Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 20, 1957 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 11
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Thursday. June 20. 1957 Prospect for Wafer on Mars By RENNIE TAYLOR AP Seltnci Rtperttr FLAGSTAFr, Ariz. :f - At- trcnomen preparing (or the a;e cf ipace tmci are pro.spoctmc for water ami oxssc-n on M a r t . The learch hat barely started and hat yielded l i t t l e in the way pf rctuitt. But two researchers »Wrdnesday expressed optimism that these two life-ziung element* can be found on the ri-d planet. The only way of finding these element! on a planet 60 million or more milei a w a y It by ipectro- graphy. This- technique detecti chemical element! by Ihe wive Irncth u( the light they produce w h e n lit up by the tun or tome other i t r o n j source of illumtna- i t i n n . j A possible way cf finding oiy- igc-n on the planet with a spectro- sraph was suggested to the Int c r n a l i n n a l M a r t Committee and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific by Dr. Robert S. R i c h a r d son of Ml. Wilson and Palomar observatories in California. It could be done by mounting the instrument on a rocket and tending it up abo\e the earth's a t m o s p h e r e , Ir. Richardson said. This would eliminate Ihe problem of s e p a r a t i n g earthy oxygen and M a r s oxygen in tpectrograph recording* made at the e a r t h s s u r f a c e , he reported. Now Offering 5190,000-Weld County, Colorado School District No. 118 Plattcville School District SCHOOL BUILDING BONDS We recommend for hiEh cradt, lax-frte investment three ftrhnnr bonds of (he I'lnttculle District, payahle from tinlimlted ad valorem taxes. . Bonds mature serially from June 1, 1958, to July 1, 1977. Interest Rates 3 3 /4%4%. ·4%% Nel Tax Frrr Yield to Investor .V.e, acrordinc I" maturity. BOSWORTH SULLIVAN CO. Member. New York Sleek Eichingi Denver 2, Colorado Phone Operator and ask for Enterprise 2.1f (not a loll call) Trick for Summer Cooks r H*fe ore the rJom, moteriati, exrvic* ond the evrf-nocestory dollar! .All AT ONE IOCATION. Our building and remodeling exptfij ore trained lo give em occuro»« ulimote, then, on ths JO.TX spot, cxronrj* financing. It gett your projects itorled faitof -- ImijHed l« PLANNING 1 A Uoff of peofa- ·ionol home plonnen It available for Your prelect, large or imotl. Proper planning It the key lo economical remodeling. MATERIALS Nationally famout, lop quality building mattrialt mean a great taving in maintenance cottt for yean lo come. CONTRACTOR Moke remodeling dolksn go further with a competent contractor. We con help you in teeming one. US! THI -MfrwAY- IUOCII rATMINT MAN ITU rut KMOOUINO DOUAIS IHTO TOUI rocui ouicuti l-.-U Peiping-Moscow Split Probably Not Very Deep By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Ferilgn NIWI Aiulyst For months anti-Communists have been pouncing on bita and pieces of information at evidence that a rleep doctrinal split divides Red China and the Soviet Union. Publication "of the text of Mao Tze-tung'i "secret speech" of last February dictates a cautious second look, to divorce realities from wishful thinking. Apparently the text was broad- east by Peiping to dispel uneasiness in the Communist world over a possible falling apart between Moscow and Peiping. . Examination of the speech faili te turn up any evidence that Mao, in hii current Cheng Feng (rectification) campaign, is violating basic Marxist-Leninist dogma. Indeed, it is a reaffirmation, in ONLY ONE «Vill.t Is rt.d.d In cwUng this chlcktn and gravy --rail "gravy" for tht cltintr-upptr. By CECILY BROWNSTONE Assoclittd Prtss Feed Editor Your family like plenty of gravy with their fried chicken? Then this recipe is one you may w a n t to rainy rtiptcti, of tht Communltt renunciation o? Stalin. The Soviet retreat from hidebound Stalinism can pave the way for I more realUUc partnership between the Communist powers! Publication of the speech will permit Communist! ouUide Russia and China to breathe easier. Behind the cloudy talk of "contradictions" is a terrifying parade Peiping into realistic measures which may not sound like pure Communist doctrine. There are dangeri In applying such palliatives, and Mao tells Chinese Communista they must calm the population by using per- luasion. Force will come later, if necessary.