Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 4, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOOT'' (N. M.) SUN-NEWS las Cruces Sun-News Founded in 1681; published dally, except Saturday--weekday afternoons and-Sunday morningB-by the Sunshine Press, Inc., »t 241 N. Water SI., Las Cruccs, N. M. Entered at Las Cruces postotflce « second-class matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvlllt B. Priestley, Editor ami Publisher MAN MOST LIKELY TO, SUCCEED ,_, National Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Represent*- tlvcs Inc., Chicago, New Yorli, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta. Member of the Associated Prcas. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of all local news print- el Tri llii's newspaper, as well as ull AP news dispatches. TELEPHONE 33 . ,, · ,-Tlila newspaper Is a member of the A u J I t Bureau of Clrcul · 1 ? J ''Stl'dns/'Ask for a copy of our latest A. B. C. Report giving . : audited taots nnd figures about our clrcidallon. A.B.C, -- Audi! Bureau ol CIrculaHoni FACTS a« a m«aiure of Adverllilng Valua · SL'BSCIirPTlON ftA.TES: By carrier In Las Crucei and surburhan ureas 18c ptr.weclt or 75c per month; by motor route delivery in Dona Ana coirhfy, ?8.r,0 per year or 8Iic per month. By mall In New - 'Mexico 75c-p«r .month or J7.GO per year. Outside of State 8Gc per month or"^8.iid -per year. Mall subscriptions are payable in advance. fiee Or Controlled? I We -have always been just a l i t t l e happy and glad that c v can'rim our'own business. " wc . -· i.u Baptist Church Bible School Has Large Enrollment Enrollmenl in the two Vacation fjible schools .sponsored by. the. ^Irst Baptist church In Las Crii- cs lirnhc all previous first-day ·t'Corris to.:.iy. 'I lie enrollment at he tlrandview BapUiit Chap-'l wii.s )0, anil that at Ihc First Baplist ·(·ached 180. . i The two schools provide Bihlc itudy, character n'.oilcs, memr.ry Irlll, recreational activity, and refreshment periods for all who attend. Tho morning sessions begin il 8:BO anil adjourn ot 11::IO. and departmental t r a l n i n u is provldiM 'or those between the ages of :i CUM Illll UUl U \ V l i UW.THt^J.T _ . · That,'"of course, is nn A m e r i c a n ' p r i v i l e g e and right. .. iij a right w h i c h we feel is being denied far loo often for the ·i/on'd nf our citizens and for the good of our way of life. But we have always been glad that the Notional Editorial-Association could not and did not attempt to tell us now ' ' f t / f u n ' n u r business. They never seek to tell us w h a t we can p r i n t ; with w h a t newspaper editors we can be associated; """-"· IriaKg no distinctions a g a i n s t - t h e editors of dailies or LI:--'(JJ'. t tt ij cu a'week. They draw no lines as to whether ; attended a j o u r n a l i s m school at some university iir wjiat university they may have attended. '· · - ' WvvspKpei" p*ple'hrc all'considered together as a group ···md a class. ^Soirie of them are o u t s t a n d i n g newspaper, edi- lbrs*'aml puBlishers; so'rile are just average; arid others drop ',.' below', tho'average; . , . . . . . . , . But 'ea"ch'"and every one of tHciri ti: an i n d i v i d u a l and if ·v ..riinslcler-dcl'-iin,individual to operate his own business and It comluut his-own business without interference irom the outside andJawlth'iul softie national o r g a n i z a t i o n attempting to 1(!ll.