Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 5, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1951
Page 2
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"'-.I'.". ' Hi'"','' PAGE .TWO .. LAS CHUCKS (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Tu«sd»yeEv»nlng,:)June';5,/1951. VALLEYFABMmG-RANCHDIG:: MARKETING By JACK OOTHHALL Salt Cedar Research Work Aimed At Water Conservation In River Jungles "Tests aimed at determining the practicability and cost of-pradTcntifm-of-SDll-Cedar brush by use of chemicals in the Hit. Grande swamps have been started by a crew ofReclama- ijnA BervW sc'iuiitists in an area above Caballo Reservoir, J*hn Gregg, manager of the Elephant Buttc Irrigation Disl- I Success of the tests, which will be on relatively small ifiots Wh't possibly tie in ;i general Salt Cedar eradication mject with the river channelization program, both directed ·aril Irrigation water conservation. "Tin; nri-a in Which the '.e!;tn »n! biinj: mitde Includes about - r i,(iOO ;iln-!i or Salt Ccdur. j'Mifile. The : ,i,.a aUivr Elephant Buttu Rwr- vtiii !'. 11 point nimr Sun A n t o n i o ih iM-ing plnnned cnnliilns npprox- i i n i i t f l y 25.000 acres nf Halt Cc-lnt lipiMi. The.rlyci; valluy, U'ken us n \vhoiivln CBtlnmtod by V»HIC cn- f:}iici'i^'tV'?! i l 1 'X : " h ?" t ' SOfa!10 ' lcl ' c; ' nf ihl's* typVbf hc'nvy water use jihrnli'"growth. ' "Pi'evia"ui; I v i i i x l u n i k not unly in i h r Rio Giumlt)..Valley, Inn in t l }; PPI-OH' aiur ! Uhpf" f riv*M" irritation iii'Ca«. snem to indicate tlmt, «vnp- ..i-ntlon included, Vjilt (.Vdini can ime up . f i v e feel of w n l t - r a ' OiUmi cim IK* j4UC(i'fiflfully ^I'-wn nil from 27 Lo 30 inchtfl of water. i l i t i n thrt-oiiH I P feet. lliK \Vn1cr.,Suvliig I I UiiH u.sUlililLc of wtiU-r UHi! nry Rngln'oRring a c t i v i t y aimed ,it ·flptermlnatlon tif the channel coiirtiu, width and n general stu 1 - ,viiy of construction needs. J' f imds for this work were ob- taim;d when Prcnidont Truman relented tiio Sl.'ifi.OOO which had Ixici previously approprintcd for the job lint wan bring held up by*ihc Uiiilgcl lluii-HU through a ' t e c h n i - r n l l l y . Tin; channel project is expected to rout in the neighborhood uf $·!.- 000,000. The RcclHiiiHtlon Sei vice IIIIH afiked for an apiinjpriatlon of $1.-10^.000 to s l a i t aiMual roiiHtnic- lUtn work. Tlie fund would, if :ip- for Ihr T lyfiU which starts I. The appropriittlon IH now dlHiMiHHvd in the U.K. Ken- piopriiiled, be avail linea nn I t i t r c a t i K(fnr\ of th! i n i t i a l $1:15,000 n l n a r v en^lnt'L-rinff wark by H u l l Cwtai 1 liritHh \n iinyU'lirtc ' W an m a i n l y tine lo Die joint cf- iif'ui i:oin;eC'^JinMn/iUon l yf U i r ] foil of nix rivci (.minty Fiirm mid ijn|0« nlonn ihi 1 liank.s 01 (.he'llio ; IJvi-wturh I t n r o m i H which joined to- i'.Vi'mW.jil. mmiy pdlnls tu»tw«-« K f t l h c r to push Ihu project. The Klpplwn't' BilUt! Ili'tu'i'Vinr nml Al- l-'ann Btiii-mis Included thortrt of liiKJiioiqift' VvouH niivp im iitlillllonnl lumi A n n , .Sierra, Kunduvnl, So- iiiuuimt of watnr'f'ar n r W i l r r thim r n n o . ViikMirn nnd AlltuqiHM'qiir. I lie f'MfttiHti'ii -lOOiOOO- «(*rc-. frtul Joint m r M t i i K H were hold by coni- MI veil foi i r r i f * i i t l o n inltlcc.i of lhrm Fhrm BiircniiH nl ]iiir]i'iK-s by tint i Ivor liltn projunl whlth M t a i t c d lutit . whinh-hits been. .my '-n^!ni'('iii nnd w i i t u i /·- l a n i l l i i i r w n h I tut Jtlu Clrnndi? iiiiin heliivi' t l u i L ii'.VombiiH-d nil Salt Cedar rriul- ) ami AHMUiUiMtpie nL which differences of opinion nf land owner, H n o r t h mill of Elephant Hulii! lU'srrvnlr w«ru pretty well turned (ml mul iiKrci'iixMit t-fijirlu'il on mitjor wnli'i- rniujcrvfttlon o| the New .' .HhH-lt HuiPir ' f n i m t h i s group 11 srcuii-d tin- Imfttiiif; xico Pnnn and hlvo- whirli, in t u r n , se- I'rom t h e AiiuTli.'an lOi Hfiirnm' in-' ··]£lcj)hunt iriinn Hitivnti I-'edLMation. il'int ilrtlif-.i-r or ! '*-»- w i i i c r John Augunlini 1 . .Hm-ivtiiry "f t h e '\ HUrb a.s In buit\g" far-cd | hlat liy i h r ' v i l l l o y niw. Would act i m l l y climiiuili'd even in a more wlii(jli.:ihfl '.;M.