Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 4, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1951
Page 5
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1 Monday Evening, June 4, 1951 LAS CHUCES (N.M.) SUN-NEWS PAGE FlVt ' * * SUN-NEWS WANT ADS 13_WANTED TO-BENT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Minimum Charge Me First TImci'..-.'..' 4c per word -nt Charge ,. ,Sc i»r word 5--SPECIAL NOTICE WHY BUY IN BL PASO WHEtf you can do better it Steveni Furniture Co. l-tfn ' A l l classified afls must bo In by !· A.M. Monthly through Friday to Insure putiicaUun In that day's Issue. Classified ailvt-rtlslnir lor Sunday's paper must bo In by 10 A.M. Saturday morning. Cash must accompany order on til classified ads. except to those hmv1n£. regular dinplay advertising charge accounts. All classified tuHvrtlMnj mut be KcJicdulcUi for a^dealno period, one day or more, and if ordered fiad : Mt there will be no refund. Ads must bo w.hcduled a definite numbor of days and no refund* .Will be made on classified adver- Any claims for credit or additional Insertions of classified ad« duo to errors- occurring In advertisement must bo made day following . publishing;.-ot advertisement, PHONE 3ft or Si 6--SERVICES CLOTH COVERED BUTTONS and buckles made from your material. Pearl snaps ai*d studs placed on shirts and blousis. Quick Service Cleaners. 131 North Water 1-M-W-Fri-tfn 1--LEGAL NOTICES IN THE PROBATE COUKT OF DONA ANA COUNTY" NEW MEXICO In the Matter of the Last. Wills and testaments - ' of )No.l737 George W. R. Smith, Deceased, and Edna Layton Smith. Deceased. NOTICE OP H K A K I N G ON F I N A L ACCOUNT To Putty S. Blazler, Allecn Smith Foster, Robert B. Smith and Clint G. Smith, and'all unknown persons claiming, anj' lien upon or right, title'or interest'hi or lo the estate of'said decedent, GREETING: Notice is hereby given that the executor of the last will and testament of Edna Layton Smith, deceased, and findministralor with the will annexed of the last Will and testament of George W. R. §niil)i. deceased, has filed his final account and report, and that the court has appointed the 25th day of J;me, 1951 ,at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the courthouse in Las Cruccs, New Mexico as the time and place for .hearing objections if any, IO H . the., said final account fur determining heirship of sait decedent and ownership of hit estate, and for distribution thereof WITNESS My hand nnd the sea: of said court on this the 12th Jaj . of May, 1951. (SEAL) · B. G. Chavez Probntc Clerk Pub. May 14-21-28, June 4, 1951. iYDROTEk MATERIALS ARE the economical answer to your roofing problems. 115 South Alameda. 4D-12c-60 YAM SWEET POTATOE,PL,ANTS and tomato plants, any quantity, Barker Vegetable Farm i/ 2 mile south of Las Cruces oh Hiway. IB-tfn Frigidaire Service By DAVE NUSBAUM ' PHONE 340 DRUM ELECTRIC 28-Un Does Your Roof Leak? CALL 700 S W Construction Co. FREE ESTIMATES ' - 18-TFN 7--HELP WANffED EXPERIENCED WOOL PRESS- er. Cothern cleaners. 43-tfn 10--HELP WANTED Female Will lease for one or more years, 2 or 3 bedroom unfurnished 'home.' Prefer reasonable distance to business area. Good' .care assured. QUESENBErtRY REALTY CO. 102 N. Church Phone 52 52-OC-57 15--FOR SALE GOOD DSHD TlKtJS. SHOOK Tire Co. l-tfn COVER B A R G A I N S Dope Addicts Find Lull Of Habit Only Temporary ! Now Peace Maker For Suite GOP Sriel'ecl By Governor ·'· - ' Shook Tire Co. l-tfn USED HOUSEHOLD FURNI- tlire, p. m ph. 007-W, 9 a. m. to 6 42-tfn D K L I C I Q T J S C A P O N FRYERS, $1.00 and up on foot. J1.25 and up dressed. Dr. Horton Poultry Farm 1520 W. Hadley', ph. 537- M. 42-tfn R E G I S T E R E D DACHSHUND puppies, all ages, Lesters Market, 1246 W. P,icacho. 