Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 20, 1957 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 12
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Page 4 iUBl'NE Thursday, June 20, 1957 'Prospect for Water on Mars By RENNIE TAYLOR AP Science Reporter FLAGSTAFF, Arii. .1- - Astronomers p r e p a r i n g for Ihe ase of space t r a v e l arc prii.-pcTline for water .11111 uxysji'ii on Mai 1 :.. The search has b a r e l y started Ind has yielded liille in (lie way of results. But two researchers ^Wednesday expressed o p t i m u m thnl Ihcse two life-giving elements can be found on Ihe vi-d p l a n e t . The only ivay of finilin^ Dicsr elements on a planet 60 million or more miles a w a y is by gpeclroi s r a p h y . T h i s " technique detects · chemical dements by lilt wave of the light Ihcy produce w h e n In up by the sun or some o t h e r strong source of illumina- ( i n n . Sen cm Ihe planet with a speclro- praph wa 5 suggested to the In- .·irrnaiionifl Man Commitlc-e and! the A s t r o n o m i c a l Society of the I P a c i f i c by Dr. Hobcrl S. R i c h a r d - j ,son nf Ml. Wilson and I ' a l o m a r , observatories in C a l i f o r n i a . i It could he done liy m o u n t i n g ! the i n s t r u m e n t nn a rocket anil sending it up almve the carlli's atmosphere, Dr. n i c h a r d s u n said. This would e l i m i n a t e the problem of s e p a r a t i n g earthy oxyuen and M a r s oxygen in speclroRraph reeordm^s m a d e at Lhc rnrlh'i l.siil'f.'irc, he reporter!. Trick for Summer Cooks Now Offering $190,0QO-Weld County, Colorado School District No. 118 Platteviile School District SCHOOL BOOING BONDS We recommend for liith unide, lax-free inveslnienl these school bonds of t h e I'latlcville District, pnyable from u n l i m i t e d nd valorem taxes. Bonds mature serially from June 1, 1958, to July 1, 1977. Interest Rates 3 3 / 4 %4% -4 V 4 % Ncl Tax Prcc Yield lo Investor 3% lo .1.!)',; according lo maturity. BOSWORTH CO. Member, New York Stock Exchanga Denver 2, Colorado Phone Operator and nsk for Enterprise 23K (not a loll call) ·? 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The Soviet J retreat from hidebound Stalraijm I p(j| $56 MllliOH 111 ]rtalbilic' partnerBhii. be'lween the! Plant Id FlV6 TeSFS 'Communist powers! ' I Publication ol the speech willj BUTTE, Mont, (fl -- The Mtm- jpprmil Communists outside R u s - j l a n a Power Co. has invested more sia and China to breathe easier. :(hjn 56 million dollars in new Behind the cJoudy talk of "con-{plant and properly in the past tradiclions" is a terrifying p a r a d e ! f i v e years and 1 will invest an addi- Pcipinu into realistic measures lianil 20 million in the current which may not sound like pure Communist doctrine. There are dangers in applying £ ) i !pieces ol information as evidence:such palliatives, and Mao tells t h a t a rttep doctrinaJ split divides.Chinese Communists they must calm the population by using persuasion, force will come, later, if ONLY ONE iklllet li n.edid In cooking Ihli chlcktn and grivy "gravy" for Ihe clainir-uppir. Red China and the Soviet Union. Publication "of the text of Mao Tze-tunu's "iecret speech" of last j necessary February dictates a cautious scc-| In the Cheng Feng c a m p a i g n ] ond look, to divorce realities from j Mao adopts an old Soviet dodge year, J. E. Corette, president and general manager, (old the company's stockholders Wednesday. Stockholders re-elected to the company's board of directors! Frank W. Bird, Poison, c h a i r m a n ' of the board; Sam B. Chase, Duttc. vice president and counsel; G. R. Mtiburn, Lewistown stock- grower, and Taylor B. Weir, Helena attorney. About £64 per cent of the 2,703,435 shares of outstanding commot lecmcd al the meeting in person 01 iby proxy. ; The stockholders approved: j An increase in the number a 'stock to six million shares. Release