Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 20, 1957 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 10
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Vj Stassen Tells Session U.S. Ready To Cut Its Forces to 2 1 / 2 Million LONDON at - Harold Slissen told the disarmament conference Thursday the United Stales is ready to cut back its armed forces to 2'i million men as part of a limited East-West disarmament treaty--if Russia does the same. This would mean"* cut of about 300,000 under the estimated 2,600000 now ia the U. S. armed services. Moscow announced Jan. 7 the Soviet armed forces had been cul b 1.840.000 men. The announcement did not say what the size of the force was before the cul. A 1955 Brilish estimate put it al 4 750,000 men. The American delegate's slale- ment a't a session ot the United Nations disarmament group here Cross Tells Senators His Personal Affairs Not Their Business By F R A N K C O R M I E R WASHINGTON un - James G. Cross, .president of the Bakers Union, told Senate investigators Wednesday it is none of their business whether he had "personal dealings" with a convicted prostitute hired as a "secret" union organizer. Chairman McCJellan (D-Ark) of the Senate Rackets Committee conceded Cross might have a good point there and dropped the line of questioning. The union chief had said earlier his relationship with · the woman, Mrs. Kay I/wer of Los Angeles, was one of boss and employe. The plump and ruddy-faced witness angrily denied he once beat Mrs. Lower because she gave another man a diamond ring allegedly bought with union funds. And he swore-Ins woman never received any union money for other than "union activities." He said the whole story that he had beaten Mrs. Lower in a row .over a ring came from a former mental patient, disgruntled with the union. He did not name this per- lon. Mrs. Lower was asked about the reported beating in an' appearance before the committee earlier. She invoked the Fifth Amendment. The committee is looking into I made il cJear the United states | was attaching no political precon- o'iliouj (o (he proposal. H« said, however, it must be related to an agreement providing for a suspension of nuclear weapon tests. The Slassen proposal was the first of a series of statements on /he U. S. proposals lo the conference. Slassen said the series of pro- (?'" '" nsals ho inlan/4a4 *« n. r.1,- u : tlOur Six Railroads Given National Safety Awards CHICAGO '« _ S;_ Thursday won the Railroad Em- ployes '\ational Safety Award wilh a 1956 casualty rate of 62 per - posals he intended to make would define the position of the United Stales. Stassen added the United Slates was ready to consider even furUior reductions in force levels in its wish to meet Russia half way. He gave no'indication ol what Uie lowest ceilings might eventual- y be but said lhat (hey could be carried out in two further stages -- depending on the solution of various political problems. This appeared to be » reference lo Easl- West differences on Ihe future of Germany. Slassen emphasized that furlh reduction of force levels wou form part of a first-stage disarm ment agreement between East an West. The delegate of Tlussia in th cent below that for all railroads. The award is given annuaily by the National Safely Council. The six winning lines had a combined rate of 3.10 employes killed or injured for each million man- wprked The 1956 rate lor , a U Class I railroads was 8.09. | Class 1 railroads are those with an annual operating revenue of more than one million dollars. Recipients were Union Pacific Railroad Co., Dululh, Missabe and I Iron Range Railway Co., Monon (· Railroad, Charleston t Wesf-rn Carolina Railway Co., and me Texas Mexican Railway Co. In 1356, 240 railroad employes were killed on duly, compared wilh 245 in 1955. NSC. President Ned H. Dearborn said declining railroad employment might ' account in part for the accident death loll reduction. He said the proposed cutback of American and Soviet forces lo 21i million men should be carried o u l i _ ., - - -*...