Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 2, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Las Us -News K A !i'-1iov.'r : "" V in-NeWS President Plans New Parley Soon r Tuesday Afterwxm January 2, If45 CHAMPION CAT WABHTNOTON, Jan. 2 Prceldtnt KoosevcH indicated 'to t'MiKicHHjomil leaders today that, he fjlnns in rn-?et ''KOffip t i m p ;!orjr'' with Prime .Minister Churchill and 1'rejnirr Stalin. lfiiving -A white- -rnfn- once, Kcnalp Majority Loader Eilrk- i:-y tnid rcportf-rs: "the prcsidrnl indicated 'that rnmt t i m e soon .vilhout in-JIcat- ing tllf? date or place he wii! M"M. with C h u r c h i l l anrl Slalin. j Hnun. Majo.-ity Lcndci Mi f r : m a c k hi'st 'ncd to add "probably. j Whether the projected meeting HI t l i - United Nations t r i o will Uc j Inld [irornptly al'ter Mr. R une\e t s i ) . . . , : j f o r r t h t e r m i n a u g u r a t i o n Jan. 20 Y';', sl " '"·''l|'"W'-l- rM'])'«lls. i - r l H n ; H close,,, i,, t| 1( . " wo ,-k ,,]· I '"18 ivft in the air Barhloy si'd i K'» m w l n c l i l.-iwiimkcr.-, loi^ I m v i ' a v u i d c d hud b e e n ! " 1 " 1 w! " " t'".- realm of ,,ur t h r o w n i n t o l l i c h i i t i l r - o f i h c I I O J I K - I r o n i torlay. ' - p TM N i a t i o n . Adviiilccd by Jus. !·'. Bynii's. w;u- i n u b i l i / i i l i o n dircclor, one 1 i Tl: ' ' 10 "K"TMl"iial ellle.ta n Work or Fighl Dispuie Coming Up Again Drastic rn.-Mipi.wi-i- |-,r(i]ji.wils. crl H n; H L -|,,. SL . r ( ,, U K . ·· l|K«l i i i l w i n c h l.-iwinakcr.-, loi^ have avoided li. t h r o w n i n t o i h c k i t t l e o f I h c home I r o n i torlay. A d v a n c e d by ,la.s. !·'. H v n i r s . w a r i i i u b i l i x a l i o n d i r c c l f i r one 1 i Tl: ' ' 10 "K"TMl"iial ellle.ta n ir day liiKt wci-k. a n i p h f i c d , n a nioi-c .·..nii.rclicnsivc sliiU-rncnt M '"" B '" J '" r '"' m V r - Roo^di yi'slonJay, hero, m b n o l . arc J i v n i c s ' new home f r o n t idea'.- ' """""' ""'i' 1 " '" ""·' u " lc " m s Thai 4-Fs Bhould bo d r a f t e d for l i m i l n H m i l i t a r y oorvlr-o : *" Kf ." h»l«"l»y ·- thl 1 J thl , , . . e n i . r . Thai 4.P. should bo d r a f t e d for limited mlllUr, service or war jobs if present manpower conlrola f a i l lo do the needed Job. I h a t congreM should pass legislation backing up war labor board orders. That larger d r a f t calls will have lo come in (he noxl few months* roconsidoralion of f a r m deferments may bo required. That work of r e c o n v e r t i n g to c i v i l i a n production must bo shelved " u n t i l our m i l i l j i r y mon tell us they have enough." i-llll repnl U, f l o l n W a s h i n ^ I ' M l T o d a y i n d i c a t e l h ; j t congressmen have h i d e .-.toiniirh fur r e v i v a l ul the old ar o i e i i n i i v e n i u e . i i u n i i K n M i l i i - v i ' . i i i u i I M C O K I i i i ^ i u m i n . j »M H o w a r d Fliej'.ri an A l ' mi r e s p o n d e n t in W a s h i n g t o n , quote:-: Speaker S a m K a v l i u n i a' "::pe;ikin|{ y e n e r a l l y , w i t h o u t reference to I j y r n e s ' n - p n i r ' "I h n p r \\'e w o n ' t h a \ r e a session w i t h a lot of new |Mipii.',.ih, I" s i n - op t h e people. We devote our:;olv(;s to \ v i r n l M 1 , I h c vv; Byn,e-. l a s t n i ^ l i t h |»irl us ' l . n - d n i "I ' w n r m . l i i l l r . : i l : i n a m i i HIT h l i ' i l mi n - l v M m M l n .i'.".|. a ! H i ' i t , ' r , j.-ri,."s v . ' l n r l !nr- - l | , c , \ tu I l i l i - l !