48-6C-53 .USED.MAYTAG WASHING MA- chine, phone 447-W, also three rugs, good .. condition. ril-6p-56 RUBBER LIFE BOATS $15.00 each, also army tc'nts, new 16x10 Army Store 412 Morth Main. 50-4c-53 LARGE UPHOLSTERED WICK- cr sofa and chair to match, 424 McClure Rd. 47-tfn BOXER, FEMALE, YEAR OLD, RECEPTIONIST - TYPIST, DRS. Evans Maddox, phone 141. · : 51-3p-53 APARTMENT , , registered. Ranch Feliz. Herino, N. -Mex. 5!-3p-54 WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUKE work, to stay in. Ph. 010-.13. 52-tfn 11--WORK WANTED New G-E Electric Food Freezer. 11 cu. ft. capacity. Holds up to 389 pounds of frozen food. Complete with extra storage compartmeii- for packaging materials. Helps you really save on food bills! See them today at FARMERS MARKET Easy Terms Ph. 333 Your Chcckerdalc Store 52-3C-54 12--FOR KENT I TWO BED ROOM HOUSE, FUU| nishcd, 110 N. San I'oilro 575.00 per month. Call 343-W after 6 p. m. · 49-tfn "Notice is hereby given thai THE STATE ELECTRIC CO. of Anthony, New Mexico was sold on May 7, 1951 by PAUL R. BEESON to VICENTE COSTALEZ nnd STEVK RUIZ, a partnership. All accounts due and owing TI1K STATE ELEC- .THIC CO. find all accounts owed by said company prior to date of sale shall ; be paid to and by PAUL R. BEESON. After date of May 7. 1951, all debts accrued to THE STATE ELECTRIC CO. are to be paid, and those accrued by the same, discharged at Anthony, New Mexico where the' business will be continued by the said VICENTE COSTALEZ and.STEVE RUIZ, a partnership, under s .thc same name and at the same address. PAUL R. BEESOM V1CBNTB COSTALEZ STBVE RUIZ. Pub. May 28, June 4-11-18, 1951. 1 APT., 2 BEDROOM, KITcSEN furnished, 125 West Las Graces, ph. 732-R. l-tfn FOUR ROOM APARTMENT IN Old Mcsilla. Furnished, $50.00 per month, phone 343-W after 6 p. m. 40-Un CABIN FURN.tSHED, 720 Parker Rd. Ph. 422-W. 45-tfn SHOP AND/OR OFFICE SPACE will remodel to suit tenant, location 138-135-J37 E. Court Street. Phone 154. 44-tfn SIZK KITCHEN range, see at 213 Armijo. 52-2p-53 We have some more turkeys and this is the last shipment we will have. There is still plenty of time to grow a big turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas so come to the Farmers Market today and get a few baby turkeys. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 52-3C-54 AP Nuivsfriitnn'S ( ' · · PITSBURGH -- Did you'..over wonder what it would be-JiXc to take dope? ^ .;' Here is how one drug; addict described his horrible ordeiilV'-luring a two-month-lonjr binge : jii\ heroin; Hagprard and stooped, the 21-ycar- old former athlete said he .became an addict after meeting- qtnc'ad : diets and a drag peddler;. Willie working at a used car- lot? ·. "Before 1 knew it I was on the stuff," he said. "It calmed me. In fact, it numbed all the orgims oE my body. I was immune: to/.pain: After six or tight hoursVjttiDugh the stuff would wear off .ami -my nerves would be ·worse than .ever, "i discovered the only thing that coukl help was another shot,' The more I took Ihe more I needed.and the .worse niy nerves got-^Pretty soon I began to feel otherjsymp-j toms. ·/ o' 7 ', "'C: "For instance, I couidn.'t' slecjt. I got addicted