* within 12 months of the signing o f ' n , Co '' Aiia "^ Coast Line any treaty. n*in\=* -,, r..i..,u ,, : _ _ _ , _ _ five-power U. N. group, Valeria Zoriu, did not immediately aecc] or'reject Stassen's proposal. In general discussion he asked sc eral questions to clarify some d tails. The five-power group consists c the United States, Britain, Trance Canada and Russia. charges that Cross funds to finance an used union affair with Mrs. Lower, that he "misused" un ion money in other ways, and that be approved substandard wage agreements with baking interests that loaned him $100,000. Cross testified he hired Mrs. Lower for nh admittedly "unorthodox" organizing assignment without knowing she bad been convicted of prostitution. He said she was fired as soon as he learned of her record. The union chief, who is married . and has one daughter, insisted repeatedly thai "so far as the union is concerned there was nothing illegal" about Mrs. Lower's work. "Regarding other of her activities," -hf said, "f rcspectfuljy offer that it is not within the scope of this committee and I refuse to answer." , Cross at no point invoked the . Amendment. Smith Ad Author Criticizes Court WASHINGTON Wi-Two new Su preme Court decisions in the fielc of communism Tuesday set off congressional criticism of recen rulings of the high court. Rep. Howard W. Smith (D-Va said the 1MO antisubversive lai which bears his name is "perfect y clear" in its intent. He sug ge-sted there is no use trying t amend the statute so long as th. law turns into "whatever the prcs ent court interprets it to be." Sen. Jenner (R-Ind) said he is afraid the court has "put us back where we were. 20 years ago" in the legal oattle against Commii nists. Smith and Jenner referred 2 Minor Fires Tuesday Two minor fires resulted in firemen here being called out twice Tuesday. At 1:40 p.m., they were called to 1129 Sixth street where 1952 Plymouth auto owned by H. E. 'Green had been set afire by., a thort in the vehicle's wiring. Damage was confined to the car's wiring. The second call at 6:38 p.m. was to (he home of Bti Anderson 'at 1848 Fourteenth avenue, where an electric clothes dryer had been cet on fire by a short in the wiring. The fire damaged the machine's wiring. interviews to Monday's Supreme Court decision overturning, 6-1, Smith Act convictions of U California Communists. Five were freed and new trials ordered for tne other nine. In a' second ruling, the court struck down the contempt of Congress conviction of labor official John T. Watkins. Here too the vote was 6-1, with Justice Clark dissenting in both decisions. Watkins had been convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to tell a House Un-American Activities subcommittee. 'in 1954 the names of former Communist associates. Watkins said he was not a Communist but he acknowledged- having worked with some Communists in the . labor movement. Chief Justice Warren said the question under subcommittee inquiry was obscure and was not adequately revealed to Walkins when he had to decide at his peril whether or not to answer. Warren said the Un-American Activities group dealt unfairly with Watkins. At another point he said there is no congressional power to "expose for Uie sake of exposure." And he criticized as loosely worded the resolution under which the Un-American Activities Committee was set up. AEC Will Confribufe To Design of Cyclotron for Colorado University BOULDER ui _ The Atom Energy Commission Wednesda announced it wilj spend $76,800 t help design a cyclotron at th University of Colorado in Bou der. The university will furnish $26 500 for the design, officials sai An agreement signed recent) by the-university and AEC give university officials authority t proceed with the purchase of ma terials and hiring of an engineer ing staff. University officials said. morie would also be sought from th AEC to help complete actual con struclion of the atom smasher. 