-» ; IH now going Win it now mulct 1 wny on the i liiiniu-.Uiailon project In llK 1 Sun M;imiii ;iw;\iii])| ii;ul. S»U Cellar jnnj;lr ineit einiiifil.K of piTllndn- [·'arm Hmrim. and John 3liiifj as c h H i r m a n of the Kind' l : 'ann l.turcuu Irt'lgaliun coin- nil ttno, h a v e made a n u m b e r of trips to Wachlnt:ton in t h e past few weeliii »H a roHiill of thip program iiriupted by (he Kami Bureau, Tin 1 proje(!t. IHIK secured tin; firm liiii-ktiiK "f .Senator Clinton I ' . - A u di-1 mm and Conn. .1. .1. Deinpwy. Senator Aiiderwm ittTiingcd a PRIZE.3XtiY.SHOW AND BEAUTY REVUE "'"·· JUNE 15 - 16 . Mhimsitrrtl by. 1USAHLKI) A A I K I U C A N VKTKHANS livery hiiby under six yours of af;e in eligible for rcplHtration with- oiil (itiliKatlon on the part of |arimtn mid U.lnvlUd .to. pal'tlclpiiti-. in ilie.hhciw. Tlntre iirii .i\o' r n l r y fccji. TiophtuH will be'rtwnitli-d to the I i K A L T l U K K T bnhy, the HANU- SO.\lp'Plnby boy! .'the i'ltErniSHT baby K lrl. and the H H A N U rii/ujptON HA1JV';: ; 'AII bnbli-H to ·»· r n R t H t p m l ami piirLlcliwtc in ilijj Hhiivf (one to ,1 fniiilly except twins) will receive Houvunli'H. llfKlsmilllhs in:i.V ; b'n mtuiC ht .1. ('. Penney Slow dully, from fl:(K) A. MMo flttK). I'. M." ItoklHtfii'tlKii wtt\ close nl AiOU P. M. Saturday, .hme !)th. . Dan3arou^on4ml0i wall for your (urs . . . molhs. hcat»\flr«, th'tviNiv ^'Cjlvo your furs guaranteed. 4'Way .prpt^cllo^ (igjjijiitt. t|i^o hmnrtls, In our suiwr-safo, scion- lllicnlly-controltfd'nibrago vaults! Call i6driy for bonded plck-upl - " · . - . QUK.K SERVICE CLEANERS Rural Women To Attend Extension Clubs Gathering Hornpmakcrs from all counties of the state will attend the an n t t n l ihrcc-diiy meeting of the Women's Extension Clubs nt Eastern New Mexico University at Portales June 18-20. Tho minimi session In being developed by the Home Economics DiviKion of the Httiic Extension Service nl AM college and is aimed at better development of liomplife, especially in the rural and small town areas. Theme of the meeting will be "Harmony in the Home, Order in the Nation, and Peace in the World". A number of Kpecialists in Ihl.t vork arc listed on the program, .ncludiiig Irene ttellnski, psychiatric Hocifll worker: Thc.rman Har- ·lH. minister; Or. C. B. Wivcl, edu- ·iitor. nnd Mrs. 13. H. Reed, home ·rnnnmlflL. Grace I. Ncely, Extension nutrition specialist, will end one of the nuiin discuss ion icriods. "Anyone interested in f a m i l y ife education IK welcome to »t- .end," explains Mrs. Wilton J. 'oole, president of the New Mex- co Association of Home Extension Clubs. 151/CottofiGrowersllrgidTol Secure Unt Certification Tags Growers of 1517 cotton eligible for lint'certification this year are urged by the New Mexico Crop Improvement Association lu file their white tags, which were attached to each tbag of seed eligible for certification,.with the association. The cotton producer then will receive his lint tags which will be attached to each bale of cotton produced this season and become eligible for sale under the lint certification program. The tags should he addressed to?Uie New Mexico Crop Improvement Assn. at State College. In case a grower prefers to give his tags to his pinner, this can be done and the ginncr will, wend the tags tagged 1517 cotton has far exceeded the supply the past few years and tagging over a period of -nnferencc