Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 3, 1976 · Page 40
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 40

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 40
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TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 4 .. 4: 3Q 5 5:30 6 6:30 7 7:30 "t" 8:30 9" 9:30 lo 10:15 10:30 "11 11:30 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI (CBS) i i **i -± I -- T_T-^ -- ^j _,. -Gillian's Island Fdmcly Allair C B 5 Evi-ning Nc»s Nrftuundir ? fU'wi The Brady Bunch The JHlfr^ons Tony Orlando Dawn The Blue Knight C.l M nor Ni'«n:rnli. ; N,, ws CBS Lale Movie Morning HiMdlmes Ch.4 KAID(PBS) Mr Rogers So^arm- S i r e c t E l e d r i c Company Legislature '76 Book Bear N.irlhttfsl Mvnus Bridge Wilh E x p e r t s Images ol Aging Gr i-,i f F't i lorni ,nu L'l Anyone For Tennyson' Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Slar Trek Mickey Mouse ABC Evening Ncv/i Big Valley The Bionic Woman B.irotln Stanky and Hi/left P r r r y M^sou New\ Sccni' 6 Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) Gunsmokp NBC Nighlly Now* Newtbfljl ; To Tell Ihe T r u t h The Puce ii Ri^hl Lillle HOUI.P on Praine Chko and )he Mnn The Dumplings PeHocelli N e w s b c a l t T h e Tunighl Show Tomorrow Ann Landers The Idaho Free Press i The News-Tribune, Wednesday, March 3.1876--C-I1; Friend puts a stop to gossip I SLACKER'S SERVICE-ALL TV-STEREO GE-- APPLIANCES-- ALL REFRIGERATION 459-08041 6:30 H) BOOK BEAT - "Sitnpli 1 Justice" hy Richard Kluger -- Both a deeply human drama and a m o n u m e n t a l h i s t o r y . Kluger's book recounts Ihe slory of the momentous 195-1 Supreme Court decision that ended legal segrcgalion in America. 7:1X1 171 LITTLE MOUSE OX THE I'KAIKIE - A financial crisis forces Charles Ingalls and Mr Edwards lo leave (heir farms seeking employment -- which leads Ihem into a contract to transport deadly explosives over dangerous terrain 7:1)0 ( 2 i TONY ORLANDO DAWN - Guests stars are Anne Mcara and special guest Jerry Lewis. 7:i)l) U-NOHTHWKST MENUS -- "Dulcli Treat" - ,lan Widinayer is hostess for this KAID-TV series which is programmed especially for PlAstro- Graph B«Je Osol For Thursday, March 4, 1976 ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19) In dealing w.ln others loday keep all you do out in tne open You II not be very successful n trying to cover up TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Huurl feelings will result it an old 'r:end feels you're showing Qfcaier concern for a new ac- quii-mance. Treat everyone eguai'y GEMiHI (May 21 -June 20) Its possioie you could oe an easy marx for a sharp salesman today You could be sold something youd be better of svnhoui CANCER (June 21-July 22) To avo:d unnecessary disappointment today, be realistic aboul your aims. Shoo! neither over nor under your marv. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You may be caught ott-guard a bit today it you're refused a requesl by someone whom you'd do the sarre Ihmg tor if the ro'es were reversed. VIRGO (Aua 23-Sept 22) A business involvement today cou'd be ralher tricky. Study the mailer in detail. Thinx each move through. LIBRA (S«pt 23-Ocl 23) Not much w.ii be accomplished it you seleci only trie avenues of teasl resistence. Effort wins rewards today. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) Try not lo overtax your energies and resources loday in being of service to oihers There's or.ty so much you can do SAGITTARIUS (No* 23-0« 21) there's a good chance you could be Both a slow starter and a slow finisher today. Neglected duties will still have to oe attended to CAPRICORN (D*c 22-Jtn 19) Though what you may do loday will be done lor Ihe good ol all concerned, it's not likely your methods will win their approval AQUARIUS (Jon 20-F*b 19} This is not a good day to bring a proposal to the attention of your friends it it will cosl them money. PISCES (Ftb 20-M«rch 20) Treat your resources wilh pru- denl respect today. Don't lei others rlraw upon them as if Ihey were their own Avoid extravagance yourself. Program Highlights families that are locking for l o w - c o s t , easy-lo-prepare meals. 7 : 3 0 1 4 ) PLAY BIIIDOE WITH THE EXPERTS -· Jim Jacoby. member of Ihe 1971 anil 1972 world champion "Aces" team, and winner of nearly every major national bridge title is tonight's guest. 