(·! ··. l ! l ! ;i n i : III r linns, !:,.' |"l, H i l t 'A'lll I ' i r c h . V 1 , 1 l i , t.lcil I h l l t t i l l ' " h , | , , I ' . m i - n t w n n l i l i , ! , i r i n m i luiiiie ' f r i n i t , ' M , , r l n i . - i II)' · · ' . I D r l l l ] I ) C I I M ...... · I r i t t u . h iv .A'|!|III|.: l - l u t l y j , i i - . l i i l r n l l . . i l l ; I I : . . w u n l t l i i K ^ i i i n i l H l l l l l - l a c r . l i y l l l . ; - , mth t c, ,:: I the c i c i · ( ' rji! ballots Till' pr '.sidcn'M liufiget mcsiigp ,. : ' i . , , . ,|^iay .fl u n t i l next M It. pr'jlj;il)ly reaehill" conKrens nnnind Railroads Claim Law Voids Suit LI.Vf'OLN. Neh.. .Inn. 2 i/P\ Hi" Wc.slrrn A s s o c i f t t i t J i i of R a i l v s i y E x e c u t i v e s t o d a y ».Hlu:d for i i ' i u i j i s n l o f t h o K'v«niinnnt'rt a n t i - t r u s t M i i i l . c u n l e n d l n y tlrnt a 1042 law .1 i m p e n d e d ; u i t i - t r u s t prnsecu- t l o n of i n d u s t r i ; i ] a c t i v i l l e s deemed r i i ' C C H H N i - y t o .vili t l i e war. A i n o t l d i i f i l e d in U. S. district c o u r t chiilli'ii^ed t h t : justice de- p n r t n i c n l ' K r i j j h t t o t i r i n g t h e civil . m i l . i n ; i ; I i l r t i P i n i l i n i i l c d n - r v i c c j N I U M I H ! ik-fciulants i n ( h e ijnv- M i i y . I ' . y r t u - ';aid or u t r r r - j e r i i i n i i i ' l ' . s - s u i t , f i l . - d here last A u I n . l i K I.T.. i n t o j n l i H i n r r l t - ! ' t K l .were t i n - A s s u r i i i M o n o f A j n - t |,!:uil.'i by w h i c h i i n ' i i r i . s 'M'tcim H i i i l r o a d s . it.s o f f i c e r . ) :ind · o u l i l si'-' t h i i l 'llrector.., t h t - W c K t c r n Ansoclation or H d i l w a y K x c i - n t l v r a !ind Its off l c i T H . .1. P. M o r ^ n n mid Co., Inc.. KM t i n . l . n r l j j i t i r j Co.. ; 17 western i r a t l i o m l M a n d t h e i r c h W · · · x o i - u l l v i ' H t h a n ji .score of o t h e r Nimilz Would Welcome Reds In Pacific War TJ. S. PACIFIC FLEET HEADQUARTERS, Pearl Harbor, Jan. 2 tjpt ~ The long untouched topic s of possible Russian participation | in the war against Japan \vas out in tho open today, with Adm Chester W. Nimitz a key figure in t.he Pacific struggle, permittfng war correspondents to quote him as saying he would welcome such an eventuality. Deal ftlu'ntly with Japs (This terse but perhaps significant comment by the five-star admiral came at a time when the Soviet press has been dealing bluntly with the Japanese military situation. Pravda last week flaid, "the development of Pacific events becomes ever more unfavorable for Japan.") Ximitz, back the forward Saguaro Club Has Neiv Year's Party At, Scoggin Home The Saguaro club held its New Year's party, an annual "vent, last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs W. T. Scoggin, Jr. Poinsettias and tall red taper; formed the striking decorations on the lace-laid table from which the bulfet supper was served. -""; nvepr-nt WTO Me i s and Mesdames E. S. Mayfield, S r ' Ohew Br rt wst*r Hursh, _Mile Rath, Mit Cunningham, Keith Roinney, the Misses Juanita i)en- ney and Eugenia White, and Mr. Fletcher. Special guests were Mr. and Mrs. Art Corum of El Paso and Mrs. Jimmie Pritchard, Rummy and bridge were the diversion with prizes going to Mr: Romney, Mr. Corum and Mi; White. from a tour of area*-, including Sai- psn which is .lending Uie super fortresses to Japan, told a press conference yesterday that landing:, thu China coast remained high ; on the agenda; but he said th? en- tli Number 2 Yellow C O R N The Price Is Right! FARMERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. Phono 333 On RR Trucks I t i i t w i . M i l l v i - n e * i n : j ; h | h i m i i - l r i l , i I I H H - ' I f o l k s t o w i m d i - r ,\')iy M ·I.S ridlH* O'f/.S/K'S Inlo. H /rr/i'.s Home L O N f ! H E A T H , Call!., J a n . 