3ody of Denver Angler p ound in 14-Foot Pool in Virginia Dale Area ' VIRGINIA DALE, Colo. M The body of a Denver m a n , Ar hur J. Pittman, 28, was found a 14-foot pool of- a mountain tream' in northwestern Colorad Vednesday. Sheriff Ray K. Scheerer sail, 'ittman had gone fishing at Fish Creek near Virginia Dale, 60 mile. orthVcst of Fort Collins, and hen apparently had decided to wim in a stream pool. His clolh- ing was found piled on a rock on he bank. 'rowley Disfricf Closes s High School Because f Decreased Enrollment Arvada Folk at Home Show (Jnrg f j|gr Gain Thursday - June 20 - 1957 GR EELEY TRIBUNE , ,, . . Colorado Man Found «n Humphrey s Stock Holdings Walking in Circles on the Utah Desert I G R E E N R I V E R , L'Uh 35-vear-old Colorado prospector, WASHINGTON Ifl _ Sen. Gore walking in giant circles, was UM'enr) ..aid Thursday a sietp ·'·"""! " «·"« ivmlilluii law inc-rease in the value of Secretary ^v in Ihe desert wastes where he of Ihe Treasury Humphrey's 1953 n a d "fen lost since Saturday iod; holdings illustrates "who has noon benefited" from Eisenhower ad-: Dan Morkum. a Grand Junc- w _ A of Government Is Explained By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON if--V. S. officials .. -..,..,,!,,,.. ,, m a u n j u n c - -aiil Thursday the United Stales is lion watchmaker, was first seen: Prepared lo accent suspension of , b ' oni! of 10 nosie members who;" 10 ""'- 1 weapons lests only under niitlcp i n v e s t i g a t i o n started l h a t ; n a ( l hcen "arching for him i\ir a first-step disarmament agree- 1 hours. ' m e n t prnvidin; also lor hailing He had plumy nf water ami a;,-, i production of nuclear weapons, iclus and vegetables he picked! Presided Eisenhower had ere- un.-, - ' rom " lc desert door," said ! aled the impression at a news con- notable e x - ' Deputy Sheriff Jess Powell. "He 'ferencc Wednesday that the United covered a lot of ground, but he i Stales mijhl have reversed its H u m p h r e y voluntarily submitted was walking in circles. He could '· policy on banning tcsls and mijht a list of his January 1953 slock'I" 1 *' 11 walked from here lo (irand; 110 about lo accept a Russian pro- holdiiiRs lo tile Senate Finance 'June-lion." !posal lor a lest moratorium sepa- Comniittec Wednesday. He did not. 1 "orkum u-as 25 miles soulh of," 1 "' '""! other major disarma- sny whether he lias retained his' n c l ' c "'hen found. ' mrnl proposals. * major stock holdings of four years '' " c ' lni ' l w o fellow prospectors, i -^ ^ cw hours Liter, however, the. iijio, when he entered the Cabinet. .i f ' m ' I'aris and Robert Laltocca, While House explained (hat Ihe Meanwhile, Sen. Dyrd ( D - V a ) ; n n l ' i of Grand Junclion, became i President "did not imply and it Thursday wminrl up his cross-ex-;' separated last Saturday when j w 'as not intended lo imply ibat animation ol Humphrey wilh a i ( n e ' r pickup truck became f l a i l e d ; w " would consider suspension of 1-word "qucslion" in which i l i e ; ' " deep sand, j Icsls in isolation" from other arms --'---- '--' · · - - -- · · · Paris and LaRncca walked oul i control considerations. m i n i s t r a i i o n m o n e t a r y policies. "1 said before Die Finance Com-: itlcp i n v e s t i g a t i o n started lh onc of our objectives should he find out who has benefited f r o m 1 these m o n e t a r y 'policies." Gore said in an interview. "Here in t h e : u p secretary we have ample." H.n° rfS w V!"