Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 10, 1961 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1961
Page 12
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Ot6f HELOItE CRU»i Dear Folks: ·'· Here arc sofne everyday remedies far the meat "aepular" stains in every-day lift! Cut these out and paMe la e [ick it -««· eook book for reference. Most ot the answers arc taken ffbm United States Governraent bulletins. CANDLE wAlt i Script as much as possible off the cloth-with a dull knife. Place ciith between two paper napkins (or towels) and press with a worm iron. To remove stain, spdnge with a grease solvent, such chloride, etc. as carbon letra lution of"w«nn'w»t«ir Ihtt con- If safe'for the. fabric, boiling water may be jkmred through thfc spot. : CATSUP: If iet by heat or age, may be difficult to remove. C washable articles, sponge wil cool water and let set for 30 mid- m utes. Work a detergent (not soap) into the stain ahd rinse as usual. If stain remains after delergerj ire'atmcnt, use a chlorine or sit- dium perborate bleach or hydroV gen percxlde. ·-A,final sponging with alcohol help's' t« remove the detergent but be suffc to teH alcohol on fabric first to see if ll .affects the dye. --v ' CHII.I SAUCE: Use same method as for.catsup, above. FINGERNAIL 1 ' POLISH: Sponge slain with acetfene or amyl- acetate (buy at jirug store). Ust amyl acetate An acetate, Arnel, Dynel, and Vertl and acetone oh other fabrics. Nail polish rmovers can also be used" to remdve the stains, but do not use on thfe above materials without first testing the fabrics to see if It'will cauSi dafriage. GftABS STAINS: Work detergent into the stain and rinse, IF safe for the UbHc,- sponge stain with alcohol. For acetate, dilute alcohol with two parts water.' If stain remalhs, use a chlorlnfe bleach or hydrogen peroxide. On non-washable articles, try alcohol first IF it is safe for thfe fabric. .GREASE: Sofne grease stains 'can be removed by rubbing de tergents into the stain. Then rinse with hot water. · Grease solvents (such as car ; bon tetritWor'ide) src often effective even after washing th* garment. Sponge slain thoroughly with grease solvent nnd let dry: Also (and this Is the best thing! that I have found) carbon tetva- chloride can be mixed with talcum powder into a paste and applied on the spot and allowed to dry. tains ^ ^biispoops · ot ammonia to each quiirl ·( waHfi water. 1 On 'non-washabU tH.ides, if alcohol. S j W f e for the flye . . -. sponge with akohol foi- as long as any of the Wain is being rernoved. For.AttUft, dliule akohoi 'with two parts water. If- Main reihalns, place ciltton pad, satUraied with alcohol on stain ind keep pad wet until stain is removed. Be sure alcohol is safe for the fabric. Scores Again "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams presented by The Uttle Theater of the Rockies Company at Ibe theater in Fraster Hall at Colorado State College on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights under UK direction of Helen Lansworihy with, Welby Wolfe, technical director.