8:110 · THE BLL'E KX1C1IT -- Etlie Adams guest slarsas a rfance hall hostess who w a s Bumper Morgan's oni lime lady friend. «:OI)i-l i IMAGES OK AGING "Full Measure in Every Season" - The title stales a goal for the future -- sorit-l v's willingness lo grant every person his or her complete turn on this planet. 11:00(71 CIIICO THE MAN "The Pace Job" - \Vheit Eel rciuses a face-lifl offered lo him hy a friend. Dr. Harry Slern. he almost breaks up Chico's love affair with Liz and his own romance with Mora. O'OO ( 7 1 1'KTHOCELLI -- An elderly woman hitchiking across the country is accused of slaying the owner of a San Itemu automobile dealership where her son is employer!. 9 : t m 1 ) 1 G K E A T I'EH- KOHMAXCES - -Mozart's iieciuiem" Internationally acclaimed conductor Karl Rohm leads the Vienna Symphony Orchestra nnii Vienna State Opera Chorus in Mozart's magnificent "Requiem." TV fare Tokyo Rose refuses to talk to reporters 10:31) 12) CDS LATK MOVIK "Kelly's Hernes" -- Starring Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Kickles, Donald Sutherland and Cat roll O'Connor. The World War II adventure drama concerns an impossible team of soldiers who make a wild dash behind enemy lines. Carl \. Dear Ann Landers: Today 1 learned a lesson I ivill never fiirjU'l. I'd like to share this lesson wilh the millions of people whn read your column It ciiiild help make this world a liltle nicer place lo live in. This friend am! I were mivliii}! a Ihirrl woman for a M«la after shopping. NVIicn the Ir.repiif ussul down in a booth of tin 1 druiNnre, the third parly aid, "\ I havusomrtliini; lo tell ynu about So-And- Sn." She then bewail lo relale a M-aiuliiluus slnry ahiiul a woman w e nil knew. It was pretty awful My friend slopped her in mid- sentence and said. "I can't believe there's any truth in it It's eitlier a Ki'"^s exanneralion or a serious misunderstanding " Wilh aina/.ini; grace, she changed Ihe subject. 1 su ad mired her and then llnnii'.lii. "Why didn'l 1 have Ibe coinage l»s;iy dial?" What a friend: Mo self ri|i|ileousncss. nn goods guod\ plumy piety, jusl an up-front, wonderful person I'd love to be like her. L)n \n think I ean chaDge ill age ."!'.' Heacliing lip Dear Ueacbing. (If course you can. All il lakes is effort. Wmildn'l il belnvely if for just 2-1 luuirs. evei yime resolved not lo s;iy one unkind word annul annlhcr soul! What n way to put down pollution' I I ! hear All Landers: 1 am VI uvir.s nld ;md ba\'e iicen reatling yinir cohisim lor as long as 1 can remember. The leller signed "A Mess Wilh The l-'.x'es" cauglil my eye because I saw myself in il plain as day. My mother anil dad divorced six vcars a);n I haven'l seen or heard from my father since thej spbl. The woman who wrote was complaining because her ex- linsband's in-la\vs wanted In see her lw» kids. She mairied aiinlher guy and didn't wiml (hem "bulling into her new life in niiy way. shape nr form." Thai wimian was dead wrong, and I was glad you told her sn. My problem is jusl Ihe opposite. I wish my grandparents on IHV dad's side wmld al least come and see me once in a while. They acl like I don'l exist and il sure dues hurl. Jusl sign me - Missing Out Dear Missing: Here's your Idler and I hope your grandparents see il because THEY are missing out, loo T -I" + Dean Ann Landers' When I travel. I enjoy the Inxurj of having time lo think. read or just observe the scenery. I resent being held captive by a garrulous woman who wants to regale me wilh (ales of her magnificent grandchildren, her brilliant son and her gorgeous daughter. A person wilh a bonk in hand is frying lo politely inform you tie wouldi.illuTread than chat lie deserves the cnurlesy of having his re(|iiest granted. Perhaps he lias been involved w i t h people and Iheir problems all day anil Miliimli' ]·, .something special. Please, gabby travelers, tmil snmcnni' who \vanls lo talk and have a great trip, liespect the rights nf your fellow travelers whn enjoy scenery. Ijooks and jusl being left alone -- Silen! Samanlha Dear Sam: And then (here are those nf us who must work tin planes -- like read a few thousand letters We'd love lo visit but we can'1 afford Ihe hiMirv. Thanks for Ibe assist. There is a big difference between cold and cool. Ann Landers shows you how lo play il cool without freezing people out in her b.'wklel. "Teenage Sex -- Ten Way sin Cool II."Send 50 raits in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope lo Ann Landers. P O Hnx'UUU. Elgin. Ill 60120. RESTAURANT 20 Miles South 01 Nampa On Murphy Highway OPEN ftT 5:30 WED. THRU SUN. , Serving the Finest STEAKS AND SEAFOOD Complete Dinners , SQ95 From 0 Dinners include Sandbar soup, gieen salad with choice ol dressings. French tried, baked or au gralin potatoes, grilled bread, dessert, and coffee or lea. SPICIUCHIlDfliU'S PRICES! We Recommend .,,,,,,,,,, RESERVATIONS... 