to sleeping-pills, too. I lost my appetite. The first thing I got up in the morning. I had to have some. While the stuff was working I would sulk and want to be by myself or in the company of other dopcheads. "When the effect wore off, the torture started. Pain would hit me in the .back first, then my stomach would roll around like jelly. I'd get diarrhea. "Then I noticed I was getting immune to the dope. I was taking j 10 capsules a day but no matter how many 1 took, the pains and nausea began coming more frequently. "I ask my brother to help inc. He took what was left of the heroin and got rid of it. Then my family called a doctor. "I'm through with the stuff. I'm guing lo lake treatments and IVe been told I can lie cured. "I'm telling this story so others won't kid themselves as I did into thinking they can handle any kind of narcotics." . querque. has been briefed by Gov. Edwin : L. Mcchcm on what to do n'.'his. new role as party peacemaker. . · yeste'rday.'.Aml though the govoni- jr · professed to know nothing of .Har ,' Juno d I/PI -- Re : y Robins of Albu- ·V : Robins conferred Mechem the Hernnllllo county GOP chairman's now assignment; he apparently was in the know. Robins first task, It Is reported, will he to calm anti-7*lechem Republicans who are anfiry a t . t h e governor's naming newcomers to prominent state posls, anil not ousting Democrats fast enough. says Robins will start next week lo try to heal the party splits. Asked point blank, Robins lie would accept the stale GOP.chairmanship wore it offered New Tenth- judge To Be Picked From Among Three; SANTA FE. Juua 4 l/Pl -- The judge of the new lOtli "dlslrtcl Is to l)u iiicltcd from David S,.B"cm and C. C. Davidson ot Tucum- cnri anil Keith \V. 'Edward's of Fort Kuinncr. * Tlic three attorneys were nominated 'for the jildljcship Inte ycster : day by u commission headed by lU-GhW jSSHlSS^EllSone D. Lujan. £(.G3v: aai'ilC.fcrSfechcm will pick his appointee from the three and he .will serve, until i the 11)51 g"~ . i . . * , The. 10th-. Judicial District was creeled! by.'Ul^."last legislature. It is jTOnin'osejJ, of. Harding. D«l Baca ilnti Quay counties. Broadway has .. become a syn- IPnym Tor 'the New .York theatrical district, and yet there is not a I the street I today. They nil arc on side streets. I The only theaters j on Broadway jre movie ' THE LONE RANGER by Fran Striken ffvND I HOPE HErTOU-OWS. GBNERAL CONTRA'CTOR Rough lumber, planed lumber, moderate price, Pee Gee Points, all colors. Have Brickrcte building block, red buff. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid Sc Mesqulte. · Ph. 1456-J. 20-tfn RECORD SALE All Victor Records, popular albums, R P M rccorls, 1/3 off. All classical albums and records, ^ price. Large asosrted 89c records, 3 for $1.00 LOOMIS CO. 138 No. Main 1'h. 113 49-4C-52 HE AN' HIS INDIAN THEPROBftBLYT PAL CAN READ f KNOWS WEVEj HOPE SIGNS LIKE SACAPTURED S\ SO BLOODHOUNCS.)-i CARTER THAT'S WHY HE MUST BE REMOVED I AGREE WITH 'PELICAN. THAT ,., MR. JACKSON. ITMINK TDU'RE MAKIN' A. BIG MISTAKE IN TRYIN'. TO MA6KED MAN IS DANGEROUS, OUTWIT 'WE LONE RANGER. MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN by Panl Robinsoi " ' 16--WANTED TO BUY LARGE, UNFURNISHKD Mesilla I'ark, I'h. 45D-.I. 47-6p-52 SMALL, F U R N I S H E D API State College, ph. 0282J5. j HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR used pianos. Stevens Furniture Co. 316 N. Mali. Phone 677. · , ' l-tfn 50-3p-52 UNFURNISHED" 4 ROOIif APT. Air conditioned, close in. Phone 012-R3 or Mr. Platt at Safeway. 