- T)M CM Tom ,-. Dallas Martin Amanda Wingfleld Joyce Simmons Laura -- Deanna Burns Jim, a gentleman caller .. ,...., Jerald Brldgman The setting was designed by Welby. ; Wolfe. SPACE demands Iliut we continue this column tomorrow. Look for our "clipping service" in short form on stain removals ot mustard, tobacco stains, toilet rings, formica am] micarla, yellowing of drip-dries and perspiration, mildew, codliver oil, fruit arid berry stains and other Hints From Heloise. TKhhk*! Staff Assistant? lo this Director . . Lynn JohnsJone, Joyce Simmohi Stage Manager .. Edward Vcnitbie Sceiiia Arliit ·. ; Laury Wolfe Stage Carpenters . i.. _v. -· Jeralrj Bfldgrhan, Rlchirtl fiaste; Building Carpenters · .: John Davis, Norman Lofgren Properties -.. Robert Johnson Costumes Deanna Burn Electricians WiUiam -Peters, Jerry Schwab Sound Sharon McGirihls, Jerald Grigg Publicity Jariies Novj House Managers Phillip Gleb, Don Yocurr Ed Venable can now add rapic fire comedy to his string o achievements. With Lynn Johi: stone as a foil, he succeeded i lighting the general aurb of gloom Tennessee Williams has' construe: ed for "The Gl^ss Menagerie wliich opened at the Little Theote Thursday for a Ihrcc-nighE run. He was Ihe most realistic .thin about Williams' ''nSohiory play. He should have teen. A person always real to himself, (hou(i people and activities lend to b __ and wash as usual. ·.DtiC: Ball point: Sponge stain rpeatedly with acetone of amyl acelale; do not use acetone on Acetate, Arnel, Dynel anrl Veref. Washing often ' sets some ball goint Ink stains. : We have had excellent results from filalh riibbirig alcohol 1 IF .:. . safo for fabric. i.INK: RegUlar: If stain remains after above treatment , . . treat spot as a rust stain. Most regular inks wash out with detergent ahd water. · MERCUROCHROME: (andmer- Ihiolatf) Soak overnight in a sd- , Southern Baptist WMS 1 Welcomes New Member Mrs. Jim Eager was wclcomec as a new membfer of the Women's Missionary Society of. the 'First Southern Baptist Church at its No- vembfer meeting this week. Twenty-one ftefnljers were present. · Mrs.. Morris Wall, program. . chairman, presented in the forrA ol * skit, a priigram entitled, "I Am the Way.'' Theme for th* dramatization was on the aware^ .nesi of needs in new foreign mission fields. ' Important coirting events for trie' Job's Daughters Initiate Four · Initiation was held for Vickej White, Susan .Cole, Carol Alden and Kalhy Stansbury at the meet ing of Bethel No. 10. International Ordtr of Job's Baiiglitcrs, Wednesday night at the Masonic Temple. Mary Cooper, honored queen, presided. Merit awards were also remembered with faults atioVo presented. Eleven members of the Guard- Ian and Associate Guardian Council were installed as follows- guahtian,. Mrs. Kenneth Cooper; associate guardian, Dean Johnson] guardian secretary, Mrs. A. J. Warreni guardian treasurer, Mrs. .Geoi-ge Thompson: director of iflusic, Mrs. Carroll Flack; di : rector of merit awards, Mrs. Wiliard Quirk; director of hospitality, Mrs. William Lundy; director of finance, David Webber; director of epochs, Mrs. Ralph Waldo Sr.; prorixrter of fraternal -relations, Budd Finch; and promoter of sociability, Mrs. Doug Kester. The bronze awards were presented to Lynn Bloskas, Paulelte Beckrhan, Lhrli Clevenger. Betty Cox, Sidi Porsey, Karla Ciirrey karen Friedag, Nancy Goodwine Sharon Parker, Kalhy Reeves, Jane Wilkinson, Janice Hurley, Judy Schmidt, Linda Wilcox and Margaret While. MANTOVANI, international star will appear here Saturday al Gunter Hall under the auspices of the Weld County Community Coitcefls Association. lAantovani is acknowledged to be (he most, distinctive personality in the world of-light music today. Over 10,000,000 of his I-ondon long playing records have been sold lo date and his music is known even in the remotest parts of the globe, wherever there is a television set, radio or,old record player. For six seasons, Mantovani and his orchestra have played lo "standing room only" concert audiences 'throughout North America, and his popularity continues to increase at a momentous rate. Mantovani, now oh his sixth