2 i/P A H r v e i i - n i i n i U i - o h l baby W;LS \ v i l h l i i - J h n , - , , , . , ! | O d e a t h a n d a Douglas ' ' A i r c r a f t Cn. trst pilot wns k i l l e d ,'hen n n n 11 f i e k bom her crashed Valley Loan and Finance Company C o m p l c l i ' l ' ' i i i : i n i ' i i i l Si'rvu-r LOANS A l i t f i i n . i l i i l i - l'ci-.-,iin:il r ' l n m l u r r DISCOUNTS We I n i y :i]\ lypi's nl I'liiilrai-l'.v K s l ; i l i l i s l i c d in Hl.'lli lat'-j S. M i n n R l . I l l i . .|.|. r . I n · C I M I M - n! I lie NVw Dnil'.s w i l d i n g l u l u t h e t | i H ' H ! m n ; t i h - i i w o u l d n ' t b e l o t ' c n i i - · i n i p l y t " t f l v i ' W M C l l i c i i n i : i ) u ' i l s i l c r i . s i i i M M " n u i n n l l i i T w o r d s , i i u i l d i i f ; Kilvvr K n i g h t of Hermitage, Persian owned by Mr.s. . J u l i a K c r l h o l d , won beat*in-class at ' emys t(inacit y, illustrated by un- a recent Chicago cat show. The I r e l f -' n t i n £ resistance by bypassed proud r u t , w i n n e r of eight cups j is]ands . made it necessary to con- jind 20 ribbons :n three .shows, j tom P' a te Invasion of Japan itself poses with some of his trophies'. [ ' I ' nR P flc 'fif leader was cautious__ ' iy optimistic but he made clear rough going was just ahead. Ifrlrish Head for Pan!fit; Another ally of the European war theater, Great Britain, was warmly \velcomed into the Pacific ocean scene. Nimitz said the big British fleet which will be put into action has not arrived but the work of British nava] units there already is having a good effect. His press conference followed the issuance of a 1944 war review which made point of the fact that Japan, presently being blasted by B-29's from Saipin, now has become vulnerable to attack by carrier-based planes. Reviews Ja |( Losses The review Condensed these accomplishments in 1944 against J a p a n : Surface ships and aircraft sank two battleships, five aircraft Jarriers. seven heavy cruisers, well over 300 cargo .ships and transports and 200 other vessels; submarines sank 468 enemy ships with December totals still to be added; carrier-baaed planes destroyed 5,4 50 enemy aircraft in Pacific ocean areas and land-based planes wiped out 1,200 more (to Warn of Reports On Withholdings ".inn. 1 and Jan. 31 are important dates in connection with wiUi- holding income taxos from wages," inte.rn!i] revenue officials warned today. Jan. J . It was explained, is the pffcc-tlvp date for the new rates of withholding- prescribed by trie i n d i v i d u a l income tux act of'1944. Nfnv Tiixrs Apply Ry Irrms of t h a t act, the new rate.s »pp!y td n i l vvagps paid on n n d i i f t c r .Inn. 1, regardless of whc-h the wajrcs wen 1 earned. The' new i f t t e s are intended lo adjust nach i-inptuyee's withholding ni'irr closely to nis actual income Ne-:u-h. Tin- 1'iiliy. M u r y Warner, wa l i i l i ' i l l y burned when the plar] sliriirt'd Ihc lnum- of hur parent. 