Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1955 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955
Page 34
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-'itttur*»y, Dec. 24, 1955 GKEELEY TRIBUNE {Colorado Springs Man :Pii! on Wichita Farm "iredilDist, Board : '~ WICHITA, Kan. Ui '--Kenneth M. ·Lyori.of Garden City, Kan.; and :Jrield Bohart of' Colorado Springs ;Vr* new members of-the.Wichita ·farm Credit District Board of Di- jfeclors, General Agcnl Fred R 'Merrifield said Thursday. \i Both appointments--by liouerl B TopteU, - Farm Credit Administra- "'jlon governor--are -for th'rce-year ijerms beginning'Jan. 1. ^ Lyon has been manager of Ihc garden Cily Cooperative Exchange ;^ince 1953. Owner of 480 -acres o ^Irrigated land, he is a board mem ·' the -Kansas'Cooperative 'Council, chairman of .the Gardci '"City School Board, and a 'mcmbe of the Farm Bureau 1 . · :"·· Boharl operates a cattle ranc' : in.El Taso county.' Since-19-16 h ini been a director and member o :{he executive .cotnmillee'of Iho Co :'qrido Livestock Troduction Crcd' : : As'sri. of Denver, an'd 'also is irtember of the Farm Bureau an : :ihe El Paso County'Soil'Conscrva 'tio'n Service. ·'-. . : Te all ait friends for t hippy boDotiv susoo. HHRR1HQ ELECTRIC WORKS . 511 8*K Si. hristmas-Dinners in Auli AULT -- Chrislnias parliesl diners and family gatherings, will he utncrous here and- in the com- uinity. Among family dinners will Ihe Christmas eve parly in'the ionic of Mr. · and Mrs. Fred loops ahd family. Gucsls for dinner will include Mrs. Philip Mo- anrtcr, Mrs. Kale Wyckoff, Mr. and Mrs. George : Larson,' Mary- ale, Bob and" Kenny Larson" of Grcelcy, Virginia ' Chestnut of Millikcn, Mrs.' Laura Larson,- Mr. and .Mrs. V. F. Lowry ahd son, Delcvin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mof :on, Jim and 'Jcrrc Morton. Mr. am] Mrs: Mails Hanson will be hosls in Ihcir country home for a Chrislnias eve parly for their relatives. The family of the late It. E Sivers had dinner at Ihe Tea House Thursday evening. After dinnei the group were guests of Mr. am Mrs. Charles Wilson for Ihci: presentation of gifts. - . . . . Mr. and Jlrs. Vcrnon Stewart Gene, · Linda, and .Michael at tended a family dinner- in Hi liome of Mrs. Bertha Davis o Boulder. Poterson F a m i l y Gathering In the homo of ,Mr. and Mrs Frank Pclerson their fam ily, Jimmlc and Mr. and Mrs Frank Peterson Jr:, Mike, Bob Cynthia and Stevens of Nnnn. Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Frank Lamb will include Mr. am .Mrs. Dan Lcsll, Dan'isc and Craig of Fairplay,' Mr., and .Mrs.' Kober Lamb, Janice, Marsha and Robbi ahd Mr. and Mrs. Jerre.White sni fiaughler. Mr. and Mrs. .Clyde Douglas and daughlcr, Wnnda, will enter tain at a turkeyidinhcr for Mr. and Mrs. Frank 1 Edgar of Mo.nlrose Mr. and -Mrs. J u l i a n ' W i t s b n ant family of Loveland, Mr. and Mrs H. C. Douglass and son, David, o Grcelcy and'Mrs. Mayme.Harris o Ault. .Mrs. Bertha May will be.a gucs of the'E'. W. C a r t e r ' f a m i l y , for a Christmas eve party and dinner Christmas 'day. . . ' . . Venibl.s Entert»tninfl Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Ven'abl' will -have dinner for (heir famil} including Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Col lihs and Lynda of Worland, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Venable and three daughters; Mr. and Mrs. : Ray Adams, Judy, .Corinc and Diana o Cheyenne; and Mr. · and Mrs Henry Filzler, Dean and Barbar. of Grcelcy'. . Mr. and Mrs. David Simpson Harry and Jeannie have invited th [following guests for Christmas dii 1 ncr in their counlry home: M xi Mrs. E. B. White of Eaton, rs. Jennie Walker, Mr. and Mrs. rden White 'and Mr. and Mrs. rdcn J. White and son of iaron Springs. . ' · Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Copes will icnd Christinas in · Fort Collins ilh their son-in-law and daughter, r. and Mrs..Norman Ilolsle and mily. . ' . · : Mr.' and Mrs. David Ruff will avo their family home for Christ- las dinner. Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'ill .McWilliams wilj 1)0 Mr. and Irs. Forrest McWillinms and two tiildrcn of Colorado Springs, Mr. nd Mrs. F. A. McWilliams and irec children of Grcelcy and Tom nd James McWilliams. Newell Family Christmas Mr. ami Mrs. J. J. Newell, their oh-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Waid Johnson - anil children vill spend Christmas-.together. .Mr. and Mrs. It. L. Burman will lave their family home for Christmas dinner. Sharing the occasion vill-bc Miss Barbara B u r m a n and Iricnd from Denver and Mr. and Mrs. Charles B u r m a n . A group of relatives will gather for Christmas in the home of Mr. incl Mrs. Dick Wo'ods and daugh- .ers, Judy, and Diana. Invited quests are-Mrs. Nora.Stewart, Mr. a n d . Mrs. Glen Green, all of Deer Trail, Mr. and Mrs-Ray McDanicI and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Simpson, Nora Jean and Marsha of'Ault. M r . ' a n d ' Mrs. John Schulz Jr. and family will celebrate Christmas in their home. Going to Kansas Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth will spend the' Christmas holidays in Soodlarid,' Kan., in the home of Ihc former's sister. They will ' also visit in Seldcn, Kan., with .a irotherlin-law. Mr. and..Mrs. Bill Johnston Jr. ·m'd haby, Linda' Jo, will spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Johnson. t " . Mrs. Daisy Pearson and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pearson and son, Garry, will be dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bickling and family; llr. and Mrs. LeRoy'-Goldsmith nd children of Grcelcy-will also c' guests in the Bickling home for hristmas day. Day-by-Day Through October . , · ' 1 -- -Dodgers even the Scries; winning 8-5. . ' ' ' 2 -- Dodgers win, 5-3. ·'. ·' .3 -- Yankees even'the'-Series; Whitcy Foi'd taking his second decision, 5-1. 4 -- Dodgers w i n first World Series, 4 games to, 3, bealing Yankees 2-0 as Johnny Podrcs gels Ills second win. . : 6 -- St. Louis Cardinals s i g n Frank Lane as. general manager for three years. Detroit.Tigers re tain Ducky-Harris *s 1556 manager Giants sign Rigney for two years Each Dodger gols-$0,768 for Scries victory, each Yankee .§5,598. . . 8 --.Michigan beats Army, 26-2 Nail takes Uclnionl Futurity! l l ' -- Trahcrt. turns tennis .pro 12 -- Fred HuU'hinson signs I manage St. Ixiuis for two.years replacing Harry' Walker. 15 -- Michigan State beats Notr Dame, 21-7. Nashua.takes Jackc Club GoliI Cup. 18,-- Doris Hart turns tennis pro IS -- Bud Smith-keeps lightweigh title, beating Jimmy Carter again 25 -- Chicago While Sox obtai Larry Doby. from · Cleveland f d Chico Carrcsq'ucl · and Jim Busbj Joe L. Brown 'replaces Branc Rickey as Pirates general man ager. . . . ; . . 29 -- Notre Dame defeats "Navj 21-7; Prince John beats Career Bo by a nose to earn -$157,918.50 i $262,370 Garden-Slate'Stakes. : 31 -- Missouri. Valley. A.- A. U suspends Santee for accepting ex I HOME REPAIR I DOs-DON'ts, L»»*X Andraw cssive expenses f o r three-Call- rnia track meets. · ' November · · · 2 _ pirates name Bobby Bragan s manager. , "' ', ; 5 -- Illinois upsets Michigan, 25-6. 6 --. U. S..golfers retain Ryder up, .8-4. . . ; ! .-.;· . . . ··' ' ; .-.'"'. 7 ·---Clarence .W. ;Miles roslgns s Baltimore· Oriole .president.-'. ·. 8 -- Washington . trades-. Bob 'orlerflcldiand Mickey-Vcrncm.arid w'o others for three young Boston nlchcrs.and two outfielders. IS;-- -Donald Campbell drives Bluebird speedboat, to record 216.Z miles per hour on Lake Mead, Nev. ,' 10 --. Ohio Slate keeps Michigan rom · Rose - Bowl with 17-0 upset, Nail, takes Pimlico Futurity. 20 -- Santcc's-suspension .lifted · 22 -- Rutgers drops Harvey Har man as loolball coach. . .'28 -- Army, upsels Navy, 11-6. '. 