for Urcjvf; w l l b rlcnl Truninn nnd .strongly backed (IreuB in prcHcntinR tin: need for I lie project Lo the president, vho later toolt a f f i n n a t i v e action in relenHliiK the initial fund. ^eni-ies survey Situation 'Hint KnR Cedar Jungles on Ihu ·Ivor arena fire heavy wasters of w a t e r hftH been realized by cxpcrtH u number of years. With the valley fnciid by the present drouth, need for action was HL-CII by a jiuin- iii-r of agencies some time- «n° ttiul in July of 1950 representatives 'roin several federal »nd rtiato i^e-ncieB met In Albuquerque to :ll8euss varioliH angles of .thc.prob- ! lo the association. J. T. SLoval, administrative officer, states.' Tug Already Paid For__' ' Through a cooper.'Ltiveterange- ment which was worked out with all producers of 1017 scud eligible to lint certification, the price of the lint certification tag this year urns added to the seed cost and collected from the purchaser at the time he bought his seed, Stoval explains. "All a producer has to do to secure the lint certification tags this year is to sign the white tag which accompanied the blue tag on each sack of feed, give his address and send it in," Stoval says. That the tag will mean dollars to the grower seems to be proven conclusively, as the demand for lem. The remit of this meeting was the organisation of a Bait Cedar Interagency Council which appointed a disk force to gather needed data on t h e . subject. This task force nan completed Its initial work which is reported in i volume lasucd February 1 of this year. Agencies participating in the survey included the slate engineer's office, Bureau of Reclamation. Army engineers and the Soil Conservation Service. C. t/. Fnrsl- ing is cl|ftlnimn of the Council. three years · has brought a premium of $12.50 per bale for 1517 cotton. H Is hoped by the association that within a year or 'two there will be a 100 percent tagging of this cottoii in order that it can enter the market in large quantity. Spinners Want Information It was brought out a number of times at tho Splnne~-Breeder Conference in El Paso last September that the spinners wanted identified lint. There were five things brought out at thia conference which were of major importance to the spinner: year of growth; point of origin; grade; staple length, and variety, Stoval explains that the gin tag, or Smith-Doxey tag, carries the information asked for by the spinners on the first four points, hut does not carry the variety certification which, in the cnac of the premium 1517 cotton grown here, becomes .of major importance to the spinner and is reflected In the market price obtained for the cotton. In the past three years considerable 1517 cottoii has carried this variety certification tag. Stoval reports that it has caused a great amount of favorable comment and has brought to the attention of millers and spinners the outstanding spinning character of this variety. pblqres Bombach Wins 4-H Honor Uolori-s- Bombach, Las Cruces 4-H dull member, has been select- ed'to attend Camp Minlwanca, the American .Youth' Foundation leadership' training catn'p of Shelby, Mich., this summer, Miss Travis Hughs, associate 4-H club leader, said today. The camp, which will be conducted from July 30 to August 12, will be attended by more than 1800 young people and youth leaders. Winner Or Many Awards Miss Bombach, a freshman at New Mexico AM College,, was chosen, on the basis of her scholastic and athletic ability, character, and leadership. In her nine years of 4-H club work, she has specialized in home economics projects and has been a member of several Dona Ana County 4-H judging teams. In 1050, she was selected as a delegate to the National 4-H Club Camp in Washington, D. C. Also last year, she was named junior winner in the coat division of the national Muke-It-Yourself- Wlth-Wool Contest at Laramie, Wyoming. Development Course The American Youth Foundation camp is built on tho principle of four-fold balance--physical, mental, social, and religious development. The curriculum at the camp is composed of courses in Christian ideals, personal foundations, personal enrichment, leadership principles, and leadership practice. Camp Miniwanca occupies 200 acres on Lake Michigan and Stony Lake. ··' - DKUNK. DRIVER NOT DRIVING VANCOUVER Ml.