1 -. d Mr.s. Haioid Warner, off ,, . . . ;M, chief Icjii pilot for the OuuKlfl.s CO.'H Long Konch plant. wa« killed when the plane down In names. The new rales average a built t l i c name a.s t h e old rates, but vary in i n d i v i d u a l cases. nwclpls by .Inn. .HI Jan. .'11. collectors warned, is the d r i u l l i n u by which the law requires employers to furnish each employer 11 withholding receipt. showing how much wagps \vere paid him and how much inrome tux wan withheld from bis wages d u r i n g the calendar year 104-I. These receipts have H special impurhuu-e hi is year, lh;y .,-x- J plained, bi".' tlie new law au; j Uiorl'/rs in os I iMilpInyi-eji tu use , j l b e i r receipts JIH simplified income I t u x r e t u r n s . Mi-nli flea (Ion collectors tals in the theater of Gen. Douglas M a c A r t h u r are not included); an e s t i m a t e d -'25,000 enemy troops and such strong bastions as Truk Rabatil "have been reduced to impotence or ashes." Plan Farewells For the Barrows Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barrow, who are leavjng shortly for their new home in Monahana. Texas, are being entertained at a number of farewell dinners and parties. On Thursday the Misses Mary and Babe Roualt gave a luncheon at. their home honoring the Bar- vows. Mrs. B. O. Burris and son, Buzzy, entertained with a dinner at La Posta, Sunday night, at which the Barrows were special guests. Following the dinner a picture show was enjoyed by the group. The honorees were presented with a going-away gift. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Barrow were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Quesenberry at the Sun Bowl game in El Paso, and afterward at dinner in Juarez. Tonight they will be guests at a S o'clock dinner In the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hursh. Hostesses Named for Covered Dish at CC The Country club covered dish supper will be held tomorrow oven- ng with Mrs. J. H. Bowen and Mrs. F. Carter Womack as :3SCS. The regular business meeting vill be postponed until Wednesday, Jan. 10. Sees Credit Rise As Peace Returns Dynamite of God' Told to Ministers Rev. I. S. Swisher delivered the sermon, "The Dynamite of God," at the meeting of the Ministerial Alliance at the Presbyterian church yesterday. The, next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 5, when Rev. C. A. Higgins will bring the message. nr^.-d also :;:';;:'";:::::, ,,r v ;:; m ;: t ' .i. 1 .; 111 ;! CHAPARRAL ' r ] l ;ij, 111.- n h v J » ! r ; i l l V - h t I l l l i ' i l ' , "" "I'I""-'- slvtl I ( I W S H t u t o n U M I . m i l ) , ( | | t v · i b u t Mw. K o n , l s l d e ll.e more iyrl ' " · | of t i n - l a w iu:d h e l p New Mexic " " 1IU '"' " m t ! l ' l a t l * '" ^ " 1 i n r m i T H m i d i m l i i s l r i a l b u i l d e r s t '" """ I 1 "'--"'"' '"'W !,M r e - u l j i L H t m i M H s of i l l f l c r l m i n n , H u t . i n - M i r j m l M i i i f i i l . Hi,- w n ^ - j i V r y --,,.^1)1 "ub-s. , i:u: "1 w » r « u i l l n e v e r In- d u n e ,»n I othmvi.Hc. ln-'l! ( l i « e i » v i T H i n t hi Within a few months after hos- nployers to bo especially j tilitica cease, the volume of credit . when preparing '-'ai'h with- I in the United States will rise sharp- I holding recript. to show the c m - J ly and when merchandise of all ployee's home and social (types is available, the volume will ·urc r n r i t y inimhrv, IKS writ as all othi'r rcqutrcd information. The horn,- aildrrss nnd social amirlty , ,._._ ,.._ ,, n n m h r r a i r vital for i d e n t i f i c a t i o n ! the opinion of L. F. Pratt, manager t i t l i n g muiy. citming luune, linv- Ini; il p i u l . v V l'li-as. I H t - p l n m r Hit* N n i i - X i ' u s . · f /4 f "^fgJ! fi «^fc -. : .;'^--|l--' ' "' - / N! vr-n. j|x.