Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1970 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1970
Page 12
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The Yuni Plan Seems Destined To Failure By CHARLES T. POWiRS Ttw Lo* Anftto Tlrnvt BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. I The offices of Yuni Co. look or- i dinary enough, (he kind of brick- and-glass fronted building that might have been headquarters is; for a modest real estate business, but something about the tone of the place suggested a con game. Sitting on the floor around the wall inside the edifice was a collection of young people who looked like students. "What's going one here?" one of them was asekd. "Damned if I know," he replied. Most of those present, it turned out, were volunteer workers in the undertaking of the two men, James Andrews and Floyd (Bud) Bero, who waited at the table to announce the latest step, or hope or bit of razzle- dazzle to advance their plan to have 10 prominent Americans meet to solve America's most watching the war news on television and have generally been pressing problems. Already they had bought apathetic and pessimistic for general newspaper ads in New York and Los Angeles announcing their public en- encourage- the letters plan and solicting couragement. And ment had come in from around the country, in notes from school children, bank presidents and housewives who few for the future of their country and themselves. Yet even in the most encouraging letters there were traces! of skepticism.."! do doubt the complete sincerity of our actions," one letter said, "but 1 really want to believe in you in the worst way." Andrews shut off the record player which had been playing Moody Blues rock group. Thus began what wes billed as "the last significant works of the founders of Yuni." When it ended it appeared that the characterization was accurate. Mock Prtis Conference What followed was a mock state of the nation." Andrews envisioned the press conference (attended by three newsmen) as an attempt to establish Yuni's openness - and credibility. "Honesty is the only policy," their statement read. As a demonstration of. that policy, Andrews felt compelled to provide e brief review of his personal transgressions. "Well, sir," he replied to a question written into the script, "The internal Revenue will find it easy to prove that something is fishy about my tax returns. First off, I have never claimed over $12,000 per year gross income,'and with a large family, I have saved $25,000. I own a hilltop home in Malibu with an indoor swimming pool ($80,000), and a few other things." Then he defied the govern' ment to prosecute him, saying he would hire attorney William Kunstler and begin the tria where the Chicago Seven trai ended. Andrews reached into his pocket and pulled out a marijuana cigarette. He lighted it. plays and books, · fair* that jowibly items from hl» txperi- nc* is a teacher of drama. A father of six, bt has become a dcvotM of rock music and it was his interest in the rock festival phenomenon that finally culminated in the idea for Yuni Co. The two began their crusade with faith that the good in society outweighed the bad, that the capacity for creation could dominate the compulsion to destroy. They opened an office here, looked to their wives and friends for help, and, by April 21-the eve of Earth Day--they placed their first advertisements. (36,000 in Ads In all, they spent $36,000 on full page ads in the .nation's largest newspapers. Always, the text was conciliatory, simple and somewhat reminiscent of the "bring us together" slogan of President Nixon's campaign. They hoped millions of faithful and frightened Americans would hear their appeal and respond. They were wrong. They believed that 2 million signatures would be a mandate that no name on their list of 10 promi- ment Americans (including Buckminster Fuller, Simon Ramo, Bill Cosby and Walter Cronkite) could ignore. But, in fact, they'll be lucky if the letter count passes 20,000. Taken at face value, Jim Andrews and Bud Bero laid a conviction on the line and backed it up with their lifes' savings, at the risk of being called fools and at the risk of seeing that conviction hopelessly shattered. And they lost--or were losing. Then, in desperation, Andrews convinced his partner to line up with him for one last crazy shot. Jim Andrews decided to make an issue out of marijuana. His friends had suggested to him that Yuni must have a gimmick behind it to get it off the ground. In their desperation to be passed it around, and proclaimed that after May 30 he would smoke marijuana openly and again, defied authorities to do aiything about it. Turned Record On Someone turned the record on again and the comic mood ended. Andrews embraced his wife for several minutes. When they parted, his wife's long dark hair polled away slowly from the tears around his eyes. Why had it come to this? And how? Many have declared that Jim Andrews and Bud Bero are crazy to believe they could devise a plan to heal a nation's ills. Others have been watching for the "catch," waiting for Bero Peace-Minded Candidates Surge in State Meets press conference with a scriptland Andrews to somehow cash that two men followed in Hunt- in and disappear. For their part, ley-Brinkley style. It was the I he two men -- both 32 and work of Andrews, a former j friends since high school--have drama teacher, and was putidenied they are out for either together with a sense of absur-ifame or profit. dity and desperation. Bero, who describes himself Kennedy said. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The, Nixon administration, citing lower-than-expected tax collections, asked Congress today to raise the ceiling on government borrowing by $18 billion. This would increase the debt ceiling from the present $377 billion to $395 billion. Without congressional action, the ceiling would automatically drop July 1 to $365 billion. Secretary of the Treasury David M. Kennedy, presenting the 1 request to the House Ways and Means Committee, attributed the expected deficits in the budget for this year and 'the next largely to smaller revenues than had been expected. "Apart from the effect of proposed legislation, revenues have been reduced by $3 billion in the current year and $1.1 billion in fiscal 1971, in both cases largely reflecting lower estimates of corporate profit lax receipts," billion but "that figure has become increasingly unrealistic in view of the greater size of the federal budget and unavoidable fluctuations in the balance from day to day and week to week." Kennedy said that on April 14 for example, the national deb was $375.9 billion and the cash balance was only $2.4 billion. Mccessful, they chose the one tactic that seemed to doom the whole enterprise as a giddy protest by a couple of over-aged college students. In a nation preoccupied by war, ghettos and racism, two in- elligent men sought to rally support by smoking a joint anc defying police to do anythinj about it. Andrews Blew It For 10 years, the plan that was to become Yuni had been jerminating in hours of all-night mil sessions. Finally, the gamble. And in one defiant move Andrews blew it. The next day, in tears, he re- lurned to the Yuni office in Severly Hills and resigned from he projicl, hoping to remove lis marijuana, his controversy and himself from the plan he lelped create. Bero agreed to carry on with the project, and the volunteers decided to stay with him. Originally, Andrews and Bero ted called for the meeting of [he 10 men on May 30. After that date, they said, what happened to the Yuni Co. would be a matter for the 10 men to decide. Bero and Andrews would be out of the picture. Bero and the people with him decided lo try, for the first time, to contact the 10 men on their list. There were still a few days until May 30. And, if the men failed to meet by May 30, they would go on trying for a later date, perhaps in June, perhaps in July, for as long as their money and their optimism held out. ut** May 26, 1»70 GRBELEY TRIBUNE P«f» IS r~: i/" ·* Fencing . f o r beauty and everlasting protection Install a fence on your property and it will serve as a barrier lo keep the wanted in and the unwanted out. Adds beauty to your property, too! See us for the everlasting protection of ornamental fencing. You'll like our budget prices! HANDSOME STYLES: REDWOOD, CHAIN LINK, CEDAR Easy-to-Assemble Pre-Cut Sections. Free Estimates. MftLP tellilTY LUMBER COMPANY I ' "3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER ESTES WILJHIREawfefc- PARK * " "I am a loyal citizen of thelas an Orange County (Calif.) United Stales of America,"|Republican is married and has Andrews' part read, though I have ches'ted "even! four children. He seems cool on my!and analytical, reflecting his income tax (not to mention my ; background as an administralor wife), 'iriven an the insurance and aerospace influence of industries. In appearance, he is while under the alcohol, smoked pot. while AUTO GLASS For All Cart A M Glass 124 13th St. Ph. 362-6248 straight, dark-suited and conservative. Andrews, by contrast, was dressed for his last press conference in red, white and blue bell bottoms, a puffed sleeved muslin shirt and love beads. He is mercurial, moody and impatient. He lalks aboul writing Wedding Invitations And Announcements Hallmark Wedding and Anniversary Cards Wedding and Guest Books Anniversary Books Wedding and Shower Napkins Thank You Notes 'This slippage, in part at east, appears to reflect a lower nan anticipated level of corporate profit during the first part of this calendar year. It does not reflect any relaxation of our continuing efforts lo control in- lation." Kennedy said the request was jased on the principle that the government should always have in hand $6 billion in cash wilh a 'urlher allowance for contingencies of ?3 billion. The level of Ihe public debt fluctuates widely during any ;iven year, because the peaks of outlays and of tax colleclions come at different times. Kennedy said that in the past, he Treasury has usually oper- aled with a cash balance of $4 Hisvomine the Culprit? PARIS -- Why do some wines seem lo produce a hangover while others don't? This mystery is being probed by researchers at the University ol P a r i s and the National Research Center. ] In surveying French wines, they found that although many I contained the same amount of: alcohol, the hislamine conlent- varied as much as 300 per cent.; T h e y found lhat eight' milligrams of hislamine can ; result in slight intoxicalion. That much is found in as liltle as eight ounces of some wines. Graduation 1970 Don't know hi «ixe or what he'd really like? The answer to your gift problem is a Hibbi Gift Certificate! Then he can get exactly what he wants! The Comfortable Store, 811-S16 Ninth Street Nobody loves dishpan hands . . . that's why . . . all hands love an electric dishwasher. The new '70 electric dishwashers save you time -- many extra hours a week to spend with your family or on more important work. All you do with those stacks of dirty dishes is load 'em and leave 'em. You don't even need to pre-rinse. But most of all, the '70 dishwashers save your hands. 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