61-2n-5? HOUSEHOLD F U P . N 1 T U R K . Any condition. We buy anything of value. Phone 931-J. Viaduct Salvage Yard, 924 W. Plcacho. l-tfn State of New Mexico) County of Dona A n a ) In the Pro bate Court. In the Matter of the Estate of'Pedro L. Jacquez. Deceased. ·· No. 1704. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR. Nolicc is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed administrator of the estate of Pedro L. Jacquez. deceased, by the Probate Court of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Ail persons having clainis against said estate are hereby required to present ihe same \vitliiJi tlie time prescribed" by law o'r the 1 name will be barred. This the 31st day of May, 1951. AH redo '^ttpqu.'cz-' Administrator of the estate of Pedfo-Ii. r Jrtcquez: deceased. Rgute 1, Anthony. JJcw -Mexico Pub. June -1-11-13-25, 1951 URNISHED D U P L E X FOR couple, ph. 151 or .393-J. 50-tfn TJRNISHED, SMALL APT.. AIR conditioned, laundry facilities, near bus lines, utilities furnished, couple, 1459-J. 52-2p-53 ~ROOM APT.. FURNISHED, floor furnace air conditioner, located near Mcsilla Park school, ph. 0297-R2. 50-3p-52 5--SPECIAL NOTICE SEWING MACHfNTSS. NEW AND uaefl. We repair all makes. STEVENS FURNITURE CO. 316 N.' Main. Phone 677. . _ . , , . l-tfn ALCOHOBICS A_N O N Y M O.US Box 801. Phone"UC47-J. between 7 and 10'p. m. " USED FURNITURE -- BOUGHT and rold. Furniture Exchange, 130 W, Las Cruces, Phone 282-R. l-tfn LET US SHAMPOO YOUR WOOL rugs and bring them .back to life. Mils with niga vacuumc free. Furniture Exchange.. 130 W. Laa Cruccs Av. Phone 282-U 44-tfn A re''thV flics'and bugs bothering you ? We' have a\\ kinds of bug stuff and fly dope, loo-- aiso have all kiniin of sprayers from 45c on up. Gel rid of your unwanted guests today the easy way with insecticide ampfcfrfa^- 1 TWO BEDROOM HOMF, BY owner, phone 447-W. 51-6p-56 ROOM, FURNISHED HOME, near College; will sublet June 9 to Sepl. 1. Call 439-M. 51-2p-52 ""ROOM APT. FURNISHED, modern, air-cooled. 1812 N. Main . ' . ' ' . B2-2C-53 BEDROOM, AIR COOLED. GEN- tlema'n pref. 154 W. Mountain,' ph. 407-J. _ 51-2c-52 ·HJILD1NG, S U I T A B L E FOR small cafe or beauty shop. Real estate, insurance, completely remodeled. Nice location, 2 doors N. Post Office, Mesilla Park. Jim Bell. Bell's Barber Shop, ph. 089-R5. · _ 51-lfn 2~ROOM APT. FURNISHED. AIR cooled. States Court. . 51-tfn 1 NICE. BIG. MODERN, FUR- nished apartment, also 1 small modern house, ph. 743-W. . M-:ip-ri3 MODERN, FURNISHED, A I R cooled, apt. 606 couple prcterretl. W. BEDROOM, 311 S. ph. 645-M. Parki 51-3p-53 M I R A N D A 1 OR MORE BEDROOMS WITI or without kitchen prlv. Air cond. 411 S. Church, ph. 8S2-.1 FOR GENTLEMAN, 00 Alamcda. !il-6c-5( LIVING ROOM chlfforobe, cheap, phone ,0390 R4. _ .51-2p-5 AIR COND1TIONKD, TWO BED SED, CHROME TABLE AND chairs, ph. 1047-R, Sunday or after 5 p. m. week days. 51-3p-53 7-- REAL ESTATE For Sal* ARGE BUILDING SITE. NEAR Las Cruccs Junior · High. Also good violin. 0209-R1. 50-3p-52 2 rooms and bath, with store, room, 3 lots, $2,800.00. 