° rS ·' H» first night of the Greeley Farm. Home .nd Sport show .1 the Community building Wednesday wer. Mr and Mrs. F. J. Gregory of Arvada. They're shown .t the booth of the Campus Music ,tor. .nd studios, where Elwin Eichhorsf is tnlertaining at the org.n. A tol.l of 34 firms are exhibiting at th. ihow, sponsored by the Tribunt Jackson Accuses Idaho Power of renting 500-word "q Virginian .isscrled the g o v e r n m e n t , is "certainly skaling on very l h i n , o f lilc wilderness onto a road ice" f r o m a f i n a n c i a l standpoint. | about eight miles, south of Green Pyrcl did nol ask I h r secretary i liver on Sunday. lo comment si once, but Humphrey I ' promised to give his best judgment j later as soon as he had a chance lo digest the senator's views. The Virginia senator said the na- lion's fiscal situation as he outlined il in bis question "presents lo me a pielurp of Ihe most dangerous implications." By JOHN H. KAMPS Brewster Ruling To Be Delayed WASHINGTON W-Federal Irict Judge John H. Sirica s a i d i Humphrey is Hie opening witness in the broad probe of the nation's f i n a n c i a l condition opened Tuesday by the Finance Committee. The ( c o m m i t t e e chairman, quizzed Ihe | secretary throughout Wednesday's Dis- session and for an hour Thursday. and Page Boy Caught by Highway Speed Cop W1LLIA.MSPORT, Pa. U) -- The i ····' "".. ma*, s ic s mueu nere a! pretty blonde daughter of a Siml-lan agreement to stop the produc ish air a t t a c h e and a Senate page ''"" "' '""'' J '- ·---- While ilousc press secretary James C. Hagei-ty said Ihere had been no ehnnge in policy, Tlie President's replies lo questions on d i s a r m a m e n t caused slir because two weeks ago he had said the United States could pnd tests only on assurance [hat atom- - ic weapons would not be used in future warfare. The measure of this assurance has been widely regarded here ai Thursday he will withhold an i m - l f , . , , T. r i:t; nr M mediate ruling in the (rial of Un- U055 165111165 H6 ge" on | Woman 'Secret Organizer' n1c in i - Jusl before finnl a r g u m e n t s in case got under way, Sirica WASHINGTON Wl - The I d a h o ] ^ I" 5 " . Hol ,," nder *"?· Sinca WASHINGTON UB _ Bakers Un- owcr Co. Thursday was accuse ,,·,,.?,,,, .T 1 h a v e s ° mc wo r k t o !TM President James G. Cross tes- d ° °" hc " se . ov \ r hc weekend, uried Thursday lhat he paid Mrs. Brewster, 60, ,s chairman of t h e | K a y Lower, a convicted Los An- 'nslorn Conference, of the Te a m-| g c l e s prostiUltc , .. bclwcm S5 Jnion. The contempt indict- and $Ci00 o" o£ his union's funds CROWLEY, Colo, tfl -- The j-owley .school district has closed 4 high -school because of de- eased enrollment. The 41 students will enroll in ""'" '" """" Mamanola High School next p a y e r Doihln t- September. The change moves the j students from a Crowley county school to an Otcro county school. Transportation will be provided for the six-mile trip. of "misrepresenting" its dam building plans in the Hells Canyo area and praised for "saving th edcral government . . . more tha half-DilJion dollars." The accusation came from Sei Jackson (D-Wash), the praise froi Sen. Watkins (R-UUh), in specc! es prepared for Senate debate. The -Senate has before it a b o authorize construction of a hig ederal dam in the Hells Canyo eacb of the Snake River horde ng Idaho and Oregon. The dam trongly backed . by Democrat, vduld flood the sites of three Idah "ower Co. dams which arc advo ated by the Eisenhower adminis ration. The Federal Power Com lission has licensed the buildini f the private dams. Jackson said Congress should right the wrong; at HelJs Canyon' f authorizing one of the highest ams in (he world in [he deepesl anyon on the continent. Hc added at the structure would produce 'ice as much power as the three ms Idaho Power is building. Jackson asserted Idaho Power . lisled the taxpayer, misled .Ihe Federal Power Commission and misled the Congress" when it got a fast tax writeoff after "bragging" its dams would cost the tax- U3E THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS I N - M E M O R 1 A M BENHER In memory of Jacob Bcnner vbo passed iway June 20, 1956. Gone li the [ace -n-e loved no dear, Silent ia the Tolce ve loved to hear; Too far aw?y for atght or speech. But not too far [or thought to reach, EweeL to remember him -who TTRI here, And who, though absent, IP. juat U dear. Children ind grandchildren