitive itroke H nitrucllon offered by college All American. Reasonable. JW-SH7, i n Child Care rnll*o. fnrt Cellini, M4I11. WI |ni* And Aller *" oni ' COUPLES Wanted Mlddla-aged - Opportunity to get Into builneu (or IVIIIl^t 'n I* w*itarn "iln Abovt iVYER raking and general lawn care. JSSAND and wife want ona building to O A Money clean inevenins. oeiiy, wKKiy. 20 ytsri ££ to |_oan 354-8S31 for estimate. VENTURE Capital available- Call Clyde *NDYMAN carpenter painting Wlllltmi at 5tar Rliltv Co " maa window washing, etc. 354-40M. SECOND Mortgages -- Fast s*rvlct, slm- -iwr 1 1 ut (A hiM u P'* ' n ' - "" prepayment p*n. iil iiJd. fiFORS -- ciauiriea imir ea piacea on home, Brtntwood area. 3(. 3JI-4870. RFTTPB oe\tst oald for truit dtedi, Seturd.y tnomlng will receive 1 free SmStiTomir ecelvlbli r3»St ordered to run 5 conucutlve dayi with « g Custom no cancel! atlont. No adi taken after ^4f Work TRENCHING for wstir, gai, electric np Wanted LICENSED Day care -- My home. 333- foot ngi, final grading, backhoe. Koehn /Q *- D efl | RESPONSIBLE Married couple look no LICENSED Child care -- 1 year* and up. BACKHOE loader, trenching, leptlc far } or more twdnwm farmtwu*. M7- 354-4437. tanki, leachlnfl fields. Kortm Co., 3«- , 713 , LICENSED Child Care -- My home. salla area. 2B4-3121. B painting. M4-51W, evenings. n-j Houses .._..,,,.,«. ,.,,... LI i°R«» WILL *, bubrimiitD wlndrowlng. Lirry Penn, JU-5JW. 4 FDR s _ C|BM|(M , |ner ,,,, p]ICfd w UiOM. « EVANS -- Llcenied child care. Day or "LICENSED state Farm -- Evam, 352-5703. -- FOR i - Claninrt liner .d, placed on SV tomSl.1 ."1 tidSidl v*TM S.lnrday mornlns will raealva 1 free " rdy , r STM. £l icSteSSn f£n wlffi d.» (»rnm.r=l,. .a, excludMI wnjn °;, d T,'«,S^°S^fSSi no canullallona. No adi IsHtn allir "."a.m.isjgiir. 11:00 a.m. 1B02II. FOR RENT - 3 bedroom home. Married CUSTOM hauling - silage md manure. g^, -££? and"V"e'frl9e"ralor"fur" C 5clw! V tfflV "Sfl!" nS^rift'fliTfJ R0n ° ld Andtr *° n ' ' H ' 31i6 - u?5ja l74 ° PlU$ """""· TM deP ° S "' trips, gardening, ipeclal 2 week work LAND Leveling -- Backhot and loader shofN, June 13 1 throiiflh Auguit «. Comi wrvlce. Boyer Conitructlon, 3SJ-72I7. ATTENTION Landlord* - Llit your low 7330. B 1 0 Service · v 10 Guide Formica work. Free estimates. 3M-47B. g CUSTOM Cablntts -- Formica and water line). Bud Elam, JH 1417. RANI:H Ho me - 3 Mdroom, Hi barni dining room, '1 car giragt, unfinished ERTIS; Lawn »rvlce Power raking, ,,.,,£«,,. ' rangei dlsmVasher. J200 swwptng, rototllllng and fertlllilng. No deposit, (340, lncludeswater,trash.3?M ob too small or too large. 5B7-24W. West itn street June ,. Appointment ttrlfHnP fltiri Hurkdll urulr.-- Nn ]nh WIV, «0-wll. too big. No lob too imall. 353-7403. FOR RENT - Modern 2 bedroom country ceramic til*. Free Mtlmate. Call 3tt- DANDELIONS Spnyed - Riiulti 1 NwkiV»rM. 1 4Sll. M '" P ' lr "*'"'"· 353-TOtt, litter i. Remodeling; addition!; H finishing (Int.-ext., bunt., etc.); palloi; porcnts; Int.