tour of the United States, is not only revered as the king of popular music, he enjoys Ihe reputation among serious musicians as being direclly responsible for an American musical renaissance. Mantovani's brand of music lias actually created a bridge between the strictly popular and the definitely classical. With his string-dominated 45-piece or- clicstra, Manlovani hns treated such old favorites as "Mexicall Hose," "jealousy," "Charmoine," "Wyoming" and other milo- dics willi as much respect as is usually awarded 16 the standards of the symphonic repertory. After listening to Maptoyani'i classical treatments of these numbers, audiences are more appreciative of the so-called 'long-hair" school of composers. ' .ainbow Girls V\eet Soiurcny .imitation will.,be held at the meeting of Rairibow Girl!. Saturday afternoon [at ei Masonic 'emple at 1:30 o'clock with Judi fay, worthy advisor, presiding. There will be n* practice. Preceding the meetiag will be a pot uck luncheon at noon honoring members bf Eastern Sfcv and ilasons. Canned foods, jams, jel- ies, preserves and other items or the Thanksgiving baskets are lo be brought by the girls to this meeting. Auburn Progressive Club Holds Auction Mrs. Tommy Hincock was auc- oneer and Mrs. Vincil Yetter and is. Carl Hart, clerks, for the ihual auction of Auburn Pro- ressive Club, held this week dur- % the meeting at Ihe home ol [rs. Warren. Adams, north ol reeley. The sale netted the club dose to »«. i Twenty-six merAbers were pr* snt and four guests, limes. Ro 'rt Brown, Laura Craft and Em la Clark. Members answered bll call )y naming the, article jey brought for the sale.' The annual Christmas party was lanned for. the next meeting on Dec. 8 with an exchange of gifts corting not more than a dollar Ihere will be a luncheon at 12:3f 'clock at the Fafm Fare follow ed by the exchange. Hostesse will be Mmes. Ivan Kent, Fred .nderson and Carl Hart. Mrs. Adams, assisted by Mrs .dwell Adams ahd Mrs. Pear vcd refreshments at th .. the meeting using the Thanksgiving moiif. nteriational aT| d Cuest Day at . Greeiey Woman's Gub'Monday Amic'pToHear Iks Chorus lierhbers of Amico, senior cili- ns" .club of First Congregational hiirch, are anlicipattog .their TiriMmas dinnrr meeting on DK. as the Elks^Chorus will rhiuieljfie world/ : · · " ' , . - i i- iumual : 'appearance'. Thlsf is Receiving hostesses .will be Mrs. Overstreet and .her cominitlee o.f tfrs. Earl Seelinger prid Mrs: Bob lioss, ser close of group include: in extensive stildy of the book, "Hands' Across the Se»," to be hel^ at the church tn Nov. M from 9:30 a.m. to Z:30 p.m. There will be a covered dish luncheon at boon. Daring the week of Nov. 27 to Dec.' 1 tt* chinch v.'iU have S revival and frotn 9:30 to 10:M o'clock each morning the WMS The silver awards went to Linda Bartlelt, Linda Evans, lynn Hamin. Marjorie Hockaday, Jan Lund vill, Janet McWilliams, Sharon Lundy, Bonnie Nichols, Marsha Quirk, Jackie Robinson, Charlenc Lundy, Kitty Porler, S u s i e Thonijisbn, A r d e e McConnell, Markee Warren, Margaret Webber "and Sandra White. Gold awards were given to Charlene Grayum, Margaret Cooper, '.Susan Johnson, Pat Kcster, Judy Rissler, Janice Thompson and Lillis Waldo. . After the meeting a.reception vas held in the lower temple foi lie new. initiates. · '' The next regular meeting will e Nov. S2, each member to bring 'ood for Thanksgiving baskets. ' Sunday is Go to Church Sunday 'or Ihe bethel. The girls will attend the First United Presbyterian Church in »,body and be in ;heir pfews by 10:20 a.m. Of- Tcefs will robe at the temple at a.m. ISeiibers are