495-2238 - t'lUCACO 'I'l'l - "You're a bo ni'S') earsTrjrj IHIC." the tiurU Japanese-American said as };i- iJroppnJ Ihe reporter's cnp\ In the floor and walked away It's Ibe cuslcimary reception gu'en reporters seeking Mrs. Iv.i Tofiuri D'Ai|uino. belter kiim\n dining World \\'ar II as Tokyo liose. one nf a dozen women who broadcast Japanese propaganda In Allied trunps in Ihe South Pacific Mrs. D'Acjiiino has worked al her father's import shop in Chicago since her release frnm the Women's lleformalnry al Anderson, ft' Vo.. in lOiWi. after ·serving li'j years of a 10-year sentence for treason She lias refused lo talk in reporter* fur 20 years. The :10.(i!lli-membcr Japanese- American Citi/en* League s a y s she uas a victim of "postwar prejudice" and is circulating petitions urging ['resident Kord in Kraut lier u full arid nn- condilional parrton "If tie is slill pardon-shy liecause of Nixnn. we will wail a while before ive file a formal request." s a i d l)r Clifford I'veda. chairman of Ibe National Committee for Iva Tnguri. Tuo lonner pn'sidenls have refused lo pardon Mrs. D'Aqm t'.o Mrs D'Acjiunn. born in Los' Angeles July \. I'Jir,. went In Japan in care for a sick aunt in l!MI and was luld her citizenship was in dmibl when she Iried lo return to Ihe l.'nilpil Stales. Then the Japanese bombed 1'carl" Harbor ar.d she was- stranded in Japan, where she held par-Mime lypiiig jobs wilh Ihe Danish and Tokyo Uadin. Mrs. I)'Aquino admitted during her treason trial she was a ilisc- jockey dubbed "Tokyo Hose" by American troops hut sniti she was a loyal American. Mrs. D'Aquino said the most damaging Tokyo Hose comments were broarJuast by other linses Veterans nf Ihe Smith Pacific campaign slill liave mixed feelings ahout Ihe cffecl of the Tokyo Hose broadcasts. "ilell. we used lo enjoy listening In her." wie Chicago v e t e r a n said. "She never lowered our morale." "Don't let anybody kid yon. il scares yon." said Itoss Kumore. another Chicago veteran. "We laugher! 'al the broadcasts) loo, hut it scared the you-know-what out STARTS TONIGHT Expect al! that the motion picture screei has never dared to show before. :t the truth. BUD THE COUNTRY THREE 9:OQp.m. · 1:00a.m. Monday-Saturday "BLftCKMMUD FOR DADDV" Slaning Laura Lusl PL,-, "louthftit Sexual Maddness" TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under 18 Not Admitted Doors open af 5:30 454-1731 March 4. 1»7« This coming year you ma v become mvolvnrl in several small siluanons lhal could help contribute to your malarial security Be enlarp'ismg. The relu'ns ar« there. STARTS TONIGHT IF YOU LIKED "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" YOU'LL LOVE "OLD DRACULA" Hn UrnvKl* hl«rimx.«l Klun "MACULA" 7 ^ 5 * 10:35 "COUNTY' I:SO^I«! ou a i:e ot u sCAuc' r 3'u"e. yoj' panoioae ii no 1 10': The Management CLOSED MONDAYS! on the big. boM best Mrf lhal soWovcr 9.- million copies JAMES MASON SUSAN GEORGE PERKT KING WCHARDWARD BRENDASYKZS ,,,,,,,»,,, KEN NORTON »sMED£ -Plus- Gates Open 6:45 Showat7:15 FREE ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATERS Times. 1:30-3:35-5:40-7:45.9-50 Wednesday N i g h t O n h STARTS TODAY VO-HO-HO a haunting he will go! free tov/ng... HE SOW"A SIGHT! ,. ^ ·4 - V ' " V,-V'''' ·' "M'.M-- - . i Times: 1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 CINEMA 2 HELD OVER! 2ND SMASH WEEK! AUHH.'K \\IU.\\h-UOOll! inn frttafi MARTIN BAW l .,;.: as,,.-.,,-. ... Umttd ArM* Plus the Co-Hit BURT REYNOLDS -IN- FREE ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATERS LASAGNE DINNER Dinner Includes: Dinner Salad with our own Italian Dressing. Thoroughbred Home made Lasagne and Special Sauce. Italian mixed veg. and Garlic Bread DINNER SERVED FROM 5 P.M. TILL 11 P.M. Special Attraction... "Dottie" at the Piano Ear Your Hint Jim · Rascann I istcnberger THOROUGHBRED Restaurant Lounge - Karcher Mall

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