-tii(sm-%hftt they will do and how they will do it. ' Na iijf'fort,, Is made by any of the state or the district " - J!foups.'l0Hl1tJtalc the policies to be followed by newspapei ' ' people. They can go along and belong to the dinlncl, slate - i n ' tialiiinal orgnnl/alions or they can not be members. Bu wlicthor they arc members or not they are.stlll pnvilcgcd-lo run their affairs and t h e i r business. And forthat, we say, we have always been rather n a p p j , and w b l l bleu'scd. .. , That/of course, is free enterprise. . That is the Amcricai way of life;' that is the American way things and to con duct businesses. ' : - , · . We have always been a liltlo proud of our profession ani proud (if the fact we did Hot belong to a profession wind was d i c t a t e d to nnd told w h a t to do and when lo do it. ' We personally don't t h i n k we w o u l d accept such prac ' UO And sincrj''sttch'pi';ielii.'es.are not American and no!. to Ihc best inU'resl'bKwblfnrb of lhq:prof«r,lon o r ' t h e nation sooner or,\Vc'.b'eH.eye,ah'ey,wiirbe forced to discontmU such policies. ' % .'^' . _ · ; ' ' M',.,'. Happened. For ..Years · ... . · ' · , · ' . . . T W losS'of the PMA officers;lo Albuquerque is nothm """'CHIP'S over the stale of New Mexico have been losin nrgiwsltioliK'like this for a good many years. Cities oVqr other slates lose exactly in the snmc mannei although pe,i'iiaps not for the snmc reason. All of us'know we do noflinvc.'govefnmcnt of the people, "Who noople a n d J o r I la' people;'bul rather by dictation _ - frclm Washington. '. ' ' · . , , . , , I Service local o;ilce, announced '...^Assurances were given the inaller Was to be decided w i t h C | aj , ,, ijmnch office him iiwm opTM- inlhcstat«'liyll»- 1 ;ommiUec. Their decision was to be f i n a l , ed in ncmlns. it will be located ·.The^dpeided-deckledin.-tavor oM,a E Cruces where the of- - -····· ' ··· - \fJce iiat beeiv ,-for years. : ' - ' - . ' . ' ;,. «;.,,But Ihal didn't .stilt 'the powers t h a t be so the offices , afiUttlbo.'moved to, Albuquerque where even some of the of- --ficiuls udm'itted space;"was .nol available and where rents au l g ' s o not only was Ihc will ot.llie peple igiiorc-d b u t "the matter of.economy was forgotten, Who wants economy? It - is onlv ·· tooic.10 be discussed nl timds With the people d u r i n g U ,.i|k-HWV gelting-season' and d u r i n g tlic rest of the year it is - . . a.policy, ot-sp'ending the taxpayers' money-it doesn t -.mat- '· - - ' ^ ' O n l y a ' f e w months'ago Las Cruces lost 'the land ·office; -. · · .. V"·? . . ... f ". . , : . i-..t 11.,, ^/J;t;/,;n,,,. 4in/lnrl it Threatened Tlioii© Workers'Slrike Can Affect New Mexico SANTA FE, June 4 UP! -- Over J.'OOO telephone .workers in New Mexico would be affected by n threatened strike against the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph company. Officials of the Communications Workers of America (CIO) aay the union is taking a strike vote, with ballots being accepted up to June 10 at the union's. Denver offices. V. H. Nachtrieh, Santa Fe, assistant New Mexico manager for the company, said it employs about 1,600 persons in New Mexico, where it serves 45 cities and towns. Acheson Slates (Continued from Pa^c 3) Eastern commander "in nffoc challenged the policies as · ItiU iown lay the President". ,Hp said ie not only co/ictirml in Ihc decin- oii to fire him but lieiucil.lo draft he official 'nnnrnmcc'mcnl o£..the commander's removal. ... ."'I is very ..clear," he said, that MacArtluir ".wam unable to give his who] eli ear ted support," ...lies for those below the ,.,,,. -)f three arc oprn. Hiindwork for all hoys nnd girls provides Hinplu opportunity for teaching Itjs.sons in making Ihingn with the hands, sharing, ami helpfnllnebs Any children who arc not at' lending Vacation Jjlblc- Hcliool elsewhere in the 'City -urn Invited U attend the school cither at