-:._ s f Business Conference Held While You Are Served ! Wo w u n l tho buslnoas und proloasional m n n lo Inko advanl.ujo o | our cafe ior conlurnncOH during lunch or d i n n e r . La Fonda Cafe JOE \. ROGEHS. Mgr. BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT A l l . l l t s - Til\ ltUt(TM - ftyNtcms 120 E. Griggs Ph. 204,' 477-J COLD STOftAQE MOVING and HAULING «V Cuii SI-I'VB Von on Short or l.oti£ IlauU H. K. TRUCK Thou? 260 Prescription filled Over 15 Million Times : t Ktvommriuli-,1 t« (!.. ji^l Ivvii l l i i u g H : i |iri;-\,- r . . i i M i | u i i . n i .uul Has TM Ihc lmv ptll ,, uf A D I . K K I K A . ,111) u n i l n I l . . n l«.illr ol A . l k i i k a i.«t in,,,. · y..ii f l . ' p HI v.Mir i l i u ^ n i v r s nn.l wr ·|IT V ..... ··« l.ov. . | . . u k l v K.I. i, ir l.rvnl nil.) t i r n t l r l . u t t ) . . . i » U K l . U \ \ r l KHI I.JITM i. ( axxl (or i.|,l Jii.l y o u n j . C.UIli.lll, I I M - o u l v Mlil«-t«l ( AJhtti* /ran. .,,,,,, J f ui t .it t'aji*. H n l v i r Kriij; Slon- Uits Cnu't's Dftt^ (^o. NEW CLASSES IN DANCING NOW FORMING MISSKS A.\n M A T U O N S T I H ' H S H A Y S . V To K ( M. Siarlni). Jr.mi.uv -illi li.M.l.UOOM D A N C I N t ; KOR.'TKKN ACK (I1H1.S AND HOYS KHIPAYS, tiiti) TO 7-:i» P.M. vSl.iilinj; Jamiiiry ftlli RUTH A, PERKINS CASA !)K LAS CHUCKS UiC 1 N n n l i M a i n St. 1V)plum 348-U' An employer is reipiired tn make t h r e e copies of each withholding receipl. Me must pivr two copies to the '.'mpkiyec, so t t i n t t h e cm- ployec w i l l have one copy to use for his r e t u r n and another copy to kvi-p. Also by Jan. ;«. the em- ptnyer must send the third copy to Ihe rnlltvtnr of internal revenue »l Aihiu|iie!'que, tiiKother w i t h (he regular w i t h h o l d i n g t u x r e t u r n for the last quarter of 1JM-I and -\ s t » l t-nu-nt reconciling the wage J U K I l»x n n i i n i n l p ns shown by the ··jiuirtprly returns w i t h the sim- i l a r a m o u n t s as shown on thv wilh- fioldint; receipts. he from 50 to 100 percent above the normal volume for the two years preceding Pearl Harbor in of the MesillR Valley Credit Assn Pratt said he based his estimate on a survey of opinion conducted by tho Associat-rt Credit Bureaus of AmOrica, with headquarters :n St. Louis, among its 1,300 local credit bureau members throughout the United States. The Afesilla Valley Credit Assn. Is a member of the A ssoeiated Credit Bureaus of America. "It has been estimated," Mr. Prntt pointed out. "that nearly one-fourth of America's families have moved up one income bracket and that, based on todays in- Miss Pear] Chapman, above, of the home economics department of East Carolina Teachers college, Greenville, N. C., will assume her duties as extension clothing specialist of New Hex- ico AM college this week. A graduate of the Missouri State Teach-ers 1 college at Klrksville, Miss Chapman also has an M. A. degree in clothing and textiles from Teachers college of Columbia university. Before going to the North Carolina college in 1939, she taught vocational home economics in Missouri high schools for thirteen years. She has also hud a summer's experience as assistant home agent in Rocky Mount, N. C. Miss Chapman will be New Mexico's first clothing specialist since 1940, when Mrs. Helen D. Crandall took