Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 9, 1976 · Page 46
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 46

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1976
Page 46
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A-22 CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tm., M.rch 9,1976 Nuclear generating plant to be ready in spring ' ' e. I months until their Fort St. Vrain nuclear power station date back. will be in full operation. And this time they may be right. Once again, officials of Public planned to be In full operation in Nuclear Regulatory Com- say, the plant should be city of 350,000 persons. water, will me, radioactive in a steam generator. ^ ^! in erature PSCo tats Service Co. of Colorado (PSCo) mid-1971 after construction mission to revise its standards operating at 25 per cent of its When the plant becomes uranium and thorium particle. _ Once the steam reaches a water tempera, , ^ ^ are saying its only a couple of started in 1968. Numerous for wiring in nuclear plants, capacity, when that level is operational, it will show a new a « source of heat. temperature of 1,000 degrees, it WTM'"'TM** d grM problems moved the start-up That meant a major rewiring reached, electric power will be twist in a relatively new method When the atom of the moves through a large pipe to raised less than one e genera(c d at the pUnt for the of producing electrical energy radioactive material is struck turn a turbine which in turn during no mal opera ,on ana ge - nuclear fission The new by a particle called a neutron, operates an electric generator, less than two degrees in the Six weeks later, the plant twist has to do with the use of the atom casts off neutrons or So.exceptintheway inwhich most severe circumstances. to complete their inspection of snou ici reach full power and helium, but to understand its "splits." This splitting the water is heated to steam. A smles of c(X)|ing , owers the wiring sometime this week, start producing electricity for use, one has to go back in the produces .heat. The neutrons the differences between Fort M. |)ave bce|) bui|( 0|1 lne 5ite [0 Once they're finished, the psco customers in Colorado, process a step or two. strike other atoms, causing a Vrain and traditional power insure tne 1|800 ga || 0 ns of water Traditionally, coal has been chain reaction. plants are few. minute entering the South used to heat water ' in Uncontrolled, this splitting Still, environmentalists have p|at(e from |he p , an( slay job at the Platteville plant. The latest problem, oddly, The rewiring is finished and fj rs t time, resulted from a fire more than federal officials are scheduled 1,000 miles from the Fort St. Vrain site. The problem-plagued electric The fire in a Tennessee generating plant northwest of nuclear generating plant last Platteville was originally summer caused the federal plant will be slowly started up. By mid-April, PSCo officials PSCo customers The station will produce enough electrical energy to supply NEARLY READY--The nine-story Fort St. Vrain nuclear power station should be in full operation by early sunyner, officials of Public Service Co. of Colorado say. The plant north- west of Platteville has been plagued with problems since construction started in 1968. (Tribune photo by Paul Irfoloney) Together we'll build a great 76. 1923 OLDSMOBILE Three Passenger, Sport Roadster Model47, Light Eight Remember when cars were only a method of transportation. Well, they still are! Only now, people are demanding comfort and an attractive looking auto. Oldsmobile over the years has continually strived to give more comfort and style. Come in today and try out our new Oldsmobile, and while you're at it, check our stock of Cadillacs. Oktemobil INC. 508 8th Ave. 352-3760 .,, ... . . platte from- the plant generating plants. The water, leads to awesome results such charged the process is unsafe. ^ m acce - p(able | inl i t6 . lurnedtosteam.turnsaturbine as the explosion of an atomic They say radiation levels at the bomb. station will be dangerously high Finally. PSCo-argucs (here is In the Fort St. Vrain plant, and that the water used in the extremely little chance of however, the chain reaction is plant and returned to the neigh- radiation contaminating tne boring South Platte River will water.. The water used to a use of graphite rods which soak heat the river water and could produce steam and the water up some of the neutrons and potentially contaminate the used to cool the operation are in wafer Iwo entirely separate systems. .,,,, .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. ,, PSCo counters the radiation ' The water entering the river through holes at the top of the argument by saying only a few won't ever come in contact with reactor, can be pulled up or let niillirems of radiation will be the radioactive materials in the discharged from the station. (A reactor, PSCo officials say. millirem is a measurement of Additional safety precautions radiation.) In comparison, include Ihick steel and concrete which operates an electrical generator. Coal, though, is less than ideal fuel. It's bulky, raises carefully controlled through the transportation costs and source of air pollution. The Fort St. Vrain station, slow the chain reaction, instead of using coal to heat the The rods, which are stuck Kodak has variety of activity To drivers passing by on a Sunday afternoon, it might not look like much growth is taking place at the Kodak-Colorado plant near Windsor. There's only one new building under construction, compared to the early years of this decade which saw massive amounts of building at the facility. Contrary to what Sunday drivers believe, however, there's a lot going on at the plant. It's just hidden from public view. Installation of equipment in the sensitizing building is expected to be complete by April. When that work is complete, light-sensitive emulsions will be applied to films used in medical X-rays, color photo paper and possibly photo typesetting paper. Inside another building, the base manufacturing structure, work is also continuing. Once equipment is installed in that building in 1977, the planl will manufacture n plastic base used in sheet film for graphic arts. Those buildings will complete the first stage of construction at ' the Kodak plant and give the f a c i l i t y s t a r t - t o - f i n i s h manufacturing capability for some types of film. Most of the work at the facility, however, is in final manufacturing operations. The plant receives long rolls of film and paper from other Kodak plants, notably Rochester, N.Y.. and finishes it into packages for use by consumers Among products presently finished at the plant are: -- Kodacolor II film. -- Super 8 movie film. -- Microfilm. -- 16 millimeter movie film. _ Phototypesetting paper. -- Medical X-ray films. More than 2,900 persons work at the facility, an increase of nearly GOO in the past year. Bulk rolls of film and paper arc shipped from Rochester to the Windsor plant to be slit to proper width and length specification. They are then packaged and shipped to dealers and customers throughout the U.S. Rigid quality control -7 including sophisticated equipment that detects microscopic flaws --follows Kodak products through every stage of the operation. One of the first products to be manufactured at the Windsor plant was printing plates used in offset lithography. Large rolls of aluminum are purchased by Kodak for use in the plates. The aluminum is chemically treated, coated with a light-sensitive material, cut to proper size and distributed to printers and publishers. More than 3,000 varieties of plates arc manufactured at the plant to the specifications of customers. Another operation at the plant involves manufacture of the plastic cartridges used to hold film for some cameras. Plastic pellets are melted and molded in large injection machines. After cooling, cartridges arc put together ana sent to a finishing facility, where they are spooled with the proper films. Finished products are shipped from a 435,000-square- foot distribution center. The center's employes are also responsible for coordination of movement of raw materials into the plant. down to give precise control of the reaction. As the reaction is taking place, helium is moved (hrough the reactor. The gas is heated persons living in Denver shielding around the reactor receive 300 millircms of and four years of training will and moves down The nine-story radiation a year from natural required of those who reaction chamber to heat water sources. operate the plant. "NORTHWARD" HO! 'Drive A Little, Save A Lot!" It's worth the drive; just 8 miles north, to Eaton · Top quality furniture at discount prices. · Free deli very · Friendly, helpful service. · Convenient financing. · Great selections for any home decor. Your response proves our ideas were right. We look forward to your next visit. Downey ·ft / Fine Furniture ^-^ / «/ [ator^olorado 7th Street at Highway 85 454-2696

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