Grand- lcw nr the 1'lrst Kaptist church The Ol-andvlew sc-hocl, siipcrln- Selective Service (Continued from Page One) tention of the local hoard. Jf your name is included on this list, contact your local board in the Las Cruces ( city hall Immediately: . Arlene Mark Smith, Alberto Gonr.ales, Charles Council .Lewis, Jose de Jesus Soliz, Julian G. Morales, Hector Perez. Jose Morales, Amador Hcrnando Villapondo, Hector Medina Martinez, Ricardo O. DeLaBarcona, Denous Ray Hcn- drix, Augustin Vargas. Marlaml Miller, Jr., Augustin C. Jimincz, and Francisco R. Gonzales, Each of these men were ordered to re- poll for induction on August 7, 1050. ' . . . Bias Losanb Martinez; ;Santlago Aguirre, 'Jr., Enrique 'Martinez Valdez, Oct. 13, 1950; Otht-r ixainiiucnts Tomaa Martinez Valdez, .Aug. 25, 1950; Bernardo N. Rojo, Nirho- as A. Tabarez, Eddie Hall, Jr.,, Nov. 16, 1050; Oscar Clark. Oct. 2, 1950; Armistice Jones, Feb. 2, 1950; Frank Lopez Bernal, June to the policies handed dcnvn Lo him y the ndminisi'vation. \Vini AsM'cinont/) Ac'heson also said: 1. Former vice president Henry ' Tliefl From Car Is Reported To Police Theft of $10 in cash, n cigarette cane, and scveral'baby-items were reported Sunday to city police by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Abbott, 1402 East Idaho. The victims told officers the items were iaken from their car while it was parked on West Brownlec avenue. The $30 cash was inside a cigarette case taken. Other items were a baby bottle, several diapers and a diaper bag. City police arc investigating. Russia Agrees To Meet With West In Washington, If- PAR1S, June 4 (/P) -- Russia agreed today to meet with the Western Powers in a foreign ministers' conference at Washington July 23 on condition they discuss AN Graduation (Continued from pace one) solution to our problems. fondly, Ev«hing,-Jun* 4, 1951 -- . . . ~ 1 28, I960r'Lconardo Bonde, Charles j C,·. CarraBco.'Jr., Alfonso D. HJP- nossk,' Jose ^alaz»r, and Patribio | Castillo Hidalgo. The complete list may be examined at the office · of the Se- lectlve; Service,. Oily Hall, on the bullotin board of the U.S. Post- j office or at the Sun-News offp Las"'Cruces and Water streets. Ultimate Source hasn't, for science has become a sort of sacred cow and many have forgotten that God is the ultimate source of all things. He reminded Ihc graduates they were stepping forth into a changing world but declared they neeJ- od three things to help make them better prepared for life. He described these things as learning, wisdom and understanding and he explained his .meaning of .these three words. "Learning is a continuous process, wisdom is the acknowledgement .of God as the source and in-, splration of all wisdom, and understanding is the attempt to understand the relationship between God and · ourselves, and between each D O R O T H Y D I X ; i : · · - --..- ' · ' . i. Uncongenial i Couple Pair Must Adjust Difference! . For The Sake Of Their Child : . . . . --( f\EAR DOROTHY DIX: My wife'nnd I do not seem to tnajee J-/ a go or it. She is a church worker. Gives all.of her time and thoughts to Hint. Cannot see anything.else. I like to" see shows, go lo parlies now and then,.play cards and dp other tilings with fun in them. Nothing-wrong.- No excess. My wile 1m DOROTHY DIX the" Norl A t l a n t i c Pact and U.S. bases overseas. Soviet Deputy Andrei Gromyho handed the Deputy Foreign Ministers of U K., Britain and France A-^f'T^eT/.