-ext. painting: garagn; carporti; concrete; roofing; ildlng. Frw «t. _ 10SO - THREE Bedroom house to share with one baling, can arranged slacklnfl. Phoni LOTS 0( mrn _ FMt at home. Three Bret Hotf, 353 4859. . bedroom unfurnished house. Near city complex. Available June 16. JOT per sSSss b fll * tackln8 - 8ud Elam ' 3n ' M1T - Selected pets. ScoH Realty Co., 351 1214. QMunur- , , ,! A - t e FOR Bal! " u ~ Cfl " fillB1| U e LU1U|| U fllltl CLUSfc lo UNC - Modern mostly tur- PAINTING- interior una exterior. Fre« itacKlng. Phone Bud Fry, 1M-41SJ. nlshtd 2 bedroom house. Ofl street PAINTING -- Interior or Exterior. Free Call 214-1612. paid. 1150 deposit. No pets. Laundry. B plSLlJSS' St0n ' *""" A " tyP "' ^ epalri ' "modeling. 354-7J70. THREE Bedroom house for -rent - PAINTING -- All klndi. Free eitlmatei. AI Pelf, 353-2421. U5TOM Wlndrowlng - Gill, Galeton, 3 H 1331, ask for Connie. Leave your Kersey area. Jim Gerlock, 332-6017, 352- number If not In. 9182. FAINTING - Lower rate, until cUSTOM»Hay wlndrowing, baling, and - New'caVpetln'grfencVfltKkvarVrw eittbllihed, free eitlmatei. 352-7491. stacking. Bill Putnam, 1SMW3. p t ts. 471 uth Avenut. call 353-4154. CARPENTER -- Remodeling. CUSTOM Bale stacking - FOR RENT - House 4 blocks south of 3 * !iwo - I-443-6M8. . college. 2 bedrooms. Also 1 bedroom HOUSE Doctor-- Remodeling, Improve- Q menti, repairs. Brooks C. Cole. 351-5774. ALE Stocking -- Super 1049, can arrange 154-3273, evening*, wlndrowlno and baling. Call 38*5283 or 284-6430, Jerry Loaffler. THREE Bedroom -- 2 story home, Frt. ««mar«. JSKOT. ROTO-TILLING N«w L«wn and Gardin! JSijT.TM ''^rtawtri, 0 'tl't ''siSpp'Sl 3S *" l4fl6i CUSTOM Chopping -- Hay and grain. M. months rent required). Available June MEBIVM BBtrvcnM Tr,,rirt nn C 8 rscy, 352-1633. . *1. Call Dean days, 351-2110; evenings Evinlnfll 353-7524. - Fret wtlmatn. 352-1155. / TOTAL Lawn and Yard Service Yard c and Estate Care, 353-7231. ROTOTILLING-- 70 ho. SO Inch and UhD. . USTOM Windowing-- Billng W1nrinr f 5141, afterS p.m. severance, Eaton area. Dale Felte. «6- FO R RENT - One bedroom home. 1150. 2»1, 684-7383. 352-8757 1 tier 4. 30 Inch. 353-4456, Charles Hoecfier. FAR | A nrtN-*nn -- futtnm wlnrlmwlnn. milHTBY Hf.m» - n»«r new-lev. mMril* no Sales/ UO Marketing Help PART or full time -- S5 to S15 per hour. No experience necessary, car required. 3535417. DUU oi" up per month nIB, a natronil firm, needs several good sales people. Our program is presented onljr to teal estate broken and ii very saleable. Ha License Required. APPLY IF YOU: · are veiy neat · * are honest and reliable · reluse to make under 52.000 per month · hare a reliable car (appearance unimportant) · like lo NYC on the road · want to go to work immediately · have Ihe sell-confidence to Auk on a commission .base only (where tne real money is) · can recognife a "natural" sales picgram when you see one IF THE ABOVE DOESNT FIT YOU DONT APPLY! IF IT DOES, JOIN US AND MAKE GOOD MONEY! For details call Mr. Boren35G8685 EXPANDING INDUSTRIAL COMPANY NEEDS SALES REPRE- RITORT. MUST HAVE SUCCESSFUL SALES EXPERIENCE. WE OFFER FIELD AND FACTORY TRAINING. WE ARE SEEKING A PERSON WHO HAS THE ABILITY AND AMBITION TO EARN $15,000 OR MORE PER YEAR. DRAWING ACCOUNT. MUST HAVE THE ABILITY TO DEVELOP NEW ACCOUNTS AND NEW TERRITORIES. TERRITORY EXCLUSIVE. WE ARE MANUFACTURERS OF MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS AND CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES. GRAIN CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 20973 Dallas, Texas 75220 BOB'S Yard Care -- Mowing, edging, trimming, weed control, bed care and FENCING installed-- Free estimates. All types. 