to be at the church by 10 o'clock. A money making event ot Miss will pray for foreign missions. On December 18 the annual Masonic Temple. Serving hours will be 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.' Christmas party will be held, place and time to be announced. Women who have attend are to bring » book for the new church library or else a love jjfift to tft used for that purpe*; It was also announced that individual circles will be furnish; ing ThanksgiviBg fruit basket* this year. : Social Briefs Thirty-two mehibers, tM guests of the Double Trouble Club of the First Congregational Church eii- joyed a Bowling party and chili supper Uib week. Meets were Mr. and Mrs. Diek btlesen and Mr, and Mrs. Gene dVerturf. Guest* were Mr. and Mrs. BUI Lefflef and Mr. and Mr*. Walt Cde. The group decided ft hoM a progre* live dinner for its next meeting, on Dec. 1. AAU* TraTtl Sfaioy Grtop's meeti* Thur«*y niaht was cancelled. Jt wiB be held next Thursday, N*Vl«. *t U* hem* * ·*"* Btrtha Guthrie, 1017 I5th St., * I p.m. : UU THI TRIBUNI WAMT ADS Mrs. D. J. Shu 11 Elected President Mrs. D. J. Eiiull was elected president of llw South Side Coun try Chib al a recent meeting a the home of Mrs. Charles Fay on East toth St., who was elected vice president. Mrs. Herman Pearson will be secret a ry-treasurer for the coming year. Members who answered roll call with their favorite TV and radio programs, made plans for the annual Christmas -party to be held Dec. 6. There will be a luncheon at 1 p.m., at the Garden Kitchen followed by a program and gill exchange at the home of Mrs. I E. Nordill. Reservations for the luncheon should be made with either Mrs. T. L. Davis or Mrs H. C. Sandusky by Dec. 5. Mrs. M. W. Long presented the program. Members were given a few lines of an old familiar ballad and were asked to sing all or as much of it as they could remember. Mrs. Fay concluded .the pro- grim wfth « brief rtsuit* of some of the ni(UifbU, of her recent trip to IJ* Vegas, Ntv. NEW DELHI - During the next five years, .the Indian government plans to increase food to 10« millkw Ions, Miss Johnslone) lalked too much, | vanled loo much and-livcd in tlie ast too much. Tire boy, Tom, . an't remember the variations in er character, His sister, Laura, played by lary Jo McMillin, seems to suf- er too much, lo be too gbod, tou reariilike. Miss Mc!\lillin' at imes tended lo overact, but the 'encral effect of spiritual pain vhich her. brother remembered, is chieved. Here too, there is an bsencfe .of any other mood. Hnp- iness is slrivcd for in Miss Me- tillin's scene with the glass an · nals before her mother arrives, xit the scene does not come off is well as it might. Miss Jolinstotic .man ages lo pov- ray the ungentle southern' lady with a certain vigor. When she goes into her monologues she does not quite project the humor ol icr. Tennessee background which Tom remembers, but in her scenes with him, she gives a typical offering of the unreasoning female as (oils for each other, both are aware of each other's particular shortcomings, they manage lo br ng off the chance remarks will remarkably exact timing and precision.. Venable at times seems out o place in the household of southern accents, and at other times reminds one bf the great Gilder sleeve, riot at all the trust rale; artist. Venable's only fault, i would seem, is tliot he is playin V-snable and not the sensitive poe Tom Wingfield. This problem, : view ef the progress he mat hrough- the 'Sumrncr, is 'a rrtinb »int and one he will no doubt reconcile this season. Jerald Bridgman, as Jim th Gentleman Caller