^^^SS from Ciuang Kai-Shek, head of u:o Thc , l( , plllk , s , wllo h n v e been nesting here almost daily since March ii to write an agenda for , lendcd In- Mrs. D. C.. Arthur, will I involution ' Chinese N:iUonaIifits, in'lO-l-l, not tn oppope AJYier.rfj n -military help tn the Chinese com munis is. 2. -Tho United States was not able to. guarantee .the survival of Chiang's government in the postwar revolution whidh, swept China. A (juesllon raiseJl ir ; QJ)cWl.cilly,JO tho hearings in wHctncr In (^limited States should hnk4 glvojvi {i'^j* 1 - er support to nencrlilissimd OH tariff Kiii'Shek's Nationa|H l government in its struggle; with the 1 Chinese Communists. · ' · . , - . ( . · n said thbrc was^n "social in China... jonlimie UmmKh Friday, June 8. The First Baptist school, supcrin- li'iulcii by Rev. II, Purrolt, will continue through Friday, June ID. Employment .Branch Office Opened By Slate Al Doming Ourgo Uelliolon. inniuiK"' of tin- New Mexico State Employment y rind-thiB-oftice.'for years but Hie politicians traded it oir. ' It wns-oiilv otirs to bb.used as.'they desired to use it. . ' - -BUI-wlic.n those who represent thc-pepplc of New Mexico "all conic from .the same , location-- the center of . the A^'." V:.!you c»ii'l:cxpc!t much: rcpi'csentatjo(i, for, th.t v other Sections ' · ' " ' . ll |, u if!h^j,''tln,e\lhfttdislr1dr.fe,created ; ''for the election to, congress.'. AM .It. Is, tihic,for us to sec ffOn\-dlff*ro«t scetlons..ot -the in t h e National Guard armory. The office, which will be muter the direction of laldro H. Tnrnyn, an interviewer In charge, will concern Itself with the .wourinir of farm labor tuul workers for the now shell factory anil manganese ant. Tafoya is n graduate .of Mew oxlfo ASM college, having spe- I in economics. Ho haw re- hls tnlining wllh stale em- oyiuent office at Allmquej-quc ml Cruccs and for a sltott me was farm labor information with tho United States mploymelit Service. '""^U 'isi'riithur. dlscotirii(iing' ,viieii \vpli Jiave^Yory tiling to of er'and.yU cim' AnH.we'dld have .every thliiB. In this - , rclv'had'toen recognized foi spam. w: - a i i" s . . . : m |lU.-.h«a .'uipVoliseii; HH 'ftltnoil ' liWnlnlous opinion '» avo, ql leavlnjj.lhb.pfflres-and'uonsblldiitihg Iheitt Hi Las ·or.'al-:New,'MeJlcoAM dollcfc: '.;-.. '.v.-' ,,''.-.' , . ' n -.-Any siviHdnvlilchimltlilihavo.brth'ijrftjctccl'by the, con* ' . een lost.bccausc - \.nv W'OT vj _, ^ '- ( C | TlAt itilk ' wns ·lili'toVjthi! pubilc's'cotisitmpUan. · . ·' .'·' But ih'e '(lowrirs Inat'nt' 69$' tjip Witts wlil ; b(! moytrtu AiMiqucrrjutrwuiMe-winiqiierque inoy «v...vwm »"·.·· ·-· ' · n'nvlhln'g'wfl'cfth do-Hbtwt Jtlib h i R t t h r , - , ' , . ..;,·. . ' . · · ' . ' But of.'-wiirscfthtsfri't.illigs: miv.Milti Albuquerque b\i · I . M , . v l n n ' l .tiMn . f K A n v - ' t i i l f h l l « I'lflnS rilid Uib-cHUt'llS 01 tit I -,UIH{1V miiM;'-ii.» iiiorp,ai;t'r'nfctl\ii; n'liti .flosJwbliJ.shopWnjt ........... ,--. ih*· WiWfc H lbh cliteni-M.· tlw dlHfc*^. !tab « ,, .' *' J btoiW"iMibui1UeriUo\doh t forget.then* Wnfts nmHn. V""';{in*llliilysls ,lt [s probably (in .expensive' proposition tor. bilqllMt|nn. ;,;·:.,., ..^ , ; ,^, w ^ iind''i|iii effort (o hrrj ttlriible. ofdc* toce tUl otlifcr. thing 'Survival Uninsun-d ' He told the Senators, they . . ·eali/c "that American aid can- lot in it.seif insure the survival of i recipient government or the survival of a people tyiat this goyprn- ncnt is trying tn help against aggression." -· · ·:- . . ; "What our aid must do and can lo iN to supplement, the. efforts o .hat lecipienl povcru.ncnt. and i o .he pe:ijtlc ilselr," he s;iiil. J'H .Can not be a H i i b s t i l u t e for ihosc'.ei 1 'orts. H ran rmly be an a l d ' a m a supplement lo thorn." '. ,, Kcimc.tte|)Ublli::ins:havo contend eil the action of Ceo. Ccor^e.