over the clothing wqrk in addition to her duties as state home agent. . YOUR RATIONS By ASSOCIATED PRESS MEATS, FATS, ETC. -- Book four red stamps Q5 through X5 now good. No termination dates have been set; OPA says none will be invalidated before March 1. New red point values now in effect. Next series of stamps will be validated Jan. 28. PROCESSED FOODS -- Book four blue stamps X5 through Z5 a nd A2 through G2 now good. OPA says none will be invalidated before March 1. New point values for fruits as well as vegetables now in effect. Next series of stamps will be validated Feb. 1. SUGAR -- Book four stamp 34, good for fivef'pounds, is th-e only sugar coupon sUll valid. Termination date has not neon set. A new stamp for five pounds will be valid Feb. 1; n list last three months instead of two and a half Wool Purchase Plan Unchanged mines, t h e n u m b e r of families wnr- rnnting credit has expanded con- months. sldcrably. *On the other side of SHOES -- Book three airplane the picture are thousands of white- stamps 1. 2 and 3 valid indefinit?- collHr workers who have not ben-1 ly- GASOLINE -- 14A coupons val- . Oe 2S ( Sj cbnsv pr eluli The lOlfi \vo p r a m of t h e war f t l t m which will b Jan. 1, is r . s s e n t i n l l y .'i c o n t i n i m t i o n 'f ( h i - m a r k e t i n g p l a n w h i c h h a s iri-ii In e f f e c t f u r . ] i n i i ' s t i e -Vix1 diuv A f i i i i 'Jr., nn:t. \vi--A t i f f i c i a l s ·\]!aiin'il iodny. AH in i h e past, t h e war f i i . n l s l r a t i n n will ' M i t e r i n t n c n l s \ \ i l h 'Htablislu'il w ·rs a n d .-ooperntive Jissoe MI.UT w h i c h t h v y w i l l p u . i t u e , h a i u t l e . ;nu| sell . l i u u i ^ l i c vool l o r tn,* a c c m m l ..f t t i e - u l i n t n M r a t i o n . Pun hftii-.s u-il! In- m u d c i i b . - t n n t i a ! l y the same level :is ci p r c v i t i u s prij;r;niis t h a t is. p r i t i - s HI t i i u . w i t h t i l e c t - l l i n n c. U^s alhuvaiH-.'s t o cover t H « ut t i - : u i N p o t t i i i ) ; :uid m : i i - K i - l - i'i'j a n i l a .seivice Uv ol ]«-T u r n i ^ e p i - m i d 'I'lir e f i t ted appreciably from increased ; wartime earnings. These pvople are going to nocd credit urgently and q u i c k l y in the postwar period. "Thh increase in credit will be *' i: l : t l ! o r i]1 ninintflining R $1-10.- dl purcbnsv mo ' a ' i: : t l o r ]1 n i n n f l n n g R - . - fm.'t ndmliiistri- i 000 - l)lUVllll ° niitonal Income, which Become Tfrriiv,- ! wiu h: ' i^esaary to create full xl :t d- :\gree- i»l -U-nl- e i n t i o n s eniployment." 1 Sparkling Windows For clenr sparkling windows. wash first rtitlj soapy water and rinse with cleiir-wnter to which n little vlnofjar has hern flddrd vnhw o IMft p nn the U;i f wcol purcliHse.I under the r n ^ i a m will lip determined bti.sis of u t f i e i n l appniisnls. Siilew will be mtid-? to mamt- facturers for essential civilian and wur uses at coiling values. tn order to avoid a decline in lamb prices diiring the !ate m o n t h s 01 i!H5, t h e new program wilt apply lo ilnim#lu' wool )ffeied to tho war food n d i u i n l s t r a t i o n :vnd Hppniisotl by - T l l t t c ;»0. 