- In the Cheng Feng campaign I Mao adopts an old Soviet dodge ·for imoking out opposition. Mao counsels Chinese Reds to "let a 'hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend." This is much like the Soviet | trick of opening up a sore point to "public discussion." It givei the opposition a chance to stick out iti neck. People'i Daily of Peiping, which speaki for Mao, says healthy development'of the Cheng Feng movement depends on Montana Power Has Put $56 Million in Planl in Five Years BUTTE, Mont. If -- The MOD- tint POWCT Co. hn invested more thin X million dolljn in ne» plint »d propertjr In the pait five yean taf will inveit in additional 20 million in the current rear, J. E. Corette, preiident and leneral manager, told the com- p«ny'« itockholden Wednesday. Stockholderi re-elected to the compiny'i board of direclori Frank W. Bird, Poison, chairman of the board; Sam B. Chaie, Butte, vice pretident and counsel; G. B. Milburr, Lewijtoivn itock- jrowtr; and Tutor B. Weir. Helena attorney. About M 4 per cent of the Z,?OJ,- 4U iharei of outitandini commoc and preferred itotk wai repre tented at the meeting In perion 01 by proxy. The itnckh ilderi approved: An Increase in the number a stock to lis million iharei. Release by common itockhoM en of the company of their prt emptire righti on 100.000 iharei of authorized stock of the com pany in order that these shirti may be sold to resident! of Montana. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS 'our efforU to oppore and isolate" the opposition. There arc conflicts between Moscow and Helping. But these in the main are economic, lyinj in Soviet'inability or unwillingness to jive sufficient help to the Chinese Politically, Mao itill seems to ac knowledge the Soviet leadership and attacki his problems In the same way as the post-Stalin col lective leadership. Ask for it by name.. Gwpwe, ¥ /SODA tr'. for not only It there gravy In ahumlanre. hut it's special with strip? of ham and dices of mushroom added. The chicken pieces are rolled in flour seasoned wits salt, pepper, paprika and monosodium glutamate before' being put into the skillet and fried in a small amount of butter or margarine. Then the chicken i« removed and kept w a r m while the gravy it made in Ihe tame skillet. This rangetop sticks, 2 second Joint", 4 pieces of bony back. Wash chicken and drain well. On a piece of waxed paper mix together the flour, salt, pepper, paprika and monosodium Klutamate. Rub flour mixture into chicken pieces. Heat butter in a 12 inch skillet; add chicken pieces I and fry rapidly, turning as necessary, until golden brown. Cover skillet tightly and cook until tender over low heat; browning and cooking will take 30 to 40 minutes. Remove chicken and keep warm. Add ham to drippings in skillet; cook and stir for teveral minutes over low heat. Stir in flour i one-utenjil poultry di.«h is just j thoroughly. Add mushrooms, in right for summer cooks. | eluding liquid in can and undiluted chicken broth. Cook and stir constantly over low heat with wood en spoon, scraping up particles rniF.D CHICKEN WITH HAM AND MUSHROOM GRAVY Ingredients: 1 b r o 11 e r fryer chicken (2 to Z'4 pounds r e a d j t o - ! adhering to bottom of skillet, until! cook weicht). V4 cup flour, s i tea- thickened and bubbly. Stir In spoon salt, 1/8 tea«poon pepper, l i , cream and sugar. Serve gravy teaspoon paprika, 1 teapoon separately with fried chicken. Or monosodium glutamatc. tahle-1 carefully place chicken pieces, spoons butter or m a r g a r i n e , 1 cup skin side up, back in skillet and julienne stripi cooked h a m , 1 can (6 ounces) broiled slued mushrooms. 1 can (M'i ounces) clear chicken tiroth, Vi cup heavy cream, v« teaspoon sugar. Method: Have chicken cut up-2 pieces (if breast, 2 wings, 2 drum- reheat over low heat. Before terv- inc fried chicken or replacing in skillrt. the two pieces of breast meat may be cut in half to make four. Serve w i t h steamed rice and chutney or cranberry-nut marmalade. 703' SixttyjSt. Ph. 55 THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL cooVs an oven meal for 30 aD at one time Regular 269.95 · Master 23-inch Oven · Removable Oven Door · Automatic Target Timer Yes, you can have G-K. luxury speed-cooking that includes an AlTO.MATICAl.LY TIMED (riant Master Oven on a low liudcrt! 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