^fj Marshall, then i-oprcsrnliiiR"tni President in China, in withbrjldbii military aid from the rhiang Kai- Shek Rovernmoiit S n ' l O l O ha^l,r.ned defeat by . t h e . Communists. Marshall is Secretary, Achcson said the. . Nationalists never had h a i l ' a r t l i a l control of C i l l l l l l . ri l:ig Four foreign ministers meeting, adjourned until Wednesday after receiving the Russian note. Soldier Returns To Cruccs.After Four Years In Austria ..Corporal Gordon Hill has re- lumed from four years in Salzs- }Utg, Austria, where he has been aalioncd with the U. 3. Army. At present Corporal Hill staying with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. P.. Hill. A f t e r July 31, lie will be stationed at Ft. Bliss. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company Asks For Discussion In Crisis TEHRAN, Iran. June 4 l/Tl -The billion dollar AnRlo-lraninr Oil company has offered to aem representatives to Tehran for "ful and frank" discussions ,of the explosive, -oil crisis with the Irnuior government. U.S. Ambassador Henry F. Gra dy, who led conciliation efforts liailed the move and said: "I aiti more hopeful than I have been for some time that a solulioi rquttnhle and satisfactory to boU sides will ho found." "The task of Ihp. church is to bring understanding of man's re- ationship to God and to each oth- r," he said. "We must come to ealize that the church is an im- ortant and vital part of civillza- on in our time if we are to be uided intelligently." The invocation and benediction ·ere given by Rev. A. Cerczo and Rev. A. C. Douglas gave the cripture reading and the prayer. The Women's Sextette sang Ave Maria" and "Now bet Every .'ongue Adore Thee".' The Male Quartet presented "May Now Thy Spirit" and "Hark! The Vesper iymn Is Stealing". The processional was "March Romaine": and the recissional ,-aa ·March In G", both played by Miss ?:ula Jean Johnson on the qrgai . idinj; LiliiL ,ineii;. prouiein lit ilir end nf the \var was? .to "'crc- ale" a ntilfon. ,' (-i , .. · Ilr noted Uiat ure Uussians oo- cupitxl Manchuria, the Japanese held the jirinrlpal. cities' and . the Communists held,ma[iy of the'areas outride of tho cities: He said, the Njitionallsts were con fined, to, a small urea nf soiilhAvest Chinn,," DAILY C R O S S W O R D ACKOSS Mohahinie bhb's own li. Anoint (oba.) 13. Cftta that . catch mlco 1,1. TninsjfrcM JO. feklll ' 9. Pen-name 17. Knock or Charlc.i IS.Wsko -Lamb ·· knotted mcc 10, SIlKht 19. frcolous ilfprtaslon · ' .".tone .'.- .· M.SIoplns: 20. Molybdenum roadway (»ym. 18- Duckllko . .21. KnJure 24. Common DOWN 20. Measure oC 1. Mother · length 2. Smell 21.1'lcatl 3. Total defeat 22. Self nnd IllKht · 2; *. Suffered 4 Goddess of extremely · harvosU 2S. Kastby (It.) EOUlll 5. Cubic meter (abbr.) C. I'nnl 28. Anger 7. Al homo 27. Denary 29. Music note 32. Shower 36. Oil of roso 'petals 37. At a. distance 38. Klvcr (Kliss.) aO.ToIernble 40. Metallic rocks Patent Granted (Continued from pape one) received his early mechanical knowledge at the New Mexico _col- leyc of Agriculture nnd Mechanic -Art's,- and Sweeney Automobile school. Kansas City, Mo. Alvarez was formerly automo- r 0 r my soldier, live enginerring foreman with the Aftosa commission in I^ew Mexico nnd was formerly head mechanic with the Pullman co. in El Paso. HlfTS WHIl 1UI1 111 L1HTMI. nuiiiiiig-- IT « w i » a * ·"" --·" ... * js no "desire for those things and-refuses to go with me. We | have lalked over our difference in:taste'a number of. limes add- ! she-says there is nothing tli.1 wiU change te*TMTM-^TM*TM 1 }* and doa't see wliy we should stick-together untfer such coaditions. Is tliare aay reason why two persons should live