1P46- BIXLER ROBINSON ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS 1006 Mills Building El PMO. Teir«» Audlli -- Syttems -- Federal TIXM J. GLENN BIXLEH J. J. ROBINSON Certified Public Accountant N. M and Texu Auditor id everywhere for four gallons ·^nch through March 21. B5, C5, B6 and 06 coupons good everywhere for five gallons each. 0/ie License, of 1'2 Issued New Year's. Remains \4l Home' An even :io/.en marriage licenses were issitect ly the c o u n t y clerk's o f f i c e over the »w Year's .veelt- end, hut only two of them went to Dona Ann county residents, the records revealed today. Licenses i n v o l v i n g c o u n t y p r i n - c i p a l s w e n t to Josevn A l d e r ' t i e , 18. of Mesilla. and R a u l Sun Miguel. L J1 2. Mesilia Park. Honored Viceroy lbmiueiMiie. founded tn 17PU. « n s nod in honor of t h e d u h f of Altiu GRAY H A I R ? Our Second Front Lt. (jg.) Nan Roberts, who enlisted in tlvs Waves while she was physical education instructor zt New Mexico AM college, is now stationed at the naval air technical training center at Norman. OUla.. where she is in the security office. Always interested in outdoor sports, Lt. Roberts writes .friends here that fishing- anrj duck hunting arc good in that area. Pfc. James C. Harrclson. career gunner, of Mesilla Park, will soon complete an ' intensive course in combat flying at Alexandria air field. Alexandria, La., and in the near future will go overseas to a combat area, public relations office of the 221st combat training school has advised the Sun-News.. Pfe. Harrelson attended Lfis Cm-' ces Union high school and New Mexico AM college. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Harrelson of Mesilla Park. The promotion of Barney C. Bavousett from the grade of private first class to corporal was announced recently somewhere in England by Maj. Gen. Hugh J. Kmrr, commanding' general of the air service command. United States strategic air forces in Europe. Cpl. Bavousett is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bavousett of M?silla Park. A graduate of the 1941 class of Las Cruces Union high school, ho took an active interest in football. Pvt. George A. Peacock, son of Mr. and Mrs.D..Vf SsriPcac Mr. and Mrs. D. V. -Peacock, 120 West CuXirt street. Las Crucos, has been assigned as a mechanic at the Alexandria, La., army air field, a Flying Fortress combat crew training center. His wife Is the former Mary Bray of Las Cruces. Capt. Robert B. Smith, .son of Mrs. G, W. R. Smith and the late Dr. Smith, former residents of State College, has bc-?n awarded | the silver star for gallantry in ac-1 tion against the enemy in France, j friends here had neon advised. I n ] the European theater of war since j January. 1944. Capt. Smith par- i ticipated in the Italian campaign befory he entered southern France.! Maj. Clint G. Smith, a brother, formerly of Las Cruced, recently landed in France. Another brother ,Capt. A. Smith of El Paso, died in the service while he was stationed at Los Angeles in 1943. Pvt. Raymond A. Bunigarner of Mesillfi Park is a member of the .".07lh i n f a n t r y regiment of the lOIHh division, one of the newest unit slighting- on the XI. S. 7th army front in eastern Franco, according to a li?l of men parsed for publication by the field press censor. Lt. Thelnia S. Shaffnor. former WAC recruiting officer in the Las Oriiri's area. h;is hren appointed a d m i n i s t r a t i v e officer iirnUpublic relations o f f i c e r at t!u Kir'.land F i f l d off ice wh'ie she will work Christmas^arty Comes Week Late For Siory^League A belatctl Christmas' 'party, delayed a:\veek bec^usp of the illness of the hostess and the president of the club, was held last evening when the , State, College Story league met in die home of Mrs. James Poe at Mesilla