28 -- Howard Cassady of Ohio Stale wins Heisman Trophy. Red Sox buy San Francisco franchise., 29 -- Oklahoma eleven wins AP poll as No. 1 team. Cassady gets Maxwell Award. . . .30 -^"Detroit trades Buba Phillips o'. While Sox for Virgil Trucks. Basilio slops De Marco in 12th to retain welterweight 1 title.' Leaves ^ Ret urn,'Loan', . DENVER -- Fallen reaves: contain relatively large amounls "of valuable elements, such .as nitrogen and phosphorus, which were originally part of Ihe soil. Decomposition of the leaves enriches the lop layers of soil by 'returning the elements borrowed by Ihe tree and at the same time' proy'' * for -an accumulation of water-absorbing humus.- - - exas Jest?' Show / ; VaccinevSliarplyCuts v ;, Number.,of Polio-Gases. AUSTIN, Tex. 1 ' 'W ~ - Paralytic polio victimized six'tlrnes more un- vaccinaled'5 to 9 year old'Texan! between May. »hd November than vaccinated children, 'the .Texas Elite Health;'Dept.' announced Thursday.'' ·"·'.H'-' / . " · ; : ' · ; . - . · Of 477,048 vaccinated children only 12 suffered the dread disease during the-six-monlh period,'but of some 375,712 unvaccinaled children, 60: became -paralytic, /victims'.'; - USE TH6 TRIBUNE WANT ADS CHRISTMAS LEW DAKAN tO, 22199th St. . . . Phone 158S '' - - - i - Dr. M«nrj Ai Holk;'»)aU'h«ihK'e ci«« rate per 19t,- OQO vacclnatid.'chlkiren W M . !-!!,. For unvacclniCed children; the «w rate w«i'/i5.'W- pcr/iOC.OW. , -,.; \ ' Meanwhile',' the j department r»- ported.» statewide total 0^14 tew- · caies'of polio during Ihe'wetk'.eflil-; ing Dee'. 17.' ; Of. these, even-were- paralytic,' · live : noB-par«lytie ind two were luupe'clf ied.^. . ( .'.'-; j : ,.; ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Mn. Grete Marie'Haney, 84, who,«s Grelthen Lederer was one ' pi' Hollywood's leading women in ijleni films; »nd for.mer wife of actor. Otto Lederer,' died'Tu'f-'iday.. · · ' . ' · -.,: . . - · ' . . . ' Plumbing 6-'I 123 16th. St. By Andrtw C.' Lang R E P L A C I N G A THRES'HOUD . DO . . . remember that worn threshold (sometirhes called a saddle) is unsightly, leaves a 1 gap under the door and often is a safety hazard. BO . . .-pry up the old threshold arcfully so thai it can be removed n.onc piece-- iE possible-- and used as a' model- in buying : or making a new pne. DO . . .. when Hie threshold will not .come', loose, split it: with a chisel and a mallet- the pieces then will come up easily. . DO . .-. purchase a threshold (he same size- as the old one or slightly arger so that the excess can ho [rimmed.'ofno make a tight ill. : "Dp . . '··· In "putting .down the new llireshbold, stagger the nails on cither side of the center section. .DON'T ... neglect lo remove the old nails; if you hammer them into :he.'floor, they may .loosen later on and push they way tip into the new threshold. DONT . .'. forget that, occasion; ally, the old threshold will not come up-unless you first remove the door slop, the long strip of wood that ruris vertically aloog the door jamb. DON'T . . v:risk splitting the new threshold; drill very 'small pilot holes for the nails. · . DONT . . . overlook waterproofing the threshhold when it is at a door where it will get wet; do this by putting asphalt roofing'cement under the Ihreshhold and then coat- j in the'lop with spar varnish.' · DON'T ; . . think that wooden I threshholds are the only kind you can get; they arc now made in other materials, including metal and plastic. · CARACAS--Petroleum output in Venezuela'in the first half of 1955 j averaged a-rec'ord 2,100,000 barrels a day. · " ' . M O U N T A I N - ' - . ' . ' · · "S AVI N G S and Loan haticiatitm of Boulder, Longmonf and Greeley 934 9th Avenue -- in Greeley We say Merry Christmas to all our friends. We want you all to know. how. much we. enjoyed your patronage and friendship 1. · and we take this opportunity , : ; you and yours-- ''''-'. · : a holiday complete with happiness '· , · \ to last forever and ever I ; ' Greeley Mationai · ' ··· · '· '·*-. "... · Vj 1-.- '..·'-'"..: . -'. .' ' Bank Member F.D,I.C. ' j

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