together aad be miserable wheu' they could he hapuy apart?. There Is one child., - , :·. . B. M. | i AXSWKH: Well, there Is the child, B. jr., and this Is a reason lor not breaking up your inarriate that aimply tills the universe and blots out alt ot the little differences of taste and temper and temperament between you and yoar wife. - . ; The victims of. every divorce are the children. It wrecks a mile child to be torn un by tho roots Iro'. it* home, to be deprived ot a' mother or a father entirely, or else to !e made to feel like aa unwanted package that is shifted from one parent to another and tMat has no settled abiding place. Children need permanency In all their relationships. They need the same father, and mother, not a couple of ileus They need the .samo room, tho same .school, the same 'children to play with. And they need love and peace between, their parents. , ' USK COMMON SENSE : Certainly I don't think that you have any right to jeopardtis your child's whole f u t u r e because your wife won't go out with you. So meet the situation with phllosphy and common sense, and ketp your home Intact. That Is, if you anil y o u r ' w l f e can keep from quarreling but II you have to have a fight every time she goes to praj/er meeting and you go to the movies, it Is kindness to the child f6r yVm to separate. Better no home at all than one that is filled with djfi- cord. Better no lather or mother than 'parents'who «re eternally Auy two persons can be happy together who like to do the sam« things and are interested in the same thlngs.and have the same t»«»» and habits. When, however, .after marriage - t h e y , find; out that they, differ in their tasles, they Khould save their marriage hy compromising and by adapting themselves to eaca-othbr. --We'cun chanse'.oiir. tastes and hpbitB it we will aad it is better to do'thn than it Is to. break up a home.. · · . i . . -.' ' ·-''·'·' '.'" ·'· ~ Try It and m a ' b e your wife will find out that .there li ]ust.;a»| much religion in making her husband happy at thereiis in Tlinnlarj the church. D KAU MISS DIX: 1 am 18 years old and 1 my boy friend is !3. My problem seems very important to me: .What should a girlj do while waiting for a'soldier who has been called back- to tli»l A r m y ? He has been gone six months, and since then 1 have beauj very true to him. I haven't been anywhere, eicept to » couple ot| dances with both my parents and his. I w«nt to be'truo to Him ba-; cause he will come home to'me when his twenty-one months are, up. 1'lease tell me what I should do to pass the time while waltias; - -· " .41 JOAN * Tiuo Boys, Both 15, Arc Slale Murblc Tourn( ALBUQUEHQUE, June 4 I.Ti A pair of sharp-eyed 15-year-old one from Oalhip. one from Al fouqucrque -- \vill represent New Mexico in the national VPW marble tourney starting: here June 21. Itomco Gonzalcs won the state championship in the tourney Saturday, .lose Equlbel, of St. An- Ihon.v'H orphanage, \vas selecteti as lile host entry by the VKW. Ilia brother Sam won the stale title last year. El Paso Society To Treat Cruccs Victims Of Cerebral Palsy The El Paso Society for Crippled Children has voted to accept and trent all cerebral palsied children within a three hundred mile radius of 1£1 Paso. Those people desiring- to have children examined are ashed to bring them to the second floor of El Paso General hospital, located at ISIS Alnmcda avenue, at i p. in., June 6. where they will be examined by Doctors Breck and E. P. Jones. U is specified there will be no charge for the doctor's examination or for any treatment in the vay of therapy, as the. treatment enter is supported by Ihc annual blra V .