Park. Husbands of members were guests at the party, which began with a covered dish dinner. Special guests for the occasion were Dean and Mrs. John Wi Branson. - A lovely tre anrf other Yule j time decorations were featured Hyi the hostess, whose-home had Jus/ recently been refinishcd, and loo/- ed all the prettier for it. / After Mrs. Albert Curry_ league president, had greeted the guests, Mrs. M. A. Thoma's' presented an interesting program, opening with the story, "The Christmas Apple," toid by Miss Nejji?" Arnold. Dr. Signed -' Jofiahsen, who' '.or the third successive Christmas appeared on the program, gavs de- ligthful reminiscerice^of his childhood Christmases in .Minnesota, to which state his family cam-3 from Lheir n a t i v e home in Denmark. Following the stories, R?v. C. A. Ridge led the group in the singing of enrols. The next meeting of th? league will be on the fourth Monday in ·Tanuarv. Cruccs AflisL lo Exhibit at. El Paso A group of 25 oil paintings by Mrs. Caroline Culbert, Las Cruces artist, will be on exhibit at the Bundles for Britain building on Montana street in E-l Paso throughout the month of January. A number of the paintings Mrs. lulbert had on exhibit at New Mexico AM college recently are among those to 1^;-' Known in El Paso, besides some new ones. Most of the pictures are landscapes, some painted locally, others near Taos. Included inj :ollection is "Mountain and .'on," painted by Mrs. CUL from a sketch made at Arroyo] co, as well as the one that pri i a favorite at State Collegi sliowing brilliant pyrkanthus ries against a garden wall. Mrs. Culbert will also show a portrait of her father, which she minted about five years before lis death. Miss Hildure Anderson will ac- ompany Mrs. Culbcrt to El Paso tomorrow, where they will both attend ' the 'lunchWn' at Bundles for Britain. ·Singing Convention. Draws Large Crowd Good attendance was reported this morning at Sunday's meeting of the Dona Ana county singing convention, which, was held at the First Christian church. Several out-of-town delegations, one from aa rar as Roswell, were present to enjoy the singing, which included several Negro spirituals by the "Spiritual Four" from Vado. The next convention will be held /it Brazito April 29, PLAN COMMUNITY SING A comunity sing will be held at the First Christian church next Sunday, Jan. 7, at 2 p. m. Old familiar gospel songs will be sung. Everyone is invited'to attend. $7.50 and $8.00 ncrmanents for $6.50 during January and February, DC Luxe Beauty Shop. Phono SOfi. --adv. at the regional park service building in Albuquerque, friends here have been advised. QuicJiRelief ritOM SNIFFIY, STWFY DISTHtSS OF UwdColds! Get Ray vita Vitamins YM.R \Y\MTA VttamlmWOHK, ami gray hiir ' HTCtv'inlngloihnaruralrtil-w HAWlTAVita mint cnut.nn the unw nnnnmt of ''anit (frav fuir vitimm 1 (l'Iu«4M1ni unlit D|) n* trn«l hy a bullne IxnarkniHni magatinc 1*1 \\\^t \n\tA, $W. ha[ niitrn ol tatr «.!» R A Y VITA Vii.tmin« »r» t*w lattrnini, c»n't harm £ur "(vnmwnt " W d»y iupply 11 SO; 100 iy«, tiOO. Itv^tt* Stnndard \Vnlgrcen Irii|r Store o L«» Cruccs Dru|r Co. Instantly, relief from snlffly, sneezy distress uf hcnd colds starts to come when you put a little Va-tro-nol U[i each nostril. Also helps prevent many colds from developing if used in time. 'V Just try i« l-?ollaw direpllons in (older 4 VKKSVATROHOL J I Franchlted Boitltr: P»p»i.Cclt Botlllng Co. of Doming I i / } \

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