Amanda ~ ha waited for so long, does not, real lave a chance to develop h ro e. As the talkative quiz kid o he high school class, he seem list that, a kid. He does not pro cct when he gives Laura advic He seems to be reading for on of his high school, monologues and evert 'the public speak in course which is Supposed to he Jim be forceful, is properly see to be inadequate. But Bridgma could get a lot more milcag6 b of the word "hell," Welby Wolfe's set designs a well done. The staircase rising nothing and the use- of blue an y e l l o w lighting furthfefs t 1 dreamlike almosphere. The bi 1 for Miss McMillin indicates I . "Blue Roses" which made h r happy and therefore signifies gay moment when she plays wi 1 her animals. Wolfe's yellow lig 3 for the faded portrait is the col . of old parchment, connoting a j and the passage of time. , Helen Langworlhy can direct t lay for Ine benefil of high school rama slu'dents nnd know she has nade a happy choice. She keeps le cliaraclers away from each ther. They all are pulling differ- nl ways and rarely do they touch n any way. Each is alone and D:-. ngworthy has helped convey ml idea.-- Laura Schroder. At Hospital ub i W f , · Admillcd to \ft!fj,,ppunty Genal Hospital on jhiursday; Nov. 9: aster Jeffrey Hergcrt, Windsor, acy Riley, Route 4; fiaby Stev- Michel, iMatlevillej.Mrs. Ken- dli I. Sanders, 2501 '13tli Ave.', iss Kathleen Kobcl, 1324 llth .-, Lloyd N- Prbck,- Milton-Free,; alcr, Ore,; Mrs.'Iislie Hielsch- , -Kersey; 'pdo'r Smith, Weld ounty Nursing Home; Mrs. Joseline Herrejon, Plalleville; Keneth D. Hoffner, Route 4; cla'r- ncc ^i. Crozier, 1828 14th Ave.. Valtcr G. Sundquis'l, Johnstown; iss Lbretta Holm, ' La Salle, aster Lawrence Scolf, Fort Hip- on; Mrs. Mabel Foster, Fort Lupon; Lorenzo Buslamante, Auli; Irs. Vklor Pearson, 715 15th St.; Erkk Hookom, 930 4th -St.; Irs. Paul Stengel, 1721 27lh_St.; lohald R. Close, Route -4; Mrs. da Thomas, 1110 5th St.| Ricky Kobler, Evans; Robert Anderson, .a Salic; Mrs. Allep H. Lamborn, 717 5lh St.; Mrs. Maude Gf^y, 2il8 8th AV'e. Dismissed: ML« Donna Cooper, 1401 14lh St.; Miss Deborah Demmel, 1B21 9th St.'; Masler Tracy liley, Tloule 4; John Gehrke, 192 llh SI.; Reed Mackey, 2447 12lh Ave. Ct.; Mrs. Peter Schnoor, 1213 5th Ave.; Mrs. Fred Bennelt, Route 3; Ralph Stout, Kersey; Miss Jody Patlerson, 2510 15 Ave.; Mrs. Dennis Sarenpa, P-74 Jackson Blvd.; Mrs. Virginia Costello, 1220 15th St.; Lowton McKenzie, Ault; Chris Gesick, 516 16lh St.; Bill Miller, Nunn; Jacob lill, Windsor; Mrs. John Green, Brush; Mrs. Lillian Hobbs, 1744 Eth Ave.;" Mrs. Bernardo Garza, Route 2;- Baby Kathleen Ann Bell, 1104 30th Ave. Ct.; Mrs. Alvrn 3vani arid sohj 301)6 fcst 12th St.; Mrs. Robert Larson, La Salle; Mrs. William Ledtord, Ker sey; Mrs. Eddie Kerbs, Millikc Mrs. Sotcro Rivefa, 707 )2th SI Baby Lorraine Vieyra, Kersa Masler Pclro Wodylak, Johnstow Marriage Licens* James Alton 'Marsh, Greeiey and Shirley Rose Bliss, Ixvelancl Paul Gary Chamberlain and Susan Week, both Greeiey. Robert George Foil and Mar lene Grace Dill, bolh Greeiey. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AOS .; Pioneer Cleaners T H K I l l TO THE/iT^ NEW LOOK... /g^-J fMIIIM/i ...*«*«* y% /«**·/ »//»*r\\S Your Distinctive Dry Cleaners Fin* Quality Alteration* QUICK SERVICE IF DESIRED ,1 EL2-7SS4 2501 7rh Arenu* o| We Give 2yC Green Stampj 'Irs. Ritter ^ Palks at Guild t "The Meaning of Suffering,' 1 a ,, =cenl book by Dr. Ralph W. Sock^ ,' an, was reviewed ';by. Mrs. JJ 1 ouise Riltcr, for the Wesieyan we ervice Guild of the Methodist · B lurch at its meeting Friday. R O Mrs. Ritler reviewed Ihe first Th ree chapters entitled ."Sources Ge .Suffering We Do Not Under- , and, and "The Pain of Liv- j g : and How lo Face It." D j?