*.'* ·VeitfTdl,)-*! Amwcr 1 '. : *' ' 41.f5!mtir.R,; artrsi- -i ' 42. Crushlnff '· Bimkcs 45. Indiana ' ton-lit i - , 47. Nickel (sym.y- US. American moth .11. 'rtio pramil . (R«U!i. , U.'S.) · .14. (ibbr.) 38 Klvrr '37. Keel-Wiled cuckoo 3».rtrch 40. Sphf n» ,4lTiirllilih«t 4, Province ^ ^ Socrclary Of Slalo's liusbaiul Files For Divoirc Proceedings SANTA FK, June 4 l.Tl -- Lt. James M. Roach today filed suit for divorce from 31-year-old sec- -etary of state Bentrtep Bassett Hoach. The army officer and former security pm'rd at I.os Alamos cited incompatibility. The suit 'was filed in (list rid vourt hero. Lieutenant Roach, son of State Senator ISurton Ilonch ( D ) , Truth or Consequences, specified thai their chlhl, ten-year-old Jimmie Sue, remain in tho custody of hel mother. ' They wore mai rlotl i n ' 1040. DMINKKN 1W1VKK · DavUI Xovarct, Ijis Cnices, wns onlcrod j«ll«l Sunday nflcr hi. arrest by city officer* on cliaipej of ilrivmir while intoxicated. Hi wit* scheduled for niTaignmenl on tho rhaiKcs early lotlay. .Vl.HI!VllKKmHV HKSTA AI.HUQUEUQtlK, luno 4 , 'jRmnwl wllh iin«t»Mi?i yoirtrrlw ANSWIiK: Ton don't Boy whether yoa are working or gol'nej to school. Presumahly you are d o i n g ' o n e or the other. It you ara[ working, ivhy not take some, evening .course to add to your edura-. tlun,' or learn a Bkill that will surprise your sweetheart when h e ] comes home? You could t a k e up sewing, cooking or interior ue-j corallon, so you will be hetter equipped to manage your own home, i If you are presently going to school during, the day, you cou.ld | Btlll take one of those courses at night, or perhaps a part-time Job would fill In your snare hours. Then, of course, there is the letter-writing to your soldier, which must not be neglected. You don't have to look far to find a charitable organization wallinK w i t h open arms tor volunteer workers. And, II all this sounds Hie lots of work hut very little fun, make ^ew girl friend's to keep you, company ou movie dates. ( D KAIl MISS DIX: Is there such an animal left In the world M| a lady? 1 haven't seen oae for years. Have they become es-«. tinct, or has my eyesight grown defective? · . ' DOUBTING THOMAS ' ' \XS\VKIl: Undoubtedly the species Is becoming rare, but ' I t j Is not quile a: extinct as tho Dodo. Every now and then I meet; one. Mostly elderly. I3ut occasionally you meet a young one ivlioj n e i t h e r smokes nor drinks nor tells risque stories, and a moat ra-, frcahins sight she Is. sale of Easter Seals and voluntary contributions. Expert Insurance Advice . . . Ohllton Loan £ insurance Co. LAS CRUCES MULTIPLE LISTING BUREAU A NEW SERVICE TO BUYERS AND SELLERS; OF REAL E$TATE SELLERS -- List with the broker of your choice. · Only th. lUiing broker is. rekporisl.. ble to you. He will share your listing with all the other members arid their salesmen. YOU LIST WITH .ONE -- GET THE SERVICES OF ALL.. . ;' . ; BUYERS -- See the broker you prefer io deal with, he his all the.Hiilngj of til tho other members. ' - . . . . APPRAISAL SERVICE -- ASSISTANCE IN.FIrJA^Ctl^G FOR BEST RESULTS LIST WITH OH BUY FROM .A MEMfcEH OF MULTIPLE LISTING BUREAU Active members: Yancy Clark 438 N. Ma'.n. · Ph. 535 A. T. Cox 304 N. Main. Ph. 30-J Fred H. Johnion 438 N: Main. Ph. 535 Quesanberry Realty Co. 102 N. Church. Ph. Si ROM S. Williams Ma«onlc Tempi. Bldg. Ph.-15 . V/;JH :u-T :·"-' - ' · " ' : ' · · ' ' ·AMoclita Steaborn ?. .Cbiilrit IDS N. charch. .i»h. tie Holmes Realty Co. 109 W. Grlggt. Ph.. 1021 W. J. Lllii* . V Flr.t N.tL.Binlt feidg. Ph. 270. Alb«rl Socoloiiky , NortK Hlgkwkr «»· Ph. 1403 ·

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