-- A charge of being drunk in charge of a motor car was dismissed in court when the defense counsel nrguod the crown had failed to prove the car was able to move. The crown admitted it had been towed to headquarters without having been tested. Greatest values qouVe ever seen in smart mouern, economical e\ec\v\e refrigeration Today's values are tops in electric refrigeration -- belter units, more space,.greater- economy. And. you don't have to take Reddy Kilowatt's word for that -- you car see it for yourself at your appliance dealer's. Whatever make and model you choose, you're sure to get a real "TOP VALUE--- safely and economy in good preservation that will last you for many . years to come. Sec today's modern eleclric refrigerators now aiid choose .yours.' Sure, they're better, folks, because they're based on more years of experience than any refrigerators you've ever seen. See 'em today -- you'll want one for your kitchen. SEE YOUR APPLIANCE DEALER · L P A S O B L B C T R I C MESILLA VALLEY DIVISION A I U S I N E S S - M A N A G S D, T A X - P A Y I N G l U I I I C U T I L I T Y First Crop Of Spring lettuce: Harvested, Second Cutting Hears Harvest of 'December planted early spring lettuce is just about completed in the valley-and cutting of a small acreage of the Fcb- ·uary planting is expected to start within a few days. The price has Itcpt in the top brackets during the season, running around 53.25 to ?3.50 a crate the past week. Largest part of. the early crop was absorbed through El Paso and other near markets, only one car- i lot being shipped as far as Kansas City. This was an especially fine grade shipment made by Tashiro Farm. Tashiro Brothers, Bill Ed Esslinger and Ernest Pappas are the chief growers'of the later variety this year. The late crop seems especially good, with fine stands and every indication of. unusually high quality. Cutting running as high as 400 crates to the acre is expected in some fields, W. A. Wunsch, supervisor of Fruit and Vegetable Service at AM college, reports. Onion Harvest To'aarlSoon The Mesil'ia Valley Grano onion crop of about 5SO acres is develop- ' ing fast under hot weather conditions and if would appear it will ' start .coming off sooner them expected, 'soriie growers planning to start tlie harvest next week, iic- ' rordinc to reports to W. A. Wunsch, Fruit and Vegetable Service supervisor. . * Many of the leading growers already : have given their fields a last watering and tlie plants are 4 expected to develop fast with the ground ..drying quickly under present weather conditions. . W. J. LITTLE HEALTQR HEAL ESTATE * LOANS First National Bank Bldg. PH. - 270 or 1805 Save extra shopping trips with this new Oe Luxe SAFE Cold from Frigidoire's . Meter-Miser protects foods from one shopping trip to the next! Everyday foods stay SAFE Cold on these big shelves Sturdy, close-grilled shelves hold loads · of everyday foods. Sliding Basket-Drawer for eggs, small items--makes exfra room. Super-Freezer Chesl keeps - Keep-'A bu;of frulls,' up lo 49 Ibs. frozen food vegetable!, moist-fresh ll's full-widlh! Quick freezes Big, deepVIwih'Hydrotors keep a sparkling ice cubes, desserts and week'ssupplydf fruits, vegetables, ice cream. 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