TJNDERHILL In loving memory of Ronnie, who pa«aed n-xnf 2 years »KO loday. Deep In onr hearts there'i « §ad- neap, A longing for That might hare been. But our loving Father ia Heaven Had plans In the fcmrfi for him. He left ns with so many memor It* To cherish nlonc llfe'i lonely way. But one inj noon v ihall i« him Our loved one Thorn God called away. 1 Sadly missed by Horn, D»d. Gerald 1 and Cr-rildln* 2 Traffic Accidents Here on Wednesday Greeley police reported two traffic accidents Wednesday afternoon- There were no injuries. An accident at 2:22 p.m. resulted in damages to autos driven by Stanley Boycs, 1014 Twenty-second street, and by John Clayton Brpwn of Denver. Police were told Brown had stopped on Thirteenth street near Fourteenth avenue to ask directions from another motorist and Boyes ran into his car. The other accident, at 5:38 p.m. involved autos driven by William j Wambolt Jr. of Miiliken and by Lc- I Roy Hoberto Maestas of Severance. jThe accident occurred at Eighth avenue and Eighth street when the [ two cars collided as Maestas was i n i i turning from Eighth avenue onto' (1UOC3P5 ATC Eighth street. Man Run over by Car in a Scuffle at Aulf Arthur D. Bradley of Kersey Dies Thursday Arthur D. Bradley of Kersey, 71, died early Thursday morning at Weld County General hospital. He was born March 3, 1886 at Como and moved to Idaho Springs with his parents when a baby. June 26,. 1907, Bradley married nfamie Carey in Denver. In 1909 they moved to Kersey where hc farmed for over 20 years hefore going to Pierce. After farming Ihere for five, years, the Bradleys returned to Kersey. They retired from farming in 1943 and then operated the Bradley cafe at Kersey for eight years. He was a member of 'St. Peter's Catholic church. Survivors are: his wife, Mamie; one son, Joe of Longmonl; (wo daughters, Mrs. Edward (Ella Mae) Cox and Mrs. Clarence (Ann?) Bauer of Kersey; two brothers, Joe of Texarkana, Tex., i and Roy of Billings, Mont.; a step-j Ethel Sutton Dies sister, Mrs. Eva Martin of Ixive- land; and seven grandchildren. ! SA.NTA MONICA, Calif '/d Recitation of the rosary will he ; Mrs. Ethel S. Bruce, 77, one of the at I p.m. Friday at Adamson f a m o u s lennis playing Sullon sis- Memorial chapel. Requiem mass lers, died Tuesday, will be held at St. Peter's Catholic church Saturday morning t 10 i.m. Interment will follow at Linn Grove cemetery. 4-H Auction Will Be Held Here Saturday Merchandise from many Weld county firms along with items contributed by 4-H members and adulls will be auctioned off at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Weld County Livestock commission company, Fir,st avenue and Eighteenth street. The auction will provide money for the county 4-H Foundation boy--whose parents feared they wore rushing into romance loo fast --emerged from 18 clays of hiding Thursday only (o run afoul of a highway speed palrol. Stale Police slopped Chrislinj. iVenncrstTOin, 16, and Huw Wiliams, 18. as they sped along U. S. Toule 15 on their way back to Washington from Canada. State Police. Sgt. Leroy Knulkrod quoted the girl as saying she and Huw had been married in Charlcs- .own, W Va., after leaving their lion of such weapons and to begin the reduction of atomic weaponj stockpiles. Western sters Ui _ . _ _ r i ment against him grew'out o f h i s j as a sccrct organizer, and pos refusal lo produce records and an- s jb.l v $1 000 swer questions before the Senate " ' investigations subcommittee.