351-043*, 353-OifB. D and W SEWER Service -- 24 houra a - can arrange baling and stacking. 351- aged couple preferred. No children or U40. pets. 353-1782. REE Spraying - Liquid fertilizing, TM RE * Bed TM m ? h ^ Ftn ^^"^ weed* sprayed, fungui treated, soil S^M., «T"5« sterllant applied. Professional central oryir. w«. j»-a»u. Hacking. 4M-375fl; 353 6413 Unit 70. ' BOOKKEEPING Service - Phone 353- SMALL j ^^0, mturTl ^ ed ^ w . 251!, 5-a p.m. Ask for Pearl. FOR RENT _, Sma|| ^ , toraB , 3505 central St., Evans. 190 per month. ' 354-0898. Call 785-2354. anytime. c CHRISTIAN Painters -- Exterior and interior, experienced. Reasonable. Free estimates. 353-1492. wedding, showers, parties. 352-1570. jpray acoustic. 3M-1704; 351-8150. Limited Time! USTOM green chop and haul. NEAh new -- Two bedroomi, stovt?, 1U-H17 refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, " carpeted, and water furnished. 1285 a ANDbKbON VERY nice and clean unfurnished J rTI ICT/"\*ifl UAVIMr* bedroom house. For working woman 1. U J 1 Vj/V\ rlA T 1 n\y wltn l child or married couple. No pets. Can Collect ' 3S3 ' 34 "- 303-753-9228 ROOMY two bedroom - Unfurnished. =ii.P.t NP W Hnll.nH P q ,np n0 n t «rw.EV«*For»tJpte.ffl-SSH. Dependable Family Operation NEW 3 bedroom houw -- Single garage, range. Close to schools, country uttlng. 45 foot Quality Cedar Fence 1r RnnllnnA saWpermonih.Uepoalt.relerweei.Bnd in.tsii^i ciQTii» A ^i I M » In KOOtinqS. | eaw required. Available July l. 352- Installed $3.97 lineal foot. 1 j Insulation SIM. Vxtll J31-lHJy Or CENTENNIAL Roofing, new and ola TWO 'bedroom house -- $150 month plus 353-0698 homes. Judson EHm, 353-3A17; 351-U49. utllitlej. 7B5-2125. -- - . , RE-ROOFING New or old Fr« TWO Room house for rent - In La Salle. GET YOUR LAWN STARTED estimates 15 years experience. 352- H2-1627. MHTJ, JW-usv, Keim Montey. ,,, R _ N T , MfMm . uu . (he EARLY WITH A LEISURE ROOF new .mi D u nom. - Fr« ^S/nyS^mUS^S,i 1 BUUN CPDIMVI INT CVCTCM e»Hmatei. Bob, 2U-W41 454-2770. Free Estiva- Guaranteed 21 Op£SSB«' 21 o4±Sfi,. I -- RugnYSharpening---" f 2414fe-W.-10lK.St,.-- ---- - 3S3-1371I Drive Belts for Rockwell Electric Miter Box 16' Stanley Tapes S4.95 Leather Carpenter Pouches S17.9S CARPENTER WORK Remodeling, room additions, exterior spray painting of roofs, houses and barns. Call 356-7995 Steve Kraus Home Improvement Specializing in: · Redwood Decks · Patio Covers · Exterior Siding and Soffits · Other Exterior Improvements . Quality Workmanship Ph. 353-4476 Gteeley, Colo. ·PI ii .'i.ii., \mm An excellent opportunity for you to turn those rent receipts into cash in your own pocket and equity. Block building 60' x 37'. Is leased making a substantial part of your investment payment. (Less than 3 years old). Steel building (one year old) sets empty giving you' the opportunity to operate your own business or rent It out also . . . CONTACT- AL HALLCOCK 356-5897 If No Answer Call in the Evening . . .

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