by common stockholrl ers of Ihe company of their pri £in|iii* ri£i!i »n 103,033 charei of authorized stock of the com pany in order that these sharei may be sold lo residents of Mon- I t a n a . wishful thinking. for smoking out opposition. Mao Apparently the text was broad- i counsels Chinese Reds In "let a cast by Peiping to dispel uneasi- 'hundred flowers bloom, let a hun- ness in the Communist world over.dred schools of thought contend." ' j possible falling apart Moscow and Peipuig- between' This is mueh like IJie Soviet ! trick of opening up a sore, point E x a m i n a t i o n of the speech fails-] to "public discussion." 11 gives lo turn up any evidence lhat Mao, in his current Cheng Feng (rectification) campaign, is violating the opposition a chance to stick out its neck. People's Daily of I'eiping, which speaks tor Mao, basic Marxist-Leninist dogma. In-!says healthy development'of the deed, it is a re-affirmation, i n ! Cheng Feng movement depends on "our efforts fo oppotc and isolate" the opposition. There arc conflicts between Moscow and Peipuig, But these in the main are economic, lying in Soviet inability or unwillingness to give sutficicnt help to the Chinese. Politically, Mao still seems lo acknowledge the Soviet leadership and attacks his problems in the same way as the post-Stalin collective leadership. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Ask for it by name.. .-.'.A GRAPETTE, By C E C I L Y BROWNSTONE Allocated Prasi Food Editor Your f a m i l y like plenty nf R r a v y with their fried chicken? Then Ihis recipe is one you may want lo Iry. For not only is there Rravy in a b u n d a n c e , hut it's special with stripe of ham antl slices of mushroom ,-uldc.d. The chicken pieces are rolled in flour seasoned wits snll, pepper, paprika and nionosotlium gluln- i mate before 1 hcine. put into the !skillet and fried in ft small amount of butler or margarine. Then Ihe chicken is removed and kept warm while the Kravy is made in Ihe same .skillet. Tins rangctop one-utensil poultry dish Is just right for E U m m c r cooks. F R I E D CHICKEN WITH HAM AND MUSHROOM G R A V Y Infircdicnls: 1 b r o i l e r - f r y e r chicken (2 lo 2'/4 pounds rcady-to- cook wcighl), V\ cup flour, 1'i len- spoon salt, 1/8 teaspoon pepper, Vi teaspoon p a p r l k n , 1 teaspoon monosodium glutnnialc, 4 lable-' spoons butler or margarine, 1 cup julienne strips cooked h a m , 1 can (6 ounces) broiled sliced mushrooms, 1 can (\Wi ounces) clear chicken brolh, V» cup heavy cream, \\ teaspoon sugar. Method: Have chicken cul up-2 pieces of breast, 2 wings, 2 drum- sticks, 2 second joints, 4 pieces of bony back. Wash chicken and drain well. On a piece of waxed paper mix loRelhcr Ihe flour, sail, pepper, paprika and monosodium glulamatc. Rub flour mixture into chicken pieces. Heal bullcr in a 12-inch skillet; add chicken pieces and fry rapidly, turning as necessary, until golden brown. Cover .skillet lightly and cook until ten- \ dcr over low heal; browning and ! cooking will lake 30 lo 40 minutes. Remove chicken and keep w n r m . Add ham to drippings in skillet; cook nnd stir for several minutes over low heat. Stir in flour thoroughly. Add mushrooms, including liquid in can and undiluted ! chicken broth. Cook and slir constantly over low heat with wooden spoon, scraping up particles adhering lo bottom ol skillcl, unlil thickened and bubbly. Slir in crcum and sugar. Serve gravy separately with fried chicken. Or carefully place chicken pieces, skin side up, back in skillet and rcheal over low heal. Before serving fried chicken or replacing in skillcl, Ihc Iwo pieces of breasl meal may he cul in half lo make four. Serve with sleamcd rice and chutney or cranberrynul marmalade. 703'SixttySt. Ph. 55 THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL , 3 DAYS ONLY! 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