° ockman is known as the Dean of j? 1 e- American Protestant Pulpit, " e nd has recenlly retifeti from a E ng .ministry al'tinrisl Church, gj lethodist, al New York City. -^ ^ Mrs. Florence Weuntiseti, nils- ly onary education -chairman, read ' Uers from Rev. and Mrs, Leon A' tiller, missionaries in Costa Ri- '£ a; and from Mr. and Mrs. Pete 5 -loepner, . missionaries ;iri Mwa- . rga-Sandoa, Katanga. -Boih fain- ( ies are supported in part by the Sreeley Methodist- Church and are ormer members .-of that church. The Guild voted a gift of niohey o the ' church school for equipr - ment.. . -·' v The devotional portion of the meeting was in charge of Miss 2dna Wriglil. "The Light of the Vorld" was her topic. Salzman's lainling, Ihe Head of Christ, was * ised at the worship cenler, along vilh the Holy Bible. The Barbara Dunker circle of the Women's Society of Christian Service served the 6:30 p.m. dinner. Guild hbslesses were Mrs. Esther Peery, Mrs. Hallie Wright and Miss Ether · Ixitz. Thirty-lwo were present. ; Mrs. Helen Larson, president, announced proposed plans for the ' observance of Guild month in January, 1962. The Dec. 1, meeting will be a 6:30 p.m. dinner in the Educational Building of the Methodist Church. Sunday's Calendar Job's Daughters, Go To Church, First United Presbyterian Church, 10:00; officers robe at Masonic Temple at 9:30. APRONS «t th. WSCS B*MT, First Methodist .Church FrMty, Nov. 17,-Adv. · Leod Cryiiel Carter Boxes · Hand Spun Jewelers Bronxe · Cheese Boards · Bone China Clip* end Saucers · Rose Jars e Fruit Plates e Carrinf Sets e Aih Tfeys e Mageiine Rocks Cloucks GIFT SHOP 1215 EifMst Ave. Fr«a Parrhiiit Express Born to.Mr, ind Mrs. J e s u Uribe of 5»n, pabriel, Calif., daughter'oh Thursday, Nov. 9, e Weld County General Hospital. ·Born lo Mr. ahd Mrs! Davi of Galelon/ a daughter o Thursday, Nov. 9, at Weld Count Seneral Hospital. iBorn lo Mr. and Mrs. Ronal Ruppe of 143 B Jackson Blvd., daughter on Thursday, Nov. 9, a Weld County General Hospital. ' Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Vane Rojis of 810 3rd Si., a son o Thursday, Nov. 9, at Weld Counl General Hospital. · !Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Beni Romero of 507 3rd St., a son o Thursday, Nov. 9, at Weld Couni General Hospital. Bdrri to Mr. ahd Mrs. Calv Parahart of 1Z17 30th Ave., a sc on Friday, Nov. 10, at Weld'Cou ly (Teneril Hospital. . Born to Mr. and Mrs. Melv Martin of Windsor, a son on F day, Nov. 10, at Weld County Ge eral Hospital. Wohieh'ot foreign !ir|- wiD be jec'ial .guests of Ihe Greeiey Oman's Club when, annual In- rnaliohal Day will be observed tbe'nWeling Monday .alternoon at 2 o'clock in Fellowship HaA of the First ^Congre^ationa 1 Church. Mrs. Merle Overstreet, chahinan ol the International ..Relations Committie of 'he ch*' in charge, of the observaDC*. ' _; ·; Program, of pictures, and. njusic bif Japan wjU be present^ by Mr. Mid Mrs, -.Roland Rigf. Rigg'is a senior at . Colorado .State, College from Pueblo.' Mrs. -Rigg was borp and reared in Japan.' They have a son J years old. The family re-. . tries sides at 1222 8th St. Native dress of many countries will be on display at the meeting well as articles from nil over s- annual : appearance', this t is! ne of; the joyous events' "J.'he xiliday sifa'son for 'the:club, .thpr- is'.'mernbeHsi -director'-and ac- ompanist will be guests bf Aniico ic dinner. :· ·. ."