- in lie, swore Ihe "only for union payment,'; were , activities," and T^ n ,,«. T ( u --;/ UIU J lul union aciiviLies, ana January. Later he offered the I denied vigorously t h a t he paid her T P f f i r n c arm t n c f i - T m r l fi- nn i.. u.r . . *· records and testified freely before the Senate special rackets investigating committee. Brewster had contended Ihe investigations subcommittee was ex feeding its authorily, Owner of Pickup Truck in Acciden/ Is Sough! An investigation was being made n both. Colorado and Wyoming rent or gave her 5700 lo replace her wardrobe after burglars had |looled her apartment had testimony by a government tax investigator that expense accounts lo tlie union by Cross in Uie year 1956 totaled ?39,395.14. The investigator said lfia( Chicago Grain CHICAGO W -- Two days ot fin« vvcalher in a row -- a rare condition this yenr in the. wheat and corn bells -- caused selling which lowered most grain futures prices Thursday on the Board ot Trade. Soybeans moved contrary to the rest of the market, gaining more. ........ .. . a . , « n t i l e a v i n g LILUlr ".ji. ui .in; iiiclLnL:l, gaming ITIOTE homes June- 2 and that they had lt » a n a cent at times on good ex spent mdsl of the last two weeks ' - . at Wisagah, Ontario, near Toronto. port 'news and trade belief the House soon may approve exten- . '.joagdii, urjjidjiu, near loronio. nuuac MJUJI may approve exien However, her mother--who pull 5 '"" of the hill lo authorize ship through a hasty telephone call to --·-* -'-- ' J: ' : the state police barracks at nearby Monloursvillc, Pa., when informed the couple had been found --said Christina denied she was married. Christina and the page boy she met at a school dance had been ment of surplus farm commodities abroad for foreign currency. Wheat and corn were off fractionally most of the time. WHEAT (new)" July Thursday jn an effort lo determine he owner of a 1955 Ford pickup truck which was involved in an ccident about Vi mile south of he Colorado-Wyoming line on U. . 85 about 11:50 p.m. Wednes- ay, the highway palrol reported. The southbound vehicle skidded ff (he highway on the wrong side nd overturned three times, the atrol reported. The unknown driver of Ihe vc- iclc was believed to have been 005.28 of this represented charges for entertainment and "gratuities" for which Cross submitted no receipted bills lo show lhat 'the money actually had been spent. This testimony before the Sen- 1TM."^,.*!!'"« object of an intense "police search since they disappeared |shortly before her father. Col. Stig Wenncrslrom, was due lo return (i! to his homeland for reassignment. L^ The father since has gone backlscpiember CHICAGO G R A I N TABLE WHEAT (oldl July September December Chm 2.0.1 J.MV . 2.N1H 2.07Vi 2.0BH 2.I3M 2.U« 2.13M ate rackets investigating commit- .r«wjs==? Wall Slreel lee came from James Mundic, veteran tax commillee. a investigators. Mundie said this was "contrary to the practice". Cross is purported to have laid down for the heads of union locals in a 1952 direc live lhat they should submit re- :eipls along wilh their expense Cross, called to the witness i about his money dealings with 'Mrs. Lower, also known as Elsie Kay Thorpe. to Sweden but Mrs. Wennerslrom j remained in Washington as search for her daughter continued. Christina told reporters "I'm jstScmbpr """~_~: glad we're caught and t'm not sor-1{J°TMJ ll " r ----- 2.I3K 2.U7i 2.13^. . 2.14»i J.13?i 2.11", Z.OBli 2.D7 2.0SU 1.2S'i 1.27U 1.27!i 3.29!» 3.ail 1,29 1-2-1 1.23?*' I.23tt I.2BU 1.27*i 1.21 ry about any of it." The couple appeared happy unperturbed by the furore Iheir is'r'i Post Office Colorado Cafron to Wyoming Nel rhsn«( rininday General i Prev. day , i J ! W f f V K f n day. Steels and aircrafls showed some fair gains and Chrysler rose in generally firm motor group. STOCK AVF.RAr.FS implied By Thn Associated Press evcral compound fractures of the R. The m'ckup, which was damaged i estimated $500, had no license ales on il. The patrol was seeking to establish ownership of t h e . , vehicle Thursday by means of t h e . ( truck's motor number. Stale P a - L O T Irolman Albert Alcorn invcsligalcd ' the accident. DENVER un - The ! Services Administration s a i d (Thursday these contracts h a v e j v i I been a w a r d e d : | ( Kay-Cee Construction Co., Chi-! Ws have had Moth«r DAYTON, Wyo. tfl-The Tongue - c a g o , 3153,600, for alterations at NEW YORK i/TV-The stock market remained irregular with' a downside tendency late T h u r s d a y , afternoon. Selected issues gained, j Volume for the day was esti- m a t e d at around 2,100,000 shares compared wilh 2,220,000 Wcdnes- March S O Y B E A N S " July .. _ September November January March LAHn lull. 15 60 Indurt R u l M utll Slork* D1.2 D0.3 DO.l DI.O 27U.5 1I3.H 74 4 1IJ.4 771.7 124.1 73.2 1H3.4 274.n 127.n 77.0 IRfi 4 370.2 77.1 164.4 259.1 141,9 72.9 182.9 Due-ember CHICAGO CASTI GRAIN .