5800 down, oal. §50 month.. BUNCH'S. HEAL ESTATE Ph 1530R ': 1401 E. Ar.izona 50-tfn · Parking Problems For 100 Autoihqbjlos Plague Slate I^HJfl;,,,." SANTA FE, June 4 l/I'i',-- State o f f i c i a l s ' a r e seeking to establish a car pool ran into parking problems Saturday. They've concluded there just isn't a single space big enough for car pool needs. The car pool was one of the planks in Gov. Edwin L. Mechem'.s campaign platform.'The Highway department and Bureau of Revenue has been planning a joint operation. But the space needed is for 100 autos, plus parking space for private aulos Uiat now use two available spaces near the capitol. One of the spaces will hold 6 cars and the other 57. They are a block apart. Special Tax Take Tops '50 By Over $1 Million In May SANTA FE, June 4 I/P) - 'Collections from special taxes may beat the 1050 mark for the same month by more than $1 million. Revenue Commissioner Charles Coriett reports collections for tlic month just closed were $5,209.51? compared with 54.178,474 in .May, 1050 for an increase of 24.G per cent. Liquor, tobacco, and succession taxes decreased as compared with a year ago. The other increased as follows: Sales tax ?272,167. severance $91,698, motor, vehicle 527.156, motor transportation $11,802, income $461,771, gasoline $131,486, drivers' license Sl,7S9j and comr pensiitlon tax 549,H17..--' MY PAL'S FiMlEHIN OFF YOUR H£ FRIENDS (THEN THAT'PRICELESS' -* : DISCOVERY WILL BE OURS.' SO LOrtG -- YOU FOLLOWED US TO THE SPACE SHIP,EH? JUST r- CAN'TKEEPOinOFOUR AFFAIRS/ I'LLSAYYOU V A / P D C -- , , ^ ' ( LITTLE ANNIE RODNEY PUBLIC LAND. AUCTION 5 miles west of rortales, 1 N. M., on the South Floyd Pavement--10 acres good, level red loam irrigated land, 20 _acres grassland. 2 sets improvements, Electric wells, Plenty water and shade, all minerals go unleascd. Good terms available. The date--Tlnlrs, Juno 7th at 1 p. in. Call or write MILLAHD LONG, Auctioneer 50-3|i-52 GEE, ZERO -GREENHOUSE FARMERS ARE AWFUL SMART- EVERY Tl ME THEY THINK OF WE WEATHERMAN THEY - ' -: TT r VjLkJLlSTLAFFAN' by Brandon Walsi I'M JUSTA SASVrSrANOER FOi W ' FEED THE LITTLE r PLANTS JUST LIKE: f TiJEY WAS.LITrLF A BIG SISTER by Lee Talk .and Thil Dayu ~ Aiito nnd oincr Financing . . Chllton Ixian Insllronbe Co. 19--USED CARS For 5»1» 1942 'CHEVROLET COUPE, PH. 936-R or inquire at 315'S. Main, Apt. 3. BO-Sp-BB 19--USED CAKS For S«l« :LEAN, 1039 PONTIAC COUPB. radio, heater, seat covers, ,$200. E. Callahan, Border Patrol Training School College. 51-3p-H3 UEGALL DELUXB CHAMPION Kit)! CHEV. 8 PASSENGER station wagon, excellent contli lion, bargain, phone 0292J2. L R. Lytlon. 50-5P-54 \/ MAROONED ON ^ HA1.' 1 A DESFCr ISI-E-.!.'- "Bur r CAMT LEASE wirH our HEi^. FIVE MOfJE MINUTES.' 1 T^ff PHONO ASAW.I M;V Pafrj °JS 2 door-sedan, 1050 Stuilohakcr, 1 2 lio'ur Windsor, 1940 Chrysler for Information call 1219 or 1001; 01-30-53 1917 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan 1095.00 l!)50 V-8 Font Pickup 1005.00 1040 Chevrolet I'lckup. 1050.00 Immediate Delivery on THE NKW BUICK ROOM AIT., FURNISHKI irtllitlos pd. Near hll linOR'J37.."iO mo. Counlo or nlnRle 1217 W.-'McFfi, rM* BU'.W. JOHN MILLER' Motoi* Co. In L» CrucM it . .. ' We havo a good selection of new Plymouth Cars In stock for immediate delivery. 19-10 Deluxe Ford 2 Door Sedan '$ 385.00 1916 Bulck Super Scdan- ct, radio £ heater 81)5.00 1048 3ludobal(or L a n d . Cruiser Sedan, Radio, Heater, overdrive 1285.00 ; rW7l I'weCAK'T'KEEP THE W~ Y6/JH, BUT Xg= ^V'S .'. . . ~ ". WE KNOW R WHO IS THE p= FIFTY DOLLARS (INDEED ms;ENOUGH s. IT MUST GO BACK tO TMEOWNES! FOR.T4V RM iS TO MAKE ME DECIDE AN AWFUL LOT j-/ OMCE AN!D FOR ALL by Les F'orgravs

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