^,. ' . . Tlie'Nbvernber meeting was' also spkial event as Dr. John Wcll- ig .of Colorado Siate College i»di his'art'riual addresfe. This ear he spoke on "The Chalfcnge * China'."-'-Y ·'.-'.· ;-. .'"· -. One] hunoVeo* and' nijiety : four pembers and-guests "were'seated t long tables decorated with ulumn leaves, pumpkins and 'oiirds. Pat'Ryari, assistant' su- xruitendeht of administrative .ervkes ahd secretary-treasurer t School District N'o. 6, led group inging of "Billy Boy," "The uilling Party" and "America. 1 liss Cornelia Hanna played the iand accompaniment.-' Rj'aii at- ends every Amico meeting with Is mother, who is a member am Iways leads the singing. In the absence of ihe president )r. George Colman, who, with "iis wife, is vacatkinihg in South Irrieiica, the meeting was con .ucled by Mrs. Aletha Lang. A ;ift of $25 was voted to Eddie Isnderson upon his rkifemen as · church custodian. James T Higgasori recently retired from he Greeiey Post Office as a car Waters. ·ier, has replaced Henderson. Mrs.'Lols.Carlsbij, public health ihairman, asks members tp.bring irlicles for Ihe "Share the Happl- icss Program." Suggested items nclude cosmetics, beads, jewelry, lats, scarves and gloves. Social Briefs ^ Teh members and a guest-, Mrs. Ed Tcgtman, enjoyed the hospi- alily of Mrs. Eliott McGill for a meeting at h«r home at 1027,-5lh St. Names of secret friends were drawn for 1962 and the'meeting ilace for ihe year was discussed. The Christmas meeting will be a covered dish luncheon at the rame ot Mrs. Berlha Nix at 1310 7th St.: Secret pals will be revealed. Mrs. Gronville Hay won he club prize. The afternoon was spent sewing for cancer. J. J.' Card Club was entertained this week by Mr. and Mrs. David Fuller. Four tables of bridge werfe played with two guests, Mrs. Jeri- nie Flood · and Will Saalwacchter present. Fuller made high score for the men ahd Mrs. John Werk- hciser won' high for tlie women. Next meeting will be at the Ivor Nordells at 402 18th St., Nov. 10. Packard Bell Convertible TV · SERiES 23DD-8 CONVERflbLE C O N S O L E TELEVISION. AVireless Roto/ Remote optional anytime at fex- tra cost. 23"/114° iubfe; 276 sq. in. picture; Computer Dial, Set- N-Fbfg-et fine tuning. Constant/ Contract switcji on -brightness knob, .Electric Eye picture con- 'trol..Av'«iiiab]e for UHF. Hi-Fi front 9" oval woofer, tweeter and out-front tone control. .Hand fihished all-hardwood cabinet, tambour door. Approximate dimensions: 47%" wide, 31" high, 11%" deep. AWARD SERIES 23DC-I2·',-,·' CONVERTIBLE C 0 N S 0 L B .' TELEVISION. ' Wireless Roto/ Remote optional anytime at extra cost. 23"/H4 i tube,'276 soy in. picture. Computer Dial, Set- N-Forget finfe tuning, Constant/ Contrast switch on brightness knob: Available for UHF, Hi-Fi front 9" oval woofer, tweeter and out-front tone control. Hand-finished sll-hardwoctd cabinet. 'Approximate dimensions: 403/ n " wide, 32i/ 2 " high, 15%'' deep. Three tiite* the choice--tcirelekt Roto/ktimte coMnl note or later! Or Ttut! MAItK-14 Wtttt »6iO/HMO» Tku- ·UMUAI coWnou FraX-flcing. ticlollre Cetapotir Dial ttnMMted Or m»-- MAM-11 RtOMte ofottxm eoMioU 6*/o(, ik»»( Now rackafd BeB (ivet you tW etoie* e{ TV ]wt tW w«y ymt wuit U. Simtfj i«4eet th* -dM cfcoort tht km* ei ctMnk yen ·*·*/ Time timts rW duice-eitlMr nniwd. or one W r*» wMtew KoW/Kemte toetrok You CM TV, eve* change ebotrok l«ar-iiaafeov«r a nidi hi hit *·· K« ·i«»lni- mlt'iftt tooitl See afl ·Wi tm-CcmfilM Dwl 'n-'-i, «J tw« ·CTT Kcto/Kebtatei trut ue drop-proof M»4 ibock-pnof. Be fir* into tkt fvt*f{ - co+e ie for « Western Tekvision Specialists 1720 «Mi StrMt '

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