- 1.23 1.21"; 1.2211 _ 1.2H1 1.22ti 1.23V. _ 1.2Bli I.2SM l.J7li _ 1.31 I.29V* l.aort - 1.30'i 1.29M 1.3014 - 2.33 2.3Hi 2.32H - 2.2M 2.Z5 2.26?» - 2.24',J 2.2Ui 2.2311 .- 2.28^ 2.23H 2.27V4 - 2.3Ui 2.2!Vi 2.3tHi 12.B5 12.67 12.R3 13.25 13.10 . 13.20 . 12,80 12.65 12.75 12.35 12.30 12.35 13.15 13.07 13.10 Wheat: none; yellow 1.321/1 ,v £ beans: none; o 74'i.!A. 2 yellow ils: No corn: No 1 white heavy Barley nominal: malting choice 1.30-wj lej , .. , , . -»..u=n.,..,, u » i i u . i , i v j u . wi--me l o n g u e - c a g o , 515'J,600, for altci which helps support m a n y of tm^River School District has n a m e r i ' l h e . Durango post office ,., lv " 1 . es ' . i K e n n c t h Catron superintendent of Crocker Construction Co Den All members in the county will! schools. Catron has been su participate in Uie sale, first of ! lendcnl al Ovid, Colo, the superin- i ver, for new concrete work and its kind to be held here.'The mer-' chandise includes baked goods, i feed, car accessories, furniture | and farm and garden equipment. Claude Redman and three aides will donate their time for the auction. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. , past 'flagpole at the I.eadville post of' f i c e . Day And; Fath«r'i D«y. Why not Grand-i mothsr'i and Grandfather's D«y?| Saturday Sptcial: Carnations, $1.00: C duzen, cash and carry. Hansen'i | Gretnheuia, Soulh Blh Avcnui.- Iced 85-1.00. KANSAS CITV CASH GRAIN Wheal 45 can; up V, I, down .No 2 hard and dark hard 2-IaH; ,,,, 3 2.I3V1-Z.33N; No 2 red 1 llvi-2 liliNi :o 3 2.10Vi-2.1fAN. Corn 20 cara; unch to nomlnaUy uen- -rally up 3c; No 2 while I.55-165N- No 3 1.U-1.C4N; No 2 yellow i mined I.JO: No 3 1.3S.1.39N. Oats no cars; nominally unchanged; -'-·n 2 »W(e «-CT,\'; No 3 «.72f.-. Mllo mal7e 2.15. K a l i r 2.15.2.I9N. Ilye 1.H-1.1SN. barley 93-l.n.iN. Sovbeanj 2.33-2.33.V. B r a n 35.00.3.VSO. The meat of a hippopotamus Four more cars in Grccley have been stripped of their hubcaps, Greeley police reported Thursday : morning. Three of the cars w c r e i reported parked in front of the -vie- Lloyd Scars, 34, of Sill, suffered l i m s n o m e s ; lhe ollw one was on compound fracture 'of his r i g h t ' 5 P arkin S lrl1 at Harvey Nash Mo- lor; ' leg when he was run over by an / . auto at Aull about 1 a.m. Thurs- n ' s '' dar, th e highway patrol reported. The accident occurred during a friendly scuffle Sears had with Donald Ray Davis ol Denver, who was driving a 1953 Mercury automobile, the patrol said. Davis 1 brought Scars to the hospital. The I accident was investigated by Stale ' Patrolman George Miller. II09 E ' B n t h avc 'TM, Tuesday I Motoristi complaining lo the po- · lice were Bob Koch, 2625 Eleventh 1 avenue; Frank Morrell, 23-17 Fif- teemb avenue and Valentine Rodriguez, 318 North Ninth street. nf AS TO PnoPosrn Hrm;r:r . rhe That Turkey serves. Mirrligt Licenm \ Manuel Mora of Greeley nnd I Sylviann Gonza.'cs of Fort Collins, i Robert Edward Van Hare of I has found new oil re- Climax and Patricia Ann \esom i | of Platteville. "' I J I Iirnpnved hurlcel ha U regular nif.ln B r,r ih,. J !O ,,H nr I [-.duration. Frlinnl DlMrlM Xr, R ,n l.'i hr-lrt ?( O f f i c e of KupfrlnT'-nrlenf. 1 T . 3 0 p.m. A n y l a v p,-iye r w l t l i l n /i:rh I S"hnril M m r l i - i Nr.. C r i « i r I n the. f i n a l ol Iii-irir;i No. I Cnunty. good lo al, lasting something like HEADQUARTERS YOUR GREELEY Freezing Automatic Waterers Fittings Undergr OLIVER WORKS WELL

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